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The Bachelorette 5 - Jillian

The Bachelorette 5 Recap – 7/6/09

-I’ve really been out of the loop for the last five or six days having been out of town. So there really isn’t much to address beforehand. The store will continue its sale throughout this week, and if you want your picture up on the site, you can see we’ve added a flickr photo album. Thanks to Holly, DeAnna, Natalie, and Richard for their pics. Good stuff. A lot of you have sent emails over the last week that I probably didn’t get to. My apologies. But I wasn’t really around a computer at all and didn’t want to respond through Blackberry to everyone. And when I got back yesterday, there were just too many to go through pretty much all asking the same questions. So if I have time today, I will get around to them. If not, don’t take it personal.

-The only thing I want to say about last week is I stand by what I did. I was kinda surprised so many people ran with the “do what you do best” comment, when that’s probably the 2nd column in the last 7 years where I didn’t do a recap. Really? And honestly, I planned on doing a regular recap, but when they zipped through 4 hometown dates in the first fifty minutes, and dedicated so much time to butchering Wes’ edit and the return of Ed, I figured that was an appropriate time to bring out the column. And for every negative comment I received regarding what I did, trust me, there were ten emails/comments/facebook posts thanking me for letting them know what really goes on. I think a lot of you need to remember that probably 95% of the “Bachelorette’s” audience does not follow message boards and study screencaps and read blogs. They just tune in every Monday and live their life the rest of the week thinking what they saw was real. Amazing, I know, but it’s the truth. Will I reach all of them? Of course not. Just because you read stuff about the show on the internet, doesn’t mean everyone else does. In fact, you are most definitely in the minority. I think what I wrote helped, and I’m glad I did what I did. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

-The first ten minutes of the show were dedicated to recaps of Jillian’s journey so far with the remaining four guys. Waste of time. Although, what was funny was her just aimlessly walking the streets of Spain as her voice over is telling us all about the four guys. It got me thinking, “What do the Spaniards think of this show?” When they see some Canadian girl walking their streets with cameras following her, are they aware of what crap is being filmed? Do they even get the show out there when we do, or are they just getting around to airing Bob Guiney’s season in Madrid? This I’ve always wondered. I’ve never been to Spain, so I’m clueless to how their prime time TV network schedule looks. My guess? Soccer in the mornings, soccer in the afternoons, and soccer at night. And the nights when soccer isn’t on? Bullfighting. Maybe a “Flamenco Dancing With the Stars” as a reality show. Then once a year you have your special of the “Running of the Bulls” where crazy, lubed up fans try to out run a bunch of charging bulls down narrow streets. Hell of a sport. Where do I sign up? Any sport where the downside is possibly taking a bull’s horn right up your ass and being trampled, consider me out. Call me crazy.

-So Kiptyn is the first one up for a date. Jillian is giddy again, but does have some reservations. “Maybe Kiptyn is out of my league and he isn’t falling for me.” Hmmmm, maybe you’re right. Just kinda funny hearing Jillian say someone is “out of her league”. Since I’m unaware of Jillian’s ex-boyfriends and what they look like, I can’t jump to too many conclusions. Lets just say that Jillian is a lucky woman to be cast this season as the “Bachelorette”, since two others rejected it, yet they tried to play it off like “America fell in love with Jillian.” They did? When? Did I miss something? Do you know how many people I heard in coffee shops and on the streets talking about how they HAD to have Jillian Harris as the next “Bachelorette”? I’ll tell you how many: zero. Just another way for them to peddle their fake love story. And for those interested, ABC has been pushing the “Bachelorette” this season as the third most watched show of the summer. Once again, only half the story. Yes, it is, but that’s because pretty much everything else its up against are repeats. Not a lot of new network shows that get released in the summer. Why do you think they’re running it now? Put Jillian’s season on when shows start up in September, and it’d be about the 20th most watched show.

-Uh oh. More problems in Loveville with Jillian and Kiptyn. When Jillian asks him what he thinks about a possible proposal at the end of all this, he replies, “I think a proposal seems far off at this point in time”. Jillian then goes on to contradict herself by saying, “I am here to get engaged. I want an engagement out of this. I think it’d be fun. But I don’t necessarily have to have one.” Huh? I think Jillian is pretty enamored with the thought of possibly being engaged to on the show because she desperately wants to shut some people up. But hey, it actually seems like Kiptyn has a head on his shoulders. Really? A bachelor who actually thinks that six weeks might be a little too early to drop a proposal on somebody? Where’d casting find this guy, and why did the script call for him to last this long? Make no mistake, the show ALWAYS would like to see a proposal at the end. They can’t force these people to, but there’s definitely incentive thrown out there.

-I’m going to send a lot of you out on a hunt right now. Like I said, I’ve been out of the loop and pretty much away from a computer for the last week, and frankly I just don’t feel like looking for this, but I’m sure some of you will. As far as I know, in every interview I’ve seen or read with Jillian since the season ended taping about a month ago, I have yet to hear her say she is engaged, I have yet to hear her say she is in love, I have yet to hear her say she can’t wait to see the man that she chose again, and I have yet to hear her say she talks to her man every day and they are so happy together. All we’ve gotten is, “I’m happier than I’ve ever been (but not necessarily with another person), the “last five minutes is really good”, and “I’m happy with my decision.” Now, I can’t read everything, and there are some interviews I might have missed, but that’s what I’ve gathered so far. Sounds an awful lot like Brad Womack to me. Jason screamed from the mountain tops before the season even started how in love he was and that he was engaged. DeAnna let us know that she was engaged before the finale. During Andy Baldwin’s season they promoted all along a proposal at the end. Maybe ABC told her to play it coy to not let anything out, maybe not. But I’d be interested if someone could find me an interview she’s given where she said something different than what I listed below and specifically mentions she chose someone, they are happy together, and can’t wait to see each other again. I’ve yet to hear that.

-Time for the embarrassing portion of last nights show: Kiptyn and Jillian flamenco dancing. They walk in to a mini studio where two instructors are waiting for them, Maria and Ricardo. Let me ask you something: What were the odds that two flamenco dance instructors in Madrid, Spain would be named “Maria” and “Ricardo”? 1-to-1? 1-to-5? Could I have gone anywhere and bet on this beforehand? I believe they even said the guitar player’s name was “Paco”. What’s next? Are they going to tell us that “Maria y Ricardo work at the biblioteca?” Or that Maria drives a red car? If I remember anything about high school Spanish class, it was that every female in the text book was named “Maria”, and every male was named “Ricardo”. And I’m sure they had a third friend named “Paco” who liked going to the grocery store to buy “naranjas, platanos, y flan.” Never in the book were they flamenco dance instructors. This disturbs me. You know what else disturbed me? The fact that Jillian couldn’t clap in rhythm. Maria could. Ricardo could. Hell, Kiptyn could even clap in sequence, but there’s Jillian completely spazzing out to a simple clap. That means on next season of “Idol”, she’s going join the mosh pit in front of the stage with the rest of them who are completely out of tune.

