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Reaction to Jillian and Ed’s Situation

-Pretty crazy last few days I’d say. I know you all have been wondering why I haven’t been writing or commenting on this situation. Well, here I am to explain exactly what I knew, when I knew it, and what my thoughts are. And for once, I’m going to be objective here giving both sides the benefit of the doubt. Why? Because I’m a great guy, that’s why. Ha ha. Could I have run with this last week and beaten the tabloids to the story? Yes. Why didn’t I? I felt like I didn’t need to. Plus, I have not spoken to either woman, Lindsey or Bethany. In my last posted column (last Wednesday), I ended it by alluding to the fact that “this story has legs.” I said that because I knew both Lindsey and Bethany were going to tell their stories to national magazines. Then I twittered a few times over the weekend about how the “sh** is gonna hit the fan, and just be ready for what’s coming.” Of course, a lot of you jumped on that thinking I was the one breaking the news even though I wrote the words, “This has nothing to do with me. I’m not breaking any news.” Don’t really know how I could’ve been any clearer than that, but whatever. This never had anything to do with me. This was their story, I was going to let them tell it. If they wanted to come to me first, fine. But they didn’t, I knew they wouldn’t, and so they went to the tabloids for a bigger audience. Totally understandable. I did not care that I didn’t break this story since I knew it was coming out in a few days anyway and I would just comment then.

-Obviously, I think most of you are of the opinion right now of, “Ed’s a jerk! I can’t believe she’s standing by him! What’s she thinking! I knew it was too good to be true! How can he do this!” Which is fine. You’re entitled to that. Before I jump on that bandwagon, I just want lay all the information out on the table first. Lets be clear here: This is NOT stuff that I discovered, came up with, am making up, stating as rumor, etc. This is all stuff being alleged by both women here, that being Lindsey Johnson and Bethany Steffen, women who claim to have been in a “relationship” with Ed before he left to do the show AND who are claiming he continued with them during and AFTER filming. However, lets immediately get a few things out of the way for those who haven’t read what’s going on or seen Jillian and Ed appearing on “Good Morning America” yesterday. First, here is the nuts and bolts of what is being alleged, straight from “US Weekly”:

“Bachelorette Betrayed!” – US Weekly

So yesterday, “Good Morning America” did a piece on that exact story knowing it was going to break, and here’s what they aired:

-So here’s what I thought of the “GMA” appearance. I didn’t like it for Jillian and Ed. At all. Here’s why: They spoke in generalizations. Lindsey and Bethany, in their stories, are citing specific dates, specific emails, specific texts, and are quite detail oriented with their timeline and what transpired between them and Ed before, during, and after the show. For Jillian and Ed to go to the “People are just trying to bring us down”, “This is high schoolish” card, that’s fine. But just know that most people are going to hate that answer and you will be criticized for it. Ed saying “not true at all”, “false allegations”, etc is completely evading the specific instances these women are citing. I have no problem with Jillian and Ed giving the easiest and safest response they could to all this, but if you’re gonna do that, expect more questions to be fired at you since you didn’t address ANYTHING other than the overall story. JED (that’s short for Jillian and Ed since I don’t feel like typing both names all the time) fans of course will say, “She believes him, and that’s all that matters.” If she does, great. But it doesn’t mean they won’t get crucified by fans that have more questions about this. It’s part of being on the show. And with the weird dynamic of Ed leaving then coming back, then being the final choice, already people were questioning what the hell happened. Now Lindsey and Bethany throw a monkey wrench into everything to make it ten times worse.

