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The “Bachelorette” Finale Recap – 8/1/11 Including News & Info Regarding the Season, “Bachelor Pad” Thoughts, & “Reader Emails”

Hi there Steve,

Just a few thoughts:

The Ashley interview from – I have never heard her so likeable. Looks like a clear case of someone getting more than they bargained for. I’m guessing that producer manipulation on the Bachelor/ette shows is at one level for the contestants, but is amped through the roof for the Bachelorette herself. And I guess that only makes sense, really. What do they do when somebody comes to them with five or six weeks left and says, “Okay, I already know who I want”? They have to coach the hell out of her and get her to appear believable with people that she has already told them she doesn’t want. How would you like to be that guy? The guy who she is pretending for because the producers are making her…? Yuck. Anyway, she comes across like a pretty normal person in a very NOT normal environment. I say pretty normal…I still think she should have known better than to sign up for this lunacy.

Bach Pad Thoughts –

1. Jake Pavelka, put on the crown. You are the least self-aware person in America. The equivalent of what he’s done with his personality would be like somebody growing a football sized tumor on their forehead and walk around smiling, blaming mirrors and bad lighting. Jake really should have been a model. Then all he’d have to do is shut up and get his picture taken.

2. Saw a preview, and I have to say I forgot just how smoking hot Michelle Money is. Makes me wonder who Carlos Boozer is with now, if he left that behind. Good gracious.

3. Gia Allemand – you’re played out. Nice enough girl (albeit one who seems to pathologically chase assholes), but seriously, this is your third series with the Bachelor franchise. Get out and get help.

4. Kasey – I found your description of how he’ll come across on the show to be pretty stunning. Dude was approaching stage 5 weirdness when he was on, so I’m actually pretty interested in seeing the all new improved, cool-guy Kasey.

Thanks for the spoilers! Always makes for good reading.

Comment: Oh, I’m sure the lead has known well before the final episode which guy she wants to end up with. Hell, the last two “Bachelorettes” now have told us in post-show interviews they knew who their guy was early on. Ali told us after the fact it was always Roberto, and then in the interview, Ashley says she was 95% sure early on who it was. Why do you think I make fun of the show so much? Because what you’re seeing in the interaction with these people, and the cheesy lines that come out of their mouth is all for show. If Ali knew it was Roberto early on, and this were real life, she’d stop dating everyone else and be exclusive with him. But she signed up to be the “Bachelorette,” she gets paid for it, and she can’t just pick her guy a couple episodes in and leave. The show must go on for roughly episodes, so, after Ali says a statement like “I always knew it was Roberto”, now hindsight is 20/20 and you can look back and realize that anything she said to Chris and any other guy that seemed remotely like she could possibly marry them, or was falling in love with them, was B.S. It’s one big song and dance. They’re putting on a television show. I know I say that time and time again, but a lot of people still don’t seem to grasp that concept. It’s ok. I blame your parents.

1. In complete agreement.

2. In complete agreement again.

3. Ha ha. I like Gia. I really do. I can say she is one of the most striking women I’ve ever spent time with before, and towards me, she’s been nothing but gracious. However, I still don’t know why she decided to come on this show a 2nd time with a boyfriend, nor why I haven’t heard from her in probably four or five months. Disappointing, but to a certain extent, I get it.

4. I think Kasey is going to be the “Bachelor Pad” Wes of this season. Meaning, people had one view of him through the season he was on, and will be end up coming across as completely different once BP airs.

I was very excited to receive this email after last week’s “Reader Emails”…

Mr. Steve,

It’s me, Michelle, again. Thank u so much for commenting on my email. I am so happy it is still Jp. U made my weekend. I was happy to tell my mommy that she was so wrong. I did miss swim practice, but ur posts made it o

My mom thinks that Ashley’s big sis is not going to like Jp and that might be why Chris Harrison said in his blog that Jp and Ashley will have a bumpmy road. I sure hope not like Brad and Emily. Do u know anything about it and would share?

Still ur biggest fan,

Comment: I love how she calls me Mr. Steve. No one’s ever called me that before.

