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The Bachelor Recap – 2/28/11

For episode-by-episode spoilers of Brad’s season, click on the link above that says “Bachelor Brad Spoilers” (it’s like, 1″ inch above this sentence. Twice). It has a breakdown of every date, rose, and elimination, all the way down to Brad’s final choice. Which of course was modified since there was some kinda big news revealed yesterday. Don’t know if you heard. However, there will be spoilers talked about throughout the course of this column. You’ve been warned.

I suggest if you did not read yesterday’s post, you do so before continuing to read today’s. It will make a lot more sense. Yesterday was biggest traffic Monday in the history of this website, and for good reason. Not to mention probably the biggest day I’ve ever had in terms of emails. Easily had over 300 email responses to yesterday’s column, and I’m being honest here (Sorry Brad, stole that line from you), only TWO were negative. The consensus seemed to be, “Who cares? Don’t be so hard on yourself. You nailed everything else this season and you still spoiled the ending two weeks before it airs.” So yeah, I guess you can look at it that way that I still accomplished by goal of spoiling the ending, and what does it matter if it was wrong for the last three months if I eventually get it right?

But, I still needed to say what I needed to say, and I wanted to be as clear as I could about the reasons why it was now Emily and not Chantal. Just saying I was wrong wouldn’t have been enough. Just know I read every single one of those emails yesterday, but only responded to about 10%. It was overwhelming. I appreciate the sentiments. It’s a good thing I’m heading out of town and getting away from this craziness this weekend. Going to Wash DC for my first time for a little business, but mostly for fun, so Friday’s column is actually gonna go up late Thursday night. Cant wait. Should be a good time.

So here’s where we’re at in terms of the finale. Got some more info for you to add to the stuff I gave you yesterday:

-Ricki is definitely not part of the finale. She does not show up in South Africa

-Regular rose ceremony, Chantal does get escorted to the vineyard where she is then unceremoniously dumped by Brad. Don’t know if there was any dry heaving into the bushes like last time. Guess we’ll have to see

-Brad did in fact have Emily’s father fly to South Africa to ask for his permission to marry his daughter. However, this was not filmed and we will not see it. He wanted to do the gentlemanly thing, which I respect. So that answers my question from yesterday about how a guy who’s been so insistent on getting fathers permission could propose without ever having spoken to anyone in her family. Just know he did get permission from her dad but we won’t see it

-Finale plays out as normal: Each girl meets Brad’s family out there, each get a last chance date with him, he rejects Chantal, proposes to Emily, she says yes, and they’re engaged

-Last thing I finally learned: Filming ended Friday, Nov. 19th. Brad and Emily stayed in South Africa a few extra days in a house that they shared with his producer Cassie Lambert and her man Pete Scalettar, who is also a producer on the show. Emily was back in Charlotte the day before Thanksgiving

Like I said yesterday, there really is no need to get into why I ran with the information I did. If I told you everything that went down, I’d be telling you my sources and what they said. It was wrong, and that’s all that matters. I honestly don’t think ABC has figured out who gives me info. No one knows where I get my info from, nor will they. So if they don’t know who gives me info, I don’t see how they could’ve planted misinformation. To whom?

Trust me, if I went into detail of every email/call/text I had back in November coming up with the “Brad is engaged to Chantal” ending, you would believe me. But that would mean revealing my sources and that’s not gonna happen. So what if I get next season’s ending right? Does that mean they’ve found out who my sources were? Wouldn’t seem like it. I’m gonna shore things up next season and we’ll definitely get it taken care of. No worries. Back on it. By the way, I’ve already gotten two names and some info confirmed of guys on next seasons “Bachelorette”. We’ll start talking about that once Brad’s season ends. On to last night…

-So Brad basically narrarated the first 5-7 minutes of the show. We see him in NY getting ready and packing for South Africa talking about his journey for love. It was like he was reading us a romance novel. “I’m scared of getting hurt. I definitely have trust issues. I’m terrified of ending up alone.” Nothing we haven’t heard for 8 weeks already, but usually he’s saying this to one of the women, or Little Drummer Boy Therapist that he thankfully sh**canned back in the states. I love how they have a camera following Brad in the terminal. Is this really necessary? Really? Walking to his seat is important footage? Gonna film the guy taking a leak too? I’m surprised we didn’t see him reading the barf bag as well. I loved the image of Brad daydreaming while looking out the window of the plane. Man, they really needed some time to kill with this episode. Ridiculously slow.

