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More “Bachelorette” Stuff – 5/19/10

If anyone didn’t see my tweet yesterday, I’ll repeat exactly what I wrote. If I was 100% sure of who Ali chose, I’d would say so. But I’m not. I could find out tomorrow. It could be next week. I have no idea when the info will come to me. I’ve released 95% of every single thing that happens this season. If I knew who she picked, why wouldn’t I release that now with everything else? I want to get it all out there as soon as possible. I just don’t know yet though. So until I do, I guess people will just have to wait. Some people are even mad because they think I know and I’m holding out just to get people to come to my site. Uhhhhh, no. Not even close. I hate to break it to you, but people are gonna come to the site regardless. For every one person who says they’ll never read me because they don’t want to know the ending, there’s fifty that do. The last thing I’m worried about is losing readership. In fact, I love it when people tell me they won’t read me anymore. Why? Because I know that means there’ll be ten to twenty people right behind them who hadn’t heard of me yet that will find me.

As for those that really don’t want to know what happens this season, hell, the finale doesn’t air til Aug. 2nd. It’s going to be literally impossible for you not to hear from someone, somewhere, in some walk of your life who ruins it for you. So you might as well read it now and save yourself the agony. You really don’t think in two and a half months you won’t hear anything? Please. If you have an email account, and you read the internet at least once a day, I guarantee you’ll hear by the end of the who she chose once I do end up finding out. It’ll spread like wildfire. And ABC won’t care. Sure they’re scrambling now trying to find the leaks, but what’s the point? It’s out there already. There’s nothing they can do about it at this point. Just accept it, avoid all questions (as you’ll see Chris Harrison do in this next clip), and just give the same canned answers you’ve been giving all week. They know their whole season is already out there, and their best plan of action is just to ignore it.

My girl Laura Saltman from “Access Hollywood” got a sit down interview with Chris that I thought she did really well on. Why? Because she didn’t ask the softball questions that most other media members do. Like, “So, how was this season?” “What can we expect of Ali?” “Tell me about all the traveling. Wasn’t it so much fun?” Barf. Those people should have their media credentials revoked. Watch Laura (who obviously reads the column) question Chris about a couple things, and watch him completely avoid the question and never answer it. Good job, Laura. Sucky answers, Chris.

Is it just me, or did someone piss in Chris’ Cheerios that morning? Talk about ornery. Yikes. He seems annoyed that he’s already answering questions about stuff happening this season and the first episode hasn’t even aired. Sorry Chris. But that’s what they pay you big bucks for.

Three quotes from Chris that I’d like to comment on:

“Ali has a fear of not being loved…as we’ve seen in her past, she’s been beat up in love.” This is Chris’ favorite line already this season. Laura specifically says, “We’re hearing this season there might be two guys with girlfriends”, and this is the answer he starts in with. Uhhh, that didn’t answer her question, Chris. He’s said it in just about every interview he’s given. He’s constantly going to remind all of this season that Ali has a fear of not being loved. Could mean something. Could mean nothing. Just remember even after I told everyone Jake picked Vienna, every person who listened to Jake in interviews afterwards dissected every word he said and was convinced he had dumped her. Wrong. People read too much into what Chris and the “Bachelor/ette” say. Remember, they know the outcome. They’re coached to say certain things to get you thinking a certain way. Jake knew exactly what he was doing when he made it seem like he was with no one. So I don’t read anything into what Chris is continuing to repeat. All I know is that he’s saying it over and over and over already.

“Our show is a microcosm of what’s going on in the world.” Uhhhh, no it’s not dude. Last time I checked, Ali and “Rated R” Rego weren’t discussing global warming. Nor are they talking Health Care, the automotive industry, or the war overseas. Yes, I see what Chris was trying to relate it to, in that, this show is no different than regular people who go out on dates. Yes it is. I’ve been on plenty of first dates before. None of them consisted of helicopters, different countries, bungee jumping, tight roping in downtown LA, or picnics at the Hollywood sign. So no, it’s not a microcosm of the dating world, and it’s so far removed from reality, you can’t even comprehend it.