-Jillian is standing by Ed saying that he’s been nothing but honest with her about everything, she knows about both women, and “any text or email to them since the show has ended has been strictly platonic.” Well, that’s not what Lindsey and Bethany are saying. Especially with that “Bring the beer and condoms” crack he allegedly laid on Bethany after coming back from Hawaii. Nice one. Such the romantic. Hell, even if it isn’t true it’s still one of my all-time favorite lines ever. But the generalizations that JED went to in that interview were not good. I want to know, “Ed, did you sent that text message? If you didn’t, why is she saying you did?” “Ed, did you say you weren’t into Jillian? If you didn’t, why is there an email confirming you did?” Well, that part I know is true because I’ve seen that email. He sent it to Bethany three weeks before leaving for the show and told her that he already told the director that if he did the show, he’d be doing it for the wrong reasons because “I am not, in any way, attracted to the chick.” Something Bethany already told the magazines so I’m not breaking any news here. I’m just saying I’ve seen the email. Ed needs to answer specific questions. If he chooses not to, fine. But JED has to understand that they are the final couple on a reality dating show that was watched by 10 million people. When allegations come up, if you’re gonna dismiss them as nothing when these women are giving specific details, you can’t cry “Why don’t they just leave us alone?” Sorry. Doesn’t work that way.

-With that said, how credible are Lindsey and Bethany at this point? Tough to say, but it’s awfully hard to dispute some of the things they’re saying. Why? Go back up and look at the “GMA” piece. In the part where they are showing a shot of Lindsey’s computer, you can see the email exchange between her and Ed. It took place on Friday, April 10th (a time where Ed was in filming), and goes like this:

Lindsey to Ed: “Are you done??? Will it be this weekend? I’m dying :(”

Ed to Lindsey: “I don’t know. I’ll call you when I get my phone back.”

Lindsey to Ed: “Ah yes!!! When u coming home????????”

That is a major red flag if you ask me. First off, we’ve always been led to believe that contestants are to have no contact with the outside world when on this show. Mike Fleiss has stated it, Chris Harrison has stated, and numerous past contestants have stated it. Now we have proof that one of the guys (who just so happened to be the final one in the end), was allowed to use his computer during filming. Based on the email I’ve seen, my guess is Ed agreed to come on the show (because he was very reluctant to three weeks before filming), and negotiated something to where he’d do the show if they let him use his computer for work. I don’t think that’s too far fetched to think based on what I’ve seen. Three weeks before filming the guy didn’t want to be there, admitted as much, told directors he’d be doing the show for the wrong reasons, and now he’s on the show with a computer in hand.

-Also, Lindsey says that while Ed was back home from the show for “business purposes”, they attended a wedding together (with picture included in the “US Weekly” piece), and said she stayed the last “3 or 4 nights with him before he said he was leaving for Texas.” In fact, both women in their story told the magazines he told them he was going to Texas. When in reality, that’s when he went back on the show to Spain, then Hawaii. Lindsey and Bethany are saying that neither of them knew about the other one until all this stuff came to be. Are they scorned? Sure. Do they feel hurt? Of course. But I think what’s interesting to note here is neither of them are crawling at Ed’s feet begging for him to take them back. Neither of them want anything to do with him at this point because they felt lied to, betrayed, and ultimately, embarrassed. If you want to question them running to the tabloids to tell their story, that’s fine. That’s definitely calling into question their credibility. However, if they wanted their story out there, what other way could they have gone about it?

-Do you think if they went to Ed and said, “Hey honey, can you put us in touch with Jillian? We think she should know what you did to us”, he would’ve obliged? Uhhhh, I doubt it. Could they have found Jillian on their own and emailed or asked to speak with her? Sure. But if they did, wouldn’t Jillian have had the same reaction? She’s going to stand by her fiancé whether these women tell their story to a tabloid or they contact her personally. Either way, she’ll dismiss them as scorned former lovers and believe what Ed tells her. And she should. She should stand by her man. But that doesn’t mean what these women say isn’t true. Ultimately it’s her decision on who to believe, and she’s choosing Ed right now. If you think she’s an idiot for it, I’m sure she can handle that. If you think she’s making the right decision, then she’ll accept that too. I don’t think public opinion is going to change whether or not Jillian and Ed stay together. It’ll ultimately come down to if Jillian hears enough information to think maybe Ed wasn’t telling her the whole truth about things. But who knows?

