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“Bachelor” Viewing Party in Dallas Jan. 3rd

If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, just wanted to give you a head’s up that “Bailey’s Prime Plus” restaurant in Dallas (8160 Park Lane, Dallas Tx, 75231), has approached me about hosting a viewing party for the premiere episode on Jan. 3rd. Tanner from Jillian’s season (yes, Mr. Foot Fetish guy) will be joining us as well. First time in 20 seasons I’ve ever been approached to do something like this, so I figured “Why not?” Yes, I know what your next question is: Steve, how much of an appearance fee are you getting for this? The answer? Nothing. Don’t believe me? Call the restaurant. Call the PR team “Bailey’s” hired to promote the event. I’m not getting any sort of appearance fee for this. I’ve just never held something like this because I never knew what my readership was in DFW, had no idea how many people would even show up, and never knew how to even begin to plan such an event. So I thank “Bailey’s Prime Plus” for stepping up and coming forward to put this night on. Since the only viewing parties I’ve ever been a part of have been with only like 4 or 5 other people, I thought it’d be neat to watch an episode with a giant group of people. Here’s the press release that went out yesterday:

“Bachelor” Viewing Party Press Release

Or if you’d like to RSVP using the Facebook Event Page, click on this link:

“Bachelor” Premiere Party at Bailey’s Prime Plus

I visited “Bailey’s Prime Plus” last week and it’s a really great place that I expect to put out a great event. Plus, who can complain about 1/2 off drinks pretty much the whole night? I certainly can’t. Not to mention quite a few of the appetizers. All in all, should be a good time to actually get to watch the show with readers of the site. Outside of a select group of friends I’ve watched with at their houses, I’ve never really done this before so it should be an experience to say the least.

Another reason why I don’t watch this show in giant “group” settings? Well, it’s pretty simple. I need to actually listen to what’s being said so I can take notes. What I’m saying is, if I were to ever attend a giant party with a ton of people there talking and being loud, it would basically mean when I left, I’d have to come home and re-watch the show again to take notes for the column. And frankly, watching that show one time is about all my stomach can handle. I certainly don’t need to sit there and watch it twice. But for the first time in 20 seasons, on Jan. 3rd, 2011, it looks like I’m gonna have to. I can make this sacrifice at least once. What a great guy. If there are any columns all season that are the short ones, it’s the premiere episode and the finale. The premiere is simple because there aren’t any dates. It’ll follow a pretty basic premise:

-Roughly 30 minutes of Brad talking to Chris, Brad confronting DeAnna and Jenni, and them trying to shove down our throats how Brad is a changed man
-Next 30 minutes will be dedicated to the 30 women coming out of the limos
-Followed by 30 minutes of Brad pulling women aside at the cocktail party
-15 minutes of Brad and Chris talking about who did (and didn’t) make an impression on him
-15 minutes for the Rose ceremony

That’s basically how it will break down in the first episode, so at least this won’t be a column that’ll take me 4-5 hours to write, like it normally does. So I hope any of you in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that have the time might wanna stop by that night. Should be a great time. Hope to see you there.

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