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Rego Exit Interview, Ben F/JLH Sittin in a Tree, and More “Reader Emails” – 8/12/11

Your episode-by-episode spoilers for “Bachelor Pad 2” are in a link at the top of the page, or or click here. You’ve been warned.

Lets begin with the most talked about story of the week, and that’s the Ben/Jennifer Love Hewitt date. Did you see Ben take to his Twitter account to address things? If you didn’t, here’s what he said:

“Dear Rumor Mill, I am not dating anyone. Far too busy with work right now @evolvewines to even think about it. Go Giants. Out.”

Once again, sometimes these people just don’t get it. Ben, neither me or the tabloids never stated that you were dating Jennifer Love Hewitt. You went out on one date with her last Saturday night, and she’s very much into you by reading her Twitter account. No one said you were dating. I only saw them report what I said, which was you guys went out last Saturday night. Last time I checked, one date doesn’t mean you’re dating someone. Although in JLH’s case, she might think that you are considering how often she has a new guy in her life. Notice how he, nor Jennifer, has ever denied they went out. Because they can’t. The date happened. Witnesses who were there saw them together and told me on Sunday night. Not to mention JLH’s tweet Sunday morning pretty much confirmed it. They’re just saying they’re not dating. Well, no one’s saying you were that I can see. If they are, then they’re idiots. My tweet on Monday, then my column on Tuesday, just specifically said you went out on Saturday night. If people want to turn that into “they’re dating,” then that’s just stupid. How about this novel concept? If you don’t want people talking about who you went out with, especially a celebrity, then don’t go out with them. This is 2011 buddy. Everyone is pretty much gonna find out your business whether you like it or not. Get used to it.

Anyone catch Rego’s conference call with the media this week? So it looks like he went on the show to play up his villain persona and maybe never did have a girlfriend on Ali’s season. Ok, this is making my head hurt. Here’s the interview in case you missed it: – Rated R Rego Interview

At this point, I’m pretty much over it. Whether he did or didn’t, the bottom line is on Monday’s show, he said that he did. What maybe he doesn’t realize is that most people watching the show believe every word that comes out of every person’s mouth, so, by him admitting it on Monday, it put me in a bind. I have a 90 minute interview with the guy (or had, since I’ve taken it down) vehemently denying he had a girlfriend during Ali’s season. Monday on the show he said he did. Now whether he said that “in character” or not, the fact is, it’s out there now of him on record saying he did and it doesn’t look good for me since plenty more people saw Monday’s episode that read the interview on the site. What’s done is done. I really don’t care if did or didn’t have a girlfriend on Ali’s season. But by his actions Monday night, he forced my hand to take down the interview. That’s all.

Now Jake is saying that Vienna was basically going to be the first girl voted out of the house on Monday, and the reason he gave her the rose over Gia was for selfish reasons so he could have “the talk” with her. Huh? Is this guy serious? Hey, by no means am I going to sit and defend Vienna for everything she does, because obviously she’s made some mistakes and sometimes her behavior is less than complimentary towards Kasey, but I’m sorry, in this Jake vs Vienna battle, she wins. With Vienna, what you see is what you get. She doesn’t mince words, she speaks her mind, and whether you like her or not, you have to give her credit for being honest. The last thing she is is phony. She’s loud and can be abrasive and dramatic, but at least you know that going in. The B.S. Jake is feeding you on camera is not the real Jake. That’s “Jake Pavelka – actor.” That’s all he’s ever wanted to be. You don’t go on national TV to get “closure.” That shows how insincere his apology was. So enjoy your two more episodes on the show Jake. Lets pray TV executives never have you on again.

A few of these “Reader Emails” were sent after the finale last Monday, but since there wasn’t a column last Friday, they got bunched into this column. But they do address some things regarding Ashley and JP that I haven’t talked about yet. Enjoy. Especially the last one. Weird.

Reality Steve,

I have a question regarding the budget ABC has for the roses that are given out on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The show must go through hundreds of roses every season. I mean think about it. There are many one-on-one dates and group dates where a contestant receives a rose. Then at the rose ceremony they would need to be given a new one because the one they got on the date would most likely be dead (or at least wilting). Also if a one-on-one date the contestant doesn’t receive the rose that is displayed, then that rose is pretty much useless. Not to mention at each rose ceremony there are an appropriate amount of roses for the contestants to receive that week. Even if the Bachelor/Bachelorette wants to add a rose, it never seems to be a problem that the show has an extra one handy. There are also roses on display throughout the show. Just last night on the After the Final Rose special there were many bouquets of roses on the tables. So my question is how much does ABC spend on roses every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette?

Hope to hear back!

Comment: The roses? You’re worried about their budget for roses on this show? I’m guessing airfare and hotel, even though a lot is done in a trade off to Iceland, Portugal, Spain, Fiji, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and places like that is considerably more than what is spent on a few dozen roses every season. Call me crazy. Roses? Really?

