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Bachelorette Spoilers (Part 2)

The Justin “Rated R” Rego Scandal (Part 2)

The Justin “Rated R” Rego Scandal

Bear with me on this. I’ll try and make it as clear as possible by letting you in on all the layers. His elimination happens in Turkey after he has just gotten the rose in the 2-on-1 date over Kasey (important note). Remember I told you someone from last season makes an appearance this season? Well that person is Jessie Sulidis, the girl who claims to have seen Rozlyn and the producer kissing on the staircase. Man, she’s turned into this show’s rat, hasn’t she? Jessie is actually part of the phone call to Ali. Justin’s girlfriend’s name is Jessica Spillas. I know, I know. More duplicate names. Crazy huh? And both have a last name beginning with “S” to make it even better. So here’s how it all breaks down and how Jessie got involved:

The Phone Call (To keep it clear, Jessie Sulidis I’ll refer to as Jessie, and Jessica Spillas (Justin’s girlfriend), I’ll refer to as Jessica)

-Jessica was well aware Justin was going on the show. Justin told her to wait for him until he got back, that he was doing this for his career, she’s the one he wanted to be with, blah blah blah and Jessica agreed. I don’t know why, but she did.

-After Justin leaves to do the show, Jessica sees a suspicious post on Justin’s facebook page (he hadn’t shut it down) from another girl by the name of Kimberly. I don’t know what the post said, but it was bad enough that it caused Jessica to contact Kimberly. When she did, she found out that Justin had been in a relationship with Kimberly as well. At that point, she was pissed and wanted to come forward. As did Kimberly. He was playing two women, and neither knew about the other one..

-Jessica, because she lives in Toronto and is a fan of the show, realized that Jessie Sulidis was also in Toronto, so she contacted her asking for help about getting in contact with someone at ABC to tell her Justin is a liar and Ali should know about this. Jessie contacts ABC for her, they talk to Jessica, Jessica tells them about her and Kimberly, and they want her to come forward and send out a camera crew to Jessie’s place, but don’t want Kimberly to be part of it. They figure she’s just the mistress in all this, and people would find it too unbelievable if there’s a third girl involved. Probably ABC’s biggest mistake they made. Why? Because Kimberly isn’t under contract with the show, having never been part of the phone call, yet she’s scorned and pissed off she found this out about Justin. Well, guess who she tells all this to? That’s right. Me. I’m sure ABC is kicking themselves for not locking up Kimberly. Woops. More on that in a bit.

-Anyway, the phone call is made. I guess Chris Harrison is actually the one who calls Jessie at her place, and Jessica is there with her. Chris gives the phone to Ali, Jessie tells her there’s someone on the show who isn’t being honest with her, Ali asks who, Jessie says it’s Justin, and she knows this because she’s sitting right next to his girlfriend. So Jessie hands the phone to Jessica, and Jessica tells Ali the story. Basically that she wanted to tell Ali this because she found out that Justin had been cheating on her with another girl (Kimberly) and that Ali had a right to know. I’m sure other things were said, but she got her point across being “Look, the guy is a dog. He cheated on me, and more people don’t need to get hurt in all this.”

-Ali confronts Justin in Turkey sometime after this phone call is made, Justin storms off (don’t know why since he’s guilty), they finally talk and apparently Justin admits to it. Not only does he admit to it, but he basically tells Ali that during his time on the show, he realized that there wasn’t a connection with her, Jessica is a big part of his life back home, and being away from her made him realize that Jessica is the one he wanted to be with. So with that, Ali kicks him off the show. I have no clue where he stands in his life with Jessica and don’t care. Takes some pretty big balls for him to think he’d actually get away with that.

Now, some of you are probably thinking that Justin and Jessica are in on this together, ABC knew about it from the get go, and this was a story they had months in the making. Not true. Why? Because back on Jan. 13th, two days after the Rozlyn episode aired & essentially two months before Ali’s season even started filming, I got an email from someone who had never emailed me before. Didn’t sign their name to it, so I didn’t know who it was. It was a very curious email though that I saved in my inbox. This is the email and how it read:

From: *********
Subject: my bf is going on the bachelorette. HELP!
Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2010, 6:13 PM

Dear Steve,

So first off I want you to know that I love your column very much and reading it every day has been helping me cope with my situation, so here it is:

Basically, my boyfriend of over a year and a half now, whom we have plans to get married by the way, has been selected to participate in the Bachelorette of this year. In fact, I believe he is on the plane to LA as we speak to meet with producers and do up his contract or something like that. Now keep in mind, my wonderful bf wants me to ACTUALLY wait for him while he goes on this show and tries to win the heart of another girl.

