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Bachelorette 6 Finale – 8/2/10 Including Final Thoughts on It All & Where Have Ali and Roberto Been?

I want to thank everyone for making yesterday the biggest volume day in the history of Wow. Even crashed the site last night. Crazy thing is, today is probably going to surpass yesterday. Tuesday is always the biggest day of the week and I don’t expect much different this time. However, if you have not been back to the site since last week, you wouldn’t know what I posted yesterday, which seems to be a lot of you considering the amount of texts, emails, Facebook posts, and twitter responses I’ve got saying something to the effect of “You were wrong.” Technically yes. I’ve been wrong for the last six weeks telling you Ali is single. However yesterday at noon I posted (and you can scroll down to the next post to read it) and told everyone the main points for what you’d see last night on the show: No Chris at the final rose ceremony because Ali lets him go on his last chance date, Ali and Roberto happy and engaged, and Frank not at the ATFR.

So if you want to read all my thoughts on ABC and how I do give them credit for being a lot more secretive this season about their ending, read the next post. The finale column is never a regular column. I’m not going to sit and go over every ounce of the final episode because at this point, you just want to talk about the ending and how it played out. I don’t think I’ve recapped the finale in at least 8 or 10 seasons. Sure I have some thoughts here and there, but it’s nothing like what you see on a weekly basis. This show is about wrapping my final thoughts on everything, and trust me, there’s plenty to get to this season.

I mean, I can’t be mad at my sources. I really can’t. I was always told from the beginning it wasn’t Chris. Purposely didn’t run with that until I had an idea where Roberto stood. So on June 18th, I posted she’s either engaged to Roberto, or she’s single. Three days later on the 21st, I came to everyone and said I’m 100% certain she’s single. I did that because that’s what I was told. My sources were wrong. They apologized to me late Sunday night/early yesterday morning, once they gave me the lowdown on what was going to happen in the finale. I appreciated their apology, but it really wasn’t necessary. From two weeks before the first episode, they’ve had EVERYTHING nailed correctly. And even on June 18th, when I told people Chris doesn’t win and Ali’s either engaged to Roberto or single, they still had everything nailed. But they just guessed wrong based on whatever information they had, and for the last six weeks, I stood by them. Why wouldn’t I? Everything else was right. Ultimately though, they got me the info at the last hour, it was up on the blog yesterday afternoon around 1:00, and that’s all I needed. So the last thing they needed to do was apologize. I apologize to my readers for giving false info on the ending, but I’m glad I was able to get it to you before last night’s episode aired.

I also want to thank Chris Harrison who took another shot at me in his blog today. In case you missed it, here was his latest gem:

“Why anybody would ever want to destroy the ending of a show for you, I’ll never understand. Some people just have this need to tear down what others create.”

Barf. Is that supposed to make me rethink what I do? Really? Am I supposed to feel bad now? If anything, it makes me giddy for next season to start so I can ruin it again. Chris, how many times do I have to say this? When you tape your show in advance, spoilers are going to get out. Deal with it. And if I wasn’t doing it, someone else would. Quit your crying. It’s the world we live in nowadays. The minute Twitter, Facebook, tabloid mags, and shows like TMZ started popping up, is the minute everything becomes a 24/7 news story. We are a need-to-know-now society. It’s impossible to keep a secret on a TV show anymore, especially one that’s filmed two months in advance. Sure, you guys tried your hardest and were successful up until yesterday afternoon, but lets be honest here, outside of the Jason/Molly/Melissa fiasco, that was the first “After the Final Rose” show done on a closed set. Hmmmmm, I wonder why? Why after 19 seasons of doing the ATFR in front of an audience do you think they went to the closed set this season? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Almost pulled it off, guys. Almost pulled it off.

And if you’re sensing some extra hostility today, you’re probably right. I mean, I kinda have every reason to be considering what happened with the E! special. If you didn’t read what happened with that, you can also scroll down to the next post and find out what happened. And still, as of this writing, I have yet to hear back from E! regarding anything. The first time I found out about it was when Saturday’s replay aired. Ridiculous and pretty unprofessional if you ask me. But hey, so is life. So you know how I get back at them? By continuing to ruin their show. Speaking of that, hey “Bachelor Pad” starts next Monday! And in case you haven’t been made aware, every spoiler for that show has been in the link at the top of the page for the last month that says “Bachelor Pad spoilers”. So check that out as well. Since they didn’t want the ending to “Bachelor Pad” to get out, when they left filming, there were four people left. The whole cast goes back to film in September for one final challenge and then vote on who the winner is. So once that’s done taping, I’m sure shortly thereafter, I’ll have those spoilers as well. Weeeeeeee!!!! This is fun.

See the best part about all of this is, and I realize a lot of you have come to enjoy spoilers is, there’s nothing that I’m doing wrong. I’m a guy with a blog. It just so happens that people give me information to run with and I do. Of course, people can choose not believe the spoilers that I give out, but at this point with the proven track record, why would anyone doubt? Sure, the last six weeks I’ve been telling you Ali was single, but when every other single detail about this season was mapped out for you, you think when next season rolls around and I have those spoilers you’re gonna say, “Nah, he’s not right. He missed the ending last season, even though he got it all right on the day of the finale.” As long as I tell you what’s going to happen before it happens, you’ll be happy. Hell, we don’t even have to wait until next season. Just wait until “Bachelor Pad” starts and you’ll see all those spoilers are right as well. I’m not breaking any laws. I’m not under any ABC contracts, I’m not a former contestant, and I’m not an employee. I’m just a guy with a blog that has miraculously lucked out into getting spoilers given to him each season.

Do I think this is going to last forever? Hell no. But I’m sure enjoying the hell out of it while it does. I will ride this wave as long as I can, but don’t think for a second I’m stupid enough to think this won’t come to an end someday either once the show goes off the air or I just get bored and don’t want to do it anymore. Or I just get sick of the over 100 texts/emails/twitter/FB posts that came in tonight saying, “I thought you said Ali was single”, even though all you needed to know was up on the site earlier yesterday afternoon. Gets a little annoying, you know? But hey, I get it. Some people didn’t bother to check the site yesterday – and we still had the biggest day ever. That’s what baffles me. The audience and interest in this show is getting bigger and bigger by the season, despite the fact these couples keep breaking up and never lasting. Which goes to show, it’s never about the destination, it’s about the journey. Two marriages in twenty seasons will tell you that.