Hi Steve!

Hope you had an awesome time in Vegas! Love your site, love the show, and love JP!!
I hope you haven’t previously answered this, but I was wondering if your sources are compensated in any way (monetarily??).

Keep up the good work!!!

Comment: Nope.

Hi Steve!

Congrats on the big bulls eye in nailing this season and hushing up all the skeptics and critics! I have a few questions:

1. During the MTA, hope you caught this, when they were about to go to commercial, Chris Harrison touched on “why didn’t the producers tell Ashley about Bentley?” (or something along those lines, and then it was never answered the rest of the show?). Why bring it up if it is never going to be addressed or aired?

2. Why do they not show more of those “bloopers” during the actual season? I was legit laughing out loud at some of them! I know they want the viewers to believe it’s all about finding love, blah blah blah, but it’s all the same, boring lines about “love, amazing journey, best date ever, could see myself with him/her, there for the right reasons” every season, why not change it up and leave parts of their tacky script on the floor?

3. On Sunday night during the MTA, they showed in the promo for Monday night; Ben and J.P. getting down on one knee with a voice over (assuming it’s Chris Harrison) saying both men would propose. Then during the actual finale, they keep it all suspenseful and make it seem very up in the air, including J.P. saying he was not going to propose if Ashley would be swayed by her sister. I know they have to do this for dramatic purposes, but why give the finale that kind of edit and show that both of them would propose in the promo?

4. Could producers, probably knowing at that point Ashley was swaying toward J.P., created the whole attitude/interrogation/drama with her sister? I know they’re manipulative and create situations, and I felt Kat Von D over there was over the top and too opinionated and dramatic given the circumstances for it to be real and not scripted.

5. I know you touched on this last week in your spoilers and that Ashley was probably told by producers to let Ben get down on one knee, but can the show make the lead keep their “runner up” until the final day? I know during Ali’s season, she let Chris go the day before, but can production make the Bachelor/ette lead the runner up on or is it solely up to the lead?

Comment: 1) Why bring it up if it’s never going to be aired? They practically do that on every tease of every promo of every week this show has ever been on. It’s what they do.

2) Because then the audience would think there’s too much goofing around and aren’t serious enough. Why do movies always show the blooper reel while the credits are rolling and not during production? Same concept. The bloopers they show are usually screw ups during filming. Usually screwups aren’t shown during the actual show.

3) Because people have short memory and many more people watched the finale than the MTA. I tell people in my column sometimes what we can expect the next week, and inevitably, I’ll get 10 emails asking me the same thing. People really don’t pay attention to details when it comes to this show. That’s where I come in, although, it usually falls on deaf ears.

4) I don’t know Chrystie’s motivations for being that harsh on JP 15 minutes into meeting him, but knowing that Ashley’s admitted now she was 95% sure going into the hometown dates who it was gonna be, that was obviously relayed on to her producer and everyone else behind the scenes, so, creating a little drama in the finale by having her sister not like the guy she wanted is highly plausible. Knowing the way this show really works, it definitely is a possibility.

5) Put it this way: What Ali did to Chris in her finale last season was the first time that’s ever happened with the final 2 guy. There was no way they were gonna let it happen two years in a row. Ashley knew who she was picking in her finale, the producers all knew who she was picking as well, and Ben is talking to producers giving his ITM’s the day of his finale. If anything, I guarantee they egged him on to propose so they’d get a more dramatic finale. And I’m guessing Ashley was told to go along with it. Of course she’s not that cold hearted to watch a guy get down on one knee to propose when she knows she’s not accepting. I’m sure if she had her way she would’ve liked to have done what Ali did, but that just wasn’t going to happen – again.

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  1. mja

    August 12, 2011 at 10:20 AM

    Great email column, as usual —

  2. scrantonicity

    August 12, 2011 at 12:04 PM

    I think Mr. John thinks he can order Alli’s boobs via the website. Either that or his next step is to ask Steve to cash a check for 500,000 and wire him some funds in Nigeria.

  3. morrigan0

    August 12, 2011 at 2:25 PM

    I’m stumped by MrJohn. Is it just a bad translation or maybe autocorrect for something else? Kardashians chick was too much 😛

  4. poddington

    August 12, 2011 at 9:09 PM

    reading the ltter about the Neil Lane ring… I thought it was odd JP made sure and showed the logo inside the box to the camera…for a long time too. Its seemed so contrived and cheesey. And the “loser” Ben had the ring shoved in his pocket. I guess they did not want to associate Neil lane with a failed proposal. One way for a male finalist to find out if they are getting dumped it to ask the producer “should I make sure and show the logo to the camera. should, I?” and if they say “no, sport, thats OK” you know wher eit is going. lol.

  5. thatmeowgirl

    August 16, 2011 at 2:21 PM

    “People, do you realize how stupid you sound when you sit and bitch about this show, and its contestants, and how fake and phony it is, then you watch?”

    Pot meet kettle.

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