-Brad narrates his concerns with the remaining three women. Not like these were hard to figure out, but, here he goes:

Chantal: All the clips they showed were of her crying meltdowns where she would insist on sending her home if he didn’t want her there. Called their journey a “roller coaster”. I actually didn’t know what Brad was referring to here. The chick told you she loved you in like 3-4 weeks. Seems to me you pretty much knew where you stood in her eyes at all times. All the crying? Ehhhh, that’s the alcohol talking. Not sure if you know this Brad, but women become emotional basket cases when they drink. I wouldn’t worry about it. Chantal likes to booze it up with the best of them, then turn on the water works immediately.

Ashley: Says she always has questions and insecurities about their relationship. Not to mention, she has jazz hands going every sentence out of her mouth. I think at some point Ashley has taken up sign language because my god, I could swear she’s telling us a story with her active hands. And Brad, if there’s any of them left whose journey has been a “roller coaster”, I’m guessing that would be Ashley. She’s like riding shotgun on Montezuma’s Revenge. Or Viper. Or any other large roller coaster in America that I don’t feel like googling right now. It’s been a long day. Really. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to getting away this weekend. Been too long. Hey DC! Drinks on me!

Emily: Says she’s “one in a million”. Actually, she’s one in 30, but whatever. Who’s counting? Brad says Emily’s past is “intimidating”. You mean, having to replace a father that Ricki has never met? Or the wealth that Hendricks family has to where you’re probably gonna need to sign a pre-nup? Hey, now that we know Brad is with her, people asked me today if I feel the same way about Brad and Emily making it as I did about him and Chantal. I think it’s the same really. For no other reason than just playing the percentages of this shows track record, coupled with the fact he’s 14 years older than her and jumping into a relationship with a single mom. I think Brad will even admit he hasn’t been the greatest in relationships in the past. This just seems like an awful lot. We’ll see. But the offer still stands. These two get married, I’ll buy them the most expensive gift on their registry.

-Sabi Sands, Africa got some major run this episode. I’m sure there was a nice trade off. Chris Harrison probably got to chill there for free with the wife and kids once again. Greatest job in the world. Show up, free vacation, have a sit down with Brad, walk him down some steps, say a couple lines to the ladies, shake his hand, then collect a paycheck. Awesome. I’m glad broadcasting school helped prepare him for this one. Up first is Brad’s safari date with Chantal. Chantal was dressed much more casual while Brad went for the complete dork look. Safari hat and mandals. Tell me he didn’t just wear that outfit? All in all, just an awful attire by him. I felt he should’ve been giving the tour on the “Jungle Cruise” at Disneyland. They begin in a tour where they decide it’d be a great idea to stop and wake a bunch of sleeping lions. That was smart. How about you just go up to them and stick your head in one of their mouths while you’re at it? Then we could call him Brad “Siegfried”. Or Brad “Roy”. Can’t remember which one got attacked. Nor do I care. At least Brad moved on from his infatuation with animals that will bite his head off to gushing about the giraffes. “That is a very pretty animal.” Sorry, but giraffes are kinda goofy looking to me. Something about them that I just don’t get and I can’t pinpoint what it is. I just can’t get with an animal that tall and skinny. Can’t chill with them and just hang out.

-Next up was lunch with a hippo. And they had a hippo in hanging out in the water behind them too. I kid. I kid. Brad’s in South Africa, thousands of miles away from Seattle, but his bromance with Mike O’Brien is at the front of his mind. Brad: “Is it weird for me to say I miss your family?” Uh, yeah it is dude. Especially when you’re never gonna see them again. Did you actually miss her family, or miss shootin’ the sh** with Mike and getting to look at his bronze statues? Or did you miss looking at her mom? I think we all did. I cannot begin to tell you how many emails I got last week that stated if there was ever a “Real Housewives of Seattle”, Billie Jo O’Brien would be the first woman they’d cast. It was like they all came in at the same time and all said the same thing. Creative. No, really. Then Brad reaches back into his “Bachelor” archive bag, and practically steals a line from Season 6 with Byron. Remember when it was down to the final two, and Byron toasted to Tanya by saying “To Christmas in Texas”, then ended up dumping her at the final two? Well, Brad kinda went the same route. He toasted at the picnic, “Cheers to a perfect beginning but even better endings.” Huh? Ouch. That’s gonna sting a little bit come final rose ceremony time. Kick him in the nuts, Chantal.

