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Bachelor Finale Recap – 3/14/11 Including Your First Confirmed Contestant for the “Bachelorette”

For episode-by-episode spoilers of Brad’s season, click on the link above that says “Bachelor Brad Spoilers” (it’s like, 1″ inch above this sentence. Twice). It had a breakdown of every date, rose, and elimination, all the way down to Brad’s final choice. Which of course was modified since there was some kinda big news revealed on Feb. 28th. Don’t know if you heard.

This column is strictly going to focus on the ATFR and the aftermath of this season. I never recap the 2 hour finale in the season ending recap for the sole reason that there’s really no point. It’s a lot of mush, a lot of nothing, a lot of dead time where not a lot goes on. Plus, we knew the outcome, so it’s not like anything you saw last night should’ve surprised you. What surprised me though was sometimes I wonder whether or not people actually read my site, or they play the “telephone” game with friends and things get completely lost in translation. I was shocked, to say the least, at how many tweets and emails I got right around the time Brad sent Chantal packing last night along the lines of “You were wrong!”, or, “You said he picked Chantal” etc. Have people not read ANYTHING on this site since Feb. 28th? I mean, maybe you missed the column that Monday the 28th where I stated there was a different ending, but in every column since then (and there’s been five of them), it was repeated numerous times Brad is engaged to Emily. Very bizarre.

I’m not going to sit here and say “I told you so”, but all you have to do is go back really to Feb. 24th and realize that every single thing I’ve told you about what I heard happened played out exactly like I said it would. To save you the time of reading six or seven different posts, just wanted to refresh your memory of everything I’ve told you since then in cliff notes version:

-That Ashley H would be the next “Bachelorette” when no one had any reason to believe she was
-That Chantal was already dating someone new
-That Brad and Emily got engaged in South Africa and were still engaged to this day
-That there was nothing out of the ordinary for the final rose ceremony. Both girls show up, he dumps Chantal and proposes to Emily
-That Ricki was not part of the finale
-That on the ATFR, it is brought up that Chantal was happy and had moved on with someone else
-That Brad and Emily have already broken up once
-That the ATFR would be unlike any past ones and would have more tense and awkward moments than in seasons past
-That Brad and Emily are still engaged but that they’ve definitely struggled with their relationship
-That the three “successful” couples will come back as sort of an intervention to give Brad and Emily advice on how to get through the media blitz

I’d say that’s about as good as you’re gonna get. For three months was I wrong about Brad and Chantal being together? Absolutely. But ever since Feb. 24th, every word I’ve written on this site has ended up turning out to be true. I’m definitely happy I was able to redeem myself and if you think that somehow ABC is on to me, or they know my sources, or I won’t have anything in the future, you couldn’t be more wrong. If they were, how did I get everything from Feb. 24th on about the finale and ATFR? The more seasons this franchise keeps producing, the more seasons I will spoil. It’s as simple as that. I mean, here we are on March 15th (Three years to the day that I adopted Maddie by the way), and already I’m about to give you news on Ashley Hebert’s season, which begins filming either today or tomorrow from what I’m told.

So in honor of Ashleys season beginning filming this week, I figured I’d give you the name and picture of one of our first confirmed contestants. Right now, I’ve currently got five names and a couple pictures, but I’ll just do one today, then I’m sure as I continue with updates, you’ll be getting more and more info as the season continues filming. Just because we’re in the “off season” of this show doesn’t mean there’s news to report. The “off season” is actually where most of my work is done. So just like last “off season” (October thru December), I will be updating you on spoilers and confirming contestants. Anyway, this guys name is Benjamin (Ben) Castoriano, and he’s a lawyer from New Orleans. Click here to look at one of his bio pages. Also, here are a couple pictures of him.

Ben Castoriano

“Ashley and Ben, sittin’ in a tree…” Ok, maybe it’s a little early for that, but I just thought I’d get the party started early on this one. I wonder if Ben is gonna slap her out of the limo? Or show up that night and say, “Wait a second. Where’s Chantal? Or Michelle?” Awwwww, I’m kidding. I’m glad Ashley is the “Bachelorette” and am actually looking forward to her season. Not that I care whether or not she ends up in love, but to me, she’s likable and by all means if things work out for her, then that’d be a good thing. If not, oh well. Just be another failed couple from this show, which there are plenty of, so no shame in that. On to last night…

Here was the video from my “Good Morning Texas” appearance yesterday morning. A lot of fun. Hopefully we can do this every season so more people in the DFW area will hear me spoil the ending. Awesome.

First want to thank everyone who came out to Bailey’s last night for the viewing party. Great crowd, sorry that the seating was a little scarce, but I thought the audio problem got fixed and for the most part everyone had a good time. I know Laurel got her fair share of questioning from people, but after that ATFR show last night, I think it’s pretty safe to say that, well, maybe she isn’t off her rocker like most people seem to think. We’ll get to that later. But thanks again everyone for coming out. I took more pictures than I can possibly remember, half of which I don’t remember all that much, but it was still a good time all around. I’m sure we’ll do it again for Ashleys premiere of the “Bachelorette” on May 23rd, so set your calendars now.

Wanted to also remind everyone to the “Reality Rocks Expo” happening at the LA Convention Center on April 9th & 10th that I will be attending. Actually, I’ll only be there Saturday the 9th due to a prior obligation on Sunday, but it should be pretty fun. Click on the link below as it has all the details and information you need to know from who’s gonna be there, to what type of discussions and panel events they’re having, etc:

Looks like they’re adding more and more people as we get close to the event, and as I mentioned last week, at some point I will have free passes to give away. So here’s what I want you to do. If you are interested in going to the event, send me an email stating that you are. Just so you know I will be fair about who gets the tickets, I’m going to do a drawing on one of my upcoming video blogs so you can actually witness me choosing the name. Hell, maybe I’ll have Maddie choose it. I still don’t know how many passes I’ll be getting, but I was told I would be getting some in exchange for promoting their event and being a sponsor. So if you’re interested, just send me a quick email so I can put those emails aside until the drawing. The event is in a month, so it looks like I’ll do the drawing in 2 weeks. That’ll give anyone out of state who may end up winning time to book a flight and hotel. These passes are just for entrance into the event and nothing else.

