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Reality Roundup Including More Thoughts on Jake – 10/16/09

A few things to get to today including reaction to Jake’s comments since being announced as the “Bachelor”. This guy is a piece of work. Also, some thoughts on “Survivor,” “Dancing with the Stars,” The “Hills,” The “Ruins,” plus some other TV notes. I can’t get to “Leave it Lamas” this week because I haven’t watched the premiere episode yet. Just haven’t had time to get around to it. Something tells me though I’m not missing much. Call me crazy.

The Bachelor

So ever since Jake sat in the audience of “DWTS” Tuesday night and they basically mocked him to his face, he’s made the rounds with the magazines giving his thoughts on the whole thing. I’ve cut and pasted quotes he gave to “US Weekly” and “People” below, then given you the real translation of what he was saying, in case you couldn’t figure it out for yourself.

US Weekly: (Link: “Jake Won’t Deal with Contestants Having Beaus Back Home”)

“It’s such a unique opportunity. I still cannot believe this is happening. How did I get here?” Translation: After hours and hours of praying on my knees and begging the producers to make me the “Bachelor”, and after Reid and Kiptyn wanted no part of the show anymore and turned it down, they finally succumbed and gave it to me. I’m so excited I celebrated with a glass of milk.

On coming on too strong with Jillian: “I was like, ‘Oh! Tone it down a bit!’ That’s what I took away from ‘The Bachelorette’. I was just so excited. I wanted her to like me because she’s so gorgeous and such a great person. And I tried just a little too hard.” Translation: You think? You mean falling in love with someone after one date is considered “trying too hard”. No way! If you were that ga-ga over Jillian after one stupid country western date, I can only imagine how many women you’ll want to propose to after the meet-and-greets. Maybe this will turn into a season of “Big Love” where Jake just says, “You know what? F— it. I want to marry four of these women.” Then they all run off to Utah and live happily ever after there.

On going to past Bachelors for tips: “I’ve seen a lot of other seasons, but I’m not planning on that. I want to go in fresh. I know that they are making a show that ultimately doesn’t have anything to do with my goals. I want to meet these girls, and I want to fall in love and let them down as gently as possible at the end.” Translation: Jake’s seen a lot of other seasons? Gee, never would’ve thought that. And yeah, probably not a good idea to get tips from previous Bachelors considering NONE of them are married. Exactly what type of keen insight is Lorenzo Borghese going to give you? Want some advice on how to take a punch from Byron Velvick? How about going to Jason Mesnick and asking him about the art of flip-flopping? The only one I’d talk to would be Jesse Palmer. The legend has it that he’s the one former Bachelor who’s laid pipe to the most former contestants. However, God might strike you down if you do that.

On what he’s looking for: “The four most important things to me are similar qualities — someone who is romantic, passionate, compassionate and protective…and will laugh at my jokes!” Translation: That’s what you call them? Jokes? Could’ve fooled me. I thought of them as the worst attempts at humor this side of Carlos Mencia.

“People” Magazine: (Link: “And the new Bachelor is…Jake!”)

“I’ve dated some really amazing girls, but I’ve never been successful at finding that one girl. And I saw how the whole thing comes together, the process with Jillian. I saw how the process works and I believe in it. That’s a unique way to meet somebody.” Translation: Yes, don’t we all believe in this process? You know, the one that has produced one wedding in 18 seasons? Why shouldn’t we? Those are unbelievable odds in your favor. Jake must not be much of a gambler.

“I fly on the weekends, play golf, go to a movie, but I’m not a couch potato. That’s the one thing I have to make these girls understand, I have a lot of energy. I love salsa dancing. Country dancing on a Thursday night in Dallas is really fun, too. I enjoy working with my hands, creating or building something, landscaping and doing garden work. Even if [a woman] didn’t enjoy doing the things that I do, I would want her to be a part of them because I love them so much.” Translation: Ladies, the line forms to the left if you want to go landscaping with Jake Pavelka. Yeah, I know a ton of chicks that just love getting down and dirty with garden work and landscaping. Total panty dropper. Usually those chicks have mullets and wear Timberland boots. And are huge WNBA fans. Good luck to you, Jake. Really. Knock em’ dead.

