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For episode-by-episode spoilers of Brad’s season, click on the link above that says “Bachelor Brad Spoilers” (it’s like, 1″ inch above this sentence. Twice). It has a breakdown of every date, rose, and elimination, all the way down to Brad’s final choice. Which of course was modified since there was some kinda big news revealed on Monday. Don’t know if you heard. However, there will be spoilers talked about throughout the course of this column. You’ve been warned.

Man, this was a little weird. I recorded the video on the same camera I used the first two times, don’t think I really fidgeted with any of the settings, yet this video is in HD. How about that? Quite scary, actually. But nonetheless, and most importantly, you get to see Maddie in HD. As you can tell, she was very excited for her performance this week. I can barely contain her excitement sometimes, you know? Sorry, no dancing this week. Just wasn’t in the mood. Maybe next time. The video will cover the status of the Laurel interview, information on the “Bachelor” finale watch party we’ll be having here in Dallas on the 14th, plus a very important reader email I thought everyone should hear. Easily the biggest week in emails I’ve ever had, but this one really stuck out to me. Someone put a lot of thought into what they wanted to say in regards to the news of Brad being engaged to Emily that I wrote about Monday, so I felt their voice should be heard. I really appreciated all the kind words and I hope you do too. If profanity isn’t for you though, you might wanna skip the first couple minutes of the video. Enjoy.

So as I’ve been telling you for over a week now, Ashley Hebert is going to be the next “Bachelorette”. Nothing has changed on that end, and I expect it to be announced within the next week or so since filming starts in two weeks. For those still holding out hope for whatever reason that it is Chantal, I have some news for you. Remember how on Monday I “speculated” the only reason Chantal would turn down an offer would be if she was dating or seeing someone? Well, I lied. That wasn’t speculation. It was definitely Chantal’s gig being the final two girl, and it was all set to be her until she backed out. And it was because she’s dating someone. On Monday when I said that, I knew that to be true, I just didn’t know what the guys name was. Now I do. Rabanco Ltd was one of the largest waste disposal and collection companies in the U.S. until they sold to Allied Waste in 1998. The Razore family were the owners of Rabanco Ltd, and they have I believe three or four sons in the family. Chantal is currently dating Jeff Razore. In doing a very easy google search, I found Jeff Razore works for Evergreen Capital Management, as you can see right here (he’s under Relationship Management):

Jeff also is a 2000 graduate of Bellevue High School where he played football, and has been a coach at the school for the past nine years, as you can see his coaches profile here:

How convenient his picture is missing from both. He must not want it to be seen right now since he knows the attention that’s going to come with it. Whatever the case, this is the guy Chantal is currently seeing, hence the reason she is not the next “Bachelorette”. Will she say she’s dating someone when she tapes the “After the Final Rose” next week? Maybe she will bring it up, maybe she won’t. I don’t know. Just know she’s moved on from Brad, has a new man in her life, and Jeff is the reason she decided not to be the “Bachelorette”. Gee, no pressure Jeff. Good luck with that. I think every argument these two get into she can pull out the “I gave up being the ‘Bachelorette’ because of you” card. Man, Chantal should have him eating out of the palm of her hands. Work it, girl. On to your reader emails.

Hope you all enjoyed the email on the video blog. I’m glad someone took the time of their day to send me that nonsense. They do realize that no matter how much they dislike me, or think this site is useless now, I’m not going anywhere, right? If anything, this site is drawing more and more attention this season and I’ve gotten some good news on the advertising front so far. So that’s why I find those kind of emails more humorous than anything because they couldn’t be more wrong. So lets get started with your reader emails and I specifically chose to put this one first because it probably summarized the most asked question to me this week.

Whether your spoilers r right or wrong at times shouldnt matter, your sense of humor & style of writing more than makes up for any errors. Your sources messed up. I get it. Now u state that they wouldn’t do u wrong & they r acquaintances of yours. OK But ya gotta wonder, “hmmm this has to be more than a coincidence.”

1.) Does this now cross your mind: Maybe the master plan is to let the whole season get spoiled by RS but when it comes to the F1 do everything in their power to keep real F1 from your sources, in turn making your biggest spoil(the finale) wrong as if to pull one over on u? Like a “haha gotchya Steve!” If u don’t blame your sources bc they only reported what they knew, well then who do u blame?

2.) Also, I know u said u have multiple sources & that they r acquaintances of yours. Do all your sources know each other? Is it a collective group of ppl that all agree on the info that is passed your way? Or is it multiple random ppl that don’t know each other & don’t know what info (if any) is being sent to u except their own? If it’s the latter, do u feel confident enough to share info w readers only when your stories match up amongst the different sources?

3.) Lastly, now that u know that Brad chose Emily & they r engaged, do u feel differently about his motives & his sincerity in finding true love thru The Bachelor? I know the whole Laurel thing def doesn’t make him look good at all but every angel has a past & every sinner has a future. My opinion of him has changed a lil knowing he didn’t pick Chantal. Choosing to be w someone who has a child shows that u r serious about love, life, & commitment. I’m a mom, life is different w kids in it, even just one. Brad has big shoes to fill (as a stepdaddy) & he took on the challenge. Does that say anything about his character to u? I would hate to think it’s all a gimmick for tv & he felt it necessary to pick Emily as to avoid the third degree by society for dumping the poor lil single mommy. Time will only tell & if pattern predicts anything they will be apart in six months but still I’m rooting for their love to prevail. Can’t help it, I’m a woman! LOL. Thx

Comment: 1. I understand where you’re coming from. The best way I can answer that is this: there are SO many things that people don’t know regarding the information I get. But getting into those details would be giving away my sources, so that’s never gonna happen. If people knew how, where, why, and in what form I got the spoilers this season back in November, they would understand why I ran with what I did. I expect people to think ABC/Fleiss/Next Entertainment was behind it, but they weren’t. It just happened to take me three months to find it out. Kinda like how last season it took me up to the finale to get the Ali and Roberto ending. Obviously they don’t know who my sources are since my sources were able to get me this seasons correct ending, including details of what you’ll see in the finale. I’m not worried in the least bit that they know who gives me spoilers. This has gotten bigger than they can imagine.