-Now, the email that I’ve read which has Ed stating 3 weeks before the show he’s not into Jillian and would be doing the show for the wrong reasons is something that is debatable. And when I say debatable, I mean that lets take Ed for his word in the email. But what if he got to the show, met Jillian, fell head over heels for her, and his opinion of her completely changed? Could that be possible? Sure it could. He probably wishes now he never wrote that email, but whatever. He can explain that off by telling Jillian he was stupid when he wrote that, he hadn’t met her yet, and that she completely blew him away and changed his mind. Ok. Lets say that’s what happened. The problem is both Lindsey and Bethany are claiming that the first time when he went home for “business purposes”, he spent time with both of them. In fact, Lindsey produced a picture of a wedding they attended and then said she slept with him that night. Ouch. Bethany also claims she saw him in that time period when he was home. So if we’re under the assumption that once Ed got on the show he immediately fell for Jillian, then why is he seeing/dating/being intimate with women during his time home? Remember, after he came back, the reason he said he came back which he told Jillian was because he felt like he made a mistake, and he couldn’t stop thinking of her. Wow. I mean, there’s absolutely two conflicting stories right there if I ever saw one. He needs to address that. He needs to tell people whether or not he attended a wedding with Lindsey while he was back the first time and if she stayed with him that night. I’m sorry, but IF that happened, I’m stressing “IF”, then anything he said on the show from that point on is meaningless and not believable.

-Moving on, lets say that none of that happened. Lets say when Ed was back in Chicago after coming home for “business reasons”, he never saw either woman. Basically just went to work, did what he needed to do, went out a few times, but never went on a date and was never intimate with anyone. So he goes back on the show to Spain and Hawaii, and now he becomes the final one. He leaves Hawaii and engaged man to Jillian and everything is great. Now both women are claiming texts, emails, and even one case of intimacy yet again after coming back from Hawaii. Even telling Lindsey “the show made me do it”, “I still love you”, and he never acknowledged whether he was engaged or not. This is where Lindsey claims she was intimate with him. She asked him questions about the show, he said he couldn’t answer until July 20th, but based on his answers, she felt she could stay with him. Her opinion was that, “Well, if the guy is engaged, he wouldn’t sleep with me. So I guess he’s not.” Lindsey claims he kept telling her to wait until July 20th because then “I can explain everything that’s going on”. Just an ugly, ugly story all around. And answers like, “These stories aren’t true at all” just isn’t gonna cut it in this situation. Lindsey gave specific dates, specific places, and specific emails. He needs to find a way to dispute those or he will be forever guilty in the public eye.

-At this point, I think I’ve said what I needed to say. Lindsey and Bethany have told their stories. You can read those in any magazine this week. I really don’t think they need to come do an interview with me because nothing they tell me they haven’t already told others. I don’t need to print any emails from anyone since the content of it has already been divulged. My one thing that I want in all of this situation is to hear from Ed. That’s it. I know this probably sounds like an easy “guilty” verdict towards him based on things everyone is hearing and the emails I’ve received, but honestly, I’m going to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Whether he talks to me or talks publicly, whatever the case may be, Ed needs to attack these stories head on. That’s the only way anyone will really know how legitimate these claims are. As of right now, there is so much evidence stacked against him, that its very hard to believe NONE of this is true. Maybe certain parts are embellished, but the facts seem to state that Ed had contact with one, if not both of them, both during and after filming. There are emails to prove it. And if he did, then how are we supposed to believe anything he said to Jillian on the show?