-I liked this dinner date the best. Why? Chantal’s dress with the unreal amount of cleavage she had going. Say what you want about the girl and weight that she gained from episode one until South Africa, but those puppies look damn good in some of the tops she wears. How in the world Brad could even focus for one second on anything but those bazooms is beyond me. Hey, Chantal might not be the “winner” this season, but she certainly wins for Best Knockers. How many more boob euphemisms can I squeeze into this paragraph. I’m at three already. Lets try for a world record. Brad: “I’m definitely most comfortable around you.” So much different watching last night’s show knowing the different outcome now. Now I hear Brad say that and go, “Did Emily just cringe and send Ricki to bed without dinner hearing that?” Chantal has a brilliant idea on this dinner date. “Lets just get married here and screw the engagement.” Only if you wear that as your wedding dress, sweet t**s (Four). Brad acted like he would’ve seriously taken Juggs McBongos (Five, Six) up on that offer if, you know, he actually liked her. At least now since we know we’re all gonna feel sorry for Chantal on the final rose ceremony day, at least put her in a dress that accentuates her, ummm, eyes. I think six is good enough. We can stop there.

-Uh, oh. It’s that time of the season. The dreaded fantasy suite card not actually written Chris Harrison, but signed by him. “Brad and Chantal, Welcome to the beautiful country of South Africa. Should choose to forgo your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite. Chris Harrison.” Was this the biggest no-brainer in all of no-brainers? Chantal: “We should go. We should hurry. I don’t feel like eating anymore.” Chantal even compares her overnight date to Las Vegas. “You know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and what happens on the overnight dates stays on the overnight dates.” Wow. Absolutely no shame there. Pretty much just admits “It’s getting hot in here. So take off all your clothes. I am…getting so hot…I’m gonna take my clothes off…” Well, that would’ve happened if these two weren’t given the WORST overnight date in the history of this show. Call it cute, call it original, call it romantic, blah blah blah. That was bullsh**. I’m sorry, a treehouse? Really? No thanks. And can we at least get a bathroom up in here? I mean, where did they wash off after afterwards? Gimmie a fat hotel room suite with a king sized bed covered in rose petals, 1000 thread count sheets, a hot tub, and some mirrored closets dammit. And mirrored ceilings. I need to watch it from every angle. Or something like that. Sucks for them man. Although, I’m sure they still found a way to knock it out even with bugs biting on them all night long.

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  1. Rikki-tikki-tavi

    March 1, 2011 at 11:04 PM


    Why am I here? To be impressed by your posts!
    Recent examples of yours are all in response to posts from others:

    – Then why are you here? Go spew your crap elsewhere.
    – Wow.
    – I think Emily already got a boob job…
    – STFU. If you don’t like his style, go away. Besides, he’s only condescending to retards like you.
    – It wasn’t even that big of a deal… get over yourself.

    Clearly I’m not “here” to live and breathe RS’s blog or play comment moderator like it seems to be the case for you. To all the naysayers who didn’t think I could get skutn1em to ingest my spewn crap, “HA!” is all that remains to be said.

  2. monkeylove

    March 1, 2011 at 11:19 PM

    Dood, you crack me up.

    I love the retardedness of this show. And I love your blog for the idiocy (“chews”? was that for real?) But for what it’s worth, I am totally planning a trip to Lion Sands. They have a 10 day “Bachelor” trip now, with a few days of associated accommodations in Cape Town and wine country (is Bachelor going to Cape Town wine country next week?).

    Totally there.

    Keep it up, we all heart you.

