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“Women Tell All” Recap – 3/7/11 Including Lots of Other News and Links

For episode-by-episode spoilers of Brad’s season, click on the link above that says “Bachelor Brad Spoilers” (it’s like, 1″ inch above this sentence. Twice). It has a breakdown of every date, rose, and elimination, all the way down to Brad’s final choice. Which of course was modified since there was some kinda big news revealed last Monday. Don’t know if you’d heard. However, there will be spoilers talked about throughout the course of this column. You’ve been warned.

Just for those that don’t remember, the “Women Tell All” recap is much, much shorter than regular columns. Even though there was some drama last night, a lot of the stuff we were shown is recapping things we’ve already gone over during the season. Sure, I’ll mention all the important parts of last nights episode, but I really don’t go into too much detail other than to give a few of my thoughts. However, there’s a TON of stuff cover before I start recapping the last nights episode. The first two pages of today’s blog covers a bunch of different topics, including a quick DC recap, the Emily “In Touch” cover story, a link to Ashley’s exit interview, a reality TV convention that I will be having a giveaway for, plus a message from Jason Mesnick in regards to contest he’s helping support. You might want to check it out considering the prize at stake. Plenty of stuff to get to before the recap, so lets get started.

A very eventful weekend in Washington, DC. Good times all around, got to see where that President guy works, saw the giant phallic symbol that is the Washington Monument, and that was pretty much it for historic landmarks. I really wasn’t too up for going on any museum tours. I know, real shocking to hear I’m not a museum guy, huh? I’m sure if you followed my Twitter at all Friday night you were aware of the places I was able to hit up with Ashleigh Hunt. Yes, that Ashleigh Hunt that had quite the impressive kiss with Craig R during the NY Reunion that was shown last night. Hey, they’d be idiots not to cast Ashleigh on “Bachelor Pad 2”. I would hope that have enough sense to do that. Attractive, outgoing, and doesn’t seem like she’s shy in front of the camera either, does she? She’s got my vote to get cast. More on “Bachelor Pad” stuff during the recap.

Quite an interesting evening on Friday to say the least. From Josephine’s, where Ashleigh proceeded to lose her drivers license, to Dirty Martini with no DJ, to Midtown which I don’t remember much of, then to Jumbo Slice at 2am, it was pretty nuts. I can say for the record that Jumbo Slice has the biggest slices of pizza I’ve ever had in my life. Gotta love that carb overload right before bed. So thank you to Ashleigh introducing me to Jumbo Slice. It’ll never be forgotten. Also want to give thanks to my car service to the airport on my way home which was none other than Rozlyn Papa. Good to finally meet her after pretty much a year of conversing. I’ll let it slide for now that she flaked on the weekend earlier happenings and left us hanging.

The “After the Final Rose” tapes today in LA, and judging by a couple of tweets from Molly Mesnick yesterday, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that her and Jason are somehow going to be a part of the ATFR taping, which makes sense. They just recently had their year anniversary, so not surprising the show wants to have them on for an update on what married life has been like. There’d be no other reason for Jason and Molly to be in LA today unless they are part of the ATFR taping, so I expect we’ll see that. And if Jason and Molly are appearing, I’m guessing we will see Ali and Roberto as well. Those are the latest “success” couples, so of course they will bring them back to show off to everyone. It’s pretty much to be expected.

Something that struck me while I was on the plane this weekend, is that since they started “recycling” the lead on the “Bachelor/ette”, the show has been on the exact same shooting schedule. The last three seasons of the “Bachelor” (Jason, Jake, Brad) filmed Sept/Oct through right before Thanksgiving, then started airing the first week of January. The last three seasons of the “Bachelorette” (Jillian, Ali, now Ashley) filmed March through May with the first episode airing end of May. The reason I bring this up is because if you’re gonna announce the new “Bachelorette” during the ATFR taping, doesn’t that pretty much automatically eliminate the final two girl as the lead? I mean, you can’t bring her out on stage, have her re-live her journey of just getting dumped, probably have her cry, make her ask the Bachelor questions regarding the break up, then in the same breath say, “Oh hey, you’re our next ‘Bachelorette'”. Seems like that could never work. If she knows she’s the next “Bachelorette”, she wouldn’t care about what happened when she got dumped four months ago. She’d be over it anyway and looking forward to being the next lead.

