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Bachelorette 6 Recap – 7/5/10 Including Final Thoughts on Jake & Vienna Plus Interview Coming Thursday

Remember, for this seasons spoilers, click on the either of the two links under the banner above (Part 1 & Part 2) for all your answers regarding what happens this season. We’ve now added the “Bachelor Pad” link that takes you directly to the spoilers for this season that I posted last Wednesday. Check those out if you haven’t already. Looks like some good drama this season.

First order of business is obviously to respond to the “US Weekly” cover story that ran last week which states Ali got engaged in Bora Bora to Roberto. My response? It’s pretty simple: I stand by my sources. They haven’t been wrong in two seasons, and I don’t suspect they’re wrong this season. Ali is a single woman, and she left Bora Bora a single woman. As I’ve said before, I do not know any details behind the final rose ceremony in terms of what was said to each guy, or if there were proposals rejected, etc. All I was told by five different sources was that Ali is currently single. Yes, there is still an “After the Final Rose” to film in a couple weeks. I’m told she will be single after that as well. The girl didn’t pick anyone and two months of thinking about it isn’t changing her mind. She’s single and ready to mingle. With me. And Maddie. Sorry boys…ha ha. And by the way, if you actually read the “US Weekly” story, it’s not like they have any overwhelming proof. Just says she’s engaged. Oh well. I guess it’s me vs. US Weekly until August 2nd. Put it this way: If Vegas was taking bets on it, I’d be at the window right now backing up a Brinks truck of money.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned there was going to be a “Bachelor Cruise” hosted by Reid Rosenthal and with a booking code of “Reality Steve”, you could get a small discount and they would also donate $20 to Emily’s Smile Boxes for every person that booked their trip. Well, all that is still in place, except Reid is no longer part of the cruise as he is unable to attend due to other commitments. However, they’ve added yet another guy from Ali’s season and that’s our latest reject, Ty Brown. He joins Justin Rego and the rest of the clan: Jesse Kovacs, Robby D, Juan Barbieri, Dave Good, Natalie Getz and others to be announced. Can still purchase your tickets through this link, just had a little name change:

Fans Of Reality TV Cruise

Since “Rated R” Rego is making the media rounds now talking to everyone that’ll listen, it would make the most sense he came to the only outlet where he won’t get edited and his answers aren’t placed in soundbites. So yes, come back to the site Thursday for an unedited interview with this season’s villain, Justin Rego. Why is he talking? Because he feels ABC threw him under the bus (much more to his edit than was shown) and is going scorched earth on everyone associated with this show. And anytime any contestant is willing to throw this show under the bus and give us viewers a behind the scenes glimpse of what really happened as opposed to what was shown, I’m all for that. Should be a VERY interesting interview with Justin come Thursday, so check back for that. He will get asked everything you viewers are wanting to know, trust me.

And finally, I mentioned after I’d gotten back from Chicago a couple weeks a note about how not to get your hopes up about Jillian and Ed ever getting married because it wasn’t going to happen. I can further update that story. I’m surprised the tabloids haven’t run with this yet, but I’m sure they will soon. Jillian and Ed are done. Finished. Over. Don’t know who broke up with who, don’t know any reasons behind it, I just know those two are over despite what they are publicly saying or tweeting or facebooking to each other. I swear I’ll never understand those two’s relationship until the day I die. But now that’s in the past since they’re done. Yet another unsuccessful couple from this show. Ali should be glad she picked no one. Look what two lovebirds like Jake and Vienna turned into last night. More on that at the end of the column. On to last night…

-The setting is Lisbon, Portugal and apparently Frank has raided Chris Lambton’s wardrobe as he shows up in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops. All the other guys went with the jeans, t-shirt, and shoes look. I guess maybe Frank had just come from the beach or something. Probably doused himself with suntan lotion as well. Whatever the case, Chris Harrison told all the guys (and the myriad of pigeons who were looking for their 15 minutes of fame) that there will be four dates this week: three 1-on-1’s, and a 2-on-1, but that no roses will be given out. Thanks Chris. He has a few parting words for the guys. Chris: “Guys, enjoy Lisbon.” I swear Chris Harrison has the greatest job ever. Well, outside of me. You see, I have a full-time sales job which I’ve had for four years now, but the fact that I can make a second income off making fun of a stupid reality show once a week is hilarious. Really, it is. Who in my position wouldn’t be doing the exact same thing I’m doing? You’d be nuts not to. Someone pinch me before I actually wake up from this. So Chris, you actually have America’s second best gig. I surpassed you this season after looking at my last month’s numbers.

-First date card arrives and it’s for Roberto with Ali asking him to “Come be the king of my castle.” What a surprise, Frank is bothered by this. Why? Because HE wants to be the king of Ali’s castle. It’s just that he wants Nicole to live there as well. And in his room while Ali sleeps downstairs by the moat with all the alligators in it. All these ITM’s of Frank talking about how much he wants to be alone with Ali is just setting up his downfall even worse. You know what email I will be getting the most after the Tahiti episode? Something along the lines of, “Hey, if Frank had a girlfriend back home he wanted to be with, why was he constantly talking about wanting to be with Ali?” Yep. It’s coming. It’s already started actually. The answer to that? Because that’s what this show does. They get you to say things in your ITM and from there they create a character. Sure Frank said those things, but we don’t know the questions behind them. All I know is his answers are going to make him look like an ass in two weeks when he bolts Tahiti to be with Nicole.

