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Some ATFR Notes…Is the Final Couple Still Together?

For episode-by-episode spoilers of Brad’s season, click on the link above that says “Bachelor Brad Spoilers” (it’s like, 1″ inch above this sentence. Twice). It has a breakdown of every date, rose, and elimination, all the way down to Brad’s final choice. Which of course was modified since there was some kinda big news revealed on Mon, February 28th. Don’t know if you heard. However, there will be spoilers talked about throughout the course of this column. You’ve been warned.

It’s safe to say that ever since my post on Feb. 28th where I told you that I had been wrong for three months that Brad wasn’t with Chantal and he was with Emily, the rumor mill has been going crazy. Rumors tend to spread like wildfire, and there’s really no way to stop them. I can say that everything I’ve printed since Feb. 28th will be proven to be true tomorrow night. The details I gave you about the finale and what you will see are still 100% solid. The emails and tweets I get telling me that it’s just a misinformation campaign to make sure I’m wrong couldn’t be any further from the truth. I would not have eaten crow for three months of telling everyone Brad and Chantal were together if I wasn’t absolutely, 1000% sure. I would never have changed the ending if I didn’t think it was true, and it is. From Feb. 28th on, there’s never been any doubt in my mind Brad and Emily were engaged. All Tuesday’s “After the Final Rose” taping did was make it that much more solid.

It’s funny because I’ve gotten a lot of tweets and emails about inconsequential things like what Brad told Chantal on this date, or how he looked at her on this date, and “you may be wrong because Brad really seems like he’s into Chantal more than Emily”, etc. I guess those would be important things to bring up if Brad was making his decision live tomorrow night, or if this show was filmed in real time. The outcome of this season was determined four months ago. Nothings changed. Nothing you saw on TV for the last 2 ½ months can somehow change what you’re going to see tomorrow night. They will edit the show how they want you to see it, so it boggles me that people are so hell bent on analyzing what they see on the screen when what you’re seeing from January through March has nothing to do with the outcome that happened on Nov. 19th where Brad proposed to Emily and she said yes.

So here’s where we’re at in terms of what happened at Tuesday’s ATFR taping:

(What I’ve already told you):

-Chantal does mention that she is happy and dating someone

-There was zero mention of the “Bachelorette” announcement

-Brad and Emily are engaged

(What I’ve since found out):

-The three “successful” couples from this show (Ali and Roberto, Jason and Molly, Trista and Ryan), all take the stage together to talk about life as a couple from this show

-Here’s the biggie: Brad and Emily are engaged, but that it’s not without its problems. While on stage, they do talk about the fact that they’ve already broken up once in these last three months, but they are together now, still engaged, and working on things.

-The vibe I’ve gotten from the show is this: Brad and Emily are putting on a happy face and doing this for show but are pretty much doomed. The ATFR almost seemed like an intervention from the shows successful couples to tell them how to make it. Almost like a pep talk from the others considering the slippy ground Brad and Emily are currently on. Will it work? Who knows? But if they’ve already admittedly broken up once before they can even be a public couple, do I really expect them to last? Apparently it is very tense when these two were on stage, things are not all roses and daffodils between them, and they’ve definitely had their struggles already. I don’t know who broke up with who, what the reason was, or when it happened, but they do mention that it did happen and they are working on their relationship. Uh oh.

I think the ironic thing in all of this is it’s really starting to sound like Laurel knew what she was talking about when she gave the interview to US Weekly. I mean, Laurels told me for months she would not be surprised if Brad and Emily broke up and got back together at some point, because that’s who Brad is and what he does. She even mentioned it in the US Weekly article that he would break up with her on a Saturday, then two days later change his mind and get back together with her. And it happened ALL THE TIME. So, hearing that Brad and Emily have broken up once already shouldn’t surprise anyone if you really read what Laurel had to say. They asked her if she thought Brad was a changed man, she said no, gave examples, and people doubted her. Maybe the woman actually knows what she’s talking about. Hey, if you’re in the DFW area, you can ask her yourself tomorrow night at our watch party.

