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Spoilers for the rest of the season & the truth behind the “Rozlyn” scandal

Before we get to the spoilers, I want to touch on two quick things that I planned on talking about in yesterday’s column unless I got wind of all the Rozlyn stuff. Namely, Jake contradicting himself before the season even started, and Chris Harrison lying to everyone. Again. First lets start with Chris. On Moday, posted an interview they did with him that you can read by clicking here. Most importantly I’m referring to this answer he gave when asked about the Jason/Molly/Melissa fiasco:

On the Bachelor breakup heard round the world:”With Jason and Melissa, did she know they were going to break up? No. Did she know something was wrong? Obviously she’s half of a relationship. She’s not an idiot. But she didn’t know what was about to happen. So that was a very genuine moment. In that situation I understand how it looked to America. Like, beautiful proposal, and then we’re in a studio and it’s all falling apart. But for us it was a six-month period. I know people think we are so full of it, but when I was there [at the proposal] it was as real as it could be. I flew home from New Zealand going, ‘That’s going to make a beautiful cover of a magazine.’ You couldn’t get any better – why would you want to eff with that?”

Ok, why is Chris Harrison lying 9 months after the fact that Melissa didn’t know they were going to break up? “She didn’t know what was about to happen.” WHAT???!!! Chris, this isn’t even insider information. When Melissa went on “Ellen” afterwards, she admitted her and Jason were already broken up. Jason admitted publicly to several media outlets as well that they were already broken up and Melissa knew it. Something he reiterated to me in our conversation. So if the host of this show for 19 seasons, still can’t get his story straight in arguably the biggest scandal the show has had, why are we supposed to believe anything else that comes out of his mouth? It’s public knowledge now that Jason and Melissa were already broken up at the time of the ATFR 1 taping, they’ve both admitted it. Yet the host of the show still wants to convince people they weren’t? Seriously, I’d love for Chris to explain himself here because I can’t imagine he still believe they were still a couple when they walked on stage that night.

As for Jake, the one answer he keeps giving about why he feels this concept of the “Bachelor” works (despite the track record of being an enormous failure), is that he constantly keeps referring to the job casting does in finding the perfect 25 people. They did it for Jillian, and they did it for him. On “Regis and Kelly” Monday, he made it a point to say how they really spend so much time with you, that they know you so well, they cast the best 25 applicants out there. Specifically, he talked about what a great job they did for Jillian. Ummmm Jake, you haven’t stopped running your mouth since the show ended about how Wes and how he had a girlfriend and he was there for the wrong reasons and he edit was 100% accurate. So which is it? You can’t have it both ways. Obviously casting didn’t do that great of job with Jillian since one of the guys, according to you, never should’ve been there in the first place. Not only Wes, but even in your season opening blog on, you talk about how Dave Goode’s edit was 100% accurate as well. So before you go praising casting for the amazing job they do, remember what’s already come out of your mouth. Totally contradicting yourself.

Ok, we are now going to get into the SPOILERS portion of this season. Just to be clear, and to give people plenty of time to look away and go read some other message board giving false information, I will now divulge how the final four breaks down along with some other details. You can choose to believe what other sites are presenting, that’s fine. Once again, kinda like the Jason/Molly/Melissa news that I broke, technically I won’t be proven right until the season ends and these people are eliminated in the order I’m about to give. But what I’m about to report is NOT A GUESS, it’s fact. This is what I’ve been told, and I have no reason to believe otherwise. Ready? Here we go. I think some of you, in fact most of you, will be surprised by Jake’s final choice. I sure was.


-In this Monday’s episode, there will two group dates, and one 1-on-1 date. The group dates are to Magic Mountain and an “In Style” photo shoot. Rozlyn gets the rose on the “In Style” group date, Elizabeth gets the rose on the Magic Mountain group date, and Ali gets the 1-on-1, where she too gets a rose.

-In the third episode, there is a group date to Jon Lovitz’ comedy club in Hollywood, which I told you about a couple months ago. Crazy ass Michelle is on that group date, and at that point, Jake has kissed every girl who is on that group date at some point. Michelle finds out about this, confronts him with it, asks him to kiss her, he does, and then replies with some sort of “That’s all I get?” Michelle is then done after the comedy club date. Not quite clear if she just leaves at that point, or if she doesn’t get a rose at the ceremony, but she is gone after episode three.

