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I was wondering what happens to a contestant if they break contract, such as giving an interview before the show ends. Are there different punishments for different offenses? Thanks!

Comment: Well, lets see. Rozlyn gave an interview to me before the show ended and nothing happened to her. Wes gave TWO interviews to me before the show ended and they kept him off the “Men Tell All”, yet a year later, he was on “Bachelor Pad” and pretty much redeemed the edit he’d gotten on the “Bachelorette”. “Rated R” Rego did an interview with me as well, and as far as I know, nothing happened to him, and we’ll probably be seeing him on “Bachelor Pad 2” if I had to guess. So, apparently there’s this big warning out there “Ooooohhhhh, don’t you dare talk to Reality Steve”, yet the few that have on record haven’t been punished for it. Go figure.

Hey man, your blog is hilarious and completely entertaining. Anyway, my question for you: Since you evidently know a large amount of supposedly confidential information about The Bachelor and its spoilers, has ABC ever contacted you to try to get you off the internet? I’m guessing not, since the show’s ratings and viewers must rise because of you. And have any former Bachelor(ette)s or contestants as well?

Comment: Two years now I’ve been spoiling this show. Started with Jason back in January of 2009 was when I got my first spoiler. In the following 25 months, not ONE TIME has anyone from ABC/Next Entertainment ever contacted me to tell me to shut up. Not an email, not a phone call, not a text, not a knock at my door, not a Western Union telegram, not a letter in the mail, not a post it note on my car, nothing. My take? They don’t give a sh**. Certainly they know who I am, where I live, my first and last name, and they could get my phone number from any one of numerous former contestants by just asking them. Yet I’ve never been contacted. Says a lot, don’t you think? I’m a guy with a blog who just happens to be told tons of information about the show. And since they don’t where that information is coming from, how would they know how to stop it?

My question is about when the contestants and the lead are traveling. Does the network fly them commercial or on a private plane? If commercial, are they in coach? Are the contestants allowed to sit together? I assume the lead has to be by him/herself?

Also, have you ever gotten any scoop about where the “safehouse” is where the final pick and the lead get to meet?

Comment: As far as I know, these people fly coach everywhere. We’ve seen in the past couple seasons with Ali and Brad, they’re giving them video cameras to record themselves in the airports and on the plane. We’d never seen that until Ali’s season, so it looks like they’re showing us more and more footage they can that isn’t professionally done by their camera people. It looks like they sit pretty close to each other on the plane based on what we’ve seen in the videos.

As for the lead, they don’t fly with the contestants. Ever. When Brad flew to Vegas, Costa Rica, Anguilla, and South Africa, he travels with his producer Cassie Lambert and crew. The lead NEVER travels with everyone else. They are kept separate the whole time.

The safehouse varies but it’s in California. Hollywood Hills, Palm Springs, etc. It’s not just one place that the final couple uses every season. If that were the case, they’d need to do some serious sheet cleaning. They mix it up based on availability. But it’s always monitored by ABC and they have handlers that provide them everything they need.

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  1. yourself

    March 10, 2011 at 5:04 PM

    Okay, I admit I didn’t read all of the previous posts, so I’m definitely going to be repeating stuff, but these are the things I LOVE:
    1. Michelle: The absolute best part of the show this season was her awesome sarcasm. I wanted to slug Jackie. What was up with that?
    2. Emily. I’m SO happy she’s going to win and not Chantal. I don’t know if the “dirt” on her is true, but who cares? It’s not that bad of dirt, let’s be honest.
    3. Ashley’s new look. I know a lot of people are saying she needs to keep the nice, girl next door look, but I LOVE the bangs, and I think she needed a little makeup.
    4. Boca. 🙂

    Things I DON’T love:
    1. Brad. Great abs, but let’s be honest. Not a lot of interesting dialogue this season. The best scene was when Michelle shut him up.
    2. Ashely H. being the new bachelorette. I don’t know how much peppy girl speak I can take! And remember how awkward their Africa date was? Do you think she can do this?
    3. The Melissa vs Raichel thing. I’m so over this.

    There you go. Who agrees?

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