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The Bachelorette Recap – 6/6/11 Including “Bachelor Pad” Cast Info & Where I Stand On All Things Bentley

-If anything, I think Ashley should feel this “depth of hurt and embarrassment” just as much towards the show for betraying her as much Bentley did. They knew about all of Ashleys insecurities going in to the show, they had a guy that they cast who from his hometown video, was making it known he really wasn’t attracted to Ashley, and yet they still stuck him on the show. Fine. Whatever. We can debate til we’re blue in the face whether or not he should’ve been cast in the first place (which he shouldn’t have). But once he was there, they could see clear as day how much Ashley was falling for the guy for whatever reason, and they STILL decided to withhold the most important piece of information from her, that being his ITMs. Chris Harrison is not present during any of the ITMs. He doesn’t have a clue what actually goes on in those things and knows the line of questioning the producers go through to get the answers they want. If the contestant is stupid enough to fall for it, then it’s their fault. And Bentley fell hook, line, and sinker. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it was because he had an agenda, or maybe it was because he thought it’d be funny. Either way, he made a huge mistake and he’s gonna pay for it for a long time. I’d say for the next five years or so, maybe more, any one that sees him in person will no doubt recognize him as “that jerk from the Bachelorette”. He’ll never escape that.

-Bottom line was Bentley wasn’t into Ashley from the beginning. That’s obvious. If he really wanted to hurt the girl, I would think he would’ve said everything to her face, wouldn’t he? Doesn’t that hurt a lot more to hear someone say all that stuff to your face? That’s why I think it wasn’t nearly as bad as they made it out to be. I think the guy was never into her, agreed to do the show for whatever reason, never took it seriously, saw that Ashley was falling for him, got the hell out as quick as he could, and had fun at her expense on his way out the door. Until we hear Bentley speak, we’ll never know what the guy was thinking with some of the stuff he said or how he said it. Just know that there isn’t a chance in hell ABC is gonna let him talk about the edit job he got, so he can forget that ever happening. And even though I did it with Rozlyn, Wes, and Rego, I don’t think I feel like going down that road again. Bentley is much, much more hated than probably those three combined, so having him give his side will probably just infuriate more people. I think Bentleys best bet at this point is when he finally gets to talk to the media, just say he said some things he shouldn’t have said, the producers are very good at their jobs, and that he wishes the best for Ashley and hopes she’s happy. If he tries to fight it, it’s only gonna get worse. Cut your losses, apologize, and move on. I am.

-The JP date was about 5 minutes long and wasn’t really much to talk about. Well, other than the fact he showed up with flowers. Ummm, these guys don’t get to go to shopping or anything while on the show, exactly how did JP get flowers? Oh yeah, cuz they were given to him by producers. Nice touch, but, a little obvious. Anyway, it’s obvious Ashley is into him and he’s into her as they got to snuggle on the floor in their pajamas. Wait, how did JP know to bring his pajamas to a date? Whatever. They kissed, and she had to take off her glasses cuz they got in the way. Yeah, that’s happened to me quite often. I don’t know why I even start kissing someone with my glasses on. It’s pointless. They eventually start coming off within five seconds anyway. Along with my pants.

-Rose ceremony time. Ashley cancels the cocktail party cuz her fake eyelashes are getting worn out from all the crying and she’s an emotional basket case right now. Probably a good thing she 86’d that thing. She wouldn’ve not paid attention to the guys just like she did after the roast. Ben C., JP, and Ryan all with roses. Ashley, the floor is yours. “Kind of crazy couple days…insecurities…thought I was getting over it…woke up and got another surprise…open with my emotions and got hurt…thanks for being here and being honest with me…except Bentley of course who’s back home, even though I want him here, even though he doesn’t want to be here, but I think I want him here because I think I’m in love after one week and I would’ve stopped production to marry him and move to Salt Lake after a week.” Uhhhh, I think the understatement of the year is Ashley fell HARD for Bentley.

