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The Bachelorette 5 - Jillian

“Men Tell All” Recap – 7/20/09

-Lets immediately get started. A lot to get to. For those that follow me on Twitter or are a Facebook friend (if you haven’t joined either, just scroll down the right hand column and under “My Stuff”, just click away), you were aware that I attended Wes’ concert this past Saturday night in Ft Worth. Am I a country music fan? Not really. I didn’t grow up around it so I can’t say that I’m a fan, but it doesn’t make my ears bleed to listen to. Do I have a few country songs downloaded to my ipod? Sure. Are there Garth Brooks posters on my wall? No. Carrie Underwood? Hmmmm, now that’s a different story. Anyway, what I’m getting at is I wasn’t necessarily a country music fan before I went, and it’s not like I’m a converted one now after I attended the show. Just thought it would be a good opportunity to get out, see Wes’ play, meet the guy in person, and have a good time on Saturday night. And that we did.

-Lets put one rumor to rest since I got a couple emails on this: No, I did not do any pole dancing. Hell, I would admit that if I did. Yes, there was a pole off to the side of the stage that I remember some guy using as her personal phallic symbol, but no, that wasn’t me. I was too busy downing shots of Jack that Wes forced me to drink. The night started getting a little hazy after about 1 or 2 o’clock. It was really a good time all around. The crowd was really into it, Wes did his thing, and even gave Reality Steve a shout out before one of his songs. Very appreciative of that. And those that were in attendance got an idea of how Wes’ feels about ABC and what the show did to him. He let them know on more than one occasion. I got to really spend some quality time with the guy Sat. night and into Sunday afternoon since, well, someone wasn’t in any position to drive back to Dallas, so I ended up crashing at the hotel where they were staying. It’s been a while since I had one of those nights, but nonetheless, it was fun. And just think, we’ll be back at it again on July 30th at the Glass Cactus in Grapevine when he’s in town performing with Joe Nichols. Good thing that place is only 20 minutes from me. I might actually be able to drive home after the show. Or not. Maybe I’ll just chill at the Gaylord hotel.

-As for what was said, Wes couldn’t have re-iterated enough that he didn’t have a girlfriend on the show, didn’t have one before he went on, and didn’t have one after. There were also band members, a manager, close friends, and a sister who backed him up on all of this. If people want to continue to think he did, I don’t know what to say. As for the “Men Tell All” no show last night, yes, Wes initially said he didn’t want to do it. Then a day before filming, he did say he wanted to defend himself and ABC basically said, “Stay home. We don’t think it’s a good idea.” But if you listen to Chris Harrison’s explanation in his blog today as to why Wes changed his mind, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Ridiculous claim that Chris makes, really. “In the end, he didn’t amount to much on this show”. What? Chris, he’s been the talk of the season, he made the final four, and you basically dedicated the last half hour of the show to busting his balls by calling him out and making a video tribute to him. But he didn’t amount to much on the show? Oh, ok. That is such a ridiculous statement and contradicts everything this show has presented Wes as. Chris is a company man and he’s doing what he’s told, however, to not have Wes on to defend himself doesn’t do anything but lend credibility to what he’s been saying in the interview with me and what he’s said in other interviews. A very good piece written by Andy Dehnart over at that I couldn’t agree with more. To read the whole column, click here. Here’s an excerpt:

“Either way, ABC should have bent over backwards to let him show up and say his piece. If he declined the invitation, show proof, because otherwise any discussion of him seems like they’re beating up on someone who can’t defend himself.

If he was allowed to attend and repeated his accusations, let the other men, or Chris Harrison, challenge him and say he’s full of shit. Better, show the full, unedited video of his limo exit interview to prove that it wasn’t edited out of context. But keeping him away just makes him seem like the producers and network have something to hide.”

I’d say that’s pretty self-explanatory. ABC comes off looking much worse by not having Wes appear on the show. Period. And the only reason given by Chris Harrison last night was, “Wes is obviously more concerned about his career than finding love”. Puke. How about giving the real reason he wasn’t there which was ABC was scared sh**less of him reaching out to just more than my audience and a few radio station audiences telling what really happened. If they had nothing to hide, and they felt that all this stuff Wes was saying is BS, then put him on the firing line and call him out on it. Of course, they couldn’t do that because it would’ve gone against the whole character they created of him for eight episodes. Embarrassing, really. There is more to this story about what really went on in regards to the “MTA” taping, and I think we’re gonna get Wes on again this week to defend himself since he wasn’t allowed to at the taping after being told to stay home. No, it will not be another hour and a half conversation, but I do think its important people hear what was said. I’ll try and keep it to 20-30 minutes tops, so stay tuned for that. Now, on to last night.

-One contention a lot of you seem to be making in regards to Wes and the “They say love, it don’t come eeeeeeasssy” song (which is a catchy ass song that’s been stuck in my head since Saturday), is that you seem to be under the impression that, “Well, if he wrote the song just for Jillian when he was on the show, how did his band know how to play it at the hometown date.” In case you forgot, and they showed it again last night, when Wes played that song (titled “It Don’t Take That Long”) in the hometown date, it was just him up on stage with his guitar. The band didn’t play along with him. The band was there for a completely different song. So just wanted to point that out since a lot of you are using that as some sort of basis as to why you think he didn’t write the song on the show. He did. We will address this in the interview.