-Both Jillian and Ed say they are happy right now. She says he has not lied to her, he’s been open with her, she knows about both women, and she trusts him. I guess time will tell. Honestly, it’s a sad story really. It’s pathetic. I don’t hate Jillian and Ed. I never hated Jason and Molly. I don’t hate anybody. If these couples end up making it, I will gladly eat crow and congratulate them. But until I see them walk down the aisle, I will always have my doubts. How can I not at this point considering what this show has produced? All I’ve ever wanted in anything was the truth. I’d love to hear Ed’s side of everything in all this. Until then, all I wanted to do today was lay out the stories that are being presented right now, and have all of you make up your own mind on who you want to believe. Is Ed telling the truth? If he’s not, does that mean Jillian should just ditch the guy tomorrow? Is this something they could possibly work through if he did lie about the contact he had with Lindsey and Bethany? This is going to be interesting watching how it’ll play out. I, for one, am going to stand by and observe for the time being.

-I’ve sat on this information for a whole week, and honestly, I’m not any more clear today on how I feel than I was a week ago. Usually when this mountain of evidence comes piling up towards one side, I’m the first guy to beat my chest and scream “Guilty!” And maybe I should in this case. Especially considering how weird I felt this season went with how everything played out. But this is Ed and Jillian’s deal, not mine. Sure, I can give my opinion, which I have numerous times. And my opinion right now is Ed has A LOT to answer to. If he chooses to continue to answer in generalizations, then I know how I’ll feel about the situation and if I had any pull, I’d suggest to Jillian to get out while she can. You know, as badly as I criticized Jason and Molly, they weathered the storm and seem to be happy. Hey, whatever works. Although I think what Jillian is dealing with is far worse than what Molly had to deal with. Everything Molly dealt with was rumors about the show being fake and what not. Jillian is dealing with infidelity issues and accusations against her fiancé that are being supported by evidence. I don’t even think its close. Jason and Molly have it easy compared to what Jillian and Ed have coming up. Lets see how this all plays out and if any new information arises. It will no doubt be interesting to see.

And oh yeah, good riddance Paula Abdul. $20 million? Are you kidding me? So you can babble incoherently and never criticize anyone? You are absolutely nuts and I’m glad you’re gone from the show. Long live Kara! Woo hoo!

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  1. msmichele99

    August 14, 2009 at 2:49 PM

    OK – I have been reading the posts and finally broke down and have to comment. I hope this does not repeat someone else’s but I have thoughts on the timeline of it all.

    The timing between singing up for the show, auditions and the start of production can be as long as 6 months. Maybe Ed was single when he signed on – and was dating by the time production started. First, if he was dating two women at the same time, that is not cool, unless the girls were aware that they were not in a committed monogamous relationship – or should have known that was the case. Seriously, how many people out there are dating someone, but have never had the “are you seeing anyone else talk?” and just assume they are the only one. It is very possible he was dating both of them, and they knew they were not the only one, and we will never know because neither of these girls who sold out to the tabloids would admit otherwise.

    Ed leaves the show to take care of work, break off his other relations or secure them if he doesn’t make it to the end … who knows – it could have been all produced, and it could have been the money. We will likely never know the truth. But none of this really matters because he is on a DATING SHOW and he is not committed to Jillian, YET. And remember, if Ed was only dating and playing with these women, in his mind, he does NOT have a GF. Dating does not automatically equal GF status to a great percentage of men – just a fact. So when asked, “do you have a GF?”, the honest answer is NO – but to a question of “are you seeing anyone?” the answer is clearly “yes.” Dating is NOT the same as having a GF or BF, and no one has ever said, don’t come on the show if you are dating, PUUUHHHLEEEEZ.

    OK, Ed comes back, gets in good with Jilly, and for the sake of argument, is really into her, he proposes. Now, everything has changed. Ed is in a committed relationship. The next part of my analysis assumes that the relationship/feelings between JED is real (ok – you can stop laughing, cynics – we won’t know until they are married or break-up, place your bets!)

    So, when does the proposal happen, early summer? Does Ed go back to Chicago, are there emails/texts/VMs after the proposal proving Ed was still sleeping with them? (Note: emails and texts can be altered – ummm hellooo). Perhaps he saw one or both of them after the proposal, and if so, was it one time each to break it off totally? Do they have video of their dates with Ed after the proposal? Do they have pictures of Ed in his mankini sitting in their living room with bed hair sipping coffee during the summer?

