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Reality Roundup – 5/11/09

I love when people get upset and tell me how I should run MY website. Pretty hilarious if you ask me. Look, I read all your comments but there’s a reason I put my email address at the end of EVERY SINGLE COLUMN I write. You have a problem, question, criticism, email me. Writing it in the comments section seems a little chicken sh** if you ask me. The reason I don’t write in my own comments section is because, well, there’s no need to. I write my column to give my opinions, the comment section is there for yours. I love it when people have differing opinions and express it in the comments section. Hell, I encourage it. However, the reason I’m responding to those who commented on the last post when I told you my column would be up 2 DAYS LATE, is because you weren’t expressing an opinion, you were attacking me and your facts were completely wrong. I have no idea how long those people have been following me, but do you realize in the past, when it wasn’t during the “Bachelor/Bachelorette” season, I maybe wrote one or two columns TOTAL until the next season started? I do this for fun, and I’m writing twice a week. And judging by the numbers, as much as you claim to know otherwise (even though its basically impossible since only me and my webmaster know how many hits I get a month), your assessment that I’m “losing readers” couldn’t be further from the truth. So since none of you had the nerve to ask me directly in an email, I will respond to your criticisms one by one.

“You do not blog when you say you will”

Let’s remember one thing here. I don’t get paid for this. Haven’t for the last 7 years. This is all for fun, all on my own time. I don’t have to write anything if I don’t want to, but I like what I do, I enjoy entertaining people with the column, and I do my best to write as much as I can. As mentioned earlier, in the past, once “Bachelor” season ended in say May, you were lucky to get more than two columns out of me total until it started back up in September. So the fact that once Jason’s season ended, I told you I would have an “American Idol” recap up on Wedndesdays and “Reality Roundup” column up on Fridays, I’d say I’ve done a damn good job to stick to that promise. Don’t think so? Let me prove it:

“Two blogs a week is what we expect and you have not been able to hack it lately”

This was my favorite statement that couldn’t be more wrong. Why? Because your answer is right there down the right hand column where it says “Calendar”. That shows every column I’ve written since, well, ever. But for those having a hard time reading that or not taking the time to look at it, let me refresh your memory.

The “Bachelor” ended on Monday, March 2nd. I had a column up Monday the 2nd. And one on Tuesday, the 3rd. And Wednesday, the 4th. And the following Monday the 9th. That week started my “American Idol” and “Reality Roundup” recaps. I said the “Idol” columns would be up every Wednesday after the performance show on Tuesday night, and here are the dates I’ve written “Idol” recaps (Sometimes it actually posted on Tuesday night because I finished it before midnight Central time):

March 11th, 18th, 26th, 31st
April 7th, 14th, 22nd, 29th,
May 6th

So just to recap, I have yet to miss an “American Idol” column since the Top 13 started, which I said I would do.

As for “Reality Roundup”, I said it would be up every Friday. Here are the dates I’ve written a recap:

March 13th, 20th, 27th
April 10th, 17th, 24th,
May 1st

The only “Reality Roundup” that hasn’t shown up on a Friday since the “Bachelor” ended was on April 3rd, and if you remember, I told you I was going to be in California that weekend on vacation. I said I’d try, and I did, but I just couldn’t get around to finishing the whole thing. My apologies.

Then of course there was this past Friday where I said the “column will be up on Monday.” I didn’t say, “Screw this. I’m not doing a column this week, you’ll have to wait a week.” No, I said something else came up, and I was postponing it two days. Yet the minute it doesn’t go up, the “selective memory” starts to set in for some readers saying I never write when I say I will and that I’m slacking blah blah blah. If you take away the vacation I went on and didn’t write, you do realize I haven’t missed a column since the “Bachelor” ended until this past Friday, which you are getting now (Not to mention I’ve missed ONE “Bachelor/ette column in 15 seasons of covering the show. ONE). I think I’ve proven my point. Look, disagree with my opinions all you want, but don’t ever tell me how to run my own site and question my dedication to it. I find it insulting. The fact that you even took time out of your day to post in the comment section on how disappointed you are (even though I’ve missed one column in two months and that was due to vacation), makes me think you care even more than the average fan. So thank you, actually.

“Your fame has been a little sickening”

Ummmm, exactly what “fame” are you talking about? You know when I’ll consider what I do being “famous”? Never. I’m not famous because a tabloid mag quoted me. I’m not famous because I keep in touch with a few of the “Bachelor/ette” contestants. I’m not famous because a charity event invited me to their function. If some of you consider that famous, then we have completely different definitions of the word. The last thing I consider myself is “famous” or a “celebrity”. When paparazzi is waiting outside my apartment waiting to take pictures of me walking Maddie, that’s being famous. When I can’t go out in public without being surrounded by fans asking for pictures and autographs, that’s famous. When my personal life becomes public knowledge in magazines and internet sites, that’s famous. And you know what? None of that will ever happen, so I’m not too worried. I write a blog that’s meant for entertainment. If you like it, then read it. If you don’t, then don’t. No skin off my back. And judging by the numbers in the last few months, it seems like more and more of you are liking it.

“A legend in your own mind”

Ha ha. Laughable. Based on what? I’m a legend in my own mind? That’s news to me. When I’m making $50k a month off my website and having a team of writers draw pictures of penises around peoples mouths, then you can call me a legend. Until then, I’m just Reality Steve and I have a blog. As much of a talentless hack that I think Perez Hilton is, and whose site couldn’t possibly be any more different than mine, I respect the guy for what he’s done, as should most people. Who wouldn’t love to get paid that kind of cake on a monthly basis to basically do nothing but draw on peoples pictures? He’s a freakin genius if you ask me.