-Now these two decide to ride mopeds around town before settling in for some dinner. Personally, I think they should’ve gone the route of “Dumb and Dumber” and had one strapped on to the others back, but that’s just me. At dinner, they discussed Kiptyn’s tight fitting outfit during the dance session. Kiptyn: “I could get the button on the shirt closed, just not the zipper.” Jillian: “You could hurt the boys that way.” Which was a brilliant segue into her next topic of, “Hey, you want kids someday?” Ha ha. Very nice. Kiptyn says he definitely wants kids if he’s able to after having the circulation cut off to the boys earlier in the night. Then I started thinking about the kids these two would have. Short, big noses, and big ears. Outstanding. Get to reproducing you two.

-Jillian now wants to ask him some more hard hitting questions. “If I were to ask your last three ex-girlfriends what’s one thing they’d change about you, what would they say?” Kiptyn: “That I have a twin brother.” Easy there, ego. Lets not get carried away with how awesome you think you are. And there’s enough bad kissing you’ve done on this show to last a lifetime. Do we really need a second version of you terrorizing other women’s mouths? I think not. Jillian then proceeds to tell him something all guys want to here from a potential mate. “You remind me of my dad.” Guys, never tell a woman she reminds you of your mom. And ladies, never tell a guy he reminds you of your dad. There’s just really nothing positive that can come out of that. Jillian then goes to the “You’re too nice” card on him. Basically asks him that because he’s so nice, if they were in a relationship, would he ever challenge her or call her out on something. Frankly, this is a sore subject with me, so when Kiptyn says he would totally do that, she agrees. If only she believed it. I’ve been on the receiving end of this, and it seems that when you do call them out and challenge them, they don’t like it. So it’s a lose-lose situation. You keep your mouth shut, and you’re too nice. You challenge them, and it turns into a fight. That blows.

-So for whatever reason, we’re gonna bust out the date cards in Spain as well as Hawaii. “Welcome to the romantic city of Madrid. Should you choose to forgo your individual rooms for the evening, please use this key to enjoy your night together in the fantasy suite. Chris.” I hated the date cards coming out this early because it’s so contrived. So I’m supposed to applaud Jillian for turning down all the guys on the overnight date in Spain, knowing that a week later in real time, she’s going to use the overnight date cards on Reid, Ed, and Kiptyn? So dumb. Jillian: “I don’t think I’m ready to spend the entire night with somebody.” Oh, but you will be the next time you see them in Hawaii? Please. Her and Kiptyn did go up to the room and play tonsil hockey since he left with his hair all disheveled, but because he didn’t actually stay the night, I’m expected to view Jillian as some virgin princess? No thanks. That was so staged in advance.

-Next up is Reid’s date in Seville, Spain. According to Jillian, they are going to have “wine, cheeses, hang out in the park, and make out.” What a wonderful day in Seville, Spain for that. Two Americans (well, one American and one Canadian) fondling each other in a park to be televised back in the States. I can’t see why the local Sevillians would have any problem with that. I could tell you one guy who definitely had a problem with them: the meat guy in the grocery store. He must’ve been like, “What the hell did I just get myself into?” The guy has probably been serving meats for 30 years in that shop, all the sudden an American film crew shows up with two idiots who don’t speak a lick of Spanish trying to order a meal for twelve. We get it, you don’t speak the language, and when trying to order, you’re trying to be funny. Reid: “Soy grande.” Thanks for that, Reid. Has nothing to do with any sort of sandwich you’re ordering. Might as well have dropped on them, “Soy guapo”, which is what I most certainly would’ve done. It’s the only thing I remember from Spanish class.

-Jillian: “Reid is not the guy I saw myself with, I’m not gonna lie.” Uh oh. Didn’t we hear that from DeAnna when speaking about Jesse? I think we did. Reid says his family loved her, but it always takes him a while to tell someone how he’s feeling. Reid is the guy this season that has a hard time opening up and is a little weary about the whole situation. Whether or not that works for or against him only time will tell, but, he does seem a bit nervous about the whole thing. Reid: “It could be love, but I’m not there yet to say it to her. I move so slow with these things. Physically, I’m attracted to her. Mentally I’m there. I just need to take time.” Well, we get one of these guys every season. Can he open up in time before she lets him go? There’s Reid’s storyline this season. Kiptyn’s is as the heartbreaker who’s never had his heart broken. And Ed’s is the guy who was told he’d be leaving the show only to be brought back so they could create drama. And of course, Wes is the villain who they throw under the bus with the butchered editing job.

-The date card comes out for these two and Reid gives the most honorable answer he can. “I’ll just do whatever you want to do.” Oh, ok. Pin it all on her. It was here where he started to mention how he gets bothered by her kissing all the other guys. Earlier in the day, Jillian had told Reid she’s not one of those girls that constantly needs to know the answer to things, and doesn’t need to constantly ask why you feel certain ways about things. Yet after Reid tells her he feels uncomfortable with her kissing the other guys, she comes back with, “Why? Tell me, tell me.” Yeah, I’m sure that won’t get annoying after, oh I don’t know, a week? However, Reid has got to know what this show is about by this point. She takes four guys to Spain, she makes out with four guys (well, I guess except Wes), then she’ll take three of you to Hawaii, she’ll make out, grope, fondle, explore body parts with all three of you, then when it’s down to two, she chooses (we’re assuming), the one who she feels most comfortable with in a hot tub. She figured once she did that with Jason, she was all his. But that’s not what the script called for, uhhhhhh, I mean Jason had to go with his heart. That changed two months later.

-Reid: “She has my heart. As neurotic as I am, as much as I 2nd guess things, I’m confident in my relationship with Jillian.” Ummmm, I don’t really know what the hell that means. I guess as confident as one can be who knows she’s getting frisky next week with two other guys in Hawaii. Or is he just saying, “Look, I know every time I go to the bathroom, I can’t leave without washing each hand 37 times, and that I’d love to be given a year supply of Purell as a parting gift from this show if Jillian doesn’t pick me in the end, but yeah, I’m pretty confident I’m going all the way. And if not, my real estate business got some free pub. And if they ever decide to do a ‘Friends’ reunion show and Matthew Perry doesn’t sign on for it, I could always fill in.” Remember how in the beginning of the season I said Reid looked like someone and I couldn’t put my finger on it? Well, I’ve gotten more emails from people suggesting who he looks like, and you should see how long this list is. Maybe I’ll share all the suggestions I got next week. Unbelievable how many different emails I got suggesting who Reid looks like. The list is at least 15 names long. And only one of them named the person I finally figured out who it was he resembled: PGA Tour player David Toms. Google him. You’ll see the uncanny resemblance.

