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Bachelorette 6 Finale – 8/2/10 Including Final Thoughts on It All & Where Have Ali and Roberto Been?

I want to thank everyone for making yesterday the biggest volume day in the history of Wow. Even crashed the site last night. Crazy thing is, today is probably going to surpass yesterday. Tuesday is always the biggest day of the week and I don’t expect much different this time. However, if you have not been back to the site since last week, you wouldn’t know what I posted yesterday, which seems to be a lot of you considering the amount of texts, emails, Facebook posts, and twitter responses I’ve got saying something to the effect of “You were wrong.” Technically yes. I’ve been wrong for the last six weeks telling you Ali is single. However yesterday at noon I posted (and you can scroll down to the next post to read it) and told everyone the main points for what you’d see last night on the show: No Chris at the final rose ceremony because Ali lets him go on his last chance date, Ali and Roberto happy and engaged, and Frank not at the ATFR.

So if you want to read all my thoughts on ABC and how I do give them credit for being a lot more secretive this season about their ending, read the next post. The finale column is never a regular column. I’m not going to sit and go over every ounce of the final episode because at this point, you just want to talk about the ending and how it played out. I don’t think I’ve recapped the finale in at least 8 or 10 seasons. Sure I have some thoughts here and there, but it’s nothing like what you see on a weekly basis. This show is about wrapping my final thoughts on everything, and trust me, there’s plenty to get to this season.

I mean, I can’t be mad at my sources. I really can’t. I was always told from the beginning it wasn’t Chris. Purposely didn’t run with that until I had an idea where Roberto stood. So on June 18th, I posted she’s either engaged to Roberto, or she’s single. Three days later on the 21st, I came to everyone and said I’m 100% certain she’s single. I did that because that’s what I was told. My sources were wrong. They apologized to me late Sunday night/early yesterday morning, once they gave me the lowdown on what was going to happen in the finale. I appreciated their apology, but it really wasn’t necessary. From two weeks before the first episode, they’ve had EVERYTHING nailed correctly. And even on June 18th, when I told people Chris doesn’t win and Ali’s either engaged to Roberto or single, they still had everything nailed. But they just guessed wrong based on whatever information they had, and for the last six weeks, I stood by them. Why wouldn’t I? Everything else was right. Ultimately though, they got me the info at the last hour, it was up on the blog yesterday afternoon around 1:00, and that’s all I needed. So the last thing they needed to do was apologize. I apologize to my readers for giving false info on the ending, but I’m glad I was able to get it to you before last night’s episode aired.

I also want to thank Chris Harrison who took another shot at me in his blog today. In case you missed it, here was his latest gem:

“Why anybody would ever want to destroy the ending of a show for you, I’ll never understand. Some people just have this need to tear down what others create.”

Barf. Is that supposed to make me rethink what I do? Really? Am I supposed to feel bad now? If anything, it makes me giddy for next season to start so I can ruin it again. Chris, how many times do I have to say this? When you tape your show in advance, spoilers are going to get out. Deal with it. And if I wasn’t doing it, someone else would. Quit your crying. It’s the world we live in nowadays. The minute Twitter, Facebook, tabloid mags, and shows like TMZ started popping up, is the minute everything becomes a 24/7 news story. We are a need-to-know-now society. It’s impossible to keep a secret on a TV show anymore, especially one that’s filmed two months in advance. Sure, you guys tried your hardest and were successful up until yesterday afternoon, but lets be honest here, outside of the Jason/Molly/Melissa fiasco, that was the first “After the Final Rose” show done on a closed set. Hmmmmm, I wonder why? Why after 19 seasons of doing the ATFR in front of an audience do you think they went to the closed set this season? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Almost pulled it off, guys. Almost pulled it off.

And if you’re sensing some extra hostility today, you’re probably right. I mean, I kinda have every reason to be considering what happened with the E! special. If you didn’t read what happened with that, you can also scroll down to the next post and find out what happened. And still, as of this writing, I have yet to hear back from E! regarding anything. The first time I found out about it was when Saturday’s replay aired. Ridiculous and pretty unprofessional if you ask me. But hey, so is life. So you know how I get back at them? By continuing to ruin their show. Speaking of that, hey “Bachelor Pad” starts next Monday! And in case you haven’t been made aware, every spoiler for that show has been in the link at the top of the page for the last month that says “Bachelor Pad spoilers”. So check that out as well. Since they didn’t want the ending to “Bachelor Pad” to get out, when they left filming, there were four people left. The whole cast goes back to film in September for one final challenge and then vote on who the winner is. So once that’s done taping, I’m sure shortly thereafter, I’ll have those spoilers as well. Weeeeeeee!!!! This is fun.