-Ali shows up for her date with Roberto in a green tank top and a bedazzled skirt. Ummmm, interesting to say the least. I wouldn’t mark it down as my most memorable outfit of hers this season. In fact, I’d probably rank it dead last. If it were any shorter, the Portugese strippers could’ve borrowed it for their midnight stage show. Her and Roberto walk the streets of Portugal, but the minute he hears music playing, latin heartthrob Roberto breaks out: “When I hear music, I can’t help but start dancing.” Do these two do anything but dance and kiss? I can’t remember one conversation they’ve had about anything. Then again, it is kinda hard to speak to someone when your tongue is jamming up their esophagus. I’m sure the local Portugese people had two thoughts going through their head seeing Ali and Roberto dry humping in the middle the of the street. First, it was “Hey, so how much time is the Jake & Vienna interview gonna cut into this episode?”. And their second thought had to be, “Get a room!”

-After giving all of Portugal a free show, these two decide to fog up the windows on the cable car. I think Roberto said he’d never been on one before but was really enjoying their ride on it. Ali: “I love this. This is just like San Francisco.” Well yeah, except for all the crazy, drugged out hippies running around the Haight Ashbury District in their tye-dye shirts, beads, and Birkenstocks. In Portugal, these people are just wandering the streets aimlessly trying to figure why an American television crew is filming two kiddies fondling each other in the streets. I mean, I’m guessing Portugal doesn’t have many reality TV shows being filmed in their country. Especially one watched by as many millions that watch this show. Had to be a big day for them back in April when Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez roamed their streets. Their world probably stopped as locals were mesmerized by these two “famous” contestants. Or not.

-Ali and Roberto visit the Sao Jorge Castle in Lisbon for some wine, a picnic, and conversation. In between their make out sessions. Yeah, this relationship wouldn’t be purely physical. Oh no, not at all. Those last about a month. Just ask Vienna. Then your fake fiancé starts not wanting to touch you anymore because he realizes the only reason he picked you in the first place was for ratings and not with the intent to be married someday. Like I said, more on that later. Ali asks Roberto if he’s nervous about a possible hometown date. Roberto: “I’m actually not nervous. I’m excited.” And you know why? Because what guy wouldn’t be excited to throw on a jersey of a team he used to play for over 5 years ago and show off his 80mph fastball? I know I certainly would. Can Roberto possibly be living in the past too much to know exactly what he wants right now? ENOUGH about the baseball career. However, to be fair since I brought it up with Frank, once again you know this is something Roberto was told to do by producers. Ultimately, he agreed to be the “baseball guy” on his hometown since having her come to his insurance office might’ve put everyone to sleep, but still. Your Division II college baseball field with jersey and everything? And you even gave her one of your cards? Ay papi! (Did I spell that right?). So Roberto, I’ll somewhat give you a pass on this. I’m guessing you were just as embarrassed to do that as we will be to watch it next week.

-But since Roberto apparently has never dated anyone in his life before, he’s acting like Ali is the greatest human alive. Roberto: “You’re beautiful, you’re smart, and I’ve never dated or been with a woman like you, like ever.” Whoa. Strong sentiments for the chick you’ve known for a month. I guess when you’re in that situation, and it comes down to five guys, you need to start giving the other person a reason as to why they should pick you, so it seems that’s why the “just shower them with every compliment you can think of” seems to work. If the guy was hemming and hawing over what to say to her, that probably wouldn’t have worked in his favor. But when he tells her how she’s the greatest human being ever, and there’s no one like her, and he knows she’ll be the best sex he’s ever had, well, of course she’s gonna fall for him. But hey, he’s using his words to his advantage. I’m sorry, no guy who’s known a woman on a reality show for a month spews that stuff out and actually believes it. Especially when he’s had two dates alone with her in that month. I really enjoy the authenticity and sincerity of this show. I really do. Keep it coming.

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  1. CWJ

    July 6, 2010 at 10:05 PM

    Steve …. love your column. I couldn’t stand this show, and wouldn’t watch it, without your comments before or after each episode !! The whole thing has become preposterous to me. Different characters …. but the same old premise week after week.

    Someone up thread mentioned something to do with Ali’s weight and asked that this topic be dropped. That was the first time I’d read anything printed about this subject. However, last Monday night’s episode, I asked myself what had happened to her before arriving in Portugal. She looked as though she had packed on 10-15 exra pounds. My only guess is that she’s a terribly unhappy young woman, and so sorry she got mixed up in this whole fiasco. Am I the only one to notice it ?? [At least she was spared from anything more to do with fake Jake. That was a stroke a good luck.]

    As for Vienna and Jake. Jake came across to me with so many frightening mental disorders … I wouldn’t know where to start. Too many control issues, for one. I don’t think anyone could help him unless he begins to understand that he really is a troubled soul and needs much help. Vienna just needs to grow up and realize she’s NOT daddy’s princess to the rest of the REAL world.