One last thing before I give my thoughts on everything we saw last night, and that’s in regards to Molly and Jason on the ATFR. Outside of the “Wow, Emily is a kind of a bitch” emails which have been the #1 topic on emails and tweets, the second biggest topic was Molly saying during the ATFR how hard it was to watch Jason propose to someone else. This led many people to believe that meant Molly and Jason had been in touch with each other before Jason and Melissa broke up. Huh? I mean, I know it was two years ago and maybe some people’s memories escape them, but that that was not an admission of anything. When Jason/Molly/Melissa taped that ATFR, it was in late January of 2009, a full six weeks before their finale aired. So when they left that taping and Jason and Molly began their relationship from that day on, there was still six weeks of episodes to watch every Monday night. That was what was so unusual about that whole situation is they taped the ATFR six weeks before the show was done. Then remember, they had an ATFR 2 that taped a few days before the finale, and that’s where Jason and Molly gave us an update on what the previous six weeks had been like, and they announced Jillian as the “Bachelorette”. Just wanted to clarify that for the numerous people who emailed me in the last 12 hours to tell me Jason and Molly were lying about never having seen each other.

To be even more clear, here’s the timeline of how that all went down:

-Jan. 2009: Jason’s season begins airing
-End of Jan 2009: After only about 3 or 4 episodes of the show have aired, the ATFR 1 is taped, Jason dumps Melissa, and starts seeing Molly off camera
-Feb 2009: The show is continuing to air while Jason and Molly are having their safe house visits
-March 2009: ATFR 1 is shown right after the finale airs, even though it was taped six weeks previous
-Next night: ATFR 2 is shown, Jason and Molly come back to tell everyone what the last six weeks have been like together.

I think that’s about as clear as I can make it. Molly didn’t reveal anything scandalous last night by saying watching him propose to Melissa was hard on her.

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  1. thewipf

    March 15, 2011 at 12:30 PM

    I loved it when Emily said she was trying to figure out what is real vs reality tv. Then all three couples saying, don’t watch the show it will mess you up. Translation being that ABC does such a good job distorting reality that is even messes up the people that were there and know what really happened. It seems like ABC should have someone sit these couples down and remind them that it’s their job to make the rest of the world think he is falling in love with someone else. It also seems like it would be good for ABC to pick up the tab on some relationship counseling for a few months now to help with the transition. I know Fleiss doesn’t actually care about the couples but the more wins that this show picks up it seems like the more people will buy into it.

  2. drudydavis

    March 15, 2011 at 12:32 PM

    Can’t wait to see more of the contestants from Ashley’s season. The first few episodes are always the best in my opinion, before everything gets all serious.

  3. BrookeC

    March 15, 2011 at 12:37 PM

    Homely first Bachelor for a homely Bachelorette. This was a HUGE mistake. Ashley H has the personality and grammar of a teenager. People will turn away in droves after the first episode.

    Emily is a manipulative brat. She is “That Girl” that makes guys fall head over heels for her, leads them around on a leash and then says ‘I Cain’t..mah daughter is mah prioritah”, using poor Ricki as a crutch. Unless a guy has millions to upkeep her Chiclet teeth, Emily will never stick around. She was ending it on the show clearly but then would throw him a look stating “Babe??? I luuuuhv you” reeling him in further. I believe Brad wholeheartedly would have married her last night. She however hates his ass…..

  4. muskiexu

    March 15, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    Seems to me that there is more Jake in Brad than we could see in the episodes. There were times when his anger was simmering below the surface (Brad never did well with women who showed doubt, anxiety or needed reassurance). Emily pushed his buttons just by asking reasonable questions about parenting rather than falling for his “knight on a white horse” act offering to care for and protect Emily and her daughter.

    To me, the fact that they have had “knock-down drag-out” fights is a sign that Emily is doing the right thing staying in NC. They clearly hadn’t seen each other or talked much in the last month. My guess is that they wish they were in love, but there’s been serious damage. Brad’s inability to be kind during Emily’s distress is the missing ingredient. She’s wise to be cautious. I’d say: Run!

  5. julia

    March 15, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    Here are some of my comments…

    1) Brad and Emily are by far the most REALISTIC couple on this show because they are not rushing to get married. They understand that they have to give their relationship time out in the real world before Emily moves her whole life to Austin. People tend to forget that she has a DAUGHTER too, not just her own life to think about. I think Emily has EVERY right to proceed with caution. It is not reality to marry someone after spending a few unrealistically magical dates together. They need to be a couple, go to moves and do normal couple things before taking the next step. They just need to take Roberto’s advice (and Molly’s) about being them two and NOT worrying about what the haters say.
    2. I am SO thrilled he picked Emily. If Chantal was so “in love” with Brad, would she have really moved on to another guy as soon as she got home? Speaking from past experiences of heart break, I wouldnt even think about dating anyone else, let alone atually doing so. I don’t think Chantal was in love with Brad, I think she fell in love with the idea of Brad.
    3. What’s up with people thinking Emily is “so not interested” in Brad?? Just because she is not jumping in his arms and proclaiming her love to the whole entire world does not mean she is not in love. People express their emotions differently, and maybe Emily is just not a loud and expressive person. She has been this way all season long, it does not mean she does not care for Brad. I think those two were obviously happy and in love.
    4. LOVE Emily’s new look. She looks so much more natural and stunning.

