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The Bachelorette 5 - Jillian

The Bachelorette 5 Recap – 7/13/09

-Lets get to a few things before starting last night’s recap. In case you’ve been under a rock since last Tuesday, you’ll see that I conducted an interview with Wes Hayden last Wednesday night. Good stuff, and regardless of how you feel about the guy, you should probably listen to it. No need to go over all your comments and reaction at this point. But just one thing I wanted to point out. Out of an hour and twenty five minutes of talking, a lot of you seem to be stuck on the fact that he said he didn’t watch the show anymore but knew about all his edits. Let me explain: I’ve seen four episodes of “Jon and Kate Plus Eight”, yet if someone asked if I watch the show, I’d say “no”. Wes obviously has watched bits and pieces of this season, but he doesn’t strap himself down every Monday night and go through each 120 minute episode with a magnifying glass. If you heard the interview, it was obvious he was in and out of last weeks episode, especially what they showed on the dinner date. But he was aware of what he said in the limo afterwards. Yes, he’s seen the episodes. All of them from beginning to end pausing and rewinding his parts? No. Lets move on.

-Here is the schedule for the remainder of the season for those that don’t know. Next Monday is the “Men Tell All” that was filmed this past Saturday in L.A. On Monday night the 27th is the 2 hour season finale. The next night, Tuesday the 28th, will be the “After the Final Rose” show. No, Wes did not attend the “MTA” taping. Neither did Reid, Ed, or Kiptyn (more on that in a bit). Wes didn’t want to go and ABC didn’t want him there for the reasons we went over in the interview. They knew they wouldn’t be able to “control” his answers and didn’t want the truth getting out, so they told him to stay home. He’s essentially a loose cannon at this point and he could only hurt them instead of help. As far as the final three, this is the first time in shows history that the guy who was eliminated at #3 (Reid) didn’t attend the “MTA” taping. The “MTA” taping is always the weekend right before the episode airs where that person goes home. Jeremy did the “MTA” taping last year, then was eliminated two nights later when the episode aired. This is a first in Bachelor history. So why wasn’t Reid at the “MTA” taping?

-The major thing to discuss with the “MTA” taping, I think, is the fact that now they have a 2 hour episode next week WITHOUT arguably the most hated bachelor in recent memory, Wes, and the guy that got let go at #3, Reid. I can guarantee you they will replay all of Wes’ quotes, and everyone will attack him. That’s pretty much a given. They’re pissed at Wes for talking to me and other stations, and that’ll be the lasting impression that the show gives him. Bottom line. Is a show with Dave, Juan, Jake, Tanner, and Sasha really going to be that entertaining? I highly doubt it. Hence the reason Jason and Molly were brought back to talk about their undying love for each other. We’ll get bloopers, a report from the “Bachelor/ette” reunion in Vegas a couple months ago, and Jillian talking about her experience. DeAnna even mentioned a couple weeks ago that she filmed a piece that is supposed to air next week as well. Was I at the “MTA” taping? No, I wasn’t. But it doesn’t mean I’m not aware of things. Lets just say that there is something I’m still working out the details on about the “MTA” tapings that I’ll have later this week. Just want to make sure I have everything in order before I possibly run with this. I’d say it’s fairly big.

-And finally, nice to see Jason and Molly are now helping out other single people. Just what we need, those two giving dating advice. Check out this link:

Jason & Molly Join the “Matchmaking Flight”

Wow. I mean, ummmm, wow. Gee, those who book in the next 24 hours only have to pay $580? What a deal! I wonder what the price goes up to after that? So a 12 hour flight is going to have an “open bar and speed dating”? I can only imagine that a plane with 300 passengers openly serving alcohol all flight with the intention of these people hooking up at some point is going to smell wonderful by the time it lands. Booze, used condoms, and sex. Why not just allow them all to smoke if they want as well? Are they really going to fill up this plane with enough people to do this? That’d be pretty funny if there’s like 12 people on the plane and they have to listen to Jason and Molly’s boring stories about how they didn’t fall in love at first, but then Jason “changed his mind” while engaged to someone else after he was texting and calling Molly behind his fiancés back. Ahhhh, true love. That’s how it starts for all of us. Good thing that flight isn’t headed to Australia on Oceanic Flight 815. That would be creepy. Now, on to last nights show.

-Before Kiptyn arrives, we see the (ahem) lovely Jillian strolling the beaches in Maui in her yellow and white bikini, frolicking in the water, and writing stupid messages in the sand that’ll be washed away by a wave the second she leaves. “J & ?” Really? Are you in 4th grade? How corny was that? Actually, maybe she was still thinking of last season and that could’ve stood for “Who the hell did Jason really want to be with?” Whatever the case, the whole scene was lame and contrived. And the yellow and white bikini didn’t do much for me. In fact, nothing she wears does anything for me. But that shouldn’t be news to anyone who’s followed this column all season. If I don’t like her, I don’t like her. I can find something about each of the previous bachelorettes that I found appealing, yet honestly, I can’t think of one for Jillian. Can’t stand her voice, doesn’t have any figure, she drinks like a fish, she lives in Canada, and well, she’s a horrible kisser. Other than that, she’s perfect. An absolute 10. The woman I’d want to marry. As for the others:

Trista: My favorite woman in the whole world. I love her to death. Minus the baby talk.
Meredith: Wait, Meredith was the “Bachelorette”? Yikes. Uhhhh, she was tall?
Jen: Well, she was my favorite during Firestone’s season. Her season? Not so much. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
DeAnna: C’mon now. DeAnna’s like, my best friend, right? It’s like we’re soulmates. Never have a bad thing to say about her. Ha ha. I kill myself sometimes.

-Kippy shows up in Maui and does the trendy thing to do now on these 1-on-1 dates and that’s run to the girl and pick her up. When did this become the thing to do? I can’t remember the last time I picked up a girl and spun her around when hugging her. Then again, I haven’t appeared in any chick flicks recently either. I love the ropes course that these two did. Like this was some big accomplishment. What were they, 30 feet off the ground? Anybody catch the “Duel 2” this season? I’d say those challenges put anything Jillian and Kiptyn were doing to shame. Walking some steps 30 feet above the ground? Pssssht. Try hanging upside down holding on to your partners arms over a cliff. Or standing on a plank suspended above water and having to spell tough words like “throne”. Nice one, Brad. Although, couldn’t Brad have asked, “Is it ‘thrown’ or ‘throne’?” I was shocked this was never addressed. Regardless, he’s an idiot for spelling either one “t-h-r-o-n”. Congrats on picking a real winner there, Tori.