Like I’ve stated, can’t wait for this season to start. I believe the meet and greet was last night and some of our ladies have already been sent home. I wonder if Jake wrote each of them a handwritten note explaining why he had to let them go. Even though we all know the first night is based purely on looks. Ha ha. For as much as ABC hates me, they sure don’t do themselves any favors by casting a guy who lives in Dallas. Do they not think I’m gonna find stuff out? Idiots. Anyway, any good friends of Jakes want to hit me up with some stories, feel free to contact me at


I’ve always said that “Survivor” is probably my favorite reality show, along with “American Idol”. However with that said, there’s not a chance in hell I could ever make it on that show. Why? Last night’s episode. No, not the eating of bugs or anything like that. Although, one thing I absolutely cannot stand is getting bit by bugs. So yeah, that might do me in right there. But other than that, I don’t think I could ever deal with the sleeping at night during a thunderstorm. I can barely sleep during a thunderstorm when I’m inside on my bed. We had one the other night. I couldn’t imagine getting up during it, walking outside, laying a few bamboo sticks down, bringing out one blanket, and spending the whole night in it. Are you crazy? No thanks. I’ll stay in here where it’s nice and warm and I can cuddle with Maddie.

So I was alerted to cast list for next seasons “Heroes vs Villains” that’s already been filmed. Didn’t want to read the spoilers of what actually happens since it completely takes away any suspense the show has. “The Bachelor?” I could care less if I know who the final four and final two are. I don’t sit around during the rose ceremonies biting my fingernails wondering who’s gonna stay or who’s gonna leave. “Survivor” is a different animal. If I already know who’s leaving, then there’s no intrigue in the episode at all since you’ll be able to see through the editing, and you’ll already know which tribe wins Immunity. What fun is that, Eliza? Ha ha. Anyway, interesting cast list. I figured it would just be anybody who’s been on since the “Fans vs Favorites” season. Nope. They’re going way back. And over half the people on next season will be making their 3rd appearance on the show. Weird.

As for Eliza Orlins, you probably remember her from the “Vanuatu” season and “Fans vs Favorites”. Well, we are going to have her on shortly for a podcast to discuss all things “Survivor”. Won’t be a weekly segment, but I was thinking maybe I’ll do one right after the merge, and then right before the final four. Still haven’t decided yet. But look forward to that in the future.

“Dancing With the Stars”

Carrie Ann Inaba may be a hot cougar, but there’s something about her on the show that’s always annoyed me. However, she totally redeemed herself this week when she told Aaron Carter that he’s trying way too hard and his dancing is turning people off. Good. That’s what that little punk gets for running his mouth earlier this season. And I’m loving the behind-the-scenes feud he and Maksim are having. Maksim is basically claiming that everyone on set knows there’s something going on with Aaron and Karina, and Carter is denying. Plus, since Maks got the boot last week, he got in a little dig saying it’s been “less tense” on the set without Max around. Awesome. Sorry, I’m Team Max. Always have been. He’d squash Aaron Carter like a grape. He’d hop-shuffle-step-ball-chain all over his scrawny ass. I don’t even know if that’s the right dance lingo. Sounded good though. From the immortal “Dumb And Dumber”, “Kick his ass, Sea Bass!”

I wasn’t too down with these four new dances introduced this week. The Charleston and the Two-Step seemed way too hokey for me. Plus, the degree of difficulty wasn’t nearly what it is for the other dances. Although, the two-step this week did produce one of the worst dances in the history of the show when Louie and Chelsie danced. Holy crap. I don’t think Louie did one move the whole time. He perfected the art of walking and that was about it. If women didn’t find him as cute as a button and didn’t want to see him and Chelsie as a couple, he’d probably have been eliminated in Week 1. He was terrible this week.

