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Reality Roundup 3/13/09 & the rest of the Megan Parris Interview

Finally, back with a “Reality Roundup” column. Been a while since we had one of these. Honestly, I’ve actually fallen behind on a few shows that I normally watch just because of all the stuff that happened with the “Bachelor” over the last month. This column will cover the results show of “Idol”, “Dancing with the Stars”, “Celebrity Apprentice”, “Survivor”, “The City”, and a few other reality show notes. Unbelievably enough, I haven’t watched one episode of the “Real World: Brooklyn”. First time since the Hawaii season where I haven’t watched. I got so backed up, I checked my TiVo last night and every episode was still saved. I think ten of them. So the chances of me getting around to them anytime soon are probably slim and none. But I will be tuning into the “Duel 2”, starting April 8th on MTV. Its been a couple seasons since I’ve watched a “RW/RR Challenge” show, but that trailer for this season got me hooked. Never got around to watching “Rock of Love Bus” this season either. Something tells me I didn’t miss much. Plus, nothing I write could ever be funnier than what is shown. The show speaks for itself.

So I finally go around to transcribing the last 35 minutes of the Megan Parris interview. A lot of you liked the first 53 minutes which you can listen to again by clicking the link below if you want to refresh your memory:

Reality Steve interviews Megan Parris of the “Bachelor”

The rest of it I transcribed as best I could. I left out little bits and pieces to my questions and her answers (like “uhhhs”, and “likes”, and “you knows”) but this is pretty much all the good stuff. Once again, I can’t tell you how impressed I was with Megan before, during, and after this interview. She’s truly a classy woman, totally got reamed on her edit by ABC, and someone I have the privilege of calling my friend now. Here’s the rest of the interview picking up from roughly where it got cut off:

Reality Steve: How about the final two girls? I’m not going to ask you who you think he picks or who you’d like him to pick, but I do want you to talk about each of them individually. First Melissa. Then Molly.

Megan Parris: “Melissa is fantastic. We are very similar in some ways, so naturally, I love her! (Laughs) I feel like because of what I’ve been through, I have an edge about me that she doesn’t have, but when it comes down to it, I have a huge heart and she is the sweetest thing in the world. Molly I didn’t get to know all that well. Actually, I don’t think anybody did come to think of it. She kept a safe distance the whole time. It always made me think something was up. I guess its all making sense now huh?”

RS: Did you see any connection with Molly in all this? Was there anything particular about Molly that seemed weird or was her edit pretty accurate?

Megan: “I guess her edit was actually accurate, how about that! Someone was portrayed the way they actually are! (Laughs) It’s common knowledge that anyone in the final four will get a good edit because they have to prove worthy of marriage material for the shows legitimacy sake. Did she seem sneaky??? I dont know. I just don’t know.”

RS: Lets discuss the “Women Tell All” taping that of course you were a part of. You told me something I found interesting, was that they actually called three people up in the hot seat: Natalie, Jillian, and you. Yet they only showed Natalie and Jillian. Why’d they leave you out?

Megan: “They don’t want to see poise and grace from me. They don’t want me in a natural setting being asked real questions and giving answers true to my personality. They want a character out of me. In a talk show setting, you’re just not gonna get that. I was asked about the first night and why I got the most votes, and my answer was that ‘I deserved it, and I’m thankful they forgave me.’ That wasn’t the ‘material’ they were looking for. I guess it wasn’t television worthy, or whatever. The producers actually came in to my hotel room the night before and told me that I was ‘the main character, the main event,’ and when it came down to it, they didn’t even air my time on stage. I was the first one down there.

They even butchered Erica’s and I’s responses to the question about our tiff. Because that’s what it was, a tiff. In the middle of the night, no biggie. But it came across as something it totally wasn’t. When asked about the situation I’ll tell you exactly what I said; that I understood why Erica got so upset. After the challenges and misconceptions of the first night, Erica and I grew quite close. So she is feeling that someone she’s close with is questioning her morals or actions, and I get it. I get why that hurt. I think that she would tell you she was cranky and overreacted. But I am confident that Erica is aware of my love for her.”

RS: Jason comes in to the hot seat, and in a 2 hour show, gets grilled (if you even want to call it that) by Jillian. Hell, she got one question in. Was that it? Was there more that we didn’t see? Did anyone else get to ask Jason and question, either you girls or the audience, and ABC just chose not to show that?