2. I don’t talk about my sources. People can speculate til the end of time about who they think they could be, but no one has a clue who they are and never will.

3. Feeling is the same. I don’t see Brad and Emily getting married. There have been 15 seasons of the “Bachelor” and not once has the guy ever married the final girl he picked on the show (Jason married his #2 girl). So what makes me think Brad Womack of all people will be the first? I just don’t see it. They have a great wedding gift waiting for them if they do, but I won’t hold my breath.

Hey Steve,

Love love your column. I’ve been hooked on reading since Jake’s season. I have a few questions,

1) Do any of the girls from Brad’s season have active twitter’s? I saw a twitter “MsEmilyMaynard” and she’s posting all the time, but I thought they weren’t allowed to be tweeting or anything during the season? Is it a poser?

2) Do you know exactly what happens in the overnight suite?

Thank you, and I hope you reply!

Comment: 1) The “MsEmilyMaynard” twitter account is not Emily. But she does have one. However, most every girl this season has an account that is currently set to private. Some have been tweeting, some haven’t. They’re not supposed to, and judging by Chantal’s tweet yesterday about “getting caught”, doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing anything from any of them until after the finale. Brad doesn’t have an active one. Chris Harrison tweeting last week that “none of the girls are on Twitter” is just stupid. Yes they are Chris. And most of them have been tweeting each other and fans.

2) Yeah. A bunch of kissing, groping, touching, heavy petting and sex. With all of them every season? No. But it does happen a lot.

Just how extensive are the background checks on these contestants/leads? Are they ever surprised when a mugshot, or a ditched fiancee appear on the radar? I mean, anything for ratings, but what happens if someone comes along with something very serious is his/her past.

Comment: Apparently not extensive enough nowadays since they just let on someone this season who admitted to having an affair with a married NBA player. If anything, they’re probably looking for contestants like that now since all it does is draw attention to their show. Yet another reason why Michelle, no matter how much people will feel for her after Monday’s “Women Tell All” episode, would never be the “Bachelorette”. I’m sorry, they’re just not gonna take that much scrutiny to put someone with that past in the lead role.

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  1. lucygirl

    March 3, 2011 at 11:04 PM

    Maddie’s treats are Greenies. My dog, Lucy loves greenies, too and goes nuts for them. Maybe they’re cousins! Anyway, love the blog and spoilers! Keep up the good work, Reality Steve.

  2. lisa e

    March 4, 2011 at 12:44 AM

    Does anyone know when Emily Maynard’s Birthday is? I see that she was recently listed as “25,” and hasn’t she been “24” onscreen this season? She seems like a Pisces.

    We know that Brad is Scorpio. DeAnna, Scorpio. Laurel, also a Scorpio.

    Didn’t I hear that Chantal O’Brien is a Cancer? (WISH SHE WAS THE BACH’ETTE!!)

    And Ashley Hebert – is she a Taurus? Anyone know?

  3. Nobody

    March 4, 2011 at 4:26 AM

    You failed to mention all the dirt on Emily that was released this past week. Surely you have an opinion about Ms. Perfect (who isn’t so perfect).

  4. LouC

    March 4, 2011 at 5:28 AM

    Hello to Maddie! You too, Steve. I have a lot of respect for Laurel for moving on and not talking about Brad.

    I keep reading that “Emily is not perfect”, what’s up with that?

    Ashley will make a great Bach’ette. Hope it goes well for her.

  5. finerthings

    March 4, 2011 at 5:41 AM

    Ha! You reading that e-mail was pretty good, gotta give it to you Steve. Nice post today <3

  6. Dianne

    March 4, 2011 at 7:42 AM

    Great stuff as always, Steve. I must say, Miss Maddie seems to be a little less camera shy this week. I think she loves to sit with you and listen to your voice. And hey, you’re looking pretty good in HD 🙂 Thanks for the updates and posting the e-mails.

  7. Jacki

    March 4, 2011 at 8:08 AM

    Hi Steve, Just wanted to say thanks for giving me something fun to read every week. Even when life gets crazy, it’s great to take a break and laugh some. I’m glad you have such a realistic view of blogging; that it’s just your opinion and others can choose to enjoy it or ignore it. I’ll never understand how your opinions or writing can incite such venom, it’s not politics after all. And please tell Maddie she has the most beautiful eyes. Cheers.

  8. porchlight13

    March 4, 2011 at 8:19 AM


    Thanks for the update. So glad Chantel is dating someone new and has moved on. My opinion just by watching Brad on TV because I have never met him is that Chantel and him had great chemisty but they were not meant to be I don’t want to say she was to good for him just not a good fit. I hope her and the new boyfriend make it. At the end of your video you said you had big news about Shawntel O’ Brien did you mean Shawntel Newton?

  9. Small_Peanut

    March 4, 2011 at 9:15 AM

    I wasn’t going to voice this but since you did in your video these are my thoughts. If there is a site I don’t agree with, guess what???? I don’t go back! Those types of hate emails your getting are from folks that must have nothing better to do with their time and it apparently feeds into their OWN egos to put you down to make themselves somehow feel superior. It’s not only a waste of the readers time that enjoy your blog but don’t they get that YOU are under their skin so much that they are taking precious time out of their life to continuously come back to your blog, read and blast negativity? Guess what, that creates more profit for the advertisers on your site and for you ultimately, guess who the fool is? They are! Those haters are helping you produce more revenue. Bravo! If you’re really AGAINST something in life, then don’t contribute by visiting that persons site, that’s common sense. “Nuff said” … TGIF!