-I will try to just cover everything else from the show as opposed to the Wes stuff since I think he’ll do a good job of covering that himself. The plan is to have the interview up on Thursday. One thing to note about the show was that in the previews last week, they teased that we were going to see clips from the “Bachelor/ette” reunion in Vegas from a couple months ago. Well, I guess over the course of a week they decided they had SOOOO much good material from the guys, that they decided to cut that stuff out, along with a piece that DeAnna filmed, and one that Graham filmed promoting his charity, 46NYC. If you’re interested, check it out at It’s for a good cause. I didn’t think that the guys bitching back and forth at each other last night was all that entertaining, but hey, not my call. I most certainly would’ve cut that part of it to show the Vegas reunion stuff. And really, Reid couldn’t be there due to a “prior engagement”? They really expected people to believe that? For Christ sakes, he’s the 3rd place finisher in one of the more emotional send offs they’ve had and we’re supposed to believe that he’s calling the shots on his schedule and where he can be? Please. And of course, once the final clip aired of next weeks finale and we see a shot of Reid standing looking out a window with a ring in his hand, it was all pretty obvious why he wasn’t there. Told you last week he played a major role in the finale which is the reason he wouldn’t be at the “MTA” taping and it was proven right. Then again, that wasn’t that big of a secret.

-How horrible was the crowd last night? Could they have packed the place with any more Wes haters if they tried? Geesh. Don’t make it obvious or anything. Or they were just being told to boo and hiss every time his name was brought up. Not to mention the absolute shill job being done by Chris Harrison all night. I don’t know what’s worse, him actually calling out a guy who’s not there to defend himself, or actually believing all the editing about him was true. Usually Chris is Casper Milktoast when it comes to the “MTA” shows, but last night, someone lit a fire under his ass and told him to grow a set. Safe to say that he was a flat out prick last night. Very ornery and very condescending. “Well as for Wes, we can probably figure out why he wasn’t here.” We can? Please enlighten us Chris because you’ve given no explanation whatsoever. Actually save your breath since any explanation you gave wouldn’t have been the real one anyway. Were your jeans on too tight? Someone piss in your Corn Flakes that morning? My God, quit cursing like a sailor. It was like you were ready to fight someone last night. I was worried for little Chrissie last night. It was like someone took his wittle wed wagon and broke it into pieces. Not a very happy camper last night.

-I think I’ve had enough “Man Code” talk to last me a lifetime? Did we really need a half hour on that stuff? We get it. You guys don’t like Juan because he doesn’t drink like he’s heading into rehab and fart like it’s a frat house, or curse like he’s shooting a porn. What was with all the cursing and farting jokes last night? My God, have they ever done this before? Who cast all these hooligans up on stage? I was beginning to think the 13 men on stage combined IQ didn’t reach triple digits. I honestly thought that Dave, Tanner, and Jake made themselves look worse last night than they did on the show. Dave just doesn’t get it. Plain and simple. Every time he questioned his behavior or thought maybe he did something wrong, he followed it up with a “But…” So that right there pretty much showed his insincerity. He might’ve apologized to Jillian, but I will agree with Chris on this one, you know deep down he doesn’t feel the things he said and the way he acted was wrong. Down another scotch, buddy. And if you saw this interview online with him yesterday, he said that last seasons “Bachelor” came down to him and Jason Mesnick and they chose Jason. Huh? That’s news to everyone except Dave apparently. If he’s delusional enough to think that then so be it. Not a chance in the world he was a final two choice to be the “Bachelor”. No f-in way.

-As for Jake, anyone who honestly thinks that guy could carry a “Bachelor” show for two months is kidding themselves. Really? You’d want to watch THAT guy for eight straight weeks on your television? Blech. I find nothing about that guy remotely interesting. Hey, for selfish purposes and comedic value, I’d have a field day with him if he were the “Bachelor”, but even I’m rooting against it. I have a feeling I’d make the guy cry on a weekly basis if he read the stuff that I would write about him. I just think the “holier-than-thou” approach last night was ridiculous. And him telling whoever to “f-off” seemed so staged and so forced it didn’t even fit in. The guy doesn’t even know how to get mad correctly. That f-bomb lacked any sincerity whatsoever which made it seem so rehearsed like before the show they all gathered around and said, “Ok, you get real mad at me and bring me to my boiling point. Once you do, I’ll drop an f-bomb and it’ll shock everybody.” Please. Had the opposite effect on me. Thought it was lame and forced. Lets not forget that Jake used to be an actor back in the day, so to sit here and say he’s got nothing but good intentions and didn’t use this show to further his career, especially after what Wes told us in the interview, would just be ignorant. Not saying he did, but to immediately dismiss it? I wouldn’t. And I’ll leave what I want to say about Tanner to Wes. Lets just leave it at that.

-The Jason and Molly segment was predictable. “If we can weather this storm, we can make it through anything. It’s been tough on us. People have take their shots, but we’re better for it in the end.” Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you. I just wish you two lovebirds could’ve given me a shout out by name since, well, it’s obvious you were referring to me. I’m like the guy that gets Jason all hot under the collar don’t you remember? That’s the least you could’ve done after all I’ve done for you. As for them getting married? I say it every time a couple comes out of this show, and I’ll say it again: I’ll believe it when I see it. Talk all you want about your happiness, talk about Molly moving to Seattle, talk about how in love you guys are right on cue into the camera, blah blah blah. When you finally walk down the aisle and get married, then you may turn around at the altar and give Reality Steve a big “F You”. I won’t hold my breath though. I like the 1-for-17 (about to be 1-for-18 because, lets face it, Jillian isn’t marrying any of these guys) odds I have working in my favor. Who wouldn’t?

