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“Men Tell All” Recap – 7/20/09

-Lets immediately get started. A lot to get to. For those that follow me on Twitter or are a Facebook friend (if you haven’t joined either, just scroll down the right hand column and under “My Stuff”, just click away), you were aware that I attended Wes’ concert this past Saturday night in Ft Worth. Am I a country music fan? Not really. I didn’t grow up around it so I can’t say that I’m a fan, but it doesn’t make my ears bleed to listen to. Do I have a few country songs downloaded to my ipod? Sure. Are there Garth Brooks posters on my wall? No. Carrie Underwood? Hmmmm, now that’s a different story. Anyway, what I’m getting at is I wasn’t necessarily a country music fan before I went, and it’s not like I’m a converted one now after I attended the show. Just thought it would be a good opportunity to get out, see Wes’ play, meet the guy in person, and have a good time on Saturday night. And that we did.

-Lets put one rumor to rest since I got a couple emails on this: No, I did not do any pole dancing. Hell, I would admit that if I did. Yes, there was a pole off to the side of the stage that I remember some guy using as her personal phallic symbol, but no, that wasn’t me. I was too busy downing shots of Jack that Wes forced me to drink. The night started getting a little hazy after about 1 or 2 o’clock. It was really a good time all around. The crowd was really into it, Wes did his thing, and even gave Reality Steve a shout out before one of his songs. Very appreciative of that. And those that were in attendance got an idea of how Wes’ feels about ABC and what the show did to him. He let them know on more than one occasion. I got to really spend some quality time with the guy Sat. night and into Sunday afternoon since, well, someone wasn’t in any position to drive back to Dallas, so I ended up crashing at the hotel where they were staying. It’s been a while since I had one of those nights, but nonetheless, it was fun. And just think, we’ll be back at it again on July 30th at the Glass Cactus in Grapevine when he’s in town performing with Joe Nichols. Good thing that place is only 20 minutes from me. I might actually be able to drive home after the show. Or not. Maybe I’ll just chill at the Gaylord hotel.

-As for what was said, Wes couldn’t have re-iterated enough that he didn’t have a girlfriend on the show, didn’t have one before he went on, and didn’t have one after. There were also band members, a manager, close friends, and a sister who backed him up on all of this. If people want to continue to think he did, I don’t know what to say. As for the “Men Tell All” no show last night, yes, Wes initially said he didn’t want to do it. Then a day before filming, he did say he wanted to defend himself and ABC basically said, “Stay home. We don’t think it’s a good idea.” But if you listen to Chris Harrison’s explanation in his blog today as to why Wes changed his mind, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Ridiculous claim that Chris makes, really. “In the end, he didn’t amount to much on this show”. What? Chris, he’s been the talk of the season, he made the final four, and you basically dedicated the last half hour of the show to busting his balls by calling him out and making a video tribute to him. But he didn’t amount to much on the show? Oh, ok. That is such a ridiculous statement and contradicts everything this show has presented Wes as. Chris is a company man and he’s doing what he’s told, however, to not have Wes on to defend himself doesn’t do anything but lend credibility to what he’s been saying in the interview with me and what he’s said in other interviews. A very good piece written by Andy Dehnart over at that I couldn’t agree with more. To read the whole column, click here. Here’s an excerpt:

“Either way, ABC should have bent over backwards to let him show up and say his piece. If he declined the invitation, show proof, because otherwise any discussion of him seems like they’re beating up on someone who can’t defend himself.

If he was allowed to attend and repeated his accusations, let the other men, or Chris Harrison, challenge him and say he’s full of shit. Better, show the full, unedited video of his limo exit interview to prove that it wasn’t edited out of context. But keeping him away just makes him seem like the producers and network have something to hide.”

I’d say that’s pretty self-explanatory. ABC comes off looking much worse by not having Wes appear on the show. Period. And the only reason given by Chris Harrison last night was, “Wes is obviously more concerned about his career than finding love”. Puke. How about giving the real reason he wasn’t there which was ABC was scared sh**less of him reaching out to just more than my audience and a few radio station audiences telling what really happened. If they had nothing to hide, and they felt that all this stuff Wes was saying is BS, then put him on the firing line and call him out on it. Of course, they couldn’t do that because it would’ve gone against the whole character they created of him for eight episodes. Embarrassing, really. There is more to this story about what really went on in regards to the “MTA” taping, and I think we’re gonna get Wes on again this week to defend himself since he wasn’t allowed to at the taping after being told to stay home. No, it will not be another hour and a half conversation, but I do think its important people hear what was said. I’ll try and keep it to 20-30 minutes tops, so stay tuned for that. Now, on to last night.