  10. spins22

    March 4, 2011 at 10:06 AM

    Lisa e: Thanks for the sign update. I’m a scorpio and i gotta say, even thought i don’t really 100% believe in astrological signs, scorpios should NOT be with other scorpios lol

    Didn’t Steve say in an email response that he doesn’t pay attention to these message boards, so why does everyone keep posting messages to Steve? Just curious.

  11. Nobody

    March 4, 2011 at 10:43 AM


    This is a blog, not a message board. Steve doesn’t pay attention to the main ABC board or FORT, at least thats my impression.

    This is his blog so chances are good he does read these posts from time to time.

  12. eyedanger

    March 4, 2011 at 10:47 AM


    The guy who says Brad took a stab at you in the video was talking about the video of him singing baby you’re a firework.

    It was a joke.

  13. spins22

    March 4, 2011 at 10:51 AM

    I quote Steve “Whether it’s the comment section on my site, or a message board surrounding the show, or any other type of forum where all you have to do is create a fake screen name and basically can say whatever you want without any repercussions, I don’t have the time for it…”
    I’m pretty sure he meant he doesn’t have time to read the comment section on his site!!
    Just saying!

  14. Nobody

    March 4, 2011 at 10:55 AM

    Touche’, spinster. Ya got me there.

  15. spins22

    March 4, 2011 at 11:03 AM

    haha sorry didn’t want to be argumentative but i was wondering that lately if he even has time to read all of our messages but i guess that’s my answer. 🙂

  16. jennstinn

    March 4, 2011 at 11:45 AM

    I think it’s silly he doesn’t read the comments on his own site, but I guess he figures if you care enough then you should email him.
    Glad the Laurel interview isn’t happening. And I wouldn’t consider it a marriage proposal for a guy to say, “I want to marry you.” A lot of guys say that. A requires actually asking someone to marry you, a formal proposal, and usually a ring. I’m thinking either Laurel totally misconstrued his comments or she’s exaggerating for the articles. Either way, glad she is moving on.

  17. judyl

    March 4, 2011 at 1:01 PM

    I think Mr. Marks is a f@#%ing idiot. This is a reality show, you know, something to watch when there are only reruns on tv. I really like reading your blog Steve. Keep doing what you do!!!

  18. RTV

    March 4, 2011 at 1:01 PM

    So happy for Chantal. She dodged a bullet not being F1 to this dufus. He loves himself too much to have room for anyone else in his heart! Poor Emily and it’s even sadder for little Ricki..good luch, they are gonna need it to make it work with this jerk~ Never have been a fan of Womack’s..has nothing to do with whoever he chose as F1, I’d feel sorry for her.

  19. RTV

    March 4, 2011 at 1:04 PM

    *eta..good luck, damn typo

  20. hordac

    March 4, 2011 at 1:14 PM

    don’t know if I quite believe that Steve does not read the comments we make. Who could resist reading reaction to one’s own blog entries? Hmmmm, don’t entirely buy that.

  21. junkfilter777

    March 4, 2011 at 2:10 PM

    Well, I’m sorry Laurel turned down the interview. I was very interested in seeing more texts besides just ‘Happy birthday’ and ‘Hope you’re doing OK.’ I was hoping she would have something a little more of important than friendly how-do-you-do’s.

    I have a feeling the reason she backed out of the interview with Steve is that she wouldn’t have been getting paid the big bucks the tabloids have been paying her.

    She claims she is putting her story to rest and that she told her side of the story but I’ll make a bet right now she will do more interviews in the future with those who pay her.

  22. Ellieanne

    March 4, 2011 at 2:36 PM

    I think Laurel turned down the interview because she doesn’t have anything more to say about Brad than she’s already said. If she’s money hungry, then I’m wrong and I’m just not seeing it. In my opinion, she’s chosen to move on, close that chapter and be happy for Brad. Has nothing to do with money. Has to do with her being over him and over the gossip and tabloids. Maybe, she just wants to be left alone. I could be wrong, but she doesn’t seem like the publicity type, or she’d have come out the first time Brad was The Bachelor, and she didn’t.

    Not everybody wants to be giving interviews all the time or asked the same questions over and over and over again by different media outlets. It gets old fast. Besides, if all the people who once knew a bachelor/ette were to come forward each season, there’d be thousands of people wanting to tell the “real” story of that contestant going all the way back to Kindergarten when the contestant purposely broke their crayons, thereby proving how callous and shallow they were and still are. And, of all the contestants who have been on the Bachelor/ette over the years, only a few have gone on to be media whores. Most just slide back into private life and stay out of the spotlight.

  23. Athena

    March 4, 2011 at 4:37 PM

    Clearly, hoping to meet the man or woman of your dreams on a reality tv show with cameras and microphones at every turn is more than a stretch. But, in terms of Laurel and Brad’s drama, I’m willing to give them both a big pass. I’m very glad that back when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s there weren’t e-mails or twitters to record my every stupid move. Best of luck to all of them.

  24. JenJen

    March 4, 2011 at 6:15 PM


    He does read the comments here whether he admits it or not. Someone here was continuously insulting him – she got banned from the blog. When she emailed him asking why she could no longer log in, he blasted her and quoted every single insulting thing she’d said to him.

    I know because she’s my roommate.

    Fair warning – if you want to keep the privilege to comment here, keep your insults to yourself. Steve won’t delete the comments (why?) but he will delete your account. So play nice.

  25. DawsMA

    March 4, 2011 at 9:47 PM

    As I usually seem to, I agree with jennstinn about the Laurel interview. I’m glad it isn’t happening. Just go away already! I bet she was bummed out that her big revelations about Brad were, for the most part, met with minimal interest. In general her announcements that Brad “proposed” to her and contacted her during filming just weren’t all that relevant. It seemed like she was making more of it than it was. Either way who cares since he has obviously more than moved on.