I obviously got this email before I posted the ATFR spoilers on Wednesday that explained why Ashley’s sis wasn’t in to JP at first. As you saw from the ATFR show last night, Ashley and JP are just fine. The tabloid stuff was all just to drum up interest and get you to buy their magazine. Sorry you missed swim practice. Hopefully that never happens again.

Just had to finally write in because I get so disappointed in the people who comment negatively about your site. You provide so much entertainment to them for free…I think you have a great business sense..obviously because you have turned a basic “rumor mill” into a growing business. QUESTION for all the haters…..>>>how many hits does Reality Steve’s site receive each year? Keep it up. For real, a question to you..”Do you have former contestants ask or beg to be mentioned in your columns?

Comment: Saw a really good quote that someone posted on their FB status yesterday. It read: “Love your haters. They are your biggest fans. Why? They waste their time watching your every move because their lives aren’t as fulfilling as yours. ” Sounds pretty accurate to me. I will never for the life of me understand why someone would take the time out of their day to write a comment, or post on a message board, how much they hate me. Exactly what does that do? If you’re gonna say it, email me directly and tell me to my face. You realize how ridiculous anyone sounds when they post anonymously to a message board about someone or something? So ridiculous.

No, I’ve never had a former contestant beg to be mentioned in a column. And I can guarantee you this: If one of them ever did, they’d get exposed. I would not be too happy if they did that.

Just a question about Ryan. I didnt see any sparks whatsoever between Ashley and him (not like Jillian and Reid), so its really surprising that he’s the one to return. Wouldnt it have made more sense if it was Bentley a la Jillian and Ed? Was it mostly the producers who asked Ryan back to set him up for the Bachelor? Or did he really see something that I didnt see (or the producers didnt show?)

Comment: Only Ryan knows the real answer to this, and even though for whatever reason it wasn’t addressed during the MTA, I still think it was more or less to give him a backstory heading in to the next “Bachelor” season, if in fact he does end up being it.

Hey Steve,

Between the last three dates with the fantasy suites, does Ashley get a day off in between the dates? I am sure that the couples are up “talking” all night, so does she really immediately go on a date the next morning?

Comment: Yep.

RS, I have to agree with so many of your previous emailers. I mean, how could I not be personally offended by the increasingly sexual tone of your weekly column? Why can’t you instead use your site to support the timeless values purported by The Bachelor/ette? You know, like malicious editing to turn people into villains, rampant alcoholism, and riding three people you barely know on back to back to back nights…

Seriously though, not only do I find your site hilarious but I would give it a solid PG-13 rating. I hope you continue to keep the most vulgar of the swear words out of your site and I look forward to reading the final few columns of this dreadfully boring season.

Comment: Thank you. Will do.

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  1. morrigan0

    August 2, 2011 at 12:48 PM

    I applaud Ben for being the 1st to genuinely respond to rejection. If they edit him the right way he may make a good Bachelor, I’d pick him over Ryan or ConstantSleep. Ryan seems just way too happy/fake ala Jake and Const just seems so boring and uneventful.

    After the Final Rose was unusually boring. It seemed like Chris was uncomfortable with all the making out. Those two seemed like they wanted to eat other right then and there.

  2. lexasmygirl

    August 2, 2011 at 1:00 PM

    Here’s my final opinion on Ashley and this show. JP seems like a nice enough guy and tbh I thought with the exception of Mask and William they all seemed like decent guys. And maybe Masky Jeff was a decent guy but he started off weird and I felt the guy was difficult on the eyes…no offense to anyone who disagrees. But I digress. I had completely forgot about Ashley’s hometown visit on Brad’s show so I forgot, or more than likely didn’t pay attention to the fact, that she had a step father. So before this most recent hometown visit to her family, I was under the impression that Ashley, being so needy, in reality needed a daddy. Now I’m not Dr. Phil or Dr. Ruth nor am I even Dr. Demento, though some may think so, but I always felt this. And with the taking of JP over Ben, it sealed my opinion. I think it was on Kimmel later in the night or maybe while they were both sitting with Chris Harrison, that Ashley was asked why she loved JP. Her answer was he is there for me. Now that’s always nice to hear if one is going to get engaged, but that’s not IMO the first thing that should pop into one’s head. I would think I’d be talking about HIM and HIS characteristics, not that he’s there for her. But as we’ve seen Ashley is so very needy that this probably would appeal to her. And seeing as how there is such a huge age difference (yes it’s a big one when they are that age), I suspect that JP will be like a daddy to Ashley. It may work, it may not. Quite frankly (tm Rhett Butler)my dear, I don’t give a d#@*.