-Also in the third episode, Ella gets a 1-on-1 date at Sea World with her son and Jake. A date, coincidentally, that was originally planned for Rozlyn and her 7 year old son. Ella does not receive a rose at the end of this date and is sent packing. I’m hearing Jake essentially tells her she should be with her son, and not him. Ouch.

-At some point this season, Jake has a 2-on-1 date and sends both girls home. Don’t know when it occurs or who the two girls are, but neither gets a rose. That I know. If I find out about who’s on that date, I’ll report it in a later column.

-Ok, now for what you’ve been waiting for. Your final four are: Tenley, Gia, Ali, and Vienna. I’m hearing Ali voluntarily leaves the show at this point for, I think, work related reasons. Whatever the case, she’s eliminated after the home town dates.

-Final three are then Tenley, Gia, and Vienna. Gia gets sent home after the overnight dates.

-Which leaves the final two of Tenley and Vienna. And in what has not been reported anywhere else, Vienna is Jake’s final choice. Are they engaged? Not sure. But he does choose her in the end over Tenley. I’m guessing he proposed, but not sure. I’d say that’s kind of a surprise because Vienna doesn’t really seem to be someone that anyone thinks of as a favorite right now. Well, she is. She’s the final one.

So that’s the rest of your season. There will be doubters, there will be people from other boards asking me where I got my info, etc. It doesn’t matter where I got it from. I know what I know. This is how the final four shakes out. I didn’t base this off screencaps or facebook accounts or anything like that. This was told to me as what happens the rest of the season and I believe it to be 100% true. The next 6-7 weeks will prove me correct.

“Rozlyn Scandal”

This Rozlyn scandal has many more depths to it than I originally thought, and things can probably be explained a little more in detail to help understand better, but here’s the basic facts on how it was told to me:

Rozlyn is a 28 year old single mom. Her son is 7 years old. One of the big reasons Rozlyn came on the show is because she was promised that she’d be able to talk to her son every day, and they would eventually fly him out. This never happened. (Remember, the same thing happened to Megan Parris from Jason’s season. Her son wasn’t even a year and a half old, and she left to do the show because they told her the same thing. Apparently this show really gets off on lying to single mothers to get them on the show). Well, Rozlyn’s ex-husband never signed the release form for her son to be shown on TV, which is why we never see him and why she never ends up getting the 1-on-1 date at Sea World with was originally planned for her.

What does this have to do with the scandal? From what I’m told, a big contention in the house the night before next week’s rose ceremony (which remember Rozlyn already secured a rose for on her group date), is that Rozlyn was told by producers, “Do NOT tell Jake about your son yet. Not now. Save it for later.” However, on one hand they’re telling Rozlyn not to tell Jake about her son (even though she’s already talked about it with all the women in the house), but when the other women go in for their ITM’s (1-on-1’s with the camera), the producers are asking them, “Hey, so what do you think about Rozlyn not telling Jake about her son?”, just so they can get a reaction. Well, one of the girls tells Rozlyn she was just asked about this in her ITM and it set Rozlyn off. Apparently she had a melt down in the kitchen that won’t be shown, because she’s going off about not being able to see her son, that the show is lied to her, and she wants out. At this point they realize they need to get rid of her somehow.

Thus the “scandal” storyline is put in motion. One of the producers in the house apparently took a very strong interest in Rozlyn. Spent more time with her than any of the other girls, confided in her, and basically started to fall for her. Well, when Rozlyn receives her rose on Monday’s episode during the group date, a lot of the girls in the house were noticing this producer and Rozlyn’s flirtatious behavior towards each other, saw Rozlyn gets a rose, and started becoming suspicious. From there I was told, this producer was confronted by somebody, and ADMITTED that he basically had fallen for Rozlyn which, in the context of the show, is considered “inappropriate behavior”. Yes, you can talk with them. Yes, you can become their friend. But if you start to develop feelings for one of them, technically that’s compromising your work, and it can be labeled “inappropriate behavior”. However, while this producer admitted this, he NEVER admits that he and Rozlyn had any type of sexual affair. Never kissed, never had sex, never did anything of the such. Well, it didn’t matter at this point cuz boom! They’ve got their storyline now.