I don’t know how they would’ve done it with Chantal if she had accepted and not turned it down to date a local Seattle guy. In case you don’t want to go back and read Friday’s post, Chantal is dating a Seattle guy by the name of Jeff Razore. In the links I included Friday, neither of his pictures were part of the pages, but apparently, his work decided to add it over the weekend. Probably from all the traffic I brought to their site. You’re welcome. Anyway, here is a picture of Chantal’s new man:

This guy looks like Bill Rancic from the “Apprentice”. Enjoy it Jeff. Just know you were the guy Chantal chose not to be the “Bachelorette” for. No pressure. Anyway, it just seems damn near impossible if they continue on with this shooting schedule to ever have the final two girl as the next “Bachelorette”. Obviously after Jason dumped Melissa and went to Molly (thus making Melissa final two), she declined to do it, so they went with Jillian. Tenley was the final two girl but they surpassed her to go with Ali. And now this season, where it’s not Chantal and they went with the final three girl. If you’re gonna announce the next “Bachelorette” during the ATFR taping, I just don’t see how it can ever be the final two girl. Doesn’t seem like it’d make much sense.

As for Chantal’s appearance at the ATFR taping today, considering she’s dating someone already and has moved on, any emotions we see out of her, or any hard pressing questions she has for Brad will be completely producer induced. I feel bad she even has to show up and pretend like she cares what happened four months ago. If she was single and still hurting, then yes, it makes sense. But when she’s moved on, I’m sure it doesn’t matter too much to get any closure from Brad. However, there’s no chance in hell the show brings her on and lets her say “I’m good. I’m happy, I’m seeing someone now, I don’t really have any questions for Brad, it’s all in the past, I wish him and Emily well.” No way. It’s obvious that’s how she’s feeling, but no way they’ll let her say that. Hopefully I’ll have some details later this week from the ATFR taping, but I don’t expect anything shocking to come of it. Brad and Emily are engaged, Jason and Molly will talk about their first year of marriage, and Ali and Roberto probably talking about their first 6 months together. When will Ashley be officially announced as the next “Bachelorette”? Not sure. Maybe during today’s taping, maybe not. But filming starts next week, so it’s gonna have to be sometime soon. And there was a reason she had a whole new look last night. That wasn’t coincidental.

By the way, you can read Ashley’s exit interview from last week right here courtesy of A couple of interesting answers that she gave in regards to her demise from the show which pretty much backed up what she said last night. I’ll give credit to Ashleigh Hunt for tweeting this first last night, but Ashley up on the hot seat last night was almost identical to Ali’s hot seat performance from her “Women Tell All”. Talking about regrets, not trusting the process, then morphing in to “really excited going forward, ready to date” etc. If you had ANY doubts about Ashley being the next “Bachelorette”, last nights hot seat performance should’ve solidified it for you. Why it’s taking them so long to announce it I have no idea, but this thing has been set since two weeks ago when I first announced it. Maybe they don’t want it “officially” announced because guys haven’t left for filming yet and maybe they are scared of a reaction and they want to keep it a surprise to them, like they did with Brad. Remember, Brad wasn’t officially announced until after the women had left to start filming. Hell, his appearance on DWTS happened AFTER the meet and greet had taken place and he’d already eliminated 10 women. Granted, the week before people knew it was him, but it wasn’t “official”. That’s the only reason I can think of as to why they haven’t announced Ashley yet.

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  1. DallasMs

    March 8, 2011 at 11:04 AM

    I think this WTA took the cake for catfights. I’ve watched all of them but the 1st…and this one was a DOOZY! WTF with Jackie, the virginal girl-next-door? Man. She was gonna take Michelle DOWN. I even felt sorry for Michelle.

    Totally agree with you on Ashley Spivey…she looked gorgeous. Unlike her “sister” Ashley Hebert. I am so disappointed that you let her new look get by without a scathing comment. So, Allie got extensions…now Ashley has them. Is that the new requirement when you become the Bachelorette? Ashley looked like a drag queen with all that makeup and dark hair. Her hairdresser and makeup artist need to be boiled in oil. She’s far prettier than she was made up last night.

  2. mommyof2

    March 8, 2011 at 11:24 AM

    I was also pretty alarmed at Jackie’s comments. I actually felt sorry for Michelle. Michelle talked extensively about the guilt she feels for leaving her daughter, and then that one girl (don’t even remember her name) kept laying into her about her role as a mother, implying she’s a bad mom, when she herself doesn’t even have kids. Talk about kicking her while she’s down. It was much too harsh. That girl has no right giving motherly advice when she doesn’t have children.