-Oooooohhhh, now it’s time to move over to the big one, the Leap of Faith. I’m biting my nails. Don’t know if I can take the pressure that comes along with this one. You’re strapped in to a harness, there’s ZERO chance for serious injury, yet Jillian is acting like she’s about to go skydiving. Don’t fall Jillian. You might scrape your knee jumping from a whopping 3 feet off the ground. Be careful. So the Leap of Faith consisted of climbing up a pole, then jumping off and grabbing the trapeze positioned away from them. From there, they’d end up joining the circus and go by the name of the “Uninteresting Duo”. Anybody watch these two and just think to yourself, “What a ridiculously boring couple.” I certainly do. There’s nothing about these two together that gets my relationship pants all excited. At least with Reid he’s kinda quirky, and Ed is just all over the map. Kiptyn bores the piss out of me, sorry. Being the athletic guy he is, Kiptyn easily grabs the trapeze while Jillian I believe jumped maybe 6 centimeters off the pole before falling. Nice effort, J. Yet another quality you don’t have: athleticism.

-Over dinner, these two are discussing their possible lives together and Jillian asks him if he has any flaws whatsoever. Kip: “Impatience. I have low patience. I could probably deal better with bumps in the road. I’ve usually got one foot in and one out in relationships. Probably hasn’t been too fair.” Yeah, I’d say so. And since Jillian is about to bash your skull with a pineapple if you don’t tell her exactly how you feel about her, or if you’ll be on bended knee anytime soon, this isn’t a good sign. Didn’t Jillian say a few episodes ago that she just kinda “goes with the flow and doesn’t need to be told all the time about how much he likes me”? Yet, that’s all she does is grill these guys into submission as to whether or not they’re into her, how much they’re into her, etc. Maybe she’s just fishing for compliments, or maybe she is INCREDIBLY insecure. I’ll go with the latter. Lets face it, I’m guessing a girl like Jillian has never had this many guys showing interest in her at one time. Or pretending to at least. She admits she’s not a runway model and doesn’t have DD’s, or is a busty blonde, so I’m guessing that’s where her insecurity lies. Well, that and the fact that ABC is kicking themselves that Melissa turned them down this season.

-Kip: “I know you’re someone I can a life with.” After he says this, the date card shows up, and of course Jillian doesn’t forgo a 2nd chance to spend the night with Kip. I mean, he’s out of her league, right? So she needs to do everything in her power to lasso him in and make sure he doesn’t date women ten times better looking than she is. Good luck with that. For the sake of the show, lets just hope these two don’t end up together. After what happened last season, this show doesn’t need to transition into “America’s Most Boring Couple”. She can’t possibly end up with this guy, can she? And we’d have to hear updates about their life in future “Women Tell All” or “Where Are They Now” shows? God help us all. Then we’d have to see them continuously not know how to kiss each other in front of all of America. We will all lead better lives if these two don’t end up together. Lets put our hands together and now pray for that to happen. Amen.

-Reid is up next and Jillian is anxiously awaiting his arrival. I guess since Reid didn’t run to meet her, that didn’t score him any points. I’m sure Jillian’s warped thought process was, “Well, he didn’t run to me. Does he like me? Does he want to marry me? What if I choose him and he says no? Does he even know my name? Can I badger him more on how much he likes me?” Or something like that. Anyway, when Jillian greets him while holding the all-important beach ball. Because nothing says “fun in the sun” like a beach ball. That was seriously the stupidest thing I think I’ve seen all season. After they embrace, just to the two of them standing 10 feet apart throwing and kicking a beach ball to each other. Huh? Who came up with that idea? “I know, lets throw a beach ball to each other like we’re 3 years old. That’ll definitely bring us closer together.” If what happened at the end of the date with Ed wasn’t ridiculous, this took the cake for the episode. And still might’ve been the dumbest thing I’ve seen.

-Next, these two take a helicopter ride over Maui and find out that an ordained minister is actually the one flying it. Wow! What a coincidence! Of course, Reid wants none of it since he’s scared of commitment. For now, anyway. They land and have a picnic at the Hanna Maui Resort. Reid loves this place, “If I were to pick a place to live, it’d be right here.” Not saying much considering the guy lives in Philly. Now there’s a city I have been to so I guess now I’m allowed to call it one giant dump. Hmmmm, Philly or Maui? Tough one. Do I go with the polluted, crime infested, hell hole, or live on the beach in 85 degree weather all year? Anyway, Jillian jumps in immediately and asks him, “Hey, you gonna marry me?” I think. Reid responds with immediate hesitation of, “This is a first for me, I feel rushed, it’s hard for me, and I’m slower at this kind of stuff.” Translation: For Christ sakes, back off woman! Can a brotha’ get some air here? If we’re meant to be together, it’ll happen. I just kinda need more than six weeks before throwing a ring on someone. Geez.

-Shockingly, Jillian admits, “I need him to tell me how he’s feeling.” Really? Never could’ve guessed that. And this whole time, I thought you’ve been totally secure with each guy’s feelings and where you stand with all of them. She also informs Reid that as much as she’s love to stay in Canada, she’d move to Philly. Look, I know that I’ve been hard on Canada this season, but hey, not even I would take Philly over Vancouver. No thanks. I’ll buy my milk in bags and learn the metric system before dealing with Philadelphians any day of the week and twice on Sunday. They are quite the angry bunch, aren’t they? But Jillian isn’t done pressuring Reid. “I need you to think about everything if you’re ready to propose.” Reid: “Would I propose at the end of this? Maybe? Possibly. I’m indecisive. In life.” Yeah, probably not the answer Ms. Let-me-know-now-or-else-you’re-dead-to-me wants to hear. Reid, run for your life. Her insecurity will drive you up a wall. It’s doing it to me, that’s for sure.

-Man, it just doesn’t end with her. Jillian: “I’m not getting the answers I need, but I can see he’s trying.” Oh, well then “A” for effort for Reid. I’m sure he took consolation in that as he was sent away in his limo. He’s definitely trying, but with you nagging the hell out of him pushing for immediate answers, I’m guessing he’s a little put off by it. Reid: “So hard to just throw the ‘L’ word around. It could be at some point in the future.” See, here’s where Jillian is being completely unrealistic. She’s actually falling into the trap of believing the hype of this show. It’s like she’s so hell bent on getting proposed to that she’s missing the complete picture. I understand that she doesn’t want to make a mistake and pick a guy who might not be ready, but honestly, who really is ready after such a short time frame? Why can’t Reid’s answer of basically, “Look, I like you. I like where this is headed, and it could possibly turn into love down the road” be good enough? One guy has proposed after six weeks and the marriage ended up working, and that’s Ryan. None of these guys come across as ready to be married. And neither does Jillian. She seems to want to be married for the sake of being married, regardless of who it’s with.