    Anyway, that’s my ramble. I am SO happy for both of them and I usually do not care if couples off this show make it, but I am REALLY REALLY pulling for Emily and Brad because they are perfect for each other. I just hope they take the time to themselves and make it through the hard times.

  6. jsum1113

    March 15, 2011 at 12:56 PM

    Brad’s proposal was very sweet, in my opinion.

    After watching ATFR, I’m afraid Brad is going to end up pretty hurt. I felt bad for him. Emily wasn’t confident in anything she said other than “no” in response to the question of moving to Austin. I’m confused. Did she really accept a proposal from a man she wouldn’t be willing to move for? She definitely comes across as a woman who always gets her way and even though it’d be great if this worked out, I’m afraid Brad’s going to end up hurt. Guess we’ll see…

  7. DallasMs

    March 15, 2011 at 12:56 PM

    @ Julia-totally agree about Emily’s new look last night. FAR better than the major platinum bleach she sported on the show.

    Being a Dallasite and having the opportunity to be at the finale…a comment I found very interesting was by 2 women who don’t watch the show and were caught in the “Viewing” group and sitting next to me. One commented to me that he was definitely picking Emily. I said, what makes you say that? She said body language. Look at him with Emily…he can’t keep his hands off her. With the brunette, it’s much more playful and “friend-like”. A totally different language than with Emily. And she’s right.

    Steve hits the nail on the head about tension…and mixed signals at the AFR. Since I’m stupid enough to watch this show(no, I don’t give it much credibility other than entertainment value!)…I’m ready for another “win”, and would love to see these 2 make it. I’m not feeling very confident it’s going to happen. At all. Emily’s comment-we need to learn how to fight. WTF??? I thnk a better coined phrase is..we need to learn how to COMMUNICATE. Couldn’t help but chuckle when she said she came across as boring…and even SHE would have picked someone else!

    Yep, the Southern Belle pulled out the velvet hammer alright. She is NOT taking any of Brad’s $hit. Oh…and now that it comes to mind….maybe Brad WAS singing to Emily with his rendition of Fireworks! They were going off last night for sure.

  8. julia

    March 15, 2011 at 1:01 PM


    I think she meant that she wasnt moving to Austin in this week – which makes sense. Their relationship is obviously on the rocks so why would she pack up her and her daughter’s life and move somewhere?

  9. YYC

    March 15, 2011 at 1:03 PM

    Hey Steve,

    Do you know how pathetic you sound when you have to boast that you’ve still got inside sources and info? Get a grip, dude!

    I don’t mind reading your take on The Bachelor, but your insecurity is stinking up your webpage and making you look foolish.

  10. MegD55

    March 15, 2011 at 1:04 PM

    I guess I am in the minority here but I actually felt bad for Emily last night…I don’t think I would be able to get over the Laurel tabloid drama either…it would definitely throw quite a few doubts into an already abnormal dating situation…I would certainly be questioning the man I had met on the show vs. the real man as well. They clearly seemed to be dancing around the subject last night and Emily was clearly not allowed to bring it up. Yet the blame was falling on her for their relationship having issues. If that information came out on a man I fell in love with and I had been planning on uprooting my childs life to come live with him I would definitely take a step back and need more time as well. They would have been ridiculous to get married on the AFTR as he clearly needs to prove to her the man he is offcamera is the same man she met and his motives were true vs. what his texts to Laurel showed….

  11. noisy parker

    March 15, 2011 at 1:13 PM

    Switching from fantasy to real world is difficult at the best of times. In the real world none of this happens, and with all the tabloids out there wanting the news, it would be hard for a person to instantly fall in love with someone. So let’s give Em and Brad some breathing space, plus all the baggage they have broght to the situation is enough to sort through and see if they in fact are compatible.

  12. amylynn

    March 15, 2011 at 1:13 PM

    I 100% disagree with “BrookeC” and 100% agree with “muskiexu.”

    I don’t think for one second that Emily was manipulative at all. She was very honest and to the point with everything. Some people think that she was being a bitch, but she was being HONEST in the nicest way possible with everything said. When Brad poured his heart out to her in the hotel room about wanting to be there as a father and a perfect husband, she was just asking what that means to him and his reaction & demeanor completely change. He became very defensive and I could see how much he was holding back his anger – I bet his temper is WORSE than Jake’s towards Vienna. He was sweating and clenching his jaw and seemed so angry that she even questioned his ability to be a father/husband. Because of his reaction, I place him in the same category as the asshole Jake.

    It almost seemed like he could jump up and start throwing things around and start yelling “Look bitch! I told you what I would do, stop questioning me or else you’re gonna get the back hand!”

    He wouldn’t even let her get him some water. He is a control freak and she does NOT need that, especially for her daughter. She is now in control of their future because it seems to be her decision why they haven’t rushed to the alter and why she is contemplating the move. I bet that is why their conversations and meetings have become volatile, because he is trying to “put her in her place.” Asshole. Geeze. . . . . it’s getting me all worked up thinking about it, but hopefully Emily is smart and realizes it’ll be the worse decision to marry him. . . . agreed with “muskiexu” -RUN!!

  13. D-Runner

    March 15, 2011 at 1:16 PM

    This is the most real bachelor finale I’ve ever seen. How can any new couple that’s been been living in a bubble for months, unable to go out in public, watching one ‘date’ other women every week, and being under constant scrutiny, not be hitting major roadblocks???

    I liked Chantal better last night than I did all season. I believe that she’s happy for him, even though she had no quams about calling him out on holding back because Emily was backstage.

    I agree that Brad is madly in love and I couldn’t help buy wonder if Laurel was seeing a different side of him last night. In any case, I hope things work out for him.