See the best part about all of this is, and I realize a lot of you have come to enjoy spoilers is, there’s nothing that I’m doing wrong. I’m a guy with a blog. It just so happens that people give me information to run with and I do. Of course, people can choose not believe the spoilers that I give out, but at this point with the proven track record, why would anyone doubt? Sure, the last six weeks I’ve been telling you Ali was single, but when every other single detail about this season was mapped out for you, you think when next season rolls around and I have those spoilers you’re gonna say, “Nah, he’s not right. He missed the ending last season, even though he got it all right on the day of the finale.” As long as I tell you what’s going to happen before it happens, you’ll be happy. Hell, we don’t even have to wait until next season. Just wait until “Bachelor Pad” starts and you’ll see all those spoilers are right as well. I’m not breaking any laws. I’m not under any ABC contracts, I’m not a former contestant, and I’m not an employee. I’m just a guy with a blog that has miraculously lucked out into getting spoilers given to him each season.

Do I think this is going to last forever? Hell no. But I’m sure enjoying the hell out of it while it does. I will ride this wave as long as I can, but don’t think for a second I’m stupid enough to think this won’t come to an end someday either once the show goes off the air or I just get bored and don’t want to do it anymore. Or I just get sick of the over 100 texts/emails/twitter/FB posts that came in tonight saying, “I thought you said Ali was single”, even though all you needed to know was up on the site earlier yesterday afternoon. Gets a little annoying, you know? But hey, I get it. Some people didn’t bother to check the site yesterday – and we still had the biggest day ever. That’s what baffles me. The audience and interest in this show is getting bigger and bigger by the season, despite the fact these couples keep breaking up and never lasting. Which goes to show, it’s never about the destination, it’s about the journey. Two marriages in twenty seasons will tell you that.

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  1. mja

    August 3, 2010 at 11:52 AM

    Steve, I’ve enjoyed this blog very much this season. Thanks!

    I was one of those who thought Ali was boring most of the season, and I didn’t even watch every episode because of that. But that really changed with the finale last night. I liked that she told Chris ahead of time that he could leave because she had decided on Roberto. That was very classy of her. Her interaction with Roberto was also the first time I could sense her real feelings and could really see them being together, at least for a while.

    It is also the first Bachelor/ette show in a long time where it seemed to me that the two people who got together at the end had some real chance to stay together for a while. Sure, the odds are way against them… and they have not settled into their real lives yet, which will really tell the tale. But I had a better feeling about them as a couple than I did with Jason and Melissa, Jillian and Ed, DeAnna and Jesse, etc. Jake and Vienna are left out of the previous sentence because I didn’t really watch Jake’s Bachelor series.

    The rainbow? I believed the story in this case. Stranger things have happened… it could have been contrived and edited, but in this case believing it makes more sense to me.

  2. djstu911

    August 3, 2010 at 12:04 PM

    Steve – don’t stress about your sources. Your work this season was tremendous. Here is a link to another funny recap, hope you enjoy.

  3. Vanilla Thunder

    August 3, 2010 at 12:08 PM

    Double rainbow, all the way! (If you don’t know what that means, search for “double rainbow” on youtube.)

    I was about an hour early yesterday, looking for spoilers on this site for last night’s episode. I checked around 1:00, but EASTERN time, so I missed out on the scoop before the episode. But that’s ok; for once I was surprised at the turn of events this season. I was stupidly happy and excited that Roberto proposed. Not that I think they’ll last; if they actually get married, I’ll be surprised. But it’s nice to see a “happy ending” on the Bachelor/ette, even if it’s only temporary. (I disliked Vienna, so Jake & Vienna’s engagement last season didn’t constitute a happy ending for me.)

  4. teegoogles

    August 3, 2010 at 12:13 PM

    Oh man, I almost peed myself when I read this line: “Hey, message board losers, there’s a new project for you.”

    Hilarious. Good times, Steve.

  5. Jeanie

    August 3, 2010 at 12:16 PM

    I can’t believe you didn’t say anything about the massive zit Ali had on her chin!

  6. zcsdgma

    August 3, 2010 at 12:19 PM

    Steve, I’d read from the beginning that Ali didn’t choose anyone and Im issed your column yesterday so I was pleasantly surprised last night. Enjoyed the show, how Ali let Chris go before the finale was a class act…still have doubts about that rainbow thing but…Roberto’s proposal was so romantic! I was surprised by something else I’d read today that Chris or noone else really knows if there’s going to be a proposal or not. I wish they’d have a ‘behind the scense’ show.

    I read the spoilers as a I want a hint of what is going to happen so doesn’t really matter to me if they are true or not, I sitll have to watch and I was glued to ABC for 3 hours last night and recorded Jimmy Kimmel…if I’d only remembered they would be on Good Moning America!

    Yes, I have a boring life but I loved Ali since she was on The Bachelor.