-So after a day of badgering the witness, Jillian and Reid decide to relax back in the hotel suite by stripping off all their clothes (or at least the ones we saw lying on the floor), and take a bubble bath together. Was that necessary? A bubble bath? So uncomfortable watching those two seemingly naked in a tub together. I mean, they weren’t really naked, were they? Scary thought. If they were, and Reid were any sort of man whatsoever, the minute the cameras stopped rolling, or went out of the room, he would’ve said, “Screw this, we’re getting in the shower. Enough of this bubble nonsense.” However, something tells me they just talked the night away sipping on champagne in a bubble bath. Couldn’t they at least have sat side-by-side? Or maybe her in his lap with his back to her? That’s how it’s supposed to be done. Not playing footsies underwater you jackal. All in all, one of the more uncomfortable things to watch the whole night. Well, besides Jillian interrogating all three remaining men. I have expected her to have them sign paperwork confessing their love for her.

-Now it’s time for the date everyone wants to talk about, and that’s Ed. No, not because of what they did (sailed around on a catamaran), but because of what he was wearing. I honestly don’t know who decided to dress him that morning, but it certainly wasn’t anyone who cared for his well being. Holy Christ! Was he in a rush leaving for the date and accidentally grabbed a pair of his nephews shorts he mistakenly packed? Did he think they were in France and not Hawaii? How does someone rationally explain wearing those god awful shorts on national television? Bright green shorts to go with a blue tank top. European Ed not only has no fashion sense, but he’s colorblind as well. When you wear a bathing suit made for 13 year old boys on television, something is wrong with you. Ed needs help. On the catamaran, Jillian asks him to tell her the weirdest thing about him she doesn’t know. “My family calls me Richie.” Euro Richie needs all the help he can get at this point. The shorts are just mesmerizing dude. I can’t even concentrate on anything else happening here. If they were any tighter and shorter, you could be considered a male prostitute in some states.

-Now it’s time for these two to frolic around in the water. Jillian holds on tight, wraps her legs around his nuthuggers, as they jump off the boat to swim around. I’m sure she probably could’ve just balanced herself on his hard on if she wanted to. Ed, just go naked at this point, seriously. Your shorts are killing me. Even better news outside of his shorts getting smaller and smaller, is that he tells Jillian because he didn’t get a hometown date, he flew his parents out to Hawaii to meet her. Really? You flew them out there? On your own dime? Of course you did, Ed. And you exiting the show then returning was real too, right? Man, this guy is packing a bunch of lies. So much so that they don’t even fit in his shorts, or whatever it is that you call what he’s wearing. Last time I saw those worn in public, John Stockton was running the pick and roll with Karl Malone. Sorry ladies. Basketball reference. Hope it didn’t go over your head.

-So after the catamaran ride, Jillian meets Ed’s parents, Judy and Richie. Jillian: “You have no idea what your son has been putting me through.” I found that rather humorous. You mean, what the producers have been putting you through? Apparently, neither do all his girlfriends back in Chicago either. Just think of what they’re going through? Must be tough. I’m really starting to enjoy all this commotion with Ed, and his feelings, and the rumors of scorned women back in Chicago. This is good stuff. Maybe it’ll all come to a head soon. Any ex or current girlfriend that wants to speak up about what a creep he is, you know where to find me. And if you also want to tell us which “Gap Kids” he bought those shorts at, that’d be helpful as well. Judy and Jillian have a little talk outside and Jillian asks her, “Hey, does he like me? Huh, huh, huh?” Judy: “He’s definitely out of his element. I didn’t think this was something he’d do.” Neither did his flock of women back home. I love how in the time Jillian gets with his mom, she never once asked, “Hey, what’d he say when he was back home for a week? Any mention of his feelings, or what he was doing, or why he decided to leave then come back, or even how much he got paid to leave and come back?” That could’ve made for some interesting conversation.

-Now we watch Euro Richie and his dad have a heart-to-heart. Dad: “What the hell are we doing here?” Probably the funniest line of the season. Euro Richie should’ve responded with, “Dad, remember I told you. I agreed to leave the show with some work B.S. excuse only to come back to add more drama. Don’t you remember me telling you this before?” The younger Richie explains to pops that if Jillian picked him, he’d get engaged. Kind of a whirlwind Eddie the Dope has taken everyone on, hasn’t it? Leaves the show saying he can’t let down his co-workers, comes back with really no explanation whatsoever other than he couldn’t stop thinking of her, now he says that he’s ready for an engagement? Huh? I think the speedos he was wearing on the date are affecting the blood circulation to his brain. This guy is completely clueless as to what he wants. Of course, that doesn’t stop dad from buying it hook, line, and sinker. When he’s outside with Jillian, he tears up saying, “I’ve never seen Ed put his feelings on his shirt sleeve.” Or in his 3rd grade boy trunks. I’m totally confused as to what the hell little Richie has gotten himself into. I think he is too.

-Euro Richie: “I’m absolutely falling in love with you. I don’t care about anything else right now.” Yep, he’s completely in over his head. They go back to the hotel suite, and Jillian throws on, well, practically nothing and climbs all over him. No bra, a see through white shirt, and god knows if she had any panties on. It was soft core porn basically, except the lead female star has zero figure. So these two rubbing oils on each other and then apparently pass out. Of course, earlier in the season we were led to believe that this was the night Ed’s junk went out of order. Yeah, that’s really what happened. This show sickens me. They never even alluded to that last night. It was all about how Jillian and Eddie thought they were so into each other, but then when she was with him in the most intimate moments, she didn’t feel it. And by “it”, I’m not talking about Mr. Happy. She couldn’t understand why the physical chemistry wasn’t there. I think she blamed on a long day and being sunburnt. Sure, Jillian. That’s it. Sunburn. What a horrible excuse. You were practically naked climbing all over the guy and rubbing oils on each other and you’re saying there was no chemistry? Then you guys have got serious problems. Sunburn or no, if he wanted you that badly, he would’ve fought through it. When it comes to sex, usually nothing is getting in our way.

-Jillian is confused as to why both of them felt like they wanted to go to sleep rather than play hide the pickle. “Either the chemistry is not there, or there are other things going through his mind.” I’d say the latter. Dude has got hordes of women back home waiting on him hand and foot. Of course he’s a little gun shy on national television BS’ing about how he wants to marry you. Whatever the case, the hype machine that ABC built around what allegedly “malfunctioned” was right as we called it weeks ago. Nothing. Totally played something up that wasn’t there, and I think that’s why in recent weeks, they backed away from it in the previews. But that first preview alluding to it basically wanted everyone to think, “They are going to have sex on the overnight date but one guy can’t wake the sleeping giant”. Nice try, ABC. Real smooth. Such a classy show.