-As for the final thoughts on next weeks finale, I still stand by what I said last week. I think Jillian is either with Ed or with no one. We know now officially that Reid comes back, and considering he’s holding a ring, I’m guessing he proposes. I just don’t think she ends up with. In fact, I’m pretty sure of it. Same with Kiptyn. I don’t know what’s happening with Ed. And after reading her blog on today she’s either a good bluffer and throwing everyone off, or she’s not with anybody. Once again, she still never says she’s in love, nor does she allude to the fact there is even a man in her life. Everything is about “her decision.” Oh, and I appreciate the back handed reference to me and her “engagement standards”. You’re welcome, Jillian. That’s what I’m here for. To criticize. I guess we’ll find out next week. Regardless, she’s not marrying any of these guys anyway, so does it all really matter? Didn’t think so.

-Pretty much the rest of the show was all the guys having fun at Wes’ expense, which is what I predicted would happen last week. No surprise there. Since Wes was not allowed to defend himself, I figured that he do it right here on And in fact, I’ll open it up to questions from you as well. We’ll let him explain side of things in regards to the “Men Tell All” but if there’s anything I forgot in the first interview that you want asked, send me an email at, and if I’m able to ask it, I will. Obviously, there are certain things that cannot be discussed due to contracts, but I think Wes has been pretty open at this point and he will do his best. So please send all your questions and comments to my email address, and I will see how many of your questions we can get in. Wes has been nothing but stand up with me regarding the whole situation, and I fully expect him to continue with it. All questions, comments, emails, praises, criticisms, all go to that address as well. And finally, we are almost sold out of merchandise gear, so get it while you can. I think we might have about a week left of stuff to give out, depending on the size ordered. Stay tuned this week for more from Wes.



  1. mja

    July 22, 2009 at 8:43 AM

    I’m wondering when the Bachelor/ette series actually jumped the shark — was it at the end of Jason Mesnick’s season, or during the current Jillian season? This season has been very boring, in many ways. The blogs (including this one by RS) are the main thing keeping it interesting for me.

    I just realized this (probably a delayed realization) — I have no intention of watching any further series! But will watch next week to finish things off.

  2. klt

    July 22, 2009 at 9:01 AM

    I have always liked the RS blog – loved his take on the show and he got everyone thinking about “what happens next week”. Agreed, this season seemed more “scripted” than others but that makes good television, right? However, now RS seems like a bitter schoolgirl trying to get some more attention. It’s okay if you want to promote Wes and your ongoing “bromance”, hell, you can even do jack shots off his “show shirt” (just watch the rhinestones), we just want the old Steve back talking about the show, not your undying love for whatshisname…..

  3. pfan

    July 22, 2009 at 10:00 AM

    I agree with everyone else here — very tired of hearing about Wes. Sure, we know he got a bad edit, either just let it go or sue ABC, and be done with it.

    A previous poster commented about Jason being angry and flaring his nostrils when Chris asked them how it’s been since the whole fiasco. I don’t know why, but Jason almost looked scared to me (like a deer in headlights almost). Not sure what he looked like, but he definitely didn’t look like his usual self — maybe he was in fact angry. I’ll have to re-watch that part, and also see if RS is who Jason was even referring to in that conversation. Jason said “…people have taken their shots..”. My first thought was he meant the media/paparazzi in general, RS didn’t even cross my mind as being the one he was referring to,….and it still isn’t. I think it’s funny that RS automatically assumed that Jason meant him.

  4. cindykayp

    July 22, 2009 at 10:07 AM

    I just want to add my two cents and agree with so many of the bloggers who feel RS has turned the corner from being entertaining to just being malicious; he’s just not much fun to read anymore. I doubt if he will return to his old form so I’ll probably stop coming regularly to read his “insights.” It’s been swell, Steve.

  5. RaRa

    July 22, 2009 at 10:15 AM



    My biggest problem with Kiptyn as the next bachelor is his mother. Any woman he picks will have a life of misery ahead with that beyotch constantly putting her two-cents in. She best expressed it herself: “How do you feel about an overbearing mother-in-law?”

  6. Jordan

    July 22, 2009 at 10:18 AM

    Why anyone would be sick of Steve defending Wes is beyond me. you people cannot be serious. Of course he’s going to defend Wes. Why wouldnt he? Wes was treated horribly by ABC and now that we all know the truth, of course Steve is going to come to his defense. It’s called DOING THE RIGHT THING.

    Get off this board you haters. You make me sick.

  7. Jordan

    July 22, 2009 at 10:19 AM

    Those of you who are “bored” of the Wes talk? Really? It was THE biggest story of this entire season.

  8. RaRa

    July 22, 2009 at 10:24 AM

    And by the way, I don’t have a problem with Steve’s vehement defense of Wes’ point of view. It’s one thing for the show to use editing to influence which candidate the audience pulls for, as the final one left standing. It’s quite a different matter to get people so [wrongly] riled against a person that they in effect ruin his whole career. If even half of what Wes says is true, then it’s reprehensible that he has no legal recourse (for libel or slander), due to the wording of the contract he had to sign. I’m with you on that, Steve. That said, I do agree that it appears you may be turning into bit of a Wes groupie. If you do attend his concerts regularly, I would consider downplaying that fact in your blog from here on.