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  1. a0kaeli

    August 3, 2010 at 9:47 PM

    Hey Steve, you’re kind of cool but you’re also kind of stupid.

    I can’t believe in your heart of hearts you actually thought Ali was falling for Jake.

    I guess I think you’re stupid because for this entire season, I read Ali like the back of my hand. I think Ali is very easy to read. I predicted who she would eliminate every single episode and I predicted she would be with Roberto from the very first episode. I guess I think you’re stupid because you couldn’t.

    Yes, Ali was smitten for Jake but she’s smart and she knew she had to escape because she knew he was probably going to pick her and she couldn’t.

  2. Kat21

    August 3, 2010 at 9:55 PM

    Cant believe that some ppl r hating on realoity steve and r siding with abc/chris harrison. have these ppl read how abc/mike fleiss twists things to create a whoe bunch of drama on the show. this show is not about ‘true love”. ok so there have been 2 marriages, but out of like 20 couples. reality steve is awesome and tells us like it is. ok so he was wrong about one thing, bg whoop. chris harrison is a total creep. hes so fake ugh. keep doing wut ur doing steve, and to hell with the haters

  3. JLBWorld

    August 3, 2010 at 9:56 PM

    Steve I personally think it worked out great for you and for everyone even the tabloid magazines because I have a hunch based on what you were reporting that is why so many of them copied and made it appear Ali might be single. Heck it was fun for everyone.

    As for Ali, she for me is my favorite female that has been on either the Bachelor or Bachlorette and what she did by letting Chris go a day ahead was so classy. The whole idea that all of the others made it seem they were indecisive right up to the last night is just scary. If they really were then no wonder none of the relationships lasted. I do not know if Ali and Roberto will last either but they certainly appear happier and more genuine than most all the previous couples and that just might give them a solid chance.

    You add so much to this and ABC should actually thank you as I think without the Reality Steve Dimension this show by now would be canceled. You are the main reason I struggled through Jake and I am glad because then I got to see Ali and her season was really enjoying with a super ending.

    Thanks Steve.

  4. Sirtriz

    August 3, 2010 at 11:06 PM

    RE: the guys asking the father for permission to marry their daughter. How silly in these modern times and our culture. The woman is an adult and not under the supervision or obedience of her father, nor has been for a number of years. It would be funny to hear a father say “it’s not for me to say one way or the other, don’t ask me.”

    RE: Steve and his source(s). I find it peculiar how much a guy can get off on himself because of information somebody else is providing him and all he does is repeat. I wonder what his source(s) get out of such a relationship.

  5. Dina S

    August 3, 2010 at 11:17 PM

    I read Reality Steve’s blog every week throughout Ali’s season. I tried to get into his website on Monday before the final show aired for last minute updates, but it was impossible due to high volume. Steve feels that since he posted the correct outcome before the final episode aired, he’s vindicated. But that didn’t help me, because I couldn’t access his website in time. It was too little, too late.

    So I watched both Final Rose and ATFR episodes with the notion that Ali would remain single at the end. On the Final Rose episode I thought Roberto must get cold feet and not propose, but that didn’t happen. Then on ATFR episode I expected their relationship had ultimately faltered (maybe an undisclosed girlfriend/change of heart?)and they would not be together, which also didn’t happen.

    Reality Steve’s spoilers tainted my viewing experience because my expectations didn’t agree with the outcome and caused confusion. I just kept thinking that RS got it wrong. I would have enjoyed Monday’s episodes more if I had an open mind and hadn’t read the misleading spoiler about Ali “definitely” being single.

    If RS and his sources were not 100% sure about Ali being single, he should have stated that he knew for sure that she didn’t pick Chris, and she either picked Roberto or was single and leave it at that, which is specific enough information for the blog readers.

    Other comments: Chris is a sweet guy, but needs kissing lessons. Roberto’s shirt collar was annoying.

  6. meggox3x

    August 4, 2010 at 12:41 AM

    You people have some real nerve. this is a SHOW, not real life. He can spoil this all he wants, he doesn’t care what you think, so keep being rude, nobody cares. He was wrong about the finale. big deal, life is over, ahhhhh. stupid people. great job steve and great season 🙂 abc is a bunch of idiots and so are these commenters who think they’re better than everyone else.

  7. agnis

    August 4, 2010 at 1:42 AM

    I didn’t personally care about the show’s outcome either way, and I too have no vendetta against Steve, but I think a lot of people recognize an element of schadenfreude in Steve’s being wrong about the ending. Part of it was Steve’s cocky overconfidence–come on, why would you say “100% sure” based on such limited information, even if you say your sources were sure that Ali ends up alone?! That makes no sense to blindly write down what your sources *think* happened when they did not actually see footage of the ending. Steve has said that he thinks that it’s all good that he “came through” before the airing of the show; however, as many have pointed out, he was definitely scooped (by FORT and others) on this one and therefore, comes across as somewhat lame. I too, wonder why he waited until the day of the finale when he claims to have received definitive information about the finale the night before. You would think someone like him would want to relay that on his blog or twitter (c’mon–140 characters doesn’t take long to type!) as soon as possible so that everyone would know as far in advance of the episode as possible. Seems a little fishy, and makes people think he realized that others had acecss to more definitive evidence and then maybe went back to his sources to clarify. He’ll claim this as a way to maintain credibility, but he’s definitely lost some of his reputation as being the first one to know and post anything and everything about this show.
    I am with Steve in the matter of the E! special — totally unprofessional! Glad I managed to DVR it the first time–not that the show told us anything new, but it was fun to hear Steve’s recaps of the contestants.

  8. JustJenna

    August 4, 2010 at 3:37 AM

    Steve, I gotta say it. You got your ass handed to you. Your arrogance is astounding and posting the outcome a few hours after FORT did doesn’t prove you knew anything.

    Have you ever heard of Occams Razor? It states that the simplest explanation is the most likely. The simplest solution here is that your sources fed you wrong information, FORT scooped you, and you stole their big reveal.