  3. jennstinn

    March 1, 2011 at 11:32 PM

    djs–i would have been so mad if brad let me eat a worm and then wouldn’t eat one himself!
    i didn’t hear him say anything about the potassium–but if he did that is crazy, and hilarious

  4. monkeylove

    March 1, 2011 at 11:33 PM

    PS – Hell yeah, dogs rule! Is Maddie a shelter dog?? Jake (my Rott/Dobie mix) gives me a “sniff-down” every time I come home. “Who were you with? Other people? Other dogs? I just can’t contain myself!”) I have a cat, too, and she’s pretty cool. But she’s not a dog.

  5. Reason

    March 2, 2011 at 12:33 AM

    Have to agree with the comments here saying Brad has a personality disorder – this guy goes on and on about being afraid of being alone. If he only needs a relationship to satisfy his own insecurity I can see him crash and burn hard with Emily. Good times.

  6. kc

    March 2, 2011 at 3:19 AM

    Early on, as soon as we knew Emily’s truly heartbreaking story, it was clear Brad and the producers would not have let him keep her till the bitter end – only to be his 2nd choice! .. because he was already so disliked by Bacholor/ette viewers for what he did about the final two women last time. .. so it was clear all along that Emily had to be the “1”.

    about the treehouse … i think it was by far the coolest of the three places to have an overnight date!
    and he must’ve known Chantal was the only one of the 3 that could’ve handled it.. (try to imagine either Ashley’s or ladylike Emily’s responses being shown the treehouse..!) .. so kudos to Chantal.

  7. hordac

    March 2, 2011 at 4:46 AM

    You know I’m not the hugest Ashley fan out there but does anyone else think that she got a raw deal from Brad with all that questionning? Unless I missed something along the way (due to sheer boredom with Brad and Emily’s dates up until last night), he has not questionned Emily once about moving to Texas and whether she was willing to uproot HER life for him, which includes a little girl for chrisakes! Now it could have been the editing gods but wouldn’t that have been pretty critical to leave in?

  8. cac

    March 2, 2011 at 4:51 AM

    I’ve read your blog for quite some time, and you used to be fun and not take yourself so seriously. Recently, you have sounded arrogant and full of yourself. You know what they say about karma – maybe your latest mistake about the ending of the show will chill you out again?

  9. Small_Peanut

    March 2, 2011 at 7:48 AM

    Look, RS has had more traffic than ever the past 48 hours so BRAVO to him & his site. Not only l did this benefit ABC the past couple of months (everyone thinking it’s Chantal NOT Emily, they gotta love that) but it benefited RS too. Everyone is a winner here and honestly, I think it’s kind of cool just like last year I was actually happy I was surprised at the end when Ali chose Roberto, I did NOT see it coming. Same with Emily, I did NOT see it coming mainly because of the tv edit’s it shows them in awkward silent moments w/out much to say whereas with Chantal it shows them being silly, very natural together. I also know, most men want someone that challenges them at least a smidge and maybe someone they feel makes them a better version of themselves and I think Emily provides that. I love Chantal but c’mon, she was married 8 years, not even single a year and is “so ready” highly unlikely. Chantal, you’re fabulous, young, enjoy being single for a while, relationships are work, even the easy ones, be selfish and just have fun, you have the rest of your life to be married.

    Kudos to RS for all the fun stuff that unfolded this week, for me, I really enjoyed it ( great entertainment reading).

  10. jax71868

    March 2, 2011 at 7:49 AM

    Another great, humorous blog. I wouldn’t worry about changing the final one at the end. At least you found out now rather than right before the final show. I’m curious as to why you were told that Brad and Chantel spent Thanksgiving together? I guess someone was just throwing you a bone. Oh well, keep up the good work.

  11. SKorch

    March 2, 2011 at 9:40 AM

    I’m a little worried about you. Steve. Saying that you’ll buy the couple who marries the most expensive thing on their registry…you’re just begging them to put on a $20,000 dining room set! Just get them a blender and call it a day!

  12. Nobody

    March 2, 2011 at 11:29 AM

    Hang on tight folks, the shit is about to hit the fan again. This time “perfect” Emily is the one on the hot seat:

    – Engagement to dead race car driver was “fake”
    – A “gold digger” obsessed with fame
    – Her secret celebrity fling
    – Why proposing could be the biggest mistake of his life

    I love this shit…. THIS is what makes this stupid show so fake and entertaining.

