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Bachelor Pad Recap – 8/9/10

For all your “Bachelor Pad” spoilers, click on the link at the top of the page under the banner. They were originally all posted in June, then got a few updates to them that I added in July. So yes, apparently I do have sources that know what they’re talking about. Ha ha. Sorry, ABC. You’ve been done again.

First things first, I want to mention that tonight I will be a guest on Olivia Wilder’s internet talk show at 9:00pm EST. Mostly talking about “Bachelor Pad”, tying up some loose ends on the “Bachelorette”, and briefly giving an update on the dating “contest” currently still going on. Check back to the site later tonight for the link to listen to the interview, and feel free to call in with any questions or comments you may have. The last one went for two hours. I can’t imagine tonight’s will go that long, so try and get in if you can.

I want to address the #1 question I’ve gotten on email regarding “Bachelor Pad” and that is, “If Wes was so pissed at the show for his editing on the ‘Bachelorette’, why would he agree to do ‘Bachelor Pad’?” It’s really a simple answer, and one that I’ve already brought up in this column numerous times before, but in case you missed it, here it is again. Even though it’s produced by ABC/Next Entertainment/Warner Horizon and has the same film crew and producers as the “Bachelor/ette”, this is a completely different show. On the “Bachelorette”, Wes had no idea what he was getting himself in to, and basically it was a 1-in-25 chance to end up in a failed relationship. It turned out horribly for him as we saw, he ripped the show, the show ripped him, etc. The “Bachelor Pad” was a 1-in-19 chance to win $250,000 and possibly hook up with girls. Why would he pass that up? Those are two completely different animals. Take a two week vacation in a mansion with money on the line and 11 chicks running around the place half naked all the time you’re telling me is the same as the “Bachelorette”? Not quite. If the guy somehow showed up on the next season of the “Bachelorette”, then sure that’d be ridiculously hypocritical, but that’s never going to happen. But who wouldn’t want to go on “Bachelor Pad” at this point? Every single one of those 19 contestants last night jumped at the chance to be on this show. And I don’t blame them. I don’t see how anyone could possibly compare the two shows. The object and premise behind them couldn’t be more different.

As for last night’s show itself, this is definitely going to be a different column than the “Bachelor/ette” ones. After watching, you can pretty much see that this show isn’t hiding any of the sexual tension or cattiness in the house. It’s encouraged. Probably why this show is much more entertaining than the “Bachelor/ette”. That shows tries to give you this false sense of “we’re trying to find two people to fall in love” blah blah blah. “Bachelor Pad” is pretty straight forward and to the point: Look, these people are gonna drink, they’re gonna hook up, they’re gonna backstab, there’s gonna be drama, and there’s a cash prize at stake. Have at it. So in that respect, I enjoy the “Bachelor Pad” more. Doesn’t mean it’s not without it’s ridiculousness, because it is, but it’s just much more enjoyable to watch. Was anybody honestly surprised at anything they saw last night? It’s pretty much exactly what you expected it to be, right? If not, it should’ve been. I laid out in the spoilers who was gonna hook up with who and when, and you can see the editing already leaning you in that direction.

I still find it funny that when we do get down to the final eight (four couples), it’s pretty much who everyone expected it to be when the show first started, outside of maybe the Jesse Beck and Peyton pairing, which develops a little later on. But other than that, I don’t anyone is surprised Dave and Natalie, Kiptyn and Tenley, and Jesse and Elizabeth were the other remaining three couples. I don’t know what the others mentality in the house was going in, and even though a couple of them brought it up last night saying, “We should split some of these couples up”, it never happened. So even though Chris Harrison and Melissa want to say in all their interviews that people really started playing the game, they didn’t. If they did, they wouldn’t have let Kiptyn and Tenley stay in the game as long as they did, since everyone and their mothers from the minute this show was announced figured those two would either win or get to the end, and that was before anyone even knew what the show would be about.

