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More “Bachelor Pad” Info, Chris Harrison Nonsense, and Your “Reader Emails” – 6/10/11

I was watching this week, and my husband was forced to be subjected to the show as well. He asked if the contestants are paid per episode, because why else would these guys be doing this? (I always figured it was either for the “once in a lifetime” opportunity of being on network television, or to actually fall in love.) I know you said the lead makes six figures for signing on, but I couldn’t remember reading anything about the contestants. Surely they get paid a little something to cover their bills if they’re away from their jobs for up to six weeks weeks or so? I mean, some of them live in CA or N.Y., where rent is pretty high and you’re screwed if you take unpaid leave from your job.

Comment: That’s always been a mystery. I know in the past if you’ve made it to a certain point they will reimburse you. But like guys who are eliminated in the first couple episodes, no, you don’t get paid to be on the show. And if you actually pay attention to the job titles on the screen for these people, it’s not like we’re dealing with many CEO’s and CFO’s here. Many of them have jobs that frankly don’t give two sh**s about them possibly being gone for six weeks. Sure, you’ll have your lawyers and such that appear, but obviously they’ve been given the time off to do it, so I guess it’s not a big deal.

I wonder if Ashley requested that the producers find her a bunch of guys with long, messy hair? There were so many, seemed like half of them at least! I presume she gives her preferences before they do final selection? Does Ashley get to screen the candidates? Bentley’s hair is a real fright, looks like big ole Brillo-pad… But then she chose the bald guy! go figure…

Comment: Well, Ben F and Constantine definitely take the cake on the hair contest for this season. It is funny that the two of them made it to the final four with almost the same exact head of hair. But that’s just coincidence. I think only Jen Scheft was allowed to screen contestants before her season since they showed it to us. After that, the lead has zero say in who gets cast since casting is done well before the lead is ever announced.

In the previews, Ashley said something about worrying that some of the guys were expecting/hoping for Emily (which is interesting because when filming began, were Brad and Emily still publicly together? Outside of rumors.)

Anyway what are your thoughts about Emily starting a video blog and the timing? (timing, referring to the Bentley situation). just a coincidence? Besides arousing interest ?

Comment: Yes, Brad and Emily were still together when Ashleys season started since their finale aired the day before filming began on Ashleys season.

I think the producers know that Emily is a fan favorite and someone that a lot of women would like to hear from, so they asked her to do a video blog after each episode on the Bachelor.TV website. If it was only her doing it, I’d say there might be more to that, but Ashley S., Shawntel, Britt, and Marissa have all done videos too.

Now getting together with the hens and taking some Bachelor is usually fun, until tonight’s episode; I have received over 10 emails tonight basically calling Bentley a sociopath and threatening to ban ABC watching until “they show women some respect”.

Now, how I am supposed to go to work tomorrow without telling all these crazies that need to retire their imaginary psych degrees and take a big whiff of SCRIPTED reality tv!!! Aaagh, so annoyed!

So here’s my question (since you’ve interviewed former “villains”) What ramifications has any of these baddies face, when back in real life? Did they get fired? Lose business? Disowned by their family? Endlessly mocked by their friends?

Seriously, I have 6 women alone way up here in Canada, wanting to END him. He seems like a loser, yes, but I’m not personally affected by him, other than he makes me laugh. Is this wrong?

Comment: Well, you definitely pegged your co-workers “crazies”. There’s no other way to explain it. How anyone can get so worked up over someone they don’t know after watching three episodes of him on TV is beyond me. Sure, you can dislike Bentley, but have you seen some of the Tweets and Facebook posts this last week? My gosh, it’s like Bentley personally insulted each and every one of them to their face. It’s something I’ll never understand about the viewers of this show. It happens EVERY SEASON and proves to me there are plenty of people off their rocker in this world.

As for ramifications, the only one I’ve witnessed in person was Wes. And that was pretty bad. Getting cursed out after a show, having a drink thrown on him, and people just constantly berating him for things he said. It was really frightening to see these women up close and in person attack him the way they did. I think to some degree, Wes, Rozlyn, Rego, and now Bentley will always be known as “the villain from the ‘Bachelor/ette'”. They can’t escape it. This show is watched by millions of people every week, and most of them believe everything they see. So yeah, anytime they are seen in public, I’m sure they get it all the time from people about what they did on the show.

