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I’m sure I’m not alone in finding the fantasy suite the oddest and
most contrived part of the Bachelor(ette). Everyone acts as if
they’ve never seen or heard of these cards before they are opened.
Theoretically all they are agreeing to is to talking without cameras
around, which should be a no brainer, and yet it seems that it’s in
their contract they have to allude to sex in their response.

That said…how does the timing of these dates work? Date 1, Brad
spends all day with a woman, has dinner, offers the card, presumably
stays up most of the night getting little-to-no sleep because they
are…talking. He sleeps in, does his post-interview. Is Date 2
later that day or the next day? The interviews seemed to suggest it’s
that same day they just crawled out of bed with someone else, but of
course, there is artful editing. I’d imagine Brad needs to catch up
on some beauty sleep or he’ll be sleeping through Date 3 (maybe that
was Ashley’s problem). Not to mention I’d personally like my date
to have a minimum of two showers between me and the last person. And
no, a long shower doesn’t count as two.

Thanks for all the info!

Comment: The overnight dates are shot on three consecutive days. And you’re right, that’s probably why Ashley’s date went so crappy. The guy was grumpy after probably not getting too much sleep the previous two days. They are shot on consecutive days, you probably can gather that not a lot of sleeping goes on during the overnights since it’s your only chance for alone time with this person without cameras around, so you’re gonna take advantage of it.

Do you think all those people that send the emails saying they can’t find the Brad spoilers and describing how they scrolled and clicked and had to give up just do it to get printed in your columns (even if it is just to be mad fun of)? I know, there are a lot of stupid people (and computer illiterate) out there but it just seems excessive. Especially when they figured out how to email you which is only slightly easier than navigating the site.

Comment: Yeah, there are some I can tell that are deliberate, but I don’t print those. The ones I’ve printed you gotta remember, I usually correspond back with these people and by doing that, I can tell if they’re playing or not. Most of them aren’t. I think they really are clueless in how to work a computer and click on a couple links. That’s why it’s fun. You’d think if they can navigate on my page to where they found my email address, they could find out where the spoiler link is. But then again, maybe I’m giving them too much credit. Hell if I know. I find it all pretty comical.

Well, I’m off to Washington, DC first thing in the morning. It should be a good time and I thank everyone this week who sent in suggestions of where I should go and what places I should hit up. Chances are I get to few very of them, but we’ll see. Hopefully I’ll have some interesting stories for you, but if you’re in the DC area, I’m kinda flying by the seat of my pants this weekend, so if you follow me on Twitter, you might have an idea where I am. Or not. I have no idea what to expect this weekend. Looking forward to meeting up with a couple “friends” (in quotation marks only because I’ve never met them before, but we’ve talked numerous times. And oh yeah, they are former “Bachelor” contestants), but honestly don’t have too many set plans. Maybe I’ll just wander around National Mall and do the tourist thing. So if you see a guy who looks lost taking pictures with his phone, that’s me. However, there’s a good chance I could be in DuPont Circle Saturday night. Just sayin.

Send your emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. See you Tuesday.

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  1. yourself

    March 10, 2011 at 5:04 PM

    Okay, I admit I didn’t read all of the previous posts, so I’m definitely going to be repeating stuff, but these are the things I LOVE:
    1. Michelle: The absolute best part of the show this season was her awesome sarcasm. I wanted to slug Jackie. What was up with that?
    2. Emily. I’m SO happy she’s going to win and not Chantal. I don’t know if the “dirt” on her is true, but who cares? It’s not that bad of dirt, let’s be honest.
    3. Ashley’s new look. I know a lot of people are saying she needs to keep the nice, girl next door look, but I LOVE the bangs, and I think she needed a little makeup.
    4. Boca. 🙂

    Things I DON’T love:
    1. Brad. Great abs, but let’s be honest. Not a lot of interesting dialogue this season. The best scene was when Michelle shut him up.
    2. Ashely H. being the new bachelorette. I don’t know how much peppy girl speak I can take! And remember how awkward their Africa date was? Do you think she can do this?
    3. The Melissa vs Raichel thing. I’m so over this.

    There you go. Who agrees?

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