    Emily seemed a tad cold, but God knows what she’s had to put up with (ie Laurel scandal, ‘volatile’ fights). I’m not sure I see her point on the Monday night anxiety attacks though; surely she’s watched the show previously and knew what she was getting herself into.

    I really hope they make… Hopefully atypical finale = atypical happily-ever-after.

  14. hubsmom07

    March 15, 2011 at 1:16 PM

    I just don’t get why its such a stretch that Emily doesn’t want to move to another state with a 5 yr old after only knowing someone a couple of months. Molly and Jason had the long distance thing and then she moved but she didn’t have anything holding her back from moving. Emily’s daughter is still in school, I’m sure she has friends and family in NC, she better be quite sure in the relationship before she uproots a child. I think she is one of the more sane ones to come out of this show.

  15. JH

    March 15, 2011 at 1:17 PM

    I agree with a lot of what RS posted about Chantal, but I think he missed the big point.

    Chantal was upset and crying because Brad used her for sex in the treehouse. Chantal was hoping to hear that he was in love with her or falling in love with her on the fantasy suites date, but later developed stronger feelings for Emily. However, since Brad has said it was Emily from early on, Chantal felt used and I don’t blame her.

    Having sex with Chantal, is also why Emily is so upset with Brad and why she made a lot of the comments she did last night and I don’t blame Emily either. RS is right, Brad has a show to do, but he seemed to live it up the whole time and Emily questions how he could have done that, if he loved her.

  16. JNae31

    March 15, 2011 at 1:23 PM

    Ok, I was one of the people who hasn’t visited the site since Mid-February and was shocked last night. I honestly did not think he’d pick Emily, even though there were clues throughout the last epidsode, especially the scenes with his parents.
    As for Emily’s attitude last night..I always thought she was a little insecure this whole season. But I think her part of her problem last night was that she just had to watch the whole season of Brad, her “love”, kissing, making out and professing his feelings with other women…every Monday night (as she kept pointing out)..who wouldn’t be insecure?? I think that is what they’ve been fighting over this whole time and he’s trying to reassure her and she just sees what she sees on TV every week. Honestly though…I dont know if it was the ABC editing department or just me…but I would have bet a years salary that he would have chosen Chantel last night. To me, there was more between Brad and Chantel and maybe Emily felt the same way and has been frustrated every week.
    I do think Brad is completely in love with Emily, but I was concerned when she said that right now, she is not moving to Austin. They’ll never work that way.
    I think that Chantel showed parts of her good side and bad side (emotional, jealous) during the show…it seemed like Emily only showed or only had a good side, when we all know the reality that no one is that happy all the time.

    As for Ashley H being the Bachelorette…ABSOLUTELY HATE IT!!
    The ONLY thing I was happy about Emily winning, was the fact that Chantel would probably be the Bachelorette!!! 🙁
    Ashley H is a BAD CHOICE!! Very boring, not that attractive…bad bad choice!! I’m HOPING that since they did not officially announce her being the bachelorette last night that they’ve changed their minds!!!!

  17. mommyof2

    March 15, 2011 at 1:23 PM

    I, too, want Brad and Emily to work out, but I’m pretty sure it won’t, which is a bummer. I’m not going to speculate on whose fault it is since I don’t know either of them.

    On a different note, I loved Emily’s new look! Her hair looked so much prettier a little darker blonde, a little shorter, and sleeker. Her make-up was also much better and more natural-looking (not so made-up looking like it was on the show). I loved her dress, too.

    On the other hand, I hate Ashley H.’s new look. She looked so much like the all-American girl next door on the show, and now she looks like a completely different person with weird-colored hair and hair extensions. There’s no way that’s her natural color, b/c there’s nothing natural about orangish-brown hair with fake waves and hair extensions. I also hate that heavy, brown make-up, dark eye shadow, and reddish-orange lips. It’s just terrible! She looked so much prettier when she was on the show.

  18. halley skylight

    March 15, 2011 at 1:24 PM

    JH, yes, I agree…. “used her for sex in the treehouse.” LOL. But how can you not feel a little bad for Chantal. She seemed genuinely hurt and felt foolish. I thought she handled herself pretty well.

    I had a question (I’m sure Steve will tell me what a big idiot I am for not knowing the answer, which he always seems to do).

    Although Chantal wasn’t picked, wasn’t she contractual obligated to keep that a secret so it didn’t “spoil” the finale? If so, how can she already be so involved with someone else by the time ATFR taped? Isn’t that revealing the “secret” that she wasn’t picked? It seems strange that it was brought up on the show. Does Team Bachelor provide a “safe house” for Chantal’s dates with what’s-his-name as they do for Brad and Emily? (I can’t believe I care enough about this stupid show to write this question).

  19. JNae31

    March 15, 2011 at 1:31 PM

    Oh and I guess I really haven’t been paying much attention to your site because I have NO IDEA who Laurel is!!! Guess I need to do some reading…cause now I’m very curious what’s been said.
    BTW – Love the site. Keep the “spoliers” coming…and if someone doesn’t want the info, then they don’t have to read this site.

    I want to give my guess on who your “source” is for Bachelor/Bachelorette spoliers. You dont need to confirm or deny because I’m not sure you’d tell us the truth anyway (cause you can’t), but I have my own opinion on who it is!!
    I think it’s Chris Harrison. You two act like you hate each other, talk crap about each other…but I really think that y’all are friends and he is the one that gives you all the spoiler info. Again – just my opinion!! 🙂

  20. Vanilla Thunder

    March 15, 2011 at 1:35 PM

    I thought Brad and Emily’s honesty was refreshing, even though it made things tense and awkward. And I thought the audience’s negative reactions to Emily’s statements about not being ready to marry Brad today or move to Austin today were kind of ridiculous. (But maybe they were coached to react like that?) If not, would they uproot their whole life, not to mention their child’s life, to commit to a man they barely know? Well, maybe they would, and that’s why they were seemingly so aghast. “How could Emily stray from the fairy tale script??? We must have our happy ending! No deviations from our expectations!”

