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DeAnna Pappas and Holly Durst Coming to!

Anyone who’s been following me on Twitter the last few days could’ve probably figured this out, but I have spoken with both women and both are excited about doing interviews for the site. Immediately I want to make it known that these interviews are not going to be all about their “Bachelor” experiences. Both their seasons are almost a year old now, a lot of the same questions have been beaten to death, so I’m looking for something a little different. Oh trust me, they are going to get asked the questions you want to hear. I’m just not gonna focus the whole interview on their “Bachelor” experiences, since I feel its a tad outdated.

You may be asking, “Then why are you interviewing them?” I’ll tell you. After having spoke to both of these women, I feel they have a lot more to them in regards to their pre and post “Bachelor” life. I guarantee you that you’ll be surprised by what you hear. If you’re looking for this to be a rip job on the “Bachelor” and them spilling a bunch of show secrets, sorry, it’s not gonna happen. DeAnna has plenty more to say than that. She is fully aware of the grief I’ve given her over the last year regarding her season and her life, so, this is going to be her chance to put me in my place. Bring it on! Like her or not, DeAnna Pappas is probably the most talked about female in “Bachelor/ette” show history, so what better place for her to tell her side of things, than on

Holly Durst is a wild card. She’s no longer under contract with ABC, so she can probably speak a little more freely, however lets remember something very important: She was on Matt Grant’s season and frankly none of us really cared about him. I think you will all enjoy Hollys story, and, just like editing can create any character they want, the media seems to have done the same with her. Listen to what she has to say before judging. I certainly pre-judged, no doubt. There wasn’t anyone more skeptical about her than me, and then I spoke to her. Trust me when I tell you we will address what you want to know.

Of course, the #1 thing on most people minds regarding both these women is their past relationship with Jesse Csincsak. Holly dated Jesse right after DeAnna did, and now Holly and DeAnna are really good friends. So is this just a ploy for them to come on and tear into Jesse? No. But if you think I’m having both of these women on and am NOT going to ask them about Jesse, you’re crazy. It will be addressed and I think you’ll be surprised in what they have to say. I even read someone saying that whatever Holly says will be what DeAnna is telling her to say, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Holly has plenty of her own personal experiences regarding Jesse to share and that is what she plans on doing. We’ve heard from Jesse on these matters, but when was the last interview you saw with Holly on the matter to get her side? You’ll hear that shortly.

As for DeAnna, we will talk about her relationship with Jesse, and she will tell us whatever she feels we need to know. Jesse’s claims that she was only affectionate on camera, their public breakup at an airport, his sobbing You Tube video, what was the deal with her and Holly showing in during a recent Vegas trip supposedly planned by Jesse, etc. DeAnna will have plenty to say about all this and more. I hope you the readers know me well enough by now to know that I’m not interviewing DeAnna Pappas so I can lob softball questions at her all day long. She will be called out on stuff that I having been writing about her, and I’m truly interested to hear what she has to say. As now the co-host of “Get Married” (airing on the “Lifetime” channel Monday-Friday at 7:30am) her life has certainly changed over the past year since the Brad Womack and Jesse Csincsak days and I’m very curious to find out more about it.

No doubt people are going to pre-judge before even hearing the interviews. I get that. Hell, I certainly did. I think you’ll all be pleasantly surprised. So stay tuned for those in the upcoming weeks here on Very much looking forward to having a candid interview with both women. They will be recorded audio interviews, so uhhhh, make sure your speakers work on your computer.



  1. KellyH

    June 17, 2009 at 8:35 AM

    That sounds awesome. Can’t wait Reality Steve!


    June 17, 2009 at 9:24 AM

    Sounds good to me RS. I’ll be on the lookout. Don’t forget to ask her about that stupid appearance on Jason’s season…I ws curious to know if she got paid for that little impromptu? visit???

  3. lemon

    June 17, 2009 at 12:56 PM

    cool Steve, I’m looking forward to hearing their side of the story.

  4. susie

    June 17, 2009 at 12:59 PM

    Should be entertaining. I just finished watching Monday’s episode. I had to do it in 3 sessions since it was so long and so boring. They seem to talk about nothing and drag it out. They need some characters with a little depth. All the interesting guys have left so I don’t expect it to get any more exciting.

  5. KateLaw

    June 17, 2009 at 1:54 PM


  6. pollyannaforever

    June 17, 2009 at 4:26 PM

    To say the least, it will be interesting to see what they have to say. I just hope they do so in a respectful manner. What has been posted on twitter makes my skin crawl. I was not a Deanna fan before her bachellorette season. I was beginning to give her the benefit of the doubt when she was with Jesse. I am back to not being very impressed with her. I leave it at that until the interview.