    RS …. thank you for the time you take to put these re-caps [and other news] together. I love them. Looking forward to this upcoming Thursday.

  2. CWJ

    July 6, 2010 at 10:18 PM

    Forgot to ask above …. does anyone know how much $$ Jake was paid for all his [*authorized*] magazine articles and TV appearances ??

  3. Witty

    July 6, 2010 at 10:30 PM

    Do you know how many pilots it takes to change a light bulb? One he just stands there holding it and lets the world revolve around him.

    Do you know how the Grand Canyon was formed? A pilot dropped a nickel.

    Do you know what pilots use for birth control? Their personality.

    Thanks for living up to the worst jokes about pilots Jake! Now we see why sooooo many exist! Vienna, you have redeemed yourself. If you hadn’t been so bold, we wouldn’t have seen the unveiling of the real Jake, and I for one enjoyed the outing.

  4. tinamarie

    July 6, 2010 at 10:48 PM

    jake is so fake, I can see how vienna would talk too much. But she was like that all along. I can see jake being a fake and he picked the one girl that he wouldn’t feel so guilty having this much disrespect for in the end. I believe he just wants to be on camera as much as possible so he picked vienna because he didn’t respect her. its all madness and sad. Jake knew chris was on his side and ABC is slightly dirty. ok a lot dirty

  5. yoginid

    July 6, 2010 at 10:49 PM

    Thanks, Steve for an insightful and LOL recap. I seriously almost peed myself with the Jake “undermining” quips you threw into the Ali summary.

    Now, here is just a theory I was working on at the end of the Bachelor, and that is, once Jake realized he couldn’t have Ali, which left him with Gia, Tenly and Vienna, he KNEW he couldn’t possibly put one over on Ali, and the other two were too sweet to treat like shit once the honeymoon was over so to speak. I think he purposely chose Vienna because she was the one that everyone loved to hate. Even his mom said something about if everyone doesn’t like her, then there is a red flag…

    Now if he had a plan for fame, as everyone can pretty much see now, there is no way he could have pulled one over on Ali. She is way too smart, and I think she really left because she weighed the odds of her actually being picked after she saw something about Jake that made her realize his real intentions.

    As for Tenly and Gia, if he had treated them like he did Vienna, America would have crucified him, because they were “so sweet” and innocent and pure.

    He HAD to pick Vienna, coz then when his plan to “dump” the girl hatched, no one would care. But the tables ended up turning on him, coz he never in his wildest dreams imagined how annoying Vienna could be. He probably tried to sleep with her to shut her up, but she was going on and on about her dog, the dresser, the GPS, the drapes, etc.

    So, in a nutshell, Jake’s plans were botched and now everyone sees him for the douche bag he really is.

    I really did feel sorry for Vienna, coz she was dumb enough to believe he liked her. It was sooo obvious the whole time though because Jake was so adamant about proposing from the get-go. Just another set-up in his master plan…

  6. SeriouslySerene

    July 6, 2010 at 11:13 PM

    I didn’t know RealitySteve gets paid for this? I thought it was like his own little blog that he handled and just lead a real life as well. So who is he hired by, how does he get paid? And what a sweet job. I wish I could make a career out of making fun of phony reality television.

    Anyway, loved the column…even lol’d a couple times. Man was this episode boring. Perhaps knowing all the spoilers makes things less interesting but jeez louise are these guys LAME. If Kirk was yellow, bug-eyed, and two dimensional I swear he could be a Simpson. Doesn’t that spiky hair and always excited attitude make him a little cartoonish? Roberto actually seemed interested in her this time around…I wonder what that’s all about. But yeah I guess now that it’s down to the wire he doesn’t want to lose. I love how RS makes so much fun of him. Jealous much? I’m glad TY’s gone…aside from his hugeness and countryboy accent there was nothing very fascinating about him. I like Chris the most but man was he nervous…he couldn’t even complete his sentences. I like that he’s so carefree and the DenniS bracelet was sweet. Too bad nothing is foreal and he’s gonna be sent home alone in the end. So he’ll tell his next GF about his mom and ali the two most important women in his life. I’m sorry…but sob story much? I just miss Reid Rosenthal, he was the perfect man. I’d just like to notify everyone that the reason he’s not going on the cruise is because we are eloping. Yes, it’s true. You heard it hear first. Now I’m going to sell my story to the tabloids.

    I almost don’t want to watch anymore but I do want to see Frank in his element with nicole heh heh. Ali’s looking progressively worse as the season continues…bring the hair extensions back full time please woman. And their fashion designer should be fired what the hell was with the outfits, I think she was trying to challenge chris on the last one–who can look the most under dressed.

    Jake and Vienna. Hahaha. That was so entertaining. I never knew the demise of one couple’s relationship could be so fascinating to watch. What. A. Joke. I get it. Your dog was sick…but really? Get a grip. I feel bad for her, he is a total jackass. Who didn’t already sense that though? Glad them and ed/jill are dunzo.

    Loveee hearing yalls thoughts and reading RS every week. Gives me my week’s worth of useless entertainment. Take care all!