Someone should speak out about this because I’m sure I’m not the first girl who had to let her bf go because of a stupid reality show that people go on to find love when they already have it!

He claims he’s doing it for the fame and he wants to get some wrestling career or something out of it, but how stupid will I look when I wait for him to go on this show, he comes back to me (if he doesn’t end up falling for her like he claims) and then the whole world watches MY bf hooking up another woman on national television?

I’m pretty sure this entire situation has completely deterred me from ever getting into another relationship ever again because now I just feel like all guys are selfish and will always choose to benefit themselves no matter how much pain is endured towards the other person. I find the producers of the show incredibly STUPID for not seeing that this guy is not genuine.

Anyway, someone should really let the public or SOMEONE know that this show is ruining people’s lives now. And I’m forced to be this great catch who’s doomed to walk to earth alone forever like the Incredible Hulk. Why cant ABC see when someone is genuine or not? I can’t even watch what used to be my favorite show anymore because it’s such bullshit.

Now the thing is, I don’t want to be responsible for getting him kicked off the show, which is refraining me from contacting ABC myself. Because no matter how much bullshit I’ve gone through with this situation, I know how much this opportunity means to him, and I want to see him happy even THOUGH his happiness on this show will pretty much be my ultimate demise.

I am very much in love with this person and cannot imagine living a life without him. I feel as if I need to sacrifice my happiness while he participates on the show in order to ultimately spend a life of happiness with him, which is what I am made to believe is something we BOTH want. He pledges to return to me with open arms in the end and because I am completely devoted to him, I want to believe him. Like I said, I love him more than the entire universe and I don’t want to be without him but I feel almost as if this whole debacle has misconstrued my judgement and I no longer know if I’m doing the right thing. So I’m getting a second opinion from someone who (hopefully) has seen situations such as this before.

So to wrap up my rant in one quick question:


Let me know ?

anonymous Xoxo

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  1. yangl7

    May 11, 2010 at 1:27 PM

    Sure reminds me of Jillian and Ed.

  2. Ryvetted

    May 11, 2010 at 1:54 PM

    Geez. Old story, so fake.

  3. ashnbren

    May 11, 2010 at 2:36 PM

    Check out this wikipedia page about a Toronto,On based TV show called Keys to the VIP. Look at the episode list specifically #2×04. Check out who’s on this episode!!

  4. Rags

    May 11, 2010 at 5:00 PM

    HA! I love that you got Kimberly. Go Reality Steve…it’s yo birthday…

  5. donkeytron

    May 12, 2010 at 1:02 AM

    Ironic that he’ll get what he wants out of this. I’m assuming it will be good for his wrestling career.

  6. Dianne

    May 12, 2010 at 9:05 AM

    What a joke! I live in Toronto, and this show was absolute trash..made for the Comedy Network. That tells you something right there..ew!

  7. Dianne

    May 12, 2010 at 11:26 AM

    wow..all of these links below are all the same. One copies another and on and on. But we ALL know where it came from first! Thanks’re the best! I now know I definitely will NOT be tuning into the Ali season. I think ABC has stooped about as low as it possibly can.

  8. Opa

    May 14, 2010 at 7:55 AM

    Steve you should go on this show and enjoy yourself firsthand as a bachelor. The bachelors they selected this year are very disappointing. Ali is a cute girl so what gives? Are they running out of guys who want to have a brief minute of fame and then lose their chance at love forever? Also don’t lump the romance filled fans into just “housewives”. There are some single girls who want the footage of the volcano erupting in Iceland after Ali invites her man into the fantasy suite.

