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Our Biggest “Reader Emails” Yet, Plus “Bachelor Pad” News, and West’s Exit Interview

For all your episode-by-episode spoilers of Ashleys season, either click on the “Bachelorette Ashley Spoilers” link at the top of the page, or click here. Do not read if you don’t want to know who Ashley is with. You’ve been warned.

Wanted to mention a question I’ve gotten quite a few times this week regarding “Bachelor Pad”, but since it was brought up more than once, I figured it’d be better if I didn’t put it in the “Reader Emails” where it might get lost in the shuffle. A lot of you have asked if the BP contestants are getting paid to be on the show. The answer is “yes”. BP contestants make $750 for every episode they last. Not every day they’re there, but every episode they last. So with six episodes total, the most you can make is $4500. Not bad for three weeks of filming, but not something you’re retiring on anytime soon. The pool headshot pictures were released yesterday (of course minus the three contestants from Ashleys season – William, Blake, and Ames). You can see the pics right here on I think it’s safe to say that Michelle Money is one of the hottest things going right now. Yikes. In second place for me? I’d say a bit of a shocker, but Alli is looking pretty damn nice in that picture. And it has nothing to do her upper chest region. Ok, maybe a little.

West did his exit interview with the media this week and was obviously asked about his former wife, Sarah. To put this to bed one last time for everyone that immediately jumped to conclusions once his former in laws spoke out against him, here was the question and answer in regards to Sarah’s death, courtesy of

There’s been some recent coverage of your wife’s death beyond what you told Ashley on the show. The police said there was no evidence you were involved, but before the season premiere your former mother-in-law did an interview where she said she thought you had something to do with Sarah’s death and she thought you were her enabler. Do you have any comment on that? What was your reaction when that came out? Did you anticipate anything like that coming out?

When I went on the show, I knew that my past would be fair game. I knew that that was a possibility and that that might be brought up. And I’m OK with that. I have no problem discussing any flaws that I might have. I have no skeletons to hide, per se. So that wasn’t a big deal. I was shocked that her own mother and stepfather were so willing to drag their daughter’s name through the mud like that. They — I don’t want to say too much because obviously it’s been talked about and talked about. And I would just prefer that Sarah’s name be allowed to rest in peace at this point, but they were never really involved in her life. Her mom left at an early age and a lot of Sarah’s issues that she had were directly the result of their actions. So I don’t know if maybe it’s just a thing where they’re trying to pass off blame or deal with their own sense of regret.

It’s natural when you lose someone, especially a daughter, that you’re going to wonder what you could’ve done more, wonder what you could’ve done differently to save her. It’s also natural to blame yourself for the things that you could’ve done differently or maybe that you didn’t do. So I don’t know if that has something to do with it, if maybe they’re trying to ease their own sense of loss by passing off blame to me or what. But I know I loved Sarah. Sarah knows I loved Sarah and would never have done anything to hurt her, God bless her soul, rest in peace. Anyone that knows me, my family, anyone that knew us, knows how much I loved her and would never have done anything to hurt her. So I’m not worried about anything that her mom and stepdad might say. I know that her real father knows that I loved her and always did my best to take care of her — and I know that her brothers know that. So I’m not too worried about what they have to say or what people that don’t know the situation might think. It’s just a tragic situation and I hate that it’s gotten to be what it was. I really do feel bad about that, but it is what it is.

Gee, so the mother who wasn’t a big part of Sarah’s life comes forward four years after the death and sells out to a tabloid? Seems like a real credible source if you ask me. As I said when this story first broke, it’s sickening. I think West held back on that answer. It’s obvious what he wanted to say but somehow restrained himself. Hope RadarOnline paid the former in laws well considering how ridiculous they looked by giving that interview.

I did an interview with WebProNews news last week Via Skype that I wanted to share with everyone. Not because it’s something you haven’t really heard yet, but more because, well, I just feel like it. It’s about 15 minutes long and it proves one thing: brevity is not my best quality when it comes to interviews. I can only imagine how bored these interviewers were when I gave my 3 minute answers. Sorry. Don’t know what it is, but anytime I’ve interviewed, I can’t shut up. I’ll try to work on that. Here it is:

And I wanted to give one last shout out to everyone to watch the Miss USA pageant this Sunday night on NBC. I know I’ll be tuning in. Why? Because five of the contestants decided to tweet me last week and tell me they’re huge fans of the site and were talking about it at the pool. Oh boy. I’m guessing that’s the first time my name has ever been brought up during a Miss USA pageant. You can even go online and vote 10 times a day for whoever you like. I’ve been partial to Miss Iowa so I hope she gets far or even wins. Good luck to everyone, must most importantly to the five who gossiped about the site at poolside. You guys would be the Top 5 if I were judge. I’m very impartial.

This is easily our biggest “Reader Email” bag we’ve ever had. I believe close to 30 emails since last week. Some good ones, some not so good ones, and maybe arguably the dumbest question I’ve ever received. That’s still up for debate. If it’s not the dumbest, it’s certainly in the top three. Enjoy…

Ok I will be like all other girls and number my questions!