-Since ABC was too cheap to give Ed a date in a different city (or Reid, however you want to look at it), Ed gets his date in the sloppy seconds city of Seville as well. I’m sure it still smells like Reid’s hand soap everywhere they go. Ed immediately explains himself during a horse carriage ride. Sort of. “I got home and I’m like, ‘What am I doing?’ I need more time. I couldn’t get you off my mind. I had to come back somehow.” Of course, no mention whatsoever about how he was the first ever contestant in 18 seasons to actually leave the show, fly back to his hometown (which has been confirmed by people in Chicago), only to show back up again to re-enter the competition. And without a good explanation either. Even fellow contestants didn’t even know he was allowed to do it. Our boy Michael Stagliano, who was booted last week, even said as much in his exit interview last week. Check out what he had to say:

Michael Stagliano Interview

-Jillian asks Ed, “What would it have been like if I would’ve gotten to go home with you?” Well, for one, I’m sure he would’ve taken you to all the pretty sights and sounds that Chicago has to offer. You guys could’ve taken in a Cubs game and sang “Go Cubs Go! Go Cubs Go! Hey Chicago, whaddya’ say, Cubs are gonna win today!” afterwards. Maybe taken you to the Sears Tower since that’s such a historic landmark. Then to cap it all off, I’m sure he would’ve introduced you to the numerous girls he’s bedding in the Chicago area all while pretending to be single on the show. That would’ve made for some great television. Boy, you do enough digging you find out some really interesting stuff about these people. Too bad they gave Wes the hatchet job on the editing. Probably should’ve been Easy Eddie and his minions of girls waiting for him back in Chicago not knowing what the hell is going on. Of course, none of this will ever get brought up at the “Men Tell All” episode. It’ll be the Dave/Juan show, and the “Butcher Wes’ edit even more” episode.

-The producers decide to show us how much of a physical chemistry these two have, and give us more of Hypocritical Jillian, by showing us them making out in every possible landmark in Seville. This is the first alone time she’s spent with a guy who essentially ditched her for work, then came back unannounced, yet before getting into all the questions she would need to ask somebody who pulled this stunt, she can’t keep her tongue of her mouth. Yeah, she really seems to be struggling with what Ed did. If she’s not careful, he might actually have to explain himself. But not before climaxing a few times apparently. Geesh. Get a room you two. Oh wait, that’s later. But for the time being, it’s make out city in Seville. Jillian: “I can’t stop making out with Ed.” They even jump into a fountain, roll up their pants, and make out in front of a group of people looking on probably adding more fuel to the fire of why they hate Americans. Hell, if I lived there and saw that, I’d hate us too. Get out of the fountain you two, you look ridiculous. I know the producers told you to do that, but geez, could you at least have shown a little restraint? Really? Making out in the fountain? It’s not like you just accepted a proposal either. There’s still three other guys left. Sometime this show makes me want to vomit. Ok, all the time.

-Ed: “I need to show her I’m a trusting person.” Yes you do. Can your girlfriends back home back you up on that one? Just curious. Ed asks Jillian, “How open are you to living somewhere else?” Jillian is open to the the idea since the thought of living in Vancouver pretty much makes Ed want to hurl. He mentions that he can see them being together a long time, taking in Cubs’ games, and just enjoying life together. Jillian chimes in she knows nothing about baseball. Shocker. I thought she could reel off Alfonso Soriano’s awful stats from this season. Or that she likes Carlos Zambrano’s stuff, but doesn’t know why he has to blow a gasket every other start. She really seemed like the type who could break down why its better to have Carlos Marmol setting up Kevin Gregg rather than the other way around. Wow. I really misjudged you Jillian. I apologize. How about while in you’re in Chicago, you go visit my crush from last season Nikki and ask her if she can come in and replace you as the “Bachelorette”? Like, ummmm, now. Two episodes left, just let her take over from here so I can watch the rest of this season with the volume and my pants down. Been a while since I used that one.

-The date card comes out for her and Ed. Something I didn’t really understand was her telling all the guys that she wasn’t ready for it, but not telling any of them, “Hey, just to let you know, I’m turning you down, but I’m also turning the rest of the guys down.” I think I would’ve done that if I were her just to set the guys minds at ease. Although, there’s a strong possibility she did tell them that but they never showed it to us. Because, well, they’re known for that sort of thing. These two actually did decide to use the room for the night since they had some “catching up to do” due to the script calling for Ed to leave earlier this season and come back. But Jillian assures us that the “clothes will stay on”. Like we have any idea if that’s true or not. People will believe what they want to believe happens behind closed doors. Personally do I think sex happens? Yes. That’s what horny people that are attracted to each other do. They have sex. Does it happen with all of them? Not sure. I guess it’s up to each individual person to choose to do it with whoever they choose to do it with. Sorry, I don’t have those answers. And I’m guessing you’ll never get any of them to actually admit it any way, so its pure speculation.

-Next up is a date in Barcelona with Wes. Here’s where it gets tricky. Already a lot of you are on my case asking, “So how did Wes get the bad edit job this week? Huh? Huh? Huh?” I don’t know how to answer that other than to say he did. What they did to him this week was just as easily edited as it was last week. And the week before. And the week before. It is very apparent that ABC set out to have a particular storyline with Wes’ character and they were going to edit things he said, splice them together, and get what they wanted. Although, I did find the “I have a song from my 2nd album that’s #2 in Chihuahua, Mexico” rather humorous. He definitely said that. Why? I have no idea. But it was funny. I really can’t recap Wes’ date because nothing that we were shown I believe really happened. I think them sitting at dinner and having their conversation spliced up into soundbites was ridiculous. They had an agenda with him for whatever reason, and he got thrown under the bus. There’s a big difference between feeding guys and girls alcohol, then recording all their worst moments and airing them, and to purposely putting words together in sentences from different time parts to make them say something they didn’t. Totally different.

-As you know I think Wes is getting one of the worst edits this show has ever done, and it’s nearly impossible to comment on what happened on his date, at the rose ceremony, and in the limo afterwards. I can easily see how everything he said in the limo was edited, it’s not very hard. They can cut and splice anything together and make it sound like one normal sentence without a change in pitch or tone. I’d really like to get to the bottom of this whole situation. Stay tuned the next couple days and I’ll see what I can come up with.

-Time for the rose ceremony. Three guys in suits, and Wes in jeans and a jacket. Kinda reminded me when Graham got the boot at the final four. Totally underdressed for the occasion, but, for what reason we’ll never know. Jillian: “This is one of the best weeks in my life. Never been to Europe before. Or Spain for that matter. No idea I’d have the feelings I have right now. Except for Wes. So after I give out the first two roses, and it’s between Wes and Kiptyn, there will be zero suspense since it’s obvious who is going home. Let’s just see if I can do this right without Chris Harrison here to help me. He’s probably getting another comped room and meal by one of these hotels. Bastard.”