  9. bachelorwatcher

    May 24, 2010 at 4:13 PM

    I think you are a little naive Steve. You are doing exactly what ABC wanted you to do… they know you are going to blog about the show anyway, and give out spoilers of the show. So what better than to know about this situation ahead of time with the guy with two girlfriends, and send a mock email from her to you as “anonymous” knowing you would fall into their trap later believing that she actually wrote to you before… that way you will announce on your website how this all must really be true since she wrote to YOU first! ha… she didn’t write to you first. This was all contrived by ABC just like everything else is… these two people Jessica and Justin really are in on this together, and the email to you is just to make even you believe this is all some real drama. It’s not. They needed another twist and got you to believe it’s true so your readers would. I’m noticing because of your spoilers people still want to watch the show. ABC wins! Which is fine. I watch too… I always have and will. Not because I believe in any of it, but it’s still amusing… and because from all of it sometimes true love does blossom, as has been proven with Trista and Ryan, Molly and Jason, Charlie and Sarah, and Jillian and Ed. It doesn’t matter what twisted stories they show us, those people met as a result of this show and did fall in love… anyway… just open your eyes and realize that “anonymous” email was ABC yanking your chain. You are better than believing that.

  10. gmillar

    May 26, 2010 at 9:03 AM

    Jessica Spillas is on Facebook.

    She also left a comment on the Roberto Martinez facebook fan page this week.

    Jessica Spillas: You are my absolute favourite!!! Xoxo
    Monday at 11:08pm

    You can see a picture of her on her facebook profile.

  11. thewipf

    May 26, 2010 at 4:17 PM

    She compared herself to the Hulk! That is hilarious.

  12. reel_nut

    June 1, 2010 at 6:31 PM

    Sorry, but I am not buying your story with respect to this anonymous letter & how it came into your hands. Assuming this letter is even real let alone authentic & that the person who composed it was actually this girl who claims to be g/f #1 of Justin (=a reality show contestant & wanna be ‘pretend wrestler’ _gosh can you say that fast? LOL) … anyway, IF anything, this convoluted plot suggests “monkey business” involving the producers of The Bachelor, this this contestant, his two bimbettes & possibly you.

    Real life is never this tighty nor this convenient, So, I think you using this so called anonymous letter to punctuate your two parter was a over the top, Steve.

    Perhaps you have been doing this gig too long & your ego got the best of you for you seem to have lost touch with reality reality _a place some of your readers live in some of the time. LOL

    Ultimatelly, cliches keep popping in _one being “too good to be true.” Simply put there are too many fortuitous coincidences in your story. And though this would not be the first time that a writer/ reporter/ muser (whatever) has been played for a chump, you seem too competent to be such an easy pray for your regular (diabolic) TV exec.

    And that is why images of grocery bags filled to the brim with the green stuff, being handed off in poorly lit parking lots in LA begin to dance in our heads. Too good to be true usually means it isn’t true, right?

    Of course, you selling out would explain why details about this season seems to be flowing your way lika mana _even you admitted that the quality & quantity of informantion you got regards this season is unprecedented _not to mention came earlier than ever.

    I also explain why ET, Dr. Phil & every major tabloid TV or print in the planet were snubbed by the 2 g/fs while Super Reality Steve was chosen.

    And you must admit, their timing was impecable _both reaching you in time to make the deadline for your highly hyped perenial pre-season expose (I know you prefer “spoiler”).

    Then, there is Jake’s season contestant involvement. This is too much … all too incredible to have played this way without plotting, negotiating & money changing hands.

    Oh, one last thing, could you please consider stopping trying to advance the ridiculous premise that somehow ABC hates you for spoiling their show?

    In a day when the flow of information & news has become so immediate, how do you get off pretending that a huge TV production company would even aim at secrecy & the element of surprise? After all any fith grader would know that scandal & controversy trump surprise by miles.

    One last thing, from a marketing perspective, product recognition is key. So, we know how helpful your blog is to The Bachelor enterprise. After all, every season you help introduce & personalize what otherwise would be slightly above average looking men in tuxedos. Of course, in Ali’s seasons, strike the on their official site said it best, they look more like wax figures. It is pathetic.

    Anyway, I still like reading your stuff. I just wish that you
    attractive characterization.
    were er .. real with us for once.