  7. SeriouslySerene

    July 6, 2010 at 11:24 PM

    p.s. What was up with Chris Harrison? They started out with Jake’s side of the story to set the stage (i.e. bias) and then when they brought Vienna out it seemed like he was just repeatedly drilling her. I’m sorry but aren’t you supposed to be a neutral host…to get to the bottom of the story?! Whatever. I believe that they didn’t want to look like fools over at ABC for hiring/supporting such a DB of a guy that they had to put Vienna down at times. But I think she was pretty prepared (aside from the hysterics) with her story. Glad she got her word in. So all those STUPID girls that are jakelovers can really get the picture. Also…why didn’t Jake cry last night? I mean he used to shed tears when a girl looked at him the wrong way in previous seasons…I don’t see why his eyes weren’t welling up w/tears last night. Wasn’t that an emotional ordeal. I guess his acting skills are not THAT good. Or he’s a heartless bastard. I’ll go with the latter. He looked completely uninterested and over it. Too bad his abs are phenomenal or I’d hate his very existence.

  8. CWJ

    July 7, 2010 at 12:05 AM

    I never liked Jake nor Vienna …. separately or as a couple and Vienna did go full steam ahead with her chattering. I believe this was her first chance to do so without any fear of being put down or berated by fake Jake afterwards.

    He’s not running her life anymore. I think that really pisses him off. One could see the anger shouting out of his nostrils as she spoke. This ABC interview gave her the first chance to speak in public without any fear of Jake’s temper & wrath afterwards. On other TV shows I noticed she was like a mouse. This time, she just wanted to take full advantage of every moment & opportunity given to her to express her feelings.

    I never liked Jake nor Vienna …. separately or as a couple and Vienna did go full steam ahead with her chattering. I believe this was her first chance to do so without any fear of being put down or berated by fake Jake afterwards. On other TV shows, she rarely spoke. And if she did …. it was like a mouse.

    He’s not running her life anymore. I think that really pisses him off. One could see the anger shouting out of his nostrils as she spoke. This ABC interview gave her the first chance to speak in public without any fear of Jake’s temper and wrath afterwards. She just wanted to take full advantage of every moment and every opportunity given to her.

    orry …. I’m not able to edit my post on here. Steve, I think, has turned off the ability to receive any more emails. This will be the last addition to my comments …. !!!

    I never liked Jake nor Vienna …. separately or as a couple and Vienna did go full steam ahead with her chattering. I believe this was her first chance to do so without any fear of being put down or berated by fake Jake afterwards.

    He’s not running her life anymore. I think that really pisses him off. One could see the anger shouting out of his nostrils as she spoke. This ABC interview gave her the first chance to speak in public without any fear of Jake’s temper and wrath afterwards. She just wanted to take full advantage of every moment & opportunity given to her.

  9. CWJ

    July 7, 2010 at 12:11 AM

    Sorry … this post got really screwed up. I wasn’t able to preview or edit once I submitted it.

  10. RSFMAN

    July 7, 2010 at 1:13 AM

    I compare the entite Jake-Vienna thing to professional wrestling. The holds may change but the script is the script. I agree with you RS, I was totally bored with it all. I’m only suprrised so many people actualy are sitting around expressing “opinions” about this. Anyway, great stuff as always. Love your body of work.

  11. panthergirl

    July 7, 2010 at 3:50 AM

    Kudos to CS1972 above for this:

    “As for Chris H. and the dog comment. My dog thinks you’re a good host. For her to poop on!”

    And to SeriouslySerene: If you have a heavily-traficked blog you can sell advertising, which is how one makes money blogging.

  12. stgravelle

    July 7, 2010 at 5:21 AM

    Steve- love your column!! You crack me up. I just wanted to tell you don’t knock the Favre jerseys, can cheese and milano cookies too hard until you’ve tried, they make for one hell of a good party! Packer fans know how to party 🙂 Also, Jake is a douche!

  13. KathyZ

    July 7, 2010 at 5:23 AM

    Jake: You’re a first-class jerk. If you kept up the charming act maybe you could have gotten a job as a TV host somewhere, but very doubtful now. Go away.

    Vienna: What did you expect? I’m sure you’ll be dumped on a few more times before finding your prince.

    Chris: We do care about the dog.

    Ali: Boring. Now I miss LOST even more!

  14. jerseygirldv

    July 7, 2010 at 7:17 AM

    Is it just me or does Jake remind you of Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho”?

  15. Tricia

    July 7, 2010 at 10:03 AM

    I’m so glad I visited this site. It totally puts this show into perspective for me. I wasn’t one of the crazy, believe everything they show me kinda fans, but I definitely have a lot more insight now. And I think I enjoy watching the show even more knowing all the spoilers. It’s way more entertaining.
    And then, I love coming the next day and reading your hilarious take on it. More often than not, I totally agree with your assessment of things.
    Ever since Jillian’s season I knew Jake had issues. He’s just comes off way too controlled and contrived. I always thought he was a tool and a horrible choice to be the Bachelor. It was very obvious to me that he was only on it for himself and then sealed it when immediately afterwards (when he should be focussing on building his supposed new romance with Vienna) he’s on Dancing With The Stars. Ugh! I couldn’t wait for him to get kicked off so I wouldn’t have to endure his fake-ass grin anymore.