  7. watcher610

    August 3, 2010 at 12:20 PM

    First I thought that your sources were paid off to give you false or inaccurate information just to make you look foolish? But you’re the only one who can measure trust in who you talk to. As for other blogs saying you were fleissed, can they say they have reliable sources too, if any? Fools.

    I laughed when you said ” In the last two months, is there not a single person that was on a flight from Charleston, South Carolina to LA (or Burbank) that ever noticed Roberto? … Geez. Thanks for the help, friends of Roberto.” You’d think so with all its’ viewers, huh.

    Just a thought… Normal will never be in their vocabulary as long as they’re granting interviews or going on shows. Maybe becoming a public figure, reality tv star, beyond what they could ever imagine is what ruins participants forever… life as they knew it is permanently gone.

    Thanks for being entertaining and objective!

  8. SherryfromD

    August 3, 2010 at 12:39 PM

    So…what is the scoop that you were waiting to tell us until after Ali’s show? Something you were wrong about, I think it was?

  9. josie

    August 3, 2010 at 12:40 PM


    Your posts are like crack! Thanks for coming through. Although I find your infatuation and obsession with Ali to be a bit distracting. I know you have a boner for her and all, but damn calm down, boo. She ain’t ditchin’ hot ass sexy Roberto (sweat and all!)for you. You sound like a jilted ex-boyfriend complaining about Ali moving in with Roberto already. What do you care? You tell us viewers all the time not to get so personally invested in these characters and now look at you. Yes, Ali and Roberto probably won’t last but we go through this song and dance every season. It’s not about that. We just want a good, solid entertaining television experience. and yes we can all say we hate the show. I hate it and I hated Ali as bachelorette even more, but I sure as hell watched. Why? Because it’s entertaining and relieves stress. Same reason I watch Jersey Shore.

    Even lamer than the rainbow was the “Can you feel the Love tonight” at the end. J-Christ. But Chris would be an awesome bachelor. I admire a funny fella. Too bad he can’t kiss. He needs to work on that. Use your tongue, buddy. Insert it in mouth. Rinse and repeat.

    Good for you for sticking it to ABC and thanks again for all your titillating recaps. I know you don’t have to do this, but we, your loyal readers, are sure glad you do!

  10. maniacnun

    August 3, 2010 at 12:51 PM

    I wondered if it was ABC’s attempt to root out the sources. Maybe bring in an alternate crew, or editors. Maybe next time, they should just give Chris Harrison a handycam and Windows movie maker. Then the show can look as bad as it is. ^^

  11. lilylynn

    August 3, 2010 at 1:24 PM

    Found your site when I went looking for spoilers during Jake’s season… The show is one of my guilty pleasures that I tape and watch later while folding laundry. Anyway, I guess it was a couple of weeks ago when you seemed so certain that Ali was single after the final rose ceremony and still single that I stopped coming to your site for updates (after all, you’d always been so accurate in the past). Perhaps you could offer e-mail notifications in the future on any breaking news and/or major changes in your intel, especially when received so close to a finale. Then again, I admit I was so very happily surprised at what turned out to be the true ending (Roberto being my fav), that I’m rethinking whether to ever again search out spoilers… oh who am I kidding, I’m sure I’ll be back. 🙂 Also enjoy the interesting behind-the-scenes look you’ve provided on the show’s production. In short, just wanted to say thanks for adding to my viewing pleasure! Cheers 🙂

  12. ann_j

    August 3, 2010 at 1:43 PM

    Steve, Thanks a bunch for this season’s spoilers…..I don like the fact that the ‘message board losers’ want to rip you apart. Can’t wait for your blogs on the Bachelor Pad, looks like there will be more than enough for you to work with. and yeah hope you keep spoiling all their future Bach/ette seasons coz I hate that smug look on Chris Harrison’s face….Can’t believe he has the audacity to call you out on ‘spoiling the ending’of a show, when he blatantly lies and misrepresents people’s characters….what a conscience on the guy

    and btw good luck with the Search

  13. MindyM

    August 3, 2010 at 1:45 PM

    I have a lot of thoughts after reading Steve’s latest blog and hardly know where to begin.

    First, I am never, ever going to disregard my gut feeling again! The heck with spoilers! Yes, yes, I know that Steve got it 99% right and that’s why I kept telling myself that what I felt wasn’t true. However, getting the final ending wrong is a really big deal! There was a lot of information out there in the last week or so. FORT was all over this thing, ferreting out information such as the fact that Roberto got his insurance license for California and was relocating there. Someone also posted a twitter photo of Robert in Bora Bora, with the biggest smile on his face. They were actively working to track down leads and a few of their members apparently have their own connections and sources.

    There was one person who posted the whole ending, however, it could not be confirmed or verified until yesterday. FORT also works the same way as Steve. If they print rumors or speculation, then it is identified as such until they have further proof. They are sticklers for corroborating information. Yet somehow they managed to put out a lot more info than we got from this site. Steve asked us to keep checking back for more info on the FRC and the ATFR, yet nothing was ever posted. The last blog was the one with the Justin interview. So we were left in the dark.

