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American Idol Recap – 4/20/10 & the “Bachelorette” Scandal This Season

Reports out late last week that earlier this season, Crystal Bowersox was depressed and thinking of quitting the competition and Seacrest somehow talked her off the ledge. Whatever. Is that back when after one of her performances she just decided to sit down on stage? I thought that was kinda odd and don’t remember too many people talking about it. I understand that once you make the final 12, your life is basically thrown into a whirlwind. All this attention you’re not used to, media appearances, pressure from fans and friends, stupid Ford videos to shoot every week, plus learn a new song to sing in front of 25 million – definitely isn’t easy. With that said, suck it up Crystal. You’re being given the opportunity of lifetime. Quitting because of exhaustion and missing your family? Really? You were strumming your guitar in subways looking like a homeless person nine months and now look where you are. Probably not gonna get too many people feeling sorry for you at this point. Regardless of if you win or not, your life completely changed the minute you made the Top 12. Chances are you’re gonna get a record deal, which basically never would’ve happened if it weren’t for the show. Be grateful to be where you are. On that happy note, on to the performances:

Casey James, “Don’t Stop”: Before the judges even spoke, my notes said, “Aren’t most of his performances exactly the same?” Way too much guitar, not enough singing, and this was one of the most boring, bland, unoriginal performances he gave. It screamed “average” the whole time he was up there. He was definitely in Huey Lewis voice last night. For some reason, he sounded like he did when he sang “Power of Love”. Other weeks I didn’t notice that. Last night I did. Randy nailed it when he said he doesn’t seem to be getting better but just staying the course, and Simon in his sweater vest (is that a first for him in 9 seasons?) was dead on as well. Just didn’t do anything with the song and it’s not a performance people will give a crap about tomorrow. Especially after Lee went right after him.

Lee DeWyze, “The Boxer”: Can’t say I’m much of a Simon and Garfunkel fan. Never heard the song, but he definitely sounded like he knew what was doing. Like the judges said, compare what he did to the crap that Casey did, and it’s not a comparison. Inspiration Week was the theme, and Casey’s up there playing an upbeat song like he’s gigging in Fort Worth on a Saturday night. That made no sense. I was really surprised with a few of the song choices tonight. I thought we were gonna get seven ballads. I mean, it was Inspiration Week. Usually that constitutes someone singing a slower paced song that builds into something big. Casey thought it was 80’s cover band week. Sorry to pick on you dude and your awful ponytail, but hey, gotta call it like I see it. Good job, Lee. I can see you’re smiling a little more than usual. Someone must’ve spiked your orange juice.

Tim Urban, “Better Days”: T-Urb was his usual self this week. Not very eventful, a rather boring song, and completely unoriginal. Other than that, he should be cutting an album next week. Want to take a minute to discuss the website that most people believe is responsible for Tim still being on the show, and that’s If you haven’t heard of it, essentially it’s a website that tells everyone to vote for who they think is the worst so he’ll stick around. Every time a bad singer sticks around longer than usual, they think it’s their website that’s the reason. Not quite. First off, there’s no possible way to actually prove that to be the case, so why promote it? You’d have to personally interview every single person who picked up a phone or texted in for Tim and ask them, “Hey, did you do this because you read it on” Please. Secondly, if their goal is to keep the worst singer around every week, and they want to take credit for it, then wouldn’t their bad singers that they promote win every season? So Tim Urban gets eliminated in Week 6 instead of Week 3, and now this site thinks they’re solely responsible for that? Probably not. Do they have a small fan base who are lemmings and do whatever their website says? Sure. But when that many millions of votes are cast every week, do you honestly think it’s because of that website? If you do, then prove it. You can’t either way, so why is the site even relevant?

Aaron Kelly, “I Believe I Can Fly”: You mean “I Believe I Can Fly” was sung on Inspiration Week? No way! Probably the song that’s been performed the most times live since this show began. I thought this song was much, much too big for Aaron. He tried his best, it was actually not nearly as horrendous as I thought it would be, but once again, it didn’t have me coming out of my seat. Nor should it have had that effect for anyone else. As I said last week, we pretty much know who the final three or so will be. We’ve seen them perform live for over 8 weeks now. We know what these kids are capable of and Crystal, Lee, and Michael are just better singers and performers than the other four. I don’t think I’m really going out on a limb there saying that.

