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“American Idol”

Needless to say, this season took a big dive for me after Pia was eliminated last week. They’ve had some early exits before from people who went on to do big things like Jennifer Hudson and Daughtry, but neither of them finished 9th. I don’t think anyone saw that coming with Pia. Amazing to think that so many people either thought she was safe, or she had that little of fan base, to where she’d go home that early. I’d say that’s the biggest shocker in the history of this show. She was likable, attractive, could sing her ass off, and didn’t come across as diva-like at all. Pretty unexplainable actually. Well, what does she care? Now that she’s gone, within days, she’s already humping Mark Ballas. Man, that guy sure gets around. How many former DWTS and Idol contestants has this guy bedded down? Geesh. The fact that both of them are playing coy and giving the “we’re just friends” line, basically means they’ve already touched each other in dirty places. Just know that the boy gets around Pia.

Some people are blaming Pia’s exit on the judges this season because, well, they don’t criticize ANY singer, so on a week to week basis, based off what the judges say, you’d think everyone has a chance to win. I think there’s some merit to that. I mean, even when they do criticize someone, it’s not very harsh at all, and it’s immediately followed up by compliments of “we know you can sing”, “we love you”, or the Steven Tyler special “that was beautiful.” The next time Steven Tyler criticizes someone will be the first time. Sure he adds a little bit of crazy and kookiness to the show, but c’mon already, at least come up with something different every week. I think he’s liked every single performance this season. I know he’s a musician and doesn’t want to kill anyone’s dreams, but the reason you’re a judge is to constructively criticize when need be. There’s no way he can possibly think every performance this season has been good. That’s just not being objective. On to the performances:

Paul McDonald, “Old Time Rock N’ Roll”: When Paul said in his pre-packaged video, “Whenever you hear the song, you have to be movin around”, I figured I was in for 90 seconds of painful gyrating around the stage. And I was. Not to mention the ridiculous outfit he had on. I’m sorry, but are the judges watching the same performance as me? I thought it couldn’t have been more karaoke if he tried. He is the worst singer on the show.

Lauren Alaina, “The Climb”: I’ve liked Jimmy Iovine all season, and you know how much I’m a fan of Lauren, but when he told her she was a much stronger singer than Miley Cyrus, I thought that was a bit much. Not saying that Miley has the worlds greatest pipes, but back away from the hyperbole Jimmy. I like Lauren, but Miley’s version of that song was better. I was actually a little disappointed in Lauren’s performance. Not as powerful as I thought it would be. However, I loved when Jimmy told her she had a chance to basically now take all of Pia’s votes. Totally agree. All those who voted for Pia now need another female to get behind, and with Haley the only other female contestant, I’d say Lauren is much closer to what Pia’s fans would like than Haley is. Is Will.I.Am now Jimmy’s sidekick? Are we really gonna have to hear him the rest of the season? The last thing the Black Eyed Peas are known for are their strong vocals, so I really don’t know what he adds.

Stefano Langone, “End of the Road”: This was our high school theme song at Grad Night back in 1993. And “Boomerang” is one of my all time favorite movies. I can neither confirm nor deny that “End of the Road” ever showed up on a mix tape that I may or may not have sent to an ex-girlfriend back in the day. Don’t ask. As for Stefano, don’t ever try and take on Boyz II Men. Ever. I can’t believe the judges fawned over that performance. Yet another one that wasn’t nearly as good as they thought it was. And without a doubt, the first time this show has ever had a judge rate a performance by saying, “That was the sh**.” Classy, Jen.

Scotty McCreery, “I Cross My Heart”: I loved when he said in his video, “I’m going back to my country roots with this song.” Huh? You mean like every other week? I understand Scotty has a huge fan base, but he can never win this thing. He only reaches such a niche audience with his music. There’s no middle ground for the type of country he sings – you either like that stuff, or you hate it. Period. Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, etc they do pop country which can crossover. Scotty will never have a song played on a Top 40 station. He’s TOO country. Will he have a career in country? No doubt. I just don’t think he’ll win this season. Too many people who vote on this show aren’t fans of that type of country.

Casey Abrams, “Nature Boy”: Really didn’t get this performance either. Casey is a talented musician, but the song choice practically put me to sleep. It was pretty blah to me.

Haley Reinhart, “Call Me”: Man, this chick likes to sex it up on stage, doesn’t she? I just get the impression by watching her she’s a little freak in the sack. But hey, that’s just me. You know, when I see purple hooker boots, shots up her skirt, and her flipping her hair all around on stage, just makes me a little giddy. Call you anytime, Haley? Uh huh. Oh I’ll call you all right. I hated Jennifer’s critique of Haley when she said, “I don’t wanna say anything bad about the girls, cuz I don’t want any of them to go home.” Think Simon would’ve ever said anything as ridiculous as that? Not a chance. And therein lies the problem with the judging this season. Not enough criticism.

Jacob Lusk, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”: Loved what Jimmy said to him about last weeks performance. Jacob totally came across as preaching to people when singing “Man in the Mirror”. Sorry, he’s right. Don’t preach to 24 million people. They don’t want to hear it. Also, I get that Jacob is an overly emotional singer, but you can’t cry after every performance. It loses its effect after a while, and I think that’ll ultimately be his downfall. People will tune that out. Might’ve started last week with his spot in the bottom three.

