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Hey Reality Steve! I absolutely love your column and you! Your whit and sense of humor always make me laugh. My question is, do the contestants get to leave the house to get their nails done, run errands, etc…? They always seem to have manicured hands. Also, do they get any type of monetary reimbursements for being on the show? I know you said they get gift bags, luggage, and other things as the show progresses.

Thanks 🙂 Keep up the great work! Your column makes my week!

Comment: No. No stylists I believe unless you get to the final two. All the women this season have commented in their exit interviews that Michelle did everyone’s hair and nails in the house since she’s a hair stylist/actress by nature. They either do their own, or one of the other women does it for them. Along with braiding each others hair, undressing each other, soaping each other in the shower. You know, stuff like that. Very incestuous.

Money being exchanged has always been hush hush regarding this show. I know that you don’t receive any money for just being a contestant. And rumors throughout the years was if you got to the final four, they give you a little cash, but that’s never been totally confirmed. You’d have to ask the ones involved, and sometimes they won’t even say anything. The number I’ve heard floated if you make the final four is they give you like 5k or 10k. But that’s still up for debate. Some have said they didn’t get a thing, so, I guess it’s a season-by-season basis.

How many emails out of the hundreds (thousands) you get would you say are women hitting on you?

Comment: Very few.

Why do you dislike Jesse Csincsak?

Comment: Oh, I don’t know. Because every time he wakes up in the morning, he goes to Radar Online to tell them what he had for breakfast so they can print it, along with what color his baby’s room is, where he and wife walked their dogs earlier in the day, and what heroic rescue mission he was on to save someone out of their car. Not to mention videotaping his bizarre proposal and selling that to Radar as well, and keeping us updated on her pregnancy every other day with videos. He does realize that he was on the show 3 years ago and no one cares about him anymore, right? He is aware that everyone saw the fraud that he was once he wasn’t Mr. DeAnna Pappas anymore correct? Ok, just checking. What do I always talk about in terms of my biggest pet peeve regarding the contestants of this show? They let the show define who they are, and there isn’t a bigger violator of that than Jesse Csincsak. He cannot let this show go and move on with his life, so he’s constantly updating us on his life through the tabloids, and it’s just a bit too much and pretentious. You have a wife, you have son now, go away.

Hi Steve,

i’m curious if Brad spends any more time with the girls other than what we see. It doesn’t seem like he sees them much at all over the course of each week, and about 3 dates total each week only takes 3 days, so what’s going on for the rest of the week?? thanks!

Comment: Not much at all. Yet another reason why the concept of this show is so ridiculous. I like equating it to this: If I meet a random woman some weekend and we start dating, and I see that woman EVERY SINGLE DAY for 6 weeks, I STILL wouldn’t propose at that time. So now we’re supposed to believe that a guy who barely spends any quality alone time with a woman during the 6 week filming process is actually supposed to get engaged and marry her, even though he’s also been dating and making out with other women while he was courting her? Really? That’s believable? The whole concept of the show is flawed, these people barely still know each other at the end of six weeks due to the lack of quality time spent together, yet they expect a proposal. So dumb and ludicrous and is the reason I make fun it. When someone gets married from this show, it’s most definitely the exception, not the rule. I’d say it’s freakin’ miracle considering the conditions they are under when they met. The only way any marriage from this show could ever possibly work is to get out of LA, get away from the Hollywood life, and just start your own life together. It’s no coincidence that the only two marriages this show has ever produced (Trista & Ryan, Jason & Molly), those couples don’t live in LA and neither has a job in media, or wants to be on TV, etc. I don’t think that is coincidental at all.

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  1. smd64

    February 16, 2011 at 3:41 PM

    I am a loyal reader and have been for years and yes, I hate the “I know something you don’t know” stuff, but whatever…I still like the content of the blog. I think if Steve is not going to get into what he says he knows, he shouldn’t mention it at all. It’s annoying and seems like he is trying to prove something. But it is his blog, he can do what ht wants.

  2. aligerman

    February 18, 2011 at 9:53 AM

    Yes!! Great to see Maddy. I literally laughed out loud at her face on 6:25 in

  3. Amy

    February 18, 2011 at 9:56 AM

    I came across this written by you in the Bachelor Brad #11 archives (go figure lol):

    And in Brad’s case, I have no doubt he’s dated some amazing women. He seems like one that would stay in touch with his ex’s. Maybe even call her on occasion. Even when he’s filming the show. You know, just to tell her he’s bored or something and wants her back. Hey, just a guess

  4. MightyMel

    February 22, 2011 at 12:09 AM

    Anytime someone sells someone to the press, no matter what their “reason” is, I can’t help but be skeptical. To me, it seems like she not only wanted some cash, but also wanted to be known. Sooo, she sold him out. I can understand doing that when someone else has slandered your name and you want to set the record straight but no one knew about her, which is exactly why she sold the story. Now scores of people know of her AND she has some extra cash. Sounds win/win for her. Here’s the thing with Brad and every man/woman who has been approached to do the show…they aren’t sitting around innocently polishing their halos when all of the sudden an ABC producer pops out of no where and offers them a contract to do the show. They then don’t jump up and down at their sheer luck of opportunity in finding love without a care about the contract/money. IT’S A SHOW. Of course these things are discussed and of course they care about them. They aren’t thanking their lucky stars for just a chance at finding love. They are thanking their lucky stars at a chance at finding love PLUS great publicity, PLUS money, PLUS maybe becoming semi-famous. If any of them say all they cared about was finding love, then that’s a load of bull. So when Brad was contacted about the show, its only natural he’d mention the money part to someone he had been close to. And if he and Laurel were off and on, maybe this was the added push they needed to either be together or not. He says he’s a changed man, not a saintly knight. He never said he was perfect or that he happened to be polishing his brand new halo when the show’s producer’s fell out of the sky and wouldn’t he be like ANYONE ELSE if he had a bit of baggage with him at the time? So he had an on and off connection with someone at the time the show’s producers contacted him. I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t the case for most of the Bachelor/Bachelorettes, at least to some extent. The difference between Brad and Laurel is this, Brad is making more money being the star of this season’s Bachelor than Laurel did selling him out, but HE never sold HER out and since no one is perfect, I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate him showing some of HER texts. There are two sides to every story.

  5. glamourcat

    February 22, 2011 at 7:54 AM

    I think Laurel is getting a bad wrap for spilling her story for money! HELL I’d sell my Ex out for free if he dumped me for a reality tv wife with big ta ta’s! Cut her some slack!! Her biggest mistake was not seeing through Fake Jake’s promises of marriage to her!!!

  6. MightyMel

    February 23, 2011 at 10:45 AM

    You can’t control the crappy things others do to you, but you CAN control your own behavior. You can be classy or you can be vengeful. Does she feel avenged? Probably not. What she probably feels is a little richer. But hey, if being a vengeful person is what someone wants to be, then so be it. But a bad wrap may be the consequence.

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