“You are losing followers every time you tell us how you are too busy to pay attention to this site”

I would really like someone to go back to a past column anywhere on this blog, and find where I said I’m too busy to pay attention to this site. The numbers speak for themselves above. When the “Bachelor” ended, I said I’d be writing twice a week, “American Idol” recaps on Wednesdays, and “Reality Roundups” on Friday. Every “Idol” column has been there, one “RR” column wasn’t because of vacation, and the other one (this one), is two days late. Not to mention, I’ve been working to get advertising on the site and we are roughly 8 days away from launching our merchandise store, which is a work in progress. The plan is to have the merchandise store ready to go on Tuesday, May 18th’s “Bachelorette Recap” column. We’ve got some good stuff I think, but this my first venture into the merchandise side, so this is definitely going to be a work in progress. Could be a few glitches, but we are going to take all your feedback into consideration and put out the best products possible. We’re going to launch somewhat small, but as the seasons change, we’ll come up with new looks and new products.

Whew. I feel better now. Just had to get that off my chest. Very rarely do you ever see me respond to peoples opinions on my own site, but I just had to this time because they couldn’t have been more wrong in what they were saying. So please, if any of you have an issue with anything I write, feel free to email me anytime and I will gladly respond back to you. Its usually better in an email then laying it out in the column, but this had to be said. On to this weeks column.

“Dancing With the Stars”

-So our first real surprise elimination of the season. Lil’ Kim goes home before Ty. Yes, that was surprising. But I mentioned this before, Lil’ Kims fan base for this show was very minimal. Of one of the four best dancers was in trouble to stick around, it was her. Ty obviously is well liked because he comes across as such a good guy. Although, I really could’ve done without the prepackaged video where he’s in his leopard robe watching himself dance on his iphone, while a half naked Jewel asks if he’s coming to bed, and basically blows her off so he can practice his form. Yeah, very believable. Despite having a snaggletooth, I’m guessing I would’ve ripped off my robe and hers the minute she asked me to come to bed. But no, Ty’s REALLY focused on winning this thing, so he’ll put off sex until he’s got every hold down pat. Sure he will.

-I really liked Melissa’s Viennese waltz this week. Why? Because we got to see her white boy shorts through her bottoms. Now, if only we could get a pair of “” boy shorts to wear on the show, that’d be perfect (Only 8 more days รขโ‚ฌโ€œ hopefully). Let’s see if Melissa can dance as well as she twitters now. Since following her a couple weeks ago, I think twice now when she twittered, she repeated the same thing twice, sometimes even three times. Not that hard, Mel. Type 140 characters or less. Hit send. Not rocket science. But hey, she’s under a lot of stress now, I get it. She’s learning two dances a week, she’s a week away from being in the finals, and she’s dealing with the news that Jason and Molly are pregnant. Ha ha. KIDDING. Just felt I’d throw that out there just to see how many people relay this to other sites now. “Hey, Reality Steve said Jason and Molly are pregnant. Is that true?” No, it’s not. I made it up. All I know is they’re still together and that’s about it. A whole two months they’ve lasted. Which means they should pretty much been on the last few weeks of their relationship.

-I’m kinda enjoying this dance off they’re having every week to decide who is going to be next seasons next pro dancer. My guess? Afton Delgrosso. I can’t see it being the real tall skinny dude. He kinda creeps me out with his Randy Travis head. The blonde chick is good, but, something tells me Afton will win since she’s Ashley’s sister, who was on the first couple seasons and people seemed to like her. Real shocked to see Lisa Rinna be a celebrity dancer. Man, that chick is everywhere. First she’s campaigning to be on the new “Melrose Place”. Then when that doesn’t pan out she decides to take all her clothes off for “Playboy”. Is there a way that Lisa Rinna can just be presented to the rest of America from the neck down from now on? I feel that would add to her appeal. That is a ridiculous body she has for her age. But her face is like a mud fence.

-The one good thing about Lil’ Kim going home is the fact that we don’t have to hear about her bionic booty anymore. It was getting a little old. Yes, she has an ass you could show a movie on, but did we have to talk about it every single week? In fact, I didn’t know what was wider, her ass or her cheekbones? Tough call. And when your fan base is only allowed one outside call per day, its kinda tough for her to garner votes from Middle America. At least with her being eliminated now, Derek can concentrate on landing the role in “Footloose” he desperately wants. Seems like a good match for him to play Kevin Bacon’s character in the remake. Chace Crawford? Really? The guy would have to go through two months of dance training and still wouldn’t be as good as Derek. Probably a better idea to cast the guy who can already dance. Although regardless, has there been a re-make made in the last ten years that wasn’t a piece of crap? Nothing is coming to mind.

“‘American Idol’ Results Show”

-I don’t think it was much of a surprise that Allison went home, so, the biggest thing to talk about was Paula Abdul’s performance. I find it utterly hilarious that as a judge on a singing competition, and in this much talked about first ever performance for her on the show in its 8 seasons, she lip synchs about as bad as anyone can. Obviously, she’s a dancer, and anyone dancing and performing at the same time usually does lip synch. However, I swear, my biggest pet peeve when it comes to this is the performers who wear the wrap around microphone when lip synching. Why? What’s the point? We know you’re not singing live. Do you really have to wear a microphone to pretend that you are? Do you really think people are actually fooled by this. I think Paula is forgetting how old she is. She’s trying waaaaaay too hard to be young again, and sorry woman, but your “Forever Your Girl” days are 20 years behind you. Move on. Sing ballads or something. I thought the song sucked as did her performance as she tried to keep up with 20 year old back up dancers. It was a hot mess if you ask me.