    Let me be clear, before people start jumping all over me. I do not follow anyone blindly. God gave me a brain and the ability to reason and think. I ask questions, I challenge things, I want reasonable answers. I do NOT understand why Steve would wait until the afternoon of the day on which the finale would be broadcast, to finally reveal everything. If he had the information on Sunday night, then why not come forward at that time? FORT got the confirmation that its poster’s info about Chris being let go before the FRC, no LCD and Roberto being the only guy to propose, before Steve posted the same info. So they beat you to it, Steve! I am not a particularly devoted fan of FORT. I go on there and post occasionally, but am hardly a regular. This time they deserve the credit for doing the digging and putting in the effort to verify and validate the info they uncovered. Good for them!

    With all the editing, manipulation, scripted nonsense, I somehow knew that there was a real love story unfolding with Roberto and Ali. Am I a psychic? Hardly! It just shows you that if you listen to your own instincts, even this show can’t pull the wool over your eyes all the time! I think this time it came out right, but no credit goes to Fleiss and company. I give the credit to three classy people who somehow overcame the innate cheesiness and sleazy fakery, to just act like decent human beings, grownups who treated each other with respect and dignity. Ali was right to let Chris go before the FRC and not try to fake her way through the LCD with him. She had enough respect, real affection and friendship for him to do the right thing. I never saw a love story between them and think that this was not the right time for Chris. He’s a great guy and will find true love and happiness, be it as the next Bachelor or in real life.

    I think Steve and the producers of this show have a kind of dysfunctional relationship. Each of them seem to be feeding off the other. As far as E!, well that’s just the way it goes. Hey, it’s not as if they even put Steve’s name on the screen during the original broadcast. All it said was – TV Blogger! How’s that for respect? They didn’t even reveal your name! So they edited you out for the reruns and didn’t tell you. Yes, their relationship with ABC is more important than you. Sorry for the reality check.

    Some people here love to attack anyone who dares to criticize or disagree with Steve. Well, everyone has the right to their opinion. I always hear the same thing – don’t read it and don’t come here if you don’t like it. Expressing your opinion, even if it may not be popular or go along with those here who flatter and praise Steve to the heavens, is what we are allowed to do. I was one who said that I would go with Steve’s info because he has always been right. Well, as it happens, I was right this time! Me, someone who isn’t a blogger, doesn’t have sources, no connections. I just relied on good old instinct. It’s never let me down. The bottom line is that Steve got the biggest part of the story all wrong. One thing that always bothered me was the lack of any specifics about the FRC. No details whatsoever. That didn’t make sense. Just Ali is single, that was it.

    I am happy for Roberto and Ali and wish them well. I know the odds are clearly against them, but this time there aren’t the usual red flags that we have seen in the past. Look at Ed and Jillian. The guy went back home for work, only to hook up with a few girlfriends! Not a good way to become engaged to Jillian. Deanna fell for Graham, only he didn’t fall for her. So she had to pick the one guy who would play along and that was Jesse. She didn’t dare pick Jason and lead him on with his young son. Jason was supposedly manipulated by the producers into picking Melissa, only so he could dump her for Molly on national TV on that ATFR show.

    This time we have two people who genuinely seem to have fallen for each other right from the beginning. I think they have a decent shot at making it. Roberto has committed to relocating and his company has helped him get set up in San Diego. I am glad that they are moving in together. Now they can start their real live together and have some quality time with each other. Even mentioned these two in the same breath as Jake and Vienna is blasphemy! Steve, you mean you didn’t see that for the trainwreck that it was, even with the rumors of Vienna cheating and her lurid past? Even with Jake’s obvious desire for a career in show biz? Come on! Everyone knew that was done before it even began.

    So here’s my toast and congratulations to Roberto and Ali. Enjoy the love you have found and may you end up walking down the aisle together in the biggest, glitziest wedding that ABC can give you!

  14. dantemilan

    August 3, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    Chris Harrison is a douchebag…der man…we read the blog because we WANT to know the spoilers. If you don’t want to know DON’T READ IT!!!! What, like the show is some kind of sappy romantic hope for the world? PUH-LEEZ…It may be called a reality show, but we don’t watch for the reality…we watch for the fantasy..cuz that’s what it is – fantasy land. Guilty pleasure fantasy land…in fact, knowing the spoilers ahead of time makes it even MORE fun to watch because it’s so laughable.

    I’d love to see in a future episode a REAL father telling his REAL feelings when asked for permission to marry his daughter…”hell no you don’t have my permission…put that thing back in your pants and ask me again after you date my daughter in the REAL world for a year…if you’re still around.”