    Also, I was really disappointed in Ashley H.’s new look. She no longer looks like the girl next door, but rather some heavily made-up, completely different person. I noticed the longer length, too, and realized she has hair extensions just like Alli had her season. What’s wrong with the Bachelorette having shorter hair? Weird.

    I loved seeing Ashley S. on there, and I actually wish she was the next Bachelorette instead (or Shawntel). I was also alarmed that we didn’t hear from Shawntel. I actually was looking forward to hearing from Michelle, Shawntel, and the two Ashley’s. I could’ve cared less about the Melissa/ Raichel spat, too.

  3. jennstinn

    March 8, 2011 at 11:27 AM

    @dallasms I think the problem with Ashley H’s look was the makeup, not the hair. If you look at this picture (tweeted by some bachelor person): I think she looks cute with her darker hair. I have no idea why last night she looked so tan and her lips were such an “old” color. She is a very cute girl–I’m sure they’ll get her style right on the show.
    And I also thought Jackie seemed crazy last night–what was wrong with her? I mean, Michelle was entertaining, and I don’t ever remember her saying anything about Jackie in particular. Even worse, though, were the other two girls attacking Michelle who I don’t even remember. How could you possibly be offended when you weren’t even on the show that long?

    Can’t believe they didn’t talk to Shawntel, that was strange.

  4. mmayse

    March 8, 2011 at 11:32 AM

    Stacey as the joker?? I think Erica Rose (from reunion footage) definitely had her beat. Did you see that red lipstick? Ewww, just eww!

  5. Ellieanne

    March 8, 2011 at 11:39 AM

    I felt sorry for Michelle, too. She was just being bombarded and by people who barely knew her! I was really surprised when CH said, “Enough! Stop it!” or words to that effect to the other girls putting Michelle down. I did know that Michelle was very sarcastic, funny and irreverent on the show, and I didn’t think she was truly mean at all. It’s too bad the other girls couldn’t get that. We only saw her on TV, they lived with her. How could they not get it?

    I don’t like Ashley H’s new look. It was stark, almost 40’s movie star look with dark hair, red lips, etc. Kind of Joan Crawford-ish…She claimed it was her natural color, but it doesn’t work. Maybe if she sees enough negative comments about it, she’ll go back to her previous color before filming The Bachelorette.

    One question: Were the scenes of Brad, his brother and whomever filmed (with the Richard Hatch impersonator in the background) in South Africa or in Mexico because they sure looked a lot like they did in that clip supposedly from Cabo with Chad drinking and driving and all of them singing Firecracker or whatever. Same beer, same laughing, maybe even same clothes. Curious.

  6. reflects on life

    March 8, 2011 at 11:43 AM

    The hair guy & the weatherman spat was entertaining in a train-wreck sort of way and thus worthy of some screen time during Ali’s season’s MTA. But Rachel/Melissa were just annoying, I even fast-forwarded their spat during the season (watched on hulu) cuz it was just uninteresting & useless. That they would give that issue a good 15 minutes during WTA and no airtime for Shawntel, the #4 girl, was just criminal. Maybe they didn’t want to take attention away from Ashley H as the preordained bachelorette. Ashley S would be a great Bachelorette, plus it would give her the last laugh – she lost Brad to Ashley H in the 2-on-1 date, but let her win the Bachelorette slot from Ashley H!

  7. mommyof2

    March 8, 2011 at 11:49 AM

    @ jennstinn Thanks for posting that Twitter pic of Ashley H. and Reid. I loved Reid from Jillian’s season, so it was great to see him. Also, Ashley’s hair looked much better. I guess it being dark is fine, I just didn’t like that style, w/ the waves and texture in the extensions and the reddish ornage tint that we saw at the WTA. Her make-up was just so bad at the WTA. This pic looks much more like her and her girl-next-door image. Much better!

  8. writeone

    March 8, 2011 at 12:11 PM

    The question I wish would have been asked is why Michelle felt so sure that if Brad ended up with Chantal it would be a mistake. What did she see that gave her the right to say something like that about someone? Did it influence Brad’s decision. Or was she just jealous or put up to it. Maybe it was a long list of people she thought would be bad for Brad and they just cut it. Who knows?

    From the promo’s it looks like Brad takes Chantal out and under the water again when she is deathly afraid of it. Which prompts her to tell him “this better end with you f**king putting a ring on my finger.” And then he will have more excuses for her being emotional. Didn’t ever see Emily with a challenging date. Flying the kite maybe, that was a challlenge for her. But Brad would have stopped the NASCAR date in a second. But would he stop the date if Chantal was scared to death? Don’t think so. This just shows me Brad had Emily as F1 from Day1.