-I’ve always liked final three week because this is usually where Clive Davis picks a song for each of the contestants to sing, then each judge picks a song for them (at least back when there were three judges they did), then they do one of their own choosing. I have no idea what judge is picking what song for contestant but if you were in attendance at either of Danny, Adam, or Kris’ hometown dates, I’m sure you know since that’s when it was announced. Heard Danny had 25,000 show up for his hometown appearance, Kris had close to 20,000, and Adam had a lot as well. Most wearing rainbow colored shirts. I’m kidding. I have no idea what they were wearing. But they were all holding hands. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. I could care less if Adam is gay, doesn’t bother me in the least bit, but if you don’t think for a second there are certain regions of the country where that won’t play a role in who they vote for, you’re sorely mistaken. I think it’s gonna be close. Still think Gokey is gonna win this thing as I predicted that from when the final 36 began, so I’ll stick with it.


-Unless Coach wins Immunity this week, chances are he’s gone. Sierra pretty much all but admitted it in her exit interview that Jalapao was targeting Debbie and Coach to be the next two after they eliminated her. Pretty amazing to think that at the merge, Timbera had a 6-4 advantage, and right now, it’s a 3-2 Jalapao advantage, with one of those two Timbera’s being Erinn, who essentially jumped ship to Jalapao immediately at the merge. I think Probst said it best in his blog on Friday, when he said that Erinn essentially changed the whole game. Even if you’re at the bottom of the totem pole in an alliance (like she was with Timbera), the minute you decide to flip, you can completely change the game. You go from the bottom of one alliance, to the middle of the pack of another.

-If JT ends up winning this thing, I hope that he spends a few bucks to fix the Terminator mouth his sister has going on there. Yikes. I haven’t seen that much metal since Schwarzenegger was protecting John Connor from the T-1000. She needs to wear her head gear more or else those things are never coming off. Trust me. I’m speaking from experience. This coming from a guy who had a full set of braces in 4th grade and was only supposed to have them for 2 years maximum. Of course, when you never wear your head gear and you eat all the things you weren’t supposed to, they don’t end up taking off your braces til sophomore year. Yes, quite the lady killer I was, I know. Nothing like having rubber bands in your mouth when you’re trying to shove your tongue down a chicks throat. That’s ok. I’ve come a long way.

“Celebrity Apprentice”

-That was a joke. Let’s make one thing clear, Joan Rivers conducted herself on the show about as poorly as a woman can. Just because she’s 75, I’m supposed to feel sorry for her? She came across as an egotistical whining baby, just like her daughter, who essentially interrupted you every time you had a point or made an argument against her. Let’s be real here, anyone who watched the whole season of the show knows that Annie Duke was the “winner.” She summed it up best in her final plea last night. She brought in the most money, she won the most challenges, she was never brought back into the boardroom by teammates, and she won the most times as project manager. Not to mention she never called anyone a “whore pit viper”. Everything she said summed it up. I think Trump picked Joan because last season, Piers won basically because he blew everyones doors off by raising way more money by everyone else. If Trump picks Annie this season, I think it would eventually be conceding that this is contest for whoever brings in the most money. Which then doesn’t make it interesting since you’d know who’d have done that by the time the finale rolled around. That finale was an embarrassment. I can’t believe anyone who watched that, or watched the whole season like I did, could actually say that Joan conducted herself in a professional manner. What a disgrace.

-Annie was right when she said if anyone ever said some of the things Joan did in a real workplace, that’d be a fireable offense. No question about it. But in the end, does any of this really matter? Of course not. In the final task, Joan raised $150k for her charity. Annie raised $450k. With the $250k that Joan gets for her charity for winning, she STILL didn’t raise as much as Annie. Not to mention all previous tasks where Annie raised tons more than her. So who exactly “won” here? Yeah, Joan gets to call herself the “Celebrity Apprentice”, but Annie raised the most money for her charity and carried herself a hell of a lot more professional in the process. So I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape that Joan won. The only thing she won was a fake title of “Celebrity Apprentice”, which carries about as much weight in Hollywood as “reality TV star”. I think Joan’s age definitely played a role in her being picked, but the Donald really didn’t do himself any favors by picking Joan, yet not giving anyone any explanation for why he did.

-If we’re basing the winner on the entire season, Annie wins. If you’re basing it on the final task, which given the criteria that was laid out, Joan won, then what’s the point of having 13 episodes of tasks if that’s not being taken into account? I like how Donald announces Joan the winner with 1 minute left in the show, doesn’t give anyone an explanation for why he did, and just stands up and claps and says “See you next season”. Great Donald. Thanks for the clarification. The whole concept of this show is pretty stupid to begin with since its not clearly defined what the hell you have to do to win. Annie beat down Joan in every single way possible from the first episode to the last, except for the final task where Joan beat her 3-2 based on the criteria. I highly doubt that should’ve made her the winner. Not to mention, remember earlier in the season, Joan MISSED 3 challenges due to other obligations. So basically, this show has no criteria whatsoever and they’re just looking to create drama and get eyeballs to the TV set. Gee, a reality show that looks to create drama? No way!