    Watching the train-wreck interview last, my final thought was that I would love to hear a Dr. Drew take on Jake’s personality disorder. He totally was exhibiting sociopathic tendencies.

    I have to say though that I was an Ed/Jillian fan/supporter. I guess now all I can say is “shame on me”. But I only discovered your site this season, so I know better now. Thanks Steve for showing me the light.

  16. notsorealityfan

    July 7, 2010 at 10:34 AM

    Well Steve you called it. US Weekly is reporting that Ed & Jillian have split. Woo-hoo another one bites the dust.

  17. Caroll

    July 7, 2010 at 10:49 AM

    Chris Harrison was so obvious in his preferential treatment of Jake during the interview section. I guess he is trying to “save face” for ABC after allowing Jake to be one of The Bachelors. Jake definitely has sexual conflict issues; his previous girlfriend reports the same cooling off of sexual passion after a month—a pattern that his denial of being gay repeats. He thinks that the “right woman” could “cure” him of these conflicting feelings but only repeats the pattern of giving up on heterosexual sex after a month’s time. He certainly has anger and control issues as well as putting his spin on things rather than telling the truth.

    As for Ed and Jillian, they enjoyed their celebrity in the spotlight for awhile, but Ed’s infidelity issues are only a matter of time before repeated.

    The best prediction of future actions is past actions.

  18. K-Flash

    July 7, 2010 at 11:13 AM

    Ed & Jillian are done. I believe that she needs to figure things out. I suspected she had a drinking problem when she was the Bachelorette, and it appears that that could be the catalyst as to why her and Ed’s relationship has hit the skids. I would post comments on other blogs about her seemingly over-indulgence in red wine on the show, and that she always appeared a little “glossy-eyed”. People mistook that, and interpreted it as a “trashing of her character”….totally not so. Would never do that, since being a Canuck myself, I was rooting for her success. Hope she can come to some peace, and get herself together.

    As for Jake & Vienna…two totally incompatible people that attempting to make “something” outta “nothing”. Vienna needs to move on in her life, and Jake needs to get some anger management councelling. There’s an unsettling passive-aggressive nature about him, that I thought was rather unsettling. I don’t think it really matters who the chosen chick was….he has unresolved issues.

  19. mb

    July 7, 2010 at 11:15 AM

    What about when Jake said he spent “HIS” money to fly the dog out plenty of times and Vienna said, “Once.”.? What a Dbag!
    I never cared for either one of them much, but certainly was left hating Jake and not just feeling sorry for Vienna, but thinking there might be more to her than I had given her credit for. And CH wasn’t cool either.

  20. cjengo

    July 7, 2010 at 12:05 PM

    Yep that sums it up, good job. When we first met I told you I thought Jake was a tool, we can now add “bag”. Ugh, just cannot stand him.

  21. CS1972

    July 7, 2010 at 12:15 PM

    jerseygirldv: P. Bateman has infintisimal more charisma, humour (however dark) and sexiness in his pinky fingernail than Jake has in his whole body.

  22. CS1972

    July 7, 2010 at 12:49 PM

    panthergirl: Thanks. Didn’t know if anyone would pick that one up.

    As for Ed and Jillian, disappointing but not really surprising. Didn’t see a whole lot going on there from the beginning.

    One of the main issues with these relationships, which is pretty much common sense, is that they date in a bubble, all the fantasy dates, then privately until the final show. Then it’s out into the real world. With Jake and Vienna it was virtually impossible to try to foster that relationship and make it grow because there really wasn’t any time to spend on it with DWTS and all that. Given the track record of other Bachelor/ette relationships, you’d think they would learn this by now, but it seems like fame and/or physical chemistry override what would really be a stable relationship in the long run. I mean, you do need physical chemistry, but that alone will not carry a relationship very far.

  23. SpiffyLal

    July 7, 2010 at 12:53 PM

    My main thought from Jake and Vienna’s interview is that Jake knew exactly what he was getting when he chose Vienna. She was herself on the show (hence not many people liked her). Jake, on the other hand did NOT show his true colors on the show. We know that after Monday’s interview. For example, Jake knew Vienna loved her dog in an oddly passionate way before he chose her. So don’t whine about her spoiling the pooch, flying it across the country, blah blah blah… I agree with Reality Steve – I’m not in either of their camps, but I do think Jake came across as a loser in the interview.

  24. Sunnyside422

    July 7, 2010 at 1:01 PM

    As to why the Turd picked Vienna in the first place….he knew she was 8 years younger than he, thought he could mold her into the Stepford Wife he seeks and lastly was governed by his “little head” and went for the fake boobed bimbo.

    Sadly for Turd, his bimbo turned out to have more intelligence than he bargained for…called him out for being an ass wipe and now everyone knows the real Fakey Jakey. He doesn’t think sex is important in a relationship! Whaaa????

    I loved the pilot comment she made “you haven’t flown in a year” and pussy replied quietly “I flew last weekend”. Ahhh sure…probably to practice! Poor Vienna….Prince Charming is a frog! Please go away both of you forever!

