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Update on the Writing Samples Plus Your “Reader Emails” – 5/27/11

For all your episode-by-episode spoilers of Ashleys season up through the final four, either click on the “Bachelorette Ashley Spoilers” link at the top of the page, or click here. Once I have the remaining breakdown of everything else, I will post it immediately. However, there will still be spoilers posted throughout this column. You’ve been warned.

If you’re interested in writing for the site, please email a writing sample of some trashy reality show with “Sample – (name of show)” in the subject line to: We are expanding the site and I’m looking for others to cover some of the shows I don’t watch. I’ve already got over 50 submissions just from yesterday, so keep them coming. Remember, not a paying job, just looking to expand. Thanks.

Speaking of the writing samples, I have received over a 100 since Monday. And I’ve read none of them. Yet. This weekend, other than seeing “Hangover 2” at some point, I plan on getting to all of them. I will get through them and save ones that pique my interest. If I liked yours, I’m guessing I will be sending you an email sometime next week. Obviously, I can’t hire everyone, and don’t have the time to critique and send back emails to everyone who applied. I appreciate everyone who wrote in, but just figured if you don’t hear from me in the next 7 or 10 days, doesn’t mean I think you’re writing sucks, just means I thought someone else was a better fit. Looking forward to reading all of these and see which new writers we can add to the site.

To be clear again, remember this is not a paying gig at all. I just want to cover more shows on the site that I know people watch. And outside of about 5 or 6, I don’t watch many other reality shows on a consistent basis. I’m looking for someone who watches these shows religiously, thinks they’re just as stupid as I think the “Bachelor/ette” are, can make fun of them mercilessly, and also can make me laugh in the process. That’s the best criteria I can give you of what I’m looking for. We’re still figuring out the format of the site and how it will look once new columns from other writers will go up, but we’ve got time for that. Your column will have your name on it, and you can include any email address, twitter account, Facebook page, or your own blog page as well.

As for “Bachelor Pad” stuff that’s come about recently, don’t know if you saw, but on Tuesday released a list of names of people who they think will be on the show. A lot of names were the same in the list that I released as well, with a couple different ones. It’s safe to say the names you see on both lists are probably going to make it. Sure, ABC has the right to cut people out after seeing names get leaked, and they probably will. But they’re crazy if they think the “big” names aren’t gonna be on it. Last season, there were at least 3 or 4 people that I know of who were flown out to LA thinking they were on the show, then told the day before or day of filming they weren’t needed, and were sent back home. Expect the same this season. I’ve gotten a few more names added to my list that brings it up to 19 people, and that’s with no one from Ashleys season on the list. So definitely there are some people who think they’re gonna be on, or who were asked to be on, that won’t be. Filming starts June 6th. Shortly thereafter, I will have your final list I’m sure.

On to our first “Reader Email” segment in probably close to a month. Some good ones in here. And by “good” I mean “absolutely terrible”, which makes them so good. Make sense? Here we go:

Hey there, Steve!

I’m sure you’ve already seen this, but yesterday just short of 24 hours ago, Chris Harrison put on Twitter that he wants everybody to follow @fleissmeister and tweeted the following: “I told @fleissmeister I believe in our fans! 10k is no prob. Come on tweeps follow along.”

Here we are, almost a whole day later and Mr. Fleiss has a whopping (wait, wait for it…) 2,500 followers. I guess when you’re a douche bag, people don’t really want to follow you.

And clearly Chris Harrison is delusional in how much power he thinks he yields on Twitter. Now @LisaLampanelli or @PiersMorgan could get that done in a few hours!

Way too funny not to pass on to you.

Keep up the good work!!

Comment: Obviously this email was sent a couple weeks ago, but haven’t had a “Reader Email” column in a while so I figured I’d throw this in there. It seems as if Chris Harrison has a bromance going on with the guy who signs his paycheck. Ever since Fleiss joined Twitter, Chris can’t stop tweeting without including @Fleissmaster in his tweets. It’s really bizarre. These two should get a room. Look, if you have to beg people to follow someone else, that’s never a good thing. Maybe while Ashley was in Fiji choosing the love of her life, Chris and Mike got some alone time together, sipping on some fruity drinks, basking in the sun, and declaring their bromance an official relationship. Watch out for these two. Their twitter relationship is downright creepy.

