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A Very Mini American Idol Recap – 5/4/10

Hope you all like the new look of the site. We’re tinkering with things, but this is pretty much the format we’re gonna go with for the time being I believe. A few pictures should be up soon as well since a lot of you have been asking what’s been going on with Maddie. Well, I figured she should become a permanent staple on, so we’ll have her picture up as well.

Also, I have finally gotten around to creating a “ Fan Page” on Facebook. You can become a fan by clicking here: Fan Page. There are plenty of you who have tried to add me as a friend on Facebook, but I’m pretty much maxed out at this point, hence the reason the fan page was created. So go there, post on the wall, do whatever you want. That’s open to everyone and I hope I can pass 5,000 sometime soon. Lets make it as big as possible.

I’m pretty much in “Bachelorette” mode right now and the fact this season of “Idol” isn’t all that great is probably the reason why I’m gonna stop doing my Idol recaps. Sure, I’ll hit on it in the “Reality Roundups”, but not recapping each performance. Things are about to get crazy here on the site and I’m just not gonna have the time. Here’s how I felt about last night’s show: I hated it. Not that I dislike Harry Connick Jr or Frank Sinatra, it’s just that none of these remaining five artists will ever release a song close to anything like how Sinatra performed, so I felt it was a wasted week. Last night definitely was probably more enjoyable to the older crowd, but it was such a niche theme they were covering, it just wasn’t indicative of who they are. The judges pretty much nailed it last night: Aaron, Casey, and Crystal were ok, and Michael and Lee were a step above them. Just an all-around bad night. Wasn’t fun to watch, a lot of the songs kinda put me to sleep, and it’s just very hard to find anything believable about 16 year old Aaron Kelly singing Sinatra.

I liked what Harry Connick Jr did because I find him quite talented, but just the vibe of the show bored me. These kids will never release songs like that, so why even have them do it? Especially this late in the season? Whatever. If you were to ask me who I think is going home, I wouldn’t have a clue. If you’re just basing it on last night, then Casey, Aaron, and Crystal would easily be your bottom three. Who knows how that’ll go? I think if there’s one week where Crystal is the most vulnerable, it’s this week. It’s her first time being the lone girl left in the competition, it was very much a guy’s theme and guy’s night, so she should be a little worried. However, if you’re gonna make me choose, I’ll go with Casey. He was really bad last night. Hey, at least the guy even admitted he was completely out of his element. Doesn’t bode well for him. I actually feel sorry for all five of them. Didn’t like last night’s format/theme at all. Just felt awkward all night long.

Ok, on to what you really came to read about, and that’s the “Bachelorette”. In case you haven’t seen, ABC released their first press release for the show yesterday. No pictures of the guys or the guys names yet, but gave you an idea about some of the dates, and confirmed Iceland, Turkey, Portugal, and Tahiti. To read ABC’s press release, click here. So a lot of the dates are in there, but also a lot are missing. In addition, you don’t know which guys go on what dates, nor who gets any of the roses, but that was expected. They never put that in the press release. Also, ABC avoided talking about the scandal that happens in Turkey with the phone call. I will basically fill in the blanks of this whole press release very soon. I said I wasn’t going to release anything in pieces and I’m sticking to that. So sorry, not going to give anything away today, but you will know shortly. And it will be everything. I promise.

The funny thing is, in the past when ABC sent out this release roughly three weeks before the show starts, it’s usually the first time I’ve ever heard about most of these things. Now this season I’m more ahead of the game than I’ve ever been without having done anything different than past seasons. My sources have really come through for me like I knew they would, it’s just that they’ve done it a hell of a lot sooner than I expected. I’m not going to give a day when I’m going to release this stuff because I just don’t know. So I would just either follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or join the Facebook Fan Page and you will know when I do post all of this seasons spoilers. Filming should be wrapping up today, so it can’t be long before I’m told who Ali picks. Put it this way, I already know who the final two are. First and last names of both guys. In fact, I have the first and last names of every significant person on the show this season. Wouldn’t it be great if I release the full names of the final two guys before ABC even releases their first names and faces? Could happen. Very well could happen. Stay tuned…

My schedule is gonna get crazy now. I’ll be writing quite frequently, but about what and when it’s going up will be a day-to-day decision. So keep it right here for all your “Bachelorette” news. Any questions, comments, emails, praises, criticisms, email me at Follow me on Twitter at: See you soon…

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