  25. mja

    July 7, 2010 at 1:25 PM

    One columnist on mentions that Reality Steve reported the breakup of Jillian and Ed before US Weekly did:–who-reported-it-first

    Way to give credit where credit is due!

  26. Caroll

    July 7, 2010 at 1:39 PM

    Interesting observation about drinking being a problem in a relationship. With all the drinking that goes on during the filming of The Bachelor/ette series, more than one person, male or female, could have a prior and continuing problem with alchoholism which has not been addressed and which makes for problems in any relationship sooner or later.

  27. twistedkrista

    July 7, 2010 at 2:54 PM

    I have dated men like Jake. Watching that last night made me feel like sh*t all over again. Vienna is going to need a lot of time to get over that controlling, emotionally abusive, sociopathic a.hole!!

    Chris L. kinda spooks me – I can’t stand listening to him. But I am entirely sick of Chris Harrison. His fake coughing and the stupid things he said during the call to Ali last week were the last straws for me! lol So…

    I think Reality Steve should be the new host!! 🙂 🙂

    Love you, RS! Keep up the good work!

  28. Anastasia Beaverhousen

    July 7, 2010 at 3:45 PM

    Steve, “all the sudden” is not grammatically correct. The proper idiom is “all of a sudden.” Please stop using it wrong.

  29. natwill

    July 7, 2010 at 4:30 PM

    E news just announced that Jake will be a contestant on the Bachelor Pad. They said he will have a new chance at finding love…what a douche. Do you think ABC is releasing this info for ratings since Steve said Jake will NOT be a contestant…sounds like a planned and organized breakup just in time to promote Bachelor Pad!?!?

  30. bachelorwatcher

    July 7, 2010 at 8:29 PM

    Busy week so I couldn’t read your entire blog or the comments… sorry. But I skimmed, then skipped to the thoughts on Vienna and Jake. First I have to say… don’t criticize her grammar and saying “Fake, liar…” when he is in fact fake and he is in fact a liar. I’m sure she said that with an assumed comma in there… and as Anastasia Beaverhousen pointed out above, you have your own issues if you think “all the sudden” is correct. It’s not. I also usually catch other various grammatically wrong things in your blog, but no one is pointing those out and calling you an idiot… so give people a break.

    Also… I can’t believe you are having Justin Rego on your site to now give us “insight” into the behind the scenes of The Bachelor. You want so bad to make the show seem 100 times worse than it even is, that you would love a chance to have anyone from the show speak with you and bash it. Guess what… he’s a huge liar! A proven one!!! You’ve even stated this. How are you to think we are supposed to suddenly believe the lies he WILL tell you or whoever he’s talking to, when he’s obviously not an honest person? I can’t believe you refuse to believe anything a reality tv show shows… but one of the most dishonest people to ever be on it is someone you’ll believe just because he’s actually going to talk to you? You do realize he’ll talk to anyone that will listen, fill their head with lies in hopes that someone believes him, to get back a better image of himself. You have lost it RS if you are going to support anything he says!!

    I’m definitely on Team Vienna. And guess what? I was in fact on Team Go Away Forever Please, uuuuuntil I saw last night. She couldn’t have been more open and honest, and he couldn’t have been more of a douche bag showing his true colors. Isn’t it obvious how much of a militant gay male he is??? He’s a homosexual, used Vienna along with anyone/thing he could to get fame, and his true colors showed last night. He was mostly upset that he thought Vienna was a stupid airhead that would be dumb enough to believe he was straight, and then try to just break up and it all ends and he goes away being a recognizable nice guy from a reality show and continues his fame. Hmmm no wonder Tenely and Vienna were in the bottom two. The two, sweet, naive, easy to manipulate woman. Well Vienna proved last night she’s smarter than he thought, but unfortunately stupid enough that she actually stayed with him as long as she did trying to make something work that never could. I’m so happy she came out first with the truth. He wanted to go to magazines first, make up some lie about her cheating, be looked at like the scorned guy, and have even more success. Too bad Jake!!! Blew up in your face and your nasty, mean, true self shined last night… and hopefully this means you WILL go away forever cause no one will want anything to do with you.

  31. di_zzy1

    July 8, 2010 at 2:52 AM

    We all have theories, and mine is that Jake treated her like crap on purpose, to try to drive her to cheat. I believe he thought she was weaker than she really ended up being (I, for one was kind of surprised, too!) And if she cheated, or even just leaned on another guy for comfort, he could get everyone to believe that he was the victim AND get a lot more headlines.

    Most of us women have been with a dud like Jake at least once. And those of us who have were able to see his bullshit from a mile away. Vienna kicked his ass in that interview. So much so, that I’m surprised ABC didn’t edit it. Maybe that’s one reason she kept interrupting, because she didn’t want to give them much room to edit.

    But, I think more than that, she just came to a breaking point after being stifled for so long, living with someone who made her 2nd guess herself and doubt herself. She did keep her mouth shut for a REALLY long time. Anyone would spout off after living like that for months.

    I’m not saying she’s a saint. I’m just saying that Jake made a big misatke when he thought he was going to come out smelling like a rose. He underestimated her…BIG time, LOL.