    Supposedly, JED spent a lot of time together over the summer – did his disappearances from these girls lives over the summer (while the show was on the air) not lead them to conclude they weren’t with him anymore? And if you think about it … way early in the summer – when he would have already have proposed, but the episodes of the show about “who has a GF?” were airing – how come we don’t hear from these girls back then? Why didn’t they come forward then saying that they were dating/in a relationship a guy on the show? Is Ed really that good of a schmoozer that he could get them to keep quiet until ATFR? Do they have emails in early summer from him saying that they just need to wait until the show was over?

    This makes no logical sense – how could he string them along all during the airing of the show, knowing the outcome, and expect it not to blow up in his face. IMHO, he couldn’t. He knew he was going to be all over the media saying he was madly in love and getting married to Jilly in a year, and if he had been stringing them along, he would have to wonder just how mad they might be, and if not them, then there is always a family member or BFF who is so mad that they got betrayed by him that they would expose the whole story if the girls were not able to do it.

    Finally – if everything these girls are saying is true, how come no friends or family have come forward to corroborate the story and call Ed out. My friends would be all over the internet and any other media outlet who would listen after the story broke in the tabloids – where is the independent confirmation? Perhaps I missed it, but I haven’t seen it.

  2. terigils

    August 14, 2009 at 3:06 PM

    No one is coming to his defense, either. I think that is pretty telling.

  3. tommy girl

    August 15, 2009 at 9:01 AM

    Hey MSMichele – I believe you are bang on in your theory! True no one else has come to their defense that is very odd. 6 months is a long time not to have any relationship by the time you get on the show – seeing someone is definitely different than having a GF for a guy…

    I would just love to know what Kryptonite and Reid are thinking now! They all supposedly thought Ed was not a stand up guy? Man code – WTF!

    Also curious why they haven’t announced the next Bachelor – does it usually take so long? (or only if it is a brand new guy) I would freak out completely if it was Jake – so creepy. Waiting for more news on JED – aren’t we all terrible? (but loving it)

  4. happybunny09

    August 15, 2009 at 1:08 PM

    Chris Harris said in a twitter it will be announced in one month.

    Scuttlebutt is Reid was offered and turned down, holding out for more $ and can’t say as I blame him – not sure if he had other conditions as well.

    Other rumours are the Bachelor might prefer new blood. Jake seems to want it bad though and would probably do it for whatever they offer.

    Frankly it seems this show is upping the ante on throwing their star under the bus now so even a million dollars doesn’t seem enough to compensate for the damage done here especially if you have a succesful business going in and you are attractive enough to get TONS of girls in RL.

  5. happybunny09

    August 15, 2009 at 1:12 PM

    Another interesting thing allegedly coming out of Chris Harris’s mouth, per US Weekly’s newest instalment on JED. He said he didn’t want to know if Ed had cheated but that Jillian told him in a recent telephone conversation that a wedding date was set. Chris is such a master of Fleiss. In one sentence he perpetuated the fairy tale but indirectly kept the drama going. Someone at another board said it best – this was the perfect ending – Fleiss has JED, the seemingly happy couple so all the people who still believe in the fairy tale, they got their proposal, engagement and possible wedding and they got the scandal so all the skeptics out there got their reality TV skepticism confirmed big time.

  6. daisy

    August 15, 2009 at 1:14 PM

    Steve is at another Wes concert so he is unavailable according to Twitter.

    Hope he checks in soon!