-OH MY GOD!!!!! Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this? I never thought we’d see the return of it!!! The ridiculous video messages for Jillian!!! Weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Awesome. It’s probably been 6 or 7 seasons since we’ve seen these. These used to be a staple on the show until it became so ridiculously fake. First up, Kiptyn.

Kiptyn: “It’s been an amazing ride. From Southern California, to Canada, to San Diego, to Span, and now here in Hawaii. This feels like it could be the beginning of a great relationship. Lets do this!” WHAT??? Lets do this? Is he a high school senior now? Who says that? Seems like he’s really taking this show seriously.

Reid: “I have so many emotions and feelings for you. I know I avoided questions or reversed the questions back on you. This is all crazy and exciting at the same time.” Uhhhh, I don’t think that message made her heart flutter one bit. Nice going you failure.

Ed: “You’re beautiful, intelligent, and funny. I would love an opportunity to spend the rest of my life with you and propose to you. I love you.” Yikes. Layin’ it on a little thick there, don’t you think? Or just telling her what she wants to hear.

-Host Chris comes out and tells the boys, “Ok, here’s the deal. One of you is saying goodbye and will be on a plane back home tonight.” Sure they will, Chris. Another lie. Jillian comes out to give her pre-rose speech. “I’m definitely falling in love with all of you. I’m confused, but hey, at least I’m falling in love?” One of the worst speeches ever. What, is she trying to justify everything now? She’s confused as can be. So before she dumps Reid, she needs to pull European bikini model aside and make sure that he’s more unsure of everything going on. And he is. Richie: “I’m having a hard time adjusting to everything. There’s a lot of external things going on that I’m adjusting to (like having three girlfriends). Don’t worry about it. I promise you.” Translation: Worry about it. He basically just told her his head’s not all there, but hey, since he was the only one who threw out the “L” word and promised engagement at the end, I guess that punches his ticket to the final two.

Kiptyn: We are only two weeks away possibly from the worst couple this show has ever produced.
Ed: What’s the deal with the white pants a light blue jacket? Is he aware that this show is watched by millions of people? Man, and I thought the show had it out for Wes. Someone is playing a cruel joke on Richie and he doesn’t know it.

-So it’s time for Reid to say bye-bye. For now. Jillian: “I need a best friend and someone to laugh with. I worry that we’re in different places in our life. You don’t seem to be willing to take that chance.” Translation: If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it. If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it. Whoa uh oh, uh uh oh, whoa uh oh. Reid is heartbroken. I think. “I should’ve told her. Don’t know if that would’ve changed anything. Maybe I screwed myself. I was definitely falling in love with her. Don’t think she knows that. This whole thing is my fault. It would’ve been a lot easier if I told her I loved her. I think I f***ed up. If I could reverse things I would.”

-After breaking the news of what happened with Jason/Melissa/Molly last season, whether I like or not, I’ve somehow become the de facto “Bachelor” authority. A lot of you think I have all the answers. I don’t. Never said I did. I tell you all stuff that I know for sure. And when its rumored, I specify its rumor. POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!So as for the finale, here’s what I can tell you: I’m not sure what happens. Sure, I have some ideas based on things I’ve heard, but nothing that I’m 100% confident about to say, “Ok, here is what you’ll see in 2 weeks”. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here when I say that Reid plays a pretty big role in what happens in the finale. Maybe he professes his love, maybe he comes back to propose, whatever the case, he plays a role in it. If he didn’t, he would’ve appeared at the “MTA” taping this past weekend, sat on the hot seat, and answered questions about his journey. They’ve done that every season for 17 seasons, why would this be any different? If I’m wrong, and we don’t see Reid at all, then I’ll own up to it. But I think he plays a role in the finale. Especially with his send off saying, “I should’ve told her that I loved her”, and, “If I could reverse things, I would.” It’s kinda like Ed’s departure in that they’re setting up a return. And the no-show at the “MTA” tapings confirm that suspicion even more.

-As for who Jillian picks, here’s what I do know: We are not going to get a normal ending. We are not going to see Jillian pick one guy, he proposes, she accepts, and they are happy in love. That I’m 99% sure about. For all the reasons I spoke of last week in regards to the answers she’s been giving about the rest of the season. If she was in love, she would’ve told us by now in interviews. If she was engaged, she would’ve admitted it. However, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t or won’t be soon. What do I mean by that? This is strictly my prediction based on all the information I’ve gathered: I think when we watch the 2 hour finale on Monday night the 27th, we are not going to get a final resolution to anything. I’m also 99% sure that the final one is not Kiptyn, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Ed. I think Mike Fleiss and Co. saw what a big deal the “ATFR” show was last season, and we will get a cliffhanger leading into the “ATFR” show on Tuesday. One extra night means more eyeballs, which means more viewers, and more ad dollars, which means more money for them. Why not just air the “ATFR” after the finale? Why wait til the next night? I think they’re going to capitalize on a cliffhanger from Monday night, the 27th.

-So what could happen that could make them leave us with a cliffhanger leading into Tuesday’s “ATFR” show? Reid could come back and propose, she could be all set on Ed being her guy, then he tells her about his numerous women at home and it freaks her out, Kiptyn could admit to being the worst kisser ever, she could pull a Womack after hearing something and decide that she needs more time, maybe all three propose and she’s completely blown away, etc. Could be any number of things. What know is that we will not have a normal two hour finale. Something is going to happen which will force you to tune in to Tuesday night to get the resolution you’re looking for. If I was leaning one way, I’d say that Jillian makes her decision on someone, or no one, on Tuesday night. But that’s just a guess. I could be absolutely 100% dead wrong. But since so many of you have asked in recent weeks what I think/know happens, there’s my answer. If I find anything about before then, I’ll let you know, but that’s where I stand right now. Sorry to disappoint those of you who think I know everything. Not this season. Congrats to ABC for doing a much better job this season of keeping a lid on things.

So that’s it for this week. Back on Friday with our first “Reality Roundup” in almost a month. Sorry about that. The interviews started to take precedence and took up more time than I thought. Any questions, comments, emails, criticisms, praises, email me at



  1. CalaLily

    July 15, 2009 at 9:12 AM

    Steve, great recap and I laughed out loud. Gotta say I thought you’d have more comments on Richie’s daddy and his looks… was like watching a good comedy with the scenes of Richie and his mommy and daddy…..almost like going back to Three’s Company and Stanley and Helen Roper. Keep up the good work.

  2. stephlk74b

    July 15, 2009 at 9:14 AM


    seriously, it is not good. Sorry! Steve finally got back to the good stuff this week. That website is a lame attempt at being funny. I am sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s just not funny!