  9. RaRa

    July 22, 2009 at 10:44 AM

    @Wes Supporter2


    Well said, Wes Supporter 2. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. And I loved the Rush Limbaugh analogy! 😉

  10. Jordan

    July 22, 2009 at 10:47 AM

    so you guys arent happy if Steve should become friends with Wes. How stupid. Truly people – get a freaking life already. This is HIS website and he can do what he wants with it. He can befriend whoever he chooses.
    If it bothers you so much, hit the road!

  11. KellyH

    July 22, 2009 at 11:11 AM

    I think ya’ll are forgetting that Steve does this for fun and it’s HIS blog. If ya are hatin’ leave! No one is forcing you to come to his website and read his blogs…does anyone know what a blog is? Hello, it’s someone’s opinions and where they come to release their own creative juices. He can do whatever the heck he wants so leave him alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. RaRa

    July 22, 2009 at 11:13 AM



    You must not have listened to Wes’ interview. He did admit he made that particular comment — he was cutting up with the camera crew. And his crack about the other guys not “getting a nibble” from the women in Texas — that was also not edited. The guys picked at each other (in fun) all the time, so that wasn’t a big deal. The real problem with the editing was the way they would string separate comments together, or the camera man would ask a specific question and then they would play the answer out of context to make it sound like he was referring to something else.

  13. klt

    July 22, 2009 at 11:16 AM

    Okay – totally agree with the point – it’s his website, he can do what he wants. It’s just not the same tone with the blogs anymore. I jumped on the hate Wes bandwagon just like a lot of people, and after hearing his own words feel he got the “editing shaft” for sure. He signed up, he could have looked into all the negative publicity people have gotten on this show, someone always looks the fool in the end. The “big” guys will always be making the “big” bucks so they will continue to “make” the shown what they want…and no matter, I am sure we will all be watching and getting sucked in as always.

  14. Jordan

    July 22, 2009 at 11:54 AM

    Basically, Wes bent over and they stuck it to him. I feel horrible for what ABC did to him. He did NOT deserve it.


    July 22, 2009 at 12:12 PM

    GOOD GRIEF!! Im eating lunch and reading these posts and all I can say is: RS – we have a lot of annoyed & angry posters here. “BUTT BUDDY”, “BROMANCE”, “NEW BEST FRIEND”. Very mean. Here’s what I suggest. I suggest that all of you who don’t like the “new” RS blog – should just go to and read Chris Harrison’s blog where everything is peaches and cream and stop coming here. I don’t care who Steve is friends with. I live in New York. I have my own friends. If I had the opportunity to befriend some of the people from this show (if I were 20 years younger!!) would I? yeah I would. Steve is a young, single guy having a blast living his life. The only thing I miss is news about Maddie. What does she think of all this? 🙂 Anyway – RS – continue what youre doing. It’s very informative and I love it! I’m a long time reader and I will never stop – as long as you write – I will read. In fact, I would skim over these posts and hit delete if I were you. Pay them no mind RS. Now…carry on.

  16. SusieQ

    July 22, 2009 at 1:09 PM

    Hey Steve, it’s a good thing your’re almost sold out of your Realty Steve merchandise gear..that gives you room on your site to sell Wes’ CD’s…………you sold out Steve, how could you become so manipulated by this bum.

  17. Teresa

    July 22, 2009 at 1:22 PM

    If RS wants to write about Wes that’s great, but do it on a Blog that isn’t labeled “Bachelorette – the Men Tell All Recap”. Have a separate thread that is all about Wes 24/7. I came here to read witty things about the MTA show, not to read more crap about Wes.

  18. mzweizenheimer

    July 22, 2009 at 1:48 PM

    Steve, it’s clear you believe what Wes says, and not what the folks from the show say. That’s fine — you’re entitled to your opinion, and I fully acknowledge that editing might well have skewed, to some degree, Wes and the viewer’s sense of him. However, all of the other guys, and Jillian, have an unedited knowledge of his behavior and words in their presence. She clearly concluded he wasn’t on the up and up, and the other guys haven’t been shy about criticizing one another, so it seems to me clear that they too didn’t think much of him or whatever he said to them, whether in front of or behind the camera. His body language with her was pretty damning as well, and unless this is a program on a par with Pixar movies (Ha!), it’s pretty difficult to edit that against him.

    Steve, I guess what I really want to say is that you would do well to cease repeating over and over and over how Wes was screwed by the producers and the editors. It’s gotten old, and many, many viewers of the show, even those with an unimpressed attitude toward the producers, recognize that Wes is a small talent with oversized dreams and a seriously overinflated ego.

  19. moongoddess27

    July 22, 2009 at 1:51 PM

    Could the MTA episode (or, actually, the series in general) be any more contrived? I really felt as though my intelligence had been insulted. Thank you, Reality Steve, for being the antidote to the damage done by watching this hot mess of a show. As I said before, I am only wasting another two hours of my life by watching the finale, and then I’m done, so keep doing what you do best!

  20. lora

    July 22, 2009 at 1:54 PM

    Are you forgetting that the MTA show was pretty much ALL WES?

  21. IHeartRS

    July 22, 2009 at 1:55 PM

    Wow! What is with all the hate on Steve? I am a first time poster and looong time reader of this blog and had to step in and let him know there are people who appreciate you. I love the new inside peek at the show. Are you people so simple minded all you want to see if funny comments about the show? How about a little curiosity about what’s behind the scenes? I think any real Bachelor fan would appreciate the insight. I for one find it very interesting. Thanks Steve!