    Steve, I LOVE that you are under ABC/Fleiss’ skin…I hope they do continue to try to avert your radar…it will be that much more satisfying for you when you blow them out of the water again…I can see it now – Chris Harrison a heap of quivering sobs on the ground, his ABC superhero costume tattered and torn, his fist weakly shaking in the air crying “damn you Reality Steve, damn you reality steve”…

    can’t wait to tune in for the future…keep it comin’…

  15. SamIam

    August 3, 2010 at 2:02 PM

    while i loved you had the ending wrong til noon yesterday which allowed me not to read it, i did enjoy the other spoilers so i could pick and chooose what episodes sounded interesting this year which were most of them. my final thoughts of this season is Frank is the biggest jerk and idiot of all time.

  16. AATxCutee

    August 3, 2010 at 2:04 PM

    Steve you’re an arrogant creep and a little unstable having a hissy-fit because you were duped. I hope ABC finds a way to stop your spoilers and your 15 minutes of fame is up.

  17. Teresa

    August 3, 2010 at 2:06 PM

    after the rainbow being shown so much last night, Chris no doubt is the favorite to be the next Bachelor, they’d be crazy not to try to get him.

  18. di_zzy1

    August 3, 2010 at 2:15 PM


    I don’t care that you were wrong about the ending.

    Chris Harris or Harrison (see, I don’t even know his name for sure after 10 or so seasons, that shows you how irrelevant he is) is a total douche. I watched a few minutes of the Final Rose and when he started in with his pompous crap about Frank not showing, I gagged twice and hit the link to where the real entertainment is–YOUR BLOG.

    Coming here and reading the info you give, and then watching clips of the show or fast forwarding through most of it, saves me hours of time sitting through meaningless drivel and bad editing. I watch hours less than most people and I get the REAL story, not some purple kool aid version that ABC pours down everyone’s throat. Actually, if I had to sit through an entire episode, I would jump for that purple kool-aid to put me out of my misery.

    Also, I love a good smart ass. And you never disappoint 🙂

    Thanks for another great season!

    You are the best, Steve 🙂 THE BEST

  19. KathyZ

    August 3, 2010 at 2:16 PM

    Holy cow! Can’t believe people jump all over you like you screwed up the info that’s the cure to cancer. Sheesh people get a grip…it’s a TV show!

    Thanks for all you do Steve to make a stupid guilty pleasure TV show more enjoyable. Love your columns and your humor and looking forward to BP spoilers.

    Oh and, E! cutting you out of the special…wow! It’s just amazing the lengths ABC will go to.

  20. sawyer

    August 3, 2010 at 2:19 PM

    Hah, I love that people crashed a blog over whether or not spoilers were correct. You got Punk’d… but it just made it more entertaining for me as for once I didn’t manage to spoil something for myself by reading spoilers.

    I think Ali and Roberto will make it… you could see the dollar signs in Chris Harrison’s eyes as he finally found his Trista II.

  21. reallife

    August 3, 2010 at 2:22 PM

    Chris and the Bachelor gang at ABC should thank you, Steve. It’s because you give the spoilers
    that I watch – ha !! I didn’t watch this franchise after Trista until I discovered you !! So ABC
    can give you all the credit for this viewer.

  22. mja

    August 3, 2010 at 2:29 PM

    MindyM, I watched the original broadcast of the E! show, and I did see “Reality Steve — TV Blogger” on the screen. So the Reality Steve part was there. I noticed it because they did not use his real name, which I thought was a little odd. They did use his blog name, though.

  23. LynnMJ

    August 3, 2010 at 2:30 PM

    I’m with you, Steve. I know I’m cynical about love/romance, but I want to see it to believe it. Remember the bachelor fisherman (can’t recall his name) who picked Mary? The same Mary who cried her eyes out when Bachelor Bob dumped her? Goes to show you. She was madly in love with crazy Bob, then madly in love with fisherman (two very different types of guys), and look where THEY ended up. Beating each other to a pulp! But….having said that, who knows? If Trista and Ryan could do it, maybe it could happen again…..

  24. mmg273

    August 3, 2010 at 2:40 PM

    One thing that I think should be addressed is why ali couldn’t just freaking propose to Roberto herself. Sure buying a wedding band isn’t as flashy as her new rock, but it’s still her show and if she is soooo in love with him she should have proposed. Dumb. I hate you abc.

  25. meschief

    August 3, 2010 at 2:54 PM

    Keep up the good work Steve, your fans LOVE you and appreciate whatever info you share. Ali was a bimbette, looked cute on camera but doubt anything “real” will come of the wasted weeks she put into this drama. *peace out* until next time 🙂

  26. darrellg007

    August 3, 2010 at 2:58 PM

    Pathetic. Your sad attempt to turn around YOUR failure as ABC’s failure is truly pathetic. I will be happy to never read your lies and failures again. I will certainly never share anything about you or this site with anyone again. Ever. Pathetic.