Siobhan Magnus, “When You Believe”: I’ve figured it out. I know what it is about her that drives me batty. Remember last week I said I can’t stand the faces she makes when she sings? Here’s the best way I can describe. Bear with me here. Picture someone standing behind a window. Like a bedroom window or something that you can open up to let air in. Now picture that person opening up the window, but it only opens half way. And then the person behind the window has to sing a song getting her whole head out the window while she sings. That’s what Siobhan looks like to me when she’s singing. Like she’s having to stick her neck out of a half open window. My mind works differently than others most of the time.

Michael Lynche, “Hero”: Didn’t really like it. And the fact that the judges were running out of time to critique and just zipped through might not help him either. He definitely took a step back this week. But I sure bet he wanted to bang Alicia Keys when he saw her. Man, is she attractive. Of course, she’s no Ke$ha. Ha ha…I’m kidding. Yes, I understand that Ke$ha is basically a Lady Gaga wannabe, but I do find something intriguing about her. Yet I have absolutely no clue what it is. Her songs are catchy as sh**. Total bubble gum music, but still, very very catchy. Did you see her on SNL this weekend? That tic-tock song is still ringing in my ears 24 hours a day, yet, I have no idea if I hate it or kinda like it. Just like Ke$ha. I guess this shall remain a mystery.

Crystal Bowersox, “People Get Ready”: I liked it. I know the song meant a lot to her and seeing her dad was emotional, but one of the few times in this show’s history I can remember someone not making it through the end of their song during the live performance due to tears. Happens all the time on the results show when they get booted as they get shake voice at some point during the song. But she basically didn’t sing the last line because she couldn’t. I figured the judges would eat that up, and they did. Now, I’m not saying she should’ve been penalized for it, because she shouldn’t have, I’m just saying she kinda needs to hold it together a little better.

Reality Steve’s Top 3 Performances:

1. Lee DeWyze
2. Crystal Bowersox
3. No one. Lee and Crystal were that much better than everyone else

Reality Steve’s Bottom 3 Performances:

1. Casey James
2. Michael Lynche
3. Tim Urban

Reality Steve’s Bottom 3 Prediction:

1. Casey James
2. Michael Lynche
3. Tim Urban

Reality Steve’s prediction of who’ll get eliminated: As I’ve said for the last three weeks, I’ll keep sticking with Tim until he’s gone. The only thing I’m wondering that they might pull since tonight is “Idol Gives Back” is if they do what they did during the first year of this charity show. And that’s because it was such an emotional night, they eliminated no one. Everyone thought Jordin was going home, but then they surprised her. However, maybe that won’t happen since they’ve already used the save on Michael and done a double elimination. Don’t know if they’d do that twice in one season. Plus, if it’s Tim, just put him out of his misery and send him on his way.

“Bachelorette” Spoiler

Now, on to the stuff you REALLY came to the site to read today. As I mentioned Monday, if I had the details behind the scandal I’d tell you. Unfortunately, I’m still working on those, so I can only give you what I have so far. But trust me, this IS the scandal. Please, please, please don’t bombard me with emails asking more questions about it because I do not know yet. I’m sure I will soon enough, but right now, I don’t. I promised to give you the gist of it, and I am. What’s been one recurring theme we’ve gotten in recent seasons? Boyfriends/girlfriends back home. Came up with Wes, came up with Ed, and even came up with Vienna last season. In the past, it always gets brought up, but then the story always fizzles out once the season ends. So nothing ever ends up coming out of it. Not this season. This one is gonna play itself out for everyone to see. Definitely a first in show history.

So what’s the scandal this season?

Well, one of the guys does have a girlfriend back home. Not rumored, not speculated, and not just talked about amongst the other guys like in past seasons. He’s got a girlfriend. How is this found out? Because this girl somehow calls Ali, while the cameras are rolling during the show, to warn her that is her boyfriend she is dating and he’s there to promote his career. Once Ali finds this out, she kicks the guy off. Something triggered his girlfriend contacting the show sometime after filming started and she felt Ali should know. That is the gist of the scandal: One of the guys has a girlfriend, that girlfriend calls Ali to warn her, and Ali kicks the guy off. There will be those that think this was manufactured, but I’ve got VERY good reason to believe it wasn’t. Just can’t get into why right now. This all kind of fell into their lap I guess when this girl contacted them about her boyfriend. So at that point, I’m assuming they knew they had something good and ran with it. A lot of questions will arise from this, as I’m sure there are plenty more layers to how this all plays out, but before you bombard me, let me tell you:

-I don’t know which guy it is
-I don’t know who his girlfriend is back home
-I don’t know when this happens during the show
-I don’t know how in the world this girl gets a hold of Ali, but she does
-I don’t know what career he’s trying to promote or what he does
-I don’t know if the person from last season who appears has anything to do with this
-I don’t know what his reaction was when Ali tells him she spoke to his girlfriend
-I don’t know why the girlfriend let him go on the show in the first place
-I don’t know anything else at this point

But I will. I want answers to all these questions as much as you do, so just be patient. When I find out what the person from last season is doing on Ali’s season, I’ll tell you who it is. But just throwing the name out there not knowing what their purpose is will only lead to more questions. I will have answers though. Sooner rather than later I hope.

