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Bachelor Pad Recap – 8/30/10

For all your “Bachelor Pad” spoilers, click on the link at the top of the page under the banner. After next week, there’s really not many other spoilers to give since they head back to LA to film the finale next week. I’ll keep everyone updated here on the site if I hear what happens. I might, I might not. Not sure yet.

I think maybe ABC and DirecTV should probably get together and work out a few things so their “info” button on the TV doesn’t give the wrong description of the episode. Like last night’s. Any of you catch that? If you have DirecTV, the info button last night said this about last night’s episode: “An emotionally bruising competition sends three contestants home.” Uhhh, wrong week. Three girls go home next week. But hey, who cares at this point right? I mean, even without the spoilers you’ve had for the last two months, it’s been about as predictable as possible who’d be going home every week. Once again, Wes Hayden became the voice of reason. If you’re in a couple, you’re controlling the game. Wes tells that to every person who’s not in a couple in the house, yet, the couples keep lasting. I don’t know what strategy some of these people had going into the game, or even after it started, but it was horrible. How they couldn’t see these couples forming from a mile away was beyond me.

Speaking of couples, everyone keeps asking me which of these couples are still together, and which aren’t. So let me just run down the list for you and tell you where they stand:

Tenley and Kiptyn: YES. They are officially dating now. Not quite sure why it took this show for them to make it official, nor do I understand their relationship in the least bit, but they are dating now. Don’t mind all of her “Well, I don’t know, you’ll have to wait til the end to found out” answers that she’s been giving the press. They’re together. Whatever that means in the “Bachelor/ette” world.

Wes and Gia: Not a couple.
Jesse Beck and Peyton: Not a couple.
Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth: Not a couple.
Dave and Natalie: Not a couple.
Natalie and Jesse Beck: Not a couple.
Natalie and anyone: Not a couple. Just making out.
Dave and Jessie: Not a couple.
Krisily and her vibrator: Definitely in love.

As for Gia in her exit interviews not answering whether or not she’s still together with her hockey player boyfriend and saying, “You’ll just have to wait til the finale”, she’s not. She’s just told to say because they don’t want it getting out that she’s single for whatever reason. I don’t see the big deal, but the show is trying to not have any outside influences on everyone coming back to vote, I guess. So there you have it. This is going to make things very interesting once the finale rolls around because all the contestants coming back to vote I’m guessing are aware Tenley and Kiptyn are dating now. And if those two happen to beat Dave and Natalie in the final challenge and become the final two, it should be quite the finale. But now that I know they are officially a couple, no way in hell either one of them doesn’t split the money with the other. They will be given the option. Count on it.

As for the new “Dancing with the Stars” cast, gotta admit that I’m surprised they decided not to go with Ali or Roberto, or both. Hopefully it was more of those two’s doing and not the shows. We all saw what happened to Jake and Vienna’s relationship once he joined that show. Ali can pretend she was never approached about it, but she was. However, I have no idea how far the negotiations got. Whatever the case, probably a good idea that neither are on it if they want some sort of normalcy to their relationship. And let’s stop with the whining about “These are ‘celebrities’?” People, since when has this show ever cast anyone that wasn’t a C or D list celebrity? Yes, the title is “Dancing with the Stars”, but the next time they get an “A” or “B” list celeb to appear on this show will be the first. Every season the cast gets released, every season I hear “Oh my God, talk about a bunch of no namers. How is ‘so-and-so’ a ‘star'”, yet every season the ratings keep going up and up. This season will be no different.

I have no idea if any of these 12 have any formal dance background, but I do know that pretty much every woman that watches this show will want Jennifer Grey to win. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”. How many times do you think we’re gonna hear a reference to that this season? 50? 100 times? Barf. And by the way, holy facelift Batman! I know she’s 50 and it’s been years since “Dirty Dancing” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, but when did Jennifer get a new grill? Everybody, in some respect, still looks like their old self, even if it is 30 years later. Not her. If she wasn’t introduced as Jennifer Grey, I don’t think I would’ve known it was her. I guess that’s what Hollywood will do to you. Makes you want to get a whole new mask.

