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More “Bachelor Pad” Info, Chris Harrison Nonsense, and Your “Reader Emails” – 6/10/11

“Reader Emails” this week actually didn’t really include one single stupid question. Some questions might have obvious answers, but I’m amazed just when I think it seems like I’ve answered every question possible regarding this show, people have more. And stuff that I never would’ve even thought was remotely important to people apparently is. So with that said, here are this weeks emails:

I wanted to ask if you ever considered apologizing to any of the other female bachelor contestants on Brad’s second season besides Chantal? You were very apologetic to her which showed a lot of character but you never thought how you could have affected the other female contestants. I’m sure you’re probably thinking I’m referring to Emily but I am not. Hint: Ashley. As far as I know (I may be wrong)…I believe you were the one to broadcast that Emily will be the next bachelorette. Every guy turning in applications thought it was Emily because of all the media websites and entertainment channels saying it was going to be her (i suppose you were their reference). Believe me when I say A LOT of guys watch the bachelorette and go to your web site that don’t admit it to just anyone.

I get that this is just a show and it is hilarious how people get so into these reality tv relationships. But….the emotions are for real. I can’t help but think Ashley would have never been worried that everyone thought she should have been Emily when they stepped out of the limo if it weren’t for these guys actually being told it was going to be Emily by every website and entertainment channel there is from a very good source (you). I imagine it to be very humiliating for her. I’m sure she doesn’t care as much now since the season is over but she soon will have to talk about her insecurities relating to this topic come next episode on every late night show and Ellen-like day time show for a few weeks now despite the show already being over.

Maybe if you apologize it will open a line of communication between you and Ashley so you can score a date once her relationship is over with the winner.

Comment: I don’t think me reporting for two months that Brad was with Chantal and that the Bachelorette could be Emily had any effect whatsoever on Ashleys insecurities. And if it did, then this site has a hell of a lot more power than I ever imagined. I seriously don’t think that’s the case. She probably had those insecurities regardless just because she’s a woman and she can see how attractive Emily is. I don’t think that’s hard to figure out.

As for trying to score a date with her once her relationship with the winner is over? Nah, not what I’m looking for. Ashley seems like a great girl, very attractive, very energetic, but I’m not looking to date her, nor is she me I’m assuming.

Hey Steve, I was wondering-in the first episode when the guys are getting out of the limo: is what we see on TV the original, genuine, first meeting between ashley and the bachelors? Or do they do re-takes of it for any reason? If they do re-takes, what reason would they redo it for?

Comment: It’s the first time she’s actually seeing them in person, yes. Re-takes? Oh yeah, it happens. Not sure how often, but I know it does. I remember hearing the story about Jillians season where Dave Good had to re-shoot his limo exit a couple times because he kept busting up laughing. That seemed to work well for him considering he got the first impression rose from her.

I have been reading your blog for ages but have never written you yet. I absolutely love what you write and how you write it. What blows my mind is that there are STILL so many people out there who come to your site that just don’t get it! Why don’t they get that this is your site, you can write however you want and that you aren’t going to change your ways for them? I personally get your humor and I read it at work (shhhh….don’t tell my boss) and am literally laughing out loud sometimes! My co-workers must think I’m a little crazy but I will always tell them what I’m reading if they ask!

First, did you notice that on the group date in Vegas after half the guys were sent home that Ashley was wearing a yellow bikini top under her shirt yet they never went swimming that night? I wonder if it was too cold or something but I kept expecting it to turn into a pool scene! Do you think they tell her to always have a bathing suit on in case it is warm enough to swim? Or does she just dig wearing bikini’s around all the time under clothes? I would if I had her body! I know it’s a dumb thought but just an observation.

Second, I know all you have said about Bentley and how the show planted him or whatever and I know he is just on there for fame and they probably had a lot to do with him sticking around but I am just so over characters like him! Yeah, they want to stir up controversy but this is so old already and personally, I think he is nasty and not attractive at all, so I don’t see what Ashley sees in him anyway! I just don’t get the concept of him other than to get people to talk (and yes, I know people are talking and that is what they want). He is just so weird and gross! Blech.

Third, I know overall you think this show is very fake and such, but do you believe deep down that some guys may come on it with at least an open mind and actually do have real feelings for the girl (or for girls on the Bachelor having feelings for the guy) or do you think all emotions on the show are fake or contrived? I mean I know overall it is very fake but it does seem like there are a few guys who end up into her, much more than others and it does seem like some real emotion is there.