    I also agree with Athena; thank goodness all this text/email trail stuff is only recent. I barely managed to avoid it generation-wise.

    As far as Steve reading the comments, I’m sure he does. I don’t think what he meant about not having time for his comment section meant he doesn’t read it; it just means he is above the anonymous drama that comes up here and on other boards. His point was to say that he doesn’t hide behind a screen name, and he gave examples where people do so.

    As for Chantal and her new boyfriend, hooray! I like her a lot, and am so happy to hear she is already moving on. Can’t wait to see her at the ATFR special. Shame she passed up all that money not being the next Bachelorette, but as we saw by her background, she probably doesn’t really need it anyway. Let Ashley use it to pay off dental school. Everyone wins!

  26. reallyhotchick

    March 4, 2011 at 11:14 PM

    Please stop doing these video blogs!!! They are very boring, you are much better and funnier in writing. I cannot watch the whole video it is just too boring, and stop taking Maddie out of her dog heaven to perfrom on your dull video blog. You are a dog lover, so stop doing that to her, she does not like doing it…very evident in her reactions…she is not a trained monkey. Do us all a favour, including Maddie, just type your thoughts.

    Forever your fan, if you stop doing those videos.

  27. MidwestGirl

    March 4, 2011 at 11:43 PM


    I may be wrong but isn’t a cunt typically a female?

  28. knan74

    March 5, 2011 at 1:37 AM

    *********LONGEST POST EVER*********(im a loser!)******

    Hey guys, I have been on this site for several years but hardly ever post, but I thought I’d help some of you out with some things you were asking…

    @Lisa E- Believe it or not, one of my friends is a very close family friend to Emily (I’m going to post the story at the end of this comment) and I just facebook chatted her and asked her about Em’s bday…its February 1, shes an Aquarius. Not sure about the others.

    @Nobody- I doubt Steve will mention much about it as it kinda falls into the area of “gossip” which he has mentioned several times that he tries to stay away from since the Jason fiasco. (I know someone is going to respond with “what about vienna though?” or “what about laurel?”…it’s kind of obvious what side those fall on on the very fine line of gossip versus relevant/information with elements more than just the gossip that every season brings, especially with the F1. (I know that tons of people will respond to this and say “but what about when he commented on soandso or thisandthat?” and I don’t have an answer…but for the past 2 years since the J/M/M situation, Steve has been very careful about what he blogs about, commenting on MAYBE 10-15 percent of tabloid fodder, and that percent were things that could compromise the “true love story” aspect of the show or there were pictures, texts, emails, etc and related to the story…I dont expect you to believe me because you don’t know me from Adam, but although I don’t know Emily, I am close with someone who is VERY CLOSE with her and don’t believe what you hear/read. I have known only one person on a semi-friend basis that has been on the Bach and gone fairly far and she told me that its AMAZING how quickly stories from hometown/college start up just because it’s easy for people to do…and this girl is someone that most of you would list in your top 5 of contestants with the best character/morals/values. And rumors swirled about her locally. And I’m sure they had gone to the national level had she been F1. To come “full circle” with my lengthy tangent, I highly doubt that Steve will comment on those rumors unless there’s somehow a way that it falls inside the “gray” area of his no-gossip rule and it becomes viable info. I hope this helps.

    @spins22, @Nobody, @JennStinn- I think that what you guys arent seeing is that if you reread Steve’s responses to the reader email about the column responses, he never mentions “reading”…I completely got the impression that he was referring to not getting involved with correspondence on these or putting much time into responding to them in future columns. Reread them and think about them in those terms. “I don’t have time for it” more than likely concerns him not getting involved in a lot of the drama/back and forth that goes on and all of the “Hey Steve, love your site, etc” If you go back and read for the last few years, you can find several antedotes as to where he obviously had to read the reader comments…remember a couple months ago when he asked if anyone knew who the rumored bachelor alumni couple was? He touched on most all of the responses from the site comments. Also, if anyone remembers back in the day before spoilers, he commented a lot in these things. I agree with @hordac. It would be understandable to assume that he doesn’t read these if there were as many comments on each column as there were after the Emily announcement, Jason/Molly/Melissa, or the columns that give out season spoilers. But hell, I hardly ever leave replies on this thing and I always read the comments after reading the blog….theres usually not THAT many and it takes a few minutes. @spins22, once again I think when he said “I dont have time for that”, he meant that he doesnt have time to get involved in the actual conversations/arguments/debates etc or he would be responding constantly….I really dont think he meant that he doesnt read them unless its a huge list. Also, if he responded to everyone on the comments site, the conversations could become so infinate that there would be no boundaries as to how long the short convos could go on and it becomes quite a commitment….im sure he doesnt get involved with these comments because ppl would be needy about “you {publicly} answered his question, how bout mine? so its easier to not get involved at all. I have talked to Steve a lot in different means and actually have referred to something I posted in the comments and he immediately knew of which I was referring. I have also seen comments removed based on things said in the comments (anyone remember the Holly Durst things that were removed a couple years ago in these?) He DEFINTELY READS THESE, NO DOUBT. I feel really certain about it. Maybe not every single one every single week but they do get read in general….

    @eyedanger- Your comment is confusing…what else would Steve be referring to?

    On to Laurel….I was one of the people that originally wanted an interview w RS. But I’m sure some of you DVR nightly entertainment shows as I do and she has already become repetitive and boring with her story and I have no desire to see it again. Heck, Charlie Sheen is starting to become repetitive, so there’s no way in hell Laurel would share much info that she hasn’t said already, correct? There’s only so much the girl can say.