  7. Crystal

    August 15, 2009 at 8:47 PM

    Hey Steve!
    First off, I’d like to say this is the first time I’ve ever posted on here since I’m new to your site! I think you’re hilarious and I definitely believe everything you write, you are so spot on about the show!
    Anyway, I was wondering what your thoughts were on Jillian in all of this? Personally, I think she’s nuts not to believe the tabloids, especially when they’re citing specific dates and times the e-mails took place, duh!
    In my opinion, Ed is a snake and was during the entire show. You’re absolutely right when you’ve said they need to be more specific when answering questions. I can’t see how she can still be so in love with him after hearing these allegations… it just doesn’t make any sense. Any woman in their right mind would at least question the guy, which I’m sure she has but I’m just staying…

  8. redickulus

    August 16, 2009 at 7:48 AM

    Hey Crystal!
    That’s a real contradiction in terms …believe and tabloids should NEVER be in the same sentence together!

    As far as Ed needing to explain himself, he need only explain himself to one person, and that is Jill!
    I will say that I do think there is truth in the story or it never would have made the rag mag, however I also think there are sufficient holes in the story that make me believe all is not what they want us to believe. I am not blaming it on the girls as I think they were coorced into putting their stories out there. The interesting question is who.

    One of the rumors is that they just wanted to put this behind them and move on. That they didn’t want to go to the tabloids about it because they were embarrased. So if this is true then who sold them out? and what was their motive in doing so?

    Ed is no more a snake than any other successful young 30 something professional who dates more than one person at a time. It may not be the wisest thing to do but it happens. So I am not going to crucify him because we don’t know what really happened.
    Please don’t remind me about the PROOF that these girls have because that can be doctored to suit the story that US wants to tell. We never really did get to see ALL of the email, some of it was blurred out. As far as texts go, we never got to see them at all. And again, we only got to see one side of that story. We never saw the responses to the emails or texts so in what context were they sent?

    Also, Lindsey has a new b/f and has had one for at least 2 months now so how heartbroken was she. Sounds like she had already moved on with her life.
    There is plenty more that I could say but I won’t bother wasting my time. It is evident that everyone is going to believe what they want to believe.
    Lastly, Jill is no fool. She is an intelligent, independant woman. She will make up her own mind about what is and isn’t true and if she is standing behind Ed then its because she knows him better than we do and she knows what really happened. As long as she is committed to the relationship then I will support her and wish her many years of happiness with Ed.

  9. happybunny09

    August 16, 2009 at 9:36 AM

    Lindsey has not had a new boyfriend for 2 months, reread the article, unless you have proof to the contrary.

    An intelligent independent woman would at least put off thoughts of setting a wedding date, which Chris Harris is claiming is the case. A relationship takes 2 to be commmitted not just Jillian. Methinks the girl is more fixated on a wedding than understanding what a marriage means. Perhaps more fixated on the televised wedding than the marriage to follow? At least we know it is not for the money since ABC kiboshed that possibility after Trista and Ryan. Though $20,000 and more fame might still be attractive to some.

    Even if this were the best scenario to start a relationship borne of a reality dating show, why the rush to set a wedding date. They started their relationship in an unreal setting so they have a lot of issues to work through in trying to integrate their real world lives, even ignoring the girlfriend scandal, before setting any wedding dates. If your love is strong, a wedding can wait. You can wait a little longer to make sure this man is going to be the kind of husband and father you want for your children. I sense with Ed, give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself.

    I have this notion that Ed wants out and told the exes to spill the beans but to his chagrin, Jillian keeps standing by him and he is thinking how do I get out of this without making me look like more of a bad guy. And I still think ABC mislead Jillian and manipulated Ed to this set of circumstances and Ed turned out to be a bigger goldmine than they could have imagined. All the more reason that if JED is determined to prove everyone wrong, not to rush it and let love takes its course naturally. The need to rush to a televise wedding just indicates a need for more fame whoredom not love.

  10. redickulus

    August 16, 2009 at 12:47 PM

    happybunny09 :Lindsey has not had a new boyfriend for 2 months, reread the article, unless you have proof to the contrary.
    <I have this notion that Ed wants out and told the exes to spill the beans but to his chagrin, Jillian keeps standing by him and he is thinking how do I get out of this without making me look like more of a bad guy. And I still think ABC mislead Jillian and manipulated Ed to this set of circumstances and Ed turned out to be a bigger goldmine than they could have imagined. All the more reason that if JED is determined to prove everyone wrong, not to rush it and let love takes its course naturally. The need to rush to a televise wedding just indicates a need for more fame whoredom not love.