Back Friday with “Reality Roundup” to cover “Idol Gives Back”, “DWTS”, “Survivor”, “Celebrity Apprentice”, and maybe “Fresh Meat 2” if I can get around to watching it. Still haven’t seen either of the first two episodes. Any questions, comments, emails, praises, criticisms, email me at Follow me on Twitter at: See you Friday…



  1. mommyof2

    April 21, 2010 at 7:40 AM

    Look, three years ago, I would’ve agreed with your assessment that Crystal needs to suck it up and appreciate all of the incredible things that have suddenly happened to her. I say “three years ago” for a reason: that was just before my daughter was born. Having a child changes your perspective, focus, and EVERYTHING about your life. Suddenly, it’s not about you anymore, but everything about how much you love your baby. I don’t think anyone can fully understand Crystal’s emotional breakdown unless they themselves are a parent- especially a mom. It’s even harder when it’s your baby that you’re leaving, b/c a mother’s bond to her child- especially a baby- is undeniably strong and impossible to explain to anyone who is not a mom. I can’t even IMAGINE being away from my babies (my daughter will be 3 in August, and my son is just 9 months old) all day long, all night long, and relying on others to basically raise my child while I’m working on my career, no matter how incredible of an opportunity and experience that it is.

    I hope Crystal stays with the competition b/c she is, in my opinion, the best singer and she deserves all the good that will come out of it, but I’m guessing that she’s missing her baby boy terribly and that she may even feel guilty that she’s not there with him. I don’t think she should feel gulity, but I’m thinking she does b/c I know that I would feel guilty. She’s missing key moments in her baby’s life that she’ll never be able to get back, and she’s probably wondering if it’s worth it. I think it is, b/c the competition will be over soon, she’ll be able to provide a better life for her family, and her son will never remember that she was gone all of that time anyway.

    The fact that she almost quit doesn’t mean she’s not grateful for the incredible opportunity that AI has given her; it means that she’s thinking about her son first, not her career. She’s putting her baby ahead of herself, which is the most unselfish thing she can do. However, I think it would be a mistake for her to leave b/c it’s also important for moms to take time for themselves as well, and in the long run, she’ll be bringing a better life to her son. If anything, as a mom, I have even MORE respect for Crystal and think she is UNSELFISH b/c of this whole “scandal”. The people who are calling her ungrateful and selfish just don’t get it, but I don’t expect that they would if they are not a parent.

  2. mommyof2

    April 21, 2010 at 7:51 AM

    I completely agree with your assessment of last night’s performances: Lee and Crystal were by far the best. I loved Casey’s version of “Jealous Guy” a few weeks ago, but his last two performances have been a disappointment. I’m not impressed with anyone else either.

    As far as DWTS, I’m so glad annoying Kate went home. Next to go: Jake the Tom-Cruise-wannabe.

  3. gagrl

    April 21, 2010 at 9:03 AM

    Crystal just makes the others look so amateur. Lee is the only other one that comes close. It is gonna be sad if Crystal does not win because she is not glamorous. I don’t usually vote but voted for about an hour last night just to do my part.

    On DWTS, I am so sick of Jake. (and Vienna) – he is gross, nasty, and just rubs me the wrong way more every time I see him! I am surprised how much I have like Pamela Anderson on the show – she has worked really hard and it shows! She should be ahead of Jake and Niecy in my humble opinion!

    Ready for next Bachlorette news! and away from Jake and Vienna spotlight! Their 15 minutes has been stretched out way toooooo long!

  4. metrohack

    April 21, 2010 at 9:04 AM

    First you hadn’t heard Ruby Tuesday by the Stone, now you don’t know The Boxer by S&G, seriously?!? Never heard it.

  5. sally885

    April 21, 2010 at 9:30 AM

    agreed. you’ve never heard The Boxer?

