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Another Video Blog & More “Reader Emails” – 3/11/11

For episode-by-episode spoilers of Brad’s season, click on the link above that says “Bachelor Brad Spoilers” (it’s like, 1″ inch above this sentence. Twice). It has a breakdown of every date, rose, and elimination, all the way down to Brad’s final choice. Which of course was modified since there was some kinda big news revealed last Monday. Don’t know if you heard. However, there will be spoilers talked about throughout the course of this column. You’ve been warned.

A couple things regarding today’s video blog. It’s over modulated for some reason. Very loud and does a lot of “peaking”. Don’t know why that is since I never changed any settings since last time, but just be sure to kinda lower the sound a bit on your computer unless you want me yelling at you for 6 ½ minutes. Also, I apologize in advance for you having a shot of my ass as I bend over in front of the camera to pick up Maddie. Thank god you didn’t get the plumber shot, but, probably could’ve done a better job of realizing where I was. Now, the reason why I didn’t reshoot the video and correct both of these things is because for whatever reason, it took an hour for it to upload a 6 ½ minute video to YouTube. I wasn’t about to re-record again over two minor glitches just to wait another hour. No idea why it took that long. Last weeks didn’t and that was a minute shorter. Anyway, here is this weeks video blog with a quick summary underneath:

A quick recap of what was in the video:

-The reader email centered around Maddie

-As of right now, I don’t have much ATFR news. Then again, I didn’t have any ATFR news last season either, so I don’t think much of it. If I get it over the weekend, I’ll post it, but I don’t think I will.

-The only news I was told was that the topic of Chantal dating and having a boyfriend was brought up by Chris Harrison and she confirms it, that there was no announcement during the taping of the “Bachelorette”, and that yes, Brad and Emily are engaged.

-Could there be more to their engagement like a possible wedding date, pregnancy, or that Emily is moving to Austin, as has all been speculated? Sure. I haven’t heard if any of those are true or not, but it’s out there.

-Last night, ABC’s press release said the next “Bachelorette” will be announced Monday night during “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. Still no official announcement of who it’s going to be, but as I told you on Feb. 24th, it’s going to be Ashley Hebert.

-Monday night will be the finale watch party at Bailey’s Prime Plus here in Dallas. Open to anyone, starts whenever you’d like to get there, and we’ll be there for all three hours of the finale. Two for the actual episode, and one for the ATFR show. After that, it’s anyone’s guess where we’re headed, but most likely Hotel Zaza.

-Also, if you’re in the DFW area, set your DVR’s to “Good Morning Texas” on Monday as I will be appearing to talk about the show and promote Monday nights event. First live TV appearance I’ve done. I’ll try not to wet myself.

I don’t think this week’s email bag is nearly as long in terms of quantity as past ones. The reason? While I was in DC, I got a ton of emails over those three days that I could never get to or ending up reading and deleting without giving them actual consideration for todays email list. Oops. But there’s still plenty in here to laugh at, including one from another country. Those are always fun. Enjoy.

Hi Steve,

While sitting here watching tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, I can’t help but notice how all of these relatively young women have huge, gorgeous, immaculately clean homes. Really?? Are these really their own homes they show them in on the hometown dates? Also, when they visit the families on the hometown dates, do the families actually provide and prepare the elaborate meals (like the lobster on Ashley’s hometown)? I couldn’t help but notice that at each girl’s family home, they all drank red wine out of the exact same wine glasses. Coincidence or catered meals?

Thanks for the great columns every week.

Comment: Shawntel’s home was huge? Since when? Sure, Chantal’s house was the size of a museum, but I think that’s much more the exception than the rule. I didn’t think Ashley’s home was all that extravagant either. Looked like a typical home you’d see in Maine. As for Emilys, sure that might’ve been big for just two people, but you gotta remember, that home is owned by the Hendricks. Emily doesn’t pay a cent for that home. The Hendricks own in outright, so how big it is really is of no consequence to Emily.

As for the dinners, I know that no restaurant can physically come in and cater anything due to contractual and confidentiality agreements. Can they purchase the food from a restaurant and go pick it up? Certainly. I’m sure a lot of them do that. And I’m sure others just have mom cook a nice home cooked meal. It’s really amazing what some people are curious about. Who cooks the dinners on the hometown dates? Really? That’s important? I guess so.