Ed: I hope your women back home bought the “Hey, I gotta go to Texas for work” line.
Reid: Lets see how they actually depict his “bedroom malfunction” next week. I’m guessing it’ll be 100% different than how they portrayed it earlier this season. Funny how they didn’t even mention it in previews for next weeks episode.
Kiptyn: Like Wes stood a chance by this point.

-So yes, Wes did have one of the all-time great limo departures in show history. Some highlights?

“How you gonna lose to Reid? That boy’s a retard.”
“Those boys couldn’t get a nibble from the women in Texas.”
“I’m the first guy in Bachelorette history to make it to the final four with a girlfriend”

I know some of you are absolutely hanging on every one of those words and are positive those couldn’t have been edited, trust me I’ve seen your emails, but I’m here to tell you they were. Let me see what I can do and I promise I will get back to you this week.

Any questions, comments, emails, criticisms, praises, email me at Stay tuned for more. It’s coming.



  1. apollomoon

    July 7, 2009 at 11:32 PM

    I totally agree with you, Reality Steve. I just saw the “Diary of the Departed video” of Wes at Bachelorette site and I saw a completely different Wes.He was not the same Wes they edited him at the end of the show. He seemed very sober and respectful and wanted the best for Jillian. It’s like night and day. I feel so ashamed thinking of the amount of time I have wasted on this stupid show. Also what is with Jillian making out with every guy and feeling bad that Wes does not want to make out with her.

  2. ilovejill

    July 7, 2009 at 11:57 PM

    Thank you RS! You’re doing a great job and I can’t wait to hear what you get from your sources next time. In my opinion, you’re very credible and I enjoy your blog!
    Umm I don’t want to necessarily stick up for Wes but I feel like a few people like Patti need to tone it down. Calling a man you do not know at all “pond scum” and shooting down his character? You’ve been manipulated by Fleiss and crew. I don’t know him either but seriously, people sound stupid when they say comments like that…and they base it off how he was portrayed in the show.

  3. ugh

    July 8, 2009 at 12:08 AM


    “dude…what is with the hard on for wes? i agree with whoever said at this point it seems youre just trying to not look like an idiot who was totally wrong about this so-called “bad edit” Your column used to be a funny re-cap of the shows… now its all about you spewing “inside info” and basically reiterating over and over and over again about how fake the show is. Jeez we get guy, I dont think anyone comes here to read about how lame and fake you think the show is. Go look at your old re-caps, and do that. Cause I barely skim these new ones as they’re mostly filled with, “because this show is so fake” or “you dont actually think this is real, do you?” Super disappointed steve… you used to be amusing… now you’re like an annoying little kid with all your “see I told you so’s ne ner ne ner neeee ner.” vomit.”

    also, you’re not funny anymore. boring. deleting your blog from my reader not because I think the bachelorette is real, but just because I think you are WAY WAY WAY less entertaining than the bachelorette is 🙂

  4. yer wan

    July 8, 2009 at 12:49 AM

    I think when Jillian says in an interview with US99.5 on June 29th that in the end she chose a “remarkable pers…..” then tries to back pedal and be all coy about the ending when she realises she has “spoiled” the suspenseful ending that is supposed to keep us all on the edge of our seats!Have a listen and decide for yourself.

  5. yer wan

    July 8, 2009 at 12:54 AM

    In an interview with US99.5 on June 29th Jillian basically spoiled her own show by telling that she chose a “remarkable pers…..” then realises what she has done and tries to back pedal.

  6. yer wan

    July 8, 2009 at 12:58 AM

    Thought I accidentally deleted the first post there,obviously not…but at least I`ve started spelling her name right!

  7. petunia

    July 8, 2009 at 1:18 AM

    Hey Steve! Love your blog.
    the last few seasons, I’ve had this theory. The producers do not want a “Brad” ending – they don’t want a NON-choice. So, I believe that the producers have one or two guys there who are actors, who are not “real” contestants. The Bach/Bach’ette continues to advance these contestants, until the top 3 at least. If the B falls in love, they end up choosing someone. If they don’t fall in love, they have the option of choosing one of the actor-contestants. Kind of a fall-back option. The agreement is that they will carry it out, pretend to get engaged, do all the publicity, and then stage a break up around the time that the next season starts. I think that there are certain contestants who are paid for being on the show, are selected to be that fall-back person, and that the B knows it.
    I believe that Jesse was that person for Deanna. Deanna was falling for Jason, but had doubts, so because she couldn’t commit to Jason, she gets Jesse, and they fake an engagement for a while.
    I wonder if Molly was the fall-back contestant for Jason, but maybe not.
    I think that Wes was originally supposed to be the fall-back guy, with the added perk of getting his music on tv. But it wasn’t working out, mostly because Wes didn’t keep his mouth shut – he let the other guys know that he wasn’t there for the “right reasons”. And the audience wasn’t liking him. Ed then becomes the new fall-back guy. Jillian is falling for Reid. Kiptyn may be cast only because they want him for the next season. Ed is now the guy that Jillian can choose if she isn’t 100% sure about Reid.
    Am I crazy?

  8. terry-pat

    July 8, 2009 at 1:50 AM

    Hi.You always knew about the edit,but ran with it,it never bothered you,if it was fair to the contestants,it didn’t stop you before,gee it gave you ammo to make fun of them.It helped write your recap,even if you knew these people might not be what they seem.It is not fair now that you couldn’t make fun of Wes’s segment,like you do with the others.You had a lot to work with, it is like you backed off,for your buddy Jeremy,because he knows Wes.That is the way it looks to some people,me anyway,bias.It could have been funny,as for Wes,I don’t know,maybe get some insight from the guys at Men tell all.

  9. lemon

    July 8, 2009 at 3:27 AM

    Hey Steve, DeAnna wasn’t allowed to say she chose someone and was engaged until the Men Tell All, which aired the week before the finale. They might have told Jillian she has to wait until her MTA too. She told a reporter the other day she can’t say if she chose someone or is engaged, so they’ve told her to keep it quiet for now.

    I think Ed was offered a nice sum of money to go home and then return after 2 weeks to add some drama to this season. He’s a horrible actor, they should have told him to take acting lessons during his break. Maybe he’s the safety F1, in case Kip and Reid aren’t willing to play the role of the happily engaged F1 for 4 months … but why would they want a guy who had girlfriends back home? Don’t they know wronged girlfriends tend to talk?

  10. RainyNiteNTx

    July 8, 2009 at 4:12 AM

    addicted2trainwrecks :For those that doubt Steve and his statements I provide a link to the Wes interview that supports Steve and his comments 150%. is very informative and shows just how scripted these shows are. Wes did get a bad edit – it is a 21 minute interview but packed with pearls for those that don’t believe Steve

    I listened to it, rather reluctantly, because I thought the guy was an absolute jerk. However, now I’m disgusted with the hatchet job ABC did on him. I’ve known the show was manipulated but not to the degree that it is.