  7. realitytvgal3488

    June 17, 2009 at 7:58 PM

    #5 I agree – YAWN !!!!… Haven’t we seen and / or heard enough about Deanna, Holly and Jesse??… I don’t care how they are doing, it’s all past news, BORING !!. C’mon RS, you’re better than this, give us something exciting and NEW !

  8. Joanie

    June 17, 2009 at 11:38 PM

    Humm should be an interesting interview. I can’t wait. 🙂

  9. Carolyn

    June 17, 2009 at 11:46 PM

    I’m looking forward to hearing what de has to say.

  10. lemon

    June 18, 2009 at 12:57 AM

    Why are you giving Steve a hard time for what he decides to post on his blog? Did someone force you to read this post? Will someone force you to listen to the interview? If you wasted your time reading this post about the interviews then you only have yourself to blame. The big news is right there in the subject. If you didn’t read this post or won’t listen to the interview then what are you whining about?! Skip over it!

    I have little to no interest in a lot of the reality shows Steve updates us on, but it’d be incredibly lame for me to complain he isn’t writing about only the things *I* care about.

  11. KellyH

    June 18, 2009 at 8:24 AM

    Well said Lemon. These haters need to go write their own blog!

  12. ottonian

    June 18, 2009 at 4:54 PM

    I remember back when in high school, my boyfriend and I broke up after 2 years – and his ex-girlfriend tried to befriend me – said we could ‘join forces’ against him. EVEN THEN – I said ‘ah i’ll pass, but thanks – i have better things to do’. Deanna and Holly – same deal!! Getting together and being ‘good friends’ while bashing their ex online……in a few words: LAME. IMMATURE. CHILDISH. BITTER. Should I go on? No because like it has been said in previous comments……WHO CARES ABOUT DEANNA! She is old news.

    I listened to Jesse’s interview after reading on here that he did one. He didn’t comment on Deanna or Holly – and kudos to him (the ‘high road’ is a good road to take). As for DeYYYYAAAAAWWWWWNA – does she not have a PR person? If she does that person should tell her not to dwell on negative stories or bash people in public (i.e. twitter) – perhaps think of Jennifer Aniston – always took the high road and comes out the good person. The person that people love. Angelina Well she’s trash.

    Thanks RS for the plug about Get Married. I will not be watching – and i’ve never even heard of it. No surprise, sounds like a yawner – just like the people hosting it. IF i wanted to go back in time to high school i’d just attend my reunion! NO THANKS! Those girls need to get a life. Seriously. Thought they were looking for love? Since when was love spelled F-A-M-E??

  13. Purple

    June 18, 2009 at 7:23 PM

    Ottonian – Your story rings true for many of us when we were in junior high and high school. Taking the high road is about working through the anger and not attacking the person publicly. I don’t understand a woman who falls in love with a man, dumps him and 6 months later finds out things about him and has the need to attempt to humiliate him. I don’t get it. Both these women made the choice to be with Jesse, they were not bound by any contract to be with him. Now just who are the fools in this situation? I agree with what has been posted about Stacie and the show. I can hardly believe she has not reprimanded Deyawwwna for her behavior considering the show is about a happy time in a persons life – getting married. Her behavior is not conducive to a show of that nature. Jerry Springer might be a more appropriate show for her to seek long term employment.

    I would be curious to know how the Holly/Deyawwwna friendship came to be considering they were on different seasons. My guess is that Deyawwwna caught wind that Holly was dating Jesse and being such a fine woman (ha) just had to warn Holly about him. In reality, she just couldn’t believe Jesse had moved on and she was going to put a stop to it. Just like she had to post 10-20 pictures on her FB of her with Jeremy when she knew Jeremy had a girlfriend. She just couldn’t believe Jeremy was over her and had to make sure the girlfriend knew she was still around. What a major troublemaker!

  14. ottonian

    June 18, 2009 at 9:35 PM

    Exactly. Here is likely how the pre-interview conversation went between Reality Steve and Deanna:

    RS: Hey Deanna, no one really cares about you anymore – and we all know how you LOVE FAME, so why not do an interview with me?

    Deanna: Absolutely! I neeeeeeeeeeeed to be famous and the centre of attention – which is why I say things on twitter like ‘hey go buy your copy of this magazine that i’m on the cover of!!!’

    RS: So in return, I will plug your TV Show and you and your friend Holly will wear this my tshirts – part of this strange merchandise that I have created to profit from this whole ‘blog’ thing.