Constantine: Has anyone noticed the bromance of Constantine and Ben F. yet? They are constantly sitting next to each other. Hell, they even look like they could be brothers.
West: Maybe said five words all episode.
Mickey: Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you and the morning scarf you had on when Chris came to talk to you guys. What was that? Were your robe, slippers, and pipe not around?
Ben F: An absolutely horrible black and white bow tie at the rose ceremony. I wonder what else the Storm Horse has in store for us with his wardrobe this season.
Blake: Believe it or not, I think Jeff might’ve had the second best line of the night when he said Blake was dressed like one of the Backstreet Boys at the roast.
Nick: Holy sunburn Batman! Did he fall asleep at the pool?
Ames: The most bizarre outfit ever worn to a rose ceremony. The fighter pilot outfit straight from the 1950’s was out of this world. Didn’t Joey Fatone wear that on theme night in “Dancing with the Stars” one season?
Lucas: I just realized something. Do we know any of these guys outside of Bentley, JP, and William?

“Ashley, gentleman, this is the final rose tonight. When you’re ready. I’ll be back here chilling seeing how long it takes us to convince Bentley to come back on the show in Hong Kong. Cuz, you know, we think he’s like the worst thing to ever grace our show, yet, because he’s so polarizing and we know everyone will be talking about him, why not milk one last appearance out of him?”

William: The guy was so nervous about getting cut, he couldn’t even hug her correctly after getting a rose. He almost head butted her.

So next week they’re off to Thailand, and now is when we start seeing the backlash against Ryan. Lucas warns Ashley about him, Blake confronts him about it, and hey once again, for the 22nd consecutive season, “someone acts one way around you but is totally different around us.” Same song and dance we see every season. Ryan is this seasons “guy that the other guys can’t believe Ashley is still keeping around”. I’ll tell you what, based on these first three episodes, and even though we’re months away from the next “Bachelor” being announced, I’d say Ryan is the front runner right now. I just cannot see it being Ames, Constantine, or Ben F. Time will tell, but with what they’ve shown so far, and knowing that he goes back on the show in Fiji to try and win her back only to be rejected again, I’d say he has the best odds as of now.

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  1. jenniferboston1

    June 9, 2011 at 5:16 PM

    @ Dianne says —-I don’t think Summer said anything inappropriate or rude? I think she was trying to empathize (sp) with Ashley. I have small boobs too! I gained 60lbs when I was pregnant with my first son, and kept it on for years. I lost the 60lbs a few years ago and my boob size went down considerably. Definitely a downside to losing weight…BOOBS ARE FAT! lol 🙂

  2. mommyof2

    June 9, 2011 at 8:52 PM

    Steve- I’m sure you know this by now, but Jake is definitely on the cast of this season’s Bachelor Pad. I guess they let him use Facebook and Twitter for whatever reason. Here’s a link to the quick article and a picture of Jake on a date (through the BP show) with Jackie Gordon (from Brad Womack’s recent season).

  3. mommyof2

    June 9, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    Jake’s reality TV checklist:
    1) Bachelorette 2) Bachelor 3) Dancing with the Stars 4) Bachelor Pad
    Am I leaving any other reality TV credits out for Jakey? Anyone else tired of this guy and just want him to go away?

  4. Athena

    June 10, 2011 at 3:39 AM

    A question for wisewords: what credentials do you have to be diagnosing mental disorders, and what objective interviewing and testing criteria are you using with Bentley?

  5. jenniferboston1

    June 10, 2011 at 6:50 AM

    @mommyof2 Yes, Jake just did another reality show for VH1, opening a restaurant, LEMON BASKET, with other reality “stars”. Think Vienna was right…..fame wh***!!!!

  6. Susan

    June 13, 2011 at 7:51 AM

    Mommyof2, ME!!! I am so sick of this guy!! To think we get to see that smarmy grin this summer again. Is he finally out of reality TV he can get on? Please let this be the last time! I would put money he’s begging for a second chance on the Bachelor too.

  7. wisewords

    July 4, 2011 at 7:42 AM

    Must be Bentley’s minions on here trying to do damage control…typical sociopath strategy… lol. My qualifications are education, training and experience working in the mental health field, but that’s irrelevant. Nobody is diagnosing. This blog is about opinion. If you happened to click on the link I posted above, Athena, and actually read it, the psychologist agrees with me. Here’s another article titled “The Bachelorette and the Sociopath”:

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