    Okay, on to my Emily story…I shared this with Steve earlier this week but I’ll condense it because I’m sure people are already typing replies to this longass comment about how ridiculous and annoying this is: (fyi Im sick and incredibly bored….if that helps!) :p

    *****My sister’s best friend (“Jane”, name being changed) is getting married this spring. A few weeks before Christmas this year, she came over to our mother’s house to sit down and go over wedding details. While going over guest list, Jane tells us that we have to keep it very quiet but her family’s best friends (“the Maynards”) have a daughter her age she grew up with that just got back from the Bachelor a couple of weeks ago and that her friend Emily had won. She said that Emily was very happy and was engaged and was glowing. I didn’t really know what to say or think bc I had just read Steve’s season spoilers only a couple of days prior…Which, I don’t know about yall, but reading all of the spoilers on December 8th are kinda weird bc they pretty much don’t mean a whole lot to you when you have no idea who those people are. But I did remember that he had spoiled prior to Dec 8th that there were two girls in final 4 that had the same name, different spellings and pronounciation…then I remembered that the winner was one of them….So I basically got really quiet and just listened to Jane gush about how happy Em was…

    As soon as she left, I immediately checked the site and then I saw again and reaffirmed that Chantal was F1 and Emily was F2…I immediately told my sisters and mother. My mother tends to usually go with “whatever I say” which is technically “whatever Steve’s spoilers say” but my sister stood very firm that Jane was correct. I have to admit, it puzzled me, because I have watched Bach/ette EVERY season from the beginning, never missing episode in almost a decade and I have heard a lot of stories about leads and contestants getting home and hiding their broken heart or misleading family and friends but for the most part, the family gets a pretty good idea of the jist of how things have gone. But I honestly believed that it was Chantal. Being the smartass I am, I really wanted to tell Jane that spoilers were reporting otherwise but my sister was very firm with me about not mentioning anything about the show to Jane from hear on out because Jane was so close to the Maynards that it would affect her way too much and she believed without a doubt that Emily won.

    So I let it go, with a feeling of “Iknowsomethingyoudontknow” in my tummy for a couple of months. I know this is completely untactful and insensitive, but I looked forward to the finale for Emily’s cover to be blown to her friends and family (Also, during the show, even looking through the edits, it was interesting to THINK that Emily was capable of convincing her family of something completely opposite of the outcome of the show, especially with Ricki and a proposal involved, ya know?)

    It all didn’t make much sense but I am a FORTer and was really starting to question everything after “fridgegate” (which completely convinced 70-80 percent of FORTers a longgg time back that Emily won after an interview with Brad in his kitchen showed the drawing that little Ricki drew for him on her hometown date and it seemed VERY unlikely that it had been producer planted)…When Steve announced the change of F1 Monday, things really started coming together in my head. On the other hand, I wonder if Brad will be attending with her if they are still together or if the move to Texas will complicate her attendance? I’m so nosy, I’d love to see it.

    Let’s just say that I’m REALLY glad that I didn’t say anything to Jane. Super embarassing. I called my sister on Monday(who hasn’t watched a single episode of this season) and told her that Emily wins and she calmly said “I know. I don’t even know the names of any other contestant but I’m positive Emily wins” Funny. It just sucks when you love the scandal/spoilers/gossip related to the show and look really hard into the episodes from the beginning to watch the whole Chantal/Brad thing unfold and then go through a few weeks on FORT trying to analyze whether or not the Chantal spoiler was incorrect weeks ago after the black scarf inquiries, “fridgegate”, Em’s interesting new twitter picture, and blondiegal’s spoiler last weekend, as well as Lethargic’s spoiler from a source that said “Don’t pay attention to what youve heard, just watch what’s going on on the screen and you will know how everything works out”…when all along my sister and Jane were just simply “yeah, Emily wins” as they kinda shrug and go about their day.

    Sorry if this story was a waste of time to any of you. It was just a really weird experience and really puzzled me for quite awhile…I’m also soooo thankful that I didn’t lead Jane to realitysteve to disprove her close friend E.M.’s story. I just hope that maybe one of you out there can find it somewhat interesting 🙂 Steve made a good point though…at the time, if I had emailed Steve about this (which i should have probably regardless), it’s not like he wouldve put a tiny grain of salt into it…I can only imagine how many hearsay stories he gets (“Steve!! My brother’s best friend’s sister went to high school with Ashley H and she wears that she’s a big ho but she wins!!)”

    The truth is though, I enjoy listening to people’s social connections to Bach alumni. With several hundred cast members, we all are probably 3 or 4 degrees to at least ONE, right? I mean, one of my sorority sisters from MY university is a Bachelor winner from a few years ago. My ex boyfriend’s best friend was on Ali’s season but went home the first night. He was approached on the street in Denver, where he lives now. They asked him what his occupation was and he said he works at Home Depot…HILARIOUS that on the show it had him as _______, 27, Construction Consultant. LMAO. Also, one of the girls who was on the show then Bach Pad, was in a different sorority at my university. ALSO, I have seen one of the girls from Jakes season at Walmart several times since it aired….shes very happily taken now (even though her rep isnt too great)….

    Wow longest post ever. Please forgive me, no mean comments. I swear, I have been on this site for SEVERAL years but have commented a couple times here recently and maybe once or twice a season since. Please forgive, and hopefully at least one bit or two of this info helps somebody. I have an autobiographical memory (actual condition, its way more of a curse at times though) so I enjoy the Bach/ette and this blog bc I’m able to remember almost all contestants/columns. Total curse at times bc I feel the need to supply info that people may have forgotten LOL. Peace out guys, please give me feedback!

    ************LONGEST POST EVER***********************

  29. porchlight13

    March 5, 2011 at 5:48 AM

    @knan74 Wow what a post. :o) Thanks for the story very interesting. I think your correct that RS would have been, it is Chantel. Would love to here your comments on the wedding if they are both there etc. I hope they make it. I think Brad seems difficult, so hopefully Emily can handle it. He may be more calm and reserved if Rickie is always around, so that may help.
    @reallyhotchick: To funny, I was thinking, do more video blogs I like them. But I think it is because they are more toned down then his writing.

