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Some Spoiler Confirmations, A Chris Harrison Interview, and a Boatload of “Reader Emails” – 7/15/11

For all your episode-by-episode spoilers of Ashleys season, either click on the “Bachelorette Ashley Spoilers” link at the top of the page, or click here. Also, your episode-by-episode spoilers for “Bachelor Pad 2” are now also in a link at the top of the page, or click here. You’ve been warned.

I wanted to update you on a couple of confirmations I’ve gotten regarding things you’ll see in the remaining episodes. In the spoilers I released back on June 1st, I mentioned that I was hearing something was different about Constantine’s exit on the overnight dates. Well, I’ve since gotten it confirmed to me that Constantine does eliminate himself from the show, and it’s BEFORE he ever spends the night with Ashley. I’m still hearing religion is the reason for his exit, but this show has never really dove into topics like that, so I could see them possibly editing it out. Whatever the case, Constantine never even makes it to the end of overnight date and leaves before they spend the night. Which sets up perfectly for Ryan, who I’ve been told shows up AFTER Constantine has already left. Also, regarding the “Men Tell All”, as I said Tuesday barring any last second changes, Bentley will not be a part of it. But Michelle Money will be. I guess they’re gonna bring her up there to talk about the text she sent Ashley before the season and to tell us what she knows about Bentley. Can’t imagine any other reason.

Yesterday, Lucas had his conference call with the media, and pretty much staying true to his stiff-as-a-board personality on the show, didn’t really reveal much. Here is a link to the interview courtesy of Lucas was kind all over the map in this interview saying he was surprised that he was sent home, yet on the other hand, was saying that he and Ashley didn’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things and she definitely harped on his divorce. However, when asked about possibly Ryan being the next “Bachelor,” here’s what he said:

“Ryan I guess would be a decent Bachelor. I mean those women better be very, very energetic and ready for, I don’t know, hopefully have a lot of Red Bull. But anyway, I think a perfect candidate in my mind — just because he as a very good friend of mine, he’s a genuine gentleman — is Ben F., if he had the opportunity. I think he’s wonderful. He’s just a great guy. We got really close. He and Constantine, we’re all good buds on the show. I think he’d be a great candidate.”

Like I said, he’s all over the map. When asked who he thinks Ashley should pick, he says Ben F. Then later, thinks Ben would make a great “Bachelor” if he’s not chosen. Well, which one is it dammit. Pick a side. You admitted you guys are boys, and if you think for a second Ben hasn’t told Lucas what the outcome of the show is, you’re high. I’m sure people will read into Lucas’ answers knowing that, but I wouldn’t. He can’t give away anything. Plus, Lucas promoted him as the winner AND as possibly the next “Bachelor”, so he knew exactly what to say.

You know how I love making fun of things Chris Harrison writes in his blog for Well, I came across an interview that posted Wednesday he did that was all about “Bachelor Pad 2.” Chris was a hell of a lot more candid than I’d ever heard him. Check out this interview right here. My favorite answer was the one he gave about Jake and how Jake has gotten wrapped up in Hollywood fame. Check this out:

“Jake is some who…it’s hard to explain. He’s a good guy, he means well, but he’s a little bit — and they ALL are to an extent — a little bit delusional about their fame and their scope and how long this is going to last.

I try to tell all these people, ‘Take advantage of all this. Use this to enhance your life, whatever that is. If that means going to open up a bridal shop or going to open up a club, that’s fine. Maybe turn it into a great way to promote your real estate business or be a better pilot’, you know for Jake … but he really got caught up in it. He really, really got caught up in it and enjoyed it. And he’s someone who came on [Bachelor Pad] to try to turn the tide and change everybody’s opinion of him. And he really has a hard time with that.”

Pretty funny that Chris admitted two things: 1) Jake is a famewhore 2) He tells the contestants to use the show for publicity purposes. I’ve said that’s always been my #1 problem with Jake. When Wes told me in the first interview I ever did with him that Jake pulled him aside during his season and said, “Wes, I’m just doing this so America will fall in love with me so I can be the next ‘Bachelor’,” yet no one wanted to believe anything Wes said, and were all on Jake’s side. Well, who has shown their true colors since that statement? I always knew Jake was out for fame, and I don’t have a problem with it. Just own up to it and don’t pretend like that wasn’t your plan from the get go, which we can clearly see now that it was. And not like we didn’t know contestants come on the show to promote themselves already, but now when the host of the show, who’s always been “Oh, this is about love and these people are serious”, is now admitting to telling them to use the media hype to their advantage, that’s pretty telling.

Chris also seems to do a 180 on Kasey from what he used to say about the guy on Ali’s season. Kasey definitely looks like he’s gonna come across looking good on “Bachelor Pad”. Seems like Kasey has turned things around in his favor since her season, starting his “Guard and Protect Hearts Inc.” that seems to have helped a lot of young kids, to his public relationship with Vienna. Chris also has thoughts about Holly and Michael’s relationship and you can see he’s already setting everyone up for how Michelle Money is gonna come across much different on this show than Brad’s season. It’s definitely an interesting read.