  11. lora

    July 8, 2009 at 5:45 AM

    Thank you Lemon for making your earlier comments about Wes and the “all the sex” comment. I totally picked up on that too. If you go back and watch it again, he is whispering to the other guys during the rose ceremony, and then a split second before you hear the comment, the camera breaks away and films the TREES! As soon as the comment is over, we see Wes smiling and the other guys are laughing right along with him. I agree that the “all the sex” words came from some punch line much earlier.

  12. JLBWorld

    July 8, 2009 at 6:30 AM

    I just want to know — when do you tell us who wins?

  13. Kamy

    July 8, 2009 at 7:28 AM

    He is SUCH a freakin liar! I cant stand Wes… cheating Texan mofo!

  14. Lizabeth

    July 8, 2009 at 8:10 AM

    Okay, I can understand where you say the show is scripted, especially with that awful bit with Jake and Jillian and Wes last week. It was seriously bad soap opera-ish. But, you even posted some of the crap Wes said (like the “How you gonna lose to Reid?” comment or the “First bachelor in history to have a gf…”) but you didn’t explain where all that fit in. You keep saying that he is being edited poorly, but it’s pretty clear he said those things, right? PLUS you used the the Michael interview as an example of Wes being manipulated into the “character” but the interview clearly says that Michael contradicted himself saying first that he never spoke to Wes then saying they had a heart to heart. I like you Reality Steve…I think you’re a funny guy, but I think the conspiracy theories are being stretched a little thin.

  15. lora

    July 8, 2009 at 9:11 AM

    People Wes is not the creep that the show made him out to be. You really have to listen to Wes’ interviews at this site:

  16. ckado5

    July 8, 2009 at 9:14 AM

    Thanks Reality Steve! I really enjoy your blog/column.. I really enjoy your predictions, but couldn’t find any for this season..who do you think is going to “win” Jillian? Or what will happen in the end? Please share, inquiring minds want to know.. 🙂

    Also, does anyone else get annoyed with Jillian’s constant lip wetting? She is ocnstantly wetting the corner of her lips with her tongue and it’s so distracting. Also, I have never seen so much bad kissing on any reality tv show ever.. it’s so disturbing to watch.

  17. Shell

    July 8, 2009 at 9:36 AM

    Wes’ sister is who signed him up for the show. So it’s not like he just signed up for it on his own. So what if he had an agenda. Most of the guys there probably had a hidden agenda for going on the show. The show is fake, it’s not about love. It’s about ratings. But yet some of you think Wes is the only bad one. It’s just that his agenda isn’t so hidden.

    I believe that Wes was edited badly. I listened to Wes’ interview and he sounds like a completely different guy than they showed him to be. He said that if he could go back and do it over again, he would have been really careful with what he would say and not say as much. He said that he talks a lot and so they would have a lot of material to work with and change it however to make him fit a particular character. But some of you are soooooooo sure that Wes is a jerk, scum or whatever else you want to call him. You recognize this show is fake but you can’t recogize that they can possibly take a person and make them look really bad? And because you have seen this show, you think you KNOW the real Wes and that he’s lying just from watching him on this scripted show!

  18. caro1975

    July 8, 2009 at 10:10 AM

    Here is my theory. Yes, Wes was victim of a very bad edit. But he wasn’t an innocent victim. He said numerous times “I already did my thing, I already played my song”. How would he know for sure,while they where still taping, that that part wasn’t going to be cut out when they edited the show? Maybe because he had some kind of deal with the producers. He gets publicity in exchange for a story line to bring the ratings up. He said it himself: “bad or good publicity is still publicity”. Like P.T. Barnum said:”I don’t care what you write about me, just spell my name right”.
    The only thing I dont understand about you R.S. is you always say that you dont care what happens in these shows, because it doesnt affect your life. So why are you so obsessed with what they supposedly did to Wes? Who cares? There is no conspiracy theory here. Its just plainly what the show always does, which is manipulating everything to make it more interesting. Who cares how it was scripted/edited. Its never going to change.

  19. San

    July 8, 2009 at 10:53 AM

    I am disappointed Steve. I came to read your blog because I thought it would be hilarious after Monday nights show. However, it did not live up to my expectations. I realize that you think the show is entirely scripted and all, but isn’t it hypocritical to so strongly defend Wes and yet only point out the flaws of Ed, Reid, Kip and Jillian? What’s with all the Wes love? Play fair.

    Wes had so many funny and strange moments and you failed to mention them, with the exception of one comment regarding the “#1 hit in Chihuahua, Mexico”. LOL Do you believe “That bird has no foot” comment was edited to make Wes look like an idiot? And the producers asked him to pick food out of his teeth? And knock over his beer and sit there while Jillian cleaned it up? What about the “I’m not here to hurt you, but I’m going to be true to myself. Cause numero uno is most important here”. “Feed by ego” – Talk about an ego. Did the producers provide Wes with his over the top ragged-ass country wardrobe? I could go on and on. What’s up with you for missing out on this opportunity to dish out the sarcasm? Is Wes gonna be the next model for Reality Steve wear?

    In order for the producers to provide us with the clips we’ve seen of Wes, even if it was spliced and diced, Wes still had to provide them the basics. You make it sound like Wes didn’t know what he was getting himself into. He knew exactly what he was doing – he went on the show for publicity – plain and simple. And he got it! From my point of view, he’s fair game! Stop the drama and give Wes the saucy sarcasm he deserves!

  20. Small_Peanut

    July 8, 2009 at 10:57 AM

    Patti –
    I realize its your first amedment to post opions but your missing the point. The point is so many say they say Steve’s columns sucks, they don’t like his investigative work, they miss the old column and my point is than if you hate it so much DON’T READ, there are “other blogs” out there. There is no one holding a gun to their head every Tuesday saying “read RS’s column” – personally, I think some peeps like to complain, they get personal satisfaction of beotching so-to-speak as it gives them some sense of superiority. Instead of finding a solution and reading another blog they will continue to post negativitity here and say how the column isn’t good because they have no life – plain and simple- it has nothing to do with freedom of speech, its called “I like to bitch” so I will. If they really felt that way they’d find other blogs to read. There are people actually putting RS down calling him an idiot, is that really necessary? Seriously.
    Peace Out!

    Small Peanut

  21. blondie

    July 8, 2009 at 11:25 AM

    You were a better writer before you became friends with all these people. Now you only make fun of the ones you or your friends dont know personally. A few years ago you would have had a field day with Wes now you just defend him (and the likes) and berate your readers who you judge too dumb to get it. At the end of the day these people signed up for this show, I don’t feel sorry for them at all when it bites them in the butt. They shoulda been more worried about the fine print in that contract rather than their shot at being on television.