    Deanna: Deal! You plug my show and I’ll wear your t-shirts and MAYBE people will still believe i’m famous! And you’ll maybe gain some exposure? What’s that? You want me to through my ex-fiance under the bus? The one I swooned over and claimed to love and was going to marry……sure, i’ll do that. Even though he says nothing bad about me and continues to take the high road – NOT ME!!! Let me grab my new BFF Holly (aka Jesse’s ex) and we’ll do it!!

  15. je2

    June 19, 2009 at 5:09 AM

    I am sure both of these girls have more to their characters than shown on the extremely scripted and edited un-reality show on which they both appeared. But like most of the characters that appeared on this same show …. I really don’t care. Melissa is getting the breaks now that Deanna and Holly covet – interesting. Having said that – because you are writing, I will surely read.

  16. RainyNiteNTx

    June 19, 2009 at 7:05 AM

    Checked in here to find out who the interviews were with and was immediately disappointed to find out it was DeAnna…..Thankfully I didn’t have to write out a long gnashing teeth post – Purple did it for me LOL. ITA with Purple’s entire post.

  17. sally885

    June 19, 2009 at 3:01 PM

    i too have had my fill of de. and if i didn’t read this blog regularly, i wouldn’t know/remember who holly was. all they want is more publicity.

  18. sally885

    June 19, 2009 at 3:03 PM

    sorry in advance if this is a duplicate…having probs posting. i too have had my fill of de. and if i wasn’t a regular reader of this blog, i wouldn’t know/remember who holly is. all they want is more publicity.

  19. Jordan

    June 19, 2009 at 4:03 PM

    Please ask DeAnna WHY the flowers changed color when she rejected Jason at the FRC last summer. That has bothered me for almost a year.

  20. tippytoe

    June 22, 2009 at 3:05 AM

    Ooooh, I am late to this entry, but RS, if you would….I was “off” the bandwagon for the Bachelor/Bachelorette for many, many seasons so I missed “Deanna Prime,” but can ANYONE ask her why she granted a People Magazine interview about Jason’s season, from the very beginning, saying that she would be back and “the ladies weren’t happy.”

    From what aired, she basically pulled a ‘ring and run’ at Jason’s hotel. “The ladies,” or, all two who were left, never saw her, reacted, or cared.

    I hope she won’t hide behind some BS non-disclosure. She granted that interview and made her appearance out to be “the most dramatic scene ever.” Personally, I live in a one bedroom in NYC. The day “her” episode aired, I had wandered into my galley kitchen to refresh a much needed drink, and when I returned, her self-hyped scene was over. I replayed that episode on my DVR and tried to find the truth in her interviews, but she lies like a rug.

    Someone should hold her accountable.

    Since I hadn’t watched the Bachelor franchise since Alex whats-his-name, it was my good fortune to find your site for Jason’s season so I didn’t feel played by ABC.

    I just hope the personal contact and attention from a controversial figure like Deanna won’t turn you into a changed man, who now sees Deanna through rose colored glases. It would be a shame to lose your objectivity (and wit) because a less-than-honest castmember agreed to help you sell tee shirts.

    Thanks, Steve.

  21. tippytoe

    June 22, 2009 at 3:34 AM

    Sorry to double post, but thank you, Sally 885, for this gem:

    “i too have had my fill of de. and if i didn’t read this blog regularly, i wouldn’t know/remember who holly was. all they want is more publicity.”

    I actually had no idea who Holly was!! I googled it and realized I watched a few of the beginning of Matt’s shows and couldn’t pick Holly out of a police line up.

    Also, Deanna was a little shady with a NYC blogger…I found her blog last season when she put her link on Chris Harrison’s blog. After finding Reality Steve, I read anything I could and I followed the blog link on Chris’s entry.

    This blogger was recently unemployed and clearly I wasn’t the only one who found her blog…she must have been linking all over the place. In any case, Deanna started govong the blog exclusives, met with the blogger, did video chats and and if you followed, you’d see that the blogger had an entry before the end of the season that was anti_ABC and Jason. It was an “exclusive” that Deanna promised and gave info on the lead in.

    The day of the FINAL final rose ceremony, Deanna took it all back. I am no fan of thos blog (especially since the owner, re[eatedly, called Reality Steve’s theories “preposterous,” but I keep in mind that evil Deanna was playing mind games with this poor girl. Anyway, if you wqnt insight into what Deanna will do (and the bloggers she chooses to do it with ) read the archives here:

    I really don’t understnad how Deanna could get good press on THIS site since Steve is far more savvy than the average blogger. I guess I will wait and see???

