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If you haven’t been to the site in a while, and want to know the names of some of the girls you saw in the promos last night, just keep scrolling down and read my last few posts. So ABC has run two promos already for the show, and never before in their history have they given so many clips away six weeks before the season started. Basically the long promo they ran last night is what they usually show at the end of the first episode where they say, “Coming up this season on the ‘Bachelor'”. Quite interesting to say the least, and yes, I’ll take full credit for it since they know I’m about to ruin the whole season for everyone. I enjoy the fact that a random blogger is basically making them rearrange how they program their show. Of course, they’ll never admit that’s why they’re doing it, but it’s obvious what’s going on. I can’t spoil the season for you yet, though. After what happened last season with getting 99.9% of the season right but missing on the very last, but important, detail of Ali and Roberto being engaged, I’ve decided I’m going to wait until I have everything before posting all the spoilers. I understand that probably doesn’t sit well with you, but trust me, for my sanity, I need to release it when I have EVERYTHING.

It’s much easier to lay everything out there at once and say, “Here’s the whole season”, rather than piece by piece and teasing you with stuff. Teasing doesn’t work. I think we all remember the “clues” I gave for a month during Jason’s season that ended up backfiring. I’ve come to realize in this day and age, people are waaaaaay too impatient to be teased with stuff. And if I just post partially what I know, it’ll lead to more emails and questions that I won’t have answers to. Right now, I pretty much have the whole season ready to go and mapped out for you, minus a few date details here and there that I hope to get soon. I know 100% who the final four are, and the final three. From there, I THINK I have an idea who the final two are, but not definite yet. Filming ended last Wednesday, so this info could come at any minute. It could be tomorrow, or it could come after Thanksgiving. But I’d be shocked if I didn’t have it within the next week.

As for what I can give you today, I will leave you with a few things. This is basically the outline of things you will see this season. When I give the final spoiler column, it will fill in all these blanks.

-You will be seeing DeAnna and Jenni in the first episode. Ali and Roberto will be appearing in the 2nd episode at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony.

-The first girl out of the limo who slaps Brad is NOT someone that I’ve already reported on the site about. You don’t know who she is yet because I haven’t revealed her name. I will soon. Definitely has an interesting back story though. Some of you emailed me asking if it was Ashley Spivey, or Meghan Merritt, or Michelle Money. No, no, and no. It’s no one I’ve named previously on this site.

-There are 11 episodes total this season, which is including the “Women Tell All”. First episode airs Monday, January 3rd, the “Women Tell All” airs Monday, March 7th, with the finale airing the following week on March 14th. Obviously, the episodes air continuously with new ones every week.

-The Eliminations go like this:

Episode 1 (airing Jan. 3rd): 30 women down to 20
Episode 2 (airing Jan. 10th): 20 to 17
Episode 3 (airing Jan. 17th): 17 to 14
Episode 4 (airing Jan. 24th): 14 to 11
Episode 5 (airing Jan. 31st): 11 to 8 (Filming moved to Las Vegas)
Episode 6 (airing Feb. 7th): 8 to 6 (Filming moved to Costa Rica)
Episode 7 (airing Feb. 14th): 6 to 4 (Filming moved to St. Martins)
Episode 8 (airing Feb. 21st): 4 to 3. Hometown dates.
Episode 9 (airing Feb. 28th): 3 to 2. Overnight dates (Filming moved to South Africa)
Episode 10 (airing March 7th): “Women Tell All” recap episode
Episode 11 (airing March 14th): 2 to 1. Finale.

-Just like Kasey last season, someone gets a tattoo. In fact, four girls go out and get tattoos together while in Vegas. Although this one isn’t as sneaky and cryptic as they made Kasey’s seem, it still is a complete rip-off of what he did. Nice try, ladies.

-There will be two private concerts during 1-on-1 dates this season, and two very familiar songs will be played. I’m guessing if you listen to music, you will have heard of both of these artists and songs. In fact, you’ve probably heard each song about 1,000 times. One is much more recent, and the other is a popular song that was on a movie soundtrack.

-Man, a lot dates very similar to stuff we’ve seen in past seasons. Here’s what to expect this season that we’ve seen variations of in seasons past:

-A NASCAR group date where the women do time trials in a car (like DeAnna’s season)
-An adrenaline date where Brad and someone rappel down a building (somewhat like Jillian’s season)
-A group date where the girls shoot a movie-like stunt scene (like Jillians season where they shot the western)
-A 1-on-1 date on Catalina Island (like Tenley and Kiptyn’s on “Bachelor Pad”)
-The always popular “Pick out an expensive dress and jewelry” date (seems to happen once a season)
-A 1-on-1 date at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas (like Ali and Jesse Beck’s date)
-Also a 2-on-1 date where both girls get to be part of a rehearsal to a very popular show in Vegas, and one gets to perform in the show with Brad (like Ali’s “Lion King” group date)

Holy lack of originality Batman! Not only did they recycle the “Bachelor” himself, but for goodness sake, it’s like they recycled all the dates too. On the flip side, for those of you that have always complained about the manufactured drama in the house (Rozlyn scandal, Ali leaving early for work, Rated “R” Rego, Ed leaving and coming back, Frank leaving early, etc), as far as I know, we have none of that this season. No big scandals to report, no one leaving then coming back, no boyfriend issues back home, etc. Obviously you’ll have your cattiness in the house, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a big bombshell that’s going to be dropped at any point this season in regards to women in the house.

