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More “Bachelor/ette” Stuff Including Some Advice For Our Incoming “Freshman” – 12/8/10

Let me play the role of advice giver here for a second, and welcome in our “freshman class” of 30 girls into this incestuous “Bachelor/ette” family. Ladies, enjoy your stay. But let me tell you how this works. You see, most of you are good looking, attractive young ladies who are the “new” kids at school. And what happens usually when there’s a new group of hotties that appears on scene? Yep. The seniors start hitting on them because they’re tired of the girls their own age (in this case, the same girls they see at all the reunions). They need some “fresh meat”. So, I know it’ll be a while before you can turn your facebook accounts back on, but be prepared for an onslaught of the former “Bachelorette” guys requesting to be your friend. That’s how it works. Essentially, it’s going to become a game to them to see who can sleep with you first. Or, if you’re a whore, how many of them can sleep with you. They’ll request you as a friend, then say “Hey, why don’t you come out to one of our reunions”, and then they pounce, like a lion on his prey. Happens every season without fail. These guys can’t wait to see you on screen and immediately start breaking down which ones they want to go after. I really don’t think I need to tell you which guys are at the top of that list. It’s fairly obvious. A couple of their names rhyme with Messy Lojacks and Brave Hood. It’ll be a relentless pursuit of getting laid, and they’ll stop at nothing. So enjoy your time on the show ladies, and expect the full court press to happen the second you’re allowed to turn your Facebook account back on.

Finally, I wanted to share with you the story behind “US Weekly” and how ridiculous and unprofessional they are. Happened last April while Ali’s season was filming. I got an email from someone over at US after I had posted some early season spoilers from one of their “reporters” (and I use that term loosely) asking if she could speak with me. It’s someone I had dealt with in the past, so I didn’t think that’d be a problem. She told me they’d like to do business together to where I’d help them out by giving them any inside info I had. It was a very casual conversation and she made it clear she wasn’t calling me for a story. Just wanted to feel me out about what I knew about the season. I remember telling her that I knew they were going to Iceland, Turkey, and Portugal, and I knew about a big scandal involving one of the guys, but never told her what it was or which guy was involved. We hung up the phone and I thought nothing of it.

That Monday, I get an email from this girl apologizing profusely to me that not only is what I told her going to be in that week’s issue, but “We’ve already gone to print, and your name is attached to it.” At the time, the show was still filming, so when that came out, obviously it could hurt my sources since very few people at that point could’ve known certain things that they quoted me on. I was livid. Couldn’t “unring the bell” so to speak at that point. Yes, I know I should’ve been more careful with a tabloid because they’re pretty much the lowest forms of life on the planet, but it’s not like she called me and said, “Hey Steve, we’re doing a piece on Ali’s season and we’d love to get some quotes from you.” I get it. She tricked me into giving her some info by masking it with “Hey, what have you heard is going on this season?” But then to sit there and lie after it came out saying, “I had no idea they were going to use your name, I’m so sorry”, was just the tip of the iceberg. She knew damn well what she was doing from the get go and couldn’t convince me otherwise. All she did was apologize over and over and over and say it’d never happen again and they’d still love to work with me. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

So at that point, I told her I would no longer do business with them, I wanted to be compensated for them using my name without my permission in their magazine, and we’d go our separate ways. Obviously, they ran the story, my name was attached to it, and they never paid me. So fast forward to a couple months ago. I release Brad is going to be the “Bachelor” on Mon, Sept. 20th. Thirty minutes after I posted, “Star” magazine called me asking for quotes, I gave it to them, and it was up on their site within an hour under “Exclusive: Brad Womack to be the next Bachelor.” Two days later, US Weeklys headline on their site said, “Exclusive: Brad Womack to be the next Bachelor”. Hell, take my site out of the equation. THEIR DIRECT COMPETITION had the story two days earlier, and they were still claiming it as an exclusive. Sorry. It’s not an an exclusive when two outlets have already reported it. So I fired off an email to her back in September telling them how unprofessional they are and how funny it is that she was begging me to continue to help them out after they screwed me, but now they won’t even reference my site and the work that I do because they know I’m kicking their ass