I just read the Reader Emails from March 3rd’s installment & one of the emails talked about ABC never contacting you, which made me think, what if ABC did contact you & gave you money to stop doing your blog/keep quiet about things? Would you take ABC’s money & how much would they have to pay you? They say everything has a price; just curious if your silence does too.

Comment: Do I have a price? Of course I do. Who doesn’t? Not like it’s hard work writing this column. Is it time consuming? Yeah. But is it hard? Not in the least bit. But if someone is willing to pay me tomorrow to shut my site down, I’d be an idiot to say, “Nahhhh, I want to keep writing about this silly show. You keep your $500,000. I want to keep talking about this silly, contrived show.” Yeah, so that’d be my starting point. Considering how much attention I bring to their show, it’s probably the least I could do. But would I take an offer to shut down my site (or just not talk about and give away spoilers for this show)? Abso-freakin-lutely. Anyone in my position would.

Even more what intrigues me is these “overnight dates”. It makes me laugh when they get the card and act like they have never seen the “Chris Harrison” date card before HA HA Anyway, I read all the time what you say goes into the overnight dates, SEX and more SEX ha ha, but I still can’t fathom it, I can’t believe this guy potentially bangs all these women one after the next, and then ultimately dumps two of them, LOL actually I can! Wonder if the Bachlorettes do the same thing, guess you have to test drive before you buy the car, hell I would! Just being honest!

Do you ever hear anything of the women flipping out on the bachelor, for letting them go after screwing them the night before, I mean hell it happens in real life, or do you ever get any juicy details on the overnight dates? I am sure there are some pretty dramatic times on this show, that they don’t’ show on TV, I wish they would just show more of what happened on the overnight dates! I think the most they showed was I think Jake’s season?? Or was it Jason season?? Where he couldn’t perform?? Doesn’t matter!!

Comment: Remember, this is still a network show, so they will only go so far in what they will show and talk about in regards to what happens on the overnight dates. So this woman just said she would totally “test drive before you buy the car”, but yet right before that says she can’t imagine the “Bachelor” banging three different women on consecutive days. That makes no sense. If anyone is gonna sleep with all three, you’d think it’d be the “Bachelor” before the “Bachelorette” does. And if this woman admits she would, why is it impossible to believe the men would.

No one will ever know the true answer to this question other than the people who have been in this situation. There are people who you just KNOW did, there are probably a few that you’re on the fence with, and there are ones you can tell definitely didn’t (Tenley and Sadie come to mind). So it varies from person to person, season to season. But you gotta remember, these people are pent up in house for over a month before they get to that hometown date and basically the farthest they’ve gotten is first base. You don’t think the ONE time where the cameras and microphones aren’t around these two don’t want to be going at it? Please. Nothing surprises me on this show, with the least of it being if there’s sex on the overnight dates.

And actually, that was Jillians season you were referring to with the guy who couldn’t perform. Or so they wanted us to think. That would be Ed. Don’t know if it was so much that he couldn’t perform, but more so that his green nut hugger swim trunks probably cut off all circulation to his hammer so it didn’t work that night.

This was cut and pasted exactly how it came to me. Just sayin.

hi i dont know if u ever get messages from jamaica or any other caribbean country i saw your video message that u posted u are handsome so why are u single nomally guys who do these things are geeks so you surprise me. i guess your dog mooney is keeping your company and you are ok with that anyways i always read your spoilers even if you didnt get the ending right you are doing a good job keep sweet

Comment: Yes, my first email from Jamaica. Had no idea I had fans there. Seems to me they must have an identical school system to that of the Anguillans. Or Jesse Csincsak moved to Jamaica and sent me an email.

I love how even the Jamaicans insinuate if you write a blog, you’re a geek who can’t get laid. I appreciate the compliments whoever you are. I’m handsome, and yes, single. Why am I single? Is it not ok to be single in Jamaica? I’m single because I currently don’t have a girlfriend. I don’t think there’s any rhyme or reason as to why I am. Granted, I don’t date all that much, but probably because I don’t feel like going out with just anyone. Don’t have a particular type, but I know pretty quickly whether or not I’m in to someone. Just haven’t met the right one yet, I guess. I honestly don’t worry about it too much. I turn 36 in three months. If someone wants to hold something against me because I’m gonna be 36 and single, that’s their issue, not mine. When I meet the right person I’ll know it. Just hasn’t happened yet.

