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Hey Steve, love reading your spoilers!

Question for you: after the final rose and the women go back home, are they required to lay low or do they go back to work and “normal life?” I would imagine it would be hard to go to work without the press being all over that person.

Comment: Yes, once you leave the show you back home and resume your normal life. As much as some people want to believe these are actual “celebrities”, they’re not. And remember, at the time they’re getting kicked off, 95% of this show’s audience has no idea the show is even filming, and nor do they care. So they don’t even know who these people are yet. Not until the bios and pictures come out, or the promos start running, do most peoples brains turn on and say, “Oh yeah, the ‘Bachelor’ is starting up again. Gotta set my DVR for Mondays.” Obviously I’m well aware of filming schedules and recently have started confirming contestants while the show is filming, but such a small percentage of their viewing audience even follow that.

If you go on this show, and last one, two, maybe three episodes, the press aren’t “all over you”. As much as it’s tough for these contestants to believe, most people don’t care that you were on the show, especially if you didn’t last long. If you introduce yourself to people by saying, “I was on the Bachelor/ette”, you really need to re-think the priorities in your life. Now, are people like Chantal, Emily, and Michelle getting more attention since they’ve gotten home? Sure, because they’re the most talked about people. But it’s not like they are Jennifer Aniston going to Starbucks with 25 paparazzi losers outside the window taking pictures. It’s a reality show, and a fake one at that. It’s not that big of a deal.

Thanks for your hysterical insight, Steve

Here’s my question: When that waitress from Lake Worth, Fla. (can’t remember her name but she was pretty crazy) was in an on camera interview during the show, she said that she had quit her job and had to buy scads of clothes for the show. If a contestant doesn’t have the budget for long gowns, etc., do the producers supply wardrobe? I’m not talking about shopping sprees on one on one dates or a goody bag with some essentials given at the beginning of the show. Even in the beginning limo meet and greets, they’re wearing some serious pageant wear.

Comment: No. Most contestants borrow from their friends, along with bringing dresses they own themselves. I’m guessing Melissa (the Applebee’s waitress you were referring to) was exaggerating when she said she had to buy tons of clothes for the show. I think she was just making her exit more dramatic than it was considering she was gone on the 2nd episode crying hysterically. And I would say the dresses on the first night vary in terms of who’s wearing what. Some are more extravagant than others, but most women seem to be wearing sexy cocktail dresses.

I was wondering, since you’d posted that Brad and Chantal had spent Thanksgiving together with her parents in Palm Springs, did anyone see them at the Seahawks playoffs games since her step-dad is a former player? I know the Seahwaks didn’t go on in the playoffs, just curious if Brad and Chantal were spotted around Seattle at that time? It would seem to me, with Mike O’Brien’s contacts, and the Dallas, TX/Brad TX connection to the Super Bowl, that a sighting of them at the Super Bowl might be imminient. Any information about that?

Thanks, and I do appreciate all the work you put into your columns. As a former newpaper columnist, I know what you do is time consuming, detailed and dedicated.

Comment: All the time Brad and Chantal have spent together since the show has ended has been under ABC’s supervision, and completely secluded from anywhere else. They don’t get to go out and do stuff amongst the public, uhhhh, that would kind of give away the ending. As I’ve said, the Thanksgiving dinner was put together by ABC and the producers, they were never out in public, at the time no one even knew who Chantal was or what her last name was, so they had no reason to go looking for them. It wasn’t that hard to pull off, I’m just sure none of them thought that ME of all people would find out about it.

So to even suggest they were here for the Super Bowl is ridiculous. Those private getaways are so closely guarded, you’d think the President was in town. These two are picked up separately at the airport by ABC personnel, driven to a “safe house” somewhere in Southern California, spend “x” amount of days together, and they’re not allowed to leave. You can go in the backyard of the house that has a pool, but that’s it. So basically all there is to do is sleep, cook, watch TV/movies, play board games, and have sex. You’re holed up in a house for 3-5 days with someone you still barely know. Kinda weird actually. At no point can you just wander out into public and risk being seen. So no, they weren’t chilling at a football game with 60,000 people.


