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The “Bachelorette” Recap – 6/27/11 Including the Newest “Bachelor Pad” Duo Dating & the Emily Interview

For all your episode-by-episode spoilers of Ashleys season, either click on the “Bachelorette Ashley Spoilers” link at the top of the page, or click here. Do not read if you don’t want to know who Ashley is with. You’ve been warned.

In case you didn’t read Friday’s column, I mentioned that Chris and Emily were going to tape a sit down, private interview at the mansion this past weekend discussing her and Brad’s break up. Well, it happened and that’s basically the gist of what was accomplished. Neither Brad nor Emily have basically said anything publicly for the last two months, so, finally people will get what they wanted, and as we got with Ashley and Bentley last night, some finality to the whole situation. They are done, she ended it with Brad, and that’s that. But before people jump down her throat for seeking out media attention, or doing this to be the next “Bachelorette”, lets tap the brakes a bit. The next “Bachelorette” season is a year away. It’s not even on anyone’s radar yet. Emily is not going to be the next “Bachelorette”. She’s specifically stated she wants no part of it. Could she change her mind? I guess. Will she? I don’t see that happening in a million years. This show needs her way more than she needs this show. She did the interview with Chris, it’s quite brief, you’ll see it on July 11th, then we’ll all move on. Hell, I moved on March 14th once the finale aired, but apparently the lunatic Brad and Emily fans hadn’t and felt they deserved daily updates from the two, so Emily sat down and gave the interview to Chris this weekend. It’s over people, and has been for a while. Move on.

For those already jumping to conclusions before the episode airs about what Emily says, and how it’s wrong of her to trash Brad without him there, I can tell you that you might want to wait until it actually airs before voicing that opinion. Everyone who goes on this show is open to media criticism and tabloid fodder, it’s what you get when you sign up for this show. But I think it’s gone on long enough with Brad and Emily where she just decided enough is enough, I will finally break the silence, tell everyone that her and Brad are over, and then once and for all, everyone can move on. I’m here to tell you that Emily did NOT trash Brad in the interview or say one bad thing about the guy. I heard it was a very emotional talk for Emily. She explained what happened with her and Brad, it just didn’t work out between them, and she closed the door on the relationship. She was in a no-win situation. If she keeps her mouth shut like she has for two months, people whine that they’re hiding and they feel like they deserve to know what’s going on – which is completely stupid. If she does the interview, people say she’s out for attention and wants to be the next “Bachelorette”. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I’m willing to hear this out before I pass judgment. I know, that’s a strange concept for some people to grasp, isn’t it?

Also, Ali and Roberto taped an interview on Saturday as well that will be shown at some point. If it’s not shown after Emily’s during the episode on the 11th, then I’m sure it will be shown at the “Men Tell All”. Chris states in his blog today that they are now doing “Bachelor Updates” where he will be conducting interviews with “our most popular couples”. Wow, you mean all THREE of them? The same three we see all the time? Should be riveting stuff. Well, Ali and Roberto taped theirs on Saturday. Just don’t know when it’s gonna air yet. I’m sure it’s just them talking about how things are going and what’s going on with the marriage plans. They are still together, they are still engaged, and their wedding will be televised. When that happens, I’m not sure. Ali has knee surgery scheduled for Wednesday, so I’m guessing wedding planning has to be put on hold for at least a little bit, no?

I tweeted yesterday that we have yet another “Bachelor Pad” couple that is now dating outside the show and even attended a wedding this past weekend in LA. Any guesses? Well, of course I expected plenty of you to guess Michelle and Graham. Wrong. Holly and Michael? Wrong. But close. It’s actually Holly and Blake. They are now an item, and apparently a hot and heavy one, but it certainly didn’t develop without any drama. The first being well, you know, the little fact that Holly’s ex-fiance Michael is on the show too. Then couple it with the fact that Blake was involved with another girl earlier on in the show, it makes for a nice love triangle. So come back here tomorrow for your full episode-by-episode “Bachelor Pad” spoilers. A LOT of good stuff to look forward to this season that begins Aug. 8th.

Hey, anyone catch Ashley on “Jimmy Kimmel” last night? She did a Skype interview where they basically talked about Bentley. But how about at the end of this interview. Fast forward to the 4:55 mark when she’s saying goodbye. Either she still had JP on the brain since Jimmy had just told her he thinks she should pick him, or she actually slipped up, but it’s clear as day that she says “Bye JP, bye everyone” as she’s signing off. You be the judge:

As you could tell by the end of the episode last night, they didn’t say “Next week on the ‘Bachelorette'”, which confirms next Monday they are repeating this episode. So no new episode next week. They return on the 11th with the Taiwan episode and the Emily interview that will take up the last 10-15 minutes or so of the episode. So they did show plenty of previews of what was upcoming the rest of the season, including plenty of footage of Fiji, which basically confirms everything in the spoilers. Constantine, Ben, and JP are the final three, then Ryan makes a return. As for all the crying at the final rose ceremony, and the questioning of if she’ll ever find love, and her looking like she’s running away….PEOPLE, PLEASE LISTEN. Already tons of you have emailed freaking out. Calm down. They’ve done this for 22 seasons now. They’re showing you what they want to show you. If you fell for that nonsense last night, then you’re a sucker, plain and simple. I cannot put this any clearer than I did on June 1st: Ashley is happy and engaged to JP. Look at the last line of her blog today on

“Truth is the only way to build a real love. And in more ways than one, this episode marks the beginning of my beautiful, truthful, honest, genuine love story.”

Do you honestly think that she just said “this marks the beginning of my beautiful, truthful, honest, genuine love story” if she’s sitting at home alone right now a single woman and this whole thing ended badly for her? Please. Don’t even pay the least bit of attention to what the previews showed you. It’s all part of TV drama trying to suck you in. And plenty of you fell for it. I know this because I read your tweets and emails. Look, I don’t know what happens at the final rose ceremony in terms of the drama, I just know the result. We’re still a month away from that episode. If/When I find more out I’ll let you know. It’s obvious by what they showed they want you to think she’s miserable, alone, and it didn’t work out with anyone. Not even close to being the case. Just wait til August 1st and you will see. On to last night…

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  1. stayseelee

    July 6, 2011 at 12:59 PM

    I’m hearing that Ashley and JP are already broken up…have you received anything confirming that?

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