Fourth, I know you have said the rose ceremonies last until 4 or 5 a.m. sometimes. Do you know what happens the next day? Is that a day off from dates so everyone can sleep in and rest or do they get up at a normal time the next day and start with some dates right away? Sorry if this question bores you but I am interested in the logistics and didn’t know if you had ever received a sample schedule from a former contestant

Comment: 1) I’m sure there was supposed to be, or there actually was swimming or hot tub action on that date, they just never had time to show it for whatever reason. I did notice when she was talking to Bentley she had a yellow bikini top on under her shirt but they hadn’t shown anyone in the water on that date. The guys looked like they were cold outside, so, I’m guessing it was for a hot tub.

2) Bentley is weird and gross? That might be one of the nicer things people have said about him over the first few weeks.

3) I think some of the emotions are real, but more because of the environment they’re in as opposed to actually feeling that way towards a person. As I mentioned in Tuesdays column, when you are isolated from the rest of the world with no cell phone, internet, newspaper, TV, family, friends, etc and your only focus is on this one person not to mention tons of alcohol thrown in, then sure, I bet you think you’re falling for them harder than you really are. But like we’ve seen with so many past contestants on the “Bachelor”, where these women come on the show acting so in love over a guy that they barely know, then they get cut, and before you know it, they step off the plane back and they’re back together with their ex-boyfreind or are dating someone new. Happens way more often than not, and I think proves that their emotions on the show are just enhanced because of the environment they were in.

4) No, dates are always the same day that the rose ceremonies end. There’s not a lot of sleeping that goes on during this show, that’s for sure. Your nights are long, and then you’re always up early.

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  1. finerthings

    June 10, 2011 at 11:57 AM

    I’m not sure if you’re trying to be overly modest with your answer to the first reader e-mail, or if you just don’t know the effects of your blog, somehow. Every online news article and blog that I had read on the Bachelor last season quoted “Reality Steve’s predictions” and yes, it was definitely an assumption online, BECAUSE OF YOU, that Emily would be the Bachelorette. That didn’t seem to be the question in that e-mail. I think the question was, do you care that you affected Ashley’s emotions? (because they were in fact affected by you) It’s kind of interesting that this whole season of the Bachelorette has that flavor because you were wrong last season. Weird.

  2. itsmelauren

    June 10, 2011 at 2:58 PM

    I think that Steve has more readership than he thinks he does, but honestly, I think it wasn’t him that caused her emotions. Ashley is just an insecure person. Come on, we saw what she was like with Brad. Constant questioning and worrying about the other girls. Her insecurity isn’t going to go away once she’s the Bachelorette. In fact, it probably increases because she now has 25 guys who can reject her instead of one. It’s not Steve’s fault for Ashley’s insecurities. If Ashley can’t take criticism or rejection, she shouldn’t be in the public eye. (Obviously I don’t condone being mean, but as evidenced by the roast, she can’t take much.)

  3. poddington

    June 10, 2011 at 8:44 PM

    I remember there was a time when they actually said bachelors were “hand picked”, or “screened” just for XYZ bachelorette…noticed they did not say that with Ashley. Thats just what you want, a dooshwad that finds your type an ugly duckling. simply awful. My guess is thy could have rustled up a mess a guys that are just Ashley’s type…if they had even cared to try.

  4. Caroll

    June 12, 2011 at 10:56 AM

    I personally do not and have not found Bentley good looking. I guess Ashley did though plus his words and behavior toward her made her feel good. What he said behind the scenes sound sociopathic or psychopathic. Being able to be glib and charming to suit his own ends of playing her. I hope the “plot” moves on now and away from him which Steve’s spoilers indicate will happen.

  5. morrigan0

    June 13, 2011 at 8:27 AM

    I guess this is a sign unemployment is killing me…..I find myself looking forward to tonight’s episode.

  6. morrigan0

    June 13, 2011 at 8:44 AM

    Found BP breakdown over at EW it names the 18 people then throws in 3 mystery men from ashley’s season. I think they’ll inlclude Ben C and Bentley.

  7. jdub

    June 13, 2011 at 12:03 PM

    I saw Mask Guy Jeff in St. Louis on Saturday night (June 11) so we won’t have to suffer through him on BP. Everyone this season is so boring, it’s a shame that 3 will be getting more air time.