Brad and Emily are scheduled to be the cover story in People magazine this week. However, I have no idea if the Japan earthquake coverage will bump them off. If it still runs, I’m sure they will address all their “issues” in the People story so stay tuned for that. I’m curious to see how much of their “issues” get shown during tomorrows ATFR. I mean, they can’t make it seem like they have no problems and everything is just peaches and cream, because it’s not. It was quite tense up on stage from everything I was told and there was some serious talk going on about their relationship. In terms of exact details, I don’t have that. We’ll all have to watch for those, but by no means will this be a typical ATFR where the final couple appears together all happy and giddy and talk about starting their life together. The ONLY thing I’ve heard regarding what their issues could possibly be surrounding is that Emily is the one who is reluctant to move and isn’t sure about the whole thing. But that’s just what I’ve heard. Take it how you’d like.

I never thought that in the fifteen seasons they’ve had the show, that Brad Womack would be the first guy to marry the final one he chose. Never. Doesn’t mean that he can’t change my mind, but lets be realistic here people. We’ve heard about his relationship past, and his commitment issues, and then all the therapy stuff, not to mention his Laurel obsession that lasted for a good 8 years on and off. Do I think he turned the corner in a matter of months and is a completely different guy? No. Can he and Emily work on things and eventually walk down the aisle? Sure they can. Will they? I highly doubt it. To put it bluntly, lets just say I’m not too worried about having to get these two a wedding gift. I think my money is safe on that front. But hey, if they prove me wrong, I’ll absolutely stand behind what I say and get them a gift. To me, it doesn’t seem like the guy has changed. I guess I’ll know more once we see them talking tomorrow night about what caused the break up before getting back together, but man, if they’re already breaking up before they can actually be a public couple, I have no idea how this is gonna work in the end.

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  1. kathimcgraw

    March 15, 2011 at 11:47 AM

    Just an observation… Don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but the whole time they were replaying the proposal, showing Emily and Brad sitting on the couch watching it, Brad was very much leaning away from Emily. She kept looking at him and would lean towards him, but he kept leaning away from her. It seemed to me that he felt blind-sided by her with some of the blunt things she said about him on national TV and was probably pissed about it.

  2. DawsMA

    March 15, 2011 at 12:03 PM

    @emilyispsycho Count me in as agreeing completely with everything you said. We definitely got the same vibes from Emily during last night’s ATFR. I thought she acted like a spoiled little princess. I don’t think she will ever move to Austin, nor do I think she ever had any intention of doing so. I think she will continue to push Brad away. In a way my heart goes out to him because I believe he thought he found true love, but Emily just doesn’t seem as into him. Honestly I didn’t think she seemed into him during the season anyway.

    We also agree about his comments to Chantal. Totally trying to cover his ass with the Mrs. backstage! Big time. Chris H. and Chantal saw right through it, which was hilarious.

    I’m a Brad fan and have been since his first season. I did prefer Chantal over Emily this time, but understand why he picked Emily. Sadly I don’t think they have much chance of working out. But I hope for his sake, they do.

  3. Thesiren333

    March 15, 2011 at 12:04 PM

    The Bachelor is an adolescent’s fantasy of true love–romance, drama, sex, and exotic settings. This show cannot be called reality tv unless you live in a Harlequin romance novel, or you’ve had a complete psychotic break. This season’s bachelor, Brad Womack, has to be the most unappealing guy the producers have picked to date–what a dufus!Brad wasn’t attractive the first time around, and he didn’t improve with “therapy.” His moronic comments, psycho-babble, and stilted conversations–painful to watch! Not attractive!! Why would any woman hyperventilate and waste tears on this neanderthal? I’d be howling with laughter! Come’on! Emily must have her reasons for playing along with this charade–what could motivate an attractive, intelligent woman (with a child and an established life) to give an ape like Brad Womack the time of day? And Chantal–you’re way too good for him, too. Brad seems like a one-night-stand guy, not a marrying man. Who’d want to wake up to that voice every morning, not to mention his gigantic ego? I think it’s time to cancel The Bachelor or revamp (so to speak) the entire premise of the show. Pick an intelligent, articulate guy with a real life and a real body–not a steroidal numbnuts. Pick fewer women, allow them time to develop a relationship, and put them in more realistic settings for the majority of their “dates.” It would be more fun to watch than this narcissistic, masturbatory, adolescent crap they pass off as “reality” tv.