    I wish Brad and Emily well, but I don’t feel too optimistic about them staying together. The whole process they’ve gone through, from her being among 25 women competing for his attention, to fantasy dates that most likely would never happen in the real world (and very little contact w/each other the rest of the time), to being on camera the entire time – how is that a recipe for a successful relationship? I know, I know, that’s what this show is; that’s its format. But seeing the ATFR last night really drove home to me that The Bachelor/ette is essentially a game show, and the couple that is formed by it is uniquely disadvantaged. No wonder they’ve only had 3 “successes” in 21 seasons. I’m kind of surprised that they’ve had any.

    But that’s part of its draw – the hope that maybe THIS time the bachelor/ette will find love, their perfect match, even though the chances are remote. And even though every time I watch the show I get a little more weary of it, I’m sure I’ll tune in to see how things shake out for Ashley.

  21. divrdwn41

    March 15, 2011 at 1:37 PM

    Ok, so consider this. They will never date again. Emily is being the honest one. This is still a TV program and they had to have this episode last night. Emily had to show up, Brad had to make the season sound like a true story. So Brad had to continue the act. We watched him act all season long, act on each date, act with the “therapist”, act at each rose ceremony. So why surprised with his performance last night? It is acknowledged he has a temper and that is something I dont feel Emily would accept around Ricki. The picture of him as he sat next to her listening looks to me like the man who is thinking “just wait till we are outta her girlie”. And then his temper lets go.

    And why is it, she has to uproot herself and Ricki and move to Austin to make it work? I know, I know he has business in Austin. There are a lot of people who have a business and live elsewhere. Regardless of what he professes to, my thought says he had already given up on the relationship prior to the ATFR. But to get his last and final check he had to perform for the cameras.

  22. bahurupiya

    March 15, 2011 at 1:46 PM

    I’m inclined to agree with amylynn a little bit.

    In some cultures, it’s taken for granted that the woman will go to her husband’s house, but in others, especially the US in recent decades, a larger slice of the population has begun to view women as standalone human beings as opposed to a commodity or property asset.

    We are seeing women developing careers by choice, owning businesses, owning property themselves, etc, and while as Steve’s writings remind us, this is far from a universally accepted concept (cultural change is the slowest kind!) the concept of women as independent beings with an intrinsic value unrelated to the production of sons has been thoroughly enough embraced by some so that today it is not unheard of for a woman to consider it to be just as valid a proposition that her husband relocate to the place where HER home – and her child’s home – is established.

    If Brad and Emily were a “real” couple, the fact that she has a child of five, and both sets of grandparents are in West Virginia, would, to many of those more modern-thinking ladies, constitute a strongly weighted argument that the couple choose West Virginia as their home base.

    I don’t get a strong sense that Brad and Emily are a good cultural fit.

    Emily comes across as having a strongly developed sense of herself as that standalone human being, with her own thoughts and opinions, and I don’t think that her “traditional values” extend to that older concept of the woman as an asset which will go where her husband chooses as a matter of course.

    For that reason, if Brad were to consult me (which regrettably, he has not done) I would suggest that he choose a wife whose attitude-opinion-belief matrix is more in line with the old adage that a woman appears outside the gates only twice – once when she leaves her father’s home for her husband’s, and when she leaves her husband’s home for the tomb.

    Of course all this sort of begs the question of how realistic it would be for a man to look for that like-minded wife among women who go on a reality show. 😉

  23. Siryn

    March 15, 2011 at 1:50 PM

    In my opinion (and that’s all it is since I obviously don’t know either of these people), Brad was looking for a wife who would be seen and not heard. It just seems like he wants someone who will sit back, be quiet and just accept everything that he does and says without giving him any grief. I think he thought that Emily was just that person – she appeared very ladylike, quiet, and really went with the flow of it all. But once she started seeing or realizing everything else that was happening on his other dates, she couldn’t totally accept it and did give him some grief over it. He in turn, with that temper of his, threw tantrums like a little two year-old. So I can definitely see why she’s so hesitant to move to Austin until they can really figure out if it’s going to work between them. I didn’t think that she came across as being bitchy at all – just a much more confident woman than what was portrayed on The Bachelor. I say good for her – Brad just seems so smarmy to me, like he wants to always be the one in control and when he doesn’t get his way, he lashes out.

    I’m sure Emily isn’t all sunshine and roses either, but I do think that she can do much, much better than Brad. Of course she has issues – who wouldn’t with the past that she has? But I just hope that she can realize who Brad truly is and that he’ll probably never change. I mean the guy is 38 and has never married or settled down for the long-term. He’s so self-absorbed and has major anger and control issues. Doesn’t seem like all that therapy really helped.


    March 15, 2011 at 1:52 PM

    I think Emily pulled a little switcheroo on Brad. During filming she was sweet and amiable and probably agreed with everything he said. After, she became herself which isn’t exactly who she was before. We all know that happens, and I’ll bet that’s why he was so frustrated with her. Can’t blame the guy for being mad if all along she’d been telling him one thing and he based a relationship on it, only to have her pull the rug out from under him at the end.

    And I agree with Steve, I don’t think Brad is capable of acting so well. His reaction to her words (visible flinching) during ATFR were very telling. He loves her, he’s sincere.

    I wonder what Emily’s arrangement with the Hendricks family is? If the rumors about her not actually working are true, they must be giving her more than enough to support herself and Ricki. Wonder if that well would dry up if she marries?