  3. MustangGirl

    July 15, 2009 at 9:16 AM

    Hey Steve! Another great recap! The second I saw Ed’s shorts, I knew it was going to be a good recap. He looked totally ridiculous. If I were Jillian, I would have told him, “WTF are you wearing? You need to get off this boat and get some man shorts! Dont think about coming back until you got longer shorts on!” Oh and that rose ceremony outfit. Horrendous. I agree that somebody must be playing a bad joke on him. I was waiting for the “What Not To Wear” crew to swoop in and throw him in that 360 mirror!

  4. GreatWhiteNorth

    July 15, 2009 at 9:23 AM

    Hey Steve: I can’t believe that you didn’t mention the camel toe that Jilly had on display at the beginning of the show while she walked along the beach in her white bikini…very nice!

  5. TXBon

    July 15, 2009 at 9:39 AM

    P.S. I’m new to this RS website; but in reading many comments about how funny Steve used to be in his recaps (yeah, I’m surprised and turned off by how negative Steve is about this show and especially how outspoken he is about how much he dislikes Jillian), here is another really funny summary writer: Kristen Baldwin on Entertainment Weekly:,,,00.html
    Her write-ups are always worth a few LOLs!

  6. malwilson

    July 15, 2009 at 10:38 AM

    After all the fuss Jillian made over not meeting Ed’s family, has there been any mention of why the guys are not meeting her family or seeing her hometown? Also, where is all of this information about Ed’s previous gf’s?


    July 15, 2009 at 10:41 AM

    Great posts above meRS (except for GREATWHITE – ewwww). They make me laugh as much as you and your blog.
    I am kinda hoping that Reid does turn up but then I feel badly for him because I’m thinking “is he really ready for all this?” or is he just caught up in the moment. I’ve liked Reid from the beginning especially when he wears his little brown/black rimmed glasses. I actually liked Juan but I think not for Jillian – I just liked him period. This will be interesting, no doubt. We all say this is a boring season (which it is) but like everybody else, I’ll be watching if they put it on TV. Kiptyn might make a boring bachelor but we kinda know him already so we’ll watch. Maybe he’ll perk up a little.

  8. esayer

    July 15, 2009 at 10:48 AM

    Hahahahhahah! Sooo funny. OK Ed’s shorts have to be from the stupid clothing place American Apparel. And I think Ed may be cute now, but guaranteed he will end up looking like his dad in 15 years. He has the genes and potential to be very fat! You’re right about Jill kissing — she just sticks her tongue out! And do you think she actually sleeps with the guys? That seems so gross to me. 3 guys in 3 nights??? YUK. That would be very confusing emotionally. And what guy would want sloppy seconds or thirds? I don’t blame Ed for ‘falling asleep.’ Also, if she is actually with one of the guys, how could they watch her hooking up with the others all the time? Guys are so jealous and possessive. Actually girls are too. The whole thing is just unnatural and wrong.

  9. nanook of the north

    July 15, 2009 at 10:48 AM

    a few things to say- her camel toe in her bikini was very classy- the POLES that she and Kiptyn were climbing on were TELEPHONE POLES not TOTEM POLES. What’s the matter with her??? And ED- i agree totally with your analogy of his outfit. What was he thinking? I couldn’t even go out with a guy that dressed like that. What a fool. It’s like a train wreck! I’ll miss it when this season is over! What will I do? No ROCK OF LOVE and no Bachelorette. OH NO!!!! 🙂

  10. stormy9091

    July 15, 2009 at 10:49 AM

    As someone who moved from Dallas to Philadelphia a year ago, I can honestly say—-it’s Dallas that’s the hell hole.

  11. esayer

    July 15, 2009 at 11:08 AM

  12. sillysab

    July 15, 2009 at 11:39 AM

    Do you follow the blog on Jason’s website. Molly posted about their trip to the MTA… what are your thoughts??? really curious…

  13. RescueDog

    July 15, 2009 at 11:53 AM

    esayer :
    And do you think she actually sleeps with the guys? That seems so gross to me. 3 guys in 3 nights??? YUK. That would be very confusing emotionally. And what guy would want sloppy seconds or thirds? I don’t blame Ed for ‘falling asleep.’ Also, if she is actually with one of the guys, how could they watch her hooking up with the others all the time? Guys are so jealous and possessive. Actually girls are too. The whole thing is just unnatural and wrong.

    Exactly! Let’s assume events happened exactly as portrayed on the show (i.e. Jillian had sex with Kiptyn one night and Reid the next night, and tried and failed with Ed on the third night). If I had been in Ed’s position – knowing I was third in line – I might have had some E.D. issues too. Especially if I kind of liked the girl and didn’t think of her as some sort of frat house pass-around. At least Reid was smart enough to get her in the bathtub so she could rinse off a little before hitting the sack.

    And speaking of getting in line for Jillian’s vajayjay, why in the last two episodes has Kiptyn gone first, Reid second, and Ed third? Did Kip get first dibs as part of his deal for the next season of The Bachelor? In other words, did the producers/ABC let him go first with Jillian – or did Kip insist on it – so that he wouldn’t have to face the double humiliation of getting sloppy seconds or thirds and then getting rejected? Or if ABC hasn’t already signed him to on the next show, maybe he just told the producers, “look, she likes me and you know I have a good shot here. If you want me to play ball, I won’t settle for sloppy seconds or thirds. I want to get at her first. Do we have a deal?”

  14. sdb

    July 15, 2009 at 12:09 PM

    Why then is there nothing in any of the previews about J’s family meeting the guys? They ALWAYS give glimpses in the previews, I wonder why they’d leave that out entirely?

    And someone suggested that Kip’s message to J said “my hometown, your hometown…” I think he just meant, being in Vancouver, not necessarily meeting her family.

  15. Small_Peanut

    July 15, 2009 at 12:15 PM

    My theory, the producers told Jillian to send Reid home (just like the Jason/Molly/Melissa love triangle) but instead of getting engaged to Ed and than dumping him for Reid, Ed doesn’t something stupid, she rethinks how easy it was with Reid and accepts his proposal hence why she was devestated when he left, she did not want to send him home but kind of had to per her “deal” with Fleiss. Reid is clueless but producers won’t let him leave the island, they say Jillian is having second thoughts and gets him to propose. Thoughts? It’s gotten so scripted its beyond ridiculous. Think about all the soap opera this season with the foot fetish buy and Juan being attaked by David, Jake flying in confronting Jill about Wes – this stuff wouldn’t happen unless they scripted it. Plus, that would make sense, Ed is part of the deal (he was paid) which explains what a bad actor he is and the fact he’d convince his parents for monetary gain? Nuts.

  16. daisy

    July 15, 2009 at 12:15 PM

    Steve, hilarious recap! Look forward to them each week…

    However criticizing Jillian’s looks is not cool. She is a beautiful girl. So what if she doesn’t look like a Barbie Doll. I applaud women who don’t feel they have to get a boob job to be acceptable.