  27. chefkim

    August 3, 2010 at 3:03 PM

    Great job Steve! I like to know ahead of time the spoilers, just so I can enjoy watching the relationship with the final four. Then I can see the relationship develop and know ahead of time why they like each other. I enjoyed this season and ABC made the dramatic episodes boring! They even gave away some spoilers about three weeks ago. I loved you on E! and you should keep bothering them for taking you off.
    Good luck with the dating thing! Maybe you could go on dramatic dates (you know to a hot dog stand) and date all 100 of them at a time. ABC has nothing on you!!!

  28. reallife

    August 3, 2010 at 3:05 PM

    Girl power, mmg, I agree, why can’t the girl propose?? Misogynists rule ABC but we’ll still watch – I find revenge by ignoring their commercials.

    Another issue to be addressed should be the length of time after the final rose ceremony and the public outing of the couple. Are 3 months necessary to edit and pull a story together? Fleiss may not have control over the networks date to begin airing the show, but he should have some say about the taping schedule. Show some compassion and let them start their real life relationship sooner…
    But Fleiss and compassion – never gonna happen.

    I think they should find a way for the FRC to be live. That would be cool.

  29. poddington

    August 3, 2010 at 3:12 PM

    frankly I am glad you got bad info-as long as you are right 51% of the time you are credible. lol. anyway as a side note, I have only liked Alli twice-she came off ok in the beginning of Jakes season, and then I found her horrible UNTIL she let Chris go early. That seemed respectful and also it was a nice for Roberto that Chris did not plow her again before the proposal. All in all good stuff.

  30. renee_rtp_nc

    August 3, 2010 at 3:30 PM

    Thanks again for the spoilers and commentary this season. I am going need that humor to get me through the rubbish they are going to call “Bachelor Pad”.

    I’ve always had the same question about the person given the final rose…Do none of their friends suspect something when they are gone for days at a time? Maybe none of them have any friends (it certainly would explain them being on the show), but I know my friends, and most normal people’s, would suspect what was going on if I disappeared for several days every other week. Also, does your employer not know? How do these people explain taking more time off after they’ve taken off all the time for the actual taping. Either the people in their life are clueless or they’re just not talking.

  31. CaliGirl

    August 3, 2010 at 3:34 PM

    MindyM, how was Reality Steve “duped?” He may have come through late, but regardless, he still came through with the accurate info before the finale aired.

  32. bahurupiya

    August 3, 2010 at 3:56 PM

    Visible rainbows are not as unusual in the South Pacific as they are in US cities, where many of the show’s fans have spent their entire lives.

    So while it would be technically possible, as Steve notes, to edit in a rainbow, even if one did not occur naturally at the exact moment they were shooting Chris’s post-dump Reflection at the Railing scene, there were probably enough moments in Bora Bora where rainbows did appear naturally that by the time they got to post-production, they had a choice of perfectly natural rainbows from which to choose.

    I mean no disrespect to Chris or his feelings about his late mother. On the contrary, my point is that it is his feeling that she is watching over him that is important, not whether a rainbow actually happened at that exact instant.

    If it really was Ali’s idea to send Chris home before the Final Rose rituals, that was certainly common decency on her part, and if she suspected that he did have “real” feelings for her, especially so.

    But I can’t agree with the people I’ve seen here and there throwing their aprons over their heads and declaring that Ali “saved the franchise” and dropping the mantle of sainthood on her head.

    The franchise wasn’t in need of salvation, and I know nothing about Ali beyond her reality tv persona, which may or may not bear any resemblance to her real life one. Her tv persona is of a generically pleasant, unremarkable girl, which exactly what the Bachelorette should be.

    As Steve points out, it IS about the drama. In an interview a few years ago, Mark Cronin acknowledged that the whole “…of Love” franchise was inspired by The Bachelor:

    “… It’s like, what if the Bachelor was actually a big character? The Bachelors tend not to be big characters. They tend to be nice, eligible men. Hunks, maybe, but that’s not character – a good character is someone who says funny stuff and who has a weird, whacked-out lifestyle. So, really, we wondered, “What if the bachelor were a crazy lunatic?…”

    That’s when he and partner Cris Abrego decided to call Flavor Flav…

    I hope Roberto & Ali do find real, off-camera love and live happily ever after, whether with each other or somebody else. I hope everybody does.

    In the big picture, what matters for the network isn’t so much what kind of relationship their real life selves have with each other.

    The public reaction to this show has always seemed more interesting to me than the show itself, and reminds me of the Maya Angelou quote:

    “…people forget what you said,people forget what you did,but people will never forget how you made them feel…”

    As long as the show is making the viewers feel *something*, whether that something be roseate hopes of fairy tale romance and dreams of rainbows and roses, or disgust and outrage, the network will make money, and Reality Steve’s hapless server dude will once again, have to drag himself out of bed in the middle of the night, and like so many of his fellow nerds everywhere, once again, figure out some way to prop up a fallen sky.