-As for Melissa Rivers meltdown which I’ve yet to get to, well, that pretty much speaks for itself. Look at the way her old bag of a mother conducts herself and you realize the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. And you wonder why these two are laughed at in Hollywood circles? They’re a joke. They can spout off all they want about their credentials, but seriously, name me someone under the age of 60 who finds Joan Rivers the least bit funny? She appeals to an older generation, I get it. But I honestly can’t think of one funny thing she said all season. She’s loud, she’s obnoxious, she has no idea how to conduct herself during an argument, and I think she’s senile to boot. I don’t understand her flipping out about the designer quitting on her. Now, of course some editing is involved, but it seemed clear as day to me that her designer quit because he couldn’t deal with her, which in turn meant that Annie’s designer quit and put them both in a serious hole. How come this wasn’t addressed in the live finale? Probably because it was true. I think it would’ve been pretty easy to get some sort of statement from the event planning company and ask why both of their designers quit the night before the event. I think we know the answer, but since that would’ve been another huge red mark against Joan, the Donald couldn’t have justified picking her if that was the case. An all around ridiculous finale, and anyone with half a brain who watched the whole season knows who truly “won”. If Annie raised the most money, but in the process, acted the way Joan did, then I’d say, “Fine. Joan wins.” But it was the complete opposite. Annie raised WAAAAAY more money than anyone else, and didn’t act like a loudmouth, obnoxious, senile old bag in the process.

“The Hills”

-So Brody really cheated on his Playboy Playmate girlfriend with Audrina? Really? They still haven’t been real clear on what happened. Brody tells his boys in Hawaii (minus the “Bromance” winner yet again), that he cheated, yet all they’ve been alluding to was that Audrina stayed the night in his bed. And when Jayde confronted her, there’s no mention of sex or anything and apparently even she’s convinced all she did was sleep in his room. Uhhh, Jayde, if you’re convinced Audrina slept in Brody’s room overnight in Hawaii and that’s ALL that happened, then you’re as dumb as the silicone crammed into your chest. Of course, this is all contrived anyway to create drama, so for all we know, Brody and Audrina hate each other and this was just another storyline for the show. Funny how there’s ALWAYS some drama with every character on the show, except Lauren. No wonder she’s bolting at the end of this season. They ran out of good scripts for her.

-What perfect timing. Lauren isn’t coming back for season 5, and at Speidi’s wedding, we see Kristin Cavalleri making an appearance and find out she’s signed on. Outstanding. I love it. I guess they found a new whipping girl to create a bunch of fake drama around. Word out now is that she’ll be put into a fake romance with Justin Bobby. Oh geez. If it wasn’t scripted before, now you know it is. Justin Bobby? Really? We’re expected to believe she has an interest in that guy? Uh huh. Sure she does. What a train wreck this show is becoming. Before you know it, Stephen is going to be reappearing and this will turn into “Laguna Beach” all over again.

-I liked the episode where Heidi’s ex came in to town with his new girlfriend and they forced them to have lunch with Speidi. Heidi’s ex’s new girlfriend might’ve had the line of the season when she told Heidi, “You look so different than in the pictures I’ve seen.” Honey, that’s because now she’s plastic woman. The girl you saw in high school pictures had no figure, no self esteem, and wasn’t dating a douchenozzle like Spencer. Now she’s got 500cc’s of botox shot into her face, she’s got fake (although spectacular) 36DD’s, and enough collagen injections in her lips to make Lisa Rinna jealous. So yeah, I’d say she looks a little different than in the high school pictures you saw. But thanks for pointing that out to her right to her face. Made for a “Hills” moment that I’ll never forget.

-You know how much I love “Survivor”, and I’ve always sung the praises of its creator Mark Burnett for being the pioneer in America for reality television (outside of the “Celebrity Apprentice” of course). Which is why I am shocked to hear that of all people, Mark Burnett is actually going to be the executive producer behind Audrina’s upcoming reality show. Really? Mark Burnett thinks Audrina Patridge’s social life is that exciting that he’s willing to take cameras to follow her around all day? What am I missing here? She’s a 5th rate character on a horribly scripted MTV reality show. She had a cameo appearance in “Into the Blue 2” that’s a straight-to-DVD sequel of the original, and she gets killed in what I’m sure will be an awful horror flick “Sorority Row”. Man, for every “Survivor” Burnett has given us, he’s sure equaling that with a complete dud. I cannot believe he’s the exec producer on Audrina’s upcoming show. Embarrassing. For him and the rest of us.

-Quick question: Has anyone ever seen Stephanie Pratt and Brooke Hogan in the same room at the same time? Didn’t think so.

“Jon and Kate Plus Eight”

-Let me first start off by saying I’ve never seen a complete episode of this season. Ill stop and watch briefly when I’m flipping channels, but this is not must see TV for me. Why would I want to watch a guy get balled whipped by his wife on national television? Depressing really. And you wonder why the guy is cheating now. Look, whether you choose to believe the US Weekly stories is entirely up to you, but lets face it, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. There is too much evidence piling up against him for me to believe this guy is just “friends” with a 3rd grade teacher from his hometown that he invites over to sunbathe with when his wife is out of town. C’mon people. Open your eyes. I think its pretty obvious what’s going on here. And if Kate is naive enough to think that Jon and DeAnna are “just friends”, then she’s half as stupid as he is. Not to mention a completely bigger bitch. Let’s face it, these people are celebrities now. And believe or not, celebrities cheat. A lot. Waaaaaaay more than you think. But only stupid ones like this actually get caught. Jon, you live in a small Pennsylvania town, how did you possibly think you wouldn’t get caught? That’s all those people have to live for out there is to check out what their two local celebrities are up to. Much easier to get away with bangin a 23 year old if you’re living in Hollywood cuz they all essentially do it.