  13. aimeenp

    March 2, 2011 at 12:05 PM

    This has probably been mentioned already, but have you noticed a very annoying pattern to Brad’s speech?

    “I am falling in love with you….I am.”

    “I love being with you…I really do.”

    etc. It seems like have the things he says, he follows up with, I really do, I really am, etc.

    Kind of nitpicky, but once you notice, it makes you cringe every time he does it!

  14. reflects on life

    March 2, 2011 at 12:09 PM

    Really, Nobody? Sounds like a bottom-of-the-barrel tabloid desparately trying to create some buxx out of nothing. Maybe she wasn’t officially engaged but they expected to marry one day. Maybe he dating other race car drivers count as celebrity flings. Seriously…

    My question is, why is Chantal being allowed to tweet suddenly? Building fan base for Bachelorette? Are they normally allowed to tweet before the finale?

  15. Nobody

    March 2, 2011 at 12:22 PM

    @reflects on life:

    Not so fast there…. there are several posters on FORT who have said this isn’t a new story; its been one that has been passed around in Nascar for years. Some have friends associated with Nascar who are alluding to this being true.

    Theres more to this than a tabloid just trying to make a few bucks.

  16. juliejulie

    March 2, 2011 at 12:45 PM

    @nancy1794 — that is really rude to make fun of ppl w/ big boobs. young girls can’t help it if they are well-endowed. and if they are fake, then they won’t sag, so you’re only making fun of the natural people, which is mean. small boobs will sag too, don’t deceive yourself, they will look like little deflated bean bags.

    Anyway, now that we are at the final two, I read some of the spoilers, since it’s out there anyway. I am glad it was wrong too, bc now it’s a good surprise. I still find RS very funny.

    Here is my re-cap blog-a-zoid.

  17. lola_bbg

    March 2, 2011 at 12:46 PM

    Hey Steve, I’m a big fan of your column because you are just so darn entertaining…much more so than this stupid show, which btw, I ONLY watch because of you. It would be far too boring otherwise. Anyway, I’m wondering if there’s any possibility that you could have been right about Brad picking Chantal and the new info is just a ploy to mess with you. Are you REALLY, 110% positive that he picks Emily? I just don’t want to see you have to eat crow a 2nd time.

  18. HeidiT

    March 2, 2011 at 12:53 PM

    @Nancy 1794, if you will refer to the top of Steve’s blog I believe it says his “Sarcastic, slanted, SOPHOMORIC, and skewed version…” so he sounds like a Sophmore not a junior.

    Steve when I saw Chantal’s fantasy suite first words out of my mouth was “Where’s the bathroom?” Did they expect them to pee in the bushes with all the lions, tigers and elephants? Would the guide be there to keep watch with his rifle when they had to potty? I kept thinking I’m sure chantal is probably saying, dammit I should have peed before leaving the only toilet in the area. That tree was ok for hanging out, but come on, a girl needs a toilet not a bush.

    On Ashley’s date I thought she sounded like she was interviewing for a job not a potential husband. She kept saying I’m driven and I work hard and I want to throw myself into my work, honey save that for your future employer, not your potential husband. Ashley, you did a bang up job of convincing Brad why he should not pick you. Note to Ashley: When a guy says where do you see yourself in five years, you say WITH YOU OF COURSE.

  19. reflects on life

    March 2, 2011 at 1:11 PM

    @Nobody, the vagueness of those tabloid headlines reveals the lack-of-proof of the associated articles within them. just look at it objectively: a 24 yr old who dated a driver from nascar royalty at 15 and was pregnant by him (now an owner) at 18, wno has fake boobs, dental veneers, a $1k blonde dye job, a $100k wardrobe, and a $500k home, and who goes on reality tv to find a husband in 8 weeks (or be the next bachelorette) in front of 10 million viewers… and you’re saying the sh** hit the fan because some nascar track crew guys think she’s obsessed with money and fame? gee, ya think?? these tabloids are ridiculous…

    gimme some REAL dirt, like Ricky Hendricks Sr cuts Emily & Ricky threatens to cut Emily and Riki out of his will because he doesn’t approve of Brad. Now that’s a tabloid I’d read!