  25. JH

    March 15, 2011 at 1:56 PM

    halley skylight…

    I hope you didn’t take my post the wrong way because I didn’t mean to be crass or rude in any way, in the way I explained why Chantal was upset. Brad is a first class a-hole, “if” he honestly knew he loved Emily and still slept with Chantal “for fun”. Chantal was actually my favorite ever since the late night beach date, where it started to rain. Emily is like a barbie doll, that most guys dream of, but something was missing all season long and that something showed itself ATFR. I couldn’t wait for this column so I posted more of my thoughts under RS’s previous column, last night.

    One of my main points thought was that a lot of guys actually like “emotional” women like Chantal, but rather than being like Tenley or Ashley S., Chantal was emotional, but also a strong and confident woman, as well (which I found very attractive).

    I’m glad Chantal is happy

  26. halley skylight

    March 15, 2011 at 2:02 PM

    JH, no I think I understand your comment 100% and agree. Of course both Chantal and Emily were vexed if he slept with both of them and if he had purported to already know that Emily was the one by that time. No wonder both the girls are a bit ticked. Makes sense to me….(even though they’ve both probably seen the show before).

  27. Mrs. B

    March 15, 2011 at 2:06 PM

    I think Emily is a woman who is aware of her beauty and definitely put her “best face forward” during the show because she didn’t want to lose. I think she is used to men being infatuated with her and falling for her. Obviously she wanted to make it to the end and have Brad pick her. She made it and now she can relax and tap into what she really wants out of a partner and relationship.
    Brad is a douche. C’mon. He is the WORST. I hate his face and his monotone voice.

    All of that aside, did anyone else notice that the engagement ring he gave her looks a LOT like the engagement ring she had with Ricky? No wonder she didn’t want to wear it. CREEPY!!

  28. als3642

    March 15, 2011 at 2:06 PM

    I have to completely agree that there is some Jake in Brad. As in, we see this guy who appears to have it all together, just genuinely looking for love but when SLIGHTLY pushed, is volatile and shows his true colors. No one was a bigger Vienna hater than I was, no one. I actually coined a phrase called varfing- Vienna induced barfing. ANYWAY!… ATFR I still thought she was a wt-magnet drama queen (shed probably prefer I use princess in pink comic sans) I went from team Jake to team, “WTF, youre both loco as hell”. Point is..Ashley H questioned Brad, he turned on her immediately and pushed her out. Had she not done that I 100% believe she would have been in final 2. Emily is probably doing the same, with good reason, because marriage and uprooting her child are not to be taken lightly. I assume her unwillingness to move to Austin, get married ATFR taping (which is dumb as rocks) etc, probably caused Brad to act the way he did when he had the “serious conversation” with Ashley H. Why he waited to do it that far along i dont know, its all fun and games till home town dates I guess? Idiots…errr Bachelors. I have only been watching since Mesnicks season but I have to say Pulling a Mesnick is far more admirable than Pulling a Pavelka and I think Brad is on the same path that Jake and Vienna went down. Its sad, because after all the scrutinity you want these things to work out in both peoples best interest, but I dont know if staying together is just that for these two.

    Reality Steve: people take this waaaay to seriously, do they not understand you are only as good as your sources? The reason you are here is because the sources need an outside person in order to keep their anonymity, aka keep them from A: losing their jobs B: getting sued or C: Both. Its fun to read the spoilers, who doesnt like hearing secrets? And why if it bothers them so much and they “hate looking at your ugly ass face on your banner” are they on the site??? They are probably like me and hate themselves a little more each season because they watch the bach. Oh Bachelor, how I love to hate you.

  29. amsf32

    March 15, 2011 at 2:09 PM

    Interesting….my take – I liked Emily SO MUCH more after watching her last night on ATFR. I didn’t like her perfect sweet-Barbiness on the show, but last night she showed herself as a honest, assertive woman. She can do so much better than Brad. SO much better.

  30. amsf32

    March 15, 2011 at 2:13 PM

    Also, I agree 100% with amylynn. I think brad has some serious, serious anger and defensiveness issues. His reaction to Emily during the father discussion was a HUGE indicator of his temper.

  31. aimeenp

    March 15, 2011 at 2:14 PM

    Haha, I totally went to law school with that guy! Don’t remember too much about him, other than the fact that he liked to try out for American Idol.

  32. floridamom

    March 15, 2011 at 2:15 PM

    A while ago RS posted that Emily’s house may be up for sale…did that ever get confirmed? On ATFR she adamantly stated that as of right now she could not move to Austin, just wondering if she took her house off the market or if it was ever on the market?

  33. RTV

    March 15, 2011 at 2:15 PM

    These two will never make. Put a bet on that. She is just not that into Brad. He picked the ball buster…it’s actually hilarious. He let Michelle go cause he didn’t want arguing. Ashley H. let her go, he didn’t want a roller coaster relationship. Let Chantal go, he didn’t want drama (due to her crying)..but he keeps the fake one who “acted” like she was none of those things, when in real life, she is EVERYONE of those things. Brad is a tool, Emily is a bitch. Good luck with that.

  34. kpetz

    March 15, 2011 at 2:33 PM

    Frankly, it sounds like his temper is pretty bad. I wouldn’t want that kind of man around my kids! You never know what that means…but it sounded bad to me. She definitely seemed much less interested than brad. But, why was she so upset about him with other girls….she had to know what happens on the show! Duh! He’s gotta do what the producers tell him, so her jealousy seemed strange! I’d be jealous too, but I would hope the guy prepared me! Well, I’d never compete with 24 girls for one guy….moot point!

  35. julia

    March 15, 2011 at 2:38 PM

    I wonder why they haven’t been making their rounds in the media…They just released a conjoined statement. Hopefully they are just trying to stay out of the spotlight.