    First, it was stated that Lindsey had a new b/f about a week or two ago, so that would make it close to two months now, so shooot me if I am off a few days. Point is she has a new man and it didn’t take her long to get over her supposed future fiancee!

    Second, that has got to be the silliest thing I have ever heard! If Ed wanted out there were many more easier way to get out with less emabrassment to himself. Neither one of them want a telivised wedding. They want out of the spotlight and to get on with thier lives together as a normal couple.
    Geet it through your heads people that no matter what mistakes Ed may have made, he loves Jill and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Jill is aware of his past and is willing to give him the benifit of the doubt. She knew about these women before the show was over.
    They will make it in spite of Fleiss and the bad press! This time we actually got to see a real love story. They are both willig to put in the work it takes to make their relationship successful. I for one, wish them many years of happiness.

    Why is it so hard for people to want to see others happy instead of hopinng for their demise. Sad that so many are so cynical.

  11. happybunny09

    August 16, 2009 at 2:25 PM

    Because we are talking about reality TV, reality TV does not equal reality. It is about time more people see the fakery in the so-called reality. If you think it is all fake, one is hardly hoping for the demise of anyone. People signed up for the potential demise when they signed up for the show, they are our entertainment even if they didn’t perhaps chose the role they were going to play. Like the early Romans when they had people fight to the death for sport and if the Emperor was kind he would give you a thumbs up and spare you but if not he would turn his thumbs down and you were toast. This is just the millenium version of sacrifical lambs.

  12. redickulus

    August 16, 2009 at 2:45 PM

    Reality TV is one thing but these are real lives. They may have been on a reality tv show but what is happening now has nothing to do with reality tv and everything to do with real lives. Luckily I can make the desinction between reality and fake.

  13. petunia

    August 16, 2009 at 7:30 PM

    They might be real people, but so much is scripted, that they are really much more like amateur actors playing real people. I don’t buy the Jillian/Ed love story just like I never bought the Deanna/Jesse love story. AND I believe that much of the Jason/melissa/molly triangle was scripted as well.
    I think there are paid contestants who are there in case the Bach/Bach’ette doesn’t fall in love. They pick the paid actor, the couple plays the story out for a little while, then, after interest dies down, they quietly break-up and then announce that “it just didn’t work out.” (and then the guy dates Holly Durst) really – a bunch of these people all know each other! they’re not just some average person looking for love, they’re friends of people who have been on the show in past seasons.
    The producers told Jake to come back with the story about Wes, they told Reid to come back and propose. Even Dave was TOLD to stammer and be nervous so he could win the “first impression rose.” Go back and watch when Ed tells Jillian that he has to leave for his job – he’s like a high school actor reciting lines in a play.

  14. Crystal

    August 17, 2009 at 1:17 PM


    First off, I want to say that I realize what I write will not change anyone’s opinion nor will it make any difference whatsoever. Though I would just like to point out…how in the world would you know if Ed is “really” in love with Jillian based on what you have seen on t.v.,???
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all an act… real lives?! Gimme a break, if they wanted their “real” lives they should have never set foot in front of a camera… What’s happening now is their prerogative.

  15. Crystal

    August 17, 2009 at 1:21 PM


    hilarious… and so true!!

  16. Crystal

    August 17, 2009 at 1:31 PM

    nice, I really like what you wrote here…
    loved your comments on both Ed and Jillian, too funny

  17. lithargic

    August 17, 2009 at 4:55 PM

    What I love about all of this is that the show has been over for weeks and we are all still talking about it!! That is EXACTLY what Fleiss and company are going for when they create these “did he or didnt’t he” scenarios.

