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What Happens in the Finale and What Happened to the E! Special – 8/2/10

Man, this show is doing everything they can to keep tonight’s finale and ATFR under wraps. They obviously didn’t care about every little detail of their season spoiled two weeks before the first episode aired, but they are guarding the finale’s outcome like Kasey guards and protects women’s hearts. After the stunt ABC pulled this weekend by telling E! to get me off of the “Bachelor: Then and Now” special, the only retaliation I have is to keep ruining their show’s surprises. And that’s what I’m gonna do right now by telling you what I know about tonight’s finale. More on the E! special later on this column. Here’s what I know:

So for the first time in a year, my sources failed me. They actually called to apologize for jumping the gun on the “Ali is single” stuff. They said that through all the information they had gathered and heard, the only conclusion they could come to was that Ali was single. They were wrong. They apologize, and I apologize. When they’re wrong, I’m wrong. But that’s ok. I’ve been wrong for the last six weeks in telling you that she’s single. As long as you know what’s gonna happen in the finale before it airs, that’s all I care about. They tried to keep this as hidden as they could, and I will give them credit, they were awfully good about it this season. It took me a month to even get to the “She’s either with Roberto or she’s single” conclusion, which I printed in June. Then three days later I went with “She’s single”. That is not the case.

You know this “shocking ending” and “something we’ve never seen before in the finale” they’ve been talking about? They were never talking about the actual outcome of the show – an engagement, single, dating, etc. What they’re talking about is Chris Lambton never makes it to the final rose ceremony. Hence the reason we’ve never seen footage of Roberto and/or Chris at the final rose ceremony standing there with Ali. They never had any footage of Chris, so if they only showed Roberto there with her, that would’ve given it away. Ali tells Chris during their last chance date that Roberto is the one she’s in love with. She doesn’t want to hurt him by having him go through all the pomp and circumstance of walking up there, possibly proposing, yada yada yada, so she eliminates him right then and there, and Chris is never part of the final rose ceremony. She basically puts all her eggs in one basket in hopes that Roberto reciprocates her feelings. That’s the “risk” she is talking about.

The rest is where it gets tricky. They’re going to make it seem like Roberto is indecisive, he doesn’t know what to do, he’s not sure of his feelings for Ali, etc. Basically all these “doom and gloom” promos ABC has been running the last week making you think it’s such a horrible ending for every party involved. However, in the end, Ali and Roberto are together, they are happy, and they are planning a life together – whatever that means. They left Bora Bora an engaged couple and are still together right now. I am sorry for reporting for the last month she was single. You know who else were planning a life together on this show? Every other couple that left this show engaged and happy. So once again, I will say what I say every season regarding the ending of this show and people will inevitably ask me, “Do you think Ali and Roberto will get married?” My answer: I’ll believe it when I see it. Two marriages out of twenty seasons tells me otherwise. But hey, good luck kids. I’ll set the over/under at six months for these two. And take the under.

So yes, the sources were wrong for the last month, but they came through for me in the last hours. It’s been funny reading all this “Did Reality Steve Get Fleissed” nonsense over the last couple weeks. People thinking they’ve figured me out and know who my sources are so they shut them up. Uhhh, not quite. If they knew who my sources were, then how would I have gotten the information I just gave you? All this information was given to me since about 8:00 last night. All they did was just do a better job of keeping a lid on the ending. They certainly had no idea who was feeding me every other detail about the season. But when next season rolls around, and I spoil that again, it’ll prove they haven’t stopped me from doing anything. This was a minor bump in the road. The thing is, I don’t know why ABC and Fleiss and Co. wanted to keep this such a big secret. People were going to watch anyway whether that got out or not. But going to all these lengths to make sure no one knew Ali and Roberto are together seems kind of odd. The ratings were huge this season. If they would’ve promoted happiness from the beginning, maybe they would’ve gotten even more viewers. I don’t quite understand their logic, but then again, this is the same bunch of idiots who strong armed another network and had me taken off a show they didn’t produce themselves. So I guess I shouldn’t put anything past them.