-And if you’re one of the fans of the show who tending to believe that none of this is true, then I don’t know what to tell you. There’s a faction out there that is saying this is all being done as a publicity stunt so that it’ll generate more viewers for the next season which premieres later this month. If that’s the case, wouldn’t that make Jon and Kate even worse human beings than if he was actually cheating? You mean to tell me that they’d embarrass their children on national television by coming up with a fake storyline of “Daddy is boinking the grammar school teacher” just to grab some ratings? Ugh. Makes them even worse in my eyes. So he’s either cheating, which makes him a pig, or this is all being done to generate interest in the show, which makes them both guilty of being selfish publicity hounds out for the almighty dollar. Congrats Gosselins. Quite the family you’ve become. I’m sure all of your eight kids will grow up to be completely normal now.

“The Duel 2”

-I’m starting to wonder if this show will ever end? My guess is no. And you know what? It shouldn’t. Of all the spinoffs MTV has done, this show could get spun off 50 times and I don’t think we’d ever be disappointed. Who doesn’t want to see drinking, sex, cat fighting, and challenges where money and Bose headphones are up for grabs every week? I certainly do. And with more seasons of the “Real World” continuing, you’ll always have some new fresh meat to add every season as the sacrificial lambs. This stuff will never get old to me. I’m so disappointed I never watched “The Island”. Who won? What’d they win? And by the way, do you realize the next season of the “Real World” is in Cancun? Really? “RW: Cancun” might make “RW: Las Vegas” seem G-rated. Holy smokes. What kind of job are they gonna get in that season? Working at the free clinic to test all college kids on spring break for STD’s? Can’t wait for that season to start. The cast has already been leaked online in case you want to check it out. Filming ended right before the swine flu broke out. Damn. That might’ve made it one of the best seasons yet. “On the next ‘Real World’, Betsy gets her pregnancy and chlamydia results back, along with finding out if she ate some bad pork and has the swine flu.”

“The Bachelorette”

-Only a week away from Jillians premiere. The headshots and mini bios of the 30 guys are up now on if you want to check them out. I hope a lot of you aren’t expecting what happened in Jason’s season is going to happen again. If you are, you’re going to be disappointed. Jillians season is just going to be like any other season, other than having 30 guys to choose from. Same one on one dates, same group dates, same cheesy lines, etc. Don’t think there’s going to be this crazy drama every season. This should go back to being its normal, standard show where a bunch of fake relationships are formed and Jillian chooses some guy in the end that she’ll eventually never get married to. The End. I find it comical that they’re centering the show around a chick from Canada, yet of the 30 guys they “cast”, not one of them is from Canada. Very realistic. Let’s just say, once again, that Texas represents well this season.

-I got quite a few emails in the last few days regarding the latest issue of “US Weekly” which alludes to a possible romance starting up again between Jeremy and DeAnna since they were both in Vegas a couple weekends ago and took some pictures together. Rather than speculate, I went straight to the source and tried getting a hold of Jeremy but he was out of town this weekend. I will let you know as soon as I find out anything. As far as I know, Jeremy and DeAnna are not together. What I do know is that he’s no longer with the Dallas Cowboy cheerleader he was dating, which is disappointing. I liked her. Those are my two cents. But hey, that’s their business, their relationship, and I don’t need to intervene. Whatever happened, happened. I don’t know the details other than they’re no longer together. I will try and find out what I can if there’s any truth the Jeremy/DeAnna rumors floating around.

So even though this column is being posted today, there still will be a “Reality Roundup” column on Friday. I know I took a while to explain my side at the beginning of this column, but hey, I’m wordy sometimes. Bottom line is you can disagree with my opinions all you want, but don’t accuse me of things that flat out aren’t true. And if you have a problem with me, or something I write, come to me directly. Email me at and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. See you Wednesday.



  1. Kim W

    May 11, 2009 at 10:44 AM

    Hi Steve. Just wanted to thank you for your columns. I found about you during the last bachelor, and find your writings to be very entertaining. I’m sure that most of your readers appreciate you and understand the rare delay. As for the others- I guess they are just overly anxious to read what you have to say. Thanks again, Kim

  2. friscoaggies

    May 11, 2009 at 11:45 AM

    You really don’t need to defend yourself. The people complaining are 16 year-olds who take this stuff seriously and anxiously await each post. I check this occasionally to get a humorous take on the shows. If anyone expects anything else, they need to find other hobbies, or pay Steve to write at their whim.

  3. ninali

    May 11, 2009 at 12:06 PM

    Good stuff Steve…and I need to defend yourself, it was all there for them to see for themselves. I’ve been reading you since the past Bachelor fiasco and find your comments funny and entertaining…and when something comes up you always preface it…so those other losers can get a life!

    So I think this Survivor finale is going to come down to JT and Stephen…do you think Stephen is the only one left that can take JT for the money or do you think JT has it in the bag?


    May 11, 2009 at 1:07 PM

    Thanks for the interesting lunch read Steve. Just for S***S & Giggles I went to the comments you so eloquently spoke of. DORKS! I remember waaaay back, years ago, when I first found you and couldnt wait till Tuesday just to read your recap of the Bachelor. My my, you’ve grown into such a big boy blogger. :)Now I find myself logging on just to read you and all the other posters who now enjoy our little circle of friends a few times during the week.

