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Bachelor Pad Recap – 8/16/10

So back at the house, we see Jessie play her “I’m on both sides” strategy by tonguing down with Dave in the hot tub. Man, Jessie really gets her shoulders into it when she makes out. You get some, woman. Very sensual. I’m sure Dave was excited about that as well. Obviously Jessie’s strategy completely backfired, but I find it hard to believe those two clips they showed of Krisily sitting outside were in actual real time of when Jessie and Dave were making out. That looked completely spliced in since Krisily had zero reaction on her face. Please. That clip of Krisily was easily from another night and not in the sequence it was shown. Bad editing job there. Whatever the case, Krisily gets to the guys, tells them Jessie can’t be trusted, and that’s that. Sure, Dave eventually got Kiptyn and Kovacs to not vote for Jessie, but he couldn’t convince anyone else, so the vote was 4-3 against her as Wes, Weathersissy, Jesse, and Craig all voted for her. See ya, Canada.

As for the women, Gia’s half ass plan would’ve worked even after her giant blunder of giving Wes the rose. Her, Nikki, the 39 year old, Krisily, and Peyton were set to vote for Kiptyn. The other five girls were gonna vote for Craig, which would’ve been a 5-5 tie, and Gia would’ve had the deciding vote being the winner of the challenge, and she would’ve voted for Kiptyn sending him home. But of course, we knew it wouldn’t play out like that because, well, you already knew who was going home. And also, Kiptyn and Nikki have a history. Remember Jason and Molly’s televised wedding? Do you remember who Kiptyn was sitting next to the whole night and shared an umbrella with? That’s right. Nikki. So basically Nikki didn’t do anything that was out of the ordinary. She didn’t vote for her friend. Her mistake I guess was lying to the Outsiders saying she would. Or is it the Outsiders mistake for actually believing her when she said that? In any case, Nikki didn’t vote for Kiptyn, and it was 6-4 in favor of Craig leaving. See ya, Canada. Again.

I think I would’ve voted for Krisily for the sole reason she decided to go with the Snooki poof at the elimination ceremony. Brutal.

I’m glad Natalie was able to make the elimination ceremony in time after rushing over from her 4th grade ballet class. Is there a reason she was wearing a pink tutu? Oh wait, I read Holly’s tweet last night. Apparently it was Holly’s and Natalie was wearing it as a shout out to her. Got it.

I know Wes had never heard of Krisily before the show started, but even after four or five days in the house, you’d think he’d get her name right. Apparently not. Pretty funny he calls her “Krissy Lee”.

The Elizabeth and Tenley tiff right before the elimination was ridiculous. Why did Tenley start crying over that? It’s not like Elizabeth snapped at her. And why did Elizabeth even question what Tenley said considering she was right. Elizabeth and Jesse have a dirty, sexual relationship that started within hours of them first meeting each other back in the day. I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t even think Kiptyn has gotten “under the shirt, over the bra” with Tenley. So yes, their relationships are completely different. That was a weird sequence. This show is turning Tenley into an emotional basketcase.

And what elimination ceremony wouldn’t be complete without commenting on Chris Harrison’s awful wardrobe. Who the hell dressed him that night? A brown plaid shirt with a purple tie? I could throw darts in my closest and pick out an outfit that matched better than that. Nice duds, Chris. Nordstrom’s is going to be pissed off you didn’t pimp out their men’s section this week.

Get your applications in if you’re still interested in the Dating Contest. We stop taking them this Thursday. Email is: Under the “Contact Me” link above, are all the other places you can reach me at – email, Facebook, Twitter and we’ve added a Reality Steve Fan Page now, so join that if you’d like as well. Talk to you later…

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