You know how I usually post a lot of stupid emails from readers who don’t know how to click on links and then I make fun of them? Well, in these first three emails, I let other readers make fun of them. See? I’m all for equal opportunity bashing. What else to look forward to in this week’s emails? Well, stick around til the very last one. It’s a doozy. Oh Lordy. Lets begin…

Hey Steve!

I’ve been reading you for a while now, and I have to ask… do you make up some of these emails or are there really that many idiots in this world?

If these are the emails you are getting, frankly its scares me how dumb some people are. I’m not sure how they manage to function in life.

Thanks for your time

Comment: No. No need to make up these emails. They come to me. I’ve seriously debated on whether or not print the email addresses these emails came from, but I just can’t. I’m sure you people will hound them mercilessly. We should just let the dumb continue to think they’re smart so they’ll keep sending in more genius emails.

Hey Steve,

I’ve been a reader since Jake’s season and I think you get funnier and funnier as time goes on. Some of the things that you come up with just crack me up!

I just read your reader emails for this week, and being Canadian myself, thought the dig you put in your one response was perfectly placed. I say that because, I for one “get it.”

I seriously cannot believe some people. I know you wrote that you have a lot of patience and that’s how you deal with the asinine emails you get but WOW. I honestly don’t know how you keep answering these questions over and over and over. Hats off.

You’re writing style is very clever and your sarcasm is what makes this column so brilliant! How people write to you and complain that your site is difficult to navigate blows my mind. Really? The bold titles at the top of the page and the huge “Click Here to Read More” aren’t obvious enough? Shaking my head in disbelief. OH! And the ones who complain about your grammar and spelling? Who cares? You’ve stated in the past that you don’t do a spell/grammar check and that’s that. Anyone with common sense can tell what you are trying to say and understand even if things are spelled wrong. Whatever to those people.

Comment: I am the first to admit my grammar and punctuation isn’t the greatest. I’ve never denied that. But I’m not a journalist. Nor do I claim to be. Nor am I submitting any of my writing samples for a Pulitzer Prize. And if you’re really gonna beat me up on spelling and punctuation, you’re just trying to be picky. I’m sorry, but did you know Tuesday’s column was over 8,300 words? I guarantee there’s less than 5 spelling errors in that thing. If even that. So sure a word might be misspelled here or there, but for the amount of mindless dribble that I put on to a page, I’d say my ratio of words-to-misspelled words is pretty damn good. Punctuation? That’s a different story. Sometimes I follow the rules and sometimes I don’t. When it’s late and I’m tired, the last thing on my mind is making sure the period goes inside the quotation marks.

OMFG some people never cease to amaze me. Steve, how many emails do you get from idiots who cannot navigate around your website? Rhetorical question. I thought I would take the time to make it, well, elementary for them.

Here ya go…

1. GO to Steves website
2. OPEN your eyes
3. SEE “Bachelorette Ashley Spoilers” at the top of the page

I mean reeeeaaaallllyyyy….is it that tough? The gal that wrote to you saying she found your website, but where is the website? Ummmm….hahahahaha.

Comment: Seems like a pretty simple process that a third grader could follow. Apparently not.

Hi Steve,

I´m writing to you all the way from Finland. I´ve watched the Bachelor since the first season. The show became so much more interesting after I found your blog about two years ago. Here the show is a year or two behind the USA´s schedule, and therefore I have to download episodes the next day they´ve aired them in the States so that I can enjoy your blog texts at the same time. Your column is so hilarious that I´m considering to use it as a tool of teaching English as a foreign language to Finnish kids. I am an English teacher at a vocational school and it´s pretty obvious teenagers aren´t the most motivated group of people when it comes to learning school subjects. Therefore, I was thinking to try to grasp their attention by showing them bits of Bachelor/ette in the class and then have them to read your column. I personally think your written English is excellent and easy to read without unnecessary fancy words. You´re also very witty which I love. I enjoy your video bloggins as well, I find your way to explain things very entertaining (you were cute in the WebProNews interview).

Do you know how much the production dictates what subjects Ashley brings up when she´s talking one-on-one with a guy? For me, it seems they dictate like 80% what she is saying or asking(the rest 20 % is Bentley whining). It has always bothered me that the lead just “happens” to ask all the right questions pretending not to know about the stuff, which she obviously does. For example, when Ryan was very disliked among the guys and the guys were totally fed up with him, Ashley just happened to ask Ryan how he was doing with the others. I wish the production would be less obvious.

Anyway, thank you for writing such an awesome blog. Have a nice day!

Comment: Whoa, whoa, whoa…wait a second. Now I’ve got Finnish teachers considering using my blog in their schooling system? Hell has officially frozen over. People, get out your bikes, grab your canned foods and head to the basement because the apocalypse is now upon us.

Production dictates a lot of what’s talked about in the 1-on-1’s. They don’t tell them necessarily as a couple, but moreso individually before the date starts. Like, “Hey Ash, you’ve got your date with Lucas today. Since he’s about exciting as watching paint dry, see if you can get him to talk about his previous marriage.” Then on the other side, Lucas’ producer is prodding him with, “Hey Lucas, since Ashley is basically at second base with the rest of these guys and you’re still sitting in the dugout, you might wanna step up your game on this date. Open up to her more about your feelings, because guys like JP and Ben are already ahead of you in that race, and if you don’t, you might not get a rose.” Stuff like that.