  8. hordac

    June 13, 2011 at 2:18 PM

    Well I’m glad ABC is taking some heat over this Bentley thing, though they are rubbing their hands fiendishly together behind the scenes at all the press its generating. Hey, in the end, this may be good for Ashley. There is probably nothing more mortifying than being called an ugly duckling on national TV, therefore she’ll develop a thicker skin. Shame on you ABC, this was really cruel and I actually feel mortified on her behalf. I hope once this is all over and she has no fear of repercussions she really tells us what she thinks of their slimeball tactics. I hope her and JP find some lasting happiness, which would make this all better for her and worth going through. Wish her all the best for the future!

  9. BentleyApologists

    June 13, 2011 at 5:27 PM

    “Original Bachelorette Footage Edited”—Exclusive Commentary from Bentley*



  10. Reason

    June 13, 2011 at 7:33 PM

    We all know that in order to keep a show on the air you need to get ratings, but it takes a real slimeball to hurt people in order to bring about that goal.

    By choosing not to share Bentley’s ITMs with Ashley while she was on the show, ABC has revealed they are willing to hurt others in order to promote their program. Although this had been done before to some degree in earlier seasons, like hiring Michelle Money and lying about her profession as an actress by stating she was still a Hairstylist, this season has been much more direct about it. Sure, they can get ratings by feeding Ashley the false pretense that they will only keep suitors who are there for the “right reason” but the show in its current format will only last as long as there is anyone left who believes it. At least we can now be sure who isn’t there for the “right reason” anymore: the producers and writers of the show. It will be interesting, and maybe even entertaining, to see how the show changes as fewer contestants and viewers buy into the overall premise.

  11. bigguysmama

    June 13, 2011 at 10:22 PM

    I know that it’s hard to wrap your mind around how the ladies can get so riled up about some dude that we’ve never met who treats some chick we’ve never met horribly. IMHO I’d have to say that it’s because we see an injustice happening. We’re seeing someone being talked about in a terrible way and we react to it. We’re ladies, that’s what we do. I mean, this guy was blatantly saying the most hurtful and bullying things, and using his daughter as an excuse in the end. We see this slime ball and he clearly has no remorse for how he feels, thinks or acts, and we have a strong reaction to it. I’m not sure how we couldn’t. Some people cry at sappy movies when we know it’s just a movie, make believe. Others want to throw drinks at a guy because he was mean spirited, disgusting, and a sad excuse for well, anything! Will he be on the Men Tell All? Has he said anything to indicate that he’s not this lowlife that he portrayed himself to be? If not, then I’d say he’ll end up with a couple of drinks in his face.

  12. Sylvester

    June 15, 2011 at 1:31 AM


    Twice now you have commented about the final 4 regarding the next bachelor and have indicated that Constantine and Ben are total yawns and would not be it. We now know that Ames is on Bachelor Pad so obviously not a final 4. Since both times you failed to mention JP – is he the last man standing? He would also make a good next bachelor, unless of course Ashley chose him.I quite like him. I also like Ryan. So, my question… Freudian slip in not mentioning his name? or accidental oversight?

  13. Small_Peanut

    June 15, 2011 at 12:05 PM

    As mentioned above (just now read this bit) I believe the entire thing is scripted on both ends. I’m sorry but I highly doubt anyone (no matter how big a jerk) would go on national TV and say those things KNOWING she’ll watch later. I believe he was paid to play that part and I believe Ashley was also in on it. If I had to bet money in Vegas, that’s where I’d roll my dice. The entire scenario is scripted to create ratings. I just can’t believe everyone believes this is real. How many seasons has this aired and how many times have we been proven the manipulation of the show? She’s not that stupid and would never mentioned Bentley 100 times knowing the other guys would see it. I just don’t believe it. Also, how coincidental Michelle Money called her? And, now she’s cast on Bachelor pad. PLEASE! FAKE FAKE FAKE. The last REAL season was probably Andrew Firestones, I wish they would keep it real vs. all these fake story lines. Just like the guy with the mask was a plant.

  14. carlachmie

    June 19, 2011 at 9:17 PM

    what is the latest with brad and emily? i know people are probably always asking you this, but neither speak to the public about their relationship. so i was wondering if you knew the details? so far we brad/emily fans know that they were off then on. We all saw the pics of em’s visit to dallas and at the airport, saw the pics of emily without her ring, and thats the latest. i was really hoping you could find out what is going on between the two!

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