  4. thewipf

    March 15, 2011 at 12:26 PM

    I loved it when Emily said she was trying to figure out what is real vs reality tv. Then all three couples saying, don’t watch the show it will mess you up. Translation being that ABC does such a good job distorting reality that is even messes up the people that were there and know what really happened. It seems like ABC should have someone sit these couples down and remind them that it’s their job to make the rest of the world think he is falling in love with someone else. It also seems like it would be good for ABC to pick up the tab on some relationship counseling for a few months now to help with the transition. I know Fleiss doesn’t actually care about the couples but the more wins that this show picks up it seems like the more people will buy into it.

  5. Sunnyside422

    March 15, 2011 at 12:50 PM

    That final was totally cringe worthy! Two people who clearly are not gonna make it, trying to act like they care about each other for the cameras and the show. And there was Mr. Tool, Chris Harrison, bugging them about wedding plans! Not gonna happen…ever.

    Emily knows which side her bread is buttered on and it’s not Brad’s. I am sure the Hendricks have made it clear that if she moves to Austin, her gravy train will come to an abrupt halt. Does anyone truly believe she supports herself in any way? She will never leave the comforts the Henricks offer her…and certainly not someone like Brad with control and anger issues that certainly sent up a red flag while watching this mess unfold.

    Remember Ali revealing that after the proposal, the couple was whisked away to Moorea to spend 5 days and nights alone, then after returning home, being allowed to visit each other in the safe house for 5 days every two weeks. This “couple” and I use the term loosly, have not seen each other in a month!

    And Brad the dick wad, refusing to answer Chantal when she pressed him on when he knew it was Emily and not her! She knew from watching, that the show’s producers with Brad’s cooperation, opted to string her along. She was drama worthy and good television. Emily was robotic exactly as Brad is today and was then.

    And anyone who feels Emily is truly intelligent needed to recall the dozens of times this fine speaker used the term “you know” rather than express a coherent thought! High school stuff since she never attended college.

    Michelle had them pegged correctly…Ken & Barbie. Or dumb and dumber might be a better assessment.

    No love match or even close here. He is not worth giving up her lifestyle for and she is waaay too immature for a 38 year old confirmed bachelor! How can anyone believe he is marriage material after watching his “performance” during the show and last night!?

  6. Sunnyside422

    March 15, 2011 at 12:57 PM

    Oh and another thing…talk about a ho hum reaction to a marriage proposal! Granted the tool read his lines with his usual robotic manner, but could she not have worked up a few tears or even a bit of joy and enthusiasm! No jumping for joy on her end. Such a blah finish to a blah season!

    I can see some major back stage prompting all these months from producers/ABC…just keep it together till we air the AFTR! Brad and Emily played their parts and now should go their separate ways and hopefully never to be heard from again!

    I thought Fakey Jakey was the worst bachelor in the history of the show but Brad has actually put him to shame and is now wearing that crown! Loser.

  7. drudydavis

    March 15, 2011 at 1:20 PM

    I love Emily but I was a little disappointed with how she appeared on the ATFR show. But, at least she was being honest. It’s got to be hard watching caveman Brad swap spit with every other contestant. And they don’t get to see each other which only causes more fights. I hope these two succeed in the end but I won’t be surprised if they don’t.
    At least, we have a new season, full of new crazy contestants coming up. AND i’m sure Bachelor Pad 2 will be epic.