And from here on out, you can expect “US Weekly” to never reference my me ever again. Which is fine. Just shows their true colors and what slime they are. Just know they were begging me for info last season, and when they screwed me and I told them I would never give them another quote, they act like babies and can’t give credit where credit is due. Hey, all I ask is that if you’re gonna talk about the spoilers, that you at least link back to me or tell people where you got it from. That’s all. It’s common courtesy. They haven’t reported one thing about Brad’s season since that issue, and I guarantee when they start, they’ll never credit my site, even though that’s where they’re getting all their info. Since yesterday, I’ve had four different media outlets contact me asking for this “dirty laundry” that I know about some of the girls, and I’ve ignored all of them. I’m guessing half way through the season, they’ll come up with this bogus story about how they were the ones who broke who Brad’s final pick was blah blah blah. These people are so predictable. Remember, this was the same magazine last year that ran a headline “Ali and Roberto’s Secret Past”, where they claimed Ali knew Roberto before filming. Why? Because when Roberto played minor league baseball 8 years ago one town over from where Ali used to live, there was a blond that used to sit in the stands and cheer him on. Sooooo, yeah, that must’ve been her. What a load of crap they are. Worst. Story. Ever.

So, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of things, but just wanted to show you that these tabloids will stop at nothing to get a quote for a story. They are scum, they will trash a few of Brad’s girls for the next four months, and not think for a second about it. Everyone who’s ever known a few of these girls will give them what they need, and it will be ruthless. And hey, maybe the stuff they print is true and maybe it’s not, but once again if it’s out there, a majority of the people are gonna believe it, and that’s what sells. We are in for a wild ride of rumors and speculation this season.

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  1. CaliGirl

    December 9, 2010 at 5:54 PM

    “Messy Lojacks” and “Brave Hood”- LMAO, Steve. Thanks for all the info. I’ve noticed that US Weekly doesn’t give you any credit and I’m glad you took a few minutes to tell us why. I follow the Bachelor fansite by WetPaint and at least they credit you for the spoilers. US Weekly is lame.

  2. jeffC

    December 13, 2010 at 1:43 PM

    Steve: You just can’t stand the fact that you were wrong about the most (and only) important aspect of last season’s show. Now you are falling into their trap again. There is absolutely no good reason for Brad to be spending Thanksgiving with the F1 unless Fleiss is trying to pull a fast one. I guess we will all find out soon enough, but nobody is gong to buy into your “spoiler” this season like they did in the past because your reputation is tainted. Keep defending yourself though. It’s fun to watch you squirm!

  3. Bachelornet

    December 14, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    Wait. Let me get this right. You told US Weekly you wouldn’t work with them and now you’re pissed that they won’t work with you.

    You gave away all the information from Ali’s season and then demanded they pay you after they ran it.

    ABC loves you, they hate you, they love you, they hate you.

    US Weekly is scum because they’ll trash these contestants, but you’re okay because you called someone’s unborn child a Troll.

    Yeah, you’re right. It’s Jessie Csisnak that’s the idiot.

    P.S. By the way, it’s “She and Tenley” not “her and Tenley.” Who writes like a Kindergartener?

  4. kittyrt

    December 16, 2010 at 4:37 PM

    Don’t forget Krisily constantly tweeting celebrities trying to get respones from them. Trying to make herself seem more important?
    It’s funniest when she tweets Hugh Hefner every other day asking him to put her in Playboy. Aww. Krisily, step away from the computer and rejoin the real world, sweetheart.

  5. Dianne

    December 16, 2010 at 6:20 PM

    Wow people, let’s chill a bit on Steve here. Amazing how both JeffC and Bachelornet come in here just to bash Steve. Tell you what..why don’t you save yourselves a bunch of time and just not bother anymore. Great, thanks!

  6. mghollingsworth

    January 3, 2011 at 3:53 PM

    I love the fact that on the two morning shows that Brad has been on this morning (Good Morning, America and Regis and Kelly) he has made it a POINT to state that the slap from the first girl out of the limo was NOT staged.

  7. Curmudgeon

    January 4, 2011 at 6:15 PM

    Gee, jeffy, Reality Steve called *everything* else about that season spot-on. In his entire blog career, he has only erred *twice*, and one of the errors was timing rather than event or outcome. Don’t be such a weenie.

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