Plus, anyone I meet must certainly get along with my dog, Mooney. Mooney is very important to me as you can tell by my video blogs. So now I’ve gotten emails from people calling my dog Mooney, Maggie, Mappy, and Malley. Unreal. Today is March 11th. On March 15th will be three years to the day that I adopted Maddie. Best purchase I’ve ever made. She’s the best despite how frightened she is on camera.

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  1. Inky

    March 11, 2011 at 9:06 AM

    Hey Steve, would you mind taking off the video ads. If I wanted to hear something on here I will click on your blog video. Those ads are so annoying.

    Carry on!

  2. Dianne

    March 11, 2011 at 9:51 AM

    Wow Steve, I cannot believe you’ve had Maddie for 3 years already! I totally remember when you first got her, and she would do nothing but hide under the bed/in your bedroom. You used to get so worried that she didn’t like you, ha! She’s a sweet pup..and obviously it’s just her nature to be shy. She seems to be getting a little bit more comfortable in front of the camera, and you can tell she totally adores you!

  3. jdub

    March 11, 2011 at 12:24 PM

    I was on the TVGuide website earlier this week and saw an ad. It said something like: “Application for The Bachelor denied because of race? Contact us now!” The link appeared to be to a law-related website. Because it didn’t open, I couldn’t tell if it was for an actual firm or some sort of clearing house. But you should let your angry emailer know that some fine plaintiff’s lawyer is out there looking after the rights of the non-white Bachelor rejects.

  4. thewipf

    March 11, 2011 at 2:30 PM

    Every season of every reality show someone complains about the racial make up of the show. Steve has given his take before which is basically that while the racial diversity of this show doesn’t match America it does match the vast majority of the viewing audiance. This show is really hurting in terms of viewership so why mess with it? I would add to that if they really did mix it more that they would just be opening up another can of worms. I’ll give two examples, one- if you have a white bachelor and you have about half colored women and half white, what would happen if he starts to cut must of the colored girls first? He and the show would be called racist. As a white male if I were presented with 25-30 good looking females that all wanted me and half were of color I would still most likely end up with a white girl. I’m in no why racist, it’s just a preference, just like I’m sure I’d have a redhead in my final three, it’s just a preference. Now lets say you have a black bachelor and he picks a white woman in the end. There would be a lot people in an uproar, and it would be from the white community. It would be all the black women complaining. Mixing it up could really cause more problems that it solves.

  5. DawsMA

    March 11, 2011 at 3:08 PM

    They used to include a few minority contestants, but everyone complained about “the token black contestant” or “the token Asian contestant” not making past the first few rounds. Now they don’t bother, and people complain anyway. It’s like how some white people complain about there being a BET, but there would be uproar over a white-focused network. And then some would argue the need for BET because so many mainstream networks are indeed white-centric.

    It’s an issue that will continue to come up every season. I see both sides. I understand why people are upset, but I also see why ABC sticks with what works for the ratings.

    Anyway, on a more lighthearted note, I had a laugh about the Jesse Csinscak in Jamaica comment. His blog is unreadable in my opinion. Similar to Krisily’s blog, he claims to provide insider information. However, neither brings anything new or interesting to the table, and their grammar is disgusting! One sentence flows to the next with no punctuation, and so on. Really hard to read.

  6. realitystevecomment

    March 11, 2011 at 3:33 PM

    To the “woman of color” who posted about the racial makeup of the cast. Unfortunately you are the embodiment of the slave mentality that Americans (both black and white) have had to suffer for the past 150 years. Demanding superficial handouts consisting of a token representation on a fake reality show instead of having the intellect to focus on what’s actually important. You seem to devote a lot of time fuming that there aren’t black women on the Bachelor but I don’t suppose you spend much time wondering why there aren’t black women on the board of facebook or google. You probably don’t even pass a thought to why there isn’t an equal 33% representation of blacks on Fleiss’ PRODUCTION STAFF or at ABC where the decisions are made. Instead of complaining about it you should be supporting black producers and filmmakers so you don’t sit around another 50 years demanding handouts from white/jewish producers.

