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Reality Roundup – 6/5/09

I want to first off thank everyone who purchased merchandise this week. I wanted to give my readers a quality product at a cheaper price than some of the other pop culture websites out there, and I think I achieved that. Some charge $22 for a box style t-shirt? Unless you’re at a sporting event, do women even wear box style t-shirts anymore? For right now, as you can see in the store, we have none of those. All of these are womens fitted tees and tanks. In the future, we might roll out with a regular t-shirt, but they look so cheap. For now, we like what we rolled out for everyone and would still love all your feedback. We also made it incredibly easy to order. Shouldn’t take you more than two minutes and you don’t even need a PayPal account to do so. Remember, once you receive your merchandise, if you want to be on the site, just take a picture and email it to me, and you will be added to our Flickr account we’re going to set up. The merchandise store can be found here:

As for this week, there are only two shows I want to cover. Most importantly, I’m finally getting around to giving you my thoughts on “Jon and Kate Plus 8”. Also, “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Here” debuted this week as well, and that can mean only one thing: Speidi will infect our TV sets as long as America will have them. I think. Lets get to it.

“Jon and Kate Plus 8”

-As I mentioned previously, I had never seen an episode of this show until it premiered last week. Then again, neither had most people. Which goes to show that controversy = ratings. “The Bachelor” with Jason Mesnick was going along averaging around 10 million viewers an episode last season. Then Reality Steve breaks the news a month early we’re headed for a shocking ending never before seen on the show. Everyone goes nuts, it’s the talk of “Bachelor” world, and twelve days before the finale, I tell everyone what’s going to happen. So how did that affect the ratings? Well, around 11 million tuned in for the 2 hour finale, then another 7 million tuned in for the “ATFR” show where the sh** hit the fan. “J&K Plus 8’s” highest rated show was last seasons finale, which drew 4.6 million viewers. The scandal breaks, they’re on the cover of now SIX consecutive “US Weekly” issues, and the premiere last Monday night drew 9.8 million viewers. So another 5 million people tuned in just because they were curious about all the infidelity rumors. So it amazes me how people say they’re disgusted by these two and by the show now, yet the ratings are going through the roof because of the scandal. We are a society that loves watching other peoples failures, lets face it. Hey, I’m guilty of it. But at least I admit it. There are plenty of those that don’t, and that’s just sad.

-So I tuned in for the premiere knowing that I probably wasn’t going to be satisfied for what I tuned in for. Why? Because the first few episodes of this season (by the way, there’s 40 episodes this season. 40!!! Yeah, there’s no exploiting going on here) were already in the can when the news of Jon’s infidelity and Kate’s rumored infidelity all hit the tabloids. But knowing they had to at least address it, they spent about five minutes in the hour-and-thirteen minute premiere on it. Did they tell us anything? Not really. They just keep reiterating “We’re here for the kids”, and “We’re going through tough times right now”, and “I don’t know where this is going”. Well obviously. They can’t give everything away in the first episode because then nobody would watch. TLC is carefully plotting out this season as to when they’ll get to the good stuff. With 40 episodes set for this season, don’t expect it anytime soon. I mean, five million people who normally don’t watch the show, tuned in to the premiere to see what? The sextuplets 5th birthday party where Jon and Kate didn’t say more than five words to each other? Where’s the fun in that?

-Look, I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. This family has landed on a gold mine, and they are going to ride it out as long as people keep watching their show, buying Kate’s books, and reading the tabloid magazines. You can whine and moan all you want about child labor laws, and them getting too much coverage, and this is bad for the children blah blah blah, but the only way this show is going off the air is if no one watches. And you and I both know that’s not gonna happen. So quit the bitching about these two and enjoy watching their marriage crumble. Hey, they’re the ones who are choosing to televise all this. Contract or no contract, if they didn’t want to be on television anymore, they don’t have to be. But they do, and they will continue to do so as long as sponsors are giving them free sh** every time they step foot out of the house.

-My only real problem with these two is that I don’t get why they don’t just admit what they’re doing this for. You can’t be bothered by the paparazzi and claim “we’re just a normal family” and say “we didn’t choose this life” when basically, well, yes you did. I find it hilarious now that they’re upset their life is so scrutinized by the media and the paparazzi when they’re bringing it all upon themselves. You don’t want to the paps following you around? Then end your TV show. It’s as simple as that. But that’ll never happen. The minute that TV show goes away, all their freebies from sponsors go away too and god forbid that ever happened. Kate might actually have to pay for another tummy tuck. Jon might actually have to dig into his pockets for another set of hair plugs. This is all very concerning. So in the meantime, lets pretend we’re still married, get paid 50-75k an episode to act like we’re still married, and milk this for all we can. Gotta love reality TV.

-Do I know for a fact Jon is cheating on his wife? No, I don’t. But where there’s smoke, there’s fire. There are too many seedy pictures, and grainy video footage, and in-laws speaking out for there not to be any truth to this. My favorite one is that Jon and Kate separated six months ago, he sleeps in a room out by the garage, and they’re strictly staying together for the show’s purpose. Awesome. Nice family life. I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but regardless of if there’s any truth to these rumors or not, what they’re doing is a joke. If there’s no infidelity whatsoever, and this is just a storyline the show concocted to draw viewers in (which most certainly succeeded), then these two are horrible parents and role models. If there is infidelity going on, and they really are separated and are staying together for the sake of the show, then they’re horrible parents and role models. So either way, I can’t feel sorry for these two. They’ve made their own bed, now they gotta lie in it.