Watching tonight’s episode I was left thinking about Michelle Money’s Tell All interview. I can just picture Bentley in a few weeks saying “oh I’m a dad I’m not like that at all.” I think at this point after all the “villains” on the show (Wes, Rozalyn, Justin etc) contestants can no longer go on the show say the types of things Bentley is saying and then say “oh I didn’t know I would get edited like that”

I was wondering, I think Wes was the first, but at why did Abc decide to go with the villain storyline. If I remember correctly, up until then they just overly dramatized drama already in the house. Did they decide that they needed the extra drama for ratings or did they just think hey let’s just go with it?

Second question did they scrap the planned date the JP to get some “sad Ashley” time at the house or was a night at the house the plan originally? Also it really seemed like they almost shut down production (Chris Harrison), since she went on a date the same day Bentley left, way to sell it Chris.

And maybe I’m a huge sap okay I’m definitely a huge sap but I really hope it’s JP because he’s hot and they’re cute together. I’m sure you’re going to put my on the reader emails because I’m the epitome of every girl that watches the show…. Eh guilty.

Comment: They’ve always seemed to cast a “villain” or the one person that people didn’t like in the house, but only in the last few seasons has it gone to the extreme that it has. You had your Trish’s or Moana’s in the past, but they were tame compared to what we’re seeing now. A lot also has to do with the tabloid coverage now that this show gets and makes it bigger deal than it probably is.

Well, going by what we saw, that date card for JP arrived before Bentley eliminated himself, so it looks like that was the date plan all along for those two. Although, I’m sure talking to Bentley behind the scenes, they were well aware he wasn’t lasting much longer on the show. Go read Masked Jeff’s conference call yesterday with the media that I linked to earlier. He was Bentley’s roommate. Bentley was making it clear from early on that he didn’t want to be there and missed his daughter.

Final note: I’m amazed by how many people continue to spell Rozlyns name wrong. She appeared on the “Bachelor” in January of 2010. Her name has probably appeared on the internet or on TV or you’ve seen it somewhere thousands of times since then. You know how many different spellings I’ve gotten of it in emails? Rozalyn, Rossalind, Roslin, Rozlin, Rosalee, Rosilin, and Rozzlin. Bizarre.

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  1. finerthings

    June 10, 2011 at 11:57 AM

    I’m not sure if you’re trying to be overly modest with your answer to the first reader e-mail, or if you just don’t know the effects of your blog, somehow. Every online news article and blog that I had read on the Bachelor last season quoted “Reality Steve’s predictions” and yes, it was definitely an assumption online, BECAUSE OF YOU, that Emily would be the Bachelorette. That didn’t seem to be the question in that e-mail. I think the question was, do you care that you affected Ashley’s emotions? (because they were in fact affected by you) It’s kind of interesting that this whole season of the Bachelorette has that flavor because you were wrong last season. Weird.

  2. itsmelauren

    June 10, 2011 at 2:58 PM

    I think that Steve has more readership than he thinks he does, but honestly, I think it wasn’t him that caused her emotions. Ashley is just an insecure person. Come on, we saw what she was like with Brad. Constant questioning and worrying about the other girls. Her insecurity isn’t going to go away once she’s the Bachelorette. In fact, it probably increases because she now has 25 guys who can reject her instead of one. It’s not Steve’s fault for Ashley’s insecurities. If Ashley can’t take criticism or rejection, she shouldn’t be in the public eye. (Obviously I don’t condone being mean, but as evidenced by the roast, she can’t take much.)

  3. poddington

    June 10, 2011 at 8:44 PM

    I remember there was a time when they actually said bachelors were “hand picked”, or “screened” just for XYZ bachelorette…noticed they did not say that with Ashley. Thats just what you want, a dooshwad that finds your type an ugly duckling. simply awful. My guess is thy could have rustled up a mess a guys that are just Ashley’s type…if they had even cared to try.

  4. Caroll

    June 12, 2011 at 10:56 AM

    I personally do not and have not found Bentley good looking. I guess Ashley did though plus his words and behavior toward her made her feel good. What he said behind the scenes sound sociopathic or psychopathic. Being able to be glib and charming to suit his own ends of playing her. I hope the “plot” moves on now and away from him which Steve’s spoilers indicate will happen.

  5. morrigan0

    June 13, 2011 at 8:27 AM

    I guess this is a sign unemployment is killing me…..I find myself looking forward to tonight’s episode.

  6. morrigan0

    June 13, 2011 at 8:44 AM

    Found BP breakdown over at EW it names the 18 people then throws in 3 mystery men from ashley’s season. I think they’ll inlclude Ben C and Bentley.

  7. jdub

    June 13, 2011 at 12:03 PM

    I saw Mask Guy Jeff in St. Louis on Saturday night (June 11) so we won’t have to suffer through him on BP. Everyone this season is so boring, it’s a shame that 3 will be getting more air time.