  32. Da Babe

    July 8, 2010 at 3:38 AM

    Once again…I saw it here first. Jillian and Ed. Surprise, surprise. He is so creepy – I see him and go ewwwww. Is that a prereq to be a bachelor – the ewww factor? And the more I see clips from that interview, the more it’s like “and the world didn’t see this coming?” Jake does nothing but have that stupid Tom Cruise smile plastered on his smug arrogant puss. Jake, you aren’t that good looking so give it up. Oh – and go away while you’re at it. I’m sure hoping Vienna doesn’t start popping up on Extra or ET or whatever show pulls her in. They are getting painful to watch, too. Loving ya from NJ Steve!

  33. calypso41

    July 8, 2010 at 5:38 AM

    Jake is very immature and has no clue how to be in a relationship. He has some serious issues…clearly. I was not a fan of either of them. However, I did feel pretty bad for Vienna, she was obviously deluded by the entire show and by Jake. Again, not of fan of hers, but I do think it was pretty evident that he has been horrible to her….his one word, smug answers were nothing more than him trying to make her look like an unstable, emotional train-wreck…..shame on him. Unfortunately for Jake, people are alot more intuituve than he counted on and he looked like the ass that he is!!

  34. Sunnyside422

    July 8, 2010 at 9:20 AM

    If Justin wants to clarify his time on this fake show, go for it. No problem with listening to his side of the story. We are all aware of the manipulations that make up this show so it shouldn’t be a surprise that things were not what they seemed.

    Not that I think he was a saint in all this. I can see why there are such lame men this season…now that this show is classified as a total fraud, what sane and normal guy would subject himself to the abuse he will suffer by appearing.

    I felt for Ali when I saw the losers (except for Roberto!) exiting those limos. And their personalities confirmed the fact that there was a shortage of good looking, normal men who applied to this show. If this was the best the producers could come up with….ugh!

    Looks like dumb ass Jake is still putting his stupid smerk out there. Throwing out a first pitch for a baseball game in LA. Would it not be comical if the people in the stands booed him loud and long!? One can only hope.

  35. KHapp8

    July 8, 2010 at 10:36 AM

    Chris L – Love him!
    Roberto – Like him
    Ali- whines too much
    Jake – SCARY!
    Vienna – Never been a fan, but needs to just move on.
    Reality Steve – Hilarous!! Keep it coming!

  36. mja

    July 8, 2010 at 12:24 PM

    I hope that RS is correct and that Jake will not be a contestant on Bachelor Pad. I was looking forward to that show, but if Jake is a regular on it they now have one less potential viewer.

  37. realitycheck1

    July 8, 2010 at 4:17 PM

    Rule # 1 when you are in an argument, if you need to repeatedly cut the other person off if means you are lying. I do believe Vienna is a “fame whore” , as I do think Jake is, the only difference is she didn’t get any attention after the show that didn’t involve Jake. She knew why Jake picked her, she thought they were going to use each other, get famous together, but when that only worked for Jake she got pissed and is now looking to get some “alone” fame.

  38. Jennifer5642

    July 8, 2010 at 6:33 PM

    The real highlight was when Vienna asked how anyone could get sick of another person in just 6 months. First, Jake was sick of her after 6 minutes. That’s how long faking it lasts. Second, I didn’t watch DWTS and I only intermittently watched Jake’s season… yet after last night, I was sick of both of them after 12 minutes. So, yes, Vienna, it is possible.

  39. donkeytron

    July 8, 2010 at 8:55 PM

    If Jake and Vienna can’t make it, what hope is there for the rest of us?

  40. MindyM

    July 11, 2010 at 12:30 PM


    I totally agree with your comments about Ali! The weight gain is the least of what is wrong with this girl! She has absolutely nothing interesting or insightful to say, seems completely self-absorbed and immature, boring and just superficial. You also reminded me of how much I disliked her on Jake’s season, for being a class A bitch! I started out liking her, but ended up despising her! I say Roberto is a winner for not getting stuck with her! Both he and Chris are way too good for this girl/woman, who seems intent on pursuing some kind of career in show biz. Good luck, because she has nothing in the way of talent or smarts.

    As far as the whole Vienna and Jake trainwreck, I feel that of these two dysfunctional people, Vienna at least came off as a human being. Jake was so robotic and totally without feeling and empathy for the woman he asked to marry him, that it was revolting. The guy couldn’t even put up a pretense of caring! He came across as heartless, cruel, abusive and incredibly condescending and chauvinistic. He doesn’t need a woman to emasculate him – he is already there! What a wimp!

    If Vienna hadn’t interrupted Jake so incessantly, then I think she would have won the confrontation hands down. That was the one thing that was quite annoying. She just didn’t let Jake have a chance to talk. That’s a shame, because this guy is good at putting his foot in his mouth. If she had let him talk more, then he would have dug his own grave even deeper. As it is, with the little he was allowed to say, that was more than enough to show his true colors! I despised him ever since he backstabbed Wes to earn his spot as next season’s bachelor.

    The guy can’t act because he has the personality of a rock and isn’t real. I said all this even before he was picked to be the next bachelor. It was so obvious that the guy has nothing going on except ambition. Good luck with that!