    Look how long we stayed with the Jason/Melissa/Molly debacle.
    Even Steve was duped into thinking that Mel was an innocent victim. All of his rants created huge ratings for them. Believe me they LOVE Steve and all of the other “conspiracy theorists” out there.

    People who think they are exposing the hypocracy and scripting of the show are actually doing a great marketing job for the show by keeping it in the spotlight even when it is off the air.

    All of this adds up to one thing RATINGS and that is what every TV show is all about. They are not in existence to find true lovers, they exist to find true viewers!

    So let’s all give a big round of applauds to the Bachelor braintrust. They keep coming up with new ways to piss us off, and that brings us all back for the next show!!!

  18. Gidget

    August 17, 2009 at 5:47 PM

    hey all,
    whoever said that the show has done it’s job because we are all still talking about it is right on.
    i just have one question–what’s up with all of the former contestants dating each other now?
    that girl who likes bears from jason’s season is dating the dude who ran into the ocean in speedos or whatever from jilly’s season.
    plus, one of ed’s girlfriends (lindsay?) is now dating a guy who was andrew firestone’s roommate?–how did that happen?
    all of this cross-pollination is getting ridiculous.

  19. Alex

    August 19, 2009 at 7:02 AM

    Ed is a master manipulator, otherwise known as a sociopath. Even smart people fall for manipulators like that, even when they’ve been given the facts and timeline. It’s because normal good people with a conscience have a hard time accepting that someone can look them in the eye and lie with that much conviction. It’s obvious from the texts and emails, facts, that he did it. The girls told their story because they feel taken advantage of and now they are being villified for being the victim and talking about it. He’s doing the same thing to Jillian and she doesn’t want to believe it. Also a sign he’s a sociopath- a normal person wouldn’t be wreckless enough to lie about something that is for sure to be discovered. Jillian should dump him. ABC should screen better.

  20. ginny2112

    August 19, 2009 at 11:00 PM

    Hey Steve… I love your blog, its more fun than watching bachelor. Anywas…. I wanted to add that from the GMA video, I thought Jillian was acting very interesting. I pay attention to body language a lot, and there is a theory that when people lie, their first instinct is to look down and to the left, and that exactly what Jill was doing when talking about believing Ed, and she seem to pause/hesitant on her answers. Ed’s response, he kept a straight face, so I cant tell whether he is lying, he ofcourse may be good lying but something was up with Jill. My guess is that she is stuck, she has her doubts about him, there is too much evidence, but I think that for her (and any women) it would be so humilating to go through a break up a few weeks after getting engaged so publicly. I think she went into it thinking, like a lot of the other contestants, I’m gonna be the one to break the cycle… and now she doesnt want to look stupid so there is pressure to make it appear that things were great.

  21. Honestly

    August 20, 2009 at 5:56 PM

    I like and enjoy your blogs about this, but I ask, have you tried to track the accuracy of the e-mails actuall sender. Just the text of the email proves nothing as anyone with minor knowledge can send an e-mail to themselves as a diff person, or have someone send it to them. The actual electronic tracking of the email tells the truth, can it be proven to have come from ED? I have my doubts, and pictures are super easy to doctor these days. Give me more facts, not just quotes of e-mails having been sent. Track the documents, then fill us in. Or will the women not provide the real data.
    Scorned is Scorned is Scorned. They may be telling the truth, but then again, He said – She said.

  22. jacqui

    August 21, 2009 at 12:56 AM

    Jillian and Ed looked pretty happy at her cousin Tori’s wedding. They look pretty content, relaxed and having a great time.

  23. CWJ

    September 2, 2009 at 12:24 AM

    jbelle52784 :Ever considered getting a real job?? You’re a pitiful piece of crap!!

    If you don’t like what Steve has to say/comment on … perhaps YOU need to get a real job. I suggest YOU’RE the “pitiful piece of crap” since no one is forcing you to read Steve’s comments.

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