    FWIT I would further guess that you don’t spend much time demanding equality for “other” groups. Asking where the diversity initiative is for more Asians in the NBA or NFL or why Def Jam doesn’t “Milk the shit” out of the opportunity for Native American artists in rap. Let’s be honest… are you talking about “people of color”? Because the Bachelor has had “people of color” from hispanics to Chinese to mixed race people. Or are you talking about BLACK people (and given people’s racist ideas the particularly black person probably has to be a certain “shade” for them to pass muster). Your concerns are myopic and reflect a backwards Tribal Thought System where you get ahead by seeing people of your color/creed/nationality get ahead.

    If you’re going to continue to watch the Bachelor be mature about it… Fleiss is Jewish and most of his staff is Jewish they have specifically tailored the show to reflect a specific WASP type fantasy. Gays are not on the show, Indians are not on the show, Arabs are not on the show, Tartars are not on the show. Ethnic Paleoamericans are not on the show. Pacific Islander are not on the show. Blacks are not on the show. The show is about white people (but not even all white people) but those who personify a certain goyim upper middle class ideal. IF you’re going to watch quit complaining about what the show is, just like a Taiwanese kid or a Arab kid listening to hip hop has to understand it’s about a specific type of black entertainer. Or a congressman listening to testimony has to understand that the NAACP is a certain type of black politician. Simply. Grow up.

  7. realitystevecomment

    March 11, 2011 at 4:17 PM

    @DawsMA be real. Part of the reason why the “woman of color” and her ilk surface every season is because the rationale that white people give them for The Bachelor’s racial makeup is (as everyone knows) is politically correct and not frankly truthful.

    You say it’s because minorities would not make it far in the show. Tessa Horst won Baldwin’s season. Roberto won Ali’s season. Tessa is Asian and Roberto is Latino. That you don’t even think of them as “minorities” when you formulated the idea that minorities don’t go far on the show unfortunately proves Fleiss’ point. Regardless of ethnicity the main thing is to be unobtrusive and fit the upper middle class fantasy that the average white American woman has.

    I mean if you’re sitting there watching Jason Mesnick and thinking, here’s a “Jewish Bachelor” rather than “here is Prince Charming” the show has failed. Same with an Asian, Black, Latino Bachelor or Bachelorette.

    The problem with the “woman of color” posting isn’t that she’s wrong about the lack of black Bachelors on the show but she’s insisting that the show be changed to fit her PC sensibilities. The show isn’t about that. Just like the NBA isn’t about giving equal representation to this or that race.

    The bottom line is, would this particular “woman of color” watch the show if instead of Brad Womack the Bachelor was some little Korean guy? Sure he might be appealing in his own way but would that fit her fantasy or would it turn the show into something it is not? Then how immature is it to demand that the 5 million white woman watching the show to tune into a show that isn’t what it has been?

    Just watch the show for what it is. If you don’t like it, watch something else, that’s the mature thing to do.

  8. EFPookie

    March 11, 2011 at 4:42 PM

    Is it possible that Brad WAS at Thanksgiving with Chantal’s parents, given his love affair with her dad?

  9. junkfilter777

    March 11, 2011 at 4:44 PM

    Personally, next season I want a black bachelor, 29 black bachelorettes, and one blond hair, blued eyed white woman. Then I want the bachelor to pick the white woman as his F1 in the end.

    The ensuing outrage and drama would be pure PC-rebellion gold.

    Then I want the NBA to make sure they have 70% white people on all the teams, as a more accurate representation of our population.

    That is all.

  10. DawsMA

    March 11, 2011 at 5:48 PM

    @realitystevecomment Though I obviously didn’t put as much effort/time into responding as you did, my intended point was similar to yours. I was not referring to my own beliefs about supposed minorities not being included; rather, I was pointing out that some viewers take issue with the demographics. It comes up on message boards and as we saw today, blogs and blog comments.

    To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me whether the contestants follow a particular racial makeup. I just enjoy watching the show.

    I’ll assume you were saying this statement in general, not to me directly: “Just watch the show for what it is. If you don’t like it, watch something else, that’s the mature thing to do.” I have no reason not to watch the show, seeing as though I enjoy watching and following the blogs. The race factor is a non-issue from my end.