    As for what E did to you – I don’t find it that unprofessional. It was a smart business move. Who do you think is more important to E? A network giant or an Internet blogger?

    Additionally, claiming that you are responsible for the ratings increase is astounding. You are not bringing in multitudes of new viewers. Your readers are people who land here because they ALREADY WATCH THE SHOW.

    I don’t mean to be mean but you definitely need to be taken down a notch. And judging by the pissy tone of your blog, it sounds to me like ABC has gotten under your skin — and not the other way around.

  9. Third Base

    August 4, 2010 at 6:01 AM

    Have some wine (or whine) to go with that crow that you are eating. What a pompous thing you are. No wonder you have to solicit dates thru your blog.

  10. AATxCutee

    August 4, 2010 at 6:14 AM

    Meggox we’re not stating the facts because he was wrong, we’re just a little sick of RS’ arrogance, and I myself am sick of having to read a novel just to get a recap of the show. Really, it takes five long pages to repeat over and over, and most of the time he’s just trying to ‘sell’ his ideas and how great he is for ruining the show. This whole Who Wants to Date a Blogger is a bit much really. I’d say Reality Steve needs to come back down to it’s REALITY, Steve.

  11. carol1975

    August 4, 2010 at 6:19 AM

    I dont understand why are most people getting so bent out of shape because Steve had the wrong info on the finale. So many losers out there. I watch the show and read the blog and think they both complement each other. If it wasn’t for Steve’s blog (even if the info is not 100 % accurate) I wouldn’t watch the show. It’s just entertaining.
    I hope all this finale spoiler debacle wasn’t some sort of way for ABC to find the source of the leak, because if the person/s providing all the info are part of the crew, how could they get everything right but the ending? Weird. Unless it’s one of the editors who didn’t happen to edit the finale.
    One final thought: Chris H. sucks. He should be thanking the reality show gods for taking him out of “designer challenge” and giving him a job where he gets paid the big bucks for doing nothing and traveling all over the world. At least Phil Keoghan is nice and not a smug jerk who thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread.

  12. mja

    August 4, 2010 at 6:28 AM

    Hi, MindyM —

    Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t trying to say that you were wrong about the name being on the screen or not — just to point out what I thought I saw, and that there was a discrepancy between our perceptions of what we saw. It is possible, as you said, that they did flash the Reality Steve name once or twice, and that is what I saw. It’s also possible that my brain inserted the name when I recognized the face on the screen. So I could be wrong… and I wasn’t trying to say that you were wrong. I actually enjoyed reading your long post where you mentioned them calling him TV Blogger.

  13. Lucetto

    August 4, 2010 at 6:32 AM

    Dont read the blog if its to long, dont read the blog if Reality Steve is this or that, dont read the blog if you find him arrogant, etc. simple as that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I didnt get to watch the E special, I dont think it aired in Canada !!!

  14. lizanddave906

    August 4, 2010 at 7:26 AM

    Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy reading some of your blog…specifically, the information about the show. I love spoilers. I will still watch the show, but I have no patience, so I enjoy reading what is to happen. If you didn’t exist and there were no spoilers, I would be just as excited to watch each episode not knowing ahead of time too. So, whether you write this blog or not…doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of my life. I also find some of your statements humorous and sarcastic…

    However, I will be honest, I really hate reading the parts of your blogs where you constantly have to “remind” us how “right” you always are. It is tiring and I end up passing through all of that because it makes me rolls my eyes. It doesn’t deserve even a sentence in your blogs, let alone entire paragraphs. Save our eyes…stop constantly trying to justify what you do and why and what kind of “impact” you think you are having on the world. If you want to impact the world, feed starving children in the US…build homes for the homeless…things like that and then justify those things as they truly are good works. A spoiler blog isn’t impacting the world in a huge way. It just comes across as pompous in addition to looking as thought you are desperate for acceptance. It’s like the annoying brown-noser at work who has to constantly tell everyone about how they work longer and harder than anyone else…how they saved the company $X a month by doing something…and sends long email responses to a question that has a simple “yes” or “no” because they don’t feel important enough and feel the need to “remind” everyone why they are so important. People who are important don’t need to tell you they are.

    I find it ironically ridiculous that you bash people who watch the show and become invested in the characters. You say in your recent blog, “it’s just a stupid reality show that a lot of people take way too seriously.” However, you are LIVING to post things about the show…and do interviews with people from the show…and are completely invested in trying to create a stupid power play game with ABC over who’s “better.” You are angry towards Mike Fleiss..but Steve…it’s a freakin’ TV show!!! I remember reading one of your blogs about Jason Mesnick. You were initially slinging mud at the guy for what happened at the end of his season. Apparently you and Jason exchanged some emails back and forth…you told him that you didn’t like how he handled the situation with Melissa, you agreed to disagree on things…and then basically said that after that exchange, you both came out of it with “an understanding.” Help me understand something…did Jason Mesnick break your heart or do something to you personally to have to “make good” with you? If you’re feeling that he owes you an explanation of what he did to Melissa…then who is taking this whole thing too seriously?

    I’ll say what you say to others — it’s a TV show. YOU are obviously taking it too seriously if you feel that it is your life’s mission right now to tell the people of America the “truth” behind the production of this show and when you yourself get all angry about things involving the show. Simmer down, Steve!

    And are these reality TV “stars” the only ones who are looking for a little fame? It looks like you are interested in a little some yourself. Good luck with your Reality Steve Dating Contest.

    While I may be blasting you a bit in this, please know…I do love reading your spoilers…yes. But let’s make it about the SHOW…and let’s practice what we preach. If you are going to blast people for getting emotionally involved…then how about you not get emotionally involved. I have to say for someone who claims to not like this show, you really devote WAY too much of your time to it.

    In regard to the outcome of the show…I think Ali had the best Top 2 in the history of the show. Both guys seem to be stand-up guys with little drama in their real life…both from what appear to be good families…and both digging Ali. Of course no one wishes anything but the best for the people that come out of the show as a couple(well, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who live for the demise of someone else’s life to make themselves feel better)…so, naturally, best of luck to Ali & Roberto, Chris, and the other guys on the show. Whether Ali & Roberto will get married and live happily ever after…obviously that remains to be seen. Their beginning is right now and their success lies in what they do NOW, as opposed to what they did on the show. I think we all know that if they go the fame route and do things beyond what they are contractually obligated to do…we’ll be watching their break-up interview in a segment on the next season (actually, hopefully not and if we do have to watch it, hopefully it won’t be as Maury Povich-y as Jake and Vienna’s).