  36. Rachelleanne

    March 15, 2011 at 2:41 PM

    I TOTALLY agree with muskiexu and amylynn. Emily is smart and I think she knows there are huge red flags with Brad. Did you see how pissed he was that she dare ask him some honest, deep questions about parenting? Turning red and sweating, needing a drink of water. What an immature ass. She had a right to know those questions, especially since he might freaking PROPOSE to her! Come on. So I totally believe that he has temper tantrum problems.
    Second of all, why should Emily have to be the one to move her life AND HER LITTLE GIRL to be with Brad? If he doesn’t want to live without her, he can make a sacrifice and move to be with her. That is what real love does. It self sacrifices for the benefit of the other person.
    Third, of course Emily is upset that Brad slept with Chantal! In the real world, that is called CHEATING. Plain and simple.

  37. msquared

    March 15, 2011 at 2:49 PM

    It’s not Emily’s house to sell…it the Hendrick’s.

    I never thought Emily went on the show to find love, but rather to find fame and it probably shocked the hell out of her that this guy fell for her.

    From what I saw last night, she is nothing but self-centered, self-absorbed, and considers herself to be a princess to be adored and doted on and have her every whim catered to. GAG! All I heard was “me” and all she did was throw him under the bus. It would appear that she doesn’t even like him that much and “love” isn’t even in her vocabulary.

  38. realitystevetvcommenter

    March 15, 2011 at 2:55 PM

    I love you, Reality Steve! But you need to consult a trusted female friend about your opinion on Emily.

    Knowing he will have to go out with other girls is different from seeing him happily partake in makeouts, sex and telling them how special they are. Way back when, it was pretty easy to tell who Trista was going to choose. I don’t think she even kissed the other guy after a certain point.

    In my opinion, that is a huge factor in why these relationships never work: They are built on a foundation of unfaithfulness and uncertainty. That other contestants don’t mention this doesn’t mean they haven’t felt it or it hasn’t been a big issue in their private relationship. You see someone being intimate with another woman a day before he proposes? I don’t blame Emily for being hesitant to uproot her daughter after that. Now, if he had been friendly but platonic with the others after a certain point, I’m sure she’d feel differently.

    I don’t think Brad is a bad guy, but for being 38 years old, he should have realized how she might feel and be more sensitive. Did he really think she’d be okay with that? He still hasn’t learned after the first show – stop leading people on! Emily has every right to feel suspicious about his feelings at this point. Especially after the Laurel stuff.

  39. Sunnyside422

    March 15, 2011 at 3:02 PM

    Let’s not forget that the Henricks bank roll Emily’s life and style! She is totally dependent on them and I will guess that perhaps they have made it clear that they will cease financing her life if she moves. This woman is not supporting herself and let’s face it, Brad is not in the same multi millionaire status.

    Had to laugh at the Barbie Doll, little ole Southern Belle turning into a shrewd woman. Course she could articulate a bit more than simply saying “you know, you know, you know”! Totally uneducated!

    I hope she can see that the anger Braed displays BEFORE marriage would escalate considerably AFTER the marriage. He is not well put together emotionally and can’t deal with a 25 year old (she just had a b-day) when he is 38! He is the same twat he was his first season and just a waste of air time!

    Giving them no chance in hell for success.

    Ashley is probably a nice person, but unless the guys like so so looking women, not gonna palpitate too many hearts during her season! The show jumped the shark beginning with Jason and has progressed downward ever since.

    Thought Chantal wore her heart on her sleeve but the upside is that she got 6 weeks of nice vacation time…too bad some of it was with Brad!

  40. RTV

    March 15, 2011 at 3:13 PM

    All I saw at the AFRC was Brad and Emily insult each other on National TV. Her ‘poke the bear’ comment and his sarcastic “Sweet Emily, Sweet, Sweet Emily” while shaking his head NO..WTH?

    Hey Steve, this guy on Popeater says he has producer friends and Emily and Brad are done. Can you find out if that’s true?

  41. Sal1968

    March 15, 2011 at 3:13 PM

    In our society, we have constantly been fed misleading pictures of what real LOVE actually looks like. For example, there is the myth of “love at first sight”.
    Let’s look at it logically: How can you love someone when you don’t even know them? That “stranger across a crowded room” could be someone you should definitely avoid.
    You can feel attracted to them and captivated by them – that is chemical and it is not “real” love.
    I would call this kind of love “Enchanted Love”. Enchantment is like “a spell that comes over us.” And that’s exactly what seems to happen when we experience love at first sight.
    It is mystical, exciting, passionate and delicious …BUT… it is not Real Love. Ultimately the spell wears off, our humanness reveals itself,
    and questions arise as to whether this is really the person we want to have in our lives.

    I think that “real” love is forged in the flames of enduring trying times together. Working through problems together.
    That is why it’s best not to get sexually attached prematurely.
    Life’s ups and downs are so reliable that you’ll soon see how much your ‘dating partner’ cares about you. These people having fantasy dates
    and then sex in fantasy suites after just a few weeks and a few dates are crazy if they think this is what constitutes REAL LOVE. It’s so beyond
    ridiculous! Enchantment at first sight is easy to understand; it’s when two people have been looking at each other for 10, 20 or 30 years
    and working through difficulties & are still living peacefully together – now that is REAL LOVE.
    If Brad is such a great guy and wonderful catch & all that why haven’t his sisters-in-law introduced him to some decent women?
    If I had a single bro-in-law whom I thought was good husband material I would introduce him to some single women friends.
    You have to wonder why a really fabulous guy has to go on a tv show to find love. Emily is 24. That is so very young. She needs to mature more and Brad is a total doofus. Hell, I thought he was going to pick Chantal after all when he got pissed off at Emily because she was asking him if he was SURE he wanted to be involved with a child-!