Megan: “The audience was not able to ask us questions, nor were we able to ask Jason questions. He was shuffled on and shuffled off. I felt like we saw him for two minutes. Literally. It wasn’t what I expected. At one point Erica actually raised her hand and said ‘Chris, when we get a minute I have a question for Jason,’ and that was totally ignored. We didn’t get a chance.”

RS: How about before the taping started, or even afterwards – did any of you girls ever get to chat with him?

Megan: “Well I sure didnt, and I doubt the other girls did either. But who knows? I didnt really want a chance to talk to him, who cares, right? I talk to enough brick walls.”

RS: Was there any talk amongst the girls about, well, me, and the rumors I’ve started? What’s the consensus from the girls about how they think everything shakes down in the end?

Megan: “I can only speak for myself, but it wasn’t anything I wanted to talk about with the gals. I love them, I’ve missed them, and I wanted to move on from this because in reality, its behind me and beneath me. I was more concerned with them as people, their lives, and their careers. I wanted to know whats been happening with them opposed to gossiping about something I aim to separate myself from.”

RS: What’s life been like since the show?

Megan: “Crazy, but kinda the same. It is what I make of it, and I always strive to avoid negativity, so Ive been good. Deacons a wild little he-man and lacrosse is starting soon. A lot of people recognize me and want pictures taken, etc., It’s all fun.”

RS: Word association time. I’ll give you a name, and you give me the first thought that comes to your head about that person.

Mike Fleiss: “Teddy bear.”
Jason Mesnick: “Dud.”
Chris Harrison: “Make-up.”
Melissa: “Bubbles.”
Molly: “E.T.”
Lauren: “Hmmm”
Nikki: “OMG. Who knows? I love her! Big sister, I guess. She’s so maternal with all of us.”
Erica: “Italian!”
Natalie: “Jaundice.”

RS: If you had to do it over, knowing what you know now, would you ever participate in a show like this again?

Megan: “Nope. I’ve dealt with enough manipulation and lies with the paternal side of my sons family. I wanted this to be a fresh start for me, not a repeat. You can lose yourself in manipulation. I sure did. The last thing I ever wanted for myself was to get wrapped up in it again. It gives you an edge. It makes you hard, not trust anyone. I wanted to be free of that and instead I got sucked back in. All the insults and negative comments from people who’ve never even met you can certainly aid in building a wall around your heart. Its a defense mechanism, no one wants to be vulnerable to insults. So instead of having a pure heart, I always feel on the defensive, like I have to apologize to anyone who watched the show. Viewers got shafted. They didn’t even get to know me.”

The End. Hope you all enjoyed the rest of that interview, and I’m sorry I couldn’t the audio to upload. I did the next best thing for you, so, I hope that you’re happy. Thanks again to Megan for giving us an hour and a half of her time that night.

Before we start on this weeks “Reality Roundup”, I want to make a distinction that I think a lot of people miss when it comes to reality shows. Yes, shows like “Rock of Love Bus” and “Biggest Loser” and “The Bachelor” are in the reality show category. No question about it. But you can’t tell me that there aren’t “levels” to our reality shows that we watch. Let’s face it, some are just crap and for pure entertainment, but some are legitimately worth watching because they can actually benefit someone in some way. For anyone to say the “Biggest Loser” and “Rock of Love Bus” should be lumped in the same category is ludicrous. Other than both being reality shows, they couldn’t be more opposite. Even though I haven’t watched the “Biggest Loser” this season, I’ve watched it in seasons past. I don’t think watching that show makes you lose brain cells. That show is productive, its changing peoples lives, and you can learn something from it. Don’t don’t learn sh** from watching “Rock of Love Bus”, “The Bachelor”, “The Real World”, or “The City”. Those are pure entertainment. I think people tend to forget that. Especially when talking about Melissa going from the “Bachelor” to “Dancing with the Stars”.

To say that the “Bachelor” and “DWTS” are even in the same category reality tv-wise is asinine. “The Bachelor” is pure crap. And a failure. We all know that. That’s why we watch for entertainment and not a love story. “DWTS” is basically a talent competition. They don’t have cameras following you 24/7, with producers feeding you lines of what to say, and manipulating how you dance. Your performance is your performance. So I don’t really get how those saying Melissa joining “DWTS” is the same as being on the “Bachelor”. Yes, it looks like she’ll be on TV for the next eight weeks, but in a totally different capacity. You aren’t going to see edited clips of her personality. You aren’t going to see her dating some douchebag. You get a two minute video of her practicing with her partner, you get a live performance of her dancing, and then maybe thirty seconds of her backstage. For Christ sakes, it’s a live show! This couldn’t be any more different from the “Bachelor” if they tried. So let’s stop with the “I thought she never wanted to be on reality TV again” stuff. First off, she said that on Wednesday with “Ellen”. She was asked last Friday to do “DWTS”. Secondly, “DWTS” is much more a competition than it is a “reality show”. Is it reality tv? Yes. Is it the “Bachelor”? Not even close. So let’s start differentiating the two because there is a major difference.