  20. Sunnyside422

    March 2, 2011 at 1:26 PM

    Aimeenp: Brad’s speech pattern is totally his lack of brain matter. He is stilted, annoying as hell, stupid and a nit wit to boot. He has been since his 1st season and this is who he will be for the rest of his life. Emily has not shown a spark of intelligence either so as I’ve said before, two dimwits have discovered each other.

    Heidi T: As for Ashley, I firmly believe she had lost interest in Brad a while back but had to play it out till the end. There was no way a woman who was remotely hot for him would have stumbled and bumbled her way through that conversation and never once told him he was her number one priority. And his annoying questions seeking to affirm how wonderful he is and how she was missing out, was his way of eliminating her and making it seem like she was the dope.

    Think he loved hearing Chantal O (still calling her that long after Shawntel left! dork) tell him how great he was and how much she loved him. This jerk is so ego centered. Maybe Emily is hard up…after 5 years and no marriage offers, maybe she is grabbing at Brad as her last resort. Who knows. Not thinkin she is all that great looks wise and that little girl, cutsie voice is beyond annoying. I am so relieve this season is over and if not for Steve, it would be a total flop!

  21. hydesr

    March 2, 2011 at 1:37 PM

    first, I am glad you were wrong. I kept telling my friends that you were wrong before so we can hope you are wrong again . . . . that being said, the best part for me was the key to the treehouse. WTF . . . .

  22. JenJen

    March 2, 2011 at 1:48 PM

    Maybe you could admit that FORT had it first and that it was not you, but them, that spoiled the ending first. Also, your apology column was very humble and appropriate as opposed to this one, which seems to be returning to arrogant. Please don’t fall back into that habit.

  23. nancy 1794

    March 2, 2011 at 1:53 PM

    Hey juilejulie – read much? I was not making fun of gals with big jugs I said I feel SORRY for them-!
    and HeidiT -I said Steve sounds like he is in junior HIGH – as in middle school.
    Not a junior in high school. He sounds like he is 13. “Bazooms”. Holy christ.

  24. skutn1em

    March 2, 2011 at 1:55 PM

    Live and breathe RS’s blog? I work full time, am taking night classes to get my Master’s in botany, I am a wife to a man that has been battling cancer for the last year of our not-yet-two years of marriage and we live 2800 miles away from our families. Didn’t realize that in all my spare time I couldn’t enjoy reading/responding to other people’s comments or defend RS.

  25. pulp

    March 2, 2011 at 3:20 PM

    Mike Fleiss: “WINNING!!!”

    Unreality Steve: “Loser!”


  26. sweetness34

    March 2, 2011 at 3:38 PM

    Reality Steve is awesome. Period.

    Anyway, now that we know Emily is the final one, it’ll be interesting to watch the next episode with that in mind. You know,
    even though I am cynical about this show, poke fun at it, and think it’s ridiculous to meet a spouse in this manner, I have to admit that there is still a part of me rooting for Brad and Emily to have true love.

  27. nancy 1794

    March 2, 2011 at 3:40 PM

    @skutn1em – BOO-HOO- sorry for your pain but take your anger/hate out elsewhere.

  28. wisewords

    March 2, 2011 at 3:41 PM

    Gotta know that if the tables were turned, RealitySteve would have already roasted the idiot to a burnt crisp. Of course, RS says his meanness is all in fun. That said, I think RS deserves a good roast himself. All in fun, buddy, just like you say.

  29. ohmyshit

    March 2, 2011 at 3:50 PM

    I really don’t care if you get the ending right or not. I love reading your blog because your smart ass commentary makes me laugh. You are hilarious, and I look forward to seeing what you have to say in your blogs.

  30. nancy 1794

    March 2, 2011 at 4:05 PM

    grace oh over on the blog the take home message got it right–she says:

    ” I kind of felt like Ashley was over him by this point. I’m not sure what happened, bc up until now, Brad has done nothing but drive her completely insane and make her totally neurotic and insecure. But now, she was totally over him. Maybe she met another guy during her time back at home chilling with her family before she went to SA. I don’t know. Maybe she had a personal revelation that she doesn’t need a guy who makes her insane. Whatever it was, I think she was OVER him by this date. She wasn’t even bothering to fake an interest in giving up her schooling and hauling her cookies to Austin…. so this of course frustrated Brad to no end, bc he wants a woman to just never question him and move where he says….”..and she–grace oh — is so right. Ashley is too smart for Brad.
    The other 2 women are sponges–living off their families and willing to follow a man anywhere. What dopes. Either Em or Chantal would be a perfect fir for Mr Doofus Brad!