Hey Aaron, it’s Michael “Irvin”, not Michael “Irving”. Amazing now he’s called him that on more than one occasion and no one’s corrected him on it. Then again, when the little nancy is crying on Michael Irvin’s shoulder after he gets a bad score, what are you gonna do? Kick him while he’s down? Well, I sure would. I usually like most of the contestants they’ve ever had on this show. Aaron Carter is a weenie. His dancing does bother me, he’s incredibly cocky, and he has a giant vein that runs down his forehead that scares the crap out of me. I feel like an alien is going to come shooting out of his forehead at any minute. Glad he was in the bottom two this week. Maybe that means the audience hates him too.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve always been a fan of Derek Hough. Granted, he let one get away when he and Shannon Elizabeth broke up, but c’mon now, am I supposed to believe that he and Joanna Krupa aren’t doing the horizontal lambada? Please. The guy is practically pitching a tent every time during rehearsals. And their whole routine this week was essentially soft porn. What’s harder: to get a 10 from the judges, or Joanna’s implants? Hmmmm, tough one. Those things never move an inch. It’s like the doctor shoved two giant paper weights in those things.

“The Hills”

Dumping Lauren Conrad and adding Kristin Cavallari was just about the best damn decision that show ever made. Sure the show is still completely fake and ridiculous, but at least I get to enjoy seeing Kristin prance around my screen all slutty each week. I always liked Kristin back to the “Laguna Beach” days, but she is looking might fine these days. Damn. Obviously the whole Justin Bobby stuff is completely for television and there isn’t a chance in hell she’s with him, but it sure is fun to watch. Anytime Audrina gets less airtime or they’re making her look bad, I’m a happy man. The fact that Kristin moves in and completely starts mounting Audrina’s ex, then Audrina starts seeing Justin Bobby’s best friend behind his back pretty much tells you all you need to know about how scripted it is.

Brody’s girlfriend Jayde isn’t getting any better looking either. What happened to her? Why do I remember her being hot at some point? Or am I mixing her up with someone else? Whatever the case, she looks haggard nowadays. Since anyone associated with the Kardashian clan seems to be married or knocked up lately, I’m expecting Brody and her to announce and engagement or pregnancy any minute. Feel sorry for their future kid. Eyes will be going every which way but straight ahead.

“The Ruins”

Still haven’t watched this past Wednesday’s episode, but if it’s anything like the first two, it’s TV gold. Wes is a one man wrecking crew. I hope at some point this season he doesn’t make up with his teammates and they all become buddies again. This show is infinitely better with Wes banging a member of the other team, while his ex fiancée is on his team trying to convince him that he better not throw more challenges, or she’s selling their house and keeping the money since her name is on title. Awesome. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. All the while, Johanna is now screwing Wes’ biggest enemy. If you’re not watching this show, you must. It is absolutely golden. All the challenges are taking a backseat this season to the Wes/Kelly Ann/Johanna/Kenny drama.

Not that I don’t think it was a genius call for casting her, but MTV definitely has a evil, dirty side to them. How else do you explain casting Shauvon on a show with physical challenges? C’mon. You know she’s only on this show for two reasons: to spread her legs for any guy that’s willing, and to pop one of her implants. Like they actually thought she could last in this game? Please. Every girl on that show either has the body of a tri-athlete, is 100lbs, or has no athletic ability but is a little pin-up slut. Shauvon is neither of those. And by the third episode, she’s face planting into the water bursting her enormous teet. Good for her. She seems to have found her calling in life. Other than ordering 5ths at the buffet.

I’ll have more to comment on this series in the next column that goes up. Probably my favorite reality show currently going right now. I hope that series never ends. They should do challenges until all those people are 50. And at any point if they want to give Wes or Kenny their own show once they get married, be my guest. Just tell me the time and day and I’ll set my TiVo. Although, something tells me we would inevitably get the, “Wes goes to jail” episode during that series. Or Wes commits murder.

Other Random Tidbits:

-I thought the “Office” wedding episode was one of the better wedding episodes ever pulled off. Usually those episodes don’t live up to the hype whatsoever, but that one was really, really good. The rip off of the You Tube wedding was a classic and fit perfect with the show. Great stuff. I’d kinda been down recently on the “Office” but that episode restored my faith.