As for the “After the Final Rose”, nothing of much significance happens there. It was filmed on a closed set last week, and I’m sure Ali just talks to Chris and tells him about her feelings, etc. Ali and Roberto come out happy together, talk about wedding plans and what they’re thinking about, and that’s that. Frank was not a part of it as I told you he wouldn’t be. I know nothing about what happened at that ATFR taping, but considering what we now know about the outcome of the show, it should be pretty standard.

-It was announced yesterday that the new cast of “Dancing with the Stars” would be announced on Aug. 30th during the 4th episode of “Bachelor Pad”. The only other time DWTS has announced their cast during something relating to the “Bachelor/ette” franchise, was last season during Jake and Vienna’s “After the Final Rose” show that Jake would be a contestant. So I don’t think it’s too hard to conclude that there will be someone from this franchise next season on DWTS. I can tell you that Ali and Roberto have both been asked to be on DWTS next season. I’m guessing they will both accept. That’s going to be the worst kept secret for the next 28 days.

-As for the next “Bachelor”, 100% confirmed it is Chris Lambton’s gig IF he wants it. No word yet on whether he’s officially agreed, but c’mon, the way the show will set up his exit as the guy everyone in America will feel sorry for, it’s the perfect set up leading into next season. He and the show both know America has pretty much fallen in love with him, I can’t imagine him passing this up. Same thing I say for everyone who is the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette”: Who wouldn’t want a two month vacation to date a bunch of good looking people and go on dates you’d probably never experience in your whole life? Not to mention get paid six figures to do so. I say you can pretty much mark it down Chris is going to be the next “Bachelor”.

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  1. YouWereWrong

    August 3, 2010 at 12:15 PM

    You are really off base. Your site crashed yesterday and today because people wanted to see how you would deal with being wrong. And it is sad to see you lacked any dignity and humility. All you should have posted last night was “damn, I got hosed.” Because that it was happened. Not to hold you to a higher standard, but you stake your reputation on your sources and if they are wrong you are wrong. You trying to reason your way out of being wrong or trying to divert attention on how ABC is attempting to shut you down is just childish.

    You got it wrong. ABC won this round. You should give them the kudos they deserve. And as some have pointed out, whether or not they forced you off other programs – the network (and all gossip rags everywhere) owe you a lot. If it weren’t for you being SOOO far off base and what is better, swearing you are right, last night would have been rather boring.

    So thank you for that. Maybe next time you will learn what 100% means – that is all. Oh, and grow up and just admit you got played!

  2. Caroll

    August 3, 2010 at 12:49 PM

    For those who are criticizing Steve for being wrong, it is very easy to criticize someone else. I don’t notice that any of you are writing an entertaining blog with so many followers. Your anger with him is laughable. As I said in a post earlier, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Don’t read the spoilers if you expect them to be 100% perfect all the time.

    And Fleissing the E Special with a different narrator just adds publicity for RealitySteve…if Fleiss wanted RealitySteve to go away, his efforts have boomeranged on him!

    I will continue to read Steve’s blog and laugh at his jokes and not worry whether he is always 100% correct!

  3. meshelle8

    August 3, 2010 at 12:58 PM

    Sorry, Steve. You remind me of some teenage girl who talks about how great she is all the time and never shuts up.

    I do read your column when work gets a little boring, and although I am impressed at the lengths people will compromise their jobs to give you “spoilers” so you can entertain the masses…you have to stop saying that you only run with “facts”. What you run with is hearsay. I don’t care if they guaranty to you that it’s 100% true. They saw it with their own eyes, blah blah blah. It is one person telling you something that you haven’t seen for yourself, and hasn’t been confirmed until the show actually runs. Regardless of how often it’s true, until the show airs, you’re playing an adult game of telephone and to say otherwise is to be way more full of yourself than people already say.