    The rest of the show was pretty boring. Except seeing Rachel’s $11,000 boob job again. How much bigger could it get for $20,000? Do they implant back braces for “bazoons” that big? Just sayin.

  9. Sunnyside422

    March 8, 2011 at 12:15 PM

    Never thought Ashley H. was attractive! She is downright plain in her new look! I think the men will be terribly disappointed she is the Bachelorette especially if they had hopes of it being Chantal! Now that pick would have been entertaining. Loads of drama, tears, kissing, etc. Ashley H. will be ho hum. Sorry #3 picks are always that way.

    Ashley S. was a cutie pie. Very very pretty and sweet with personality. Shame someone didn’t give her another chance to earn more cash as the ‘Ette. Or maybe she turned it down. Never know.

    I just wish recycling would cease! New blood, please. I know there are plenty of more actors/actresses and wanna be stars out there to choose from!

  10. Nobody

    March 8, 2011 at 12:25 PM

    Ashley H’s new look made her look like a horse. Someone stick a carrot in her mouth and get her to shut the hell up.

    Michelle is a terrible actress. Hey Michelle, when a person is REALLY crying there are normally tears. You should have had makeup running down your face with all the slobbering you did. But there was nothing there… amazing.

    I wanna bend Ashley S. over the edge of my sofa. Girl was smokin.

    Why is it ok for Emily to be away from her kid to do a show but not for Michelle? Double-standard?

    Brad, you’re a fucking douche. Emily is only doing the show to get noticed, so consider yourself dumped within a month at most.

    Chris Harrison looked like he was flaming. Great new doo dude.

  11. finerthings

    March 8, 2011 at 12:27 PM

    Before I read, Jackie and Stacie made themselves look petty, mean, and ridiculous last night, I was so happy when Chris put Jackie in her place. Goodness, they were awful!

  12. DallasMs

    March 8, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    @Jennstin-thanks for the pic of Reid. He was my crush during Jillian’s season. LOVE HIM. But I’m still not sold on the darker hair on her. I had hair envy every time I saw she and Ashley Spivey this season….GREAT haircut/style/color on both of them. I think the lighter color brightens her face so much more. But do agree with you that the darker hair was almost eclipsed by the makeup job. I dreaded watching Alli all season with her gnarly extensions. They were just WRONG. Hopefully Ashley’s hair…if not blonde again will at least be slightly lighter? Hey, she feels the need for a change.

    Also agree with everyone’s comments on Shawntel. The first shot of her did not look like she was happy to be there, but I’ve NEVER seen a WTA with a girl that got hometown date not get screen time or at least questioned by Chris. Something was up there. Steve needs to suss out more intel on that.

  13. finerthings

    March 8, 2011 at 12:48 PM

    Ashley H. Bachelorette. This is such a terrible idea. I think she just can’t really be made over nicely. She either looks like a little farmer girl or is completely unrecognizable like last night.

    But just her personality is what is the most frustrating. Chris even looked bored interviewing her. Sigh.

  14. jstu0911

    March 8, 2011 at 12:53 PM

    I was also schocked that Steve let Ashley H’s look go – that was just downright awful. Could it be that he’s crushing on Miss Ashley?!?!

  15. khufu

    March 8, 2011 at 1:06 PM

    I think they should film two rival women on an upcoming Bachelorette & let them fight it out over the 25 bachelors – that would be some interesting tv I am sure!

  16. finerthings

    March 8, 2011 at 1:07 PM

    Ok, third comment, shoot me. Steve, who are you to say that Emily doesn’t have problems finding love? She’s obviously not married yet. I mean, sure, she probably has guys that fawn over her, but that doesn’t mean she loves them. She had every right to go on the show to find love, as much as anyone else.
    I mean, if you are actually willing to SHARE all your “other info” about her that might prove that statement, then you can share your opinion. Otherwise, what you are saying makes no sense.

  17. jennstinn

    March 8, 2011 at 1:17 PM

    finerthings–I agree with the other info stuff. This is getting ridiculous. I mean, if RS has other information he either needs to not mention it, or tell us! It’s like when you’re in high school and you tell your best friend, “I know a secret…” and then when they ask you what it is you’re like, “Oh I can’t tell you!” I mean, it’s just an immature way of showing power. I’m getting sick of it as a reader. I feel like we’re all (readers and Steve) supposed to be in the same “club.”