    July 22, 2009 at 2:08 PM

    Well said IHeartRS!! Well said…..

  23. just4dafunofit

    July 22, 2009 at 2:34 PM

    First of all I wanna say that I have been a long time loyal reader of this blog (like we go back to when you used to email that you had a new blog up… before blogging was even popular — way back Steve!!). I always loved the fact that reading it could get me in trouble at work because it was always freakin’ hilarious. Steve is a pretty funny guy and I’ve been a fan and I’m still a fan and will probably continue to read it as long as I continue to watch the bachelor.

    However, I do agree that you Steve, have been on an agenda lately… since Jason’s season and I appreciated the fact that you exposed the Jason conundrum and all that. What bothers me though is that while yes, I don’t mind that you’re exposing ABC for what it is… it’s your blog and you can say what you want, and frankly my opinion doesn’t matter much, but I do wish that you wouldn’t keep harping and going on and on about it. I get it, ABC sucks and the horse has been beaten to beyond death now, I’m ready to move on!!!!

    Now that said, and Steve I still love ya and all that, but what’s with all this love on Wes??????? First Jeremy and now Wes too? And maybe he’s a cool guy or whatever, but dude I’d have to agree with some folks that this bromance you got going seems to go beyond Tanner and Mike’s love for each other!!! LOL… I’m just saying.

    I also agree with the conspiracy theory from way up there that maybe, just maybe you could be a pawn in ABC’s game to get viewers to tune in to an otherwise extremely boring show (or even getting paid for the publicity you’re giving them). If you hadn’t drop the tidbit of Jason & Molly they wouldn’t have gotten so many viewers for the last couple of episodes, because people were now then watching to see if it all was true…. and now with this snoozefest of a season I’m pretty certain their viewership has increased since you’re talking about it and “exposing” them for who they are, what with CH and JM have a “hard on” for you and all.

    So here’s my theory… ABC knows that their show is sucking the fun out of a romantic reality tv show because their track record has been so poor… and that maybe the viewers will wise up and know that it’s all a joke other than Trista and Ryan – so they drum up this plan, to put it all out there- let the cat out of the bag… feel good is nice but when it amounts to nothing people won’t keep coming back. Since they can’t deliver the happy ending we want, let’s put out there that it’s all a joke and people will watch because a scandalous story is soooo much more interesting anyway…. otherwise Soap Operas wouldn’t run for so long… so they’re not fooling anyone into thinking this is a show about romance but now are making it more about the “DRAMA” that goes on on reality TV… Why? because it gives us something to talk about.

    Like Billy Flynn says “They’d love you a lot more if you were hanged. You know why? Because it would sell more papers… That’s Chicago”
    Or Showbiz really!!!

    There I’ve said my piece!

  24. Deegirl

    July 22, 2009 at 2:50 PM


    Thanks for saying that. I feel exactly the same way. This site feels like a big lovefest for Wes now and all the other pseudo wannabe celebrity ex-contestants (blink blink Meyawna anyone?). I miss the good old days of Steve’s snarky comments.

    For those who think Steve is doing this big public service announcement (serious reporting) to let us in the know. We get it, already. That’s why we loved this site from the beginning because RS never took this show seriously and neither did we. That’s why it’s funny. It’s not funny anymore, it’s an agenda. No different from ABC’s agenda.

  25. caro1975

    July 22, 2009 at 2:54 PM

    A couple of things to say to everyone who is defending Steve, saying that a lot of people are hatin on him.

    1- Nobody said they didnt like his blog. We are simply tired of hearing about Wes. We already listened to an 1.5 long interview and that was enough to understand the extent of what ABC did to him.

    2-This is a country where there is a beautiful thing called free speech. The same way Steve is entitled to his opinion, we are two. And last time I checked, this section was called “comments” not “only positive comments”.

    So get over it.

  26. daisy

    July 22, 2009 at 3:09 PM

    Lay off Steve already. Can’t a guy make friends with someone without being accused of being in love? These comments about Bromance are not clever, but childish and mean. Come on guys…

    RS, I still enjoy your weekly post and wish there were more out there. We’re just having fun people.

  27. just4dafunofit

    July 22, 2009 at 3:37 PM

    Nothing wrong with Bromance… but if Steve can make fun of Mike and Tanner P… why can’t we point out that he has bromance going on with Wes. I just think it’s funny and ironic since he was the first one to talk about Wes and his song:-). and I didn’t say he was gay or in love…just loving on Wes as he is now Wes’ #1 fan!!
    And like Caro1975 said this isn’t about “only positive comments”… Steve can delete ’em if he don’t like ’em…

    But it was funnier when Steve used to make fun of Wes— here’s what Steve used to say about Wes– and see now how things have changed since they’re buddies!

    excerpt from The Bachelorette 5 Recap – 6/1/09
    “-Of course, when Jillian gets home, it’s time for Wes to finally release his long awaited debut single for her. Of course, this single only has one note and, from what we’ve seen, about two lines to it. It took him that long to write this song, yet, all we hear are the same two lines over and over again. What a horrible song writer. At least he can have a job next year writing the “American Idol” finale song. And if this song is so important to him and needs to be played for Jillian, why does he keep starting over? Finish the damn song.