  22. tippytoe

    June 22, 2009 at 4:25 AM

    This should give you some good background to ask Deanna questions, since she pulled an innocent blogger into the fold for Jason’s season and then quickly backed out. (Again, for me, this blogger was a loser. She berated you, as you’ll see on the first post I am sending and went as far as o wish she could prosecute you…uh, as an unemployed lawyer) and then you’ll read her posts directly from Deanna, which run hot to cold, depending on who can help her with the fame equation) Ready??

    (From the

    My first interview of anyone – and it happened to be DeAnna Pappas. Boot camp class. Floor hockey. And, oh yes. I started a new job. There is a lot going on. That and the fact that some blogger named Reality Steve is throwing out preposterous theories on what happens in the finale and after the final rose saying that he has inside information (the reality tv equivalent of the Securities and Exchange Commission would bring this guy down so fast on 10b-5 violations if such a regulatory body existed. I would love to serve as Chairman of it).

    Even if he’s right, who cares? If he’s telling the truth, he’s ruined the ending for everyone and probably getting someone in trouble for leaking what happened. If he’s lying, he’s stealing brain power from way too many people and only trying to self promote.

    (next entry from

    Get ready, Bachelor fans. He chooses Melissa for now, but it’s not over. We know that. Ok, After The Final Rose is on – correction. It’s Molly. Melissa is PISSED!!!

    DeAnna is PISSED too!! Apparently they completely edited her role on The Bachelor. She was NOT there to win his heart back. She was there to give Jason advice. She called Producers just now and is FUMING!!!

    SHE WILL TELL THE ENTIRE TRUTH!!!!!! Tune in STARTING at 10:45 TONIGHT to watch me and The Boyfriend “open.”


    Most Shocking (and Hurtful) Season Finale EVER. Even my Grandmother was Crying

    Thanks to all of you who tried to tune into our live video chat on For those of you who emailed and asked what the problem with viewing us and DeAnna was: unfortunately, they were some technical difficulties – both getting our live chat up and with DeAnna.

    Some of you have asked about whether DeAnna was mad at the way she was portrayed. I was given information that DeAnna was very upset about this. Rumor has it – she contacted ABC to let them have it. She even said she would talk about it on the chat. But when the chat came on, she claimed she wasn’t angry. Maybe she’s in negotiations with them to be the Bachelorette again. Who knows?

    ***Reality Steve, can you see how she played this blogger? Does anyone really think you (not JUST you, but even God) could pry the truth out of her??

    Check out that blog. It’s lame as hell, YET Deanna chose them for exclusives. Invited the blogger and her boyfriend to trade shows for her Wedding tv series, etc, but clearly lied, if you read the blog entries.

    I think if Deanna coninues to be Deanna (only promoting her GetMarried show), she’s useless and using you like the blogs she has already targeted and tainted against you. Can you imagine some fired Lehman hack-lawyer accused you of “insider trading” in her kiss up to a video blog wih Deanna???

  23. Jordan

    June 22, 2009 at 8:41 AM

    Please ask DeAnna why the flowers changed color during her season on the last show when she broke jasons heart. Thats been bugging me since last year.

  24. YodaKnows

    June 22, 2009 at 3:36 PM

    The interviews have already occurred. De is Animal, Queen is Holly and 31 is Jeremy as per RS tweets on June 17/18. Who can believe De about anything she says! How many remember seeing her LIVE on the morning talk show Nov., 08 talking about getting married. One of other panel members asked her about her engagement and upcoming marriage to Jesse Csincsak. Her F1 who she chose on May 9 to be her husband. The guy she said she could not live without- forever, her soulmate. Well knowing that she broke up with Jesse the day before, she had the nerve, lying through her teeth about STILL BEING ENGAGED. Who lies like this? Only a phony who can’t face reality. I am sure Brad Womack looks to the ski each morning and is thankful that he DID NOT CHOOSE DeAnna. I bet he has to swallow hard to keep from choking on his food, especially if he is eating a sandwich if he happens to hear the name DeAnna! What is there to say about Holly. I use and work with children’s book for my job. Her books are not kid appealing and that is why she can’t do a good job publishing/selling her 2 books. She tries to promote her self on her website prancing around in lingerie but WHY? What kind of decent guys is she trying to attract. You can look at her pics and see she is a big time floozy! Too bad so sad those 2 and to think a professional???? lawyer Jeremy is in on the mess. If he really is going to be on DWTS next season he will be voted off the first week, negative fan support.

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