I think you got your “American Idol”, “Dancing with the Stars”, and a couple others that you should just place in the “competition category.” I’d even give a secondary competition category to “Survivor” and “Celebrity Apprentice”, and “Big Brother”, not on par with the other two, because those are taped in advance, edited, and you’re shown what they want you to see. You’ve got shows like “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, “Biggest Loser”, “Sober House”, and a few others that are probably at the top of the “reality tv” food chain in terms of productive, meaningful shows. Then you’ve got the crap/entertainment shows like most stuff on MTV, “The Bachelor”, “Real Housewives of Wherever”, “Hells Kitchen”, and so on. I don’t think I’m announcing anything ground breaking here. I just think that sometimes people lose sight of the importance of some shows and think just because it’s under the “reality tv” label, that they’re all the same.

I’ve always defended “Survivor” as one of the better reality shows around, because it’s a study in social interaction than it is a reality TV “game show”. It just bothers me when people who are “drive by’s” (barely watch the show but kinda know what its about) say things like, “Ugh. That show is stupid. All they do is eat bugs.” Anyone who characterizes “Survivor” and “eating bugs” in the same sentence is just ignorant. They’ve gone whole seasons without doing the eating bug challenge. That was something they did early, but have shied away from lately. It’s so not what the show is about. So yeah, don’t ever say that around me or else I’ll punch you. Let’s begin.

“Dancing with the Stars”

-I think its safe to say we can easily eliminate 9 of the 13 contestants from having a chance at winning: David Alan Grier, Holly Madison, Ty Murray, Steve Wozniak, Steve-O, Lawrence Taylor, Chuck Wicks, Denise Richards, and Belinda Carlisle. No chance. Let’s face it, only Melissa, Shawn Johnson, Lil Kim, and Naked Guy from “SITC” have a legitimate chance to win this thing. Which is usually the way it is every season. Only three or four really have a chance to take home the title.

-I can see Chuck Wicks improving, Denise Richards getting better, and maybe David Alan Grier getting a little better, but not enough to the point where they’d take home the title. It shouldn’t be surprising that anyone who has any sort of background that requires them to have some sort of rhythm always do well. Denise Richards can work her ass off, practice 8 hours a day, and nail all her steps. But if she doesn’t have any rhythm, it just doesn’t look right. You can see who does and who doesn’t. When you watch Shawn, or Melissa, or Lil Kim step, and hold, and move, you can see it looks a little more natural to them. Ty Murray? Please. Steve-O? Psssh. He’s just there to entertain and nothing more.

-I think the show is popular because America likes to see people do something out of their element and like it. Master P was just an ass because he didn’t try, didn’t care, and just worried about looking cool. But when you see pro athletes taking this so seriously, then people tend to care. Can’t fault somebody for doing something completely out of their element and taking a liking to it. That’s almost just as fun to watch as the people who are really good at it. I think the person that most comes to mind for me is Cameron Mathison. That guy literally seemed like he wanted to dump his acting career to become a professional ballroom dancer.

-As much as I enjoyed Melissa appearing on the show and doing well, they’ve gotta stop with the “she only had 48 hours to practice” bit. Yes, we know. She was a late addition. But the fact she was a late addition, yet had the 2nd best score of the night pretty much showed how important having a dance background is. If she had never danced before in her life, then in 48 hours was able to put that routine together and score a 23 out of 30, then you can gush about how she had two days to practice. Not taking anything away from her, but its not like they told her to dunk a basketball. She learned a waltz. Maybe she’s never waltzed before, but if you’ve danced professionally before, you can pick up other kinds of dances a hell of lot quicker than a dork like Steve Wozniak. Melissa was great, I hope she wins, but lets back away from the “she barely had any practice time” nonsense.

-I love the fact that Lil Kim admitted the first time she ever watched the show was in federal prison. That made me giggle. I had totally forgotten she went to prison for a year for lying to a federal grand jury. Yeah, probably don’t want to do that any time in your life. They kinda take things a little seriously. But hey, at least I appreciate you giving a shout out to your lesbian cell mates you had. I’m sure there were many a nights in the pokey when all of you, well, had a group orgy. What else is there to do in prison?