-I also love how both Jon and Kate are claiming the infidelity rumors are completely false, yet in another breath, are telling us it’s a difficult time for them and they are handling things privately. Huh? If there’s no cheating going on, what exactly is so hard here? If all the tabloids reporting false information, and you two are madly in love, and spend every night together, wouldn’t you just say that? They’re speaking out of both sides of their mouths. How come not once has Jon given an explanation to who this 23 year old teacher Deanna Hummel is? Why in the world would she be in a photograph with him in Park City, Utah when he’s out there skiing by himself? You mean, he just brings along 23 year old teachers he’s being rumored to having an affair with just for the fun of it? Why can’t he just come out and say, “This is who she is. This is why she comes over and sunbathes in my yard. This is why I was seen sneaking out of her house at 7:30 in the morning. And this is why she was in Park City, Utah with me when my wife wasn’t.” Don’t you think that would shut a lot of people up? Yet, the more they don’t answer clearly, the more sh** they get, and the more upset they get with the media. How do they not realize they’re the cause of all the negative publicity they’re getting?

-I mean, did you watch that first episode? Sitting as far apart from each other on the couch as they could possibly be, neither one of them ever said they loved each other, and every answer had everything to do with their kids. Ok, we get it. You love your kids and will do anything for them. Great. I would hope that’s what your answer would be. But when you say things like “I don’t know what the future holds”, and “Everything I do is for my kids”, and “This could be our last family photo together”, expect people to continue to bombard you with questions and tabloid coverage. They know exactly what they’re doing here and its pretty disgusting. But hey, its their life and they’ve chosen to go a certain direction with it. But in the meantime, I’ll say this: These episodes are boring. They’ve done four seasons of this? Just a new episode of taking kids to the park, or having a birthday, or playing on the swings? Does anything interesting happen in these episodes? God this show is stupid. Why are people so interested in this family? They seem kinda boring to me. Yes, I understand they have eight kids, including sextuplets which is something you don’t see everyday, but man, I just don’t get it. I’ve seen three episodes and already I want to bash Kate’s face with a frying pan. The fact this guy has agreed to stay married to this woman for 10 years is more miraculous than producing sextuplets, in my mind. As for Jon, lets just say it’s not like he’s Mr. Personality either. Has he ever smiled? Once? I guess I wouldn’t either if I was married to that tyrant. Yuck.

“I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!”

-You know what the most amazing thing about Speidi quitting the show three times now and claiming that they’re bigger stars than anyone else on that show and don’t deserve to be there with them is? They’re right. As horrible as it sounds, NBC would be idiotic not to somehow keep Speidi around on that show for the duration. I have no interest in it if they’re not on it, and I can’t stand them. I’m guessing most of America feels the same way. But seriously, would you continue watching a show that surrounds Jon Salley, Janice Dickinson, Frangela, La Bamba, the Baldwin Brothers, an American Idol reject, and Torrie Wilson? I certainly wouldn’t. Whether or not all this quitting by Speidi was staged or not, the bottom line is that show needs them on it to create any interest. Especially if you’re gonna be on four days a week for an hour each time. That’s a hell of a lot to ask people to tune in for with a cast of zeros. Janice Dickinson is the only other “freak factor” on that show worth tuning in to, but the problem is, she’s been on so many other reality shows, we pretty much know her act by now. Speidi outside of their “Hills” element is fascinating to watch. And you think I’m kidding.

-Who doesn’t want to see two rich, spoiled brats dropped into the middle of the Jungle and having to fend for themselves? I brought this up during this past season of “Survivor” when I asked how cool it would be to see a real “celebrity” edition of “Survivor”. Why? Because these people are so pampered, have gobs of money they don’t know what to do with, do nothing for themselves, that I think it would be interesting to see if they are capable of even doing the most basic things in life. See if it changes their perspective on the life that they lead. Right now, of everyone on that show, Speidi is not only the most popular nationally, but they’re also currently making the most money. So yeah, I want to see Spencer eat barely three meals a day, none of which cost “at least $40” like claimed he eats every day. I think they needed to cast more spoiled rich brats like Speidi to make the show more interesting. Do I really care to see how Jon Salley makes it in the Jungle? No. He’s irrelevant. As are most of the other people. But two white, rich kids from Beverly Hills? Now that’s some good television. The more we see of them out of their element, and the more ridiculousness that comes out of their mouth, the more entertaining the show. Keep it coming, and America, never vote them off.

Back at it on Tuesday after watching Jillian take all the guys back home to Canada. Outstanding. I’m sure a guy like Kiptyn would love to pack up and leave sunny San Diego to live in Canada. Sure he would. We will soon have a photo banner up that links directly to the merchandise store, but for the time being, visit it at: Any questions, comments, praises, criticisms, stories, feedback on the store, email me at See you Tuesday.



  1. susie

    June 5, 2009 at 2:50 PM

    RS, I would like to see you blog on So You Think You Can Dance. The judges alone would give you enough material to fill a column.

  2. susie

    June 5, 2009 at 3:34 PM

    RS, How about a blog on So You Think You Can Dance? The judges alone should provide enough material.

  3. bfan22

    June 6, 2009 at 11:05 AM

    Yeah I totally agree. Steve I’d to hear what you think about SYTYCD judges. Nygels teeth, Mary’s screem and Mia being a tough biotch! Oh and not to add you ripping apart the dancers- that would be great.

    I think the only reason people watch J & K is because the kids are so cute. But the rest of what you said, I totally agree with. They knew what they were signing themselves up for.

  4. brosnacmommy

    June 7, 2009 at 1:53 AM

    LOL love the frying pan logic!!! Kinda of abusive don’t you think ??;) Now don’t start being Kate on us!!;)

  5. jawbreaker

    June 7, 2009 at 8:50 AM

    Comments still take too long to go through…what is wrong…remember when you used to get hundreds?

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