    Take care
    Btw, have you seen the pictures on the bios. One person commenting

  13. Kaylor

    June 4, 2010 at 10:24 AM

    Hi Steve,
    When are YOU going to be on “The Bachelor?” You’re cuter than anyone that’s been on there in a long time! What’s the matter, don’t want to get tied down and put a crimp in the great things you have going?? 😉
    I’m new to your site! Great job! I found your site last year when I was looking for Spoilers to find out who Jake was going to pick after Ali left! It made the show more fun to watch, knowing who was going to win! Don’t tell ABC that or they will horn in on your Spoilers action!
    I love the Spoilers! The show kind of drags out to long, and it’s GREAT to know what’s going to happen, before it happens! It’s FUN to see HOW it happens!
    If Ali can’t remember the names of the guys for the Rose Ceremony, why can’t they feed her the names through a “bug” in her ear?” While she’s standing there so long, building up the suspense, it looks like she’s trying to REMEMBER their names!
    Then she picks a total CREEP to stay, and you wonder if she DID make a mistake with the names! She’s really picked some DOGS to stay!!
    My pick was Justin, until I read on YOUR SITE about the whole girlfriend thing! Thanks for that!!! I hope you DO dog him out all season! 🙂


  14. saram50

    June 7, 2010 at 12:33 PM

    Steve, the fact of the matter is that there will always bbe lying on the Bachelor and Bathelorette.

    And how can anyone give or take away permission to their BF or GF to go on the show. it is the responsibility of the individual to follow the rules of the show, and it is the responsibility of ABC to maintain the integrity (yeah I know it is an oxymoron) of the show by properly vetting each contestant. We know that ABC probably knew he had a girlfriend or two, but decided to let things lie for the sake of ratings.

    Instead of a reality show it has finally become what it was meant to be…a fairy tale.

  15. mmayse

    June 9, 2010 at 10:39 PM

    Note the e-mail & the comment on Roberto’s fan page are both signed Uppercase Xoxo. The proof is in the pudding! I’m not doubting ya Steve!

  16. susan

    June 14, 2010 at 8:26 AM

    I just rewatched last week’s episode as several people have brought up the issue with Justin’s cast. Wow! I saw it for myself. I had to watch it a few times because I couldn’t believe my eyes. NOW, I believe this show is all full of lies. I wonder if Ali was in on the lie about Justin. Wow!

  17. swharriet

    June 14, 2010 at 11:40 AM

    i’m thinking that justin orchestrated someone coming forward in the middle of the season. i think being a dude with THREE girlfriends does much more for his “rated-r” persona than being a dude who wins the heart of ONE bachelorette. my two cents.

  18. bren58

    June 23, 2010 at 3:50 PM

    It is a shame this show is in it for ratings and will not let the show really produce real love. These jerks they picked out for Ali is a real joke. The past 3-4 seasons have been unreal and fake. Wake up and do not play with someones feelings. Try once to let things happen for real. Jake was a disaster and now they are split. That is what he gets for choosing someone like Vennia. He lost a true love in Ali,as she was sincere in falling for him, but after the way he is I think Ali was much too good for him. I truely feel sorry for her trying to find a husband with this bunch. She is so smart and cute and I really hope she doesn’t waste her time with any of these guys. Maybe being on the show will give her an edge in meeting the man of her dreams that will treat her like she needs to be treated. Chris Harrison, will do anything for ratings! I do not care for him at all. This show is a JOKE for real true love!

  19. mom2girls

    June 29, 2010 at 7:55 AM

    not sure if anyone actually SAW the episode or the phone call that was aired between Jessica and Ali – but there is NO WAY that Justin’s girlfriend WROTE that email – not only would she not be able to pronounce half the words in that email but she probably doesn’t know what half of those words MEAN.. . that email was not written by her as she is too air-headed to even come up with an email like that – it was obviously a set up from the beginning and Steve you should just put everybody out of their misery and just APPEAR on the Bachelorette NEXT SEASON LOL……please ?!?

  20. steph27

    June 30, 2010 at 12:54 AM

    I didn’t want to post this in the recap of episode 6 for those who don’t want spoilers…but did anyone notice how uncomfortable Frank looked when Ali confronted Justin? It makes me wonder how soon Frank started thinking he wanted to go back to his old girlfriend, and what the producers were making him say. If Frank was already wanting to leave the show, it isn’t fair that Justin could leave but Frank had to stay and keep acting. But, producers want the drama, so life isn’t fair!

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