    I do think it’s gross that she is sleeping with several guys in a short period of time. My husband, who doesn’t watch the show, said, “What is this a sex competition?” And regarding Ed’s implied failure to rise to the occasion, “Come on…that’s impossible!”

    Ed seems insincere to me. Notice how his tone of voice and inflections don’t match the words he is saying. A body language expert would have a field day with him.

    If there isn’t a good candidate from this seasons Bachelorette, why don’t they pick someone else? I know they want ratings, but at the cost of picking someone boring? Then they will have to scramble again to manufacture drama.

    I said I wouldn’t watch after the Jason Molly fiasco, but here I am! This website makes it fun. Also the ew site referenced above is worth reading. The author describes the sound Jillian makes when she greets her men…”dolphin squeal,” very funny.

  17. maggiecc

    July 15, 2009 at 12:31 PM

    As predictable as the show is, I watch it. It cracks me up the way that they edit it. I look forward to this column so I can laugh again. Makes me smile. Although this is a boring season and I’m sure that Kiptyn will be the next bachelor, I will still watch it. Cracks me up every time. I love the drama 🙂 I wonder what slutty hoolagans will show up to get drunk and throw their panties at Kiptyn next season. Should be a good one!

  18. suez

    July 15, 2009 at 1:08 PM

    OK … so Reid comes back.She chooses Reid. They break up. Let’s face it. Trista and Ryan will be the only couple to come out of the show and get married. But we still keep watching because the other tv shows really suck!!!


    July 15, 2009 at 1:18 PM

    Are you going to critique BIG BROTHER 11? God in heaven – talk about boring…ugh I might not even continue to invest 3 days a week into this season. How much can we – reality tv fans – take????
    In fact, don’t bother – its a snoozefest.

  20. susie

    July 15, 2009 at 1:50 PM

    I finally finished watching this last night. I can only do it with Tivo as it is so painfully long. If anyone thinks that massage oil scene was sexy then they have a problem. He looked like a someone putting wax on his car or sunscreen on someone because he was told to do so. There was nothing erotic about that! Half of what Ed says to Jillian looks like he is saying it turned to a camera and not to her!

  21. Deegirl

    July 15, 2009 at 2:06 PM

    He’s baaaack! Really funny recap and some great comments above. The voice edit on Wes was so terrible I can’t believe anyone would buy that crap. But I’m not quite ready to go to his pity party yet. I’m sure the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    ABC is so cheesy. The whole Greg Brady look alike thing was pathetic. They forgot to show the part where he finds the idol and now he can’t get it up for Jillian (sniff). Great comment “from leading man to Liberace”.

    I’m glad you mentioned Jill’s incessant neediness. Any guy who doesn’t run like hell from that is a complete idiot.

    I thought Jillian was supposed to be this great athlete and daredevil. Didn’t she repel off some building in LA where Euro Richie was scared shitless and she had to hold his hand through the whole thing? Now she NEEDS Kippy to be there for her on some pole three feet off the ground? Really?????

    Oh and she’s so confident she has to grill every guy and pick anyone that will propose to her in the end. True love, if I ever saw it.

    I’m looking forward to watching “drippy Kippy” and the skanks that are going to fight to get into his pants (that should be pretty easy). I think he’ll win the award for the most action ever on this show. It will be like watching Rock of Love and the Bachelor at the same time.

  22. becca656

    July 15, 2009 at 2:50 PM

    I think Ed looks a little like the actor on ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ that played the part of Ray’s brother.

  23. nofoux

    July 15, 2009 at 3:36 PM

    Great Recap! You need to expand the reality steve merchandise line to include some of those hot shorts that Ed wore on his date this week. Can’t you just see those flying off the shelves….

  24. yer wan

    July 15, 2009 at 3:46 PM

    I`m not sure,but,either Kip the drip had something in his eye while he was standing on top of that totem or else he was WINKING at Jillian! Did anyone else see that? Who winks nowadays?

  25. scrabble

    July 15, 2009 at 4:21 PM

    I agree that what we’re shown of Jillian’s dates is a lot of conversation about how the guys feel about Jillian. That edit does make her look needy, but those dates are edited just as the rest of the show is. The conflict the editors create wouldn’t be enhanced if we were shown discussions of movies and former college days and favorite sports teams. The producers know that viewers watch and form opinions about who is best for her, so the drama is elevated through slicing up the dates to focus only on the conversations that are ABOUT dating. Then we can all sit back and judge one guy to be a commitment-phobe or another to be romantic and ready to get married.

    I don’t know Jillian. Maybe she is needy, but I don’t think Jillian is as needy as the edit is making her appear, and I fully believe that she is encouraged to continue to ask these men how they feel about her, how comfortable they are getting engaged quickly, how willing they are to sacrifice, etc.

  26. judyl

    July 15, 2009 at 6:11 PM

    I hope Reid comes back and proposes to Jillian. Then they go walking off into the sunset and live happily ever after!

  27. tennisany1

    July 15, 2009 at 6:28 PM

    I watch this show now as a complete and total soap opera. It’s so scripted and planned out….people paid as actors to do certain things. The fantasy suite with Jillian & Ed was just more confirmation. How absurd that they’d stay in the room filming…it was ridiculous! Totally fake…a total soap opera.

  28. cvendel

    July 15, 2009 at 6:45 PM

    1.) Ed isn’t packing anything:

    ok if ppl noticed jill’s camel toe, they had to have noticed Ed was not packing much in his tighty greenies.

    he probably didn’t want to have sex bc even erect there wouldn’t be much there. in which case, jill should run far far away bc nothing makes up for that.

    2.) Drippy Kippy

    as for kip the drip or drippy kippy, kippy drippy how do we even know he will be the next bach (i believe it) but does RS have a source?

    3.) Jill’s Fig:

    finally on jill’s figure, why don’t you like it steve? she is as slim as can be but true, doesn’t have a large bust or hips (deanna is more feminine). i’m just curious since my mom (and seems like most female posters here) is always about what a fab figure jill has. do men see this differently?

  29. Lisa in IL

    July 15, 2009 at 7:03 PM

    Just saying—it’s possible that everything Wes said is true AND Wes got paid to say it and live it! He could be one of the two bachelors who got paid for guaranteed final four. If ABC doesn’t go after with with a lawsuit, then we’ll know Steve was set up. Steve, you’re too good of a guy for that. But after what you pulled off in January/February, ABC producers put on their old thinking caps for a little payback.

    Just saying it’s possible.

    Oh yeah, very funny recap!

  30. RescueDog

    July 15, 2009 at 7:22 PM

    Lisa in IL :
    If ABC doesn’t go after with with a lawsuit, then we’ll know Steve was set up.