  30. DawsMA

    March 5, 2011 at 6:11 AM

    lol @reallyhotchick Maddie does seem incredibly bored and unimpressed when Steve interrupts her to come sit on his lap at the computer. He says he hates cats, but Maddie totally reminds me of a cat in these videos. She seems like she couldn’t care less except for when he offers her a treat, which is ironic since he says cats only care about us when we give them food.

  31. lemon-lime

    March 5, 2011 at 7:47 AM

    lol, that marks guy doesn’t know the difference between a journalist and a blogger. he’s a stupid fucking twat.

  32. RTV

    March 5, 2011 at 11:56 AM

    Knan. Yes I do question it, not that Emily is F1, but that you so conveniently have friends to so many of the past constestants in different states across the USA. Said your on FORT, well that explains it. There are so many made up fake people on that site who pretend they know so and so, when all they do is read blogger sites and gossip sites. I don’t care who wins, cannot stand Brad, so if he picks her, she is the loser in the end. Poor little Ricky.

  33. julia

    March 5, 2011 at 12:12 PM

    So I wonder if Stevo has a thing with Ashley from Jake’s season (the pretty blonde that had a super awkward convo with Jake the dork). He went to visit her in DC and just judging by his recent tweets, it seems like they were together last night 🙂 How adorable!

  34. ashleyp

    March 6, 2011 at 7:09 PM

    RS – I have been reading your blog since Jason’s season and I LOVE every single bit of it. I really could give two $hits if the ending of the last two seasons has been off a bit. Yeah – we all know there’s a little glitch there with your sources, which all works out before the end really is “The End” anyways. Either way you have known EVERY other detail, which I love knowing before it happens cause it makes it that much more entertaining. I look forward to all of the cheesiness, awkwardness, and bad editing of ABC and laugh my a$$ off even harder. I think you are an absolute GENIUS and I love your confidence – its super hott! Rock on and keep doing your thing. If at least one person keeps sticking around (that being me), you should still be happy…but I am sure you will keep your 500,000 hits a month! I look forward to more spoilers and your success in the future! ROCK ON YOU ARE AWESOME!

  35. scanlk

    March 6, 2011 at 10:07 PM

    Not sure I understand what that reader’s problem is (in your video). You do so much work to get this information out to us (those of us who like to spoil our shows) and there is nothing to complain about! Without you, we would not know endings at all! At least you get out the information as soon as you have it in your own hands… how can that person even complain! It isn’t like he is doing any work to figure out the series of events in the show… Basically, I just wanted to say a huge thanks! I always want to know the ending by this time because I cannot stand to wait past that-bring the old ladies on the show to chat and bitch episode- anyways… THANKS! You ROCK!

  36. Nobody

    March 7, 2011 at 3:20 AM


    You need to get a fucking life. You have way too of an much emotional interest in this shitty fucking show.

  37. Nobody

    March 7, 2011 at 3:21 AM

    Shit… and I need to proofread.

    “You have way too much of an emotional interest in this shitty fucking show”.

  38. malu42

    March 7, 2011 at 1:27 PM

    Love your blog Steve. Been following it off and on since before the whole Jason/Melissa/Molly scandal.

    I loved your blog before you started getting spoilers, when you got the spoilers, whatever. Whether they were right OR wrong, could care less really. I love your column because of your sense of humor, offbeat comments, and general wacky writing!

    I love the random video blogs! Adding Maddie and seeing how obviously uninterested she is, as well as the wine rack comments just add to it. People with a sharp sense of humor appreciate you! Keep it up…LOVE IT!!!!!

  39. mollyfrommississippi

    March 7, 2011 at 3:34 PM

    Hi Steve,

    Never wrote one of these before so please forgive me if I am incorrect in anything.

    I am not much of a TV person but I am a reader and love to read endings before reading the book itself. Your website is the only reason I watch the Bachelor family “reality” tv shows.

    I understand relity tv because my niece was cast as a “love interest” for Nick Simmons in Gene Simmons Family Jewels and I saw how “real” it was. Situations were set up and they just went through the motions, etc. Reality. Righttttttttt.

    That being said, I am really hoping that Brad and Emily have a chance. Who did not love Emily? I always thought Brad was smarmy but maybe she will redeem him. She deserves her happily everafter. My gosh, they do look like Ken and Barbie!

    As for everyone who writes you with a bunch of crap I applaud you for ignoring them. Your website does not pop up nor does it force anyone to read it. (One of my favorite sayings is, “Stop being stupid, people!)

    So I will continue to read the ending of my books first and reading your spoilers. If I didn’t want to know I wouldn’t read them.

    Molly from Mississippi

  40. knan74

    March 8, 2011 at 2:20 AM

    Ugh another long post I’ve been working on today, as I’m still sick. (Even though “Nobody” thinks I don’t have a life, I haven’t checked this thing in like 4 days since the other day when I spent the whole day in bed working on composing my thoughts and experiences. In addition, I think this is my third or fourth post EVER, after reading for several years. No life? Right. Just because I’m a fast typer, am a writer, and have had plenty of time to work on this while sick with strep…) I had no idea that sharing what I know about present and past contestants would be such a problem for people. I’d like to explain why its not so hard to digest and why for some strange reason I feel like defending myself.

    If you want to say its “having no life” or being obsessed with reality show/gossip forums, thats fine.