    So inasmuch as I did think it was the best group of guys…I just can’t see any of them with Ashley.

    As for the Bachelor’s next season if you go to you will see that as of yesterday (I haven’t checked today), Ben was the man of choice.

    Ames (please don’t throw stones because it’s a matter of taste) was my least favorite next to Jeff and William. I don’t find Ames attractive in the least in any department, including personality and dress style. I mean red pants??? Bright blue shorts sticking out of his jeans that were falling down his derrier??? Not for me. I just would definitely not watch if he were selected, because I just get the willies watching him. I couldn’t even believe he made it to #4. And I’m not surprised to hear Steve say he and Jackie are not a couple anymore. I seriously thought she had swallowed something mind controlling for a while. So please. Not Ames. I’d rather it be Ryan, even though I wouldn’t want Ryan either. But at least I’d watch if for nothing else than the humor. But Ames…no can do.

    My first choice is Ben. Second Constantine. Third…anyone but Jeff and Ames and William.

  3. mommyof2

    August 2, 2011 at 1:01 PM

    I have to say that the finale changed my mind about Ben. He has been growing on me the last few episodes, but I thought he would be too boring as the next bachelor. I thought the same about Ames, but Ames’ reaction to rejection made me sympathize for him and kind of route for him as the next bachelor. But after the finale, I realized that Ben actually can be quite funny (it was already obvious that he- like Ames- is a really nice guy) and his new hair cut makes him much better-looking. I also liked that even though he’s a nice guy, he still is a man who can stand up for himself, which was evident in his reaction to Ashley’s rejection. I think Ben would make the best bachelor, then Ames. I just can’t see Ryan as the next bachelor.

    As far as the sunglasses comment in the e-mails, I noticed that several seasons ago. You NEVER see any of the contestants wearing sunglasses, and they are always squinting on sunny dates. Even when the lead is driving on a sunny day, they aren’t wearing sunglasses. It’s obvious that they aren’t allowed to wear sunglasses so the viewers can see their reactions to each other.

  4. mja

    August 2, 2011 at 1:38 PM

    I agree about Ben… I’ve always liked him but thought his personality on screen would not sustain an entire Bachelor series. I’ve changed my mind, though.

    Also, Ames could be the next Bachelor, based on the reaction from the crowd at the MTA show. I’m not into Constantine at all, so am not sure I’d watch him as Bachelor.

  5. quesara

    August 2, 2011 at 1:41 PM

    I am inclined to agree with the previous posters. Ben really grew on me too and if they give him a decent haircut, I think he could make a great bachelor! Great sense of humor and very in touch with his emotions!
    Ames, no way! He is obviously very nice and intelligent, but in other ways he seems to be on another planet…
    I liked Ryan on the first couple episodes, but I don’t think there is anything “underneath” the slick exterior, kinda like Jake on his first few episodes with Jillian.
    I think JP and Ashley have a better chance at lasting too, like Steve said, but as usual with this show, I won’t be holding my breath.

  6. mja

    August 2, 2011 at 2:02 PM

    Strangely, I’m rooting for Ashley and JP to make it as a couple. This is unusual for me to do. The way I look at this show, it’s a very contrived thing overall. But the people are real people, and when the cameras are off and they are suddenly in the more “real” world (plus tabloids) they then can see if there is really anything there between them. For most of these couples, it turns out that there’s not enough to sustain a real relationship. For some reason I’m hoping that these two do make it. But as Steve says, if they don’t make it I won’t be surprised.