You’re columns never disappoint. Here is my off-topic question/suggestion: a Reality Steve app for apple products. You could link your twitter account and it’d be like a one stop shop for all things Reality Steve. That actually turned out to be 0% question. Sorry about that. Nonetheless, love the columns and keep up the good work!

Comment: I don’t know what I would need an app for. I write a column twice a week. Sign up for the RSS feed and you’re notified when a new column is up. I think that’s how it works. I don’t use that stuff since I pretty much just go to the same sites every day anyway. In terms of “all things Reality Steve”, there isn’t really anything else besides this column. Haven’t had merchandise in two years and probably never will again, so, I don’t really see the point of having an app. It’s just me, the website, and the column. And Maddie.

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  1. smd64

    February 16, 2011 at 3:41 PM

    I am a loyal reader and have been for years and yes, I hate the “I know something you don’t know” stuff, but whatever…I still like the content of the blog. I think if Steve is not going to get into what he says he knows, he shouldn’t mention it at all. It’s annoying and seems like he is trying to prove something. But it is his blog, he can do what ht wants.

  2. aligerman

    February 18, 2011 at 9:53 AM

    Yes!! Great to see Maddy. I literally laughed out loud at her face on 6:25 in

  3. Amy

    February 18, 2011 at 9:56 AM

    I came across this written by you in the Bachelor Brad #11 archives (go figure lol):

    And in Brad’s case, I have no doubt he’s dated some amazing women. He seems like one that would stay in touch with his ex’s. Maybe even call her on occasion. Even when he’s filming the show. You know, just to tell her he’s bored or something and wants her back. Hey, just a guess

  4. MightyMel

    February 22, 2011 at 12:09 AM

    Anytime someone sells someone to the press, no matter what their “reason” is, I can’t help but be skeptical. To me, it seems like she not only wanted some cash, but also wanted to be known. Sooo, she sold him out. I can understand doing that when someone else has slandered your name and you want to set the record straight but no one knew about her, which is exactly why she sold the story. Now scores of people know of her AND she has some extra cash. Sounds win/win for her. Here’s the thing with Brad and every man/woman who has been approached to do the show…they aren’t sitting around innocently polishing their halos when all of the sudden an ABC producer pops out of no where and offers them a contract to do the show. They then don’t jump up and down at their sheer luck of opportunity in finding love without a care about the contract/money. IT’S A SHOW. Of course these things are discussed and of course they care about them. They aren’t thanking their lucky stars for just a chance at finding love. They are thanking their lucky stars at a chance at finding love PLUS great publicity, PLUS money, PLUS maybe becoming semi-famous. If any of them say all they cared about was finding love, then that’s a load of bull. So when Brad was contacted about the show, its only natural he’d mention the money part to someone he had been close to. And if he and Laurel were off and on, maybe this was the added push they needed to either be together or not. He says he’s a changed man, not a saintly knight. He never said he was perfect or that he happened to be polishing his brand new halo when the show’s producer’s fell out of the sky and wouldn’t he be like ANYONE ELSE if he had a bit of baggage with him at the time? So he had an on and off connection with someone at the time the show’s producers contacted him. I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t the case for most of the Bachelor/Bachelorettes, at least to some extent. The difference between Brad and Laurel is this, Brad is making more money being the star of this season’s Bachelor than Laurel did selling him out, but HE never sold HER out and since no one is perfect, I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate him showing some of HER texts. There are two sides to every story.

  5. glamourcat

    February 22, 2011 at 7:54 AM

    I think Laurel is getting a bad wrap for spilling her story for money! HELL I’d sell my Ex out for free if he dumped me for a reality tv wife with big ta ta’s! Cut her some slack!! Her biggest mistake was not seeing through Fake Jake’s promises of marriage to her!!!

  6. MightyMel

    February 23, 2011 at 10:45 AM

    You can’t control the crappy things others do to you, but you CAN control your own behavior. You can be classy or you can be vengeful. Does she feel avenged? Probably not. What she probably feels is a little richer. But hey, if being a vengeful person is what someone wants to be, then so be it. But a bad wrap may be the consequence.

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