  31. jessica1

    March 2, 2011 at 4:39 PM

    Nobody – I’ve been wondering when these other rumors that RS has been hinting at all season might come to light. It’s just so strange it took until the 11th hour for everyone to bust-loose on the details!

    Pulp Says: Mike Fleiss: “WINNING!!!”

    Don’t cha mean Charlie Sheen: WINNER!!! tee hee hee. But I shouldn’t laugh; that is turning out to be one messy, sad, public implosion.

    And hey Reality Steve, I’m guessing you were so distracted by the Laurel drivel that all those hints that it wasn’t Chantal, (which in hindsight, seem utterly obvious), went right past your radar.

  32. skutn1em

    March 2, 2011 at 6:14 PM

    Really? I haven’t even said anything to you, so you’re just being mean for the heck of it. How is that not hateful? Practice what you preach, jerk.

  33. jrhtwfp

    March 2, 2011 at 7:11 PM

    I am glad RS got the ending wrong! Brad couldn’t even get Chantal’s name right! Even on Monday’s show, he still flipped back and forth between Shawntel and Chantal–not the sharpest tool in the shed, that’s for sure!

  34. jennstinn

    March 2, 2011 at 7:51 PM

    @hydesr HHAHAHA. I hadn’t even thought about the key to the treehouse! Love it.

  35. finerthings

    March 3, 2011 at 4:40 AM

    Yeah, Nancy, saying “boo-hoo” about cancer is cruel. Why would you do that?

    But skutn1em: don’t use your personal life to justify things on a chat board or dumb people will respond like that.

  36. Dianne

    March 3, 2011 at 6:56 AM

    Hello, skutn1em – please do yourself a favour and ignore Nancy. Don’t pay any attention to her, and DO NOT answer any of her questions. She’s evil, evil, evil!! Trust me, I know of what I write. She tried to get all over me, and I refused to let her. So, just don’t feed her, or anyone else, any further personal’s nobody’s business but yours. And our “friend” (ha!) Nancy THRIVES on other people’s problems.

    One last thing..Nancy – you are one sick pup, you need professional help which hopefully you’ll seek out very soon. This would be for your own good. Please. Thank you. Honestly. I mean this.

  37. smd64

    March 3, 2011 at 8:58 AM

    @ juliejulie — OMG can you STOP promoting your sh*ttyblog on here?? This is reality steve’s site, not your personal site to use his readers in an attempt to get them to read your blog.

  38. Dianne

    March 3, 2011 at 9:25 AM

    ditto smd64. juliejulie, it wouldn’t be so bad if your blog was half-decent, but unfortunately, it’s not. It’s really bad. Maybe try working it a bit. Until then, stop with the’re making yourself look really lame.

  39. chica54

    March 3, 2011 at 9:28 AM

    If you have any doubts about Emily’s story, read this:

  40. richva2

    March 3, 2011 at 9:36 AM

    RS, I hope you do another video blog with Maddie. I had to laugh when Maddie flew to the bedroom after she got her treat. She was just a blur. When you said she would make a beeline to the bed room, I thought you were kidding.

  41. marksman

    March 3, 2011 at 10:26 AM

    You got hosed…someone f’d with you – don’t be so confident/cocky with your sources integrity. It is obvious they are honing in on your sources. They will lock in on who eventually – In the meantime, you are really looking like an idiot.

  42. finerthings

    March 3, 2011 at 11:50 AM

    Actually, I didn’t mind Juliejulie’s blog this week. Her pic captions are funny. That’s one thing missing from Steve’s recaps. Pictures.

  43. mommyof2

    March 3, 2011 at 11:56 AM

    chica54- Thanks for the link to the news article. I’ve been annoyed at those saying the tragedy isn’t real. I live in Virginia, and I remember the plane crash being all over the local news. When the story came out on the Bachelor, I knew exactly what incident they were talking about b/c it was so sad.