  8. JeannieB

    March 15, 2011 at 2:02 PM

    I think that both Emily AND Brad have issues. According to the tabloids, Emily only knew Ricky for a few months prior to his death; then upon hearing she was pregnant, the Hendricks family gave her the engagement ring from Ricky’s EX-fiance (prior to Emily) to make things look “respectable”. As for Brad: I think he just fell in love with the “idea of love”, and sought out Emily because she’d fit in with his family AND he’d get an “instant family” with her daughter. He wants to be the man, and take care of and protect Em and her daughter; he said as much last night.

  9. Bubbles

    March 15, 2011 at 4:47 PM

    Me, I wish them well. We see what ABC wants us to see. I would LOVE to see the contracts everyone signs before going on the show. It should include the promise of 3 months’ premarital counseling before a wedding. LOL!

    Emily and Brad are doing just what they ought to be doing — sorting it out BEFORE the vows are exchanged and, hopefully, avoiding big and ugly surprises after a tied knot. If the relationship fails, she will have found out before her daughter gets too attached to a new guy in her (Ricki’s) life.

    And I *still* think 14 years is too big an age spread. Now, if Em were 14 years older than Brad, that’d pay off when she’s 70 and he’s 56. “-)

  10. sweetness34

    March 15, 2011 at 4:49 PM

    @JH — You seem like a kind soul. I don’t think there’s any surprise that some men will appreciate a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve. However, everyone’s temperament is a bit different and everyone expresses emotion differently. Emotion or expectations of emotion can’t be forced. I have been to several weddings where no one has cried. Many brides are in a good, excited, happy mood, but don’t necessarily tear up going down the aisle or getting a proposal, even though they are very much in love.

    I am actually an emotional person, but if a guy expected me to get choked up or be sentimental when I wasn’t feeling it, then I’d get a little irritated. Cry at a wedding? Not for me. I did cry when the Bears lost to the Packers in the NFC Championship Game. Now that’s something to cry over.

  11. Mars

    March 15, 2011 at 5:40 PM

    If I lost respect for Emily after the recent “In Touch” piece she totally regained it after last night. I have nothing but admiration for her backbone and eloquence. She is wise beyond her years. Unlike some I totally believed Laurel’s story. There were too many details and enough evidence. For me Brad’s mind-numbing and constant declarations about being “honest” and “open” seemed so orchestrated. Like he had to continually paint himself as he wanted others to see him lest they discover the real Brad: an imperfect and not so pretty picture. I sincerely feel Emily should break-up with him now. Someone incapable of controlling their temper (at age 38 no less!!) should not be in a home with a child. So good for her for seeing this. And I really do hope she’s not in love with him. That way the break-up will be easier for her. Brad is immature, fake, full of himself and not handsome IMO (although his twin is totally hot). In other words he ain’t worth the trouble. I am grateful that Laurel outed him. I bet that made him crazed and caused not a few arguments with poor Emily. And whatever she may have done to twist up her bio, whatever. All that matters is she’s obviously not going to shake up her daughter’s world just to pacify the fantasy of millions of fans. That is truly admirable and the mark of a good mother.

    RUN Emily, RUN! Do it now.

  12. Mars

    March 15, 2011 at 5:55 PM

    Um, hello Sunnyside422…Uh, you remember Ashley right? She’s in college to become a dentist, correct? Well, I can’t listen to her speak without wanting to chew my arm off. She’s incapable of uttering a graceful, intelligent sentence. Have you heard this educated woman use “like” over and over and over and over and over again? Cuz she does! She can’t express a thought into words without sounding eleven years old! So Emily using “you know” (which to be honest I didn’t even notice) is hardly a blight on her intelligence. Truth be told I have become so sick of how stupid all these women sound overusing the word “like.” I can barely watch or listen to an entire episode. And it has progressively gotten worse with every new season. Please tell me I’m not alone in noticing this. I mean thank God for FF.

    Btw I’m no Emily fanatic. She seems a little off emotionally and yes a bit repressed. But who’s to say how one behaves in front of a camera. I am far from shy, but when I’ve been on camera I become very subdued.