    @ RTV-
    As for those of you who just wanted to question my credibility (which I never claimed to be BFFs or even anything more than a semi-friend of any of those Bach alums) I’d like to point out that if I was going to make up those things, I’d probably go all out and say I knew them better or knew more. In this post, I’ll reveal the four contestants I “allegedly” know or have some kind of social connection with. Keep in mind, that although RTV seems to imply that I’m claiming to be buddy-buddy with these people, but I never said I was anything but a semi-friend to one of them. I said that my ex boyfriend knew a guy from Ali’s season, I live in the same small town as a woman from Jake’s season and have seen her since the show but do not know her, attended the same college and was involved with sorority life with a girl from Andy’s season/Bach Pad as well as someone from Travis’ season, and have a connection to Emily as she and her family are close to my sister’s BFF.

    It’s not like I’m claiming to be close friends or even know THAT much about any of them….those are just five contestants that I’m two degrees or less away from. SURELY everyone on this board has at least one Bachelor alumni that they are at least two degrees away from. I mean, these ARE regular people. It’s not even like they were “regular” people before the show and then became famous celebs…they are people like us now. RTV also claimed that he/she finds it odd that I “conveniently know so many of these past contestants from SO MANY different states”……

    First of all, I don’t know how this would be so convenient. Like I said, it’s not like they’re making millions a year and I’m making ten bucks off each of them being one or two degrees away from them. Secondly, I said I only semi-knew ONE of the past contestants I mentioned. The others were acquaintances or friends with people I am/was close to. So saying that I know them is a little much. Third, (excluding Emily’s connection to my sister’s childhood bestie, which I’ll get to) all four of my other “past contestants that I conveniently know that live in different states” all have one important common denominator: they have lived or live within an hour of me, if not closer. To add even more credibility to my claims, three of the four of which I speak did not even have the area I live in as their listed city with their age on their respective shows. Unless you were a serious sleuth on FORT with absolutely nothing else to hunt for and a low enough self-esteem that you need to make up a few random people that were on TV that you have been around before, nobody would bother collecting this information unless they already knew it. That’s just common sense. Basically, one would have to do a ton of research on almost 600 Bachelor alumni to try to find a few with a common place of residency, whether it be a place they went to high school, college, or currently reside…you follow me?
    I’ll explain the location when I explain the contestants in a second…pay attention to where the show listed the contestant from. Most were listed nowhere near me, yet they were all associated with where I live at some point that the show didn’t mention. And yes, a lot of this information is available online, like where they went to college, etc. But once again, I would’ve had to do a ton of research to try and find that out.

    I shouldn’t have claimed so quickly to be a “FORTer” considering that I only visit it occasionally. I was fairly certain that by me explicitly listing all of the examples of proof that they have claimed to have come up with the past few weeks, I was setting off a sarcastic tone but RTV didn’t seem to catch on. I realized that I claimed to be on a whim as i was typing, but I was kind of lazily claiming “im a FORTer” in a manner to mean that I’ve visited it, read it, and then added a hint of sarcasm. Look me up on there and see my ONE post ive ever made which had pretty much a condensed version of my previous post on here a couple of days ago while waiting for Steve to announce the change in projected winner. FORT is quite entertaining and useful at times and theres occasionally a dribble of valuable info to connect some dots with. I just don’t have the time to contribute to it or even keep up with the latest over there. And I agree with RTV that there are some phonies on there…and it did bother me that I was somehow grouped with them although my claims were by no means excessive or impressive. But I’d still like to explain for the sake of anyone who questioned how hard it would be to “know” (as at least one reader seemed to assume) even when theyre from “different states”…it’s actually not hard at all. Keep in mind that I’m in my twenties, went to a large state university, was active with my sorority, and been through some Bach casting.

    Keep in mind that I’m from a place like where I live, where a big city is considered one with 80-100k people. You may think that this would lessen the odds of being familiar with 4 former cast members but it actually improves the chances, considering that if someone is fairly attractive, successful, over achieving, and publicly notable (as the two Bach alums I went to college with were), they were quite well known before the show. Ok here I go to explain:

    Peyton from Andys season and Bach Pad was a Tri Delt at UT-Knox the same time I was there, we worked together on many philanthropy projects/events and Greek festivities. Sarah who won Travis’ season was a Phi Mu at UT and was one of the girls I actually spoke with during rush…she was a really sweet girl who was very involved on campus like Peyton. Although we met briefly and not much again because she was a few years older, she was well liked on campus. Keep in mind, Peytons residency has been Dallas and Sarah’s as Nashville as she moved there after college I believe. After I graduated from UT, I moved about 30 minutes north of Knoxville to a little town called Lafollette, home of Miss Ella from Jake’s season. It’s very small and its not hard to run into many of the same people. Multiple times. Often in the same day. Lastly, my ex boyfriend’s high school friend’s name was Jason and he was eliminated the first night of Ali’s season. He was the one who worked at Home Depot but was listed as a “construction consultant” and picked off the streets of Denver. I’m guessing this is where RTV was picking up this whole “different states” I guess because I mentioned Emily as a friend of a friend (who lives in Charlotte) and Denver is quite a ways a way. Well, although he was listed as Denver, which is where he now lives as I mentioned, he grew up in my ex boyfriend’s hometown which was not far from me.. of Johnson City, Tennessee. i’m not sure if you can find this online, but its true.

    I don’t see how being affiliated with these four past contestants is so unbelievable that anyone, RTV or others, can say that they find it incredibly odd or that I’m worth being cast in the group of people who troll the internet making up stories about cast members they slept with, etc. I don’t claim to be BFF with ANY of these people, the only one i have seriously spoken to more than once is Peyton and that was YEARS ago and was mainly at events and meetings of Greek organizations. And Ella, well everyone around her knows who she is….a coworker recently told me she saw Ella with her son at Dollywood last summer. As long as these four people have the common denominator of living near the Knoxville area around the same time, I don’t see how it’s THAT odd. Sorry.

    Now, one last closing argument. RTV, you said all it takes is someone reading a really good blog/gossip site and you can successfully say you know a Bach castmember really well. Well, now that everyone knows my connections to them heres what I originally said. IMO, I’m not even saying that I KNOW any of these people that well, ya know?? Let me know guys.