    Say you have great sources. Say you 100% believe those sources. Say “my sources have been right 99% of the time”. However, even if they were only incorrect a handful of times in the hundreds of things they have told you, you have to concede: they aren’t necessarily facts. Your sources might be piecing a bunch of “facts” together and coming up with the wrong conclusion. I realize your track record is enough to enable your ego, but a little humility isn’t a bad thing. It might even make you more bearable. You opened yesterday’s blog by saying [to paraphrase] “who cares if my sources were incorrect for the past 6 weeks? What matters is that they gave me the information before the episode actually aired. And they are right.”

    Your tone makes it seem less about the fun of spoilers to the followers, and more about sticking it to ABC. What matters, Steve, is that you CONSIDER the fact that…you know what? Maybe you WERE fleissed. Just sit back and consider it. Even if the thought makes you sick to your stomach and makes you lose sleep. God forbid someone have a one up on you. God forbid they deliberately confused your sources with mis-information up until yesterday and then finally figured “what the hell…let realitysteve post his spoiler.” I think they cut their losses and figured they’d done their part. The fact that you won’t even consider that in your grand world of machismo ego makes you a less interesting blogger to follow.

    Enjoy outing ABC until it bores you.

  4. lalala

    August 3, 2010 at 2:45 PM

    im beginning to think all of these people bashing on Steve are in on it with ABC and the producers of the Bachelor/ette.

    Does it make you all that mad that he was wrong with one thing, yet he nailed it with everything else? He never even had to have this site up in the first place and you’d be stuck with watching the show live, as is.

    Just get it over it. Let’s see all these people bashing him find their own spoilers. Betcha they couldn’t do it themselves!

  5. Caroll

    August 3, 2010 at 4:07 PM

    I agree with lalala! The complainers should just get over it!

  6. Lucetto

    August 3, 2010 at 4:07 PM

    Great job Steve with your blog!!! I’m just mad at myself for not reading it before the show aired. Oh well, at least Ali was left with 2 wonderful guys. Looking forward to seing Chris as the new Bachelor !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. AATxCutee

    August 3, 2010 at 6:45 PM

    Actually, I think ABC is under YOUR skin RS. Why else would you write with such a childish vendetta?

  8. Lucetto

    August 3, 2010 at 7:10 PM

    Keep writting your blog RS, you are doing an excellent job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. dark_angel

    August 3, 2010 at 10:30 PM

    Just wanted to say RS that you are doing a fantastic job!!!! I’m glad I’m not living in lala land and believing all the hype and crap that ABC is feeding us. If anyone has a problem with what you’re writing, then they don’t need to read it….that whole free will thing right.

    I tuned in early for the spoilers when you first posted them, but tuned in religiously every week for your VERY entertaining commentary afterwards. That was by far the best part. So you got the finale wrong, big deal, everything else was right…thats what counts.

    Like you said we’ll just have to wait and see if Ali and Roberto actually last.Only time will tell…

    Thanks again for making the show interesting and entertaining again.

  10. betty

    August 4, 2010 at 11:55 AM

    i think you should take it easy on ABC, especially Chris Harrison. you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you…

    i also wouldn’t assume that E! cut your segment because ABC threatened them. there are a million reasons you could have been axed. why don’t you ask ‘your sources’?

    it was fun reading your blog when you weren’t so bitter. lighten up, steve!

    and no, i don’t work for ABC 🙂

  11. notbuynit

    August 6, 2010 at 5:14 PM

    Hey Steve,

    It looks like the FORTers bested you this time. No matter how you try to spin it they had the ending way before you did. You arrogantly kept sticking to the “Ali is single” line until the very end then you thought you could make yourself look good by “spoiling” the ending at the 11th hour.

    But you were too little too late.

    Hopefully this will bring you down a notch and wipe that arrogance away. Your blog was a lot more fun before you became a bitter man.