    Obviously I’m still reading and I still love the blog, but I really wish I didn’t have to hear about all the inside info he can’t share.

  18. beave1024

    March 8, 2011 at 1:23 PM

    Am I the only one who did NOT feel sorry for Michelle? You reap what you sow. She did nothing but talk smack about people all season on national tv but expected no repurcussions? Yes Stacy (who did look very Joker-ish) was not all that prominent of a character on the show but she was the only one with a backbone to confront her about it. Michelle knows how to manipulate the cameras and she played everyone watching again last night. girlfriend is a complete fruit loop… but a stunning fruit loop. Who punches themselves in the eye? There was finally footage last night where she says “If i can do this to myself, who knows what I can do to someone else?” that is not get into a fight with yourself. Again, it’s all about the attention on Michelle. it’s very easy to get yourself worked up and claim to be hyperventilating…she is an “actress” after all. i am sorry but i dont buy it for one second.

  19. Small_Peanut

    March 8, 2011 at 2:09 PM

    You (beave) wrote: There was finally footage last night where she says “If I can do this to myself, who knows what I can do to someone else?”

    That was a joke, jeez, I’d hate to go to a comedy club with you, lighten up. If you cannot poke fun of yourself (which she was doing, she said it “tongue in cheek”) then who can you make fun of? Seriously! She apologized profusely for those who she offended, if you want to get on someone’s tail, I’d get on Jackie’s or the chick that questioned her parenting skills, those two women were obviously bullying to try and make it on bachelor pad 2. I’m VERY disappointed to see Jackie of all people stoop to such a bullying level, never would have guessed she could turn like that. Obviously they were envious of her time with him, who cares what her tactics were, on a show like that, do what you can to stand out, they had their time, move onward! She apologized so accept and move on already.

  20. kabanna

    March 8, 2011 at 2:26 PM

    Beave, I’m with you. I didn’t buy a thing coming from Michelle.

    And Steve, sure it could have been four months ago since the taping, HOWEVER, these girls didn’t see all the things Michelle said until we just did. Seems to me that it would be fresh to them, not old news.

    Jackie or Stacey, whoever it was, confronted Michelle, and all Michelle could do was cry. Own up to your actions and say you were two-faced. Or tell them that you are an actress and were just playing it up for the camera…kinda like what you were doing right then with the faux-crying…acting! Sorry, tears (although she didn’t have any) to me don’t mean you are sorry for what you said.

    And I don’t agree that good mothers leave their child(ren) to go on a reality show. Sure, maybe go on a vacation for a few days, or even a week, but to leave for months? Nope. That’s putting yourself first and your child last.

  21. dandygirl

    March 8, 2011 at 2:30 PM

    I’m so confused as to how Ashley H. can be on these shows and still be in dental school. There are only around 60 dental schools in the nation and it’s super competitive. If she goes to school in Philly, she goes to either Penn or Temple, both of which have intense programs. Having a friend in dental school, I have never heard of someone just taking time off to go be on television. I read Ashley’s wet paint interview and it just doesn’t seem to add up.

  22. Athena

    March 8, 2011 at 2:38 PM

    Michelle should have smiled sweetly at everyone and then stood up and done her now-famous arm smack-down:”Bam!!!!!”

  23. SharonH

    March 8, 2011 at 2:39 PM

    Dude- i love the phallic banana that’s pictured in your advertising!!!

  24. NatyAZ

    March 8, 2011 at 2:55 PM

    I read in an article today on that Chris Harrison said that they did not speak with Shawntel because Michelle basically took up her segment time. They were supposed to talk with her right after Michelle, but because of the drama and crying, they continued with Michelle instaed of moving on with Shawntel.

  25. Aspen

    March 8, 2011 at 3:07 PM

    I didn’t feel sorry for Michelle – I really felt she was just acting. Like Tenley, she’s great at dishing it out until someone calls her on the carpet (I was applauding Jackie for doing so); then she plays the innocent victim and cries. I really can’t believe that none of the girls brought up the fact that this woman is an actress!! Oh well. And, as someone else mentioned, for all the “crying” there were no actual tears – all the more indication it was nothing more than an act.

    And all the B.S. about feeling guilty for leaving her daughter? Give me a break. Michelle is a stunning woman – she certainly didn’t need to go on this show to find a man. She went on the show for attention (and to boost her acting career) – purely selfish reasons that suggest her daughter is hardly her highest priority. Just my opinion, but that’s how she struck me.