-Best new show of the season? “Modern Family” on ABC. Another half hour comedy done in the faux-documentary style, but its surprisingly good. Watching all the promos before the season, I didn’t expect much. But the writing on that show is very clever, and the weenie husband is hilarious. It’s funny to see Penny from “Lost” on “Flash Forward” this season, and now Jack Sheppard’s wife is on “Modern Family”. When is Hurley gonna make his appearance on “Private Practice”?

-“Flash Forward” is another good new show, however, I’m worried that its got about one good season in it, and then will completely go sideways. I mean, after April 29th, 2010, where does the show go from there? Everything this season is leading up to that date. Seems like anything after that will be anti-climatic. We’ll see. Good stuff so far though.

-Less than 2 weeks until the best drama on TV returns: “Friday Night Lights”, Wednesday, Oct. 28th on Channel 101 of DirecTV. If you don’t have it, go get it, or else you’re probably gonna be waiting til next summer to watch season 4. Even though characters are graduating and we’ll be seeing less and less of some of our favorites, the show has always been built around Coach Taylor and his wife. So with him at a new school, and her still working at Dillon, should get interesting this season.

-Lastly, I need to discuss Balloon Boy. Glad the kid is ok and all, but geez. What a circus that was. If you don’t follow me on Twitter (, my thoughts are this: Building balloon space crafts for fun and being storm chasers is not normal. So tell this father to stop getting offended that people are asking if this was a hoax. You like driving into the eye of storms while filming, you’ve already appeared on reality TV twice, and you named your kid Falcon for god sakes. How are we supposed to take you seriously?

-At least Falcon brought a little humor to the situation this morning when Meredith Vieria was trying to be serious, and the kid decided it was time to show everyone what he had for breakfast this morning. Awesome. The puking happens right around the 5:58 mark. I love the fact that NBC zooms in on the kid puking, then only after he gets sick a 2nd time do they realize, “Yeah, maybe we shouldn’t be showing this.” You stay classy, “Today” show. Here’s the video:

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Ok, that’s all for this week. I’ll be back in the next couple weeks with more stuff, as well as a podcast with Eliza Orlins discussing “Survivor” and other things. Join me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter by scrolling over to the right hand column and clicking the respective link. Any questions, comments, praises, criticisms, feedback, or love for all that is Reality Steve, email me at Until next time.



  1. mja

    October 16, 2009 at 12:07 PM

    The interpretations of Jake’s comments are hilarious!

    I was baffled by this quote, though: “I want to meet these girls, and I want to fall in love and let them down as gently as possible at the end.” What???? He’s in love, but then lets them down???? I wonder whether this was a misquote?

    I’m not yet sure if I will watch the whole series. In the past I’ve usually waited for the last few episodes and only watched those. But I did watch all of Jake’s and Jillian’s… that may have been enough!

    About DWTS… Yes, Aaron Carter has been very annoying, and his dancing has been disappointing as well. So far, Mya looks like the best of the celebs, and so far nobody has consistently given her any competition.

  2. mja

    October 16, 2009 at 12:09 PM

    Whoops, I meant I watched Jason’s and Jillian’s seasons all the way through.

  3. Coach10

    October 16, 2009 at 1:52 PM

    I find it funny that Survivor has produced more successful relationships than The Bachelor/ette has.

  4. Jordan

    October 16, 2009 at 2:00 PM

    That’s hysterical! Yeah, you’re right. Survivor HAS produced more successful relationships.

  5. mjv

    October 16, 2009 at 6:45 PM

    Steve – your bachelor comments were so funny and on the mark that my stomach is hurting from laughing so much! keep em comin!