    Also, I liked JulieJulie’s picture captions in her blog. I didn’t read the blog, but I read all the captions w/ the pictures, and they were funny!

  44. chica54

    March 3, 2011 at 12:01 PM

    mommyof2 – thanks. Also for those doubting that they were really engaged and had known each other for years. I don’t think Rick Hendrick would lie about that.

  45. nancy 1794

    March 3, 2011 at 1:17 PM

    Dianne was quiet for awhile after she was told her comments are the most annoying but now she has got her pie hole open again. Dianne can tell other posters that they must have a doctor’s degree in order to post their opinion about Chantal’s
    emotional instability but SHE can spew warnings about others being “sick pups” and in need of “professional help”.

    Dianne, what about YOUR doctor’s license? Have YOU got one? If not then shut your damn pie hole.
    The other readers do not need your “trust me” warnings they can all think for themselves. You are
    hands down the most annoying person on here.

  46. Jennnnn

    March 3, 2011 at 1:21 PM


  47. nancy 1794

    March 3, 2011 at 1:23 PM

    Oh so I am “being mean” because I tell you your rage and anger towards other posters is out of line?
    Anyone over age 30 has got pain in his/her life. We all live with pain daily. Pain is part of life. Get used to it. My mother died of cancer. My father of heart disease.
    My husband has health issues yet I do not come on here and rake other posters over the coals as you do. If I am attacked, I kick back – but I do not attack first.

  48. finerthings

    March 3, 2011 at 1:59 PM

    Hey, you guys, whoever knows the most people with cancer wins!

  49. SherryfromD

    March 3, 2011 at 4:27 PM

    Yeah, I liked the picture captions also.

  50. writeone

    March 3, 2011 at 6:19 PM

    Dear RS
    I have never registered for your site but I did for this letter. I just had to reply.

    I hope that they have thrown you a curve and your original dope was correct. Watching Brad and Emily together is like watching paint dry. Or eating stale toast. If there are any scenes of real romance between these two the editors must have burned them. Brad looks like he is in love with Chantal. Maybe it is just one way.

    But I must say I have had doubts for a while now. Brad saying that he is in love but afraid his girl will not be able to love him back sounded like Emily to me. And the way Chantal had to beg for a kiss on the fantasy suite date: brad couldn’t bring himself to look her in the eye. He was entirely shut down. This week’s previews shows a cautious and doubting Chantal and I am afraid to admit, she is probably going home. Boy, is Brad stupid. He says he wants to be challenged, to find someone real, well Chantal is as real as it gets. Except her boobs, which are fabulous.

    It now appears that Emily and Ashley were the final two all along (hence the nick names Ash and Em. Should have known when he called Chantal by her full name). So Emily was F1 and Ashley was F2 and bachelorette all along. Chantal was always F3 but Ash screwed up the final date so bad that Brad had to punt. It seems that Chantal suspects this for she begs not to be sent home before meeting his family. As for Chantal being weepy. Who wouldn’t cry when she has given him her heart and Brad has spent his time with Michelle and obsessed over Emily all season. Shawntel predicted the Em connection quite early as well. Should have followed the signs. But I believed your dopey dope.

    This series sucks. I had stopped watching it a few years back, after Matt Grant. But I tuned in this time because Chantal looked so good and it looked like a real romance was forming. All aspiring writers will tell you that a good romance involves getting your audience to fall in love with the characters. One would never spend nine tenths of the story on a lie unless you are creating a tragedy and not a romance. I can only figure that there was no footage of Brad and Emily that would keep an audience watching. Yawn! I will watch the ending, but if it is Emily I will puke. Sorry, but if they wanted me to believe in Emily then they should have shown us a romance. So good-bye for good, Bachelor. I know you and ABC will not care, but I’m not quitting for you’all but for me. Can’t stand watching this disfunctional show any longer.

    You comments are great, though. I have enjoyed laughing at them all season. Keep up the good work. But I must admit, either you have been had by Mike Fliess or you are on a fantasy suite date with him. Haven’t decided which one yet.


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