    I agree if someone takes issue with the way the show is run, he or she probably should not bother watching. You are just wrong if you think I am such a person.

  11. yourself

    March 11, 2011 at 6:41 PM

    @junkfilter777. YES!! 🙂 that is all.

  12. jennstinn

    March 11, 2011 at 7:54 PM

    oopsy–i think i typed in the wrong address–i’m looking for the light and frothy reality steve comments!

  13. PantherJay

    March 12, 2011 at 7:51 AM

    Steve, cover your computer screen when you tape your video blog! The reflection on your glasses is distracting.

  14. sweetness34

    March 12, 2011 at 10:53 AM

    And I quote Steve, “It’s really amazing what some people are curious about. Who cooks the dinners on the hometown dates? Really? That’s important? I guess so.”

    Jeepers. Well, what topics do you want people to ask about? Is this a PhD forum and I missed it? You seem to want publishable e-mails for Fridays and people have to come up with something new to ask about. Given the absurdity of this show, I am genuinely curious as to what you deem as an “important” topic.

    I actually thought the dinner question was interesting, so to whoever wrote it: good job. (And it wasn’t me because I never have e-mailed Steve.)

  15. mommyof2

    March 12, 2011 at 12:22 PM

    I think they should put an NBA team together w/ at least one Asian, one Arab, one Hispanic, one Native American, one caucasian, one Protestant Christian, one Catholic, one Hindu, one Jew, one Muslim, and one of whatever other race and religious background I’m missing, and then the rest of the players can be black. Then, let them play a regular NBA team (mostly black) in a regular basketball game, and lets see who wins. Any bets?

    Oh, and maybe we should add some women on there, too. One Asian woman, one Hispanic women, etc….. Too many players now, huh?

    This whole thing is just ridiculous. Let the sports world include whoever the best players are for their sport or team regardless of race, religion, etc… Let colleges do the same. There will always be minorities that fit in where they should (some star white basketball players on mostly black teams, some star black tennis players- the Williams sisters- in a mostly white sport, etc…). Making it “equal” by putting percentages on each just dumbs down whatever sport we;re dealing with. As far as the Bachelor is concerned, let them cast whoever they want, and YOU decide if you want to watch it. End of story.

  16. jennstinn

    March 12, 2011 at 12:28 PM

    @sweetness— I actually agree–I love hearing about the “trivial” behind-the-scenes aspects of the show. And it would be nice for Steve to maybe have a former Bachelor/ette contestant that he would ask about all these questions. He obviously knows these people. I loved when he asked the former contestant about application procedures. He should just keep that person on a blog retainer so he can defer to them whenever we have questions he can’t answer.

  17. amugs

    March 12, 2011 at 4:13 PM

    Steve, would you please comment on the In Touch “Emily’s Lies” article? Thanks!

  18. finerthings

    March 12, 2011 at 5:40 PM

    Ok, you guys, the sports analogy doesn’t work, because there is not a certain race of people who are physically/emotionally BETTER at falling in love. Like, people get picked for sports teams because they are TALENTED. But, being picked for the Bachelor is just to fit a certain preconceived notion.

    I do agree that they try to cast “upper middle class”-ians, but I believe they could have a black Bachelor/Bachelorette, and still maintain their smarminess 🙂 Or a “little korean man”, too. As a Caucasian woman, I find both of those attractive 🙂

  19. finerthings

    March 12, 2011 at 5:40 PM

    ^ i don’t know why it added smiley faces in my final paragraph?? But ok!

  20. MidwestGirl

    March 12, 2011 at 7:22 PM

    Please remove the ads with sound.

    Amugs – It was written by a dropped wench of an ex. It’s her 2 seconds of fame to look like a bitter whore.

    Steve- Open Windows Movie Maker- Import your Clip – Drag to Bottom – Go to File and Select ” Publish Movie ” Select ” This Computer ” – Next – Enter Movie Name – Next – Compress To – Add Number- Publish.

    It will save a ton of time for uploading on Youtube.

