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A Few Small Spoilers Added Plus Info on Tonight’s Watch Party in Dallas

For episode-by-episode spoilers of Brad’s season, click on the link above that says “Bachelor Brad Spoilers”. It has a breakdown of every date, rose, and elimination, all the way down to Brad’s final choice. However, there will be spoilers mentioned in this column. You’ve been warned.

Wanted to update you on a few more spoilers that were dropped in my lap over the last week, plus give you some early thoughts on what’s being said, in addition to giving you a little more info on tonight’s watch party if you’re in the DFW area. Funny, seems like forever ago I’d gotten my first bit of info about this season and said to myself, “Geez, the show is still 3 months away from airing.” Well, now here we are. Thank God. Let’s just get through these next 11 weeks as painless as possible, because as I said Saturday on Twitter and Facebook, who Brad chose at the end of this season might currently be the worst kept secret on TV right now. People who don’t even read my column and are casual observers of the show know who he’s with.

I know you’ll doubt me because of last season, and that’s fine. I’m not the least bit worried. It’s her, they’ve already been spending plenty of time together since the show ended, and pretty soon will be headed to the “safe house” where all the final couples spend time together while the show airs. It’s a no brainer. I’ve already moved on to the “Bachelorette” and the early information I’ve been getting about that. There’s nothing left to dissect, analyze, or go over with a fine toothed comb for Brad’s season. Everything I posted in the spoilers on Dec. 8th is what you’ll see is going to happen. Brad chose Chantal in South Africa and that’s who he’s with today. Let the conspiracy theories fly, but I’m sorry, there’s no boffo/surprise/blow-your-socks-off ending to this season.

Plenty of people are coming back to my site today for the first time since, well, probably the last column of the “Bachelor Pad” ran, and you’ve missed out on a lot over the last few months. Scroll back if you want to catch up, but regardless, if you’re in the DFW area, there’s a watch party that I’m hosting tonight at “Bailey’s Prime Plus” in Dallas (8160 Park Lane, Dallas Tx 75231). It’s at the Shops at Park Lane across the street from Northpark Mall on the other side of 75. Show begins locally at 7:00, the event starts whenever you decide to show up, and ends whenever people decide to leave. There will two flat screen TV’s behind the bar with the show on, as well a TV projector screen which will have it as well.

Obviously, it’s a bar, there’ll be people walking around, it’ll be loud, so if you really want to actually watch for actual dialogue, you probably still want to record it at home and watch later, which is what I’m gonna have to do. Tanner Pope from Jillian’s season, committed to the event last week. I was told at the end of last week that Sadie Murray, runner up on Prince Lorenzo’s season, would be stopping by. Something came up, and I’m told this morning she cannot guarantee she’ll be there, but will try to make an appearance. Also, Jeremy Anderson from DeAnna’s season has told me he’ll stop by for little bit. And there might be a surprise guest or two who could end up stopping by. No promises though. Only hint I’ll give you is that it’s someone A LOT of people would be interested in seeing there. But once again, no promises. He/she is working on it. Could be a last second thing.

All drinks for the night are half off, as well as plenty of their appetizers. Should be a real fun time and I hope a few of you can make it out. Never really done anything like this before, and if it goes well, we’re thinking of doing it again for the finale where we have more time to promote it and can get an even bigger turn out. Try the Filet and Fries while you’re there too. Had it a couple weeks ago and almost climaxed it was that good. Too descriptive? Oops. Sorry. Just know it was very tasty. It’ll be fun cheering Brad on as he begins his quest to get in Chantal’s pants. So get your ass out there tonight, bang on your champagne glass, and lets raise a toast to Brad!

It’s very interesting to see ABC do the spin control for the show. They re-casted a guy who, at the time, was the most hated man walking the planet after dumping DeAnna and Jenni. I never understood this personally and even wrote a a giant diatribe about it the day after his finale aired. It was my favorite finale the show has ever had. Made the most sense, wasn’t manipulated or phony, and wasn’t over-the-top unbelievable. The guy didn’t see a long term future with either girl, so he rejected them both. Don’t see what the big fuss was. Anyway, my point being, that this time around knowing there’d be backlash to re-cast a guy who didn’t choose either woman the first time around, they had to immediately bring in the spin control doctors.

Everything we’ve heard about Brad since the announcement is “he’s a changed man”, “intense therapy”, “commitment issues”, “daddy issues”, “give me a chance”, on and on and on they’ve gone to give everyone a reason as to why this guy deserves a second chance. Here’s the bottom line: If Chris Lambton says yes to the show’s offer to be the next “Bachelor”, we’re not hearing any of this. Talks with Brad were never truly serious until Chris ultimately gave them a “no”. So they went with Brad, knowing it would get people talking, good or bad. This notion that Brad was contractually obligated to pick someone this time is just talk. Was it specifically written into a contract that he must choose someone? No. But was there an understood handshake agreement that he wouldn’t do what he did last time? Of course. Brad’s not an idiot. Why in the hell would he do that again knowing how much of an uproar it caused last time? That makes no sense. Brad knew going in he was gonna choose someone this time, it was just a matter of who once he met all the women and started “dating” them.

Brad’s been saying, “I believe in the show” and “I believe this process works” over and over again. Huh? Based on what? It didn’t work for you last time and it’s produced two marriages in twenty seasons. So that’s just rhetoric coming out of his mouth when he says that. He obviously can’t come in to this season with, “Yeah, I’m not so sure about this at all. I’m really skeptical, but hey, what the hell? I decided to do it again.” It just sounds stupid when he says “I absolutely believe in this process” when absolutely nothing that happened to him last time, nor the show’s track record, would give him any reason to feel that way.