-One contention a lot of you seem to be making in regards to Wes and the “They say love, it don’t come eeeeeeasssy” song (which is a catchy ass song that’s been stuck in my head since Saturday), is that you seem to be under the impression that, “Well, if he wrote the song just for Jillian when he was on the show, how did his band know how to play it at the hometown date.” In case you forgot, and they showed it again last night, when Wes played that song (titled “It Don’t Take That Long”) in the hometown date, it was just him up on stage with his guitar. The band didn’t play along with him. The band was there for a completely different song. So just wanted to point that out since a lot of you are using that as some sort of basis as to why you think he didn’t write the song on the show. He did. We will address this in the interview.

-I will try to just cover everything else from the show as opposed to the Wes stuff since I think he’ll do a good job of covering that himself. The plan is to have the interview up on Thursday. One thing to note about the show was that in the previews last week, they teased that we were going to see clips from the “Bachelor/ette” reunion in Vegas from a couple months ago. Well, I guess over the course of a week they decided they had SOOOO much good material from the guys, that they decided to cut that stuff out, along with a piece that DeAnna filmed, and one that Graham filmed promoting his charity, 46NYC. If you’re interested, check it out at It’s for a good cause. I didn’t think that the guys bitching back and forth at each other last night was all that entertaining, but hey, not my call. I most certainly would’ve cut that part of it to show the Vegas reunion stuff. And really, Reid couldn’t be there due to a “prior engagement”? They really expected people to believe that? For Christ sakes, he’s the 3rd place finisher in one of the more emotional send offs they’ve had and we’re supposed to believe that he’s calling the shots on his schedule and where he can be? Please. And of course, once the final clip aired of next weeks finale and we see a shot of Reid standing looking out a window with a ring in his hand, it was all pretty obvious why he wasn’t there. Told you last week he played a major role in the finale which is the reason he wouldn’t be at the “MTA” taping and it was proven right. Then again, that wasn’t that big of a secret.

-How horrible was the crowd last night? Could they have packed the place with any more Wes haters if they tried? Geesh. Don’t make it obvious or anything. Or they were just being told to boo and hiss every time his name was brought up. Not to mention the absolute shill job being done by Chris Harrison all night. I don’t know what’s worse, him actually calling out a guy who’s not there to defend himself, or actually believing all the editing about him was true. Usually Chris is Casper Milktoast when it comes to the “MTA” shows, but last night, someone lit a fire under his ass and told him to grow a set. Safe to say that he was a flat out prick last night. Very ornery and very condescending. “Well as for Wes, we can probably figure out why he wasn’t here.” We can? Please enlighten us Chris because you’ve given no explanation whatsoever. Actually save your breath since any explanation you gave wouldn’t have been the real one anyway. Were your jeans on too tight? Someone piss in your Corn Flakes that morning? My God, quit cursing like a sailor. It was like you were ready to fight someone last night. I was worried for little Chrissie last night. It was like someone took his wittle wed wagon and broke it into pieces. Not a very happy camper last night.

-I think I’ve had enough “Man Code” talk to last me a lifetime? Did we really need a half hour on that stuff? We get it. You guys don’t like Juan because he doesn’t drink like he’s heading into rehab and fart like it’s a frat house, or curse like he’s shooting a porn. What was with all the cursing and farting jokes last night? My God, have they ever done this before? Who cast all these hooligans up on stage? I was beginning to think the 13 men on stage combined IQ didn’t reach triple digits. I honestly thought that Dave, Tanner, and Jake made themselves look worse last night than they did on the show. Dave just doesn’t get it. Plain and simple. Every time he questioned his behavior or thought maybe he did something wrong, he followed it up with a “But…” So that right there pretty much showed his insincerity. He might’ve apologized to Jillian, but I will agree with Chris on this one, you know deep down he doesn’t feel the things he said and the way he acted was wrong. Down another scotch, buddy. And if you saw this interview online with him yesterday, he said that last seasons “Bachelor” came down to him and Jason Mesnick and they chose Jason. Huh? That’s news to everyone except Dave apparently. If he’s delusional enough to think that then so be it. Not a chance in the world he was a final two choice to be the “Bachelor”. No f-in way.

-As for Jake, anyone who honestly thinks that guy could carry a “Bachelor” show for two months is kidding themselves. Really? You’d want to watch THAT guy for eight straight weeks on your television? Blech. I find nothing about that guy remotely interesting. Hey, for selfish purposes and comedic value, I’d have a field day with him if he were the “Bachelor”, but even I’m rooting against it. I have a feeling I’d make the guy cry on a weekly basis if he read the stuff that I would write about him. I just think the “holier-than-thou” approach last night was ridiculous. And him telling whoever to “f-off” seemed so staged and so forced it didn’t even fit in. The guy doesn’t even know how to get mad correctly. That f-bomb lacked any sincerity whatsoever which made it seem so rehearsed like before the show they all gathered around and said, “Ok, you get real mad at me and bring me to my boiling point. Once you do, I’ll drop an f-bomb and it’ll shock everybody.” Please. Had the opposite effect on me. Thought it was lame and forced. Lets not forget that Jake used to be an actor back in the day, so to sit here and say he’s got nothing but good intentions and didn’t use this show to further his career, especially after what Wes told us in the interview, would just be ignorant. Not saying he did, but to immediately dismiss it? I wouldn’t. And I’ll leave what I want to say about Tanner to Wes. Lets just leave it at that.