-So former NFL players who have been on the show have done quite well. Emmitt Smith won it, Jerry Rice finished 2nd, and Jason Taylor got to the finals. Lawrence Taylor? Well, let’s just hope he doesn’t get booted off the show for doing a bag of blow before taking the dance floor. Stay away from the drugs, LT.

-I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. There are women who look good regardless of if they have make up on or not. Cheryl Burke is not one of those women. Extremely attractive with make up, and hideous without it. Hey, at least she dropped a few lbs this season. And really Cheryl? Had to blame the weight gain last year on birth control pills? Really? Had nothing to do with your love of food? C’mon. We’re smarter than that.

-It’s amazing that after all the multi-platinum records Jewel has produced, and after she’s even gone through a makeover in her look, that not one person has knocked some sense into her and told her to fix the snaggletooth she has going on. Unbelievable. So many celebrities love the shiny white veneers, yet this hottie looks like she should still be wearing a headgear when she sleeps.

-Maxsim and Karina are now engaged. How cute. I’m sure that’ll last. Karina was broken up with Mario Lopez for six months and now she’s hitched to Maxsim? Look, I know they’ve known each other for fifteen years, and I’m sure they’ve been having sex for quite some time like almost all the dancers on this show do, but really? An engagement? Max, c’mon. Seems to me you can have your pick of any woman out there. AC Slaters sloppy seconds?

-Did you see that the premiere on Monday was the shows highest rated premiere ever? Gee, I wonder why? Must’ve been because they cast Steve Wozniak. Or maybe it was people are so infatuated with Denise Richards? Hey, that Naked Guy is pretty popular, huh? Please. If you don’t think that this shows premiere ratings are in direct correlation to Melissa Rycroft being cast, then you’re just not thinking straight.

“American Idol” Results Show

-So the new twist is that the judges can use a “veto” against any contestant voted off before its down to the Final 5. They can only use it once, and it has to be unanimous. I don’t think this “twist” is really all that big. Thanks to, here’s the list of all the contestants from Seasons 1-7 who were eliminated before the Final 5. Take a look at this list, and other than Jennifer Hudson, and maybe Michael Johns or Carly Smithson last season, would you have desperately wanted to see any of these people saved? Hell, I don’t even remember half of these names:

Season 1:
EJay Day, Jim Verraros, A.J. Gil, Ryan Starr, Christina Christian, RJ Helton (5th)

Season 2:
Vanessa Olivarez, Charles Grigsby, Julia DeMato, Corey Clark, Rickey Smith, Kimberly Caldwell, Carmen Rasmusen, Trenyce (5th)

Season 3:
Leah LaBelle, Matt Rogers, Amy Adams, Camile Velasco, Jon Peter Lewis, Jennifer Hudson, John Stevens, George Huff (5th)

Season 4:
Lindsey Cardinale, Mikalah Gordon, Jessica Sierra, Nikko Smith, Nadia Turner, Anwar Robinson, Constantine Maroulis, Scott Savol (5th)

Season 5:
Melissa McGhee, Kevin Covais, Lisa Tucker, Mandisa, Bucky Covington, Ace Young, Kellie Pickler, Paris Bennett (5th)

Season 6:
Brandon Rogers, Stephanie Edwards, Chris Sligh, Gina Glocksen, Haley Scarnato, Sanjaya Malakar, Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson (5th and 6th)

Season 7:
David Hernandez, Amanda Overmyer, Chikezie, Ramiele Malubay, Michael Johns, Kristy Lee Cook, Carly Smithson, Brooke White (5th)

-So unless I’m misunderstanding this twist, and maybe if they never use it before the Final 5, then they can use it after that? I don’t know. They weren’t very clear. Other than that, it’s very obvious why this was put in place. If Danny, Adam, Lil Rounds and maybe Matt (the only ones with a legitimate shot to win this thing), end up getting eliminated before the Final 5, then the judges will use it. And Matt is barely in that group. I’d say its more so for the other three. They like Megan, but if she the bottom vote getter in the next couple weeks, they won’t save her. Nor will they save anyone else. This is strictly for people who have a chance to win, not people who might be going home a couple weeks earlier than they should have.

-Is Kelly Clarkson on the same dieting program as Cheryl Burke was last season? And its pretty safe to say at this point that Kelly Clarkson likes chicks, right? I mean really. C’mon. All her songs are hating on men and she just has that certain, well, “look”. With that “look” being, “I wouldn’t mind being naked with another woman tonight.” It’s a very keen sense I have of picking up signs like this. I know. It’s a talent.