    Love ya…mean it!

  15. Ciness

    August 4, 2010 at 7:30 AM

    you still rule, RS!

  16. carrief

    August 4, 2010 at 7:38 AM

    My goodness, what is up with people here? Steve gives out more info than any other site and yes, didn’t get the ending right until the end, but what is with the hate & negativity? It’s a TV show people, not real life. It’s nothing of importance that is going to have an effect on the quality of people’s lives…at least I certainly hope not! Yes, he’s a guy with a blog, a blog that people have to CHOOSE to go to. I’ll never understand why people surf the web for sites just so they can be negative, mean, bullies. Yes, FORT put out spoilers but quite honestly, it’s a mess to read through that crap. Every episode I would pull up Steve’s easy-to-read spoilers on the episode to refresh my memory, and he was right on the money except for the end. But even that he put out there even if it was last minute. I don’t know what else you can expect. The guy doesn’t work on the show & see every little thing that happens, give me a break! He’s clear that he gets his info through sources, and people make mistakes. We’ve ALL made mistakes in our jobs & lives. It’s called life.

    To Steve – I stopped watching the Bachelor series after Jen. But then I came across your site during Jason’s season & started watching the show because of YOUR site. It’s fun to see if the info you get matches up, and even if it doesn’t I don’t care. It makes for light entertainment on a Monday night. Tuesday night I read your blog & my husband & I get a kick from your commentary. Again, it’s all about entertainment. You have certainly provided it, and I thank you. Ignore the negative ones out there. Keep doing what you’re doing, there are a lot of people like myself who are appreciative!

  17. mommyof2

    August 4, 2010 at 7:49 AM

    I didn’t read your updated column before the show aired, so I was pleasantly surprised about the happy ending! For once, I was glad you were wrong b/c it was so happy! I really liked both Roberto and Chris. I agree that the odds are against the two of them lasting, but from what I’ve seen, I think they have a much better chance of making it work than past couples. I never thought DeAnna and Jesse, Jillian and Ed, nor Jake and Vienna would last even 6 months. We’ll see about Roberto and Ali, but I’m routing for them! And, I look forward to seeing Chris as the next Bachelor!

    By the way, your blog makes me enjoy this trainwreck of a series so much more! I realize that so much is contrived and set-up by the producers (example: the car breaking down on the freeway with concrete barriers everywhere, and then suddenly, the car is on the side of the road with dirt and trees everywhere…), and that many of the contestants are there for their own self-promotion, etc… However, I believe that there are always a few who are genuine people with real feelings and good intentions, and I’m thinking and hoping that Ali and Roberto both fall into that category. I believe Chris falls into that category as well.

    Thanks for spoiling the season b/c I love knowing everything in advance and then focusing on those characters and events. I can’t wait until the trashy Bachelor Pad show starts!!!

  18. KESam

    August 4, 2010 at 8:19 AM

    I think it was hilarious that Ali was being helped into her dress for the FRC by some guy…did anyone else catch that?

  19. i-heart-realitysteve

    August 4, 2010 at 8:31 AM

    Steve… do you have any word on the ATFR preview that showed a little tiff between Ali and Chris? What’s your take on why ABC would put it out there to only make the final edit all rainbows and butterflies? Thanks for providing the behind the scenes info and saying EXACTLY what we were all thinking!!!

  20. Jane B

    August 4, 2010 at 8:42 AM

    So the guys who stick around, do they/what do they get paid? Do they get some sort of payout for making it to 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2… and especially, 1? Chris L. didn’t just give up 2 months of his life for no monetary compensation, did he?

  21. Jane B

    August 4, 2010 at 8:50 AM

    Oh, and regarding the rainbow… you’ll notice that Chris looked over at someone off camera and gave that person a “DID YOU SEE THAT????” look of surprise. I think they DID see a rainbow. However I think they edited it to be much more vibrantly colored than it actually was and that’s why everyone thinks it might have been faked. A couple shots with Chris showed a very pale, small, naturally shaded portion of a rainbow, not the giant full-shot, technicolor rainbow they showed at the end. They just went overboard in editing.

  22. PeggyHarrisonVA

    August 4, 2010 at 9:32 AM

    Steve, love your blog. The Bachelor should be grateful you’re out there, doing what you do, at least if there are others like me. Because if it were not for your blog, I would have no interest in watching the show. Even though I know what’s going to happen, it’s fun watching it play out. Sort of like seeing a movie for the second time. I know the plot, so I can focus on how they got there, which is more fun than how some writer makes it turn out. And you add so much value to the “how they got there” fun!

    I doubt they’re orchestrating the info you get; I think you’d pick up fakery and then not trust your sources. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they were orchestrating their reaction to it, knowing that acting like they’re angry with you, trying to foil you, only increases the controversy, thus the public’s interest in the show, increasing ratings, etc.

    Also, I think it’s only because of you that Mr. F goes on 20-20 and admits what he’s doing, to any extent. I trust that in his heart of hearts (if he has one) he appreciates what you do.

    FWIW, I figure the bachelor marriage percentage is no worse, and maybe better than if you had data on all the couples who met through blind dates that ended up in a marriage, because the bachelor/ette is all about meeting via a blind date, with bells and whistles.

  23. Norma_in_Miami

    August 4, 2010 at 10:53 AM


    I think Ali acted appropriately towards Chris. It took a lot of courage to tell him and I give her lots of kudos for that. I wish Alo and Roberto all the luck in the world and I hope they make it.

    I watch the Bachelor /Bachelorette because I believe in love and romance, and I wished that I had the same opportunity as these people have but in real life though. I would not like to go before national tv…life is awkward enough! I love this show. Watching peoples emotions and go through what they go through is exciting, and it’s fun to watch when they make fool of themselves… sometimes.

  24. CaliGirl

    August 4, 2010 at 11:21 AM

    I agree with PeggyHarrisonVA. I have watched the show for years and find myself having more fun now watching it and knowing what is going to happen. Keep up the great work, Steve.