    Sure maybe ABC paid Wes to play Steve (though I strongly doubt it), but you can’t say Steve got played if ABC doesn’t sue Wes. I doubt ABC would ever actually sue anyone for telling the show’s secrets. Think about it. Most of these people don’t have the $5,000,000 so they’re judgment-proof anyway. And ABC wouldn’t be able to stop the person from spilling everything even more during depositions, which would be a public record. If someone was angry enough about their edit or how ABC treated them, they would just go for it and basically dare ABC to come after them.

  31. Tam

    July 15, 2009 at 7:32 PM

    Steve I love your recaps. These are just some things I have noticed…..

    Kip has been saying, “I’ve never had my heart broken” so that Jill can break it so than you will feel bad for him and he can tell you for at leaset 2-3 episode of his season that he now knows what it feels like to have his heart broken then then rest of his show he will “reflect” on how hard it is to break these women hearts because he has been there with Jill.

    This is bad writing at it’s worst!

    Reid was casted because he looks a little like Matthew Perry and Jill looks (if you are drunk and little far sighted) like Courtney Cox. Remember when Chandler and Monica hooked up? If you were like me you were like HUH?!? They are not a good match at all, Chandler is a little naritoc (ABC REALLY WANTS US TO UNDERSTAND REID IS) and Monica is everyones pal, has worked hard in her career and was passed up by a single father for another women (whatever Tom Seleck’s charecter name was….oh yeah Richard) Well, that’s how I see it, this season is a rehashing of the last season of Friends.

    My last question is to every one here who has been sunburned…When you are sunburned do you want some one rubbing you? WITH OIL? I THINK NOT! Ed storyline goes in the trash on that merit alone.

  32. JLBWorld

    July 15, 2009 at 8:20 PM

    Small_Peanut :My theory, the producers told Jillian to send Reid home (just like the Jason/Molly/Melissa love triangle) but instead of getting engaged to Ed and than dumping him for Reid, Ed doesn’t something stupid, she rethinks how easy it was with Reid and accepts his proposal hence why she was devastated when he left, she did not want to send him home but kind of had to per her “deal” with Fleiss. Reid is clueless but producers won’t let him leave the island, they say Jillian is having second thoughts and gets him to propose. Thoughts? It’s gotten so scripted its beyond ridiculous. Think about all the soap opera this season with the foot fetish buy and Juan being attacked by David, Jake flying in confronting Jill about Wes – this stuff wouldn’t happen unless they scripted it. Plus, that would make sense, Ed is part of the deal (he was paid) which explains what a bad actor he is and the fact he’d convince his parents for monetary gain? Nuts.

    Finally a post that makes sense. I believe that Jillian had to send Reid home that is why she was so upset. Reid seemed more pensive like he was trying to comprehend what just happened. Maybe Jillian said something to make him think the Fat Lady had not sung yet on their relationship. All I know is that Jillian and Reid seem to have an amazing connection, which she does not have with either the other two. I cannot believe she and Reid have been faking all that chemistry and they just are way too cute together. Ed is a total dork and Kiptyn is boring.

    So this is just to me a variation of Jason/Melissa/Molly — and boy it better be because if not I am going to be really upset.

    Gooooooooooooooo Reid!!!!

  33. Gidget

    July 15, 2009 at 10:10 PM

    Did Ed’s mom really call Jillian “Joann”? Or did I misinterpret something I read on (very funny recap, by the way).
    Also, would anyone else have enjoyed it if Ed’s parents had capped off their appearance by yelling “DA BEARS!” while running into the surf? Just a thought.

  34. Jeanne

    July 15, 2009 at 10:58 PM

    Loved your recap. Ed gets creepier every show. My roommate thinks there is something mentally wrong with him–and she is from Chicago! Kiptyn is a BORE! At least Reid has a little personality. I like him. I want him “to win” but it is too bad the prize is Jillian. Can’t stand how she is always harrassing them about their love for her. Of course, Jason did the same thing to her and when she admitted feelings he dumped her.

    I listened to the Wes video and agree he got a raw deal. I think it is funny that people on this site think editing what you say can’t be done. Geez!

    Can’t stand Molly and Jason. He is the absolute worst bachelor ever. (At least Kiptyn could challenge him for that position). Don’t know why anyone would want to listen to his take on love. Let’s see, he supposedly was in love with three different women in a year. Dork!

    I have no interest in the MTA show and most likely will not watch. I will read your blog, thought. Love the humor.

  35. xyz23

    July 15, 2009 at 11:52 PM

    Steve, I read your comments about Jillian and Ed’s fantasy suite experience and found them and others completely rude and insulting. I know that two wrongs don’t make a right, but oh well! I saw you on the long, drawn out, arrogant clips with your ‘insider info’ last season and I am fairly certain that you don’t have enough worldly experience to comment on having sex with women. You feel the need to constantly rip into Jillian’s appearance; have you looked in the mirror? I doubt the the chicks are beating down your door!

    Really, if the show sickens you so much, don’t watch it – don’t report on it!

    P.S. We buy our milk in cartons and plastic jugs up here in Canada.

  36. esayer

    July 15, 2009 at 11:59 PM


  37. LittnOne

    July 16, 2009 at 8:01 AM

    JLB World – I hope you’re right… I don’t know how they did it, or might have done it, or did do it…. but if it’s scripted, I hope Reid comes back. It’s hard to see why she’d send him home. No reasonable girl DEMANDS so much from a guy so fast. I love the way he admits it’s rushed. And why have we never seen so much footage inside the fantasy suite until ED. He does creep me out. He’s here, he’s gone, he’s back, he’s handsome, then he wears the stupdest clothes on a date, then he wears even stupider clothes to the rose ceremony. If this isn’t scripted, then he’s BEGGING to get sent home. How could she not see this!

  38. Coach10

    July 16, 2009 at 8:19 AM

    I’ve come to love this site RS, thanks for all you do! Even if I’m not always sure what to believe and when to believe it, you really give us a lot to consider when it comes to possibilities for this show. Not only that, but the other replies also add more to the imagination so I look forward to reading both the recap and responses every week.

  39. armj

    July 16, 2009 at 9:41 AM

    I love the comments on Ed’s shorts, but at the end of the show he said that he wore them as a joke. To get back to before he left, he was a little off the radar and when he came back he just looked uncomfortable. His brother lives in Spain so I think that was a motivation for him when producers asked him to leave and come back when Jillian was in Spain. He gets a free trip to visit his brother and his parents get a free trip to Hawaii, why not! I think the secret confession will be Reid saying he loves her. I think they will end the finale by her saying she needs more time and they will have her announce who she picks on the After show. I have a feeling it’s Reid though. I think it has been him the entire time but they need to make this season interesting somehow.