    I don’t think Ashley H. will be a good bachelorette. I, too, thought she looked dreadful last night – bright red lipstick on thin lips is never a good look, and the overly white teeth just made her look garrish. I don’t think she’s attractive or interesting – and way too much insecurity.

    I was disappointed they didn’t give Shawntel some air time. I thought she was by far one of the classiest women they have ever had on this show.

    I was also annoyed by Chris Harrison’s attempts to psychoanalyze everyone.

  26. lemon-lime

    March 8, 2011 at 3:08 PM

    I agree, Nobody, Michelle wasn’t really crying. all that moaning and wailing, one would expect tears to be streaming down the face, and the eyes to be red and puffy. I think she only managed to squeeze out a couple of tears. I also think the producers encourage the contestants to gang up on each other. None of that stuff was real last night.

    @dandygirl: something tells me Ashley H. isn’t going to finish dental school for a long time, if ever. she probably thinks she’s going to have a great career in show business.

  27. LynnMJ

    March 8, 2011 at 3:29 PM

    Nobody, Aspen, lemon-lime….thanks for saying that about the lack of tears. While Michelle did a lot of boo-hooing, I had to remind myself that she is an actress (although not a very good one apparently). And, OMG, Chris Harrison….what a douche.

  28. BeckyQOC

    March 8, 2011 at 3:30 PM

    i didn’t buy michelle’s act for a second. what also really peeved me about the mother/kid thing is that michelle STARTED it by using missing her daughter as her excuse for being such a b*tch to everyone and all the stuff she said. she went on that show KNOWING she might be away from her daughter for weeks. no one showed up at her house at gunpoint and held her hostage. if she had not used her daughter as a shield for her own bad behavior and the gals had attacked her for being a bad mother then i might feel some sympathy for her. but she’s the one that started it. and that was the WORST fake crying ever. chris harrison defending her was even more pathetic.

  29. lt2010

    March 8, 2011 at 3:50 PM

    I’ve heard a lot of those things about Emily, but most of them were put to rest when I found this article dated June 2005:

  30. ohmyshit

    March 8, 2011 at 4:07 PM

    OMG…Michelle needs to quit crying. It’s sooo annoying. I wish she would have come on the show and just owned it. She was a bitch and didn’t seem to care what other people think during taping. Why start acting like you care now?? I say own it BE-OTCH!

  31. wisewords

    March 8, 2011 at 4:23 PM

    That had to have been THE most awkward WTA I have ever seen.

    Re: Michelle: RS says it happened 4 months ago, thus the women should just get over it. However, that is faulty logic as the women didn’t have much of a problem with Michelle 4 months ago. Remember the show has been airing NOW, and the women have been seeing Michelle’s betrayal for the first time.

    The lesson in this is that actions have consequences. So Michelle thinks she can say derogatory comments in her ITMs and the women are just going to blow them off as nothing? I think the emphasis here is that the women felt BETRAYED, FOOLED and HURT. How does Michelle think she can say those things and there are no consequences?

    I do believe Michelle’s tears were sincere, however, I also believe the woman is completely blind to the affect of her own behavior. There is almost always at least a grain of truth in every criticism. You got the feedback now, Michelle, make something good out of it IF you are sincere.

    I am going to break from general opinion here and say that Ashley Hebert looked gorgeous, and so did Stacey.

  32. queenbee3

    March 8, 2011 at 5:46 PM

    What are they thinking choosing Ashley H for the next Bachelorette?! My husband and I think she’s terribly plain and has masculine mannerisms like Celine Dion.

  33. ciaobaby

    March 8, 2011 at 7:03 PM

    Ashley S. looked pretty, but I honestly thought Michelle looked the best. Michelle is beautiful and HILARIOUS. I wanted to slap Jackie and especially Stacey. Totally out of line for her to bring up parenting. EXTREMELY rude and made her lose the rest of her credibility. The problem I had with Jackie and Stacey was that, ok, if you have an issue with Michelle, at least try to go about it in a respectful way without attacking because that in turn just makes you the person at fault. However, they both needed to calm the heck down. I donno what I’m saying though cause I’m sure the producers egged them on to be as harsh as possible. But, ugh, to Ashley H.’s new look. I never thought her old hair cut really suited her face, but I much prefer her old hair color, cut, and makeup to that new look. Those lips were horrendous!! They are much too thin and small for a bright red color. and silver eyeshadow doesn’t compliment her features at all. I thought she was super cutesy looking on the Bachelor, but she looked all sorts of not cute last night.