    And to the people who said Chris Harrison is hot- I’m still sitting here trying to keep my lunch down.

  25. alivebygrace

    August 4, 2010 at 11:22 AM

    Steve, love that you have all the “news” all the time!! Screw those uptight people who are giving you a hard time – even with the spoilers people still watch the show & ABC should send you a thank you note for adding to the hype & bringing their ratings up!!!

    Geez, who is the costume designer for the AFTR? The dress Ali wore was 2 sizes too small and looked hideous!! ABC can afford a chiller fan for poor Roberto the Sweat King – he was dripping like an NBA player in the finals and it was just gross to watch him that sweaty hugging Ali in his arm pit!!

    Living together – HUH??? This is a time bomb in the making – these people hardly know each other – their TV persona does not translate into real life. To say nothing of Roberto watching his fiance have sex with another dude days before he proposed….maybe she told him nothing happened!!

    Finally, you are so right Steve this is a show where the drama sells – yes to make money – not to make happily ever after couples. So the more drama the more viewers the more money – who cares about the real lives of these real people once the show is over or their part in the show is over. So why are people so shocked when these “couples” break up???

    Good luck on your search for love – you seem like a fun guy & I’m sure there is a normal happy ending for you!! Maybe when your search is over you can approach ABC to sell them the show! LOL!!!! That would be a cold day in H*%L I’m sure!!!

  26. reel_nut

    August 4, 2010 at 11:34 AM

    STEVE, you would have been better off consulting someone w/ my
    particular expertise before you even lifted a finger to tackle this situation. This because in all honesty your FAILURE to NAIL the MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT of SPOILING a TV show of the “reality” genre (=predicting the FINAL OUTCOME) pales by comparison to how you botched the needed apology to your audience (re: blogs dated Aug 2ND & 3RD).

    For starters, one can not apologize for a mistake one does not fully appreciate. And based on what you wrote, you are NOT there yet.

    Ex: your bogus accuracy ratings quotes (99% … 98% …) are insulting to your readers’intelligence considering that any of them would know that a statestitian would assign much more weight to ***season outcome prediction*** as opposed to whether Jonathan exited in episode 3 or 4. Besides, how clueless can you be to bring out “accuracy ratings” at a time like that.

    There is an implicit contract between writer & audience (& yes informal/ casual bloggers are writers too). Whatever a writer USES to entice an audience becomes his product (=the goods he implicitly agrees to deliver & the audience comes to him for)_ this regardless of the topic he writes about or whether or not he gets a check in the end of week for his writing. Of course all this is irrelevant if all a blog is no more than a person keeping in touch w/ buddies, acquaintances & relatives. But whenever a blogger manages to do what you have done, STEVE, establishing a brand & enticing an audience as large & diverse as yours, it is time to wake up & smell the roses —hopefully while taking a basic college extention course or diving into a book or two to get a working understanding of these dynamics & roles.

    Because the fact remains that such dynamics are at play whether the writer realizes it or not _let alone agree that should be so. To be in your position, STEVE & fail to grasp what I am trying to explain to you amounts to sabottaging yourself. And the situation at hands proves my point.

    I am NOT saying that your audience expects perfection from you nor even anything resembling a conventional media blog. All I am saying is that when you make an error of this magnitude all while being that arrogant, you owe your audience the plain simple truth without editorializing or attempting to minimize or deflect blame.

    So, when you state that “nothing matters” except that you “got it right” (by the seat of your pants) BEFORE the season finale aired, you expose how clueless you are in failing to realize that your audience will see such statement as proof that could careless about their perspective as long as you cover yourself.

    Think about it —“in practice” your eleventh hour amendment did
    your readers little good since it did NOT reach most of them in time. Had you posted it on Sunday night, still would not likely make much of a difference as far as that goes. Yet it would have made a HUGE difference to your audience in that you would have shown*** that you cared enough to do “the most you could”to get the word out to them rather than the least.

  27. reel_nut

    August 4, 2010 at 11:47 AM

    In case you don’t know, STEVE, it is hard to relax & enjoy a show while anticipating an ending that seems not to be materializing. Plus when you realize you were mislead for weeks you feel like like a chump for trusting Reality STEVE (how lame is that).

    Talking about “reality” (STEVE), YOUR COMPETITION beat you
    handly & unless you are on deep denial you know that. The very
    publication you so ridiculed & discredited about 3 weeks ago turned out to be the one who ACTUALLY SPOILED THIS SEASON OF THE
    BACHELORETTE by revealing its outcome accuratelly three weeks
    before airing.

    The last couple of weeks you especially intensified your efforts to persuade your audience that you were 100% correct & that they
    should not give any credence to source that contradicted your
    prediction. So now, there is NO WAY for you to PIN this “OOPS” on
    anyone else, except yourself yet shamefully this is what you appear to be trying to do.

    Your sources are not beholden to your audience. You are. You put
    yourself in that position willingly the moment you sought to acquire an audience. You don’t seem hesitant to make promises both overt & implied, to entice your audience to keep reading you. And it is evident that you enjoy the perks of your position (=attention, notoriety, boost to ego & even adulation from some).

    Curiously, the part of the deal that you shy way from involve the
    two main responsibilities that go w/ the perks:

    a. being responsive, fully accountable & catering to your specific audience

    b. being in the “NOT SO UNIQUE” position of having to make the
    call regarding how much to rely on your sources; accepting the
    RISKS that go w/ making those calls (=the possibility that you might end up w/ EGG on your face)

    In your blogs breaking the bad news, you should have spared*** your audience the long winded wining & transparent attempts to
    minimize & deflect blame _also the attempt to change subject. Ex: the meaningless ranting about E.

  28. Caroll

    August 4, 2010 at 11:56 AM

    Chris Harrison makes me gag. Especially when he was going on and on at the ATFR show about Frank not showing up. Acting as if he was surprised: as if Frank was going to come but “changed his mind.” If Frank was in his right mind, he would NEVER even consider showing up for either The Men Tell All or the AFTR shows. After seeing the editing he received and being coaxed to wait to tell Ali way past when he realized he wanted to return to his girlfriend at home. The longer he waited, the worse editing he got….being repeatedly called “selfish,” for example. He was probably scared contractually to stay as long as he did. That’s what the show holds over the contestants heads: that they can be sued if they don’t do whatever the show wants them to do. And Chris always acting so “above it all” talking “the party line.”