    As Steve said, Vienna did cite specific examples that Jake was completely unable to refute. That is why I believe her. I still don’t like her and think she’s trailer trash, but at least she was real. Chris Harrison was his usual smug, arrogant self! The guy is SO much the company man. I don’t think he could care less about either of these two losers.

    Now I hope we never have to hear about either of them ever again.

  41. realgirl

    July 11, 2010 at 4:11 PM

    I am so surprised that what is so utterly obvious is missed by everyone, including RS! “yoginid” is the only one who is even close to the reality of Jake’s plan when she says “once Jake realized he couldn’t have Ali, which left him with Gia, Tenly and Vienna, he KNEW he couldn’t possibly put one over on Ali, and the other two were too sweet to treat like shit once the honeymoon was over so to speak. I think he purposely chose Vienna because she was the one that everyone loved to hate.” That IS what happened, except that Jake’s plan hatched LONG before that. He NEVER WANTED Ali — it was his plan to play the good guy (which most people bought back then) and become the next Batchelor. It was all in his grand plan for fame. He never cared for Vienna (or anyone but himself) and purposely chose Vienna because nobody liked her. Then, he could escape dumping her with “cheating” rumors and still be considered the good guy. He probably rejoiced with the “bad girl” photos/articles that came out in the tabs before his final episode aired where he chose her. Even though Vienna is no angel, we are happy she outed him. That is why he is really so mad. He misjudged the immature, spoiled, Daddy’s princess and she beat him to the punch. And yes, most of us care about the dog (more than these two!). I hope future show producers can see how badly Jake nauseates all of us and refuse to cast him on any more of these shows!

  42. goingbananas

    July 11, 2010 at 5:52 PM

    Really, one better than the other? On their Bachelor show Vienna was pretty much deemed a loose canon, a nut job. She was all about “I’m here for Jake”. A bit much for having just met the guy. She was clingy and somewhat obsessed. As for Jake, Definitley in the smarmy, smug, narcisstic category, but, does not quite fit the criteria for sociopath. Frankly, he was pre-warned about her and she wasn’t really looking at who he truly was. They got what they deserved – each other. Now let them go away.

  43. JNae31

    July 12, 2010 at 10:47 AM

    Steve – Love your posts (for the record, you are a little full of yourself, but still love you and your website! It’s great!!)

    Ok – about this Jake/Vienna thing. I’ll have to say, I knew how he was on the very first episode of his Bachelor season. At the beginning when they do the segment “about the new Bachelor” and they showed Jake at work and packing at home…there is something the female narrator said that completely turned me off from him.
    I can’t remember her exact words and I’m not sure if there is a video of it somewhere, but basically she was saying he likes to have a “perfect women”. One that is neat, clean, behaves correctly..etc. I actually couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Now, after watching the way he treated Vienna…I think the 1st episode was a hint of what his future wife should be aware of. I’m not saying Vienna isn’t annoying or anything, but it did not surpise me that he treated her that way (like a child). If I find the video clip of the comments, I’ll post them. Sorry…I know you dont want to hear any more of Jake/Vienna!! 🙂

    Hey – can you give us your prediction of who you think the next bachelor will be?
    Keep up the great posts!!

  44. reel_nut

    July 12, 2010 at 5:31 PM

    OMG Bachelorwatcher _second time I am scrolling through the comments & stop in yours without ever even glancing & noticing your id on the top before going: wow, this person thinks so much like I do. LOL Then, I find out, it is you again. LOL

    Hey, bachelorwatcher, just in case you come back & read my comment, I want to recommend you visit the link posted by somebody … star blog, a canada publication featuring Justin Rego’s interview. This because, on this point, up to a few minutes ago I totally agreed with you, then I read his interview & changed my mind big time.

    I were floored by some of the evidence he pointed to showing how incredibly deceiving is the way they edit tons of footage into a moment on the show & a scene that never happened. For example: he talks about a scene where he appeared to be confronting & being super rude & harsh to Kasey in Iceland. Then he states that if we watch again the footage paying attention to the bottle of water he (Justin) were holding in the scene, the bottle of water goes from un-opend to opened, then to slightly drank to empty in about 20 consecutive seconds _at least that is what is featured on the show. A good metaphore for what these producers do to miss-characterize not only their cast members but the nature of their interaction & what happens is that they take a few specific morsels from a huge pot of stew then reduce them together in a different pan so the final product is a complete different dish in look, taste, caloric content, etc … But if anybody brings that up they just point to the fact that anyone can see for themselves it contains carrots & onnions, therefore is just a regular serving of the same dish.


  45. yeagerbomb

    July 12, 2010 at 6:09 PM

    Hey Steve: Why is the background in the little blurbs look like the “house” when they are on the hometown dates? Do they eventually go back there to do the final rose ceremony? It looks like ABC go snagged again, really at least have Ali change her outfit before going from Roberto’s house to the little blurb about his family!!!! THanx Steve for enlightening me about this show and all the junk that goes on but you know that I wouldn’t miss this for the world although I like THe Bachelor more then the Bachelorette. THanx for your time!!!:)

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