-The Jason and Molly segment was predictable. “If we can weather this storm, we can make it through anything. It’s been tough on us. People have take their shots, but we’re better for it in the end.” Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you. I just wish you two lovebirds could’ve given me a shout out by name since, well, it’s obvious you were referring to me. I’m like the guy that gets Jason all hot under the collar don’t you remember? That’s the least you could’ve done after all I’ve done for you. As for them getting married? I say it every time a couple comes out of this show, and I’ll say it again: I’ll believe it when I see it. Talk all you want about your happiness, talk about Molly moving to Seattle, talk about how in love you guys are right on cue into the camera, blah blah blah. When you finally walk down the aisle and get married, then you may turn around at the altar and give Reality Steve a big “F You”. I won’t hold my breath though. I like the 1-for-17 (about to be 1-for-18 because, lets face it, Jillian isn’t marrying any of these guys) odds I have working in my favor. Who wouldn’t?

-As for the final thoughts on next weeks finale, I still stand by what I said last week. I think Jillian is either with Ed or with no one. We know now officially that Reid comes back, and considering he’s holding a ring, I’m guessing he proposes. I just don’t think she ends up with. In fact, I’m pretty sure of it. Same with Kiptyn. I don’t know what’s happening with Ed. And after reading her blog on today she’s either a good bluffer and throwing everyone off, or she’s not with anybody. Once again, she still never says she’s in love, nor does she allude to the fact there is even a man in her life. Everything is about “her decision.” Oh, and I appreciate the back handed reference to me and her “engagement standards”. You’re welcome, Jillian. That’s what I’m here for. To criticize. I guess we’ll find out next week. Regardless, she’s not marrying any of these guys anyway, so does it all really matter? Didn’t think so.

-Pretty much the rest of the show was all the guys having fun at Wes’ expense, which is what I predicted would happen last week. No surprise there. Since Wes was not allowed to defend himself, I figured that he do it right here on And in fact, I’ll open it up to questions from you as well. We’ll let him explain side of things in regards to the “Men Tell All” but if there’s anything I forgot in the first interview that you want asked, send me an email at, and if I’m able to ask it, I will. Obviously, there are certain things that cannot be discussed due to contracts, but I think Wes has been pretty open at this point and he will do his best. So please send all your questions and comments to my email address, and I will see how many of your questions we can get in. Wes has been nothing but stand up with me regarding the whole situation, and I fully expect him to continue with it. All questions, comments, emails, praises, criticisms, all go to that address as well. And finally, we are almost sold out of merchandise gear, so get it while you can. I think we might have about a week left of stuff to give out, depending on the size ordered. Stay tuned this week for more from Wes.



  1. MindyM

    July 23, 2009 at 4:47 PM

    @ashley1126 –

    I think Steve is strong enough to handle negative comments on his site. I also don’t think anyone appointed you to stand up and defend him. What makes a site like this interesting is discussion and reading different opinions. If everyone just said that they love Steve and everything that he writes, just cheerleading all the way, then what would be the point about having this place? The whole idea is to have an exchange of ideas and thoughts.

    My advice to you is if it bothers you so much to read ANY criticism of Steve, then don’t read these comments.

  2. kev22

    July 24, 2009 at 1:36 PM

    Megd55 and MindyM – damn straight. I haven’t bothered to listen to the latest Wes interview because I suspect I know exactly how it goes down.

    And it’s not like some of us are anti-Wes, it’s just that we don’t care anymore. He got a bad edit, ABC milked it. We get it. As he is rehabilitating his image he’s getting far more pub than he would have had he turned Bachelorette down. Bad pub is good pub. He might have discussed this and I might have glossed over this but has ABC considered suing Wes for talking out like this?

    A post at Astrochick broke down the contract in a post that makes it awfully difficult to have sympathy for ANY of these reality star wannabes –

  3. Teresa

    July 25, 2009 at 1:50 PM

    From that link about the contract:
    * Paid $10k for the “exclusive” to keep quiet.
    * Option to appear on other shows, they are guaranteed a fee
    * If they make it to the final four, they are paid extra.
    * They are explicitly told they are filmed 24/7, they could be embarrassed, edited in a negative light, etc.

    Okay, so he got $10,000 for keeping quiet, he made it to the final four and got more money. And he was told he could be edited to be shown in a negative light. He never has said in his interviews how much money he made being on the show?

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