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  1. StellaGeorge

    July 15, 2011 at 9:23 AM

    Too darn funny!: “Yes, pleez cum rite 4 the sight. It wood be grate 2 hav u. I think my readeers woood luv you’re wity ensight 2 Teen Mom. Cannt waite 2 hav u git starrtid.”

  2. Vanilla Thunder

    July 15, 2011 at 10:51 AM

    “CAN I BEE A RITER” – Um, sure, if being a writer means you have no knowledge of spelling, grammar, puncuation, or sentence structure. Mmhmm.

    Up until the last episode, I didn’t get why the guys have a problem with Ryan. But I think I have a better idea now. He seems just a bit different, in the way he interacts and expresses himself. Sometimes that type of perkiness can come off as phony or just plain annoying, so I get it. I hope he isn’t the next Bachelor, but I’m probably in the minority on that.

  3. Vanilla Thunder

    July 15, 2011 at 11:02 AM

    Oops, I misspelled punctuation! Hahahahahaha…

  4. JBTX

    July 15, 2011 at 11:43 AM

    Ok, so I get that people who write lengthy blogs are bound to have grammar mistakes here and there, but I found one of RS’s answers to the first reader email hilarious and ironic. He writes, “We should just let the dumb continue to think their smart…” First off, it’s “they’re” not “their”. We learned this in elementary school. I know I sound picky, but I find it so funny that as he sits there and insults the intelligence of other people merely for asking questions they don’t know the answers to, he himself can’t differentiate between two words. If you’re going to judge others on every single thing they do, then expect to be judged on your shortcomings.

  5. Amy

    July 15, 2011 at 11:53 AM

    You’re yummy steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there’s 2

  6. morrigan0

    July 15, 2011 at 12:27 PM

    I think that last reader email is bogus. That person is just way too stupid to be real.

  7. Cndgirl

    July 15, 2011 at 3:45 PM

    Completely agree Vanilla Thunder (as I write this, I’m chuckling at your name..haha. good one!)

    But I didn’t get the problem with Ryan either until the last episode – I didn’t see what they were seeing. I think he seems like a decent guy (and I was interested in his water heater discussion – got annoyed when they talked over his explanation) – but could understand if you are not use to that kind of personality, being around it 24 hrs a day might get a bit taxing. Even if they do think he’s a decent guy too. It’s like having a very good friend that you know you should never live with, because you’d kill each other if you did. Even though you’re good friends.

  8. RhondaB

    July 15, 2011 at 11:16 PM

    I should definitely be sleeping at this point, but that last reader email was worth staying up for. Ridiculous. haha

  9. HeidiT

    July 16, 2011 at 5:06 PM

    I hate when people text write it’s annoying as hell. Too many young people cannot write properly because all they do is abbreviate when they type, which doesn’t say much for their future. That last email had to come from a 14 year old, only kids like teen mom and think that people want to discuss how screwed up these kids are. It’s just sad.

    Caps aren’t too bad it’s when the person capitalizes the first letter of every word, Now That’s Annoying To Read.

    I have to say that this season isn’t even remotely entertaining, I hardly watch or pay attention but continue to do so to keep up with your blogs.

    BTW why aren’t you on Most Eligible Dallas?

  10. fluorophore

    July 17, 2011 at 9:35 PM

    It’s “drivel” not “dribble.” Just thought you’d like to know. Actually, you couldn’t care less. That’s cool.

  11. Small_Peanut

    July 18, 2011 at 10:37 AM

    FYI, every week for the past year when I log into your site for the first time I get this error message below. I then have to open my task manager, delete and then reopen your site. You may want to have your “webmaster” fix this issue as I’ve heard other peeps complain about the same thing over the the past year. I don’t have this issue with any other site but yours. Thanks!

    Pop up says: Congratulations! You have been qualified to receive and Apple iPad 2. You have 4 minutes to claim your prize

  12. mommyof2

    July 18, 2011 at 11:35 AM

    I get that same Apple iPad 2 message or this Health Tips message when I get into this site as well. Very strange. I just delete it every time, but it is annoying.

  13. wisewords

    July 18, 2011 at 4:36 PM

    Small_Peanut and mommyof2, it’s adware. Steve not only knows about it, he has no plans to “fix” it. When you click through on his advertising, he makes money. You have to set your browser settings to kill it.

    On another topic, check out this picture of “Ken and Barbie” aka Brad and Emily:
    Now if that doesn’t look plastic… I wanted to move Brad’s arms and change his clothes. Ha ha

  14. VibeCat

    July 18, 2011 at 4:56 PM

    I have to answer Steve’s question about all caps, even though he says he doesn’t read here:

    Comment: The ALL CAPS thing kills me. Who still uses that when they write? Anyone over 5th grade?

    My 57 year-old office-mate writes everything in our office like this. She says she loves caps, she says she thinks it looks better. She’s an idiot, and it makes her LOOK like an idiot.

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