The show started with the fallout from Wes voting for Elizabeth last week, forcing Dave to cast the deciding vote. Wes and Dave had words for each other in the house that amounted to a whole lot of nothing. Dave thinks Wes betrayed him by voting Elizabeth, knowing that’d force a tie and he’d have to be the one to break it. I honestly don’t see Dave’s point here. If the object is to win $250k, and the only way Wes can do that is by trying to break up the couples, why is Dave acting as if Wes committed some form of treason? The Insiders are so offended that people want them out so they’re acting as if this game should be handed to them, and that, “Well, if you’re not in a couple, that’s not our fault”. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think these people were lucid the whole time they were there. The Insiders know exactly what they’re doing and for them to act offended that people want them out is ridiculous.

So challenge card arrives, it has all the questions on clipboards for everyone to fill out in private and, holy sh**!, Tenley’s crying while filling hers out. Damn. I thought we could at least go one episode where she doesn’t get overly emotional. Nope. Impossible. No one’s going to see her answers, yet, there she is in private whining about having to answer questions about people she considers her “friends”. It’s funny ? all of them hang out outside of the show, all of them act as if these people are part of their “immediate” family, yet I can’t begin to tell you how many talk sh** about each other. It’s pretty laughable. Guys do it about the girls, girls do it about the other girls, girls do it about the guys. It’s really comical. So, when you’re watching the show from now on, try not to take anything that anyone says positive about someone else too seriously. In public, they all like each other. Privately? Different story. There’s some serious hatred/jealousy/cattiness between these people.

So even when they were all filling their answers out in private, they still didn’t know exactly what the challenge would be. Really? Did they honestly think they’d fill those questionnaires out, then all the sudden, it’d never be brought up again? Why were they all so surprised at what the challenge was? “Survivor” has done it on numerous occasions. If there’s one thing “Bachelor Pad” failed on, it’s the challenges. This one definitely brought the drama, but was a complete rip-off of “Survivor”. The Kissing and Pie Eating Contests were straight from “Revenge of the Nerds”. And Twister they stole from some 5 year olds birthday party. Remember when this show was first announced and they said the challenges would be ones that had something to do with their previous experience on the show? Yeah, uhhhh, I guess they had a change of mind on that. Outside of this questionnaire, the challenges have been unoriginal, stupid, and completely lacking in any creativity whatsoever.

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  1. Showsreality

    September 8, 2010 at 12:14 AM

    Wes………..played the game right, his outsider team mates were too dense to understand…Krissly wanted a piece of Dave and voted with her nether regions.
    Nikki….was loyal to Skippy thinking she might have a chance in getting herself some beef.
    Jesse Sulidis….another one who wanted a piece of Varicose Roider Dave.
    Craig M. and Wes had it down path, but the hormonal females couldn’t see past their bikini line, and too thick to understand that the insiders were not their buds….

    Wes was smarter than all of his team mates combined but had no one on his team thinking outside the box.

  2. 2kidsmom

    September 10, 2010 at 8:56 PM

    Steve-your blog is totally awesome! Regarding the Jennifer Grey face lift, In the early 1990s, Grey underwent a rhinoplasty procedure that was so botched she required a second plastic surgery to repair the damage. The result was a face so changed that even close friends failed to recognize her, and the major change in her appearance negatively affected her career. Of the experience she said, “I went in the operating room a celebrity – and came out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  3. xerilagang

    October 20, 2010 at 12:28 PM

    I know that there was no biplanes of the First World War was referring to all open air; look flat. As you can tell, I am definitely not an expert in aviation. I just wanted to clarify before some smart posters Alek

  4. xerilagang

    October 22, 2010 at 6:10 AM

    I think it is obvious that the producers manipulate the show as they handle as shown bachelor ette /. They are encouraged that this is a couple shows, even if the end is supposed to be only one winner.
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