    Anyway – I kinda agree with you about Joan & Annie. Joan did get away with a lot of stuff this season and she and Melissa were a bit over the top, especially Melissa with her very dramatic exit. I actually only objected when Joan referred to Annie’s friends as “mafia”. Everybody knows there is no mafia – good grief! BUT Annie was also a bit extreme when she was saying how she wanted to humiliate Joan and that she wished her dead and on and on and on. C’mon – that wasnt nice. If you can give it – you have to take it too. Also Joan was right when she said Annie was always taking credit for everything. I, I, I, I, I, I, I – I was sick of hearing Annie saying it too all the time. Brandy got lost in the shuffle but shes deluding herself if she even ever thought she would beat Annie. No way!! I also didnt like when Jesse cast his vote for Annie and then stuck in the idiotic comment about “not that I have anything against old people”. Well how the hell old are you Jesse? You look a few years away from Joan yourself. This guy creeps me out – he’s not very social and his verbal skills are seriously lacking but then thats my opinion. Is Sandra Bullock really married to him???? I certainly will NOT be tuning into his new show on TV. Nope.

    and sadly on an American Idol note. I think you may be right about America not being ready for Adam in some places. To me – thats just plain wrong (I hope you’re wrong) but if Danny wins…then I know youre right about that. Dopey People.

    Thats my two cents.
    See ya!

  5. lyz

    May 11, 2009 at 1:12 PM

    Dude, why let these comments get under your skin? If they don’t like it, why are they clicking over to your blog? Just skip their comments and move on.

  6. alltimebachfan

    May 11, 2009 at 1:21 PM

    As far as Celeb. Apprentice, my take is Annie was a player, NOT a winner and Trump made the right choice. sorry Steve. annie is a manipulative beyotch that did her dirty work to the cameras not upfront. Joan might air her feelings, but doesn’t mean half of them.

    As for the Bachelors, they were picked Before they knew who was going to be the Bach-ette is what i heard, so how could they pick Canadians just for Jillian? that decision to use her came awful fast and they started pronto to get ready premiere next week. i doubt they could have started screening Canadian men if they wanted to.

    As for the men themselves, they Aren’t exactly the cream of the crop. out of 30 i can barely find 10 good/decent men out of the photos. lets hope they look better than the pics.

  7. alltimebachfan

    May 11, 2009 at 1:28 PM

    oh and stick it to whoever is complaing about when SR gets to blog. he does this for us and when he needs more time he lets us know. this isn’t a paid position of his, we are in his debt if anything. so suck it up whoever you are.

  8. alltimebachfan

    May 11, 2009 at 1:34 PM

    oh and stick it to whoever is complaining about when SR gets to blog. he does this for us and when he needs more time he lets us know. this isn’t a paid position of his, we are in his debt if anything. so suck it up whoever you are.

  9. alltimebachfan

    May 11, 2009 at 1:45 PM

    sorry about that i was having trouble with sign in and site in general and needed to reboot.

  10. alltimebachfan

    May 11, 2009 at 1:59 PM

    sorry about that, i had trouble with Comment section and Site in general, needed to reboot. that also should have been RS, not SR, my bad.

  11. Peg

    May 11, 2009 at 6:48 PM

    Love your blog and who cares if readers gripe when they have to wait for you!! The Island was GREAT! The winning team was Johnny Bananas (I don’t even want to know why they call him that), Kenny, Derrick on his “last” mission for his family, and Ev. The boys picked Ev for their final team over Paula who had been their b*tch the whole season because Ev is a stringer competitor and it worked. They won a treasure chest with $300,000 in gold. (Get it? The Island … Pirates … gold. Yeah, corny.)

    I think Joan deserved to win The Celebrity Apprentice. I wouldn’t have watched if she and Melissa hadn’t been on the show. Ratings bonanza. Annie said despicable things about Joan and slandered her all over NYC in the finale. The designer quit because he was incompetent and had terrible ideas. Annie constantly lied and took credit for everyone else’s work and ideas. Besides, I like Joan’s charity better and Joan will bring in more viewers when she appears next season. Who is Annie Duke anyway, and why is she a celebrity?

  12. CathyAnn

    May 11, 2009 at 8:55 PM

    Hey Steve,

    Enjoy your website. Thanks for sharing.

    Just an aside. Maybe the reason Donald Trump chose Joan Rivers over Anni Duke is because Joan Rivers’ charity, Gods Love We Deliver, is vice-chaired by Donald’s sister-in-law. (Donald’s brother Robert Trump is married (maybe was married) to Blaine Trump and she’s the vice-chair of that organization. If you Google Image Joan Rivers and Blaine Trump, they’re all over the place together. Even some pics if you Google Image Joan Rivers and Robert Trump.

    So it was probably known from the beginning who was going to be “the chosen one.” Why else would Joan Rivers have been kept on the show with all the tantroms and name calling and interupting and immature behavior.

    Thanks for listening, Cathy

  13. Kab

    May 11, 2009 at 10:27 PM

    I couldn’t stand Annie in the Apprentice. She was all about herself and what SHE could do. Joan was nuts, but she was upfront and said what she said no matter who was around. Annie lied and acted like a sweet innocent something in the boardroom and then would talk trash to the camera during her confessional time. She was definately a player, manipulative. I actually thought Joan was stirring up drama for tv sake. I think it was planned. Melissa was good at tasks but a spoiled whiny brat, and I don’t think the Donald liked her very much. I did think the finale was a little weird. I did like Joan’s charity better too, and liked how they were the ones that came in and helped decorate the room. Clint Black either got a really bad edit or he is a womanizing jerk. Not looking too forward to The Bachelorette, I’m sure it will be a joke. Loving Melissa on DWTS. I’m sure Molly is loving Melissa on TV each week and in magazines. RS your blog is great, thanks for taking the time to entertain us, even when we don’t agree, your spin usually makes me laugh. Ignore the ones that complain. And RS is truthful when he says he will respond to your email, so keep your negativity to yourself or email him directly. Keep up the good work RS, and please tell me that Jeremy has not gone back to that thing Deanna.