  29. reel_nut

    August 4, 2010 at 11:57 AM


    The wisdom behind writers / publishers opting to accept full
    responsibility for errors regardless of what they go through in their end is the fact that this practice is proven to be both in the best interest of “writer & audience,” so it is a “WIN WIN” situation, not to mention an honored tradition which accomplishes 3 important things:

    1. it demonstrates that you feel accountable to your readers
    2. it evidences interest in serving the needs of your readers by
    seeking to inform them regardless of embarrassment to self
    3. it re-establishes trust

    Considering how I make a living, I feel especially foolish for putting so much stock on what I knew all along to be (at best) speculation based in “hearsay” from “unnamed sources.” However, the very fact that someone like me could slowly be persuaded to do so exemplifies how a “careless writer” who is oblivious to these dynamics & especially his role, can so easily betray his audience even without realizing (or intending to). And all my insticts point to this being the case here!!!

    I am kind by nature so honestly when I read your last two blogs, I cringed & felt embarrassed FOR you, lamenting that you chose to
    “wing this” & you missed by a mile.

    For this reason I took the time to write this long three parter comment in hopes that it will be of help to you.

    In closing: Whenever one provides ample EVIDENCE that he still NEED of **HUMBLING*** he can count on being swarmed by willing


  30. Caroll

    August 4, 2010 at 12:01 PM

    I love this quote from “Barbarrosa’s Blast”:

    “Proof, if ever it was required, that Bachelor producer/sleazebucket, Mike Fleiss, has totally lost his mind. His show–once near death–has roared back to be a jewel in ABC’s crown and he is obsessed with playing minds with an Internet blogger. Mr. Fleiss, your rubber room is ready. Reality Steve is a major reason this show has risen from the ratings dead, and Fleiss is now being as paranoid as J. Edgar Hoover about fooling, tricking, and punishing an internet blogger for spilling about his tacky show. Mr. Fleiss, when you finish cashing that latest check, go check yourself in…and take the wingman with you. You’re both nuts.”

    That says it all!

  31. yourmarie83

    August 4, 2010 at 12:02 PM

    I would enjoy The Bachelor and Bachelorette about a million times more if they only spent 1 hour for each episode, instead of 2. This show is getting ridiculous. I’m also put off that they only show the drama with the contestants and never give a glimpse of any real relationships forming. I think they should show some “realness” and something, anything, to give us hope that there is a real love story (or 2 or 3) forming. I like the humor and suspense of the dramatic plot twists, too – I just don’t feel it’s enough to carry this show to the level of awesomeness it could be achieving.

    I am so damn sick of each character saying the same thing every episode… I guess they just have a really bad formula in their editing department from which they make each episode. I have a feeling that they left a lot of good funny, romantic and awkward scenes on the cutting room floor. Meanwhile everything they show could be cut to 1 hour without losing any of their pathetic story.

    At the end of each season, I swear I won’t waste my time on this show ever again. And yet, I tune in each season, hoping it will finally live up to it’s potential.

  32. lalala

    August 4, 2010 at 12:38 PM

    i cannot believe some people are so angry that they are demanding apologies!!! WTF!

    is a TV show really upsetting you THAT much?!?


  33. tricia_16_

    August 4, 2010 at 12:44 PM

    Did anyone think that MAYBE the reason he didn’t go running to his computer to tell that he was told the wrong information from his sources the very SECOND he heard them is because…. wait for it… he has a life outside of this show!!!

    Maybe he was with family, on a date, or working his full-time job? Heck, maybe he was stuck on the toilet with a bout of the flu!

    You can all blame him as much as you want for not getting the ending right – but the facts are, he went with his sources who have never led him wrong, and the source was wrong for once. Don’t you all do that in marriage? You trust and love unconditionally until somebody screws up? Why WOULDN’T he trust his sources… UNTIL they screw up?

    Now he knows.

    Reality Steve, I for one LOVE your column, and don’t care if the President of the United States blew the ending before you did – he still isn’t as snarky and sarcastic as you are!!

    Keep up the good work!!

  34. carol1975

    August 4, 2010 at 12:55 PM

    reel_nut chill out! It’s true Steve can be sometimes as arrogant as Chris Harrison, but he is blogging about a stupid TV show, not the frigging war in Irak!

  35. malu42

    August 4, 2010 at 1:11 PM

    Keep up the great work Steve! Your columns are refreshingly witty and there’s always at least one thing that you write that I was thinking the exact same thing while watching! Who the heck cares if you got 1 finale wrong? You came thru in the 11th hour and EVERY OTHER detail about any and everything from past seasons you were spot on. Not a bad track record. You came forward and told us you got the wrong info…which is a lot more than most would do.

    I find it absolutely hysterical that you annoy ABC/Fleiss & Co so badly that you were taken off of the E! special?? Who’d of thunk that just a regular old average joe from Dallas could cause such a stir? I love it! You must just sit there and crack up!

    Hope Maddie is doing well!

  36. MindyM

    August 4, 2010 at 1:40 PM

    I would like to give a shoutout to Caligirl and mja for your kind words. It’s all good.

    Next, a special shoutout to agnis, JustJenna and lizanddave906 for your great comments! Thanks for having the guts to come on here and give your thoughts and not just try to praise Steve even more than he already praises himself. There was so much good common sense, wisdom and logic in the things you said. It makes me feel good to know that some people can still think for themselves and not have to be spoon fed and told what they should or should not think! Great comments, spot on and totally true!

    I think Steve is getting a bit too arrogant, cocky and full of himself. He seems to have delusions of grandeur, as though he is really more important in the scheme of all things related to the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I think he is the one who wants to become famous and rich and maybe get his own TV show. He is the one who seems to be obsessed with Mike Fleiss and this reality show franchise.

    What Steve should realize is, if you are going to try to be a thorn in the side of a huge network like ABC and try to trash, embarrass and humiliate their prize cash cow show, then expect some blowback. It came in the form of Steve being edited out of the E! special, without so much as a warning. That’s the way it goes when you want to play the game, so don’t cry about it after it happens. E! is going to protect their relationship with a powerful network and not give a hoot about somebody they only labelled onscreen as “TV Blogger”!