  33. MindyM

    August 3, 2010 at 4:00 PM


    All I can say is what I saw when I watched the original broadcast. Maybe they did flash Reality Steve during one or two segments when he was talking and I didn’t see that. However, once I saw him just listed as – TV Blogger – that got my attention. I know what I saw, so don’t tell me that I am wrong. I’m not blind. I kept watching after that every time they had him give his comments about each bachelor and all I saw was the same thing. Maybe they did give his name once in the beginning, I don’t know and I don’t care. Unfortunately, I did not save the recording on my dvr, so I have no way of going back and watching again to see if I missed what you saw. Anyway, so what’s the big deal? They cut him out of it altogether, so end of story.


    I think you are referring to the wrong person. I did not say that Steve was “duped”. That was someone else’s words. So don’t put words in my mouth. I see that if you don’t go along with everyone else here and try to have your own thoughts and opinions or dare to question anything Steve says, then you are open to attack.

    Please go back and read what I said! My issue was that Steve’s info about Ali being single was wrong! My other issues were why he didn’t reveal the correct ending sooner. By the time he gave his big reveal, FORT already had the ending confirmed by their own sources. Did you read anything I wrote about how FORT was working diligently on all the info coming out and putting the pieces together? At least they try to use their brains, common sense, logic and sources that they trust and find credible. They were the ones who were busy revealing all of the details as they became available, while Steve was noticeably silent.

    Why did he ask us to keep checking back for more info about the FRC and ATFR? I did just that. I kept checking this site, looking for anything from him. Then he breaks the story after it has already been revealed, when he said that he had the scoop the night before. That’s not being duped! That’s just not staying on top of things and getting the real ending out there as soon as possible. Those are some of the many questions I asked, if you read my post in its entirety.

    I have no vendetta against Steve, so please, for heaven’s sake, all of you diehard fans who worship the ground he walks on and religiously believe every single solitary word he writes, don’t get up in arms. I just think people should keep thinking for themselves, ask questions if they wish and basically rely on their own common sense, logic and reason.

  34. CaliGirl

    August 3, 2010 at 4:14 PM

    MindyM, my apologies, I thought that was in your comment. I don’t have the energy to go back and read your record-long post so I will take your word for it.

  35. sherizel

    August 3, 2010 at 4:57 PM

    This kind of sucks. From this point forward there is always going to be the question in everyone’s mind if your spoilers are really accurate or not. Obviously, not your fault but an unfortunate situation.

  36. Lucetto

    August 3, 2010 at 5:04 PM

    Who wants to watch reality tv or soap opera when all you have to do to be entertained is read these posts ? hahahahahah LOL
    On another note, did anyone notice the preview of Ali looking mad and saying I never said that ????? But during the entire ATFR we never saw that clip. Hum enteresting !!!
    Keep up the good work Steve !


    August 3, 2010 at 5:12 PM

    “Hey, maybe these two will live a long and happy life together and have a bunch of little Roberto’s with bushy eyebrows and a sweat problem running around in the near future.”

    This sentence by Steve, made me laugh out loud and that doesn’t happen often. So I guess I just felt the need to repost it!

  38. Cindy P

    August 3, 2010 at 5:19 PM

    Yo Steve, (Yes, I’m from Philly), what’s your take on Santa Claus?

  39. skent111

    August 3, 2010 at 5:33 PM

    I must say…all the past years I’d come here and read…and always know the ending…mad for a good buzz kill cause I already knew what was gonna happen. I personally enjoyed not knowing..and being suprised. I haven’t had the time to get on this season for work, and other outside things. I read a little here and there…but just enough be entrigued and to keep watching…11.5 other million viewers enjoyed it too! So it was nice for once to actually be suprised! I would love to see Chris as the next Bachelor (my pick) and maybe have a live finalle!! And REALLY be suprised!

  40. skent111

    August 3, 2010 at 5:41 PM

    One thing I would like to know tho…during the “After the Rose” last night…in the previews and upcoming showed Ali and Chris kinda arguing…however…when it came back from commercials…it never showed that…what was up with that?? Did they not show that part so that Chris wouldn’t look bad as priming for the next Bachelor??

  41. Da Babe

    August 3, 2010 at 6:00 PM

    Steve, I for one read your column. Exclusively. I don’t watch the show except maybe to see what the contestants look like. The shows are way too dragged out and basically boring to give up 2 hours every week BUT…I love reading the cliff note version of the train wreck so thanks.

    I did read something this AM (forget where) that Roberto said something like he’s proving to Ali that he loves her. Something like that. HUH? So they get engage then backtrack? I thought it was an interesting comment. If she can put up with his sweating and he can put up with her annoying giggling then more power to ’em.

