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Bachelor Pad Recap – 8/16/10

For all your “Bachelor Pad” spoilers, click on the link at the top of the page under the banner. It’s safe to say at this point that my sources were dead on for this show.

Wanted to first start out by informing everyone we are only accepting applications for the dating contest up until Thursday. After that, nothing will be looked at. It’s been a month now for people to get stuff in, so I figured if you haven’t sent anything in by now, you’re probably not all that interested. Please be serious about your inquiries and refer back to the 7/27 blog where I gave the “rules” before sending anything in. The email address to send your “application” is: We’re over a 100 applicants now and this has not been easy. Very tough to eliminate over 80 people just based off an email and a couple of pictures, but that’s the only way to do it. Over the next week, I will be sending a questionnaire out to everyone who reached my Top 15. Some have already received it. If you don’t receive my questionnaire within the next 7-10 days, then I’m sorry, but I have not chosen you to advance. Thanks to everyone though who sent in emails. I honestly thought I wouldn’t get more than five or ten.

Congratulations are in order for former “Bachelor” contestants and interviewees, DeAnna Pappas and Holly Durst on their engagement to the Stagliano brothers. I’m guessing for them to keep their engagement a secret for three and two months respectively couldn’t have been easy, but I know they’re both happy as clams right now so I wish them the best. I expect my invitation in the mail once the TV deal is finalized to televise the double wedding. Ok, I know a lot of you are questioning them selling out to have their wedding televised, and to be honest, it’s a tough one. I can seriously see both sides of it. I’ve never been married, but I know the #1 issue that comes up during an engagement is the finances surrounding the wedding. So, if there’s a network that’s willing to come forward and pay for your wedding and televise it, don’t tell me that’s not an enticing offer. That’s a HUGE burden lifted off your shoulders. But I also see the side that says they basically kept their engagement a secret for a couple months (and even flat denied it on some occasions) because they were pitching a show. Tough call. I have been in contact with both DeAnna and Holly since the announcement, they are both extremely happy and excited, so I guess that’s all that matters. Good for them. I’d like to choose the chicken for my dinner, ladies. And I will be bringing a date. I just don’t know who yet.

Quite a few of you have asked me for my thoughts on Jesse Csinsak’s engagement, the timing of it, the 4 minute video he released to to showcase his proposal, and the fact the wedding is going to be in two weeks in Las Vegas. Hmmmm…proposal is sold to a website in a 4 minute video done on a hand held camera, Life & Style magazine was the tabloid that ran with it, and now the wedding is happening two weeks after the proposal is announced publicly. Not that hard to figure out why. Oh, lookie here. Jesse gave another video to – wait for it – RadarOnline today showing him and Ann telling his parents she’s four months pregnant. Shocker. Look, I know nothing about Ann whatsoever, but from everything I’ve heard, she’s a great girl. As for Jesse, I’ve really got nothing to say about that guy. I think all you need to know about him is what you saw last week. And today. That pretty much sums him up. Not to mention Chris Harrison took time out of his blog today to congratulate DeAnna and Holly, yet didn’t even mention Jesse. Goes to show where his standing is with the show and how well liked he isn’t. Good luck you two.

Last night surely started out with a bang. No, Jesse and Elizabeth didn’t begin penetrating each other. Yet. It was footage of everyone coming back in the house after the elimination ceremony. Kinda like how on “Survivor” where they sometimes open the show with team returning from Tribal Council. Except for the fact that this takes place in a mansion, all these kids are spoiled brats, and none of them stink of sleeping out the woods for weeks. People might say that Elizabeth had the best line of the night later in the show with her “I’m a dumb smart girl”. Disagree. The best line of the night came 30 seconds into the show, when after the elimination ceremony had seen one guy and one girl go home, Natalie says, “So how many girls and guys are left?” Wow. Not exactly a mathematician is she? Well, let’s see. If there were 11 girls and 8 guys to start the show, and you just got rid of one each, first grade math will tell you 11 minus 1 equals 10. And 8 minus 1 equals 7. Glad I could help. Wouldn’t want you to hurt your brain.

So since the elimination ceremony probably took a couple hours to film, Natalie was none too happy that those two hours prevented her from having her tongue down Jesse’s throat. So once they’re back from the elimination ceremony, these two run outside to play with each others private parts like high schoolers. Jesse: “She’s just a rad chick.” Totally tubular, Jesse. Rad? People still use that word? You know why I believe in these two making it, at least for the next 30 minutes of this episode? Because they have such a solid foundation to fall back on. They’ve really gotten to know each other and talk about each others morals and belief system, and that’s highly important in a successful, intellectual relationship like theirs. Natalie is blown away. “I’ve never someone like him, really ever.” You mean someone that didn’t bother to ask you one thing about yourself and immediately you let jump into your pants? I can’t imagine why these two didn’t last. Strange.

I’m really enjoying the “Insiders vs the Outsiders” storyline. Only because they’re acting like this is a completely foreign concept and they didn’t see this coming a mile away. Why do you think they cast the show the way they did? Of course they wanted people who’d already established a relationship vs people who don’t attend the reunion/cruises/group orgies. That was the whole point of the show. The one thing I found weird was that even though I knew Gia hadn’t been to any of the reunions/cruises/group orgies, I just figured she was part of the Insiders since every guy wants to bed down with her. Was surprised to see she was an outcast, but then again, she did have a boyfriend, and basically there’s no use for you on this show if you’re committed to some douchebag hockey player who’s cheated on you in the past. Oh yeah by the way, as we speak, Gia isn’t even dating him anymore, so, I hope that was all worth it for you Gia. You could’ve played hide the pickle with Wes, but decided to remain loyal to a guy who you broke up with no more than a month later. Boooooooooooo. Gee, never saw that one coming.

The contest was disgusting. Who thought of these stupid things anyway? A Pie Eating Contest? Really? Apparently the producers spent too much time watching “Revenge of the Nerds” in high school. When the nerds outdid the jocks “Kissing Booth” with their “Eat a Pie for Charity” booth, you knew it was on. And it led to one of the all time great exchanges in movie history:

Stan: Ogre, go get a pie….So how is it?
Ogre: It’s good.
Stan: Well, is it good or is it great?
Ogre: It’s good.
Stan: Then why the hell they sellin so many?
Ogre: This why…(as he points to the topless picture of Stan’s girlfriend Betty stamped to the bottom of the pie plate)
Stan: That’s my pie.

I could recite all the classic lines from “Revenge of the Nerds” but then this column might turn X-rated. Great flick that me and my buddies used to watch over and over again. And still quote to this day. “I’m a nerd, and, I’m pretty proud of it.”

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