    Does anyone else find it a bit galling that Steve is now giving relationship advice to Roberto and Ali by saying that they shouldn’t move in together right away? Now that’s funny coming from a 35 year old man who has never been married himself and is now using his blog site to try to meet that right girl! I think we can let Roberto and Ali make their own decisions and figure this out for themselves, thank you very much! I am hoping that they don’t go on DWTS and just try to live in the real world and continue on with their lives. I would love to see these two make it. I know the odds are against it, but it would sure be nice to see a love story that ends in a wedding. I believe these two have a shot at it and good luck to them.

    I am really unhappy that Steve didn’t acknowledge that he was not the first one to break the news about the real ending. FORT deserves all the credit for doing the leg work and ferreting out the story. They have someone on their site who either works for the show or is closely connected to people that do. This person has also posted that Steve was wrong about the Jason, Molly and Melissa shocker and wonders when/if he will admit it. I had to go to FORT to find out all the info that was out there. I did it because I felt strongly that the original spoiler that Steve’s sources gave us, just did not make any sense. The total lack of any additional details also didn’t make me feel that confident. There was too much missing.

    I am glad that I went to FORT to find out the real ending and was there on Monday afternoon when their dedicated people came out first with the final confirmation that it was true. Great work on their part and even if Steve never gives them credit, it doesn’t matter because the truth was out there for everyone to see.

    I am glad that there are a few strong people who can come on here and ask the tough questions. It’s not simply about Steve being wrong. That’s not the real issue. It’s that he tried to fake it in the end and appear to come up with the scoop, even though it was already out there. It’s that he remained strangely silent in the final days, when there was a ton of information coming out about Roberto getting his insurance license in CA., moving to CA., the great twitter photo someone posted on FORT showing a blissfully happy Roberto and the fact that he was nowhere to be found, totally hidden away out of site. There’s more, but it doesn’t need to be recapped here. Anyone can sit on their butt and wait for someone to drop a spoiler in their lap, but the people on FORT who put in the time and effort to track down the leads and evaluate their credibility, those who did the investigating to finally validate the accuracy of the ending posted by the one member who really did have the goods, are the people who deserve the credit.

    If some want to idolize Steve and feed his already inflated ego, that’s all well and good. Just don’t expect the rest of us to follow blindly like sheep. There are some hard questions that Steve has yet to answer.

    I have no problem with Steve writing his funny blog and giving his sarcastic and witty take on the show. I just think it’s time he decided to take himself less seriously and tone down the rhetoric. Why so angry at Mike Fleiss and company? I think good ole Reality Steve needs a bit of a reality check himself!

  37. at1

    August 4, 2010 at 3:36 PM

    Why are people so freaked out that the spoiler was not entirely correct, isn’t this supposed to be entertainment? I doubt anyone’s life is any worse not knowing the exact ending. I do think ABC is benefitting from the spoilers, I just don’t think the show is really any good on its own.

    I do have a question for you though, why are they continuing to push the notion that Ali doesnt want to go into show business. That has been a continued mantra by Chris H. and Ali over the last few weeks. It’s well known that she calls the paparazzi frequently, applied to reality shows and was not really a “career girl” (sorry if that statement bothers people but if anyone beleives that 3 years as an admin assistant followed by 3 months in an entry level grunt position at Facebook makes you a “career girl” then I think that really demeans all women in her age group). I think we can get over the fact that she pretended to be a lot of things she’s not but why are they so bold about these statements? We all know she is dying to do DWTS and as long as she has someone paying her rent I doubt she would ever go back to an office job.

  38. UnrealitySteve

    August 4, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    Evidently, Steve isn’t as omniscient as he thinks he is. “MY sources were wrong” isn’t exactly an excuse that trumps weeks of bragging how Steve “Fleissed” ABC, and divulged a certain ending that was not to be. Is it possible that Steve’s bravado far exceeds his knowledge, or his expertise in matters related to the entertainment industry? it appears that Steve is a “media whore” as much as the folks he condemns, and takes this mock-holier-than-thou attitude as entertainment world holy grail?
    Steve, you’re a Hollywood wannabee, and admit it–you’re doing exactly what you condemn others for doing themselves. Your shameless self-promotion is only trumped by your sarcastic and all-knowing tongue. I bet you don’t even have the balls to let this comment stay posted, as you’re a phony–not even in the same class as Fleiss, as he obviously schooled both you and your alleged “sources.”

  39. Lucetto

    August 4, 2010 at 4:38 PM

    Alivebygrace, hahahahaha you crack me up LOL !!! Ever tought of doing a blog !!!!!

  40. natwill

    August 4, 2010 at 4:52 PM

    Most of you take this WAY TOO SERIOUS!! It’s a damn TV show!! If you have such horrible things to say about Steve and think he has an inflated ego, why exactly are you on here writing 3 part columns…has he gotten under your skin that bad?? I also love the folks commenting on your GRAMMAR…SUSAN…it’s NOT spelled GRAMMER!! HAHAHA!!! Keep it up Steve!! Who cares that he was wrong about one thing….it’s not as though these two will take a walk down the aisle anyways. Ali has already signed with a talent agency, we now know her true intentions…Ali and Jake would have made a perfect media whore pair!!

  41. chynook73

    August 4, 2010 at 5:10 PM

    I am a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan for the sheer entertainment value with no illusions of its produced romance and love everlasting. It’s TV, nothing more and nothing less. If people don’t like it, they can turn the channel. Your blog has been a fun addition to my guilty pleasure. I always thought this was a fun cat and mouse game for you, until now. I am pretty stunned at how everyone is so personally offended and angered by your misinformation. To that, I am equally stunned at your 5 page temper tantrum. Suddently, this blog is no longer as fun or witty as it once was.

  42. max

    August 4, 2010 at 5:27 PM

    Well I am still waiting for my hand written apology letter with gold engraving and it has not arrived yet. I haven’t slept in weeks thinking that this poor girl was going to end up single and now I’m just so incredibly mad to read that they made her have a happy ending. My life is ruined. And to see that so many people think that she will dump this guy as soon as her magazine face time dwindles? How am I going to survive this! They MUST stay together and they MUST get married and they MUST do so in a very public manner or we all are doomed!