  34. finerthings

    March 8, 2011 at 7:27 PM

    See, this is the thing. I don’t necessarily agree with Michelle or pity her…she made her decisions and now has to live with them to a point. But Jackie was being like…a stick-in-the-mud asshole and she WOULDN’T LET IT GO. As if she had some personal vendetta, but she did not. I feel like she’s just…this nerdy girl who can’t see past her own misconceptions of the world. Very young and naive, but not in a cute way, in a “Michelle-should-elbow-her” way.

    My issue with Stacy is that she said, “When I’m a mother…blah blah blah”. Any woman who has no children and tries to parent for other people is an idiot. They have NO clue what it is like to raise a child, not to mention the specific child of the person they are harassing. It was distasteful, bad form, rude, and ugly.

  35. MidwestGirl

    March 8, 2011 at 7:34 PM

    The Stupid B!tch from the In Touch mag needs an ass beating.

    She’s the left overs. That wasn’t a wedding invite it was a cheap do it yourself paper that said Save the Date. WHO F’ING cares.

    He dumped your ass. Selling your soul to take one last cheap shot, requires you to have one first.

    B!tch move on.

  36. DawsMA

    March 8, 2011 at 8:17 PM

    Last night reminded me why the WTA is always totally annoying to watch. In general we see the women who didn’t make it very far try and get their last scraps of attention by picking on each other and trying to cause drama. Raichel, Melissa, Stacey, Sarah, and Jackie came across as pathetic sore losers. It was difficult to watch. What a bunch of obnoxious, catty biddies!

    No one seems to have commented on the Wes/Vienna/Gia drama, and all I can say is, I tend to believe Wes and Vienna that they did not hook up. And even if they did, who really cares? Apparently Krisily- her only way to gain screen time is to speculate about other people, since people don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about her otherwise.

    I’m ashamed to admit I follow Krisily on twitter. Judging by what I read, she makes every effort to tap into the “cool crew,” whether it is tweeting them to invite herself on their trips or just kissing their asses. She tries way too hard; it’s almost painful to observe. I think her comments we heard last night were just to please Gia.

    Anyway, I feel bad for Ashley H. since everyone’s picking on her makeover. I think her hair looked beautiful. Will agree that something seemed off with her face…maybe I’m just not used to seeing it since her hands were in front of it 90% of the time she was talking?

  37. SherryfromD

    March 8, 2011 at 8:57 PM

    Did anyone see that look of disgust on Shawntel’s face when Brad walked out or was I imagining it?

    I liked Ashley H.’s sparkly eye shadow, although think she looked better before. Wonder what kind it was?

  38. SunnyD

    March 8, 2011 at 11:08 PM

    Ashley H as the bachelorette…really??? So boring and not attractive at all….guess I will be skipping another season of bachelorette.

  39. tcbubbles

    March 9, 2011 at 3:17 AM

    was just hoping maybe everyone is wrong and Shawntel is the new Bahelorette, and that is why she was completely ignored the other night. both ashleys are just okay, but shawntel is much better!!

  40. ABZAmom

    March 9, 2011 at 7:50 AM

    The whole episode I was hoping that Michelle would just saying, “well I obviously made it further than any of you did, didn’t I?”.

  41. lesjan

    March 9, 2011 at 10:32 AM

    Michelle is quite the actress and someone had to call that broad out! Stacey may have gone too far, but I don’t think Jackie did. Team Jackie forever. Also loved Shawntell. Would prefer her or Gia as the Bachelorette over the Ashleys.

  42. spins22

    March 9, 2011 at 10:46 AM

    Well i guess i am in the very small minority group who thinks Ashley H. looked great last night. I thought she looked more mature and happy. I have faith that she will be great as the next bachelorette. And of course I will stay in the minority group and say that Ashley S. didn’t look all that fabulous to me. I thought she looked same old same old. She just seems a little immature to me but that’s just my opinion. I was definitely entertained throughout the whole show last night 🙂

  43. CarolH

    March 9, 2011 at 12:17 PM

    I have to say that after reading the article from 2005 that It2010 posted it shows that the In Touch article has to be somewhat false…I have not read that article but from the 2005 Nascar News article it sure shows that Ricky and Emily were engaged…I for one do hope that Brad and Emily do get married and live a very happy life together…I hope that Steve you would read the article that It2010 posted and then comment about it.

  44. cynderfish

    March 9, 2011 at 12:27 PM

    @spins22: I think Ashley H looked great also. I like her new look.

