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Interview from Last Night, plus, Some News on the “Women Tell All” & Tenley’s Ex

Here is the interview I did last night with the website It’s about an hour and a half long, and there were some technical difficulties here and there, but all in all, a good time. Thanks to everyone who called in a participated. I appreciate it. We’ll be doing it again soon. To listen, all you have to do is click the play button on the screen. Enjoy…

Or, try going to this link to listen in there as well:

A couple notes to update people on:

The “Women Tell All” taping is this weekend in LA. Ali will be there, as I’m assuming Gia will as well. However, the latest I’m hearing is that Chris Harrison is gonna get his wish, and somehow they’ve convinced Rozlyn to make an appearance. Oh boy. Just like Wes last season, I have a feeling Rozlyn is in a lose-lose situation. If she didn’t show up, people would say she’s running from the show because she’s guilty. If she is there, they are going to edit the hell out of her and in no way are they gonna let her side of the story get out. Impossible. Won’t happen. I feel bad for her because she’s walking into a lion’s den, but I guess I’ll wait to reserve judgment until after it airs. Doesn’t look good though. They are setting her up to probably look even worse than they did on the show. I guarantee they are splicing together footage right now of her “admitting” to something totally unrelated to the “physical relationship”, but they’ll make it seem like she was actually admitting there was something going on. That’s what they’re paid to do. This could get ugly.

Of course, four women have had their conference calls with the media after their exit from the show (Ashley E., Michelle, Ella, and Corrie) and all of them admitted they never saw any physical relationship between Rozlyn and Ryan. Yet Chris Harrison says it was “brazen and everyone knew about it”. ABC will spin it to continue along with their side of the story. Rozlyn should just turn the interview around on Chris and start asking him questions regarding what he knows, since he knows nothing. He’s not there 90% of the time. However, even if she does that, only the studio audience will be able to hear what she says. That taping takes a good 6-8 hours, and they give us an edited 100 minutes or so for television. No way they’re gonna let Rozlyn get the upper hand. The funny thing is, I’m actually in California this weekend. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll sneak my way into the taping. Think that’ll get all their panties in a bunch? Who knows?

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  1. karti

    February 15, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    Not to pound the same point but somewhere along the way some people have to grasp it…
    Nowhere on the show thus far has it been mentioned that Ali works for Facebook and Ali has never stated in on air that she works for Facebook; thus far Facebook is not getting any official publicity for it.
    Regardless of when Ali began her job (or how she got it–nice misogynistic attitude, K15; I suppose every pretty girl got the job of her dreams by sleeping with the higher ups?) Most likely it is her vacation time ( 2-3 weeks) an outfit like FB would have good benefits as part of their package. Ali doesn’t have to tell her job what she is doing on her vacation (do you?) and what RS said sounds plausible: she hoped that she would not have to chose. How may of us have been in a similar situation where we hoped the consequences wouldn’t force a choice or that ‘everything would work itself out’? My God, many people here make it sound like she and FB were in cahoots together.

    I don’t believe Ali left because she thought Jake would choose Vienna over her. I think she found a job she loves (which is something very few people have) and she had to make a choice, given the 1 and 4 chance and the fact that Jake didn’t (or could not) say she would be final one, she made the best choice. (It’s always better to be the one who walks away…instead of being booted).

    However, Ali probably told Facebook where she was and what she was doing at the end of her vacation when she was given the ultimatum–hoping they would say ‘go ahead and stay”. Perhaps since that happened ABC approached FB with a deal such as Ali will be the next bachelorette and ABC and FB worked out some deal… something beneficial to both of them and Ali was most likely just the pawn. Yes, while seeking fame but probably a bit hopeful for love too ( because? when it comes down to it, regardless of the fame they all seek, everyone would like to find a little love too. It is amazing so many forget this is an extraordinary human drive behind a lot of decisions and choices. A lot people seem to thing there is some dark, devious mechanism behind Ali’s choices–it can’t be that black and white regardless how fake the show is.

  2. karti

    February 15, 2010 at 2:26 PM

    Carrythe0 :
    I already responded to yr first point bz RS also latched onto it in his new post. Regarding not being able to tell their employers what they’re doing, that may be true but if you think all the contestants honor that, well… wanna buy a bridge in London?

    Really? Well yes I do, since one American has already bought the London Bridge and brought it to the US ( at Lake Havasu AZ). It’s the London Bridge from the 1820’s and was bought in the 1960-1970’s or so. If you wait long enough you may be able to buy the next London Bridge when they pull that one down.

    Ali most likely did not tell her employer what she was doing (if it was in the contract for secrecy) and may have only told them what she was doing when given the ultimatum, hoping they would allow her to stay longer.

    But you may be correct about some contestants–Vienna is the type of contestant that would probably not honor it– but given that she is unemployed,,,it didn’t matter.

  3. Carrythe0

    February 16, 2010 at 3:55 PM

    Not sure why I am bothering to respond in this old post, especially when I’ve already addressed these issues. Really it’s just to point out that the “bridge in London” is a well-known sarcastic retort implying gullibility, made ironic by the actual purchase of said bridge. It’s all the more ironic that it was lost on you. BTW, fairygirl can help you with some simple internet searches if you want to pin down the actual date of sale of the London Bridge.

    As I’ve already said, at least one source (New York Magazine) has reported that Ali told her boss where she was going for vacation. And finally, people have no trouble “grasping” that FB has not been mentioned on the show. Their “official” publicity does not come from the show but from internet buzz about their contestant.

  4. kathimcgraw

    February 17, 2010 at 11:24 AM

    Attention all Reality Steve fans: I am starting a campaign to get The Bonnie Hunt Show to bring RS on for a guest interview. They make fun of The Bachelor every week in their recap, pointing out how ridiculous & phony it is. I’ve already sent them an email with the request. Here is the link
    Unfortunately, her show is getting canceled this May, so she has nothing to lose by having RS on for an expose. It would be great if we can get him on a show with a nationally televised audience!

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