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Your “Reader Emails” & Who Was “Jean Jammin” in the BP House? – 9/2/11

Your episode-by-episode spoilers for “Bachelor Pad 2” are in a link at the top of the page, or or click here. You’ve been warned.

So the finale to “Bachelor Pad” tapes on Tuesday. At this taping, Ben will be announced as the next “Bachelor”, but since the show doesn’t air until the following Monday on the 12th, that’s when ABC is considering it their “official” announcement. Ok whatever. Also, a lot of speculation in regards to how the ending will play out: Will they vote on couples like they did last year? Will they be voting on one person to win the money? Will they vote on a couple to win, then once that couple is decided, vote AGAIN for one person? I have no idea. One thing I’m pretty sure of is that I can’t imagine we’re getting the same exact ending as last season where the final couple is immediately brought back stage and given the option to “keep” or “share”. I don’t see that happening since Holly, Michael, Graham, and Michelle are all aware that’s how it went last season, and there’d be no suspense to do the exact same thing.

So here are my predictions if there is only one winner:

-If the eliminated contestants just have to vote for one person to win the whole thing out of the remaining four, I think it’ll be a close vote between Michelle and Michael. Michael is loved by everyone in the house, and Michelle will get votes because I think people know what a tough time she’s gone through since filming ended. If I had to guess though, I’d say Michael would end up winning. But that’s seriously a coin flip. I wouldn’t be surprised if Michelle won either.

-If the eliminated contestants have to vote for a couple to win, and then vote again for one person within that couple, my guess is Michelle and Graham would be the couple that wins, then Michelle would win the money.

-If somehow Michael and Holly got the most votes, then Michael would win in a landslide if they had to choose between him or Holly winning the money.

Melissa and William did their exit interview with the media this week after getting eliminated from the show on Monday. Here’s a link to the full interview in case you haven’t read it: – Melissa and William’s Exit Interview

This was by far my favorite exchange from this interview. In fact, it might even be my favorite exchange from ANY post show interview any of these contestants have ever given:

Melissa: My biggest thing is, I’m not good at lying and conniving and backstabbing. I’m just not good at it. And I genuinely trusted and — there was so much that people watching the show did not get to see. And even people in the house. Blake and I would go one-on-one off by ourselves all the time and talk and people didn’t see it. There was a lot more emotion because there was a lot more said to me that unfortunately viewers didn’t get to hear and see. There was a lot more kissing, there was a lot more hugging, there was a lot more emotional stuff going on that no one knows about except Blake.

William: Dry humping?

Melissa: I think he puts it, he says “jean jammin,” actually.

William: He calls it “jean jammin,” but yeah.

Melissa: There was definitely some of that.

Awesome. Blake and Melissa dry humped in the house, yet, he calls it “jean jammin”? Is he serious? Even in high school I don’t ever remember calling it that. Are you serious? I’d be embarrassed to dry hump someone then run to my friends and say I went “jean jammin” with her. Wow. Blake has quite the vocabulary. First “serendipitous” and now “jean jammin”. This guy is some lady killer the way he just slays them with his big words. So how much “jean jammin” happened on his overnight date with Holly in Mammoth? I mean, if the guy claims to never have had any interest in Melissa and was just using her as a pawn in his game, yet he was “jean jammin” with her, my gosh, Holly must’ve gotten the Full Monty from the guy. Words of advice to all the guys out there: If you ever happen to be “jean jammin” with a girl, make sure you have on button fly jeans. Those hurt way less. I’m telling you, there’s nothing worse than getting up from one of those sessions and your zipper has…forget it. Even just thinking about it makes me feel pain. And oh yeah, I’m guessing it’ll take Blake about 4 seconds to run to his Twitter account disputing Melissa’s “jean jammin” story. Sounds like even William knew about it too.

A better job on the “Reader Emails” this week. We might be down to our last few weeks of “Reader Emails” for a while, because once this show goes off the air, they seem to disappear. I can’t see myself doing one each week during the offseason. Maybe every couple weeks. All depends on how many receive. There will be columns and news coming every week though with “American Idol”, “X Factor”, “DWTS”, and “Survivor” starting up here in a couple weeks. Not to mention, all your spoilers that I get while Ben’s season is filming. Anyway, here’s this week’s emails. Enjoy…

Hi Steve

We know ABC has found success using former contestants as the Bachelor or Bachelorette. You said ABC isn’t going away from this formula but do you think ABC would change their mind if JLH was willing to be the Bachelorette?

I also watched Party Of Five back in the day and had a crush on JLH. Let’s face it, JLH’s career has been in the tank since The Ghost Whisperer ended. We know JLH is a fan of the series, is looking for love/more male sexual partners, and could use a career boost. The Bachelor franchise is one big trainwreck but it has a very large female audience which should appeal to JLH and her agent/manager.

How big of a ratings drop do you think The Bachelor would get if they had a minority Bachelor? I’m guessing at least 25%. A lot of people don’t want to admit it, but I think if the lead wasn’t White, it would turn off a lot of viewers.

Comment: As much as I would be glued to my TV set if she were the “Bachelorette”, I can assure you JLH will never be the lead on this show. Two reasons: 1) They are not going away from their formula and 2) It would be career suicide for her. Now, it’s not like her career is skyrocketing right now in terms of movie and TV roles (although she did just sign on for a 10 episode TV series based of her Lifetime move “The Client List”), but any professional actor or actress that wants to be taken seriously does not revert to reality television. Especially in the lead role as the “Bachelorette”. At one point, yes, they were considering casting a C-list actress, but that was 4 or 5 years ago. They’d never do it now. They don’t need to.