So, to sell all the skeptics on watching the show (not to mention my spoilers coming out beforehand that he did choose someone), in Brad’s first interview, they have him telling the press he did choose someone and he’s in love. One thing ABC will not do is lie about something we’re eventually going to see. Re-read that carefully: They will not lie about something we’re actually going to see. Sure, they’ll lie about Rozlyn’s exit and what allegedly happened, they’ll lie about Ed having to leave for “work” reasons, they’ll lie in promos showing something they never up showing in the episode itself (Tenley’s “I’m pregnant” comment, Frank hugging Ali with police car lights flashing, Jake taking off his mike and storming out of an ITM, etc), because that’s part of the storytelling of this show. However, when Brad and Chris say in interviews over the last couple weeks that he’s happy, he’s in love, and that we’re gonna see a love story this season, well, that’s what we’re gonna see. They’re not going to tell all of their viewing audience that in every interview, if that’s not what happened or what we’re gonna see play out. I know a lot of you want to see controversy, and drama, and ex-boyfriends etc, but for whatever reason, there wasn’t any of that for Brad’s season.

I told you in the spoilers there was no scandal/major drama this season in the house, then Chris Harrison and Brad both confirmed it in their interviews. I told you in the spoilers Brad chose someone (Chantal) and that he’s obviously somewhat serious with her since he’s seen her on a few occasions since filming, then Chris and Brad both say he’s happy and in love. Back in Jason Mesnick’s season, he told everyone in his first public interview before his season started that he was in love and engaged (in case you forgot you can read it here). And at the time he said that, he WASN’T lying, he WAS in love and engaged. It was just to Melissa. The secret ATFR taping didn’t happen til the end of January. The next three seasons with Jillian, Jake, and Ali, neither of them ever said anything to the media and played coy the whole time. None of them tipped their hand to what the ending of their season was. Now with Brad, they’re letting it out of the bag as early as possible to get all the skeptics on board. Probably a smart thing to do.

A lot of people have asked me how I know this stuff if I wasn’t there? Honestly, that’s really a dumb question. I mean, I knew the Jason/Molly/Melissa secret taping and I wasn’t there. I knew the ending to Jake’s season and I wasn’t there. I had every episode-by-episode spoiler of Ali’s season and wasn’t there. I had all your spoilers to “Bachelor Pad” and wasn’t there. So why do I have to be “there” to have information? Obviously I get it somehow, it’s right pretty much all the time, so I don’t get what me having to be there has to do with anything? If I was just this Johnny-come-lately website with no track record, and just started spouting off stuff like this, then sure you’d have every reason to question me. But I think at this point, having been the #1 site people come to for spoilers the last few seasons in regards to this show, it’s pretty safe to say I know what I’m talking about. You may choose to doubt, and that’s perfectly fine. However, come March 14th, when you look back on all the spoilers being right yet again, I think I’ll have made my point. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be pointing it out again then too. The more and more people that doubt and punch holes into what I write, and come up with ridiculous conspiracy theories, only makes my site that much more legit when it plays out like I tell you it’s going to. And I take pride in that.

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  1. gtogblog

    January 3, 2011 at 6:59 PM

    Reality Steve, wonderful work as always. Love the blog. Check out ( for all your Bachelor needs. Cheers, Jon

  2. blondienyc

    January 4, 2011 at 2:41 AM

    Why aren’t the girls’ ages listed this time around????

  3. mghollingsworth

    January 4, 2011 at 3:12 AM

    Speaking of damage control, I love the way Brad made a point to say on both morning shows this morning that the slap from the first girl out of the limo was not staged. Like, no one even asked him if it was staged. He just volunteered the information.

  4. bluueberri

    January 4, 2011 at 4:47 AM

    I live in Seattle and no joke, only 40 minutes into the show and already 2 commercials for O’Brien Auto Group. Is this what I have to look forward to for the next 11 weeks? And how many times can he say “soul searching”?

  5. Jane B

    January 4, 2011 at 1:43 PM

    HOW many times do we have to listen to the guy say “I’m sorry”, “I was in therapy”, “I should have picked someone”. He doesn’t owe anyone anything. He wasn’t into DeAnna or Jenni enough to get engaged to either of them. Isn’t that the stand-up thing to do? NOT jilt them later? C’mon.

    I need to see the pictures again to match up who is who, but it looked like he kept all the pretty girls. The first show is always really kind of boring. The vampire needs to go, clearly not marriage material, even he knew this but I’m sure Fleiss has a say in who stays and who goes. The girl in the green who stuck her ‘assets’ in his face and kept stealing him from the girl in the blue, hope she’s outta here fast. Emily with the race car driver’s daughter is too young for the amount of Botox she’s already done, yeesh. She looks like Hugh Hefner’s old girlfriend with the white hair, Holly Madison. Isn’t she like 24?? The first impression girl was smart, as soon as she promised to be his friend she had it in the bag. Not the prettiest girl there, but the savviest. I’ll have to roll through the spoilers to see if her personality takes her far. Oh wait, Chantal with the enhancements and Daddy’s money gets her even farther. Shocking! 😉

  6. randais

    January 5, 2011 at 5:06 AM

    Am I the only one that missed the “knock knock” joke?

  7. bahurupiya

    January 9, 2011 at 2:57 AM

    Fake cans? Really? Let me tell you, something, sonny. Back in my day, a “can” was what most young folks today call a “booty.”

    So unless you mean that those girls all have booty implants, you’ve just confused the hell out of untold millions of old folks.

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