  13. seanbro

    March 15, 2011 at 6:23 PM

    Thought you might want to know that Emily owns the home she and Ricki live in free and clear. It was in both Ricky’s and Emily’s name when he died. She was also the beneficiary of his life insurance. The idea that she is dependent on the Hendricks family is just incorrect. She is very close with the Hendricks’ and they absolutely adore her and their granddaughter. Because of that relationship I doubt she will ever move to Austin. I have known Emily for about six or seven years. She is a sweetheart and a very kind person. She is like most southern women though, incredibly well mannered, sweet and strong as steel. I’m not sure Brad is man enough for her. There is a huge intimidation factor for any man who gets involved with Emily. She is smart, beautiful, wealthy and part of one of racing’s elite families.

  14. sohoman

    March 15, 2011 at 7:24 PM

    1) Don’t believe for a second Emily cares a twit about Laurel Brads X, Emily has her own past as well!
    2) What she does care about is that brad had sloppy sex with Chantal and who knows who else on the show and all her friends and family know, and how she can ignore that.
    3) Also a temper at 38 and she has a little girl, not acceptable.
    4) He’s had enough women in his life and should have known this would come back to bite him. Really, Stupid.
    5) He showed his temper again on the show when Emily trashed him and they showed the proposal video, The Boys Hopeless.
    6) If he really loves her, his only chance is to move near her and open another bar, but can’t see that happening because he is walking dead!
    7) I would be surprised if she still loves him, this has to be the total nightmare for Brad and the $$ payoff will never ease the pain of having a chance with Emily going up in smoke.
    8) Now millions of rich classy guys from across America want Emily and Brad’s dust.
    9) I would love to be wrong, but I think Not!

  15. 2lovek

    March 15, 2011 at 9:12 PM

    I don’t understand why it is so hard for people to see that Emily is thinking of HER DAUGHTER above all else!? Yes, obviously she knew what she was getting into when she signed up for the show. But Brad should never have told her, or anyone else, that he knew for quite a while that Emily was the one- when he supposedly slept with Chantel(although somewhere I missed where that was actually said that they had sex?) Anyways, as a mother, I can 100% see where Emily is coming from!! It is her job to make sure that marrying Brad would be the right thing for her AND her daughter! If she did jump in and agree to marriage last week or whenever, she would be accused of being a bad mother and only thinking of herself!! And when the marriage failed a year down the road, she would be hearing “well I guess you should’ve given it some more time, huh!?” I think she is absolutely doing the right thing by giving it time to see how things are going to be for them in the “real world”. Would anyone one of us go get married on a whim like that? I’m willing to bet not! It was noticeable last night that Brad was getting very angry when she was telling him what he would be getting into. She wasn’t saying he couldn’t do it, she was making sure he knew upfront what it was going to be like! Once again, as a mother, that’s how she should’ve been!
    I’ve rooted for Emily from the beginning, I truly hope they can work things out and are able to live a very happy life together!!

  16. 2lovek

    March 15, 2011 at 9:18 PM

    Ah, I forgot to add in there that he shouldn’t have even slept with Chantel if he knew he was going to pick Emily!

  17. Boo2412

    March 16, 2011 at 12:57 AM

    I love your blogs and all but I ddi not see a couple putting on a happy face. I saw Emily being honest about the editing she had to watch on this reality TV show. She was basically sad about the truth of this show. It is for ratings and they are nottrying to get people to fall in love but only to get ratings.She was right. Does that mean what she felt for Brad and what he felt for her is not real? No. I think that if they listen to the other successful couples and realize that all of us and the other tabloids do not matter at all, they can make it. One bitch reporter on Entertainment tonight said she saw Brad pulling away from Emily. I have no clue what planet this reporter wannabe lives on but I saw a couple determined to make it. Especially the girl who saw the show for what it was. Emily really is genuine, she saw the crap and questioned it. Smart girl. If she can get past this with Brad, they will make it and i hope they prove all the nay sayers wrong! What a bunch of negative bitter crones there are out in society. Sad….really sad…..Oh well. That is reality TV for you. The reality is people want others to fail and are mean and nasty. Cool….how proud y’all must be!!!!