  7. canada girl

    August 2, 2011 at 2:22 PM

    The MTA was the most boring 2 hours ever!! I was expecting them to have Constantine on the hot seat and ask him for more on why he elminated himself. I am sure there was not more to say than what he told Ashley but still…..and also why they did not ask Ryan about coming back. Just a side note…Tim wore jeans too so he an Ames were the just rolled out of bed and put on whatever was on their floor from the night before.
    I think Ashley’s sister still dose not like JP her ATFR rose moment on stage seemed a little forced. Oh well, Ashley and JP seem like they are very in love, I have watched every season of the Bachelor and Bachelorette (well not Brian’s season) and I have not seen any of the other couples as in love as they are…..I wish them the best. I loved Ben’s reaction when Ashley dumped him!! It was a side of Ben that I was not expecting he seemed all sweet and funny all season I really liked him and then when he was dumped you see a true side of him and he was even still upset 6 weeks later!!! I would say he and Britt are not serious or he would have said “I have moved on and I am happy” I would like to see him as the next Bachelor

  8. BrookeC

    August 2, 2011 at 2:23 PM

    I know that Ames has turned into a fan favorite and the housefraus are freaking about him. But can we REALLY picture him as the Bachelor? Really?

    He is a nice guy, but he is so freaking awkward and just looks so dumb 99.9% of the time, it would be a hot mess.

    Go find a nice, hot Latino man to get the first minority Bachelor on there….

  9. jenniferboston1

    August 2, 2011 at 3:26 PM

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t RS state already that Ames is dating someone (Jackie?) he met on BP2? So…he can’t be the next bachelor.

    Why is everyone hung up about the age difference between JP and Ashley? It’s not that many years is it?

    <3 to all.

  10. AATxCutee

    August 2, 2011 at 3:38 PM

    I KNEW IT!!! The first words in your column had to be about how great you were for finally getting it right. Steve you really must have a low opinion of yourself if you have to constantly tell your readers how wonderful you are.

  11. tessswan

    August 2, 2011 at 4:05 PM

    OMG!! Ben was such an immature guy. He and Ashley were like little kids together. Their stupid dog voices made me want to puke. As for Constanbore, he was not there for finding love; he was there for the free vacations. I never could see what Ashley saw in him or Ben, for that matter. The next Bachelors? NO WAY!!!!!
    The only guys on the show that were cool were JP, Ryan, and Nick. I think Ryan deserves to be the next Bachelor after Constancreep screwed him over by accepting roses when he clearly was not into Ashley. Ryan truly loved Ashley. I could see it in his eyes when he looked at her. It was heartbreaking to see him dumped… twice.
    As for Nick, I think ABC must have edited out too much of their time together. Nick was crushed when he did not advance. He was the first (I believe) to say that he loved Ashley. I liked the way that Nick called Willy on the carpet over the roast. What was that guy thinking????
    I am glad that Ashley chose JP. I think they have a much more mature relationship. JP brings out the best in Ashley. She needs someone to love her unconditionally after seeing her b#*@& sister in action. Talk about someone being a buzz-kill. I think that ALL of Ashley’s insecurities come from a sister who sprouts snakes from her hair. Ashley & JP, stay FAR away from that B#*@&. <3 Tess

  12. hordac

    August 2, 2011 at 4:31 PM

    Another season in the can, eh folks? I do hope that these two make it. Agree they seem more genuine than most of these couples. With alot of them, it usually seems that one is more into it than the other, but Ashley and JP appear to be on the same page (and cant keep their hands off each other obviously). Glad its not a repeat of Brad and Emily.

    Tessswan LOL!! I just kept thinking that tatted up sister was out for some huge ass attention for herself last night, and could not give two craps about what Ashley felt. Honestly, I think she just wanted to stand out and get people talking about her negative reactions. Sure makes me understand some of the insecurities Ashley always deals with. Good thing she didn`t listen to her.

    Although I think Ryan is being positioned as the next Bachelor, ABC could be definitely be swayed by Ames` sudden popularity. I just don`t see it being Ben. Though very much a nice guy, he doesn`t strike me as the right type for Bach.

  13. mja

    August 3, 2011 at 6:38 AM

    About the age difference, I think Ashley is 26 and J.P. is 34. At those ages, 8 years is not a huge difference. Now if she was 16 and he was 24, that would be a big difference. But they are adults now, and as somebody said — Brad was 38 during the Bachelor show (and perhaps Ashley was either 25 or 26). So I don’t see why that was not an issue to the sister.