Since the girls in the house were already suspicious of Rozlyn and this producer’s flirtatious behavior, that’s why you hear a voice over of Ashley Elmore say, “She’s having a sexual relation with someone in the Bachelor house.” Never happened. The ONLY time you will hear “sex” or “sexual relations” will be when it’s coming from one of the other girls, because at that point, it’s speculation. You been reading Chris Harrison’s quotes? He’s yet to use the word “sexual affair”. He can’t, since it never happened. So they were flirting, the producer admitted to falling for her, but there was never any physical contact. But once he admitted that, he was good as done. They fired him.

So after they fired the producer, the day of the rose ceremony, psychiatrists, lawyers, etc get involved because they have to make 100% sure that they say the right things on camera. Since I haven’t seen the episode yet, I don’t know the exact words, but basically Chris Harrison tells Rozlyn 1-on-1 (in the most dramatic way of course), something like “for the first time in Bachelor history, we’re going to have to let you go for having an inappropriate relationship with someone on the show.” He tells her, she’s escorted immediately to her room to pack, and is taken off the show. Then I guess Chris tells Jake, then the rest of the girls. And that’s when the, “It must be because they were having a sexual relationship” talk begins. So sure, as long as the girls talk about it, ABC is clear, because at that point its just speculation. They can’t prove it because there is no proof. It never happened. But, in order to create drama and ratings, they can INSINUATE that “inappropriate behavior” = sex. Hell, most people will probably still think it happened. But notice there won’t be any proof other than the other girls in the house saying there was flirting and Rozlyn was getting preferential treatment by this producer. Which is grounds for firing because he’s not allowed to favor any one girl over the other. And apparently not only did he do that to Rozlyn, but admitted to starting to fall for her. So he was let go.

The ironic thing about all of this is Chris Harrison saying in a radio interview (that you can read here) “it was embarrassing for us, incredibly unfortunate, and horrible decisions were made.” So if it’s so embarrassing for you guys, why are you about to throw two people under the bus and insinuate a sexual relationship when there wasn’t one? Ratings. They know this will get people talking and tune in. Which is fine. But just remember when you do, it’ll all be speculation from the women in the house, and anything you hear out of Chris Harrison’s mouth will never mention anything about a “sexual affair”. He’ll stick with “inappropriate behavior”, or “relations”. Those are much safer because it’s open for interpretation. Well, the interpretation they want the viewers to make is “sex scandal”. What really happened is a producer confided in a contestant things he shouldn’t have, fell for her, and was fired because of it.

So that’s how it was explained to me in a nutshell. Well I guess not a nutshell since it took me 6 paragraphs to explain. I was told when Rozlyn left the show, she figured her exit would be explained as something minor, and it wouldn’t be made a big deal out of. Well, I guess maybe since the rest of the season is so boring, they decided to go with the “lets insinuate a sexual affair between a contestant and crewmember” angle. Hey! That’s never been done before. So there you have it. Once again, you may choose to believe otherwise, but this is the real story to behind what you are going to see Monday night, so just keep an open mind about it when you’re watching. The fact that ABC/Next Entertainment would try to go after ratings at the expense of a single mother and producer just goes to show what type of people we’re dealing with here. Someone is out of a job, and someone was lied to so that they could get her on their stupid show. Ridiculous. Kinda lends a little more credibility to what Megan Parris told us last season, doesn’t it? I can’t wait for Chris Harrison’s blog next week where he claims he’ll talk about it more. Just wait for it because he’ll tell you nothing. Everything will just “allude” to a sexual affair with no proof whatsoever.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a couple more things, but I’ve literally been immersed in this story the last 48 hours gathering details, answering emails, and talking on the phone. I need a break. So maybe it’ll be Thursday, not sure. But I’m sure that’ll hold you over for the time being. Trust me, I’m working on trying to get a hold of Rozlyn to see if she will tell her side of things, or at least confirm what I’ve been told. I’m guessing she will, it’s just a matter of when. It’ll probably be much easier to reach her after Monday’s episode airs, but I can all but assure you (just like Wes last season), ABC is not gonna let her get out there on their network to say, “None of this happened. It’s all a storyline.” She’ll have to find that outlet somewhere else. And what perfect place other than right here at Rozlyn, just know we’d like to hear your side at any time. I’ll keep you updated. Remember, any questions, comments, emails, praises, criticisms, email me at Join me on Twitter at: Or become a friend on Facebook by clicking the link down the right hand column under “My Stuff”. Talk to you later.