    Wes: Someone should take that guitar and smash it over his head like the Honky Tonk Man used to do back in the day.”

    from The Bachelorette 5 Recap – 5/18/09
    “Wes is from Austin, Texas and likes to play the guitar. He’s a country music singer. Of course, I’m sure they’ll keep that on the down low all season. There’s no reason to believe that Wes Hayden, the aspiring country music star who has his own website at, would possibly be coming on the show to further music career. That would just be totally disingenuous and not becoming of this show. Uh huh.”

  28. Teresa

    July 22, 2009 at 3:43 PM

    “Are you forgetting that the MTA show was pretty much ALL WES?”———– That’s true, there were parts about Wes, just like there were parts about Jake and Dave and others who were also poorly edited. But Steve is writing about going to a bar and listening to Wes sing and getting drunk, etc. That has nothing to do with the MTA show at all, that’s what I was saying. So just have a separate thread where it’s like a diary or something and talks about Wes exploits.

  29. michele

    July 22, 2009 at 3:56 PM

    Geez, Steve — why don’t YOU date Wes?! I logged on to Reality Steve to see if you had any insight into next week’s finale. All you talk about is poor Wes. He’s done! History! You say that you think Jillian might be with Ed, but there is that whole Ed-has-a-girlfriend issue you don’t explore. Could have saved yourself a lot of typing by admitting upfront you don’t know anything.

  30. alycam

    July 22, 2009 at 3:57 PM

    Either way, ABC should have bent over backwards to let him show up and say his piece. If he declined the invitation, show proof, because otherwise any discussion of him seems like they’re beating up on someone who can’t defend himself.If he was allowed to attend and repeated his accusations, let the other men, or Chris Harrison, challenge him and say he’s full of shit. Better, show the full, unedited video of his limo exit interview to prove that it wasn’t edited out of context. But keeping him away just makes him seem like the producers and network have something to hide.”

    I am glad to be aquainted with Reality Steve. I’ve heard so much about you.
    I find it comical ppl defend Wes. To me, his facial expressions all through the show called him out to be a “LIAR”. The biggest question I have is WHY ON EARTH BRING UP A GIRL BACK HOME? I honestly believe Wes has no class & we witnessed it on the show. If Wes was an “angel” he would have bowed out, girlfriend or not, early in the show, but he didn’t. He couldn’t get enough of the tv time & supposed publicity for his CD. I’m happy ABC didn’t bring him on the MTA. That was a good decision because he would have stolen the entire show. He would have talked his talk. The audience would have ate him up & we would NOT have heard from the other men. Wes has said his peace or piece all over Austin in magazines. That’s good enough. Karma is a b!otch & it bit him where it hurts.

  31. ouashlee

    July 22, 2009 at 4:31 PM

    Questions for Wes…
    If everything was taken out of contex, please explain the “sex” comment at the rose ceremony.
    Also, please explain how ALL the comments in the limo were taken out of context such as the “ball and chain” are off, everyone “knowing your name” etc instead of just the “making it to the final four” comment.

    Comment for Wes…
    Whether or not you have a girlfriend I don’t believe was ever the actual underlying issue, it is more about whether you are a true gentleman who has respect for women or not. By your actions and words shown on the the show as well as in interviews you have given after the show, it seems to be that you have forgotten some of those much needed manners. Remember that when you talk about “going back home to have sex,” you are speaking about an action with a woman that you should respect. Would you like anyone talking so lightly about having sex with your mom or sisters? Something to think about when discussing women….that is someone’s sister and daughter you are referring to…

    You chose to be on national television for a dating show and somehow seem truly surprised that people are judging you. We all will continued to be judged in all of our aspects of life; however how you respond to it will show what type of a true gentleman you are.

    May God bless you and show His never ending grace, mercy and love for you!

  32. Red

    July 22, 2009 at 4:41 PM

    Hi RS, long time reader, first time poster here. I’m kinda torn -I agree with most of the posters that the tone of this blog has changed dramatically and that I, too, miss the old snarky posts….But, on the other hand, I do also really do appreciate the inside info on the shows. One thing is for sure, there is just way too much Wes on this blog (He got a bad edit, we get it, move on…pleeeease).

    One suggestion: These blog posts are WAAAAAAAAAYYY too long, please consider posting 2-3 shorter ones instead if you have multiple topics, that way those of us who don’t want to read about Wes can skip over that post and go to the ones that we want to read. It may ease a lot of tension on the comments board.

  33. julia

    July 22, 2009 at 5:02 PM

    I am so sick and tired of Wes..maybe he should hire you as his PR seem to be doing an awesome job promoting him. Whether he was edited or not, who fricken cares anymore? This guy got more publicity than anyone else on that show!!

    We get it, this show is are not telling us anything new that we don’t already fact, you have been telling us this ever since the whole Jason and Molly thing happened..jeez we get it!!

    Can we stop with the bashing ABC and kissing Wes’s ass 24/7 and return to those hilarious recaps we all love??

  34. addicted2trainwrecks

    July 22, 2009 at 5:43 PM

    People, please it is a free county. It is Steves’ blog. If you have a differing opinion start another blog and we can read what you have to offer. If you don’t like what is being said then stop reading it!! It is that simple.
    I read and have since RS started because I enjoy the read. I eat dinner every night and some nights dinner is better than others but aI still eat. So either come along for the ride and accept that you will like some more than others or don’t bother to read at all.