  45. porchlight13

    March 9, 2011 at 1:10 PM

    If you click on this link then scroll down it says that brad and Emily are expecting Interesting. Not sure if this magazine is reliable or not.

  46. bahurupiya

    March 9, 2011 at 1:17 PM

    I don’t think that “women hate women” is the most accurate synopsis of the phenomenon you’re describing. (Feb 25th post)

    It would be equally misleading to explain the need for some degree of generalization and over-simplification when discussing how viewers relate to different “type tropes” by saying “bloggers don’t filter.” 😉

    So, generally speaking, characters are presented as “villains,” “comical,” “accessible” or “aspirational.”

    Unless they are also presented as a villain (a duo-trope!) audiences don’t “hate” the characters who are packaged as “aspirational.” If they did, neither Halle Berry nor Nicole Kidman would be nearly as wealthy as they are.

    It is true that viewers are likely to feel an affinity or identify with the “accessible” characters, but that’s true of both men and women and is not limited to physical appearance or perceived conformity to a particular culture’s “standard of beauty.”

    We are not likely to see a Bachelor or Bachelorette packaged as a “nerd” or an “egghead” either, and that’s not because viewers (men or women) “hate smart people,” but because characters who come across to the viewers as being of “average intelligence” will naturally fall into that “relatable” and “accessible” area to a larger number of viewers – we call it “average” for a reason!

    In your observations about Shawntel and Ashley S, you explain very concisely why neither of them would be a good fit, either for BP2, or as Bachelorette.

    A successful Bachelorette/Bachelor character isn’t supposed to be, in fact, from a marketing standpoint, cannot be, “interesting.” The Bachelor/ette must be held to a much higher standard of “accessible” than the contestants, where a couple of “characters” are actually desirable, as they can make for “good TV” in the early episodes.

    In recent seasons, they’ve been letting some of the “interesting” ones stay longer, and to good effect, as it adds some variety and balance to the necessarily relative “blandness,” for want of a better term, of the Bachelor/ette and front runners.

    This season, for example, Shawntel made it to the Final 4. She was interesting because while her overall affect and presentation reads as “front runner material,” on closer examination, as we saw in the home town date, her personality, specifically her love of her unusual profession, bounce her out of the required level of “accessibility.”

    There is definitely a MarySue (or at least MarySue-adjacent) element. In order for as many people as possible to identify with and relate to the character, he or she must either possess or be editable into enough of a tabula rasa for that to take place.

    Ashley S. turned out to be TOO “sympathetic,” too vulnerable. While you want the candidate to have fans who will root for her, you don’t want them to feel sorry for her – and you don’t want them to perceive – as you and I both did – that she is “better than this show.”

    Now here’s a snippet of Boring Old Person advice for all the single young people out there:

    Generally speaking (again) when you run into someone whose experience has been that they are “hated” because they are above average in one respect or another, or who feels that people who disagree with them or don’t like them are “jealous,” your chances for finding love and happiness will be dramatically increased if you throw that fish back, dive back into the dating pool and grab yourself another – preferably one that is unadorned by that particular red flag!

  47. misty

    March 9, 2011 at 1:44 PM

    First off I have loved Michelle from day one. She is craaazy but super funny. I feel bad for the people who didn’t get her sense of humor. lighten up.

    On to Emily and Chantel. I really liked both of them on the show. Both very different but very relatable.

    Until the WTA I couldn’t decided or didn’t know who in the heck I thought the final pick would be. Even after all the facts steve put out about emily being the winner I was like ehh… I guess we will see on march 14th the finale. But now I think I know because of the one thing brad kept saying on the WTA episode. “MERCY ME” he said that a bunch. and I know he is from texas but it seems like something Emily would say. I bet he has picked that phrase up from her since they are a couple now. just a small observation. Can’t wait till monday!!!

  48. julieann123

    March 9, 2011 at 4:33 PM

    @Misty — I agree!!! When he kept saying “mercy” and “mercy me” I thought the very same thing! haha!

  49. Nobody

    March 9, 2011 at 5:06 PM

    @Misty and Juliann:

    Brad saying “mercy me” isn’t an indicator of who he chooses, it means he’s a flaming homo. And here I thought he spent all his time in his bars trying to fuck as many teenage girls possible. It turns out it was the boys he is after. Brad the fudge packer…

  50. misty

    March 9, 2011 at 5:37 PM

    @Nobody. OH MY! If u put as much energy into ur own sex life as you do brads then you must be one VERY satisfied person.

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