  6. pastthefalls

    April 21, 2010 at 11:56 AM

    I bet either Corrie or Tenley is the person from last season who appears on Ali’s season

  7. Nobody

    April 21, 2010 at 12:45 PM

    Steve, how can you NOT think that the whole “scandal”, if it really even is one, is being manufactured? It absolutely reeks of ABC manipulation more than anything this show has done the past few seasons. In my opinion its nothing more than another ploy by ABC to draw interest to what must be the most boring season in the shows history.

    Think it through for a few moments. You said yourself you don’t know how this girl gets in touch with Ali, so wouldn’t it make sense she had to get in contact with ABC first? Once ABC got wind of the story, if its even real to begin with, they just roll with it for ratings sake.

    Sorry, but it sounds too fake to be real.

  8. lemon-lime

    April 21, 2010 at 6:38 PM

    How much you wanna bet they edit to make it look like Ali was falling hard for that two-timer

  9. lemon-lime

    April 21, 2010 at 8:15 PM

    RealitySteve: if you’ve actually read some of the stuff on VFTW, than you’d know they don’t claim they’re solely responsible (unless saracam is involved). They know full good and well that tweens are the reason.
    Sure, their voting power can’t be proved. on the same note, you can’t prove that your batchelor spoilers is what is driving up that show’s ratings.

  10. contusion

    April 21, 2010 at 10:16 PM

    A. Holy moly, Ke$ha is horrible. Purely the manufactured product of a record company trying so hard to create another Gaga or whatever. She can’t sing, she’s not that cute, and her songs are just not that good. I’ve seen her on Idol and SNL and somewhere else and I just couldn’t believe that she gets any attention whatsoever.

    B. Casey is just Casey. He’s a bluesy rock singer. He’s not going to take it to another level or put on a big pop show. I like him for what he does, but he’s not going to, as Simon likes to say, “Have a moment.” He’s just what you see each week…a good, blues-rock musician. Consistent and steady.

    C. Bachelor/Bachelorette…while it’s always been about the cheesiest show of all time, it just gets cheesier. Although I watch a lot of reality crap on TV, it’s the only one I’m actually embarrassed to tell people I watch.

  11. Dianne

    April 22, 2010 at 7:01 AM

    Latest rumour – Kate as the next Bachelorette..please, please for the love of gawd, please say it isn’t so!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Nobody

    April 22, 2010 at 8:42 AM

    Dianne :Latest rumour – Kate as the next Bachelorette..please, please for the love of gawd, please say it isn’t so!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you’re f’ing kidding. That woman needs her ass kicked in the worse way.

  13. dori

    April 22, 2010 at 9:03 AM

    @ mommyof2 well put … I’m sure Crystal is grateful – just missin her boy

    as for the scandal on Bach – I agree it’s manufactured by ABC

    @ Dianne PLEASE take that back!! that’s all we need is a rumour like that getting out & soon it’s a reality! aigh! 😉

  14. Dianne

    April 22, 2010 at 9:47 AM

    #12 and #13..I’m totally picking up what you’re putting down, but, Jimmy Kimmel put it to her the other night when she was on his show. She pretty much did her typical Kate with the all innocent “noooo”, but it was totally unconvincing. But, really, when you think about it, there is no way in the world ABC could find 20 men to take her on! Oh, the horror..the horror!!

  15. aimeenp

    April 22, 2010 at 10:10 AM

    Steve, I think you should pursue finding out whether the producers knowingly allowed someone to come on the show with a girlfriend in order to create drama. Here is what I know. Last summer, my friend and I signed her boyfriend up to be on the show, knowing he had the all american looks to be on the show. Well, the producers called him and wanted to pursue him further, he got sent a contract, and was told how much money he would earn for 6 weeks of filming in March/April. He told them, well, it sounds really cool but I have a girlfriend. They still continued to pursue him with that knowledge. He ended up telling them no thanks, for obvious reasons.

    I have a feeling they WANTED to have someone with a girlfriend on the show, so they could out someone for real and create a mess. I am so glad my friend didn’t do it, we were totally trying to convince him to do it and be our spy! haha.

  16. BlondieGal

    April 23, 2010 at 8:38 AM

    @aimeenp What was the money discussed for 6 weeks of filming? Very interesting story ~ thank you for sharing!

  17. poddington

    April 27, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    Steve are you trying to drum up excitment for this “scandal” to get traffic on the blog? I mean really, this is the stupidist abc ploy yet. Who cares if it is even true? A single guy going on a dating show. no biggie. If the guy were married with children well then I will give it to them, thats a scandal.

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