  21. thewipf

    March 13, 2011 at 9:57 AM

    @amugs, I’m not Steve, but first impression of that article is that it’s a little suspect. I say this because their un-named source says in the second paragraph, “The only reason she got on The Bachelor is that she smooth-talked everybody.” That statement seems highly unlikely. The girl is a perfect candidate for this show. She would go final 3 or 4 in every season. It’s more likely that the casting crew looked at her bio, photo, and then after about 10 seconds of hearing her speak said, “she’s in.” I guarantee she didn’t need to smooth-talk anyone.

  22. Ryvetted

    March 13, 2011 at 3:54 PM

    I just luv Maddie <3

  23. poddington

    March 14, 2011 at 11:46 AM

    maddie is so cute and sweet looking but it looks like she does not like you until you give her a treat and then she gets the hell away-I mean she ran like the wind. For the most part she is in the other room when you are doing your blog which is unusual for a pet -cat or dog. my cats would have been all over this, and without a treat. I know you hate cats, but ours, despite having a dish always full, run TOWARD us to greet us when we come home, collapse in front of us belly up for pets, and rarely leave our side when we are home. All of this affection comes with never expecting a treat b/c we do not reward them with food. Not saying there is anything wrong with treats, but it is not a factor with regard to their affections.

    I just hope she is ok. She looked sad until you went to get a treat. She always looks kind of blue.

    As a side note was in Venice Beach Fri and Sat and did not see hide nor hair of Ashley filing her promo-not that she wasn’t there, I just didn’t see any filming or other signs of hub bub going on.

  24. ideamuse

    March 14, 2011 at 11:58 PM

    Maddie is like “I don’t want to read no stinkin reader e-mail” lol. hahaha. I think your dog should be the new Bachelorette. Maybe we call it bitchorette. lol. Okay I’ll shut up and go to bed now. By the way you’re looking good Steve.

  25. caiside

    March 15, 2011 at 8:24 AM

    Maddie is so cute. What kind of dog is she? She’s really the star of your videos, so let her shine. She seems like a very happy dog to me. Have you thought about doing something w/American Idol? Randy is always saying Dawg, and you have a Dog in your videos, there could be something there, no?

  26. malu42

    March 15, 2011 at 9:03 AM

    I don’t think Maddie looks like she’s uncomfortable and doesn’t like Steve?? That’s just her personality. I love Maddie and love that you have her on here! LOVE the after treat dash she does best 🙂

    I think she goes well with your slanted/sophomoric/skewed view!

    P.S. – I see you still haven’t killed that lone bottle of wine yet?

  27. HeidiT

    March 15, 2011 at 11:34 AM

    To the person regarding the ethinic makeup of the show, TV producers probably subscribe to the same beliefs that the Film Industry does. Take the Movie Hitch for example with Will Smith as the main character, they cast an hispanic actress as his leading lady, why? the female lead was supposed to be Caucasian, but the producers didn’t want to make the lead couple interracial as it was considered a taboo. They also didn’t want the female lead to be black as they feared it would alienate white audiences, so they decided to go with a Hispanic female lead instead. So chances are the TV industry feels that by having an african american bachelor and mostly african american contestants they will alienate a lot of their viewing audience and lose their ratings. It’s sad but it’s true I’m afraid. I honestly think though that they could get away with having a hispanic bachelor and not alienate people, after all look at Ali and Roberto.

    Steve congrats on your anniversary with Maddie, she does look frightened but all dogs have that WTF now look when picked up like that, mine does too, it’s because they aren’t foo foo kick me dogs that are used to being carried everywhere like their legs are broken.

    Will miss this blog now the show is over.

  28. dnj

    March 15, 2011 at 3:06 PM

    Do you think it is possible that Emily’s in-laws threatened to seek custody of the girl if she moves away from them?

  29. dnj

    March 15, 2011 at 3:08 PM

    oups…this is the wrong post; I wanted to post the question on the latest one. sorry:(

  30. BCboy69

    March 15, 2011 at 3:09 PM

    Reality Steve,
    About a week ago did you not say you were sure brad proposed to chantel?
    Were your sources bad, or was that just a guess at the time?

    ps. emily seems high maintenance, and full of BS.
    He picked the wrong lady, he had 3 great choices IMO, Britt the food writer, Shawntel the undertaker, and Keltie the radio city rockette.
    Yet he let them all go early, and needs a smack for choosing emily.

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