  35. Penguin

    July 22, 2009 at 6:39 PM

    RS blogs on the Bachelorette are way too long, boring, nothing new, one sided and a waste of time. If you want read a good Bachelorette Blog, go to & read Trista Sutters (previous Bachelorette) Blog. She is much more interesting & not so one sided.

  36. Why Do I Watch This Crap

    July 22, 2009 at 7:00 PM

    I couldn’t agree more about the Tom Cruise comparison. The fake smile…the perpetual happiness and perfection…blech.

    I DO NOT agree about Wes though. His comments in the Limo were very telling and he isn’t a nice guy in my opinion. I thought that he sounded like a bad Garth Brooks wannabe.

    I also agree completely about Jill not being with any of the guys. I would put her in the exact same category as I do most of the male Bachelors as far as her attitude and behavior goe. She’s smart and cute but certainly not without the ability to manipulate. She didn’t appeal to me as a person and in hindsight, I think she was a poor choice for Bachelorette. I think that she used the show for her own purposes to get a free ride and to travel on their dime. Something wasn’t right about that girl.

  37. Gidget

    July 22, 2009 at 8:41 PM

    people, read lincee’s blog (ihategreenbeans). It’s funny, and the comments are just as entertaining….. Jillian on the “Home Depot Pedestal”, We want dorks flying our airplanes, etc. Good stuff.

  38. jenben

    July 22, 2009 at 8:52 PM

    A little something I wrote in honor of the finale 🙂

    Twas the week before the finale, and all over the boards,
    Are comments and theories all being explored.
    The links have been posted, the screencaps are viewed,
    To see how much ABC has edited and skewed.

    Some fans hold a soft spot for Ed in their hearts,
    While others just see him as a drunkard who farts.
    Still others like Kypton and say he proposes,
    It’s his edit afterall that’s left him smelling like roses.

    And to make things more interesting, to keep us glued to the screen,
    Is the return of tongue-tied Reid, what all could this mean?
    Oh! It’s just a ploy by producers to give us a “twist”,
    When in “reality” all that does is just make us all pissed.

    But no matter whom Jill chooses to be her prince charming,
    No one on this board should find it alarming.
    It’s a best friend, companion, and soul mate she seeks,
    Let’s just pray this relationship lasts for more than 8 weeks.

  39. lora

    July 22, 2009 at 9:06 PM

    lol jenben good job….too much time on your hands! 🙂

  40. mja

    July 22, 2009 at 9:19 PM

    jenben, great poem! Great way to lighten up this comment thread. 🙂

  41. pinkstockdiva

    July 22, 2009 at 9:27 PM

    Another interview with Wes.. Who the crap wants to hear more from him? Certainly not I.. I have had enough of WES!! Since your column has lost its humor Reality Steve, I have to rely on the comment section for comedy.

    Also I am turning off direct Twitter messages from you Reality Steve, I could care less if Wes gave you a shout out at one of his ‘rinky dink little concerts’. Get over him and get back to the funny Reality Steve we once loved. I remember how hard I laughed when you referred to Wes as Bed Head. But I guess with you crashing with the band, you have seen more of Wes than we the readers care to know about.

  42. BadBabs

    July 22, 2009 at 10:08 PM

    Can’t we all just get along?

    I don’t love Wes and I don’t hate Wes. Why? BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW WES and neither do any of you!!

    He may have been portrayed as a weiner on the show, but it is a SHOW. Do we really know if he is truly a weiner-head? If you are not dating him, then why do you care how he acted?

    Why do you care who Steve chooses to be friends with? The last time I checked, we were still living in a free country. Steve is not heing a hater, which is a lesson all of you with negative comments could learn from!

    Perhaps some of Steve’s humor will rub off on Wes (please, no steve and Wes “rub” comments) and Wes will become a better man because of the friendship…if he even needs to be!

    Chill, will ya?

  43. Rebecca

    July 23, 2009 at 2:32 AM

    i agree this MTA was very unexpected and different from previous MTA’s. both the guys and chris harrison were speaking in ways they never do on the MTA. i guess abc is changing stuff up after so many seasons…what with the allusion to the sexual malfunction on the show and the behavior on the MTA, i’m guessing future seasons might get more grittier and not so “proper,” which i think i’d actually prefer, since the way they portrayed people in the past wasn’t too realistic. ps- michael was so adorable on the MTA…as he always is

    two things i wanna get out:
    1) please abc people, do NOT make jake the next bachelor. he is a weird and awkward guy, and i would not at all be interested in watching.
    2) i think one or more of the comments said jillian might not be turning down both guys (even though some speculated she would) since abc already played this “twist” out on brad’s season, and i hope they’re right! i’m keeping my fingers crossed that if she doesn’t get engaged to reid, she at least turns down his proposal and instead says they should date and see where that goes. or maybe even suggest that to both ed and reid…heck i’ll take it, as long as reid is still in the picture!! (as for kiptyn, i think steve’s hinted more than enough that he’s not going to be the last man standing, but will become the next bachelor)

  44. lithargic

    July 23, 2009 at 3:54 AM

    This is a Blog that was the best on the web- funny, irreverant, witty, and entertaining. Now it has evolved into an angry, repetitive, predictable, diatribe against TB management.

    Many years agao there was a comedian named Lenny Bruce. He was a comic genius until he was censored from using profanity. After that his “comedy” routines became rants against the censors…and he stopped being funny. Then when his fans told Lenny he wasn’t funny any more he ranted against them!