  43. carol1975

    August 4, 2010 at 5:38 PM

    I’m reading the comments and it’s amazing how many delusional people are loose in this world. Whats with all the Steve bashing? He is being accused of taking credit for spoiling the finale over the people at FORT, but it’s not like he tookcredit for the cure to cancer! Get a life! Its a tv show!

  44. Sunnyside422

    August 4, 2010 at 5:40 PM

    Been on vacation, but had to put my two cents in!

    Steve you are always right on with the spoilers and please continue to do so! So one little glitch…looks like the producers really wanted this to be a great ending and it was. Don’t get too angry at their treatment of you…consider it a compliment! You are under their skin big time! Horray!

    Chris was class all over the place with his best wishes for Ali and she was the same by not putting him through an unnecessary final proposal knowing Roberto was the one for her. I hope Chris refuses the show…personally I think he is a great guy but not enough of a personality to carry it. I doubt he would put up with the producers crap and go along with their ideas for drama! But if he agrees to do it, I hope he can find a decent girl and overlook all the skanks that will be slobbering all over him!

    As for Ali and Roberto….I hate to say I told you so but he was my pick from the moment he stepped out of the limo! His sweetness just showed through with each episode. From what we have been allowed to see of the two of them (we all know editing is rampant)….I feel both are decent people and his tenderness and affection for her seemed very real. You know she had the hots for him from day one so maybe all that hotness will translate into a lasting relationship. I wish them the very best and if they make it, their babies will be adorable!

  45. AATxCutee

    August 4, 2010 at 7:24 PM

    And I can’t believe all the RS-cult can’t see our side of this. It’s not that RS was wrong, it’s his attitude and pouty ranting about ABC that’s pissed a few of us off.

  46. BronzeTan

    August 4, 2010 at 7:40 PM

    Wow, some really intelligent comments in the past 2 days. I mean that sincerely and not sure why I’m even adding to them.
    I kept going back to the blog to see what was new as told to do by Steve…but kept getting the Justin interview…and man, if anyone had 90 minutes to listen to that, GET A LIFE!!!
    I was so happy AND surprised at the ending….which made me realize I really don’t like spoilers so I won’t be reading any more.
    I’m not even that upset about RS getting the ending wrong. Maybe he was Fleissed, maybe not. The fact remains he’s been dead on about everything else he’s posted. (But god, would have loved to have been there when he found out he’d been wrong, LOL)
    And I DO think it was lousy of E! to take him off the program without at least letting him know.
    What I do hate though, is who you seemed to have turned into RS…a bitter, arrogant, self important jerk. Your columns used to be funny, now they’re just bitter and not fun to read.
    I couldn’t believe today’s rant about how you got it right before the show aired-WAKE UP-you got it LAST!!
    You talk about the losers that go on this show for their 15 minutes of fame-what do you call what you’ve become? I know you allegedly have a good day job, but where do you come up with the time to watch all these shows and blog the way you do?
    You are a nice guy…or were…you love dogs, you love spending time with your niece…but you’ve turned into a name dropper and yes, a fame whore.
    Get your soul back before it’s too late. God…a dating contest?? What the HELL were you thinking??

  47. MissFitChick

    August 4, 2010 at 9:29 PM

    Hi Steve! Love your blog. First time commenter… literally. Just wanted to say thanks and keep it going, as long as the ride lasts. Been following it since the Megan/Melissa/what’s-his-face fiasco. I don’t know if I’m one of a few, but it since the aforementioned fiasco occurred, I stop watching the show after every time you completely reveal the spoilers and proceed to read your blog consistently. Yes, I’m one of the suckers who fall for watching it again the next season– Why? In the hope that some one will actually find “true love”, though I know the show is highly manipulative, insulting to their viewers with their warped portrayal of “love”, and equally insulting to its “players” who participate. It is also pathetic how the media plays up the sense of reality in order to make a buck, and how many people still swear it is real. Some one should have the courage to go even further and reveal much, much, more… Ugh, I am with you about Chris Harrison. That guy is one slimey weasel. Every time he opens his mouth to speak, I can’t help but to press FF on my PVR. Can’t stand him!

  48. agnis

    August 4, 2010 at 10:14 PM

    Thanks for the shout-out, MindyM! I agree with your comments, too, especially Steve’s “relationship advice” to the new couple–I definitely cracked up when I read that! In all fairness, regarding the dating contest, that was Olivia Wilder’s idea during that interview, and I won’t begrudge him this attempt to find someone for himself. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not planning to apply!)

    I agree with many of the others who have commented that I’m not particulary annoyed at his being wrong for so long, but the arrogance and petulance with which he handled everything after he finally “figured out” (read: read other spoiler sites)that his sources were wrong.

    Regarding the E! special — of course they have the right to edit him out whenever they want for whatever reasons they feel are appropriate, but I do think it’s unprofessional for them not to inform him of it. They totally played him since they knew he was going to be bringing in a lot of viewers by promoting it on his blog and Twitter. And for that, I feel sorry for Steve–apparently he’s not as important as he thought he was.

  49. Penthe

    August 5, 2010 at 3:15 AM

    Who cares if Steve’s sources were wrong about who Ali chooses. Steve has provided us CORRECT info for the rest of the ENTIRE show lol. I personally loved knowing Frank never planned on being on the Bachelorette AFTR however Chris saying “How dare he not show, he cancelled at the last minute pshhh” was hilarious.

    I bet you Chris reads this blog religiously, everyone in production, editing does, especially HIS sources, they must be nervous checking this blog every minute, I mean wouldn’t you? Your job and life is at stake every minute of your day. Would you want Fleiss on your bad side, I mean have you seen the guy lol?

    Anyway. I appreciate the little things like that and the behind the scenes stuff like Ali is reported to be a ex drug addict, which I’m not surprised this girl is a train wreck fake wannabe celebrity.

    No wonder Steve has become so arrogant, with the amount of morons out there.

  50. aunthelen92

    August 5, 2010 at 5:06 AM

    Here in the 21st century, a woman does need to have her father “let” her get married.

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