  14. lila

    May 11, 2009 at 11:39 PM

    I wasn’t surprised at all that Trump picked Joan. When he didn’t get rid of her weeks ago, I knew she’d stick it out. It also wouldn’t have been the cat fight showdown for ratings if he hadn’t picked her for the final two, and it wouldn’t have been a bigger shock in the end had he not picked her in the finale.

    I personally couldn’t stand Annie, and was glad she got her hopes up and then wasn’t picked. We know she raised the most money and had a great track record at the tasks, but really, how boring would it have been had she just up and won it all? This show is done for ratings, and a little networking/celebrity plugging, nothing more. We all could tell she would be in the finals, and it was nice to see her squirm a little in the final task, especially if it was Joan’s fault ๐Ÿ™‚ And just because you know all of these people who will spend their money at your beck and call, doesn’t really mean much to me in the end. Just means you know people with money, and that you can persuade them to spend money because they have so much they don’t know what to do with it. I also preferred Joan’s charity, and with the Trump connection, makes sense he chose her in the end, so she could at least give them quite a nice donation.

    Over all, they were both horrible at the name calling and being petty. But honestly, did we expect anything less from Joan? People have seen her on the red carpet I’m sure, so there’s no big surprise by her mouth or her daughter’s! I just found it irritating having someone smile and be all fake in the boardroom and be completely different when Trump wasn’t around. If Annie had been the way she was the entire way through, I may have liked her a little. And like others have said, I wasn’t a Joan fan, but I preferred her over Annie, if those were the choices. Annie did have a point about Joan likely being fired in the real world, but so would have Dennis the first time he showed up drunk at a task or missed a task entirely because he was too hung-over. Look how long he lasted! It’s ratings people and this is Celebrity Apprentice…everything is fair game or no one would even watch. And I have to say the best part about the entire finale was Dennis calling Annie when she was standing right in front of him. Good one Dennis, nice to see you not drunk in an episode!

  15. KathiS

    May 12, 2009 at 7:10 AM

    I’m sorry you felt the need to defend shouldn’t.
    What you do is a gift to us, the readers, who can’t wait to read your column. I think I had an anxiety attack when you were in Calif that one week!! j/k..

    My take on Apprentice finale is that the set designers quitting was set up by the show. No way would they put their reputations on the line by quitting on national tv. Why would they quit the show completely if they were just mad at Joan?? Joan’s guy did give her crap to work with and every idea was horrible. I think Trump set it up to see what the ladies would do with a worse case they hold up under fire. I was just surprised that he didn’t disclose it them in the end, but maybe it made for better tv that he didn’t.

  16. Carrie

    May 12, 2009 at 8:18 AM

    Wow. You write a blog for entertainment purposes on your own free time, you uncover a story about a particular “reality” show which builds viewership, and then you get slammed for not churning out blogs and stories as often as people would like? That really sucks and is unfair. I think some people got so used to coming to your site every day to see what you had to say, got addicted and obviously have a problem with not seeing something from you as often as the Perez Hilton’s of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy your blogs, but am certainly not going to hold it against you when don’t post in a timely manner, though I think you post quite often. I’m sorry to hear of all of the negative blasts against you and your character, but on the positive side think of it this way – what you write obviously brings some joy and fun to people’s lives, and it’s better to be missed than for people not to care. Just ignore the negative people out there and keep doing what you do best. I’ve only been a reader since January, but you’re a good writer and I enjoy your posts.

  17. HomersRealist

    May 12, 2009 at 9:29 AM

    Great column Steve, no need to even justify the complainers.

    Survivor – I hope them voting off Debbie doesn’t bite them in the ass. They should have taken out the Dragon Slayer when they had the chance.

    I’m behind on the Duel, gotta get caught up.

  18. BigEd

    May 12, 2009 at 9:51 AM

    Actually Steve – Jillian – cute Canadian that belongs in some AD&D melieu as an elf… We all thought Charlie’s Sarah B was tiny. Did they give Jillian insurance against ankle injury with all the high heels she has to wear… She must be all of 4-11.

    I don’t get why folks get so riled…. you are just a messenger…

    DWTS tonight – the real test – Can Shawn Johnson overcome Ty’s fanbase…
    Combine Dialidol number with the judges last night and it is close… Gilles and Mellisa easily 1-2.

  19. Cicilee

    May 12, 2009 at 10:26 AM

    Steve–don’t listen to what those commentors said. They clearly aren’t real fans of your blog. For example, the person who claims they have read your blog for “years” clearly hasn’t. As someone who actually has read your blog for many years and numerous bachelor seasons, I am impressed by how much you have been writing the past few months. In the past, between Bachelor seasons, you would usually only post once or twice a month. The recent biweekly posts have been a wonderful treat but you are under no obligation to do anything other than what you want, and that includes the frequency of your posts.

  20. kansaslawyergirl

    May 12, 2009 at 11:04 AM

    Jewel got her teeth fixed! The gap was missing in her close-up talking about her and Ty. I wonder why it took her so long—but she’s still beautiful!

  21. sally

    May 12, 2009 at 11:39 AM

    Love your blog Steve. I’m new to it – just found you last year during my very first season of Bachelor (yep, I do know how to pick em). I’m not sure if I’m picking up Bachelorette this season though. I did like Jillian, but I’m not all that interested in picking up the show again. I plan on reading your blog then maybe coming in later in the season.