1) Does ABC edit the “blogs” that the Bachelor/ette writes, or do they have slightly more freedom with those?

2) How in the world do people like Rego and Wes go from having people attack them because ABC threw them under a bus and hating ABC- to agreeing to be on Bachelor Pad?

3) Do they make Ashley say she feels more for someone than she did? That link you posted showed Jeff saying he felt nothing because they barely even get to talk to Ashley. If so, then how did Ashley feel that she was falling in love…? No girl is THAT emotional!

4) I started watching in 2006, discovered your blog in 2008. You have successfully made it so that the only reason I watch the Bachelor now is because it makes your blog so much funnier! (Don’t get me wrong, its hysterical on its own too).

Comment: 1) Ashley definitely writes those herself. I’m guessing they’re not edited much since Ashley has been coached pretty well up to this point. She knows what she can and can’t say. She basically says nothing in those things anyway in regards to giving clues to who she’s with. If anything, since it’s obvious she’s well aware of what the spoilers are saying, she probably tries to throw stuff in there that maybe would throw people off the beaten path. August 1st can’t come soon enough.

2) Said this last season, and I’ll say it again: Completely different show. Money is involved, it’s not about some BS 1-in-25 chance to find love, over-the-top dates, etc. Time heals all wounds. Most of these people are addicted to the spotlight now that they’ve gotten a taste of it and would kill to be back on TV.

3) Ummm, yes girls are that emotional. And very fickle as evidenced by Ashley being all about Bentley for the first month of this show, then basically 2-3 weeks later being engaged to someone else. I’d say that she’s told to basically say she likes every guy to a certain extent. But then they’ll cut and edit out things she follows up with. Kinda like in Brad’s first season when he says things like, “DeAnna is a wonderful woman with amazing qualities who will make a great wife someday”. Of course, they don’t show you the end of that sentence where he finishes with, “but I don’t see her being that woman for me.” You take one part of the sentence out and completely changes the whole context of how it comes across on TV. And yes, that happened in his first season.

4) Good. Keep reading. Of course, not everyone will be a fan and you can’t please everyone. I’m well aware of that. But from where this site was in 2006 to where it is now in terms of my knowledge of the show, and the readership its developed, has been nothing short of miraculous. Never would’ve expected this in a million years.


I found your site during the Jason/Melissa/Molly fiasco and have enjoyed it ever since. I love a good snarky recap. The inside info is just icing on the cake.

I was wondering if a copy of the confidentiality agreement these contestants sign has ever been leaked. Seems like they must be able to take your first born if you squeal – otherwise someone would have written the tell-all book already and been happy to take their chances against ABC in a lawsuit. Its probably never going to happen but I wish for the day Harrison gets pissed at ABC and just spills it all.

Comment: Leaked? Yes. I believe you can find Trista’s season on the At least I remember seeing her TV wedding contract on there. The contracts basically remain the same every season with a few minor tweaks here and there. I’ve got a contract from a couple seasons ago. I remember posting a few sectioned paragraphs before that basically shows how much you’re signing over your life to go on this show. Most of these contestants, if any, don’t read all 23 pages of that contract since they just want to be on TV. They just go in with the mindset, “As long as I don’t do anything stupid, they can’t make me look bad”. And they couldn’t be more wrong.

And yes, there’s a reason why in 22 seasons of this show, there hasn’t been a single contestant write a tell all book about their experience and what really goes on behind-the-scenes. It’s because they can’t. Yes, technically your contract runs for one year from the time the show’s finale airs, but there’s a LIFETIME contract that basically states you can never reveal show secrets publicly. If there weren’t, someone would’ve already.

Steve –

Do the producers ask the contestants before each rose ceremony if they will accept a rose if they are offered one? It seems like in one of the very early seasons someone said “no”, but lately whenever someone has left it has been a much more dramatic exit. This makes me wonder if maybe the producers want to know the contestants’ intentions before the ceremony so that they can perhaps talk the person into staying to make more drama than a simple “no” at the ceremony.

Love your column, Steve. Although I enjoy a good love story, figuring out what is REALLY going on is just as much fun!!

Comment: The producers are very well aware which contestants are interested in staying and which ones aren’t. The producers basically control the whole show. You want to leave early? Not so fast if you’re someone they think will make good TV. There are no less than 10 people I can think of off the top of my head that I know wanted to leave earlier than they did, but were somehow talked into staying.

Hey Steve. I love reading your spoilers and episode reviews – they’re hilarious. I have a couple questions for you: Do you think anyone still goes on this show genuinely hoping to find love, or do you think they all have some sort of ulterior motive (generally fame), and the odd time they end up actually falling in love.
Also, is there anyone else in the world that has an easier job than Chris Harrison but still makes hundreds of thousands of dollars? Didn’t think so. Also, those people at ABC are geniuses. Even though I know this show is fake and edited, I still find that I can’t miss the show and I always choose a favourite to root for. One last thing, your dog looks just like mine! Keep up the good work!