    Eventually Lenny Bruce died an angry lonely man.

    Steve, please listen to your fans. We all get that the show is scripted and that they edit people to create characters. You have made your point about that.

    Now PLEASE go back to being funny.

  45. Dianne

    July 23, 2009 at 7:21 AM

    Check out this link to read the interview City TV in Toronto did with Jillian’s quite good.

  46. LindayTX

    July 23, 2009 at 7:54 AM

    I think love was found this season…a true bromance – RS and Wes.

    Like the poster above me, please pay attention to your fans. Lately you seem to be showing as much disgust for us as you do ABC, Chris Harrison, Jillian and any of the bachelors whose names don’t start with Wes…

    I don’t know know what your future writing goals are, but you used to be entertaining enough to write for paid sites like TVGuide, EW, etc. Now you are like the manager who is sleeping with one of his employees and can no longer make impartial judgments regarding that person. Your work is suffering and you just won’t see it. I guess man-love is also blind.

    Even if Wes is the nicest guy in the world (more perfect than Jake according to you!) and he was edited to make him the villain (because they didn’t have Dave who they could have forced Jill to keep around), we are sick of you telling us about him and how stupid we are for not wanting to hear about it for months.

    As far as Wes’s catchy “They say love, it don’t come eeeeeeasssy” song. Every time I hear that phrase I think of Stevie Nick’s far superior “Love is Like a River”.

  47. DebbiN67

    July 23, 2009 at 8:47 AM

    julia :I am so sick and tired of Wes..maybe he should hire you as his PR seem to be doing an awesome job promoting him. Whether he was edited or not, who fricken cares anymore? This guy got more publicity than anyone else on that show!!
    We get it, this show is are not telling us anything new that we don’t already fact, you have been telling us this ever since the whole Jason and Molly thing happened..jeez we get it!!
    Can we stop with the bashing ABC and kissing Wes’s ass 24/7 and return to those hilarious recaps we all love??

    Totally agree!!! Wes is Wes, I don’t know why you are making him out to be something else. Get over it already!!
    Looks like you found a new friend through all of this!

  48. ashley1126

    July 23, 2009 at 8:56 AM

    Has this blog become a lets bash reality steve and his opinion. It is his blog and if you don’t like what he writes, you do not have to read it. Personally, ABC does their best to try to bash him whenever and in my opinion I am sure the the worst post about Steve are people ABC have hired or they are friends of Molly and Jason. After the Melissa incident, Jason will never be thought of again as the man who everyone American loved. I think he and Molly have as much of a chance at happiness as a concrete wall.

    This blog is funny and I have enjoyed the latest news. I personally think this season of the bachlorette has been so BORING. Instead of asking one of the bounced girls from the bachelor season, get some new blood and find someone from the outside like you used too.

    Thanks for the information Steve, I enjoy everything you write and I still laugh. Also, if Wes were to come to my area, I would go see him play.

  49. LindayTX

    July 23, 2009 at 10:28 AM

    ashley1126 :
    Has this blog become a lets bash reality steve and his opinion. It is his blog and if you don’t like what he writes, you do not have to read it.

    The thing is…at least with me, I love half the blog and want to love most of it like I used it. Some readers probably have left, but if some of us don’t stay and express our displeasure with the turn the blog has taken RS doesn’t have the opportunity to make changes if he sees the need. Right now it appears he doesn’t and that is clearly his right. If the season wasn’t almost over the negative comments would probably decrease as more people leave.

  50. MegD55

    July 23, 2009 at 12:37 PM

    I’m on the enough about the W word bandwagon—I’m bored. However I guess the MTA was pretty much the Jake, Dave, Tanner show so there wasn’t much material for this weeks entry. However I must say, I now visit this site just to read the comments section cause they are very entertaining.

    Here’s the bottom line folks…most people who sign up for the show are doing it due to some sort of hidden agenda..maybe 2 or 3 out of the batch went on a casting on a “dare” or “just for fun” and ended up making it. I know during that Prince season, my roommate and I got handed a flyer at some street fest in Chicago for the casting call and joked about going just for fun and to get a free trip to Italy. We never actually went through with it as we didn’t feel like waiting in a line with about 5000 other women and didn’t care that much. So with that said, you have to have a lot of patience and desire to be on a television show to got through with the process.

    Also, if you ask a random person on the street if they think they are a “good catch” or altogether kick butt human being–most people are going to answer yes. No one, especially someone who agrees to go on a TV show, thinks of themselves in a negative light. And no one is perfect–everyone has negative attributes. So when those negative attributes are magnified and broadcast on national television–of course they are going to cry foul. But it is a gamble you signed up for. Bottom line: guys with personalities like Wes and Dave and heck even Jake as I am not a fan of his, are single for a reason. I’m not saying they are bad people, I am just saying their overall attributes made it easier for ABC to portray them in a negative light then as the “dream guy” as that is ultimately what they are looking for. And I think someone else said it best-whether or not you believe “w” had a gf or not–he has never had much to say about Jillian–he hardly mentions her unless he is defending an edit. That’s what seems a little odd in my eyes….Regardless, he is not my type in any way shape or form so maybe that’s part of my dislike…

    Anywho–that is my two cents–keep up with the comments folks—I love reading them all! Though I know RS and W are now BFFs I’m keeping my fingers crossed this new interview is the end of this man crush/obsession cause if wasn’t for this comments section—I’d be done with this site.

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