    I haven’t bothered to find the comments you mention. No need for me too. I don’t blame you for commenting on them, some of the crap has to get old, but as you can see most of us think you are great anyway and think those comments here and there are just noise and garbase. Keep blogging, I’ll keep reading.

  22. sunnydaisy

    May 12, 2009 at 11:42 AM

    I rarely read the comments, but just had to go check the ones referred to in this column. I get why you felt the need to defend yourself, but I think by commenting on these idiots, you are just giving them what they want…attention. I think most of us who read and enjoy your column understand that life gets in the way, and 2 posts a week is a lot to keep up with! Those people were obviously just trying to stir things up.

  23. cagey

    May 12, 2009 at 12:14 PM

    Hey Steve ~ like everyone else, I too hate that you felt like you had to defend yourself to the haters, BUT same time it is YOUR blog and you can do what you like. Those of us that follow you loyally know you have a real life and other things to do, and we will wait patiently until the next column arrives.

    I’m still pulling for Kris Allen!! Go Kris!!

    And lastly, I’m not excited AT ALL about Jillian’s season, but alas, I will watch and I will be here on Tuesdays to laugh with you.

    Thanks for all you do!

  24. bullzi4

    May 12, 2009 at 12:39 PM

    Okay Steve.. first of all, don’t ever let anyone should on you, don’t should on anyone else, and never should on yourself!

    You do a great job. If someone doesn’t like it, let them create their own blog. I enjoy reading yours and will continue!

  25. colby

    May 12, 2009 at 4:00 PM

    Hey Steve. I’ve been reading since the beginning – since back in the day when you were writing about Joe Millionaire and For Love or Money. You were so right to defend yourself. Your non-Bachelor/ette related-columns have always been few and far between. And so I will tell you – my expectations have been and will always be kept low for you. Thanks for always making me laugh. Heart you much, Colby

    P.S. The Island rocked. In the end – there was a major break in the winning alliance that sent Paula packing. Kenny, Johnny, Derek and Eve won.

  26. notbuynit

    May 12, 2009 at 6:09 PM

    It looks like Stevie has thin skin! I guess when you are only 12 minutes into your 15 you can trash anyone who criticizes you. Sory Steve, but you set yourself up for this when you made sh*t up about the Bachelor and never provided proof that it was all preplanned. Then you changed the website so people couldn’t criticize you unless they registered on your blog first. Then you changed the blog to include ads. Then you started mouthing off about all of the people who want you to appear withn them. Now you claim that we criticize you without giving you our email address. You have our email addresses, remember? My only question is…when will your head get SO BIG that it finally explodes?

  27. VibeCat

    May 12, 2009 at 8:22 PM

    Steve, I have been reading your blog through countless Bachelor (and B’ette) seasons (I can’t even remember which season I started reading here!) and have continued reading here for the funny. Believe me, it was long before many people “flocked” here because of all the uproar during Jason’s farce. Honestly, you don’t even owe any kind of “explanation” or defense to those who don’t like how often you do or don’t blog. If they don’t like it, they are under no obligation to come here to read – nobody is forcing them. No matter what you do, some people are never satisfied anyways and they just live to complain, you know? I really think some people just like to go around on the ‘net and say crappy stuff just to make themselves feel like big stuff. That’s the internet crud I like to pretend doesn’t exist – I just ignore it (like comment #26 above).

  28. realityobsessed

    May 12, 2009 at 8:28 PM

    Hey Steve. This is my first time posting a comment, but I’ve been reading for awhile. Love your blog and it cracks me up every time. Anyway, has anyone noticed that Adam Lambert’s mom (I think it’s his mom) is the spitting image of Jillian (the Bachelorette)? Is it just me?

    I look forward to your thoughts on tonight’s show. To me it’s so obvious that the judges only want Adam to win and no matter how awful he did tonight (yep, that’s my opinion of him tonight), they would sing his praises. I really enjoyed Kris tonight.

  29. sfcollison

    May 13, 2009 at 12:23 AM

    Hello Steve! I’ve been reading your blogs regularly since early in Jason’s season of the Bachelor… I don’t remember how I heard about you… but I’m SO glad to have found your site. I find your writings wildly entertaining and I think it’s hilarious to get your comments on it all. I’ve never left a comment before and felt compelled to register and leave one after your blog about ‘What people are saying about you’, etc… I just wanted to tell you that you are appreciated and it’s ridiculous that some are complaining about anything at all! I am so looking forward to starting a new season of Bachelorette together (all of us fans, that is) and seriously… it’d be AWESOME to have YOU be the next bachelor! We’d all root for you, the ‘all American guy’ to hit it big! Then you’d really be FAMOUS and have paparazzi to worry about!
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again for your entertainment!

  30. shirin

    May 14, 2009 at 1:03 PM

    sorry that Danny went home.

  31. qusan

    May 14, 2009 at 7:39 PM

    ITA about Annie vs Joan. I love Joan Rivers and have a lot of her Jewelry from QVC but she and Melissa worked my nerves to the bone from day one! The Donald even said of Melissa that “Melissa’s problem is that she thinks she’s Joan and she’s not!” That woman is too old to be clinging to her mother like that and Joan needs to kick that chick out of the nest. Annie plays hard and kinda scared me at first but she was immensely effective and knew tons of people who were willing to help her out. It would be one thing if Joan was nice most of the time but she was nasty. So, she didn’t like Annie. There was no need for all of those tirades and all of that name calling. I’m sorry that Annie lost. She performed the best and deserved to win.

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