    ……..”I mean, one of the soroity girls from MY university is a Bachelor winner from a few years ago. My ex boyfriend’s best friend was on Ali’s season but went home the first night. He was approached on the street in Denver, where he lives now. They asked him what his occupation was and he said he works at Home Depot…HILARIOUS that on the show it had him as _______, 27, Construction Consultant. LMAO. Also, one of the girls who was on the show then Bach Pad, was in a different sorority at my university. ALSO, I have seen one of the girls from Jakes season at Walmart several times since it aired”…..

    Go ahead and tell me I have no life. I mean, I’m a writer. Whos home sick for a week. With a few tidbits of information I wanted to share about past contestants, mainly because I like hearing people’s connections to Bach alumni. Hopefully this cleared things up. With all these meds I’m on for this goshawful illness, I made it my mission tonight to prove that you can honestly have a few minor connections without being a big ole phoney. Anxious to hear your feedback (especially you RTV! 🙂 )

  41. knan74

    March 8, 2011 at 4:24 AM


    By the way, I have ZERO emotional interest in this show…notice that I don’t refer at ALL to this show being about “love” or any other sappy emotion that Fleiss whores out to win that key demographic. It’s laughable.

    I realize I wrote a lot but I’m a writer and I’m sick and have read this blog for several years and never posted a comment…so it was a lot to say 🙂 Since people come to this site for a few reasons, a main one being that they want inside info, I figured I’d offer what I had for the first time considering my history with casting and contestants.

    Like I said, I have the same non-emotional interest in this show that Steve does. It sucks that the length of a blog comment seems to reflect some sort of emotional connection with a TV show. This is the only tv show i watch and its because I usually have Monday nights free of any work or graduate school homework. I don’t read the Us weekly articles, keep up with the love stories, or get warm and fuzzies. I love the blotched editing, the warped editing, the cast manipulation, and the behind the scenes ridiculousness. I posted the Emily story hoping to maybe hear another reader’s experience with a F1 or even F2 and the story they tell family/close friends and where the lines are drawn, if that makes sense.

    In my response particularly to you in my first comment (@Nobody), I don’t see how you can find any evidence of an emotional investment. If anything, it was contradictory of that. I made it clear that 1. Steve doesn’t tend to comment on much gossip 2. It was inevitable that Emily would become a target as soon as she was verified as F1 3. Signing that contract is a huge risk as all kinds of crap comes up rumor wise…and the further you go and the more camera time you get, the more people that went to high school with you but never even had a class with you have all kinds of stories for US weekly about ya. and 4. you guys were contemplating the idea of Steve reading or not reading the comments and I tried to help…One of the reasons I’m a writer is that I can talk a lot (obviously. Almost as much as Steve.) and I have an autobiographical memory. I have read nearly all of Steve’s post for several years and thought I could be of help. It obviously didnt go over well. But once again, none of these 4 ideas I just covered from the original post display ANY kind of emotional attachment to this show. Like I said, youre obviously not used to seeing anyone on this site (or others) writing so much about it. But I promise, i could write ten pages on Nesquik chocolate milk. That’s probably why my “extra income” job is writing papers for people and why I’ll probably keep getting masters and phds as long as they’ll keep giving me student loans 🙂

    Lastly, since I went through casting and caught wind of the contract, this show has become very interesting to me. Anyone who would sign that has my full attention: without any emotional investment. I hope you can see that 🙂

  42. Nobody

    March 8, 2011 at 5:18 AM

    “… I’ll probably keep getting masters and phds as long as they’ll keep giving me student loans”

    Thats the spirit, leave a huge pile of debt on your heirs that they’ll never be able to recover from. I hope to the same to my heirs.

  43. knan74

    March 8, 2011 at 5:32 AM

    @Nobody= it was a figure of speech. I am currently going to school under mutual funds, if it really matters. But that wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting to write 🙂 Calm down.

  44. snots

    March 8, 2011 at 8:55 AM

    Knan74–you are not far from me. I am in Oak Ridge. Lafollete is a verrrry small town!

  45. iheartcdf

    March 8, 2011 at 8:57 AM

    I know you insist Ashley H. is the Bachelorette, but after her Women Tell All segment last night I’m convinced it’s really the other Ashley. Chris had her talk at length about her past relationship failures and kept asking her if she deserved to find love; plus, she’s more likable than Ashley H. and definitely more classically beautiful. Maybe it was another spoiler mistake on your part? Guess we’ll find out After the Final Rose!

  46. knan74

    March 8, 2011 at 9:01 AM

    snots! im in oak ridge all the time….i have an ex that went to ORHS….i work part time there sometimes too….are you from there originally?

  47. iheartcdf

    March 8, 2011 at 9:07 AM

    Ooh and here’s something else I wanted to get out: In Laurel’s magazine story it has a quote from Chris Harrison that goes something like, “Brad is so happy with his final choice, he’s with a fiery woman who challenges him” or something like that. Does this sound like Emily to you? Ummmm…sounds like everything Brad has said about Chantal since the very beginning to me. (I am rooting for Emily BTW, but when I read that article that stood out to me instantly.)

  48. drudydavis

    March 8, 2011 at 12:34 PM

    Did this episode make anyone else really excited for Bachelor Pad? You know that show is going to be filled with ridiculousness!

  49. snots

    March 8, 2011 at 2:04 PM

    Knan-Ive lived in Oak Ridge for awhile now but graduated from Clinton. Go to RSCC now, worked in K-ville for awhile but quit last year. Just a student/professional wife/mother now. 🙂

  50. cynderfish

    March 9, 2011 at 1:05 PM

    @iheartcdf – no I didn’t read that article but if its true – wow that does say alot about it relating to Chantal and not Emily. I hate to say this but my gut says he picks Chantal even though it all points to Emily. And I really like Emily too.

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