  14. DawsMA

    August 3, 2011 at 6:55 AM

    Everything that happened with the sister just led me to believe that she is incredibly jealous of her little sister Ashley. Not only is Ashley more conventionally attractive, she got to be on the Bachelor and then chosen as the Bachelorette! I don’t know the timeline of the sister’s divorce, but it may have coincided with these romantic opportunities for her little sister. Seemed to me like she was just beyond jealous and really bitter about her own situation. It was like she didn’t want to be happy for Ashley, and tried to disguise it as being protective. Could be way off base here, but that was just my impression.

    It’s probably hopeless but I really do think these two might make it for once! They have such a chemistry. I’ve enjoyed seeing their interviews on the talk shows these last few days. Although it was slightly obnoxious that Ashley called JP “Baby” about a hundred times in a row on Regis and Kelly yesterday. Anytime people call their significant other pet names like that, especially in public, it seems so forced to me.

    Thanks for another great season of recaps and spoilers, Steve!

  15. finerthings

    August 3, 2011 at 7:51 AM

    I agree, Daws. Extreme jealousy, and misunderstanding that because HER relationship didn’t work out, that NO ONE’s can. Bitchiness, too.

    I kinda love JP and Ash. If I was with him, I’d call him baby all the time, too! Ownership : )

    Steve, I hate it when you say, “I could talk about so and so…but I don’t need to”. I wish you would, that’s kinda why you have readers.

  16. L

    August 3, 2011 at 9:37 AM

    I suppose I’m strange… but I think Ames is attractive, funny, and charming. I find his “oddness” to be cute. So obviously I would love to see him as the next Bachelor. But I could handle Ryan or Ben, too. Both seem to be great guys.

    And for the record, Brad was older than JP. He was like 37 or 38, right? I don’t think 34 and 27 is that big of a difference. Not sure why, but I’m rooting for them to make it. I think the fact that both of them have said they have no interest in a TV career and may not even have the wedding televised… says a lot about them.

  17. Sunnyside422

    August 3, 2011 at 10:05 AM

    I really believe that passion is a very important element in a relationship and JP and Ashley have it in spades as did Ali & Roberto. Watching both couples, you can see the sparks. Ali admitted in a face to face (which is the only way I really believe anything said) reporter when asked how she knew it was him, replied “didn’t you see how often I kissed him each time we were together”? In the next sentence, she admitted his kisses were sensual! JP is the best in the kissing department and poor Ben needs lessons. His face forward smacks on her lips just left me wondering if he can summon up passion. Maybe the cameras and crew watching caused him to behave that way. Looked to me like JP didn’t care who saw his emotions evolve. He was into her early on and never waivered.

    I wish all the best for Ashley and JP. He is definitely more mature which is a good thing. My husband is 8 years older (their exact age difference) and thank God for that. He reins me in when necessary and that’s a good thing!

    As for Ames as bachelor…that poor doofus will be so played by the producers it will be cringe worthy. He is so socially inept. I feel so bad for him and now that Jackie is no longer interested in him, if she ever really was, he has a good chance of being bachelor. Producers will be salivating at how they can make him look even more foolish than he was this season. Same thought with Ryan. He is so eager and “honored” as he said to be Bachelor…producers will manipulate him something fearce ’cause he is easily a biger doofus than Ames. Both men will be boring to a point, but definitely loads of laughs with how both will behave (with the scripts they are given).

    I think the best bet for Bachelor is Ben…if he will do it. He is still a boy (didn’t see at lot of manly in him), but a nice person all the way around.

    As far as sexy, I still like Blake. Smerk and all, he is atrractive and articulate…not easy for most of these men to be that way. Mickey is also articulate. So we shall see who wants it most.

  18. HeidiT

    August 3, 2011 at 11:19 AM

    I agree with Mommyof2. I wasn’t a fan of any of the guys on this season like I have been on previous bachelorette seasons, but when I saw the look of utter astonishment on Ames’s face it broke my heart and with Ben, well he did what I would have done, walked away and bravo for him for telling her not to sugar coat it, I literally said out loud, that’s not helping. I’m glad this season is over, I pretty much kept it as background noise as it was basically boring, especially when you don’t have someone you’re routing for.