  40. armj

    July 16, 2009 at 9:43 AM

    I meant to say his cousin lives in Spain not his brother…he is an only child!

  41. kev22

    July 16, 2009 at 9:50 AM

    @cvendel – “finally on jill’s figure, why don’t you like it steve? she is as slim as can be but true, doesn’t have a large bust or hips (deanna is more feminine). i’m just curious since my mom (and seems like most female posters here) is always about what a fab figure jill has. do men see this differently?”

    – not speaking for Steve but if you’re into 12 year old boys with a laugh like a hyena and a beak from hell then sure, you might find Jillian hot. Listen, you can respect the fact she represents the ‘everywoman’ that isn’t Hollywood plastic but don’t mistake that with a fabulous figure.

    @xyz23 – “Really, if the show sickens you so much, don’t watch it – don’t report on it!”

    – conversely, if this site sickens you so much, don’t read it.

  42. Dianne

    July 16, 2009 at 11:38 AM

    I used to love Ed, but since he’s come back, he’s totally creeping me out. Do you notice that he barely looks Jillian in the eye when he’s talking to her? Very creepy individual. Reid is the man! He knows exactly where he went wrong, and I think he’ll be back and he and Jill will be together (fingers crossed, lol).
    Thanks’re awesome!

  43. chick-in-heels

    July 16, 2009 at 12:12 PM

    I liked Ed, up until he left the show for ‘work’..ahem – whatev! Now he gives me the heebie-jeebies. If he does have a gf or gf’s in Chicago it HAS to come into the light soon right?? My gut says that’s true.. that he does/did have a gf during part/all of the taping. Reid in my opinion, would be her best choice. Finally someone who had genuinely shy moments regarding an ultra fast-paced and ‘created’ scenario. I do like Jillian tho, maybe if she had implants RS would be a bigger fan too lol! ;o)

  44. dflinn

    July 16, 2009 at 1:36 PM

    So I got hooked on the Bachelorette a few episodes ago because I live in Vancouver and thought it might be interesting to see if this girl becomes lucky in love or just enjoys the ride of the publicity it is producing for her. This is in fact the first reality TV show I have ever invested any time in and maybe won’t be my last but certainly my most enlightening.

    First of all there are literally HUNDREDS of beautiful single guys in this city but am I to assume Jillian has run through them all because she had to have 30 guys imported from various states in the US?
    Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Americans but there is a little thing called IMMIGRATION LAW.

    A Canadian citizen can’t just pick up and live in the US just because she wants to attach her miserable empty life to someone and live happily ever after. Or wait a second how did she put it ‘put her life in someone else’s hands for a while’. Give me a break even ABC Television doesn’t have the power to veto IMMIGRATION.

    You can by Law visit for 6 months but you are unable to work and those visits are given a time limit over a period of years. Even if they do get married citizenship is not instant and neither is a work permit/VISA. Anyone who has passed through an immigration checkpoint at anytime in their lives knows this.

    So is the plan to go there and sit in the house all day playing house? Anxiously awaiting this ‘Love of her Life’ to make a life for her? WTF?

    Love is hard enough to find and nurture, make last and grow, why would you even consider this kind of imposition to it in the beginning of any relationship?

    I realize there is all but an ounce of truth to the entire situation but it could have at least started out with some more realistic circumstances and maybe someone who is just a little bit more confident in who they are and what they really want. But its not entertaining to see the truth about how hard it actually is to find love today, I guess.

    Kudos to you for the Wes interview, he’s an amazing guy and I’m so glad you gave him a chance. I would gladly welcome a guy like that in my life. He’s real, genuine, honest and someone who is looking for something that is very realistic. I’m sorry he was perceived the way he was, hopefully thanks to you people realize what a fiasco this entire thing is.

    I worked as an editor for a while and had to stop. Although it wasn’t in any Reality TV form it was just as deceiving.

    I look forward to your final recaps and of course running into Jillian here in Vancouver on the street as I have in the past and wondering what it was that drove this woman to letting the entire world laugh at her.

  45. Teresa

    July 16, 2009 at 3:07 PM

    I live in California, and I know several people who came here from other countries but married people here in the states and didn’t have a problem with immigration. It doesn’t make you an instant citizen but you can stay here and work, etc. Maybe Canada is different?

  46. yer wan

    July 16, 2009 at 4:14 PM

    @ armj
    Ed must have a really sick SoH if he wore those shorts as a joke! I`m almost sure that in the highlights shown for TFR week he was wearing them again,what a treat for the eyes! BTW Did he mention if the pimp suit he wore for the rose ceremony was a joke too?

  47. Rebecca

    July 16, 2009 at 5:17 PM

    ed is so girly…the way he crosses his legs…and just his body language in general. and don’t get me started on his short shorts.

  48. smithsfan

    July 16, 2009 at 5:58 PM

    rebecca – yes! i thought ed (ed=erectile dysfunction) was really feminine, the way he walks and crosses his legs. i guess he doesn’t embarass easily.

  49. dflinn

    July 16, 2009 at 6:45 PM

    Its a lot more complicated and time consuming since 911. Sure you can go to the US if you are a Canadian Citizen and live for 6 months at a time but you are not able to do anything while you are there without a visa/green card/work permit.

    This includes vacationing in other countries or returning to your own and coming back again too frequently.

    Canadian’s are not eligible for a visa unless an American cannot be found to fill the job that is up for grabs.
    The same goes for the reverse.

    When a marriage does occur it can take years to get a work permit and landed immigrant status. There is A LOT of paperwork involved and often you need to get a lawyer. Costly, time consuming and very hard on a relationship

  50. ashley1126

    July 16, 2009 at 9:51 PM

    Steve, you always make me laugh when I read your column. Your comments are just hilarious and leave me absolutely laughing so hard it brings tears to my ears. I thought the bedroom scene between Jillian and Ed was very funny and very scripted. I think Ed is a player and I wonder how much money he was paid to leave and then come back. At least his parents received a free trip to the island. I truly believe this has been the most boring season since Meredith. Geez, come on ABC find someone who is more interesting. Of course, since the Jason/Melissa/Molly fiasco, I haven’t really paid been glued to the TV on Monday nights and usually just DVR the show, read your column and then fast forward to the scenes you talk about. I have a hard time believing that they have as big of an audience as they did last season. As they say in the south, “ABC kind of busted their britches” after Jason dumped Melissa on national television. Funny that you said, we are going to be subjected to Jason & Molly on the “Men Tell All” show. Gag me, I do not plan to watch it. After the hachet job they did on Wes, I do not want to hear ABC spin it. Since Wes isn’t going to be there to defend himself, you know it isn’t going to be pretty!

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