  22. mja

    July 8, 2009 at 11:30 AM

    I just found an article from yesterday’s Calgary Herald featuring Jillian at the Calgary Stampede, watching Monday’s Bachelorette episode with 30 of her friends. I was especially interested in the last few paragraphs of the article. She does say that she is not even allowed to say whether she chooses anybody or not. And she says that Wes is not as bad as they make him look on the show.

    I made a Tiny URL out of the link, which was incredibly long. This should go to the article:

  23. MsMoka

    July 8, 2009 at 11:48 AM

    lora :
    People Wes is not the creep that the show made him out to be. You really have to listen to Wes’ interviews at this site:

    A couple of things I found interesting from this interview:
    – Wes quotes one of the Producers as saying “it’s a tv show, deal with it”
    – He says 90% of the guys there had actually applied/signed up to be the Bachelor … but were offered a spot on the B’ette, and told “if you do well there, you’ll have a good chance to be the next Bachelor” (or words close to that), in particular reference Jake.
    – When Wes says if he could, he’d sue the show for libel or slander, but he can’t. Given what he says Laurel is now going through, she should be the one to sue them and expose what they’re doing to people’s characters. SHE didn’t sign any contracts, and the fact that they chose to NOT edit out the use of her name, she probably has a case.
    – In the whole 45? minute interview, he doesn’t try promoting his cd or band, until the interviewers press him on it.


    July 8, 2009 at 11:59 AM

    Sorry I’m late RS…was too busy watching the MJ memorial service yesterday. So now being a latecomer I cannot believe all the little snotwaffle comments that people are making. Good Lord get a grip people – I will continue to let Small Peanut stick up for you – she/he is doing a good job. Lighten up – Steve is an excellent blogger and a really good person from what I know of him for a few years now. He has given such good insight when watching this show that I really appreciate him & his comments and to tell you the truth – I would miss him if he wasnt around to make me laugh. So he repeats himself that the show is fixed and edited and whatever – he is passionate about it, so what? He makes me see understand things I would’ve never guessed needed understanding. You know what I wish? Big Brother is starting this week – I want the leftover bachelors and bachelorettes to go on that show – can you imagine??? Dave and juan living in a house together for months!!! WhoooHoooo now that would be entertainment. GREAT RECAP RS….that being said – GO REID!

  25. algutin

    July 8, 2009 at 11:59 AM

    This is exactly what Wes wanted, lots of people talking about him. He stood out even if it meant to be an asshole throughout the whole thing. I personally do not think he is like that in real life, I believe it’s all acting. No one willingly would act like that knowing it will be broadcast. He was creating a buzz for himself and he got what he wanted.

  26. MsMoka

    July 8, 2009 at 12:19 PM

    Wes also pointed out that if he’d only wanted publicity, he could have gone on America’s Got Talent or American Idol or a bunch of other reality shows, but he reluctantly agreed when his sister signed him up, cuz he thought he might actually find love (he’d obviously never watched this show before!). He would have probably fared much better on any other reality show… (which he says he’ll never do again).

    PS Petunia, I totally agree with your theory!

  27. catherine a

    July 8, 2009 at 12:24 PM

    well, but he first of all said his sister signed him up – then on monday’s show he told Jillian it was his manager’s idea – so which is it?

  28. San

    July 8, 2009 at 12:53 PM

    Being open minded, I was curious about the Wes editing so I went back and watched the conversation between Jillian and Wes as well as Wes in the limo. I would certainly give Wes the benefit of the doubt if I could see possible editing, but I just cannot see how that was edited to the extremes that you speak of. The conversation flowed and even their movements and actions went along with the conversation even at different camera angles. I dunno, maybe just an extrememly good editing job but I personally think that conversation over dinner was straight up. We know that Jillian let him go with good reason, even she admits there were red flags, and it took her awhile to see the real Wes. I don’t think there is any doubt that the dinner just didn’t go well.

    In my opinion, any interview or info that you could possibly get from Wes is going have him denying it all. I’m sure his manager already told him to lay low.

    There were limo moments that could have been diced, yet much of what Wes said in the limo, matched with his lip movements and facial expressions. He had a big sarcastic grin on his face when he mentioned “it would take awhile to get back on his feet”. Whether he was acting or not, he said them. Although at one point he did say his acting days were over – that’s when I believe he decided to show his true colors – the real Wes. Yeah he had a few drinks – but all that did was allow him to let his guard down.

    Even if the show was entirely edited and/or scripted, what I don’t understand is why you didn’t give us your sarcastic views on what we all saw of Wes. Is he a personal friend of yours? He should be fair game, just like the rest of them!

  29. lemon

    July 8, 2009 at 1:04 PM

    I think Wes’s main problem is that he’s a sarcastic snarky guy. TPTB took advantage of that and chopped off the bits that made it clear he was being sarcastic.

    For example, when he was in the limo he said something like “I’m the first guy to make it to the final four with a gf.” Sounds bad, right? In a radio interview Wes explained they left off the part that makes it clear he was being sarcastic. I was amused to hear him say this, because when I heard him say it on the show my first thought was, “He was totally being sarcastic and they made it look like he was admitting it was true! That was EVIL!”

    I have a few very sarcastic friends so maybe my ear is more tuned into it, I don’t know, but it seems to me this is a speaking pattern for Wes. He says a statement (in deadpan) that isn’t true and then makes fun of it. All TPTB had to do was chop off the part where he was making fun of it. Jeremy really should have given him a lecture before he left on how NOT to talk on camera. 🙂

    I can’t explain away EVERYTHING Wes said as sarcasm, and he said some bitter things in the limo about the other guys, but big deal. He’s not an angel, he’s not the perfect man, he’s just a regular guy who was drunk and badmouthed some other dudes because he was upset. It’s not cool but it’s not behavior worthy of such anger. It only looks bad because people assume Wes is a horrible awful rotten person based on the hatchet edit job they gave him. He’s just a dude, ya know? Not my kinda guy, but I’m not going to vilify him.

  30. San

    July 8, 2009 at 1:26 PM

    “The Bachelorette: Wes Tries To Defend Himself – You Decide”

    Although the producers likely picked Wes to become their villian, the last line is so true…
    “And in the end, they can’t show it if you don’t do it or say it. He did it, he said it, for eight weeks. “

  31. ann_j

    July 8, 2009 at 2:02 PM

    seeing the # of comments that are bashing Steve, it almost feels like maybe ABC has hired many more ppl to watch this website.

    good recap Steve and like another poster above I’m wondering when you will spill the outcome to us.

  32. Mindreader

    July 8, 2009 at 2:09 PM

    My inclination here is to give Wes the benefit of the doubt, because why, why, why would he go on the show to promote his career in the first place, then do such a bang-up job in deliberately making himself look like a jack-ass? That makes no sense whatsoever. He was cast as the “bad boy” character this season, and sure enough Jillian made several references to being “attracted to the bad boys”. The mistake Wes made was running his mouth a little too much and giving the producers lots of material to work with. He’s no shining angel and did say whatever he said, but I don’t think all of it was in the context in which we heard it. Theoretically, would it be a possibility he was paid to “act” a certain role, or was he completely blindsided by the editing?