    I liked Ames but every time I see him with his mouth open I think of Steve’s comment “Mouth breather” and it just makes me laugh, it’s like his teeth are just too big and he can’t close his mouth. I know Steve ragged him for his Polo attire but Tim wasn’t exactly dressed up either, he looked like he’d just walked in off the street.

    P.S. It was nice to see a 12 year old with wonderful grammar and writing skills who didn’t text type.

  19. L

    August 3, 2011 at 12:03 PM

    Sunnyside – I wouldn’t mind Mickey being the Bachelor, either. I liked him. Too bad he didn’t stick around long enough to gain many fans. Because of that, I don’t think they’d choose him to be it.

  20. SherryfromD

    August 3, 2011 at 12:20 PM

    Question, what is up with Ashley and JP and the cupcake deal? I saw them being called ‘Team Cupcake’ on the Wetpaint site and then Steve mentioned getting them a coupon book to Sprinkles Cupcakes as a gift. Is it just because she was calling JP ‘Cupcake’ as a pet name on the show or something?

  21. Sunnyside422

    August 3, 2011 at 12:43 PM

    JP told the story to Ashley on their first talk together the first night about how his new boss asked him why he didn’t bring doughnuts to work…like this is a standard practice. JP said okay, he’d bring cupcakes and then his boss put a toy on his desk that looked like a cupcake thingy and began calling JP cupcake. So basically JP doesn’t want to be reminded about his bosses referring to him as a cupcake.

    Yeh…probably Mickey didn’t get enough camera time to be offered Bachelor…too bad. He is pretty normal.

    Yes, Ames, poor boob can’t shut his mouth EVEH! It is so off putting to see his huge teeth and the inability to close the mouth. That constant goofy smile was annoying. I do think he is a decent person…just needs a good woman to shape him up a bit. His dress style is horrid…no matter where he comes from.

    On the other hand…JP in that black shirt and creamy colored pants at last date was beyond sexy. No wonder Ashley said she gets lost in JP! This guy could wear a gunny sack and look sexy and adorable. She is very very lucky and I hope she doesn’t screw this up with him. She is very needy and taking care/making her happy will be his full time job I fear! And if he can keep her away from her psycho sister, they might have a chance.

  22. SherryfromD

    August 3, 2011 at 1:03 PM

    Thanks Sunnyside. I totally don’t even remember that!

  23. carebear200302

    August 3, 2011 at 2:55 PM

    i want mickey as the next bachelor!who doesnt want a hot chef!

  24. Sunnyside422

    August 3, 2011 at 3:06 PM

    You’re most welcome Sherry!

    I’m thinking a full season of Ryan’s histronics, prancing around, jumping up and down, saying “sush” “gosh” and all the other goofy stuff he comes up, will definitely push me over the edge. Maybe he is a nice guy…but his dorkiness is not appealing. He is not sexy or all that interesting…definitely has to be in control…won’t take no for an answer…will hound the ladies to death. Would it not be awesome if at the final rose ceremony, BOTH women refuse his offer of marriage. Now THAT would be good TV. Okay…so I am not a nice person…I admit it!

  25. SherryfromD

    August 3, 2011 at 3:40 PM


    Can they please just make Graham the next Bachelor????? You KNOW all the ladies would like that!

  26. mommyof2

    August 3, 2011 at 4:01 PM

    Oh, I’d LOVE Graham to be the next bachelor! Great idea! I’m looking forward to seeing him on Bachelor Pad more than anyone else. I hope he and Michelle win the money!

  27. Sunnyside422

    August 4, 2011 at 7:48 AM

    Well I believe Graham has all the women he can handle in his real life (if these folks actually have real lives!) so probably wouldn’t want to do the grind of the show and look foolish when he fails to pick either of the two ladies. Although I’d rather see him “perform” than Ryan or Ames any day. Definitely eye candy whereas those two are totally not.

  28. hannah2

    August 4, 2011 at 8:14 AM

    so i’m wondering if ash & jp work out (i know still way premature) and ali & roberto work out… wouldn’t that actually mean that the bachelorette has a much higher success rate than the bachelor (3/7). If it is true that would be interesting physiologically… why if the female is the lead and the man is picked that it has a higher success rate.