  18. jlewis1313

    March 16, 2011 at 2:21 AM

    Boo2412 I agree with you 100%. What the hell were these people watching. They seemed like a couple very determined to make this work like any couple this is married are getting married have to do. You have to make it work everyday it is not always easy. Did anybody watch there reaction to watching the proposal they were both in tears. They were very touchy and all over each other Emily said herself she thought they would eventually get married. They have only seen each other a handful of times since he proposed and prolly were under a close watch then. She is very smart in waiting she has a little girl to think about. It is said that people wanna see other people fail so bad shame on all of you. It is obvious they care for one another a lot. Emily and Brad I wish you both the best and I hope we see your wedding on ABC and Reality Steve eats some more crow. I only read his blogs b/c i am impatient and couldn’t wait to find out who won but I personally think Reality Steve is a complete douche bag that can’t get a woman or man of his own so he gets his rocks off on other people’s misery.

  19. jrs_lovely1

    March 17, 2011 at 3:40 PM

    I had to go back and watch the episodes again online and I have to stick by my first opinion. Emily and Brad are as real as we are going to get from the Bachelor. The first time a couple comes out and admits to dealing with some REAL life relationship issues, everyone wants to bash them.

    IMO the way Emily was portrayed was one sided as they usually try to type cast people. The first time I actually heard her speak more than a couple of sentences (other than about Ricki and the crash) was when they were in South Africa and sitting on that mountain. I was like WOW she speaks. So seeing her on the AFTR wasn’t shocking. HELLO she is a real person with a personality that wasn’t showed to her true character. Why does that make her the “B” word and all the other mean things people have said about her? She was honest in her opinion and feelings for what her and Brad just experienced while they were “in the real world” watching their reality show.

    I am not sure what other people were watching but I watched 2 real people express some real feelings. Good and bad and say that even though they have some mess right now, they want to fight to get to a better place. Honestly, with all the divorce, quicky marriages etc, we should be appaulding them. Especially Emily since she is the one who said “not right now.” That makes her fake because she doesn’t want to get married and Brad does? PLEASE! That makes them not blind about where their relationship is right now for real. Not where America thinks it is. Not trying to pretend like it’s WONDERFUL and marriage is right around the corner. She has a daughter that is in the equation. That is important. People are watching them so closely. I even saw a comment where someone said “did you see how Brad was leaning away from her when they were watching the engagement? He was pissed at how she was treating him.” Seriously? Maybe the screen is high up and he is a tall man and has to lean and look up to clearly view the screen. GEESH! The way they first embraced when Emily came out says alot. Remember ATFR with Jason and Melissa? That was clearly akward and you could see that there were problems. Brad and Emily didn’t have that when first joining each other on stage.

    I like how she put herself out there. Everyone typed her as “mother Teresa or sweet little Em”. She let everyone know that it wasn’t just Brad, she has a temper as well and she was effected by seeing him with others (what girl wouldn’t?). As someone else pointed out, it is possible that Brad had sex with one of them. She did say that she felt that “if he knew it was me early on then there was some things that should have been reserved just for her/them.” If he had sex with someone else on the show then I wouldn’t be so quick to run down the asile either. Even if I have an understanding of the show, which she does because she said she knew it wasn’t going to be the “watch Brad and Emily fall in love show.”

    Bottom line IMO, Emily is smarter than we give her credit for. She cares about him and needs time to work past the issues that they have faced. There is nothing wrong with that. We all want to believe a fairy tale that the Bachelor sets viewers up for but as soon as we see some REAL choices and decisions being made that don’t fit the fairy tale we start bashing them. WHO CARES! If they want to wait and work towards something hopefully better THANK GOODNESS! I am tired of seeing all the fake stuff only to see the couple weeks/months/year later breaking up after they professed their love and plans to get married SOON. I hope they actually make it because they are being smart about what they are really facing right now.

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