    Good luck on finding the woman of your dreams ! ! !

  42. susan

    August 3, 2010 at 6:19 PM

    Steve, Steve, Steve,

    You have a way of putting a spin on things to make yourself seem better than you are. It is amazing! I am not surprised you were taken off the E special. Seriously, what business did you have on it to begin with? You are not a former contestant, an employee or anything, you are just a guy with a blog (your words). Also, the fact remains that eventhough you did finally get the ending right, you had it wrong all the way up till the day of the show when you actually posted the ending. You said you had it the night before? If that was the case, why didn’t you posted it that night? A lot of people are wondering.

    I do read your blog, but it is kind of off putting to hear/read that you are solely doing this to “ruin” the show. Seriously? Why? Because YOU don’t like the way they do things on it?

    Also, Chris Harrison has always been a very nice man and I don’t understand the hatred you have for him.

    I would venture to guess that your source (I believe you have one source) was fed incorrect information and that they are going to figure out who it was/is.

    By the way, your grammer? Stinks! It’s not her and I, it’s she and I.

    I bet this will not be posted. That’s okay. I said what I wanted to say. Thanks.

  43. susan

    August 3, 2010 at 6:20 PM

    Wow! There it is. Shocked.

  44. susan

    August 3, 2010 at 6:23 PM

    Wow, YOU believe the rainbow didn’t happen? Unbelievable. You actually think a man would lie for TV about something so important to him? Obviously you people have never lost a parent or if you did, you were not that close to them.

  45. AATxCutee

    August 3, 2010 at 6:29 PM

    I’m with you susan, I think good old RS didn’t get a job with ABC or the wouldn’t buy his reality show idea, and he’s making it his life work to bring them down. I’ve seen better behavior from teenagers. Little man RS takes on giant ABC network.

    I know one thing, after seeing him in the E special I sure won’t be applying for his latest get famous quick scheme, “who wants to date reality steve”? Not me, for sure!

    But Chris Harrison on the other hand, major HOTNESS

  46. AATxCutee

    August 3, 2010 at 6:32 PM

    Wow Steve, biggest traffic on your blog brought it down huh? I guess people were wondering how you were going to get out of eating crow for your biggie mistake.

  47. Lucetto

    August 3, 2010 at 7:09 PM

    AATxCutee hahahahaha, you find Chris Harrison hot ???????????????????? :0)

    Steve dont listen to the negative comments, if they dont like, then dont read his blog !!!!!!!!!!!1

  48. Gil Meriken

    August 3, 2010 at 8:39 PM

    Steve, I have noticed that YOU REPEAT YOURSELF A LOT.

    You are right on everything you say, but have you heard of beating a dead horse?

    You provide a great place to read about the show, and you absolutely are a part of the culture of watching the show (as much as the show itself refuses to acknowledge you – then again, you should have known that being the spoiler would be a thankless role).

    Ironically, the fact that you have spoiled the show for so many seasons has actually made some people realize that they don’t want to know the ending. I know some who read this season’s spoiler at the beginning, then found out you might be wrong, and didn’t want to see the ultimate spoiler that you posted before the show.

    I hope you find some peace, because from reading your repetitive rants, you’ve got a long way to go before you stop feeling the need to always explain yourself. Just do your thing.

  49. Wolf Goddess

    August 3, 2010 at 8:50 PM

    Hi Steve..

    Just a note to say THX for another fantastic “Bachelorette Spoiler-Detailed Info Season”..always FUN to read your blogs..

    And..isn’t is amazing how you can be wrong on one thing..right on everything else..and yet so many people wanna point out the “wrong”…typical human nature isn’t it…loooooool

    After my diving into the “let’s read some message board-forum comments” pool…you are “spot on” when you say some people take this Reality TV shit a bit toooooooo serious…

    That’s one of the main reasons I enjoy your site-blog…it puts everything into perspective and good for laughts as well..

    Take care and have FUN in your own personal “dating” contest..

  50. ZPosey74

    August 3, 2010 at 9:03 PM

    I agree that this was probably one of the most boring seasons of the entire Bachelor/Bachelorette series, despite all of the “drama” that occurred. Regardless, while I was surprised that your sources didn’t come in for you at the end, by no apparent fault of their own, I still consider you a pretty credible source for spoilers, Steve. Any chance that your sources were told what they were told as a way to confirm that they were “the moles?” Just a thought.

    I do respect the fact that Ali turned Chris loose before the final rose ceremony and I’m glad she did pick Roberto. While I wouldn’t put money on a wedding and marriage coming out of this relationship, I’d like to see them give it a try and possibly defy the odds.

    I’ll be looking forward to your “Bachelor Pad” spoilers and remarks soon!

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