-They’ve gotta do away with those cheesy group performances to start out the show. If that isn’t “High School Musical” stuff at its worst, I don’t know what is. The choreography is horrible since most of them can’t dance, and its just uncomfortable to watch. And, ummmm, in case you didn’t realize this, you’ve got a blind guy this season. Probably don’t need him front and center in any dance numbers. But regardless of Scott or not, these group performances are the worst thing this show does, hands down.

-And until the end of time, no one will ever convince me that Paula Abdul adds anything constructive to this show. She’s a complete zero. If Kara had been the 3rd judge since Season 1, and Paula was added this season, I think a lot of you would like Kara more than you do.


-If you thought I enjoyed reading Chris Harrisons blog on during the “Bachelor” season (well, that is until he started aiming the whole column at me), then you know I love Jeff Probsts blog. He was the original on this one. His offers much more good insight on a weekly basis. It’s not up yet as of this typing or else I’d link to it, but it should be somewhere on the homepage by the time you read this. Check it out.

-Here’s a little fun “Survivor” fact. Last night, we find out that Spencer was gay. Who’s his boyfriend. Well, it’s none other than Todd Herzog, winner of “Survivor: China” a couple seasons ago. Todd says they met about a month before Spencer left to film this season. You can read all about their relationship by clicking here.

-Probst definitely has his “go to” lines like Chris Harrison does. In fact, almost all of Probst lines he says every episode of every season. “The tribe has spoken”, “Wanna know what you’re playing for?”, “Once the votes are read, the decision is final, and the person will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll read the votes”, “C’mon on in, guys!”, “You’re getting your first look at the new “x” tribe. (Name) voted out at the last tribal council”. He’s the best. I want Probst to do more than this show. Hosting the Emmys was a start. He needs to do more. Here’s one of his more underrated lines after he tells the tribes what they’re playing for in the Reward Challenge, “Worth playing for?” Which is always followed by a bunch of, “Oh yeah Jeff! Can’t wait!” I mean, they’ve been out there “x” amount of days drinking nothing but water, eating rice and beans, and essentially starving themselves to death, I’m guessing if you offered anything that wasn’t a sh** sandwich, they’d be thrilled.

-This alliance that Brendan, Taj, Stephen, and Sierra have that’s crossing Tribal lines is bizarre. They showed a couple people on Timbura catching on to it already. I just don’t get what makes those four think they are a lock for the final four. Who is to say one won’t get eliminated in a blindside before the merge? And let’s say they do make the merge, they’re only four, while there’s still six others? So how are they saying they’re controlling the game? We know having the Immunity Idol is nice, but twice in the last few seasons we’ve seen people who’ve had it in their possession still get voted off by a blindside. I’m just not understanding why those four are so confident.

-Speaking of Brendan, he might not want to tell anyone that he’s the CEO of “Bear Naked” food products. The guy has already made millions in his business, so I suggest he keep it to himself. Hey, Brian from “Survivor: Thailand” never told anyone about his illustrious soft porn career and he won. Although if I remember correctly, when they showed a video from home, he had some sweet car that people got suspicious about. Whatever the case, he won. I would just advise Brendan against telling everyone what he does.

-I’m on the fence about Coach. I think he’s kind of a d-bag just looking to get attention from the show, but he’s at least an interesting character to watch. Probst loves the guy and says he’s TV gold. I don’t think that highly of him. I can think of at least more interesting and entertaining characters this show has had in the past. Now, if the guy ends up winning, which I don’t think he will, you can put him in “Richard Hatch” territory. Usually people that are that much of a Type-A, over-the-top personality don’t do well on this show. Nice to see he’s already been canned from his coaching job for doing the show.

“Celebrity Apprentice”

-The old idea of the “Apprentice” got tired since we never heard from these no-names after Trump hired them, and a couple ending up leaving the company within a year anyway. In fact, I have no idea what past winners still even work for him. Hell, I can’t even name all the past winners off the top my head other than Bill Rancic, Kendra Todd, and Randall. Totally forgot who the other ones were and I have no desire to look it up. Yet, I could reel off the final two contestants in every season of “Idol”, so there Trump. Shows you how memorable your show is.