  33. surrealtvfan

    July 8, 2009 at 3:14 PM

    Sorry, but I am also not buying the big edit job theory. Steve, you are going soft on us and why when it concerns this loser. After I read your blog I rewatched the segment when Wes is in the limo and you can see the words coming out of his mouth, I don’t care what question he was answering. the other times, maybe because it was a sound bite with no camera on Wes’ face, but there he was chugging shots in the limo and trash talking and that is all that there is to it. So Steve, why are you trying so hard to spoil our fun and why can’t we all just be mad at Wes for awhile. Don’t you realize that the majority of people who watch this ridiculous tv show just want to relive a little bit of romance in their own lives. Yes, we all know that it is fake and it is a pastime of its own to poke fun at this cheesy show on the morning after. I have said it before and I will say it again, Steve you are going soft on us. Bring back the sarcasm, pretty please because this really is the very worst season of this show ever (or maybe it is the best for the cheese-iness and ridicule factor).

  34. js22

    July 8, 2009 at 4:12 PM

    While I enjoy finding out “winners” and “losers” of this show before it happens, the whole producer conspiracy thing is hysterical. Steve, this isn’t the Kennedy assassination, it’s a “reality” TV dating show. Your life revolves around exposing crap and theories that no one really cares about. OMG, could I be hired by ABC to write this comment?!! Oh wow, those producers are so coniving and sneaky!!! (this is sarcasm). Now, blog and make jokes all you want, but you seriously lost your mojo after last season with Jason. Get over yourself and your tshirts.

  35. Carrie

    July 8, 2009 at 4:15 PM

    First, thank you Steve for such a long recap. The husband and I were driving back from a vacation and from Buffalo, NY to Erie, PA he kept me entertained (and awake!) by reading your blog to me so thank you. We hadn’t seen the show other than a brief clip of Wes/Jill at the restaurant when we checked into our hotel Monday night, so the rest was a mystery. You painted a very interesting story, and it was appreciated.

    While I never liked Wes (just not my type and I hate country music), I tend to believe he’s “somewhere in the middle.” Was he edited – sure. They all are, it’s TV, and notice there is no 24-hour live video feed for us to watch. But he said it himself, any publicity is good publicity. He is getting much more “talk” time than he would have otherwise had it not been for what was shown on the show. And while country music singers usually have a likable image, how many people have seen the show and his actions vs. seen/heard him doing an interview talking about how he was screwed over? My verdict – I think Wes will get along just fine. I’m sure he’ll get more gigs and girls out of this experience, and no one should waste any time feeling sorry for him. And I’m hoping this is the last blog I have to read about him.

    As for the remaining three, the only one I see Jill have any chemistry with is Reid. Their interactions and movements seem to fit well together. Yes, they are both awkward in a lot of aspects, but it works. Plus I see emotion in Reid that is seriously lacking in the other two. With Kip and Ed, I found myself singing the old Ren & Stimpy song “Log” – “It’s log, it’s log, It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood. It’s log, it’s log, it’s better than bad, it’s good.” Honestly, seeing Jill spend time with a Log would have been more exciting than watching her dates with Kip and Ed.

    However, if you look at the story that the show is telling, it almost seems to be pointing at Ed being the last person standing. The workaholic, torn, left for his job only to be pulled back by his love for the girl. “Love conquers all.” And I still think that Reid is the one who does the declaration at the end, whether he is F2 or even F3. Maybe, just maybe, then the declaration would provide enough storyline for him to be F1.

    The only thing I can’t see is one of these three being the next Bachelor.

  36. riored

    July 8, 2009 at 4:53 PM

    If Wes is telling the truth when he asked the producers not to reveal the name of his former girlfriend, then I think she should file suit against anyone and everyone involved in revealing her true identity. She didn’t sign a contract, she wasn’t on the show, but (according to Wes) she’s now receiving threatening phone calls. If she and Wes are as close as he claims, she ought to lawyer up TODAY and go for it. Does anyone else think it’s really weird that Chris H spent ZERO seconds onscreen Monday? Ya think HE might have known something we didn’t?

    I know the show is scripted, down to the last second, BUT ABC is selling this show as “reality.” JMO, but they crossed a line this season by making a “girlfriend” part of their little soap opera. Then, they USED HER REAL FIRST NAME, even though they never signed a contract with her. What’s really sleazy is that they KNOW there are viewers out there who are STUPID enough to believe the crap they’re airing is true.

    I live in TX and I’ve heard three different radio interviews Wes has given. I think he is telling the truth. I hope that Wes refuses to appear on the MTA show, and I hope his former girlfriend sues the frickin’ socks off of Fleiss et al.

  37. Small_Peanut

    July 8, 2009 at 4:55 PM

    Hello Carrie –

    Nice commentary! I also agree that Reid is the only guy I personally see “real chemistry with” – Reid “appears” the most sincere of the group. He speaks from his heart and even says I’m not going to say what you want to hear to put me a leg up on the other guys. They also have a fun chemistry, always laughing and playing – being goof balls – love it! Corny and cute, that’s my motto. I loved it when he said Hola, Me Amor (sp?). So cute. If she is really looking for the real deal you need a guy who will want to go through the storms of good and bad times not just “in the moment” ……… and can laugh at the stupidist things that life throws your way – its what gets you through the hard times in my opinion.

    Ed, I think he was paid to appear on the show. He has no emotions when he talks, seems very cryptic and no personality “at all”.

    Kip is very cute too but not sure he’s right for her and I suspect she knows that hence the I.e. out of my league statement she said.


  38. Lisa in IL

    July 8, 2009 at 4:59 PM

    Steve, thanks to you, I don’t even have to watch the show anymore! I just read the summary of the show, Chris’ blog, then come here to get the rest of the scoop.

    Sorry that you’re becoming a victim of your own success. As soon as anyone hits a certain level on that ‘ol success ladder, out of the woodwork come the crazies to rip on the person and put them down in order to build themselves up. This is simple entertainment, people! Based on his track record, it’s likely Steve is dead on accurate about Wes.

    Did Steve say Wes isn’t a jerk? No. All Steve said was Wes got a really bad edit in order to play a pre-determined role for the show. That, I can believe. This show is not real; it’s completely fake. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. A nice break from reality is good for us now and then.