  1. benthere

    January 8, 2010 at 6:36 PM


    I am a teacher and Rozlyn’s son goes to the elementary school where I teach. Her son was in the classroom across from mine last year. He DOES NOT have special needs. I think it is awful that he is being portrayed this way. He is a normal, happy, 7 year old boy (WHEN HE IS WITH HIS FATHER). Rozlyn is not a devoted mother. Drops him off late, without his needed things, is the last to pick him up each day, etc. Any father would be crazy to sign a release for their son to be showcased on the Bachelor. Any devoted mother knows that this show does not have a track record for love. She is a beautiful woman and is going to get so much publicity from this all. The school is in a very wealthy close-knit community where people are appalled at the way this is being portrayed. As you could see by her facial expressions last Monday night…she does not want to be there for the right reasons.

  2. gwasshopper

    January 8, 2010 at 6:43 PM

    Vienna????? Now I know why “nice guy” Jake finishes last – he’s dumb as dirt. #1 for even going on the show & #2, let me repeat… Vienna??????

  3. gj

    January 8, 2010 at 8:11 PM

    Two comments: 1st – Vienna? I thought he wanted someone “real”…..
    2nd – I guess Jillian didn’t get it wrong when she sent him home.

  4. DallasMs

    January 8, 2010 at 9:29 PM

    Sophia Kay..let me assure you..I know Steve personally. I can ASSURE you…he is the real deal. Just sit back…watch the season progress..and you’ll see that what he states…is fact.

    No need to argue the point…we’ll just sit back and see that what Steve says is true.

  5. glamourcat

    January 9, 2010 at 1:16 AM

    Well Steve, looks like Ken Doll Jake is doing a little damage control on US Magazine! Shocker! Here is the link if you want to read the article. Thanks for filling us in. I love your humor, it’s always irritating to me that people believe everything they see. I have a girlfriend who graduated with Chris and I asked her to confirm all of the Melissa scoop last year. I knew then you were the real deal!

  6. lkk

    January 9, 2010 at 7:01 PM

    reality steve, you are da bomb. I just love watching these abc fools spin in response to ytour season spoilers. Thanks for what you do, man.

  7. glittergirl11

    January 9, 2010 at 10:49 PM

    Im from imperial nebraska..where elizabeth is from and the talk around town is she makes it to the final 3

  8. happybunny09

    January 10, 2010 at 2:51 PM

    The person slagging RS for not revealing his sources, are you kidding me?

    Do the names Woodward/Bernstein and Deep Throat ring a bell? Journalists have gone to jail to protect sources even recently. Is this on the same level no but people could lose their jobs over this. Not our problem if ABC neither inspires loyalty or figured out how to make their ship leak proof.

    The other reality is this show deserves to be exposed – we all enjoy VH1 dating reality shows which are almost unabashedly fake so you can enjoy fake reality/comedy – it is just not fair when a show pretending to be sincere hurts innocent people in its chase for ratings and perpetuates fake fairy tales for the people who still just don’t get it. I think they need to see an actual hidden camera expose and even then they might not get it but for every one person whose eyes are opened, that’s progress, ha ha. Come on Dateline, have we got an assignment for you. Get yourself a hot staffer to make it onto the show and will you have a ratings hit you can milk for several weeks. Make people forget that Leno/Conan fiasco.