James Durbin, “Heavy Metal”: The last thing I am is a heavy metal fan, but that was an impressive performance. I like the kid, I like his story, I think he’s much less in-your-face than Adam Lambert was, and the guy can sing his ass off. Don’t know if a rocker can ever win the whole thing on this show, but if anyone can, it could be him.

Reality Steve’s Top 3 Performances:

1. James Durbin
2. Lauren Alaina
3. Jacob Lusk

Reality Steve’s Bottom 3 Performances:

1. Paul McDonald

No else comes close.

Reality Steve’s Bottom 3 Prediction:

1. Paul McDonald
2. Stefano Langone
3. Casey Abrams

Reality Steve’s prediction of who’ll get eliminated: Stefano Langone. I just think he’s the weakest of the remaining singers and this week it eventually catches up to him. But after last week, I haven’t the faintest idea what America is thinking in regards to their voting, so who the hell knows anymore.

No “Reader Emails” this week because there just weren’t that many to post. Send in anything you have and I’m sure I’ll get to them next week. As for “DWTS”, “Survivor”, and “Apprentice”, I’ll get back to those next week hopefully if I can get caught up on them with all the traveling I’ve done the last two weeks. Plane is about to land now, looking forward to the next week in NY with friends and family, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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  1. mommyof2

    April 14, 2011 at 1:14 PM

    What about Survivor? I was routing for Matt until he screwed up last week. What an idiot! Rob’s got everyone doing whatever he tells them like they’re his puppets. Like that one woman said, it’s like the Ometepe tribe is in a cult and Rob’s their leader. Rob is smart and entertaining, but I just can’t get behind him to win b/c he seems to be such an egotistical jerk. So, I’m routing for Grant now b/c even though he seems to follow Rob’s orders, at least he ate the other tribe’s fish and said he’s his own man, and will do what he wants, etc… I like Mike from the other tribe, too, but now that he’s on Redemption Island, we’ll see what happens.

    As far as Idol, I thought it would be Pia and Lauren in the finale, with Pia winning, so I was shocked when she left. Now I’m thinking (and hoping) it’ll be Lauren, Scotty, and James in the top 3. Hopefully you’re wrong and Lauren will win. I like her and I want a female to finally win again, and I don’t think Hailey’s that good (she’s annoying to me). Jacob’s too overly emotional (he’d be a good Broadway musical singer), Stefano doesn’t have a strong fanbase and nothing that makes him unique, and Paul just is so quirky and not as good as the judges seem to think. I like Casey a lot, but I thought last night’s performance was strange, too. I agree with the judges that the contestants this year are good, but every performance isn’t good and yet the judges aren’t critical at all. I’m losing interest in Idol right now, but even so, I’ll continue watching as long as Lauren and Scotty are in the competition. I’d love a Lauren-Scotty country music finale; can you tell I’m a country music fan?

  2. cgoudey

    April 14, 2011 at 4:17 PM

    I’m no huge Scotty fan at all, but I pretty much guarantee you he’s going to win. According to DialIdol’s predictions he’s been on top every single week. Obviously they aren’t counting the text and online votes but he’s never been in the bottom 3 and he has the right demographic appeal (teen girls, grandmas, and the entire country-music loving audience) to win. This show almost never gets it right as far as the best singers winning, these days it’s all about who watches the show and who appeals to that audience. Lauren has the girl vote but not grown-ups. Jacob has his demographic’s vote but that’s only 10-15% most likely. James is a little too out there to appeal to the core audience (although he’s my favorite). Haley has no shot, she’s pretty much in the same boat Pia was (pretty girls have no chance anymore). Stefano and his throbbing forehead have one more week, tops. Who else is left?

  3. cgoudey

    April 14, 2011 at 4:21 PM

    oh, forgot Casey. He’d have a shot if he catered to a mainstream audience but, to his credit, he really seems to care more about building his particular fan base and playing what he knows his record is going to be like than he cares about winning. And Paul, well if he survives tonight I’ll be shocked. He’s just a joke at this point compared to the talent that’s left.

  4. Athena

    April 15, 2011 at 3:07 PM

    Gee, is it just me, or does Roberto bear a striking resemblance to our near and dear blog moderator, Reality Steve? Same tall, dark, and handsome manly persona, only not as good looking as Steve.

  5. Penthe

    April 15, 2011 at 9:41 PM

    Steve spent the past year bashing on Ali and Roberto and now he’s taking pictures with them. Hypocrite much?

  6. cynstriss

    April 17, 2011 at 12:41 PM

    I think the only reason Stefano is till here is that there are those who voted for Pia are now voting for him. He is so karaoke and does not even come close to some others on the show. I think Jennifer has a crush on him because he’s like a younger better looking Mark Anthony. JMHO.

  7. jurystillout

    April 20, 2011 at 7:34 PM

    The picture of Ashley on here 2×1 date I am about 95% sure the guy facing is Blake, gray shirt. The other guy I hope you are refering to is in the blue shirt. It very well could be Will, but I am wondering if is someone that either that has not been identified yet. If you have identified him, could you mention that in your next blog. Looking forward to reading your next blog.

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