  39. Patti

    July 8, 2009 at 5:06 PM

    ok..Small Peanut, I was never one of those who posted negative things about RS..I do think he’s protecting Wes for some reason..maybe they are friends. That doesn’t make RS a bad guy. We don’t know who the posters really are anyway, so it’s no use getting all upset over any of this stuff. Compared to real life and problems, it’s fluff stuff. This is the least I’ve invested in the Bachlor/Bachlorette show ever. After Trista and Ryan, I was happy and realize now that was a special show with very special people who wanted love and marriage. Now, none of them really seem to care…now to me it’s just pure entertainment and I’m laughing my butt off this season at all the stupidity. lol

  40. Wino4u

    July 8, 2009 at 5:59 PM

    Forget about Wes, Let’s vote for Kyptin’s sister as the next Bachelorette!! She is stunning. Especially her comment to her brother to “Get her pregnant”!!!

  41. richva

    July 8, 2009 at 6:23 PM

    All I can say is WOW! The Bachelorette producers are amazing! I watched the episode Monday night, and didn’t pick up on Wes’ edit. I thought it was just the way he was. Boy was I wrong after rewatching. Steve is completely correct that Wes has been portrayed terribly by the editors. I am not saying that Wes is a saint – he definitely doesn’t say and act appropriately around Jillian, but the editing makes him out to be gross!

  42. Panorama54

    July 8, 2009 at 8:43 PM

    I’ve only recently become a fan of RS and I’m finding that I’m as hooked on this website as I am on the show. I don’t like Wes, but I did listen to one of his interviews and he didn’t sound at all like the idiot he seemed to be on the show. I think the reality here is that Wes didn’t have a clue what he was getting into when he signed on for this and I think he said a bunch of crap that he wishes he could take back now. I think he’s a victim of his own niavete (sp?) as much as the editing. Knowing you were being filmed all the time, I can’t imagine you wouldn’t censor youself to some degree. Anyway, I’m probably going to keep watching and reading RS.

  43. Joe

    July 8, 2009 at 9:06 PM

    While Steve has a theory that Wes has been a victim of bad editing, there’s another blogger by the name of Brady who thinks Wes was in on it with ABC the whole time. I don’t know which theory is correct, but for those of you who are interested, Brady’s blog is pretty interesting and entertaining as well.

  44. San

    July 8, 2009 at 10:47 PM

    I have to say, after listening to Wes’ two part interview he did for the radio, I would say its quite possible that he’s telling the truth about some of the bad editing. However, while I do think the producers edited some of what he said (left out parts of his sentence, etc), there were some things Wes said and did that were all him. Still something seemingly sneaky about him, and don’t think I’d trust him, but I do feel sorry for him and Laurel if in fact they aren’t dating and he’s not the total a$$ they made him out to be.

    Still wonder why he told Jillian at dinner that he was dating Laurel for 6 years and Laurel said 3 years in an interview. Also, why Wes let the “My girlfriend, I mean ex-girlfriend” thing slip and then shake his head like – game over. Again, could be some editing, but he did say it, it looked legit and I’m not sure that it could have been taken out of context. He also said some not so nice things about the guys while he was in limo.

    Jillian also saw something she didn’t like and that’s why she had to let him go. She has admitted that she should have let him go a long time ago. She said her friends and family were one show away from getting her head examined. LOL

    On the other hand, Wes could be that guy (there are those) who could talk the skin off a snake. I guess that’s for each of us to decide.

  45. San

    July 8, 2009 at 11:04 PM

    Wes’ Diary of the Departed – he was in a better frame of mind than what they showed of him on the show Monday night.

  46. chitowner

    July 8, 2009 at 10:45 PM

    I have enjoyed your insider info for the Jason Mesnick Bachelor fiasco and wanted to share an email I got via a friend who has hung out with Ed on two occasions in Chicago. The first occasion, she saw him at Bull and Bear and the other time she saw him at some bar in Bucktown. She thinks that Ed is gay and he claims he is booked for Ellen and Oprah. I’m a little skeptical about the Oprah part since Oprah doesn’t tape new episodes in the summer. The email is below about her encounters:

    Ed is such a strange guy, quite repulsive actually. He was completely lit, he is such a narcissist it is unbelievable – very difficult to have a convo with, I think he is a huge joke. He was out on a boat with this girl Carrie I know over the weekend (her bf is best friends w/Ed from Michigan State) and he was wearing a BABY BLUE speedo. I think he is going to win the show, but he said he is the guy “with problems in the bedroom.” I asked him what the problem was and he said that “it was too hot in Hawaii” to get busy. Without question, he plays for the other team.

  47. blondie

    July 9, 2009 at 10:37 AM

    Comment #91 – how funny that “Aletha” from last season is now going blogging by the name of “Brady”. Same layout, similar blog address (bachelornews then, bachelorette news now) and same MO of dropping the link in RS’s comments.

    I wonder if “Brady” will continue to bash and dispute everying RS says like he did when his name was “Aletha”.

  48. stephlk74b

    July 9, 2009 at 11:24 AM


    You are obviously new.

  49. KD

    July 9, 2009 at 2:20 PM

    FIRST OFF… for those who don’t believe the show is edited or doesn’t contain scripted scenes, please watch this past week’s episode and note ther begining of Jillian’s date with Ed. The left side of her shorts are soaking wet when they “greet” each other for the first time. SURPRISE, that’s the side of her shorts she soaks “later” in the date when her and Ed are getting it on in the fountain.

    This show is clearly edited. I don’t get how someone can say Wes didn’t get poned. He Maybe it’s because I know people who have been on reality shows, but I thought it was common knowledge that they could edit you to make you look pretty much however they want.

    I mean, they can get people to buy most anything. Imagine if they said Reid was racist. If they get footage of three people talking and laughing with Reid then show a shot of silence, and then get 2 of those people to say that Reid was telling a racist joke…we’d believe it! They can completely fabricate things – not only take off the beginning on your sentance to alter it or splice your together words. I imagine Wes said “It’s not like I’m here just for publicity, if that’s the case I’d be all… I’ve made it 6 shows, I sang my song…etc”

    Anyone who doesn’t think they butcher this is an idiot. Do I think Wes is a great guy? No! However, everyone gets edited.

    The other thought is that he went on the show to ACT like a jerk behind her back in trade for the publicity.

    Does anyone else get the feeling that Ed is reading cue cards when he’s talking to Jillian?

  50. petunia

    July 10, 2009 at 12:49 AM

    KD – I agree. There have been several moments when I thought they were reciting lines from a script. And many times when Jillian seems to “feeding” one of the guys lines. I get the feeling that they have to re-do some of the dialog for the cameras, and the second time around, it sounds stilted and rehearsed. When normal people converse, there is much more tripping over each other’s words, starting to respond before the other is finished talking, two people starting to talk at the same time – we never see that. We do see, a few times, Jillian, asking a question where she pretty much states the guy’s point of view, and asks him to agree. I think those are times when they’ve had the conversation, but they were asked to do a part over for the cameras. When Ed was leaving the show for “work reasons”, that’s what happened. He froze up, so she said his lines for him, and he nodded.

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