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Hi Steve,

I just found out about you via facebook. I noticed a few of my friends debating who Brad ends up with this morning. After navigating your site, I see it is Chantal. My 17 year old son will be so happy that Ashley is the next Bachelorette. He thinks that she is beyond hot. Back to Chantal, as most of the facebook friends say that the latest news is that Brad is with Emily.” He writes about he in his blog and she is the hidden one.” That is a quote I found while googling Brad/Emily. I am a very logical person and you seem to be as well after reading this site. I say “Who in the hell would accept a marriage proposal from a man who has spent a few hours with your daughter?” However, most people are not logical and really buy into this reality TV. One of these girls on facebook spends hours a day on a message board dissecting pictures or something to that effect. I watch it for pure entertainment and my husband who never watches even tuned in for the SI photo shoot. He never figured out how they hid all of Chantal in her swimsuit top!

So my question for you – I know you have legitimate sources and I can see how you accumulate them over the seasons, but what is your opinion of the message board fanatics? This intrigues me as I am an educated person who did not realize the world of message board investigating existed until today.

Comment: Yes, message boards are becoming more and more prevalent when it comes to this show, and pretty much every reality show. And everyone’s got an opinion. You’d be amazed at the amount of time people spend on those talking talking back and forth to people under a fake screen name and saying the things they do. It’s why I don’t concern myself with anything that comes from a message board. Whether it’s the comment section on my site, or a message board surrounding the show, or any other type of forum where all you have to do is create a fake screen name and basically can say whatever you want without any repercussions, I don’t have the time for it. I pride myself on the fact that everyone who reads me knows exactly where they can find me. My name, likeness, email address, Facebook page, and Twitter account are all accessible on every post I make. I’m the easiest person in the world to find and I stand behind everything I say. If I’m wrong, I admit it.

If people want to snipe away at other people, or take shots at me or contestants on message boards under a fake screen name with no accountability for their actions, then that’s up to them. Personally, I don’t see the point in it and find it pretty ridiculous, but hey, what do I know? Different strokes for different folks I guess. All I know is I don’t do it. Don’t need to. I have probably 1 million other things to worry about on a day to day basis other than something being written on a message board.

hey steve!
thanks for the great columns every week. the friday reader emails help
me survive friday at the office! and i’m a sucker for dogs! maddie

quick question, i think you said about 9 million people watch the
show on average each week…how many hits does your site see a week?
most people i know who watch the show, also visit your site. i’d love
to know the ratio if you’re willing to share! (although i’m sure even
that would be skewed)

Comment: I’ve mentioned before in previous articles written about me, but when the show is “in season”, I get about 500,000 unique visitors to my site a month. In February that just passed, we drew more than that. January was just under 500,000. As I’ve said many times before, the last thing I’m worried about are my numbers. They’re not going anywhere. If anything, they’re increasing. If we’re talking about “visitors” and “page views”, well, that’s a completely different story. Those numbers are much, much higher. This show drew 11.2 million people last Monday night. So yeah, there are plenty who have no idea who I am that watch this show. All I’m doing is trying to educate more and more people until one day maybe everyone will know what a farce the whole thing is. I’m like the preacher at the congregation spreading my word. Eventually, the whole world will know. Or something like that.

Subject: You’re a liar

You actually stated that YOU WERE IN PALM SPRINGS and saw Chatal and Brad in person at Thanksgiving, with your own eyes.

You were either lying then, or are lying now. And yes, it’s awesome to see you were wrong, again, unless you are lying about that too.

Comment: You have three months of posts going all the way back to Dec. 8th when I first released the spoilers to find where I said I saw, with my own eyes, Brad and Chantal together at Thanksgiving. I GUARANTEE you won’t be able to find where I said that. You know why? Because I didn’t. Where do people come up with this stuff?


I’m fairly certain Brad’s video is a stab at you and has nothing to do with Emily.

Cause baby you’re a firework
Come on show ’em what your worth

You don’t have to feel like a waste of space
You’re original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds

After a hurricane comes a rainbow

Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin
Like a house of cards
One blow from caving in

All of that said Steve, thanks for the column. I don’t do fb or twitter, and I don’t reply to blogs and I’m sure someone has probably beaten me to it to inform you that Brad’s video is about you. I will say that I haven’t always watched each season (first 1-2 seasons when I was in college) and then skipped MANY but since running into your column I have enjoyed the seasons much more. I don’t really care that you were wrong this time (didn’t watch ali’s season). It’s fun to have some spoilers as long as you keep it to 90% of the time being correct I will continue to read.

(When I replied back to this person and told them that was one of the biggest reaches in the history of mankind, here’s what they wrote back):

Maybe it’s because of the way you set up your column. You say he took a stab at you on the Dallas radio station, and you talk about the girl in Cabo that he hints it’s Emily to. I can easily see him and his buddies talking about how he’s snowed you and EVERYONE thinks he’s with Chantel. It’s so close to the end and he’s throwing it in your face with a video that he’s not even expecting you to “get”. No doubt about the alcohol as you can see Brad’s bother is driving with a beer in his hand, but lots of times people do stupid things when they’re drinking…like tell the TRUTH. So maybe we can just agree to disagree, but I don’t see any point in Brad sending you a video to tell you he thinks Emily is a firework. And obviously you were on his mind if they took the time to recorded a video and send it to you…

PS I’m impressed you respond.

Comment: Brad never took a stab at me on a Dallas radio station. Go back and listen to it. He was actually very complimentary of me and said “he knows his stuff”. Basically Brad knew I had everything right about the season BUT the ending, so all he did was play up the fact that I knew a lot in hopes people would continue to believe it was Chantal, so they could at least have one surprise this season when it ended up being Emily.

I don’t know Brad, Chad, and Jason’s motivations for doing that “Firework” video in the car, but I can guarantee it had nothing to do with getting back at me. I’m guessing three buddies hanging out in Cabo for a weekend for a little R&R, drinking and having a good time weren’t worried about what a blogger in Texas was writing about. I’m pretty sure of that. Man, the conspiracy theorists I hear about on this show are mind boggling sometimes. Really? Brad filmed a :30 second clip in Cabo as a shout out to me? That’s laughable.

And at no point did I ever say Brad was the one who emailed it to me. Where did that come from? It was posted online, someone random found it and emailed it to me because they thought I’d think it was funny. Which it was.

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  1. yourself

    March 10, 2011 at 5:04 PM

    Okay, I admit I didn’t read all of the previous posts, so I’m definitely going to be repeating stuff, but these are the things I LOVE:
    1. Michelle: The absolute best part of the show this season was her awesome sarcasm. I wanted to slug Jackie. What was up with that?
    2. Emily. I’m SO happy she’s going to win and not Chantal. I don’t know if the “dirt” on her is true, but who cares? It’s not that bad of dirt, let’s be honest.
    3. Ashley’s new look. I know a lot of people are saying she needs to keep the nice, girl next door look, but I LOVE the bangs, and I think she needed a little makeup.
    4. Boca. 🙂

    Things I DON’T love:
    1. Brad. Great abs, but let’s be honest. Not a lot of interesting dialogue this season. The best scene was when Michelle shut him up.
    2. Ashely H. being the new bachelorette. I don’t know how much peppy girl speak I can take! And remember how awkward their Africa date was? Do you think she can do this?
    3. The Melissa vs Raichel thing. I’m so over this.

    There you go. Who agrees?

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