As for your question about a non-white lead, it’ll never happen. They barely cast non-white people as the 25 contestants. They certainly aren’t going to do that with a lead. However, for people that whine and bitch about that, pipe down. Most roles on American TV go to white people. Might not be right, might be completely racially insensitive, but it’s fact. Go look at all your favorite TV shows. White people. It’s the way it is. I don’t let it bother all that much. Those that do need to focus their energy towards something else.

What is with Michelle and Graham acting all lovey-dovey on twitter? It seems like every single tweet they send is about how wonderful the other person is or some cryptic tweet about their relationship or missing the other one. Not to mention, the staged photos of Graham and Michelle at her dad’s funeral. Did she hire a professional photographer to come and take pictures of them together?

In your opinion, why are they doing this? Is the finale going to be fan voting for the best couple?

Comment: I don’t follow either on Twitter, and I didn’t really feel like going back and looking. Graham and Michelle from what I’ve heard are very close. Yes, he went to Salt Lake City the week that her father died to be with her, so I’d say that says a lot about their friendship. Is it more than that? Probably not at this point, but doesn’t mean it could be in the future. I mean, they just met each other on June 6th. I think they’re being realistic about what the future could hold. Holly and Blake on the other hand, well, lets just say they move awfully faster having met each other for the first time on that day as well. Those two are practically picking out their wedding registry now. Judging by their tweets, I’m guessing they can’t wait til Tuesday’s finale tapes so they can finally tell the whole world they’re a couple, all while rubbing Michael’s face in it more.

Dear Reality Steve,

I have been watching the show since Jillian’s season and I found out about your website right before Jake’s season. I love everyone of your columns they are all so funny and I think they make watching the show a million times better. I have read every column since Jake’s season so hopefully I don’t ask you any questions that you already have told us the answer to (but you probably have and I’m sorry if you have)

1. What was your favorite bachelor/bachelorette/bachelor pad moment ever?
(mine was when Ashley dumped Ryan and he didn’t see it coming and the whole scene he put on. That was great TV.)

2. Who is your favorite contestant ever and why? Maybe for like entertainment value or something.

Again thank you so much for writing your column it makes Tuesdays and Fridays so super special.

Comment: 1. There are way too many to name. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Rego’s girlfriend’s phone call, the girl who stuffed her panties in Matt Grant’s jacket on night one, the girl who said her favorite restaurant was the Olive Garden, Ed’s storyline during Jillian’s season, the Rozyln scandal, etc.

2. I still think that Ashley Spivey is my favorite contestant ever. I don’t see that changing (well, at least until Ben’s season starts filming and I have 25 new ones to choose from). For entertainment purposes? Michelle during Brad’s season was high comedy. Always liked Chelsea from Matt’s season.

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  1. kmreed1

    September 2, 2011 at 10:01 AM

    I think probably Jason was confused about who he would pick. I mean, i could be wrong but i mean he DID go back and choose a different girl lol. And he was always saying how he fell in love with both Melissa and Molly, and I dont think he had enough time to decide.

  2. locondcoco

    September 2, 2011 at 11:12 AM

    To answer the question re: Holly-

    as a guy (yes, who watches this show), i’d have to say probably the flirtiness. guys like their ego stroked…so if a girl is giving you attention (flirting), then you’ll be drawn to it. she also does seem to have a friendly/bubbly personality that is appealing.

    of course i’m not speaking for all guys, but just a generalization. like RS’s comment in a previous comment about “women are emotional creatures…etc”.

  3. mommyof2

    September 2, 2011 at 11:14 AM

    I agree with kmreed1 that Jason must have been confused about who to choose as his final one, considering what happened afterwards.

    Also, I watched the finale of the show Sweet Home Alabama on CMT, and I have to say, that I just loved it! It’s a lot like the Bachelor/ette series, except that it obviously doesn’t have the big bucks for production as the Bachelor/ette franchise has, which is fine by me. The dates seemed real, most of the guys seemed real- particularly the “country” ones (and quite funny, actually!), and I loved Devin, the lead. She was not only beautiful outwardly (more beautiful than any of the lead Bachelorettes), but inwardly as well as she seemed to have been raised with many core values that she still cherishes. She picked a great guy, but the final 2 guy that she didn’t choose was definitely the hottest. And, Tribble (the guy she didn’t choose in the end) will be the next lead in the show that premiere’s Oct. 20th. He’s from Alabama and was the starting QB for Clemson a few years back. I can’t wait to watch him as he’s hotter than any of the former Bachelors, too. Another thing I like about the shopw is that there’s no proposal in the end. They just end of dating and seeing where things go from there, which is much more realistic. Great show!

  4. RavenFischer

    September 2, 2011 at 10:15 PM

    You know what I’ve never seen posted anywhere? Where the “mansion” is. If you’re from the LA area, you probably know it’s on Kanan. 2351 Kanan Road, Agoura Hills, to be exact. Look it up on Google maps if you wanna get the satellite view. And it looks like the house the Bachelor/Bachelorette stays in is right next door (2401 Kanan). So Justin’s “trek” in the ankle cast that he supposedly took a few seasons ago was really right. next. door. Just thought you viewers from around the country might wanna know…

  5. kaw0610

    September 5, 2011 at 9:14 PM

    Obviously the person that asked you if you know who wins Big Brother does not even watch Big Brother him/herself. If they did, they would know that the show is happening in real time (ie: live shows every Thursday, Big Brother live feeds on, Big Brother After Dark on HBO). And of course, the winner is decided live, so unless you can see into the future, no one knows who will win.

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