However, it’s obvious that the show slanted the odds towards the people they wanted to stick around for a while. In the previews for next week, they showed a couple of the girls talking about the “Insiders vs the Outsiders”. That’s basically all the people that already know each other and go on these reunion group orgies together being the “Insiders” vs all the others who never attend these things. I mean, when Natalie, Dave, Nikki, Tenley, Kiptyn, Jesse, and Elizabeth are all buddy buddy outside the show and hang out together, are we honestly expected to think that people like Krisily or Gwen or Michelle or Jessie stood a chance in this game? So in that aspect, the show knew exactly what they were doing when they cast the people they did. They wanted to make you think there’d be all this random hooking up between people from different seasons, but there really wasn’t. Everyone stuck to their allegiances and they pretty much got the final eight that they expected.

I love how Chris at the beginning of the show tried to play off the fact that he needed a co-host because he couldn’t possibly handle all 19 of them by himself. Uh huh. Sure Chris. You do realize that on the “Bachelor/ette”, you’re handling 26 people. And last time I checked, 26 is more than 19. Not to mention on this show, all you’re doing is the same exact thing you do on the other show – bang a wine glass, introduce challenges, and be present at the elimination ceremony. Honestly, did Melissa add anything to the show last night that Chris couldn’t have done himself? You mean he couldn’t take his index finger and spin the arrow around on the Twister card? It was another paycheck for Melissa and she took it. She’s gonna ride this out for as long as she can. I don’t fault her, but just don’t make it seem like she actually NEEDED to be a part of this show. She didn’t.

Ok, here are my thoughts about the actual show…

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  1. Lucetto

    August 12, 2010 at 12:42 PM

    Hum, I cant wait to see that double wedding show !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bernie

    August 12, 2010 at 3:05 PM

    Ok, so here’s a nugget. My sister lives with a friend of Tenley’s and my sisters roommate is EXACTLY like Tenley and no one can stand her. (my sis had no idea prior to the move in). So as I’m watching last night all I could think was OMG this DOES NOT surprise me. Mine as well call Tenley Ariel for now on because her MO is going to be “rescue me” all through this show. Jesus H Nipples.

  3. sarahkate

    August 12, 2010 at 6:27 PM

    This is my first time commenting but I have been reading for a while! I have at least been reading since Jason’s season because I remember my best friend talking about the show and I already knew what was going to happen thanks to you! I don’t mind the spoilers – I love knowing what is going to happen and then seeing it play out on the show.

    As for the bachelor pad – I think it is exactly what I thought it would be and I don’t know why so many people get so mad about it. If you don’t like the show, turn it off! Don’t come to a blog and bitch about it!

    The problem is, no one will ever really know what Elizabeth or Tenley are like in real life (except those that know them personally) so it is hard to judge. They can make someone appear a certain way very easily when they want. I still tend to think Tenley is a nice person, if not overbearing. I always thought Elizabeth was vapid and self centered (sorry, but I can’t help but think that with any woman who has breast implants) and now she just looks crazy and stalker-ish. And the hair color does her no favors.

    Anyway, just wanted to say I love the blog and always will as long as it exists!

  4. sweetness34

    August 13, 2010 at 8:09 AM

    I have mixed feelings on Tenley. She was over the top with the jumping up and down, but she also had some comedic moments that made me laugh.

    Agree on Elizabeth’s hair. That’s such a tragedy–go back to dark brunette! It reminds me of Britney Spears, who needs to go back to a pretty brown and Lindsay Lohan, who needs to embrace the red.

    I hadn’t watched Jillian’s season, so I have to say that this was my first exposure to some of those guys. Kiptyn may be one of the hottest guys to ever grace this show. Wow….

  5. hazelleosu

    August 14, 2010 at 6:58 PM

    I’m pretty sure the reason Melissa Rycroft is involved is not because Chris Harrison can’t handle the number of contestants. Most likely ABC thought it would be gay to have Chris Harrison pinning roses on the guys. Hence, Melissa Rycroft.

  6. soapmoser

    August 14, 2010 at 11:14 PM

    What about Tenley’s secret smile face after Elizabeth said they would vote out Psycho Michelle? It was like Ralphie’s in “A Christmas Story” when his mother bought his lie about the icicle after the BB gun almost put his eye out. All that was missing was the little cartoon twinkly star in her eye.

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