  42. msquared

    March 15, 2011 at 3:21 PM

    According to one of Brad’s friends, he has not seen Ricki Tick since that day in Charlotte last fall. Yet, they were planning to get married last week???!!!

    Yeah Right!

  43. thatmeowgirl

    March 15, 2011 at 3:26 PM

    I was going to say “Big deal that you got everything right since Feb. 24th. The taping was full of people who could have spoken.” but then I read you adopted Maddie, which is the right way to go so I don’t want to be mean to you.

  44. Ellieanne

    March 15, 2011 at 3:41 PM

    I believe Brad was very sincere last night on ATFR. His feelings for Emily are honest, I think. However, I did see his jaw clench several times in response to things both Chantal and Emily said, which leads me to believe he’s VERY controlling, which would make me believe his temper is a major issue.

    I also think Emily was sincere when she’d lean into Brad, smile at him, and hug him, but I also think she has some serious reservations about their relationship. I think she’s torn between the Brad she fell for, and the Brad she now knows off camera.

    If I had a little girl who never knew her father, and had lived her life without one, I’m pretty sure I’d be VERY careful about who I gave my heart to as this man could be the only father my child might know. It’s one thing to accept a proposal when you’re footloose and fancy free, ride the fame train, and then dump the person or be dumped. But it’s a whole different story when you have a child and you have to make a decision that will uproot your child from everything she has ever known. To take her from her grandparents, school, friends, home, and have her around a step-family most of the time, can be traumatic for a child. So for that reason, I think Emily will take it slowly. At least I hope so.

    I also think that taking it slowly is what will undo this couple. I think the more Emily comes to know Brad outside of the spotlight, and at long-distance as well, she’s going to find that she may not really be all that in love as she was in the glow of the Bachelor cameras, locations and adventures. Everyday life can be mundane which is good for Rikki, but not necessarily for Brad and Emily’s future. I also think Brad needs to back off and not pressure Emily into a decision or she’ll run rather than be with him. No one, man or woman, wants to be pressured or controlled, so if Brad wants a life with Emily, he’d better take it easy and follow her lead. Compromise has its virtues…

  45. dandygirl

    March 15, 2011 at 3:44 PM

    Whoa. People are way out of line to assert that Brad is abusive, either verbally or physically. Out of line. Just because someone admits he has a temper does not mean he would hurt someone. Don’t you think Laurel would have said something about that if that was how he was?

    Frankly, I think Brad was telling Emily she was the one the whole time for a couple of reasons. First, it’s something that Fleiss would definitely edit out, in order to keep the season interesting. Second, it would completely explain why Emily is pissed while watching the show. He definitely was making connections with the other girls. He kept Chantal until the end, and no, you don’t have to have a final two… Ali cut Chris before their final date.

  46. aligerman

    March 15, 2011 at 3:50 PM

    Every time they say “Little Ricki” I think of Little Ricky from I love Lucy. HA

    Also – How much were they trying to put Chantal as the “Black Swan” and Emily as the “White Swan.” Chantal even had a bunch of feathers on her dress! I’m sure Steve would have liked it if it turned out like the movie with Chantal and Emily … lol

  47. sweetness34

    March 15, 2011 at 3:54 PM

    The body language between Brad and Emily was interesting yesterday. On one hand, there was the tension and conflict. On the other hand, they seemed like the wanted to go off and bone somewhere. It was just an odd scene all around.

    Also–did anyone else see Laurel on Inside Edition yesterday? It was a great interview. She came across as articulate and likable, and I find her credible. With everything we have heard and seen, I wholeheartedly agree there are red flags with this guy.

    I also wanted to comment on the couples they had on. I agree Steve that Ali/Roberto were premature. So far, I don’t think they have even dated as long as Andrew Firestone and Jen Schefft(sp?), or Byron and Mary. I won’t count them as a success until they actually wed.

  48. MidwestGirl

    March 15, 2011 at 3:58 PM

    Laurel is a pot stirring bitch.

    No one gives a flying f#ck about her past relationship. For all anyone knows she’s a dick tease. How sweet of her to come forward now. Bitch it’s not that hard text yourself and make it look like it’s from Brad. Same with phone calls.

    People he’s PAID to make a good show. He’s PAID to make you think he wants someone else. If YOU or EMILY can’t handle it, they should either NOT WATCH or NOT GO ON THE SHOW. 21 seasons of the same bull.

    Emily you need to leave him now. He’s a control freak. Getting mad due to serious questions is a BAD SIGN.

  49. Ellieanne

    March 15, 2011 at 3:59 PM

    @sal1968: Maybe his sisters-in-law have introduced him to other single women, but they just never clicked. It happens. Maybe the girls “just weren’t that into him” or saw his temper, or he spent too much time with work, or at the gym, or whatever…it just didn’t work out.

    I would love to hear from someone who knows him well, but doesn’t have an axe to grind, or isn’t into fame, tell the real story of Brad and what he’s like. Same with Emily. There must be someone who knows her who can talk about her life honestly, without bias. Why is it we only hear from those who supposedly know them so well, tell how horrible/bought/fake/manipulative/mean these people are?

  50. SherryfromD

    March 15, 2011 at 4:01 PM

    I thought Laurel did say he was verbally abusive…not in those words, but didn’t she way he would come to her work and scream at her after they had a break up? Sounds verbally abusive to me.

    RTV, one of the comments to the Popeater article said:
    So how do explain all of the sightings last night in Austin after the finale aired? The ATFC was filmed last week. They did a PEOPLE photoshoot last Wedneday and there are multiple pictures of them together last night on Twitter. I think your source doesn’t know much. They are indeed not over for good.

    Where are the pics on Twitter? Anyone see any of those?

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