  12. reel_nut

    August 6, 2010 at 9:22 PM

    Dear MindiM

    I think that this person who singled you out did so simply because your post stood out visually due to its length considering all the posts that preceeded IT. Your comment was also closer to the top in relation to many others similar in length, tone yet critical of STEVE not because his blunder regarding prediction of the SEASON OUTCOME but of how he handled things from the moment he realized he blew it.

    I remember taking the time to glance at your ID, making a mental note of it, after reading your thoughts because I found them to be exceptionally coherent, insightful & thoughtful considering that though you were CRITICAL you were also RESPECTFUL & CLASSY as opposed to the FEW who opted for VICIOUS ONE LINE ZINGERS which served for nothing except reminding us all that some use the INTERNET to displace anger.

    Also “Groopie” behavior is a common phenomenum in blogs such as this. I just wish that those prone to idolize STUCK TO ADULATION & passed on “flaming,” but that will never happen simply because it takes a great deal of DENIAL to delude oneself that any one thing is either “all good” or “all bad.”And ATTACKING THOSE W/ CONTRASTING POINTS OF VIEW serves to reinforce THE FRAGIL WALL OF ABSOLUTISM SOME SO DESPERATELY CLING TO. So, there isn’t a hope or a prayer that “flaming” will soon be a thing of the past.

    Of course, it is said that “IGNORING” is always the best policy but no one can argue with THE WISDOM OF NOT ALLOWING OTHERS TO DEFINE US (***see president Carter’s failed re-election campaign).

    As for those here who keep saying until blue on the face:
    _ you are taking this way too serious people
    _ if you don’t like it there is the door
    _ it is NOT STEVE’S fault & he was right on everything but …

    And especially, for those DISINGENOUS ENOUGH to to attempt to characterize anyone failing to kiss A– at this point AS “ANGRY” ABOUT STEVE’s INACURACY, all I have to say is BE REAL. The interesting thing about written statements is that they are literally ON THE RECORD in both content & tone. So, to intentionally mischaracterize some put on the record MAKES ONE LOOK FOOLISH & DELUSIONAL.

    I myself posted 3 lengthy sequential posts which were quite honest & “yes, CRITICAL of STEVE”_specifically of HOW he BOTCHED WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A SIMPLE ADMISSION that THIS TIME HE BLEW IT, NO MORE NO LESS. And I dare anyone to find any senseless cruelty or disrespect towards STEVE on my part, for the nature of my comments have always been constructive.

    I have noticed that there are a FEW here who seem to take upon themselves the role of GATE KEEPERS & curiously (if one bothers to notice) are the very same ID’s always as if these people are here to “GUARD STEVE’s delicate heart”to a degree of obsession that causes them to be EVER LURKING like GUARD DOGS READY TO POUNCE ON ANYONE WHO DARES TO POST anything CRITICAL OF mighty REALITY STEVE. Ironically they seem to be the main source of displaced anger around here. To be honest, since STEVE posted his Season Spoiler on May 11TH what really kept ME coming back was the overall intelligence of most who comment in this section.

    In the age of the Internet, when a blogger lights on the neon sign on the marquee & swings open his doors to invite the public in & ESPECIALLY WHEN OPTING TO OFFER READERS THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE OPINION & GIVE FEED BACK, one would HOPE THAT HE WOULD HAVE MORE MATURITY, CLASS & DECORUM than to ALUDE to his OWN READERS who HAPPEN TO BE CRITICAL OF HIM AT TIMES, as “FORUM LOOSERS.”

    ***for those who took the time to read my remarks w/ fairness in mind. THANK YOU. ;+]`

  13. UHadMeTilLooser

    August 29, 2010 at 4:37 PM


    I agree with everything you say. You really make good points and it tears at my heart when you say “Forum Loosers”. Oh you were so close, too! I apologize but I just can’t ever respect anyone who uses “Loose” for “Lose”. I’m so sorry. It breaks my heart because you make such good intelligent points in your comment.

    I’m not against anything you say except for your last word. Perhaps next time you will remember the proper spelling and your argument will be taken seriously.

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