  8. hordac

    June 13, 2011 at 2:18 PM

    Well I’m glad ABC is taking some heat over this Bentley thing, though they are rubbing their hands fiendishly together behind the scenes at all the press its generating. Hey, in the end, this may be good for Ashley. There is probably nothing more mortifying than being called an ugly duckling on national TV, therefore she’ll develop a thicker skin. Shame on you ABC, this was really cruel and I actually feel mortified on her behalf. I hope once this is all over and she has no fear of repercussions she really tells us what she thinks of their slimeball tactics. I hope her and JP find some lasting happiness, which would make this all better for her and worth going through. Wish her all the best for the future!

  9. BentleyApologists

    June 13, 2011 at 5:27 PM

    “Original Bachelorette Footage Edited”—Exclusive Commentary from Bentley*



  10. Reason

    June 13, 2011 at 7:33 PM

    We all know that in order to keep a show on the air you need to get ratings, but it takes a real slimeball to hurt people in order to bring about that goal.

    By choosing not to share Bentley’s ITMs with Ashley while she was on the show, ABC has revealed they are willing to hurt others in order to promote their program. Although this had been done before to some degree in earlier seasons, like hiring Michelle Money and lying about her profession as an actress by stating she was still a Hairstylist, this season has been much more direct about it. Sure, they can get ratings by feeding Ashley the false pretense that they will only keep suitors who are there for the “right reason” but the show in its current format will only last as long as there is anyone left who believes it. At least we can now be sure who isn’t there for the “right reason” anymore: the producers and writers of the show. It will be interesting, and maybe even entertaining, to see how the show changes as fewer contestants and viewers buy into the overall premise.

  11. bigguysmama

    June 13, 2011 at 10:22 PM

    I know that it’s hard to wrap your mind around how the ladies can get so riled up about some dude that we’ve never met who treats some chick we’ve never met horribly. IMHO I’d have to say that it’s because we see an injustice happening. We’re seeing someone being talked about in a terrible way and we react to it. We’re ladies, that’s what we do. I mean, this guy was blatantly saying the most hurtful and bullying things, and using his daughter as an excuse in the end. We see this slime ball and he clearly has no remorse for how he feels, thinks or acts, and we have a strong reaction to it. I’m not sure how we couldn’t. Some people cry at sappy movies when we know it’s just a movie, make believe. Others want to throw drinks at a guy because he was mean spirited, disgusting, and a sad excuse for well, anything! Will he be on the Men Tell All? Has he said anything to indicate that he’s not this lowlife that he portrayed himself to be? If not, then I’d say he’ll end up with a couple of drinks in his face.

  12. Sylvester

    June 15, 2011 at 1:31 AM


    Twice now you have commented about the final 4 regarding the next bachelor and have indicated that Constantine and Ben are total yawns and would not be it. We now know that Ames is on Bachelor Pad so obviously not a final 4. Since both times you failed to mention JP – is he the last man standing? He would also make a good next bachelor, unless of course Ashley chose him.I quite like him. I also like Ryan. So, my question… Freudian slip in not mentioning his name? or accidental oversight?

  13. Small_Peanut

    June 15, 2011 at 12:05 PM

    As mentioned above (just now read this bit) I believe the entire thing is scripted on both ends. I’m sorry but I highly doubt anyone (no matter how big a jerk) would go on national TV and say those things KNOWING she’ll watch later. I believe he was paid to play that part and I believe Ashley was also in on it. If I had to bet money in Vegas, that’s where I’d roll my dice. The entire scenario is scripted to create ratings. I just can’t believe everyone believes this is real. How many seasons has this aired and how many times have we been proven the manipulation of the show? She’s not that stupid and would never mentioned Bentley 100 times knowing the other guys would see it. I just don’t believe it. Also, how coincidental Michelle Money called her? And, now she’s cast on Bachelor pad. PLEASE! FAKE FAKE FAKE. The last REAL season was probably Andrew Firestones, I wish they would keep it real vs. all these fake story lines. Just like the guy with the mask was a plant.

  14. carlachmie

    June 19, 2011 at 9:17 PM

    what is the latest with brad and emily? i know people are probably always asking you this, but neither speak to the public about their relationship. so i was wondering if you knew the details? so far we brad/emily fans know that they were off then on. We all saw the pics of em’s visit to dallas and at the airport, saw the pics of emily without her ring, and thats the latest. i was really hoping you could find out what is going on between the two!

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