“There weren’t blogs and that type of crap back when we started.” Touchy, touchy Mr. Sensitive. Have the times changed? Of course. When this show first started in 2002, he’s right. There was no Facebook, or Twitter and blogs and message boards weren’t that prevalent at all. But now that they are, and now that they are the exact thing that is causing the spoilers of his show to get out, he seems to think that’s a bad thing. Are there crappy blogs out there? Of course. But not all of them are. Especially ones that are given correct information and are credible. The times have changed, and Chris claims, the show has changed with the times. That I’ll agree with. But once again, Laura chimed in with, “But you guys are still pretending it’s a show about falling in love” and Chris never addressed that. He can talk all he wants about how this is real, and he should because he’s the host and that’s his job. But when your own creator of the show is admitting that they look for villains to cast, don’t sit there and tell me that Ali needed to find out about “Rated R” Rego all by herself. Please. You knew early on in the process you had a “girlfriend back home” storyline in your back pocket, and don’t think for a second Ali truly wanted to keep Justin around for six episodes. She was obviously nudged and told to keep him around because he was good TV, and not because they thought there was ever a chance in hell she’d pick him.

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  1. mja

    May 19, 2010 at 9:38 AM

    Haven’t watched the video yet, but love these quotes Steve pulled out:
    “Our show is a microcosm of what’s going on in the world.” Um, maybe he’s talking about the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, compared to all of the leaked information that is coming to this blog?

    “There weren’t blogs and that type of crap back when we started.” Yes, probably thinking back to using hand-cranked video cameras and manual typewriters… those were the good old days!

    Funny column today…

  2. tommyjohn44

    May 24, 2010 at 9:32 PM

    I wonder if Chris has ever met a guy with a fake head…

  3. fan007

    May 25, 2010 at 8:29 AM

    Steve — LOVE your site and THANKS for all the spoilers. I just watched the first episode (DVRd it) and I’m certain the producers AND Ali knew ahead of time that Justin “Rated R” had a girlfriend and was a fake. They made-up that ‘vote the scammer off’ game where the guys wrote down who they thought was there for the wrong reasons, but it didn’t matter who they wrote down and what the tallies were, because the producers wanted to have Justin pinned right off the bat. My theory is they were embarrassed by Wes and they get inundated with fame wannabes all the time, so they were going to make an example of Justin “Rated-R”. But I think they were way too obvious — c’mon… having him named by his peers on the first episode and disingenuous? And then it makes Ali look so good by keeping him despite him being accused by his peers. I’m convinced she’s in on it — and then, of course, we know what happens. The production company does its research and I’m sure they knew what Justin was up to — by reading his facebook page and other background info. They just are desperate for a new trick every season to hook people — this season it’s Justin — the guy with a girlfriend who gets caught!

    Anyway, this is all my opinion and I have no idea what really went on. I just know what’s going to happen because of your spoilers and having that ‘vote’ and emphasis on Justin the first episode was way obvious. Plus, he was one of the guys they featured in the intro clips and even had his whole family there and even his grandmother! The producers are manipulating us big time and this whole show is such a fiasco.

    I’ll still watch because I do like the two guys who are going to be the finalists. They seem like good guys and it’ll be fun watching their real connection with Ali develop. So, it’s actually because of you that I’ll be watching the show.

    You do GREAT work and I LOVE reading all your posts! THANKS for what you do and keep on keeping on! Go Steve!!! 🙂

  4. fan007

    May 25, 2010 at 8:36 AM

    Oh, and I forgot to add that in her opening interview, Ali said her biggest fear was that some of the guys were there for the wrong reason. In my opinion, it’s more proof of how they’re staging what happens this season. They’ve planned the whole Justin thing from the beginning. And Ali’s in on it all.

    I think Ali cut a deal with them back when she left last season with Jake. Sold her soul to Chris H., so-to-speack.

    Again, all only my opinion and I’m not sure of anything.

  5. Jewels

    May 25, 2010 at 10:05 AM

  6. Darlene

    May 26, 2010 at 10:25 PM

    I ALWAYS read your spoilers. They are right on. This season I am going to just watch the show for a while without the spoilers and then as it gets closer, I might cave.

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