  6. Kate

    October 19, 2009 at 4:45 PM

    Though I actually like Jake, and don’t find him quite as boring and fake as everybody else, I can’t help but laugh at your comments. My mom and I watch the show for a good laugh, and last season was just…well- a bonding experience. But Steve, He totally bashed ABC and you didn’t comment?
    “I want to go in fresh. I know that they are making a show that ultimately doesn’t have anything to do with my goals.”
    I took that as “Yeah, I’m well aware that this show has nothing to do with finding love, but I’m here anyways”. Which is stupid on his part, but also really funny. Way to bite the hand that’s feeding you!
    Thoughts, oh powerful Steve?

  7. jlj

    October 21, 2009 at 2:14 PM

    Okay, I just have to comment on your take on The Hills…I think you are waaay off on how wonderful this new season is! I didn’t watch Laguna Beach so I honestly had no real opinion on Kristin Cavallari. If anything, I was looking forward to watching to see what she’s all about. I tuned in for about 3 episodes and I honestly think this season is even more boring than ever. I don’t see how you can say Lauren was so boring when all I’ve seen Kristin do is prance around and flirt with other people’s boyfriends. Sorry, I think that storyline is old. And apparently a lot of people agree since The Hills has lost about a third of its viewers since Lauren left. So “dumping” Lauren (which isn’t even accurate since she left on her own) and adding Kristin may not have been the best decision MTV made after all.

  8. owl

    October 21, 2009 at 9:33 PM

    Scumbag [excuse me: Jason] & Melaneyed have gotten engaged it seems. Here’s the link to the latest info on that courtesy of People mag:

    Wow. I wonder how much they are being paid to do this so they can be only the SECOND married couple for the franchise. I wouldn’t put anything in the fakery dept past ABC. Nothing is too low, it seems, even fraudulent marriages…

    The timing is about right since we’re probably due for yet another snoozer season of lies, betrayals and false drama.

    So grease up your pencil Reality Steve! LOL.

  9. ThatIsAll

    October 22, 2009 at 5:02 PM

    Steve, I have to thank you, now I feel better. I kept wondering if I was the only person who was bothered by that massive vein on Aaron Carter’s head!! Its like all I can look at every time they show him on the screen, waiting for it to explode! One night they had his bangs combed forward and I was like, “thank goodness, I don’t have to look at it.”

    Seriously, I don’t feel so alone now. That thing really was bugging me lmao!

  10. magda

    October 22, 2009 at 5:30 PM

    What I would REALLY like is if they would DUMP Chris Harrison and replace him with Tom Bergeron. Can you imagine how funny the interviews would be with him involved? TB improves any show he’s involved with. Chris brings NOTHING to the show.

  11. mjv

    October 28, 2009 at 6:18 AM

    Dude, where you been? I’m dyin’ to hear your comments about Leave it to Lamas!

  12. gbear123

    October 28, 2009 at 8:01 AM

    I cant wait to hear what you have to say about Molly and Jason being newly engaged….do you think they will actually make it to the altar?

  13. mja

    October 30, 2009 at 11:18 AM

    And how long will Aaron Carter survive on Dancing With the Stars?

  14. Hellcat

    November 30, 2009 at 11:05 PM

    Steve – where are you? I have been waiting for your thoughts on the whole Dancing With The Stars travesty. ABC lost me on The Bachelor with the whole Jason/Melissa/Molly situation and I think they may have just done me in with DWTS. You hear anything on behind-the-scenes stuff there? Any ideas on rumors about “producer emails” to the pro dancers that may be “influencing” the songs and routines in a particular way? Supposedly Louis Van Amstel was going to say something during an interview and Carrie Ann interrupted and shut him up. Would love to hear what you think, know, or just suspect. Miss you!!

  15. Aussie Chick

    December 15, 2009 at 7:31 PM

    I can understand what Coach10 is saying…

    I feel the reason that there is more successful relationships from Survivor rather than The Bachelor/ette is that they have toughed it out together, seen the good and bad of each other and have not been given fancy dates, dinners, etc handed to them. At the end of the day, I feel they know more about the person as they are just about with them 24/7 (sleeping, eating, working together as a team).

    Don’t see the American version of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in Australia…but go Kym Johnson (with Donny Osmond). I also hope Kelly Osbourne does well too!!

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