  29. hannah2

    August 4, 2011 at 8:15 AM

    sorry i mean psychologically

  30. SherryfromD

    August 4, 2011 at 8:20 AM

    Yeah, I figured Graham probably wasn’t looking to get married. Nobody ever gets married from this show anyway, so they should just give us our eye candy.

  31. Amy

    August 4, 2011 at 10:23 AM

    Sunnyside422!! “Bachelor” Ryan getting dumped by both ladies at the end!!!! too funny…..I wouldn’t say you are “not nice” just a little devil…….hysterical lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. ark13

    August 4, 2011 at 12:18 PM

    hannah2 brings up an interesting point about the women picking better than the men.

    I have a better feeling about Ashley and JP working out then Ali and Roberto. Ashley and JP are still a very new couple, but there’s something about them that seems to fit. The fact that she’s open to moving to his area, accepting his religion, etc…I have no idea why Ashley’s sister brought up the age difference, he’s a totally appropriate age for her. That sister has some jealousy issues.

    I also find Ames unattractive, but I still think he’d be an interesting bachelor. Also agree that Ben has a better personality than was shown. They barely showed his sense of humor, and from the small clips of it we saw, he has a good one. JP was my top pick even before I read he was the winner from RS.

  33. morrigan0

    August 4, 2011 at 4:50 PM

    I think Ashley’s sister just saw them being ‘not silly’ and assumed it was because he was too old?
    Just saw a story somewhere where Bentley’s ex is saying there was a small chance they’d get together before the Bachelorette but she’s totally changed her mind since then because she doesn’t know what to think. If you trust someone that little maybe you shouldn’t have involved a kid in the process?

  34. watchwithmygirls

    August 4, 2011 at 8:28 PM

    If ABC is interested in my vote for the next bachelor, I vote: START FRESH WITH SOMEONE NEW!!! These guys were the most blah group I’ve ever seen on this show and Ashley was not the best choice either (although I imagine she’s probably a nice person). If the keep using boring people, they will lose viewers. I barely watched most of this season. In fact, I played angry birds through almost every episode.
    If they want to pull from the franchise, I agree with the people saying Graham. He would be a good one.

  35. JenJen

    August 5, 2011 at 6:16 AM

    IMO, the reason that the Bachelorette works better than the Bachelor is because from a gender standpoint it makes more sense. Biologically men are programmed to chase women. It is far more natural for a group of men to chase after one woman than the other way around. Also, the women who go on this show as the lead are far more likely to be in it for the “right reasons” than male leads, who are more likely to do it for money, fame, and/or adventure.

  36. julieann123

    August 5, 2011 at 7:34 PM

    My .02 😉

    Ryan would be a bore but I do think he’s a decent/good person.

    Ames has class and seems very kind.

    Ben is a great guy but I think he would be very boring and he needs a big boy hair cut.

    I vote for a brand new bachelor.

    I agree with the comments that Constantine should have left sooner rather than later if he felt that way. And YES – Ashley’s sister is VERY jealous of her and has a spiteful nature. (she has a pretty face but the tats are SKANKY) I imagine that before it is all said and done JP will let her have it – I hope he does too.

    Wishing Ashley and JP a happy future!

  37. poddington

    August 6, 2011 at 8:56 AM

    The people suggesting Graham…thinking with your loins. He is eye candy, and I suspect not serious about finding a wife.

  38. mommyof2

    August 7, 2011 at 1:28 PM

    poddington- I agree with you that Graham is eye candy and probably not serious about finding a wife. But, since no Bachelor in the history of this show has EVER ended up marrying the woman he chose anyway, why not go for Graham? He’s hot.

  39. busybees

    August 10, 2011 at 12:18 PM

    Though I am not a big fan of Jake, I do feel that your coverage of him is extremely biased. There was no mention on your end regarding how Wes cheated on Gia with Vienna (of all things!). Was this protecting your friend Wes? I was disappointed that you focused on bashing Jake and actually made me feel sorry for him. You seemed more upset that Justin lied to you then cheated on his girlfriend. I feel that Justin is much worse than Jake but you seem to give everyone else the benefit of the doubt. Based on the comments above and the cruelty of some of them, it shows the lack of class amongst your readers and I must be crazy to even post here. It’s too bad that you went downhill because I’ve enjoyed some of your comments but now it’s getting to the point of high school antics.

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