That’s all I will give you for now. Like I said, when I get the last pieces to the puzzle, I will post it all in one spoiler column. I should have that within the next week or so, but tomorrow morning I leave for California for Thanksgiving weekend. So unless I get that info later today, probably won’t have the spoiler column up until next week. It’s ok. You’ll manage. To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Email address is And you can join my Facebook Fan Page by just doing a search for Have a great Holiday weekend and I’ll talk to you soon.



  1. Caroll

    November 23, 2010 at 9:05 PM

    Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday! Thanks for posting today. Looking forward to more when you have it all worked out. I don’t know why the producers of Bachelor/ette are so upset about your spoilers which are the reason many of us continue to watch the scripted unreal reality show! I watch it to read your amusing comments as well as to keep up with what’s going on with the show. Keep up the good work.

  2. je2

    November 24, 2010 at 12:04 AM

    Oh yippy!!
    We get to see rerun b’ettes who had nothing going for them the first time. Rerun date themes with new cast – surprise surprise. Thank goodness for no contrived crisis. Rerun renewed bachelor with incredible scenery.
    OK by me ….

  3. addicted2trainwrecks

    November 24, 2010 at 1:40 AM

    Just to add on to je2.

    The only thing left to rerun, is for a rerun of the Brad exit strategy, but he did say he was positive he would find love now!!!

  4. JustJenna

    November 24, 2010 at 5:31 PM

    As usual your self-aggrandizing column is vomit worthy. When will you stop assuming ABC gives a rats ass about this column? They’ve moved on – so should you.

  5. Dianne

    November 26, 2010 at 7:35 PM

    Wow JustJenna, chill out! It blows me away the way you INSIST on coming onto Steve’s site, reading his posts, then INSISTING on adding your rotten two cents worth. Know what..I think, and I’m sure others agree, that it’s time for YOU to move you do that for us all please?’re a doll (NOT!)

  6. Steffie

    November 27, 2010 at 2:10 AM

    I’m with Dianne!

  7. Barbarossa

    November 27, 2010 at 9:57 PM

    Perhaps Steve and Fleiss could engage each other in a nationally televised titty-twister contest. Broadcast on pay-per-view and all proceeds go to charity.

    Regardless of some sentiment on here, Fleiss must hope Steve gets some scoopage–does some interviews with the tabloids to boost ratings–then goes home and curses Steve straight to hell anyway. We’re talking about one sick puppy here.

  8. LynnMJ

    November 28, 2010 at 12:15 AM

    No, Steve – Don’t ‘move on’. Many of us love the spoilers, teasers, etc. If someone doesn’t, they should take their own advice and move on. It always amuses me when someone moans and whines about something, yet for some reason, they keep sticking around. Just sayin’.
    Barbarossa – I think you’re on to something! 😉

  9. amy78

    November 28, 2010 at 3:08 AM

    Please say he got rid of Michelle Money. She has a bigger history than most 80 year old women. enough said.

  10. je2

    November 29, 2010 at 5:00 AM

    amy78, I am not sure you said nearly enough. LOL

  11. luv it

    November 30, 2010 at 6:31 PM

    Can’t wait to see the debalce of Brad Part Deux!! At least he’s kinda eye candy. Hope the girls are CRAZY!!!

  12. Nobody

    December 3, 2010 at 6:47 PM

    JustJenna, if you don’t like what the guy has to say then do yourself (and the rest of us) a favor. Do you see the little red ‘X’ to the upper right of your browser? Click on it and then go eff yourself.

  13. Sunnyside422

    December 8, 2010 at 10:17 PM

    I’m yawning now at the thought of Brad stumbling and bumbling his way through forced conversations! He was such a bore and painfully inadequate as a conversationlist in his previous season. Recycling this bore is such a ho hum thing!

    I guess the powers that be were really disappointed that Chris turned them down (good for him, though) and wanted to be sure they got Brad to commit to one female at the end. No way would he be allowed to walk away alone again. He will pick someone but the real test will be for how long.

    I can’t believe in the space of 3-4 years he became a new Mr. Personality with charm and wit. He is what he is and I don’t expect anything from him so my watching each week won’t be a given.

    Steve, wonderful work as always scooping the show! It is awesome your sources keep you informed and thus keep us informed. Not holding my breath for the start of Boring Brad’s season.

    And by the way, he is not a good looking man. Now Roberto on the other hand…there is one sexy man!

  14. bahurupiya

    January 9, 2011 at 4:26 AM

    JustJenna, you may not like his blog, but that you enjoy disliking it enough to read and comment on it illustrates why it’s such an an important marketing tool for the show, and some would argue that it was a key element in franchise’s revival, when public interest was at its lowest.

    For all their protests, and random meangirlage like making E! take his segment out of the Behind the Rose special, don’t think anyone at ABC is unaware that they are forever in Steve’s debt.

    There may be a few who read his spoilers and go “Oh well, I don’t need to watch the show,” but for the vast majority, it’s the opposite – people who might not watch it at all do so specifically in the hope that Steve will be wrong!

    You saw what happened last time. As soon as there was the slightest whiff that he might have gotten something wrong, there were more comments, thus it is reasonable to assume more readers here, and I think it would be a mistake to conclude that the explosion of buzz and speculation all over the internets and around the world’s water coolers was indicative of a lower number of viewers.

    There is even speculation that the “Reality Steve” entity itself is a covert ABC operation – a kind of “insurance policy” against potential loss of revenue that could occur should viewer interest flag again!

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