Comment: I think everyone that goes on this show has an ulterior motive. Some are downright dishonest, but most of them are more along the lines of, “I’ll never meet my wife on this show, but it sure will be fun to travel, meet new people, be on TV, and get a free vacation.” The only way you go on this show WITHOUT an ulterior motive is if you’re strictly coming on to meet your future spouse, and no one can honestly say they can. Plus, knowing how popular this show has become in the tabloids, and pop culture, don’t think for a second people aren’t looking for a quick way to break into the business. Human nature. They’ve seen past “successes” from this show and think it can happen to them. And now with “Bachelor Pad” around, knowing there’s another show they could possibly get on to that has a money prize, of course all these people have an ulterior motive.

No. Chris Harrison has the single easiest job in all of television. He gets paid a ridiculous amount of money to do and say the same things every season and travel the world on the company dime.

Hey Steve,

I’m not up to speed about the current reported status of Emily and Brad, frankly because I think it’s safe to assume that they will end up apart and I want to spend my time pondering loftier intellectual topics…such as how long it will take before Jake attempts to murder Vienna on the Bachelor Pad.

My question is whether you think the show would ever make Emily the bachelorette if and when she is single, a la Jen Scheft’s season. I know full well this would mess with the tried and true method of recycling from the most recent Bachelor season, and that Emily *missed her chance* by being Brad’s final pick. However, Emily has arguably one of the largest and most dedicated fan bases, second to Trista perhaps, and so ratings might shoot through the roof. Thoughts?

Comment: Is Emily a candidate? Of course. Now that we know they recycle contestants that aren’t necessarily from the previous season (Brad), of course she’s a candidate. But I’m here to tell you Emily is never going to be the “Bachelorette”. First off, the next “Bachelorette” season is a year away. Why this is even being talked about is stupid? I’ve seen the stories online about “Ooooh, Emily is blogging for Bachelor.TV, they must want to keep her name out there so she can be the next ‘Bachelorette'”. Huh? So stupid. We’re a year away from the next one, so it’s pointless to talk about.

And just because she’s doing that has no bearing on anything. Yes, she’s video blogging. So is Ashley Spivey, Michelle Money, Shawntel Newtown, Britt Billimier, and Marissa May. That means nothing in terms of who the next “Bachelorette” will be. But I’m telling you it’s not gonna be Emily. By next March when filming begins, that ship will have sailed my friends. It pretty much already has.

Hi Steve,

I really enjoy your commentary – good stuff. Thanks for revealing what a farce this show is. I find you very entertaining.

I have a question and I am fairly certain it has not been asked. If this question is redundant, go ahead and publicly berate me. I would expect nothing less from you! =) Okay, you have mentioned, on occasion, that Ashley’s previous boyfriend (or fiance, whatever) died not too long before she went on the Bachelor. It seems to me that this was never mentioned when she was on the Bachelor or on the Bachelorette, though I could be wrong. If I believed the show had any decency, I would think that she made a decision not to talk about it and that the show respected that decision. But based on everything you’ve said about the show, they lack all decency and respect. They exploit anyone with a good story (Emily’s fiance’s death, anyone’s parent’s death, alcoholic fathers, negligent fathers, etc.), so why hasn’t this been a part of the storyline and why didn’t it ever come up in her conversations with Brad (or anyone else?)

Part of me loathes myself for emailing you to ask about people on reality tv. Oh hell, everyone needs entertainment! Keep up the good work.

Comment: Yes, you are correct. Ashley’s ex-boyfriend died two weeks before she left to film the “Bachelor”. He wasn’t an ex-boyfriend at the time of his death, they were just still really close friends. It wasn’t addressed during Brad’s season nor will it be addressed this season. Why? I have no idea. They seem to love bringing stories like that to the forefront, but for whatever reason, that one hasn’t. My guess is Ashley told them she didn’t want it brought up out of respect for his family, so they did. Shocking, I know.

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  1. finerthings

    June 21, 2011 at 11:55 AM

    See, I utterly agree with you there. I’d rather have the recap ASAP even with errors than not. It’s the attitude toward his readers that I address and that only!

  2. scrantonicity

    June 21, 2011 at 12:48 PM

    He definitely seemed highly annoyed in this section of Reader Emails …I will agree with you there 100%.

  3. makarschuk

    June 21, 2011 at 1:49 PM

    Everyone has a bad day. It is tough when everything you say is a matter of public record.


  4. Mr. Nice Guy

    June 22, 2011 at 10:47 PM

    Steve nice to know we would never chase the same women. Here is my choices from First to Last –

  5. K-Flash

    June 23, 2011 at 2:14 PM

    I think the producers should have discontinued filming of The Bachelorette 7 – Ashley Hebert. What a waste of time, this show has become. Why on earth, would any guy pick such an insecure girl?!??! She is NOT wife material yet. Give her 10 years on where she is now, and she may be more comfy in her own skin. Frigg….she is so annoying to watch…pinning for Bentley, who doesn’t even really know she exists….gawd…how bloody desperate can one girl be? Personally, I think some of the guy candidates are pretty decent, but sheeshh…she’s just stunned!

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