-However, the “Celebrity Apprentice” is a completely different animal. Piers Morgan made the show watchable last season, and the trainwreck “D-list” celebs they got this year might be even better. Dennis Rodman? Really? I honestly can tell you I have no idea what he’s saying when he speaks. None. It’d be nice if he took the marbles out of his mouth when talking. Khloe Kardashian? How about letting me look at Kim’s ass every Sunday night? Khloe looks like Chyna for god’s sakes. Claudia Jordan? A model from “Deal or No Deal”. Wow. They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

-I could go on and on about the talentless nobodies on this show, but you watch, you’re well aware. BUT, the show is entertaining. It’s amazing how every single task, there’s always one or two people on each team who are complete f***ups. Seriously. Why can’t there be just one task where everyone on the team listens, they don’t talk over each other, everything gets done on time, and no one bickers with another team member? I’m sure editing has a lot to do with it, but still. I’ve always found it fascinating, especially when it was just regular people with these supposed business credentials, that on the most inane tasks, they couldn’t put their heads together and come up with a good idea. “EEE”? Really? That’s the name of your comic book character? I guarantee you any fifth grader in America could’ve come up with a better name than that. Idiots.

-I’ve never found Tom Green the least bit funny, and how he ever found his way into Drew Barrymores pants is still one of the mysteries of our lifetime, but I was actually on his side during his feud with Scott Hamilton. Now, it’s not to say I didn’t think he was acting like an ass some of the time, I’m just saying they made the right decision by sending Scott Hamilton home. He came up with the ridiculous name, so he has to leave. Fair enough. But I think Tom Green stays around long enough because he’s goofy and the show needs him.

-As far as who I think will win? No clue. I guess the person with the deepest pockets since this is mainly about who can call up their friends and have them donate the most cash. That’s how Piers won. We’re 18 seasons in to “Survivor” yet they can’t do a “Celebrity Survivor” but they’ll do a “Celebrity Apprentice”? That I don’t get. I think “Celebrity Survivor” would kill. Then again, most celebrities are so narcissistic and high maintenance, I’m guessing none of them would even consider going on a show where they’d have to take care of themselves.

“The City”

-I haven’t decided if I hate this show more or less than I hate “The Hills”. I think I may hate it less, but not by much. Whitney is Whitney. We knew what we were getting with her. Nothing too exciting. But these other people they “casted” (yes, all of them were purposely placed on this show and none of them were previously friends with Whitney) are a rather interesting clan. Let’s break it down:

Jay: Never have and never will understand women’s fascination with the underweight, long haired rocker guy. Then again, it’s not like Whitney had a choice since Jay’s an actor and he was placed on the show to be her boyfriend. Whatever. I find nothing appealing about the guy.

Erin: The fact that she even has an interest in her Unabomber-looking boyfriend is just creepy. She’s a cute girl. What is she doing with a guy who looks like he lives on the subway? Immediately I question her sanity.

Adam: Oh this guy is a real winner. Could he be any more retarded if he tried? I don’t even know where to start with this guy. Only problem is, the show is so scripted, I don’t even think any of his actions are real. I mean, when your girlfriend is out of town, and you hook up with a girl knowing that cameras are following you around, then when she confronts you on it you deny it, I mean, the degree of stupidity there is mind boggling.

Allie: I know she models in NY, but not for a second to I find her the least bit attractive. Kelly Cutrone was right for dogging on her weight. And frankly, I don’t have any sympathy for a chick who continually goes back to a doucebag of a cheating boyfriend. She gets what she deserves.

Olivia: My favorite character on the show even though she’s basically not done much all season. Totally not someone I would ever associate myself with because she’s such a name dropper and elitist, but man I’d like to do dirty things with her. And then never call her again.

-I’m glad that Monday is the finale since I don’t have much else to say about the show. Oh hey look, it’s been renewed for a season 2! Gee, I wonder if Jay will actually leave Whitney and they’ll break up for good? Uhhh, I’m guessing no. Only a couple weeks til LC’s last season on the “Hills” starts up. Can’t wait. It’s amazing to think that she started this whole mess.

Wow. That might’ve been the longest “Reality Roundup” column ever. Granted, transcribing Megan’s interview added to the length, but still. I hope this column gets you through your Friday. More and more exciting things coming your way on You don’t want to miss it. Any questions, comments, emails, criticisms, praises, email me at See you next week. Take care.



  1. lorac7

    April 9, 2009 at 7:47 PM

    Re: The dancing background of other past contestants. True Trista was a Miami Heat dancer, however to compare the extensive practicing that the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are put thru does not compare with the Miami Heat dancers. Anyway it does not matter the best and most impressive dancer is Gillis, not even close.

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