Hey Steve,

My name is Kevin and I am currently residing in South Africa for my
work. I love reading about your bachelorette spoilers since I don’t
usually get a chance to watch the shows when they air. I just had a
few questions on the actual show, since it confuses me greatly how
they manage to put it together.

1. Do they force the people on the show to say what they say on those
1 on 1 interviews that somehow show during the date, but they should
be filmed after the date right?

2. Why do they even bother shooting the shows? They should just tell
everyone to read your blog.

3. What do the contestants and the bachelor/ette have control over in the show?

Keep up the great work

Comment: 1) Yes, that’s why they’re called ITM’s (in the moment). You film them after the date happens, but you have to speak remembering how you felt while the date was happening, because that’s when they show the clip. Every reality show does this, not just this franchise. It’s standard.

2) Good idea. Although, they still read anyway. The more and more people I can educate regarding the phoniness of this show, the better.

3) Absolutely nothing. The minute you sign that ridiculous 23 page contract to be a contestant on this show, you are signing over your life to ABC/Next Entertainment/Warner Horizon for the next calendar year. They own you, for lack of a better phrase.

Are you still out there? You have not posted anything in a while. I am worried that you have been stopped from posting or something.

Comment: I got this a lot in the two weeks that passed from my May 6th post, until I posted the episode-by-episode spoilers a week ago. Lets make one thing perfectly clear: Nothing ABC does will ever stop me from posting. They can’t tell me to stop writing, or force me to stop in any way, shape, or form. If I was employed by them, or a contestant, or somehow on their payroll, then of course they could shut me down because I’d be in violation of a contract. But I’m not. Never have been, and probably never will be. I’m just a guy with a blog that just happens to get information sent to him. There’s really nothing they can do, other than hope people don’t feed me information. And I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Hey RS,

What’s going on with Gia? Who is she dating? I saw a couple weeks ago she was out at dinner with Jake in LA, but then she posted a picture of a different guy she’s with. Any news?

Love the site. Can’t wait for you to find out who Ashley chose!

Comment: This is kinda old news, but wanted to clear it up for some that may not have read the tabloid, or follow Gia on Twitter on Facebook. Gia is NOT dating Jake, nor was she ever. They just had dinner in LA when she was visiting. Gia has been dating Ryan Anderson of the Orlando Magic for the last couple months.

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  1. bachelorettewannaB

    May 27, 2011 at 9:03 AM

    I saw this bracket on Ashley Spivey’s blog and started doing it with all my friends, we are having a BLAST!!!! And we just trust that no one cheated, i mean, who would cheat on this?! Haha it makes it more fun to watch the show, and plus i’m the only one who even reads this blog or knows about reality steve… if you wanna do it go to ashley’s blog: and fill out your bracket before monday’s episode!!

  2. Harisa

    May 27, 2011 at 8:17 PM

    Ames, Ames, Ames <3 <3 <3 <3.

    Hope you enjoy my sample! 🙂

  3. Happycat

    May 30, 2011 at 10:37 AM

    I appreciate the fact that you get tired of answering the same questions, but some of us are new to the show/your blog and would appreciate somewhere to look for answers to our “Frequently Asked Questions”. So, please answer the questions.

  4. jessi

    May 30, 2011 at 3:33 PM

    “…doesn’t mean I think you’re writing sucks…”
    – Reality Steve

    Ohh, the irony. lol.

  5. crossedmymind

    May 31, 2011 at 1:13 AM

    Bentley will be a shoe in for bachelor pad – any takers on a bet? They need to have at least one hated jerk. Bentley is possibly a sociopath, IMHO – have known one and Bentley fits the profile – unless of course the producers have scripted Bentley in to play the sociopath role. They love to conquer and then cruelly devour their prey.

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