  9. jorgiegirl

    January 10, 2010 at 8:21 PM

    been following steve for three seasons. since we know the ending, my prediction is that the rest of this miserable affair will be spent trying to figure out who his snitch is.

    to quote a line from dwight shrute in a recent (rerun)of The Office, “it’s who you most suspect, or least expect.” in that case, i’m going out a limb to implicate…..chris harrison.

    chris has to play it straight to abc and the media or he’d be out of a job…and steve can’t divulge his source or HE’D be out of a job (if you can call this gig a job).

  10. jcrew617

    January 10, 2010 at 10:00 PM

    Hmm, I wonder who is source is, it might be his new BFF and fellow fleis-hater country musician. Someone who is brash and unafraid and keeps in touch with his castmembers who are friends with Jake. Someone who might not presently have a girlfriend.

  11. jorgiegirl

    January 10, 2010 at 10:28 PM

    @jcrew617 – country musician was not around for bach 13 jason. this is the question: who would be a “constant” throughout the seasons that would rub elbows with every cast member? fleis? not likely. anyone in one of the episodes? not likely they’d have the goods across 3 seasons (4 if you count the previous to which i understand steve had knowledge). the way steve bashes chris, is it likely he’d be a suspect? not likely…but very possible. both stand to lose if implicated in such a scheme.

  12. sherivannote

    January 11, 2010 at 3:12 AM

    We are aware that we are watching a reality show. I am not sure why you continue to slam and put down Jake. Jake is refreshing, wholesome and sweet. Maybe that may bore some people, but it is a lot more appealing than someone like “Reality Steve” that looks sleazy and low class. What is your claim to fame, that you happen to know somone that is betraying their employer by repeating private information. I am not saying ABC has high standards, but you don’t either. Jake is a descent guy, you look like you need a really long shower…………..

  13. babyfat101

    January 11, 2010 at 10:25 AM

    jake’s mom? what are YOU doing here??

  14. happybunny09

    January 11, 2010 at 11:32 AM

    Sheri dearest you speak way way too soon. Just wait and see how Fleiss throws your dear boy under the bus by the end of the show and sadly it appears Jake at least has willingly gone along with the schtick. If he chose you know who as F1 he was clearly thrown under the bus – they must be wildly re-editing now to make the F1 look palatable. She would have been 25 if I had been asked to make up a list of the top 25, even crazy Michelle [the actress we are now discovering] would have ranked higher.

    Just ask Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski who were clearly set up by Fleiss and the other producers. They not only knew about Ed and his girlfriends, but rumour has it, encouraged his contact – after all no one in the history of the show had ever been allowed unprecedented access to a laptop and a cellphone. And Fleiss et al were likely the ones that tipped off US Weekly to the scandal in the first place, to be unfurled at the right moment. You don’t think ABC could have kiboshed that scandal if they really wanted to but the whole season was edited
    to lead up to the post show scandal. Making Jillian look like a fool, ha ha, she ended up picking the real guy with the girlfriends, not Wes, and making Ed look like slimbeball.

    When you look at it objectively it was a brilliant plan – I think Ed inadvertently gave the producers the material to work with but it was brilliant. The post finale scandal kept a degree of attention on the show and JED right up until the new season started.

  15. zombie_hands

    January 11, 2010 at 5:17 PM

    Vienna?!? Jake needs someone dumber than him. I’m watching this season purely as a comedy. I can’t imagine all those women are looking for love when they all came out of the car with props. I was waiting for one to flash her boob at him and say, “want to see more, find me inside”. That’s going to happy one day folks!

  16. thewipf

    January 13, 2010 at 12:07 AM

    where’s Steve?

  17. Curmudgeon

    January 19, 2010 at 3:10 AM

    Steve has only made one prediction error so far, to wit:

    “-Also in the third episode, Ella gets a 1-on-1 date at Sea World with her son and Jake. A date, coincidentally, that was originally planned for Rozlyn and her 7 year old son. Ella does not receive a rose at the end of this date and is sent packing. I’m hearing Jake essentially tells her she should be with her son, and not him. Ouch.”

    It turns out Ella was awarded a rose and stayed.

    Oh well, almost always right still is a fine track record.

  18. PMG

    January 20, 2010 at 10:40 AM

    Ella is still there…where do you get your incorrect info, I hope that idiot Vienna is the next to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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